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2002-05-06, 02:26 AM
O.O.C. Seeing as thrust and myself are going to be separate from the group (and the threads get way too convulted otherwise), here's a separate thread for myself, Thrust and the fleshies.

Flying towards the human alliance, The shuttle seemed to flow with a certain amount of grace.

Inside was a much different story.

Ever since, the shuttle blasted off, Lastrites seemed to have been mesmirized by her own programming. Quietly typing line after line, in the hopes of something special.

Thrust was not surprised. She did have a tendency to get wrapped up in her work.

After what seems like several hours, Lastrites looks up and says something quite remarkable and unusual for a decepticon.

"Remove your weapons."

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2002-05-06, 11:29 AM
Thrust looked up from his comm station as Lastrites made her request. Amused, he places his weapons into subspace (but ready to recall them in a second if anything becomes amiss) and smiles.

"OK. What're you up to now?"

2002-05-06, 03:07 PM
Anotehr shuttle was heading towards the human alliance, but this shuttle's passengers weren't concerned with that. They just wanted to catch up to the two robots inside the shuttle whom they were supposed to travel with.

"Lastrites", Ramjet signaled. "This is Ramjet. We wish to come aboard."

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2002-05-06, 03:29 PM
Thrust turned to the fembot.

"What do you say? You've got Astrotrain's authorization on this."

2002-05-06, 05:55 PM
"Lets just say i don't want to give the fleshies any reason to act hostile."

"If they do attack us, I want them to be the perpetrators, not us."

2002-05-06, 05:58 PM
"Permission granted," Lastrites said, somewhat puzzled by Ramjet's arrival.

What was he up to, she thought warily

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2002-05-06, 08:52 PM
Thrust nodded and smiled, but was unsure.

This is overkill. Ramjet and the Insecticons can come along, but we can't all meet Spike at once. It'll come across as a strong-arm tactic.

Which of course, Thrust knew that it was. But he wasn't going to jeopardize the mission.

"Look guys, I'm glad you're all here, but Astrotrain specifically detached Lastrites and myself to speak with the human. Anymore of us involved and he may not cooperate at all."

2002-05-07, 02:55 PM
Ramjet looked at Thrust.

"We understand. It is just that we don't trust...certain elements of this plan", he said.

2002-05-07, 03:21 PM
Lastrites smiled at the comment and began to speak.

"Should I be hurt by these comments?"

"Very well, Ramjet, if you want to take your hand at the fine art of diplomacy, I won't stop you."

"However, the Insecticons must return to base immediately. During this period of suspicion, they are a liability."

"Either we show them to Spike and the other fleshies and he doesn't trust us immediately, or he finds out about them on the ship after contact dashing any chances of us cementing this deal that Astrotrain is particularly interested in getting across."

"Something that not only I command, but will ultimately be accountable to Soundwave, Scourge, and Astrotrain himself when they here about this incident...when it does occurs."

"Oh and don't try to sneak back on board. I will know almost immediately if you do."

2002-05-07, 03:28 PM
"Alright", Ramjet reluctantly said, gesturing to the Insecticons, who left and headed back towards Metrotitain.

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2002-05-07, 03:31 PM
Thrust nodded.

"Good point, Last. I don't think the Insecticons come across as honest, do you?"

He gestured for Ramjet to sit, as Thrust did the same in one of the comm chairs.

"I think we should let Lastrites do the talking. You and I both know that she has an affinity for it. Spike may be more easily swayed by her. He's had too many bad experiences with us. I'm just glad Snapdragon isn't with us..."

2002-05-07, 09:16 PM
"You're right", Ramjet said to Thrust. "although if you ask me, the kid deserved it."

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2002-05-07, 11:41 PM
Thrust shook his head.

"Well, if Daniel's with his father...I suppose you can tell it to his face. Though I wouldn't recommend doing so."

2002-05-08, 01:25 AM
Ramjet just glared at Thrust.

2002-05-08, 01:35 AM
"boys settle down. I don't have the time or the energy to deal with Spike and babysit the both of you at the same time."

