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2014-07-01, 09:12 AM
Growing a child of the 80's I only got my Transformers for Christmas, Bday, or some other special event like a graduation which did not happen very often. I always like the Toys R Us commercials in the back and I could see the Transformers in the background. I used to think about getting a Transformer from TRU. I bought my commemorative series G1 figures from TRU and some of my movie characters as well. I like to go to Wal Mart as well. What are some of the stores that you like shopping for all types of figures?

2014-07-01, 05:30 PM
In most of the world it's a waste of time. First (and sometimes second) wave figures sit on the shelf until eventually clearanced.

eBay and other online emporiums. Occasional conventions.

2014-07-01, 10:00 PM
Yeah, I'd say ebay is my Primary source followed by Amazon, then probably Home Bargains (where brands go to die) and other assorted discount places that have anything TF going that looks half decent. I do still bob into TRU fairly regularly, although my local branch is a smaller store so doesn't have quite the breadth and depth of stock as the larger ones. Leeds, down the road, after years and years of having no toy shops suddenly has two - The Entertainer and Smyths. Prefer Smyths over The Entertainer, although the girls at The Entertainer are lovely.

In terms of places to buy toys...I really miss Woolies. I've not visited the online version.

Visit online specialists every once in a blue moon.

2014-07-02, 03:14 PM
Okay, I got a question then no disrespect intended. How many of you that shop online do it secretly avoiding being an adult going into a toy store to buys toys? Or is it because the internet offers a greater chance of finding your items in stock?

2014-07-02, 04:46 PM
Pfft, I've never been embarrassed about anything. Not even buying feminine hygiene products for the missus or condoms. Or those things and toys at the same time.

On the whole, its online. The Waves system just doesn't work for anywhere but America, which is such a vast a sprawling territory that it has the consumer base to absorb huge quantities of everything.

The rest of the world has to make do with Waves 1 & 2 of most toylines. Only if they do well do we see anything beyond those waves (and even then we usually skip a Wave), so if you're outside the USA, the internet is your only viable option in a lot of cases to get something you want - especially if a figure is released in Waves 3 or 4 and beyond.

Its annoying, but its a business model I can't see any goods manufacturer changing anytime soon.

Some stuff, like your Masterpieces and Generations toys just aren't broadly available anyway, so you've no choice but to shop online.

2014-07-02, 06:11 PM
Great thing the internet is at our disposal. I too have shopped online for my figures especially my G1 collection. I have not bought a figure since DOTM, and then AOE came out and I bought Grimlock. I sometimes still like patrolling stores to see what is out there. The internet which is the ultimate flea market has given everyone something to collect again. Thanks.

P.S. I too have never been afraid of the feminine products too. LOL!!! Thanks for the comment.

2014-07-02, 07:29 PM
How many of you that shop online do it secretly avoiding being an adult going into a toy store to buys toys?
Couldn't give a **** really. Although behaving more clueless than is actually the case generally provides best results when dealing with shop assistants, on the rare occasions I can be bothered to ask after stock. i.e. You're asking if they've got "the red one" and pointing to a photo on another box if one's available. It's not reasonable to expect much knowledge of so many product ranges.