View Full Version : Combiner Hunters special

2015-07-30, 12:21 PM
This was released yesterday as well and no doubt we're all champing at the bit to say what we thought about it!


It's not bad! Arcee gets to say a few things and tick a few continuity boxes while some toyetic shennanigans happen to some nameless ladies. Chromia acts tough and Windblade gathers a new dirty secret.

As a pack-in toy comic it's great!

Moving on...

inflatable dalek
2015-07-31, 04:16 PM
It... wasn't terrible. Forgettable more than anything outside of the new combiner colour scheme (they let fans decide that? And that Alpha Bravo should be used twice on her? Kill the fans with fire!), the "Let's never speak of this again" ending created the feeling of a comic that could just as easily not exist as well.

2015-08-01, 01:29 AM
Forgettable is right. I'm having trouble recalling much about it a few days later. Something about sitting on a box?