"Now Ramjet, would you mind putting away your weapons. Its going to be difficult enough as it is without having to worry about spike thinking it is an armed attack."

2002-05-08, 02:05 AM
Ramjet looked at Lastrites with a glare that could melt titanium, but shunted his weapons into his subspace storage area.

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2002-05-08, 02:24 AM
Thrust stifled a laugh.

"Right. No problem. I suggest we try and send out some sort of broadcast to the EDC, notifying them we've get special clearance from Commander Astrotrain to speak with Ambassador Spike, etc. You know how humans love protocol...well, I guess you don't. But trust me, they do."

2002-05-08, 03:03 AM
"I had a hunch that they would probably want us to talk before blasting us from the sky."

"Now what's a good name for our new ship...ah yes I have it"

Lastrites then opens up a channel

"This is the Malice. On behalf of Decepticon command, we politely request landing clearence."

She then closed the channel and smiled.

"Now we wait for a suitable...response."

2002-05-11, 01:33 AM
(OOC: Someone's gotta keep this going.)

"we've got a message incoming", the commander reported.

"Patch it through", Ambassador Spike Witwickey said.

"This is the Malice. On behalf of Decepticon command, we politely request landing clearence."

Spike looked up. He had hoped that he had heard the last of them. Apparently he was wrong.

"This is Ambassador Spike Witwickey of the Earth Defense Command. State you reasons for being here, or we will open fire"

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2002-05-11, 10:34 AM
Thrust nodded.

"Good, that's a start. Last, go ahead and respond..."

2002-05-11, 03:57 PM
Originally posted by Bombshell
(OOC: Someone's gotta keep this going.)

"Well that certainly got their attention." Lastrites said with her traditional smirk on her face, "now to respond."

Speaking calmly and carefully, Lastrites words sent a shock of surprise over Spike Witiwichy.

"We need your help."

2002-05-11, 06:20 PM
"Whenever Decepticons say that they need help, it means they just need more time to figure out a way to kill us", Spike rather bluntly spat out.
Inside the ship, Ramjet fumed.

"He's not going to believe us", he said. "I say we slag him now, figure it out later.

2002-05-11, 07:27 PM
"Patience Ramjet."

"If we attack, we've pretty much blown our opportunity"

She then spoke into the receptor again.

"We are not armed and would like to open up a dialogue with you fl...humans concerning the fate of the universe."

"Lets just say we need to talk before we are all doomed."

2002-05-11, 07:41 PM
Spike thought about it for a moment, then decided, "Fine, land on landing pad 3c. An armed guard will be there to meet you."

"Sir", the commander said. "Do you think this is a good idea?"

"No", Spike said. "I don't like it at all, but apparently, it has to be done."

2002-05-12, 05:10 AM
After receiving the message, the Malice turned to landing pad like a trained seal.

Once landing, Lastrites looked through the camera to see the fully armed powersuits patiently waiting outside.

After a moment, Lastrites turns to Thrust and Ramjet with a somewhat puzzled look on her face.

"Is anybody else getting a serious case of deja vue?"

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2002-05-12, 03:00 PM
Thrust shrugged.

"Yeah, I suppose so," and with that the red Seeker pressed the door hatch open, and clamped outside.

Thrust made sure to hold his hands out to where they could be seen- with no weapon attachments.

"We come in peace," he stated.

2002-05-12, 06:43 PM
The guards raised their weapons in a defensive position.

"And you'll leave in pieces", one of them said, "If you don't explain your true intentions."

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2002-05-12, 07:19 PM
Thrust smiled.

"I suppose if you were real brave, you'd get out of your suit and say that, right biological? Our leader's coming along shortly. She'll give you all the info."

2002-05-12, 07:35 PM
Calmly and slowly, Lastrites exited the ship with a definate grace and style.

She looked at the fleshies in their exosuits and was most amused by their response.

"Well then, where is your leader?"

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2002-05-13, 02:34 PM
Thrust turned appreciatively at Lastrites' entrance.

"Spike won't be out here with these peons. We'll have to go through security checkpoints or some such nonsense before they'll let him see us. He's deep in that compound there, I'm sure."

2002-05-13, 03:16 PM
The troop commander signaled Spike.

"These...things say they want to talk to you, sir", he said into his commlink.

"Well, keep them stalled", came the reply. "I'm going to scan them."

"All right", the guard commander said, looking back up at Lastrites. "Our leader will be out shortly. In the meantime, may I suggest you make yourselves more...comfortable?"

Ramjet glared at the troop, then at Lastrites. He knew this was all a ploy, but he'd allow it to continuem if for no other reason than to see the look on Lastrites' face when it all blew up.

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2002-05-13, 06:25 PM
Thrust guffawed.

"Don't insult my intelligence. If you're going to scan us, just say so. And you call us Decepticons underhanded? Heh. Hurry up! My Commander wants this meeting underway!"

2002-05-13, 09:35 PM
After a few minutes, Spike walked out, and looked up at Dirge.

"All right", he said. "What do you want?"

2002-05-13, 11:08 PM
"Actually, that's Thrust, that's Ramjet and as for myself, you can call me Lastrites."

"As for what do we want, its rather simple really."

"Unicron is about to rise and we need your help in order to stop this great...being."

2002-05-14, 02:00 AM
"Correct me if I'm wrong", Spike said. "But the last time Unicron was around, you seemed more interested in killing us than killing him."

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2002-05-14, 02:40 AM
Thrust snarled, and stepped forward slightly.

"That charge is totally unfounded, Witwicky! All Decepticon forces were deployed in the vicinity of Cybertron in 2005! And how dare you insinuate otherwise! Don't you realize that if Unicron returns- with an even more powerful being, the Liege Maximo- that all factions, humans, Autobots, and Decpeticons are destined for oblivion?"

2002-05-14, 02:45 AM
"Forgive me", Spike shouted. "But I find it hard to trust someone from the organization who killed my father, crippled my son, and sent my wife into hiding!"

2002-05-14, 04:08 AM
Lastrites rose as the tempers flared providing a barrier between the two.

"Gentlemen please."

"We simply don't have time for this."

"Perhaps it would be easier if Thrust and Ramjet returned to the Malice."

2002-05-14, 02:23 PM
Ramjet looked at Lastrites.

"Perhaps it would be easier if you just vaped this human and take over his holdings."

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2002-05-14, 03:02 PM
Thrust calmed himself, and knelt down next to Spike.

"I apologize. If the death of your father was caused by one of our faction, I am totally unaware of it. If you have suspicions, tell me and I will report to Astrotrain, who is commander of Earth Forces here. Snapdragon has been...reassigned. He will be of no more trouble to you or your family. I'm sorry about your wife- she is a civilian. I will contain myself." He rose, and wheeled on Ramjet.

"NO! We cannot kill Witwicky! Astrotrain wants this meeting to be sucessful, and if we kill one of the highest ranking Earth diplomats, he'll take all our heads, pardon or no pardon! If not him, Galvatron will!"

2002-05-14, 03:07 PM
"Well, excuse me. Thrust!", Ramjet said. "But was I offline when you decided to become a big wussy?!"

"Gentlemen!", Spike shouted. "If we can have some resemblance of order here, maybe we can get things done around here! Now I'm willing to forgive you...for now, anyway. Now, let's talk about this."

2002-05-14, 03:09 PM
Originally posted by Bombshell
Ramjet looked at Lastrites.

"Perhaps it would be easier if you just vaped this human and take over his holdings."

"Ramjet, you obviously have a lot to learn about diplomacy.'

'Be silent or be confined to quarters for the rest of the mission.'

2002-05-14, 03:11 PM
Ramjet turned away from Lastrites and silently growled.

2002-05-14, 03:19 PM
"My apologizes, Mr. Witwichy, for the actions of my...associate."

"Now then what we need from your cute are natural resources and supplies, primarily metals, but may also include some energy supplies."

