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Aero Blade
2015-05-29, 12:41 AM
I had this song come up in a restaurant today and remind me of it's existence. I would love to get a hold of it for my collection, but sadly all attempts for me to locate the title have failed epicly. Hard to pin down a lyric search if you're not exactly sure of the spelling/punctuation, which has been my fate. If anyone can recognize this song and clue me in, I shall be eternally grateful.

It's an upbeat song, male artist, no female backup or anything that I can recall. Not sure of the genre, but definitely not rap, or classic coutry, though could be country rock I suppose (this has added to my difficulty in finding the song). It's got two refrains that I can remember from it, the main one that repeats is "You're the best I've ever had, trying not to get stuck in my head". The second refrain which is closer to the end is "I think I love ya, but don't even know ya"

The ya could be you, but lyric searches for either have resulted in nothing. It was a clean song, no profanity that I was able to hear. It's not a recent song, at least a few years old since I first heard it. If this song rings a bell with anyone, please, please clue me in.

2015-05-29, 01:00 AM

Aero Blade
2015-05-29, 01:26 AM
That's exactly it. Thank you very much.

that also explains why I wasn't able to find it, I've been searching for "I've" instead of "I"