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2015-02-14, 01:55 PM
Hello folks

Just a general question, I don't expect many people will know the answer but I might as well go for it...

Avoidance of Double Taxation forms between UK and -insert EU country-

I have the laborious task of filling one of these [actually, 2] to get through some paperwork back in Athens.

There's about 50 billion places online to get them, even have a paper one, seems pretty clear/easy to fill out.

Question is---who the F*CK fills these out? Do I do it, and then HMRC signs it? Do I post it to HMRC and they do it on my behalf? Can I visit the local office to have it filled out in one go?

As HMRC is open Mon-Fri during business hours [ie no saturdays], this will have to be a day-off event and I want to make sure I know exactly what to do in order not to waste a precious day off for nothing.

Any help guys? Any relatives/girlfriends/boyfriends you know that had to do this? I've checked about a billion websites the other night and still can't tell who fills this out.

Cheers :up: :wave:

electro girl
2015-02-14, 06:28 PM
Any problem or question I have had with taxes has usually been solved with a phone call to HMRC. Alternatively it might be worth a visit to the Citizens Advice Bureau. In York I think its near the council office over Lendal bridge.

2015-02-15, 11:31 AM
That citizens bureau thing is just around the corner. Might try them out, or try to see if I can get HMRC on the phone.

One of the most hated things is that most public services have got this semi auto answering machine that you either have to speak to [like an idiot in the office or in the street] or so many multiple choice options you just get lost :lol: