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inflatable dalek
2015-02-27, 05:48 PM
Transformers film guest villain, so I figured it had a place in news]

After being admitted to hospital sometime last week Leonard Nimoy has passed away at the age of 83.

As a big Trek fan I'm more than a bit saddened by this, especially due to the fact that as I get older and older The Wrath of Khan increasingly becomes my favourite film.

It's also increasingly depressing how many famous people in my grandparents generation are passing on now, every on makes it feel as if they're shuffling closer to the grave.

Of course, we don't need to mention Nimy's big 1986 film.

But as well as The Voyage Home he was also Galvatron, and despite a couple of bum line readings I still prefer him hugely over Welker's take on the character.

His Columbo and Invasion of the Body Snatchers are bloody good as well.

Auntie Slag
2015-02-27, 06:04 PM
He had a couple of bum line readings as Galvatron? Which ones?

[Edit] I mean: He's dead, Jim.

inflatable dalek
2015-02-27, 06:12 PM
"There they are..." is one that stands out as a line that they could have done with doing another take on. That's not a dig at Nimoy though, with the cost of celebrity voices they likely didn't have them in studio for more than the bare minimum time needed to get it done, if there's the odd moment where they sound like they're reading something off a bit of paper they've not seen before it's likely because they were, I think Stack is the only special guest stars in the film to not have at least one moment like that (or at least isn't like Welles and Idle and so heavily modulated they could be saying anything).

Ryan F
2015-02-27, 06:18 PM
Yeah, I knew he was seriously ill but it's still a shock to hear that he's passed. Outside of Trek and TF, he was also in three of my other favourite shows, The Outer Limits, The Twilight Zone, and more recently Fringe.

2015-02-27, 06:21 PM
Massive shame. I've been saying since the last ST film he was in that he didn't look well; course, it isn't hard to guess that an old person is going to die.

No slight, but this feels wrong in News. I'm shifting this to GD, as Casey Kasem's passing is in there, I'm sure this can be too.

inflatable dalek
2015-02-27, 06:33 PM
It's lucky Dr. Spock is already dead or his family would be having a horrible shock at the moment, even BBC Radio 5 managed to confuse the two apparently.

For some reason the BBC TV news passed off a clip from the 2009 Trek film as being from Into Darkness so it could claim his last onscreen words were "Good luck" (which aren't even his actual last words in that film!).

Fun fact: My brother only ever phones me when he's trying to be the first person to tell me someone famous has died.

2015-02-27, 07:41 PM
Picard and crew are my generation, but Scotty and Spock have been much bigger inspirations. I'm sure it's probably more down to Pocket Books than the films, but the presence of the actors to give context to the writing can't be underestimated.

Cyberstrike nTo
2015-02-27, 07:49 PM
Rest in Peace Leonard Nimoy.

As Mr. Spock you were an inspiration to a lot of people like me, who were always outsiders and showed that using logic and reason didn't make you a villain and you could always find a place in the world.

As Galvatron you created one of the best villians in Transformers history.

I hope you live long and proposer in eternity.

2015-02-28, 05:01 AM
I am sad. :(

2015-03-01, 01:29 PM
I grew up with TNG, but considering I've watched TOS (yes, the whole series) maybe four or five times total - with the last one being a three year long haul that only ended late last year, and I finished the TOS era with Star Trek VI just a couple of weeks ago...yeah :(

Also, this (http://imgur.com/gallery/RiF4Evf) image makes me super sad.

2015-03-02, 02:13 AM
On my way home from work after they announced Nimoy's passing, I had my iPhone hooked into the car radio and tuned to Dr. Demento radio on iRadio, figuring if anybody was going to play anything that he sung, it would be them.

And what would they play? Most Illogical? Abraham, Martin, and John? If I had a Hammer?

After a couple of hours, they finally played one. The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins.

Not what I was expecting. But it worked.

2015-03-02, 02:50 AM
R.I.P Leonard Nimoy

inflatable dalek
2015-05-04, 09:06 AM
And regular actor for the first half season of Trek, Grace Lee Whitney has passed away today as well.

She had a rather sad time of it after being sacked from the series (her departure involving two sexual assaults. She wouldn't name names, but considering one of the people who attacked her gave her some home made jewellery as an apology and Gene Roddenberry liked to make jewellery at home...) with a descent into alcoholism and prostitution, but she eventually turned it around. Her later career was basically cameoing in Star Trek films, but that's not a bad legacy.