View Full Version : Kinder Surprise Soundwave [uploaded]

2015-01-23, 02:52 PM

Name: Soundwave
Function: Megatron's ipod
Subgroup: Transformers Prime
Size Class: Kinder Surprise

The Kinder Surprise is a chocolate egg which has a tiny toy in it. This was a huge part of my childhood; back in the day, it would be a random toy and you've no idea if you were going to get a lump of plastic moulded into an animal, a little aeroplane or car you had to put together or, heaven forbid, a crap little jigsaw. More recently, there are specific ranges which plaster the packaging and tell you you're going to get a certain toy. And this year, there was a range of Transformers toys. The paperwork says “Transformers” but the pictures and the characters make it pretty clear the range is based on Transformers Prime.

Robot Mode:

People have mentioned for years how Soundwave's face looks like the Decepticon logo. Well, here, that is the literal case.

Marks out of ten for the following:

Durability: 9 Sturdy parts and none of them point out in an odd way so as to invite being knocked off.
Fun: 9 I really, really wish these had been around when I was a kid. I would've gotten the whole set and had many a great afternoon sat on the floor playing out battles to the death. Plus, I'd have loads of chocolate eggs.
Aesthetics: 7 Simplistic and nice.
Articulation: 6 Nice ball joints on the arms but the legs are a solid lump.
Value/Price: 9 Kinder eggs cost slightly more than, say, a mars bar but you get a transformer and also they aren't loads of chocolate so I won't get fat off them.
Overall: 9 Tasty.