View Full Version : Mattel's picked up the Thundercats licence

2015-07-13, 09:26 PM

(For those keeping track, they've also been more forthcoming about MOTUC releases intended to wrap up the line than they've ever been. Never thought they'd get to some of those.)

2015-07-13, 09:33 PM
Do you know, I don't really like the Classic-ification of those lines. I really liked the modern updates of the MOTU 200X line and Ban Dai's 2011 TC line. The Classics He-Man figures always look a bit 'dumpy' looking.

In conclusion : indifferent.

2015-07-13, 11:43 PM
Got quite into the 200X line at one point, but getting a couple of the Classics line sold me on them (ended up with the Snake-Men, some of the Horde and some of the Great Rebellion, plus randoms). They're not as squat as the originals but aren't heavily stylised and don't cheap out on joints or paint apps like the 200X stuff. And like the originals there's a consistency -- for once, parts reuse is actually a selling point.

Thundercats... standardising the scale probably won't work as well. Some characters are "meant" to be dramatically larger/smaller than others. And fans probably won't take the subscription model abuse from Mattel that a lot of MOTU fans have.

Hoping for a Grune.