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2014-09-21, 06:10 PM
---Wizardry = "carpentry" on toys, aka broken or incomplete messes you have fixed.

Had a whole afternoon to myself, plus a very generous and huge assortment of screwdrivers, plus shelves of figures staring at me.

First victim---Alternity Black Convoy, who had one of these "I fixed myself" moments before I even used the screwdriver. Still won't fully tab on the waist [why???] but his automorph works. Chest folds down first, waist last for robot mode. Golden rule. Reverse for going back to car.

Second victim---Alternity Bumblebee. Mine inexplicably jammed on his interior/steering wheel and wouldn't come out/go in full when transforming. Knowing that if I get too frustrated I'd just bin him, I went full on bisecting him. Even had him parts coded with all screws next to him until he was just a spine with a head, amputated legs and a floppy car roof. This was James Roberts material through and through.

I just looked hard enough to see what the f&ck was wrong with the roof sliding mechanism, put everything back on...and voila, autotransforms as he should!

Now I just got this "got to fix this" itch...with no other real faulty figures around. Meh.

Surprising how easy it is to take everything apart, even the most complex ones, with just the right screwdrivers.

Last week I took apart my BT Blaster [the one bought at AA] and fixed his loose legs and took him back to the office...all works as it should.

Any stories of incomplete/desolate wrecks you fixed up with patience, nerves of steel, and good hand/eye coordination? :lol:

2014-09-21, 07:30 PM
Nothing much since following someone's recipe for shaving down Whirl's leg joints and wiring one of MP Rodimus's shoulders back together.

Has anyone done metal shoulder parts for Rodimus? I've seen metal knee pieces for sale... bought them by mistake.

Last "wizardry" was this, I suppose -- http://virtualdebris.co.uk/blog/03773360 (non-TF)


Still won't fully tab on the waist [why???]
Tolerances are off with the rocking of the chest. I think it'd take bashing the pins out in order to shave bits down. Or just rip the auto-morph assembly out.

2014-09-21, 07:54 PM
There's many replacement parts for all Rodimi...shoulders, knees and waist/leg hinges whatever.

Pretty much everything.

Will try to see what the deal is with my Convoy regarding the waist tab. Everything ends up where it's supposed to end, I don't know how a pin is causing these not to click together. Hmmm.

2014-09-21, 07:58 PM
It's not the pins themselves, just that the parts won't meet together and the only way to get to them (IIRC) would be to fully disassemble the torso, including the bits that aren't done with screws.

2014-09-22, 01:11 PM
I'm bad at fixing stuff. I have improved Blitzwing enough to make one of his shoulders work, but no matter how much I sand, I can't really make both work properly so I've given up on him.

Whirl I tried to sand down as well, but this time I sanded too much and now they're loose. Warcry tells me to use nail varnish to fix it, but I haven't gotten to doing it yet because I have absolutely zero confidence in my carpentry.