View Full Version : Thor, Post-Original Sin (Spoilers Ahoy)

Dead Man Wade
2014-10-02, 01:49 PM
I'm curious to know people's thoughts on this, now that the first issue of the new Thor series is out.

As far as Original Sin itself goes, it was interesting to see Thor taken out of the fight so quickly and permanently. I figured he'd be more directly involved, having always been one of Marvel's heavy hitters, but he was only there long enough to set up the new Thor series (mildly disappointing, but oh well). It will be interesting to see what it was that Fury whispered, but they will no doubt be dragging that out interminably like they do with everything they don't immediately spoil.

As for the new #1, it was pretty interesting. Hobo Thor trying to lift the hammer was reasonably well-handled, as was his saying screw it and going home. Big thing there was his fight with Malekith and the loss of his arm, which is no big surprise following his future appearance in God of Thunder. Overall, it wasn't a bad issue in and of itself, but there was frustratingly little of the new hammer wielder.

Anyone else been following this to amount to anything?

2014-11-02, 08:28 PM
I read the first issue and won't be back for more.

Not because of the new Thor, but simply the first issue was 20 pages of next to nothing and we don't get the new Thor appearing in it. A really lazy, decompressed first issue.

I love Jason Aaron's work, but when he misfires he does it big style.