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2014-07-20, 01:57 PM

Moderately interesting what metadata reveals and I'm taking a quick work break... what does your browser auto-complete show? Obviously, if F is something like farmyardanimalsgonewild.com then pick the next one down that'd actually be allowed by the forum rules...

A: amazon.co.uk
B: bbc.co.uk/iplayer/
C: convert2mp3.net -- worth mentioning en.savefrom.net is also quite handy
D: dudley.gov.uk
E: ebay.co.uk
F: facebook.com
G: google.co.uk
H: he-man.org
I: imgur.com
J: n/a
K: kickstarter.com
L: legislation.gov.uk
M: metoffice.gov.uk
N: news.bbc.co.uk
O: omegalock.co.uk
P: paypal.com/uk
Q: questionablecontent.net
R: reprolabels.com
S: slashdot.org
T: tfarchive.com/community/
U: unitedhosting.co.uk
V: virtualdebris.co.uk
w: wired.com
X: xe.com/ucc
Y: youtube.com
Z: n/a

2014-07-20, 02:49 PM
This computer's still relatively new, so a fair few letters don't have any urls associated with them yet: it kept pulling those letters out of long chains of characters associated with google search and offering them. So for every n/a, just substitute a Lovecraft monster image search as that's what I've reading lately.

This site doesn't come up as much as I thought it would, probably because it's the homepage.

A: amazon
B: bigbadtoystore
C: my bank's website
D: Dunwich Horror google image search
E: ebay
F: Facebook
G: google
H: tfarcHive
I: icanhascheezburger
J: n/a
K: n/a
L: lolcats n funny pictures: icanhascheezburger.com
M: murraystate.edu
N: lolcats n funny pictures: icanhascheezburger.com
O: n/a
P: paypal.com
Q: n/a
R: tfaRchive.com
S: bigbadtoyStore
T: tfw2005 (but not tfarchive?!)
U: n/a
V: n/a
W: everything with a www address
X: n/a
Y: youtube
Z: n/a

inflatable dalek
2014-07-20, 04:32 PM
The PC doesn't store any sort of data via Firefox, basically everytime I go on it it's as if it were the first time.

I don't know what the person who built it for me was thinking I'd be looking at that would mean there shouldn't be a trail...