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2014-07-28, 10:54 PM
I am trying bot via Ebay and here to sell bots. If you find anything via the Excel spread sheet, or on Ebay I am selling. Well I try to get back to people within 24 hours.:) Here are my sale terms via TFarchive.com

In light of the fact that I call sell here, I am going to sell here. Just realize a few things:

I am still processing the collection I bought, I figure I have 40-60 Transformers & GoBots here. With a few Animophorms thrown in for giggles

I will gladly provide photos of anything I post as for sale.

If I sell via TFarchive, I will charge you what I paid in S&H, with materials (boxes sometimes cost $3-$5). I will back it all with proofs of purchase, and dare I say it. I deal in CND.

Just to cover the trade option, I am looking for mostly G1 stuff, as in bots and parts.

Here is a link to my selling page. (http://www.ebay.ca/sch/andrew8119mechwarrior/m.html?item=291201752408&hash=item43ccfa1d58&pt=US_Action_Figures&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562)

If you have any questions/comments please feel free to contact me.:)

2014-07-29, 06:01 AM
Only comment I have is to curse you for actually finding Cosmos and Swerve. My area it's all Prime and Bumblebee (and some of the FoC datadisc/cassette guys), and just flooded with movie junk.

2014-07-29, 10:11 AM
Why do you think I bought and am trying to sell those 3? I view it as product redistribution.:) I am starting with what I paid retail, and working my way up hopefully into a healthy profit margin.

2014-07-29, 06:37 PM
I wasn't complaining about the re-selling. That's just how things work (fortunately or un, depending on viewpoint). I was just bitching about how I can't find anything I'd actually want around here.

2014-08-11, 03:12 PM
Just a heads up, I did buy a giant container full of Transformers this weekend. I will be selling the ones I don't want, and I have stuff from G1 to Armada via my EBay account.

2014-08-22, 06:07 PM
Please delete this post.