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2015-02-28, 04:51 PM
I think I asked this here a few years ago when I was doing a different website, but I'm sure things have changed since then, and I've forgotten what the responses were. I'm looking for decent, easy to use website design software, preferably free. I am somewhat computer literate, but not with programming or html. A WYSIWYG system would be ideal since I probably won't be the only one doing the editing and the others involved are even less comfortable with it.

Also, what's a normal price for domain name registration? I know there are tons of different places, and that lots of them are just total scams. Where's a good, straightforward, cheap place to register a domain name if we decide to go that route?

2015-02-28, 05:10 PM
These days if you can get away with doing it with Blogger (or Google Sites) -- or something that someone else big hosts -- I'd say go for that unless it's only one or two pages. Anything more complicated calls for a proper content management system and keeping those secure isn't for the casually interested.

I'd suggest wrapping it all up into one and getting the domain through Google as well. At least you know the company's not going anywhere.