View Full Version : Kinder Surprise Bumblebee [uploaded]

2015-01-23, 02:55 PM

Name: Bumblebee
Function: Lad who can't talk
Subgroup: Transformers Prime
Size Class: Kinder Surprise

The Kinder Surprise is a chocolate egg which has a tiny toy in it. This was a huge part of my childhood; back in the day, it would be a random toy and you've no idea if you were going to get a lump of plastic moulded into an animal, a little aeroplane or car you had to put together or, heaven forbid, a crap little jigsaw. More recently, there are specific ranges which plaster the packaging and tell you you're going to get a certain toy. And this year, there was a range of Transformers toys. The paperwork says “Transformers” but the pictures and the characters make it pretty clear the range is based on Transformers Prime.

Robot Mode:

Looks like a good Bumblebee. Because his colour scheme includes the colour of the weird cog on his back it is less incongruous than it is on some of the others.

Marks out of ten for the following:

Durability: 8 Sturdy, not going to properly break, but the bits might come of during play. Easy to pop back in, though.
Fun: 8 A nice little model of Bumblebee and is just the right size for a good little game of Autobots Waging their Battle to Destroy the Evil Forces of the Decepticons.
Aesthetics: 9 A really nice little model of bumblebee, although some of the parts could do with some more colour.
Articulation: 7 Nice ball joints, some of them might pop off though.
Value/Price: 10 85p in a chocolate egg.
Overall: 9 Its not Cadbury or Galaxy, but Kinder chocolate has a nice, sweet taste.