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2014-08-04, 04:05 PM
I haven't seen this theory aired before, so apologies if it has.

Is IDW Nova Prime an analogue for Marvel's Liege Maximo?

They both represent long lost Cybertronians interested in Imperialistic expansionism. They both have a high ranking subordinate called Jhiaxus. Furman even indicated that he had plans for Liege Maximo to show up in the 2008 IDW run - no one with that name appeared, but it's the year in which the Dead Universe crew made their comeback in Devastation and Revelation. Nova/Nemesis Prime is the Big Bad, back from the past, updating the role Maximo played in G2.

Additionally, MTMTE adds further credence to this by having Nova Prime's reign see the invention of an alternative method of reproduction, with spark-splicing / cold-construction standing in for budding. I'm not suggesting that James Roberts was playing into the Maximo parallel - I imagine it's a coincidence - but it fits neatly.

Obviously there are some big differences - besides the visuals, LM claims to be Megatron's ancestor, whilst Nova is a Prime; LM leaves Cybertron after the war has started, Nova leaves before it begins - but the common themes are striking, at least to me.


inflatable dalek
2014-08-04, 07:09 PM
I never read that Furman had planned to reintroduce the Liege, but Nova Prime and the whole Dead Universe idea are certainly a mish mash greatest hits package of previous ideas (infamously from Necro War), so a bit of the big green guy being worked in there as well makes sense.

2014-08-05, 10:24 AM
I spotted it on the tfwiki (http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Liege_Maximo#Notes).

I kind of like the parallel, and it wouldn't be a massive continuity upheaval to believe Marvel's 'Prime Nova' went bad, the Matrix passed to Sentinel and Nova ended up heading off planet with the G2 Decepticons, taking on the Liege title. In Marvel he founded an Empire, and in IDW he fell into a Necro War reboot.

2014-08-16, 08:29 AM
Nah, you're looking too much into it.

Nova is still cool [my favourite of the introduced Primes thus far] but being the villain twice and defeated for somebody else to be the big bad/manipulated twice by somebody else is a bit too much, even for me...:lol:

2014-08-16, 09:10 AM
I do like Nova Prime when he was first introduced, when the concept of there being this one Prime that held the Matrix and was an evil extremist... of course, the came Zeta Prime, Nominus Prime (was he evil? Can't even remember) and Sentinel Prime retroactively became evil... and the concept went really stale.

I still like Nova Prime's design and his wings and him just going all Palpatine on people... right before he was revived from the dead twice to die again stupidly.