View Full Version : Where is Predaking's Army?

2014-08-28, 09:40 PM
Now at the end of the series Transformers Prime, you are given the strong impression that Shockwave and Starscream are sneaking around Cybertron cloning Predacons, and I think it's safe to assume this fact after the events during Predacons Rising.

Well where is Predaking's army toy wise at least? Since I doubt the 4-10 toys that constitute the Predacons makes an army when given how many Autobots and Decepticons there are out there.

2014-08-29, 07:21 AM
Given that Hasbro just made half a dozen Predacons that all transform the same, I'm kind of glad we didn't get anymore. Cybertron's only historic beast forms are dragons, apparently so all you've got is a run of repetitive chicken/dragon stand up the beast to make the robot toys. Boring.

Plus! Why pay any attention to the Predacons when you can just spaff out a bunch of ugly spiky retools of toys everyone already has and don't even appear in the TV show?! Hooray!

2014-10-17, 06:43 PM
Probably the same place as Cyclonus' Armada.