"what we can give in return is several complex computer algorithms and programs with the source code attached that could pretty much put your AI programs ahead by about 30 years."

2002-05-14, 03:30 PM
"Very well", Spike said, looking up at Lastrites. "Follow me, and we'll head inside to discuss where whe might be able to find what you seek."

Spike and the troops headed back inside the complex.

Ramjet looked at Lastrites.

"I don't trust him", was all he said,

2002-05-15, 04:09 AM
"and I do?"

"Well boyz, things are about to get...interesting."

"Watch your back, but don't attack first."

Lastrites then gets up and follows the diminutive human, having a bit of a hunch of what he's about to show her.

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2002-05-15, 01:58 PM
Thrust scowled at Ramjet's comment, but said nothing.

Yeah, right. Well, Astrotrain's gonna hear about this little tiff when we get back.

The Seeker followed Spike et. al. into the complex.

2002-05-15, 02:15 PM
Spike and the troops walked into the building, the Decepticons following.

Approaching a holographic map, Spike pointed to several areas on it.

"These seems to be the best places to find what you seek", he said.

Quick Switch
2002-05-15, 09:49 PM
Thrust crossed his arms.

"Should we leave immediately?" He asked, looking at Lastrites.

2002-05-16, 12:53 PM
'I think that may be for the best.'

With Ramjet's present attitude, I can guarentee this mission a success.

"Just keep an eye out and if you hear anything that seriously warrents my attention, communicate it to me through a narrow channel.'

'now if you'l excuse me, spike has some venting to do.'

Lastrites continues to follow Spike to the meeting room.

2002-05-16, 01:57 PM
Spike entered the meeting room, Lastrites following.

Once they were inside, and the door locked, Spike turned and looked up at the large female Decepticon.

"I want to know what you're planning", he said. "Decepticons always have secondary plans."
Ramjet looked at Thrust.

"Let's get going, then", he said.

2002-05-16, 07:41 PM
"In particular, which secondary plan?" Lastrites said sweetly.

2002-05-16, 08:17 PM
"I think you know", was all Spike said in reply.

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2002-05-16, 09:39 PM
Thrust bowed slightly to the departing Lastrites.

"As you wish," he replied, then walked back to the shuttle, Ramjet in tow.

"What was your problem in there?" he asked his comrade, sitting in a nav chair.

2002-05-16, 10:11 PM
Originally posted by Bombshell
"I think you know", was all Spike said in reply.

"Actually, I have no idea," Lastrites chirped, "could you give me a hint?"

2002-05-17, 04:54 PM
"Don't play dumb with me", Spike said. "I know you got some plan up your sleeve. Out with it."

2002-05-20, 03:30 AM
"Yes, you found us out. We are going to take over your base using a pack of badgers and a yo yo!" Lastrites says, ending with a very sarcastic laugh.

"Or you can accept our offer and we can get on with saving the universe."

"The choice is yours..."

2002-05-21, 02:03 AM
"I must say, Decepticon", Spike said slowly. "I find your humour most...annoying. But I have decided to trust you...for the time being."

2002-05-21, 03:28 AM
"excellent. Now here is the list of supplies we will need if we want to keep the universe intact. "

Using two fingers Lastrites hands him a small human sized palmtop listing a series natural resources in fairly hefty amounts.

"Now then where are your resources."

2002-05-21, 01:55 PM
Spike looked through the list that Lastrites had given him.

"This will...take some time to procure", he said.
Ramjet looked at Thrust.

"What do you suppose is taking her so long?", he asked Thrust.

2002-05-22, 11:57 AM
"By all means, take your time, but do realize that we are on a deadline."

"Now as for your skematics, they are also on the wordpad."

"Now could you please escort me back to the Malice where I need to let my superiors of the progress made."

2002-05-22, 01:57 PM
"Fine", Spike said, getting up, and ordering a squad of guards to accompany him.

"I will tell you though", he continued, "I don't trust Dcepticons, and never will. I'm only doing this to save humanity."

