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2015-07-10, 02:06 PM
SPOILERS for all of the books, including the bits of Winds of Winter that are online that I hoovered up like the addict I am.

Probably even for the TV show people, actually.

There's been a lot of divergence due to the books not featuring Jaime Lannister skiing down a mammoth's trunk or whatever but even the TV show people kind-of count.

Yeh, even with the whole "Finchy with a bit of a scar is Dagmer Cleftjaw" thing. You know, Dagmer. Comes over with Theon and ****s up Torrhen's Square.




RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT, that's that. Anyone up for mass wild guessing?

AEGON: No, not buying it. Varys is smart but there's no reasonable way he could know Gregor Clegane would smash Aegon's face in. So it's someone Varys has groomed, surely? I'm guessing he's lost faith in Daenerys - too hard to control, single-handedly starting a war with the rest of the world - and decided to move. Wonder if Conington knows.
VARYS & LITTLEFINGER: Assuming these two are genuinely working together - at least for now - they have heirs or rulers of the Vale, (as far as they know) Winterfell, the Targayens (or at least a convincing imposter) and I'd wager they can lay hands on Tyrion whenever they want too. That's a Hell of a lot of power.
BROTHERHOOD WITHOUT BANNERS: Tom O'Sevenstrings in the walls? Yeh, Riverrun's going to stay Frey for about six minutes. Stoneheart's ****ing things up, though... Can't really see where that whole storyline's going, though it seems likely Brienne is taking Jaime to prove his changed personality to the outlaws. Which means trial by flaming sword for a one-handed man against someone who's not Beric Dondarrion. The nice version would be the Brothers springing Edmure Tully from his convoy and linking back up with the Blackfish with Riverrun as a base. The version that's likely to happen probably involves Catelyn killing everyone again.
THE NORTH: Despite the fact that if you put more than a hundred Northmen together at any one time they all die in a stupid fashion there's still a lot of strength there - the Umbers, the Manderleys, the Mormonts, the Reeds with sympathy from the Riverlands in the form of the Pipers, the Tullys all clearly still favour the Starks, or at least really hate the Boltons. Roping in Rickon sounds like a move for a figurehead, however. To the extent that Manderly - who I do not trust - especially is unlikely to care that Arya is actually Jeyne Poole
BRAN: I swear to god that if we've gone through all of this just for the little ****er to turn into a ****ing tree I will kick off. Well, I won't, but y'know.
ROOSE BOLTON: Definitely an angle going on there other than him simply being a vicious son of a bitch. Not too sure on him being an Other; the ability of an Other to simply take a skin and live among mortals would be a bit of an arsepull at this stage. But he's up to some sort of Varys/Littlefinger long game here.
STANNIS: Is going to meet a nasty end. Not putting too much into him still being alive in WoW as Martin's played games with timeframes before but surely his march on Winterfell is going to fail. It's obvious at this stage that Melisandre's prophecies are off and Jon Snow's the warrior of light and Stannis is just a poor sod who's going to get killed failing spectacularly. It'll be how much of the North he takes with him. Might not be it yet, though, not with the Iron Bank behind him.
THE BASTARD NOTE: Got to be written by Ramsay and not Mance. Mance surely wouldn't know much about Reek/Theon and wouldn't give a shit if he did, plus if he was going to turn on Jon Snow then and there he'd have done it before he and his spearwive cadre went along with it so well. Not sure about the professed defeat of Stannis being as told but if he did beat him he's damaged and low on men, surely.
JON SNOW: Never in a million years is that it for him. Even for Martin. There might be a skinshift to Ghost for a while or he might just get rescued by Leathers or Dolorous Edd or his wildings but no way is he just dead there. He's clearly the subject of Melisandre's prophecies but I doubt he's going to do it that way. Worth remembering that Robb seemed set to legitimise him and make him heir to the title of King of the North too.
THE CLEGANE BROTHERS: Incredibly obvious that the massive novice at that retreat is Sandor, even if Pod probably should have recognised him. It'd be nice if that was his war and he stays there for the rest of it and finds some inner peace but again, George R R Martin so... Surely going to see to unfinished business with Zombie Gregor?
JAYNE WESTERLING: In no way carrying Rob's child, can't be. The Westerlings rapidly joining the North then being accepted back by the Lannisters just as rapidly all but confirms that they someone put Robb under a glamour to break his marriage pact with the Freys and engineer the Red Wedding; entirely consistent with Tywin's insane level of planning for the event.