View Full Version : Devasator G1 Question

2015-03-15, 06:02 PM
Alright, looks like my great "deal" was a bit of a let down. I got a chance last night to look over the Constructicons a guy sold me. Instead of them being 1980s, they're 2011 encores.:P As far as I can tell the only difference besides age is the trade marks.

I still need to sticker them up, so same as with Omega. Will repros G1s work on them or do I need a different set.

I hope Karma gets back at this guy, not cool selling bots as one thing, and them being another.

2015-03-16, 10:19 AM
G1 repros should be fine. Shame you got stung by the seller. I have to say the Encore set is a bit more structurally sound in combined mode compared to my vintage Devastator. There's some very small modifications made in the mouldings which seem to make the combiner form less fragile. I like the clip that was added to Bonecrusher which keeps his arms together in alt mode too. The only downside with the Encore version is that some of the detail in the individual robot mode faces aren't as well defined.