Quick Switch
2002-05-22, 02:10 PM
Thrust shrugged.

"I dunno. Spike can be obstinate. Hopefully she'll be finished so we can get out of here and report back to Astrotrain soon."

2002-05-22, 02:57 PM
"Yeah", Ramjet replied. "I'm starting to get ticked off."

2002-05-30, 02:28 AM
After what seems like an eternity, Lastrites slowly returned to the ship.

Instead of her typical smile, it was replaced with a pondering frown that seemed that something had her worried.

She slinked in, and got a seat at the controls.

2002-05-30, 06:08 PM
Ramjet walked over.

"What's wrong", he asked.

2002-05-31, 02:36 AM
'He gave us exactly what we wanted," Lastrites says with a puzzled look on her face.

Quick Switch
2002-06-01, 05:12 PM
Thrust banged his fists on the console as he heard an announcement.

"Damn! Deszaraus has ordered Metrotitan to lift off! It's probably already left the atmosphere by now! What do we do now?"

2002-06-01, 11:49 PM
"I guess we must setup a transition site to transplant the material."

"Perhaps we can ask Abdul Fakkadi to act as a transition point, in exchange for a few minor modifications?"

2002-06-02, 01:47 AM
"Good idea!", Ramjet said, smacking Thrust on the head. "Why didn't you think of that?!"

He activated the comn system. "Metrotitain, this is Ramjet. Could we please speak to Mr. Fakkadi, please?

2002-06-02, 09:57 PM
"Of course it is a Good Idea. I am capable of nothing less. "

"Ramjet you seem to know this Fakkaddi the best. I leave it in your capable hands. You have the com."

Lastrites retrieves her staff from its slot on her command chair and begins to lazily tinker with it.

"But still...Spike worries me. I expected to at least have to negotiate for another few days before we would get anywhere."

She then turns to Thrust.

"Of what do you know personally of this...spike. I've read the bio, but that does not do justice to such an interesting fleshy."

"From what I can tell, he has one heck of an axe to grind, after the...incident."

Quick Switch
2002-06-03, 02:12 AM
Thrust shrugged.

"Ever since he was a boy, Spike has assisted the Autobots against us. Then, only ten years ago, his son Daniel was maimed by the Decepticon Snapdragon...a primitive. And he believes his father was murdered on orders from Command, though I do not believe it."

Fakkadi's voice crackled over the intercom.

"Speak! I am leaving Metrotitan via Space Pod. Continue with your request...I shall be arriving in Carbombya in moments..."

2002-06-03, 04:13 AM
"Ultimately, can he be trusted?"

2002-06-03, 04:25 PM
"We need to set up a transition point so that we can transport supplies to Metrotitain", Ramjet said to Fakkadi.

Quick Switch
2002-06-04, 02:14 AM
Thrust shrugged.

"I'm not sure. His hatred for our kind may blind Spike further, even with the threat of Unicron."


Fakkadi, now securely back in his police continued the conversation with a renwed feed.

"Anywhere in the Middle East will be a safe haven. We can discuss the finer points if you are able...but you say your time is limited."

2002-06-04, 02:19 PM
"Yes", Ramjet said. "So just give us a location and we'll start up the work when we arrive."

Quick Switch
2002-06-04, 03:25 PM
Fakkadi nodded.

"You can use the Airport in Carbombya City for the main export point, if you wish. We'll give you transport craft to offload the materials you require."

2002-06-04, 04:03 PM
"Very well", Ramjet said. "Lastrites will give you all the info you need."

2002-06-05, 02:28 PM
"Transmitting rendevous coordinates now," Lastrites said with her usual personality.

Despite her outwards appearance, she was kinda worried. Could she be leading her new allies into a trap.

Only time would tell for sure.

Quick Switch
2002-06-05, 09:56 PM
Fakkadi nodded as the data was handed to him by his Vizier in hard copy.

"I have received your coordinates. As soon as you arrive, we began the transfer/loading of the materiel you require."