View Full Version : TF:TM Reconstructed and the other one with the Chris McFeely dialogue; what's the difference?

Auntie Slag
2014-11-09, 08:54 PM
I saw the TF:TM Reconstructed DVD in a shop today. I already own the 2-disc Chris McFeely one released by Metrodome a few years ago and that one also claims to have been reconstructed (or something). So what's the difference? To me they seem to be claiming much the same thing.

inflatable dalek
2014-11-09, 08:59 PM
Reconsturcted has less special features and the picture is framed oddly. The McFeely version (which, if you do Blu Ray is available in HD in Australia. Which is odd as the long out of print British BR didn't include any of the special features) is by far the best.

The very first British DVD might be a curio worth tracking down as certain fans are trying to remove the I Love 1984 clip that opens it from the internet because the child molester who used to run Transforce is interviewed in it (as a reaction, "Jesus, we'd better make sure no one thinks Transformers fans are paedophiles" upon hearing that news seems strangely lacking in priorities).

Auntie Slag
2014-11-09, 09:21 PM
Cool, I'll stay as I am then. I really enjoyed McFeely's commentary:

"There's yer maun Megatron having' a bit of a crack there. And you see that ledge? That ledge was originally a background panel from the tord scene of episode 46 o' Jayce & da Wheeled Warriors, which shared a lot of the same laser effects with da Transformers series".

Red Dave Prime
2014-11-09, 09:37 PM
So that's why I liked jayce and the wheeled warriors...

2014-11-09, 09:42 PM
Yeah, and in addition to the weird framing (exposing far too much image, showing bits where the cel isn't completely painted), it's also mastered in widescreen even though the picture is almost full frame, meaning much of the transfer is wasted on the black bars on the sides. It also had a really dodgy audio mix as well, randomly replacing sound effects (such as Optimus Prime's gun) for no apparent reason.

The one you already have is an improvement in pretty much every way.

Auntie Slag
2014-11-09, 10:27 PM
Thanks Tetsuro, yeah I love the version I have. Its like the perfect update to the original VHS of the film I received back in Christmas '87, with the same cover art (such utterly brilliant cover art too. It was quite brave (or interesting) to put Megatron as the focus looking really quite a nightmarish shade of evil, with the hero Prime having his back to us, firing what looks like a pansy little inconsequential laser shot to Meg's left nipple. Actually maybe not brave or interesting at all, Darth Vader loomed large in every Star Wars poster.

Actually what would've made it better would be to have the music videos included. TF:TM is often fondly remembered because of its poodle-metal soundtrack.

2014-11-26, 03:02 PM
The Sony Wonder release's main advantage is that it has the proper cover rather than some sub-Dreamwave shit slapped on the front. At currently commands prices of up to 5p on the secondhand market, making a sleeve swapout the only sensible action. Just leaving you to rage at Paramount for inexplicably giving DOTM a completely different spine to the first two.

2014-11-26, 03:13 PM
The Sony Wonder release's main advantage is that it has the proper cover rather than some sub-Dreamwave shit slapped on the front.
Which one? They released two.

The newest Metrodome DVD, at least the one in the tin case, has a regular keepcase inside with the same cover art as the first Maverick release.

2014-11-26, 04:36 PM
The first Maverick one had the Ultra Magnus cover didn't it? Same artwork as the soundtrack album.

IIRC, the release pattern in the UK was VHS (1986 - MSD/ Tempo Video) w/ original UK film poster (the Megatron/ Prime one) , VHS (1999 - Sony Wonder/ Maverick) with the Ultra Magnus movie artwork, VHS / DVD (2001 - Maverick)with a totally awful completely black cover with no artwork and screen caps on the rear (to tie in with Maverick's similarly awful VHS/DVD releases of the first season, all with colour-coded sleeves), Cheapo DVD release (c.2004 - Metrodome, I think with just a screen-cap of Rodimus on the front), The Reconstructed DVD 2005 (Metrodome) with the Magnus Movie artwork and then the 2007 definitely not a cash on the live action film honest Metrodome tinned version, with rubbish lurching Prime artwork on the tin, and original UK Movie Poster artwork on the clamshell inside. I think there was a further budget release after this too in about 2009 which has some different artwork again.

Although I no longer own it, I didn't mind the way Reconstructed looked and sounded. Its an interesting folly. Metrodome still deserve a slap for it though 'more of the picture is visible' - not much of a benefit when the thing wasn't made in widescreen and just means you can see to the edge of the cel.

2014-11-26, 05:40 PM
The first Maverick one had the Ultra Magnus cover didn't it? Same artwork as the soundtrack album.
Nah, Maverick never used that art. The first release used the UK poster art, and the second used some art I've never seen anywhere else, but again with OP as a central character. The only UK release to use the Ultra Magnus art is Reconstructed.

Speaking of which, I totally forgot the Reconstructed DVD was also an NTSC to PAL conversion. So yeah, another nail in that coffin.

2014-11-26, 07:40 PM
Turns out it is a Maverick release ... Madonna's Maverick label being part of Sony - so it carries the Sony Wonder label as well.

UK VHS sleeves from L to R below, the 1986 Video Gems (not Tempo, as I thought) release, and the two Maverick / Sony Wonder from 2000 & 2001 respectively (the first I thought had come out a year earlier than at actually had!)

2014-11-26, 07:59 PM
And the DVDS...

2014-11-27, 03:18 AM
Well, way to make me look like a dumbarse, TF Wiki.

2014-11-27, 08:49 AM
Ha! Not intentional, I looked these up myself as I was sure that Magnus art had been used. No malice aforethought. Curious that Sony/Maverick released a second version of the movie only a year after they'd only just put it out. I think the 'black' version came with the first episode of Headmasters, with its incredible dub. The artwork on the first budget DVD release is interesting. I wonder where that comes from? I know the one on the far right is from the promotional materials used to pitch the cartoon to various networks. This is more widely known as the artwork from the Panini Stickerbook.

2014-11-27, 01:21 PM
You mean the Rodimus cover?

I think it might be some kind of a promotional picture. I'm only assuming this because this thing also exists (http://www.discogs.com/Stan-Bush-Weird-Al-Yankovic-The-Transformers-The-Movie/release/2194419). Both feature Superion, despite not appearing in the movie.