View Full Version : WTF Danish Transformers Prices?

2014-08-30, 04:51 PM
I doubt anyone can help me with this, but I’ll give it a try anyways…

I have been working most of the summer, and because of that haven’t been visiting the toy stores much lately, but I was quite surprised when I took a trip to the local TRU.
All the transformers prices we insanely high all of the sudden. Maybe I haven’t been paying attention to the prices because I haven’t been interested in anything lately, but I don’t remember the prices being like that just 2 months ago. Everything new with transformers costs like 100 bucks more than you would expect of it all of the sudden.
Just for comparison:
A deluxe figure from Prime, 139.95, nothing special here, pretty much what the deluxe price has been since Beast Wars give or take a few bucks.
A Generations deluxe figure for comparison, 239.95, because no one apparently bothered to bring any AOE deluxe to the Danish stores. It literally costs 100 DKKr more than the Prime one. That more than a 70% price increase….for no bloody reason as far as I can tell!

And it is not limited to TRU, other stores have insane prices too! It’s bad when you are making LEGO look cheap!

I know that there aren’t too many Danes on the board, but can anyone tell me what the hell happened? Is this just limited to Denmark, or is this a general European problem?

2014-08-30, 06:20 PM
I don't know what the old prices were but I smell *sniff sniff* new environmental taxes. You know because Transformers are made of plastic? Why not ask the store what the mark up is about?

2014-08-31, 07:49 PM
The average deluxe in the UK is from 15 to 17 or so pounds retail.

Greece used to be 15 to 17/18 euros.

These prices have been consistent for at least the past year.

I do not remember deluxes being cheaper than 15 euros in Greece since around 2005.

The problem isn't that the average "older" fan does not have that kind of money available, it's that they have that money available and they are not worth it in relation to the product on the shelf.

Another sad factor is that a nintendo 3ds/ps3 game costs anything from 30 to 50 or so pounds.

When you take into account the gameplay hours involved [ie my pokemon X cartridge cost me 35 pounds, and I have over 200 hours of gameplay clocked into it], the decline in toy sales makes sense.

The only toy I can come close with that number is my MP Rodimus, and 200+ is the number of transformations he's gone through, but at like 3 minutes each time, it barely grazes the amount of hours spent on him.

2014-09-10, 04:41 PM
Sorry that it took so long to get back to this.

I asked one of the people who works in the local TRU why the transformers were suddenly so expensive and he even tried to check their computers for my memory of a lower price. Apparently the figures, in this case a generations deluxe, had been on sale for about 180DKKr at one point, so maybe that was the “normal” price I was thinking of. But he couldn’t really give me a good answer on why they were so expensive all of the sudden. He said it might be because of the price they buy them at, but otherwise he didn’t know. Nice of him to try and help me though.

So…is this Hasbro’s fault, or is there some middleman to blame?