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2014-07-23, 10:52 PM
Well, I couldn't see this on the forum anywhere, so here you go-


For the next 13 days

Feel free to delete/move/whatever if I've put this in the wrong place

Auntie Slag
2014-07-24, 11:17 AM
Yes! Just saw this and gave it a go. The blurb says:

Pay what you want for 48 issues of classic Transformers comic book action. These four gloriously reprinted volumes cover the early days of the Transformers starting with their arrival on Earth. This is your chance to revisit this classic series or experience it for the first time!

If you pay over $10 you also get the complete All Hail Megatron, Autocracy and Spotlight Vol.1

Bargain if you like Transforumers.

Rack 'n Ruin
2014-07-24, 05:08 PM
Thanks to estram for posting this and to Auntie for highlighting it. Bought. Good deal, I'd say. I've yet to read the older stuff, and expect the quality to be lower than MTMTE/RID, but will give it a go. :up:

2014-07-24, 06:03 PM
I just picked it up too. I already had the MTMTE and RID volumes they had for paying more than $15, but was curious about the other stuff. Just getting them on my kindle now. And it's timely since my family will be taking a long road trip next week and the kids love kindle comics! I'm curious what else will come into the bundle.

By the by, is there anything objectionable or overly violent in any of the Humble offerings? I won't have time to preview it all, so if I should leave some off for the kids, it would be great to know ahead of time.

Auntie Slag
2014-07-24, 07:40 PM
For the classic Transformers comics (i.e. not All Hail Megatron or Autocracy), I don't think there's anything objectionable. These were comic books written for kids in the 80's. If anything all the REALLY violent stuff occurs in the UK issues, and none of those feature in here.

Your kids might even find them quite tame compared to today's fare!

2014-07-30, 08:42 PM
And they just added more for paying above the average (currently $9.85):
Fall of Cybertron
For All Mankind Vol. 1
Prime- Rage of the Dinobots
Regeneration One Vol. 1

So is there any particular order that these should be read in to avoid confusion? In what order were these published?

Auntie Slag
2014-08-04, 09:01 PM
I think the comics section (http://tfarchive.com/comics/idw/) of this site will be able to tell you that. They have a chronological list of IDW's comics (as in; story chronology rather than the order in which they were released... I think).

Stuff like Regen, FoC and Rage of the Dinobots are all separate timelines (please someone correct me if I'm wrong).

As far as I'm aware the main chronology/canon/whatever its called is the Infiltration/Escalation/Penetration series, Stormbringer, all the Spotlights and the Ongoing series, then Last Stand of the Wreckers, All Hail Megatron and the two current books; MTMTE and RID.

I was patchy trying to remember that. God knows what its like for someone vaguely interested!

2014-08-05, 03:59 PM
Stuff like Regen, FoC and Rage of the Dinobots are all separate timelines (please someone correct me if I'm wrong).
Regeneration one is part (/sequel) of the original 80s marvel continuity,so goes with the 4 classic volumes that made up the tier 1 of the bundle

Fall of cybertron and Rage of the Dinobots are both in the TF Prime/videogames continuity

Everything else should be like you said

I picked it up too and now i'm left with a tiny problem...My last TF comic was back in the Dreamwave era so this bundle now leaves me with so many gaps in the IDW continuity that filling them would cost a little fortune >.<

2014-08-05, 05:15 PM
Wouldn't bother -- just start with Last Stand of the Wreckers or MTMTE.

2014-08-06, 10:15 PM
Mhh...Sounds like a plan

That still leaves me with more issues to find than i want to count right now :D