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2015-09-29, 12:01 PM
Hello everyone, and apologies for cross-posting. :wave:

I'm posting to promote my new gamebook, Mechanoids: Fight or Die. This is an entry in the 2015 Windhammer Prize for short gamebook fiction. It is a transforming robot adventure with many homages to the Generation 1 comic and cartoon (particularly the Cybertron portions), though it's original fiction set in a different universe. It's set on a planet of giant robots divided into two factions, locked in an endless civil war. You the player can take on the role of a heroic robot of one of four different body types with different alt-modes. :swirly: Can you free your buddy from the dreaded Slagpit :p, find the key to the supercomputer at the planet's core, and make it out with your robotic life intact? Battle enemy Hunter-planes, robotic animals, mutant mechanical insects, zombies and the enemy leader himself, and explore ruined cities, underground bars, tunnel networks and metallic terrain. :clap:

You can play the gamebook here: http://www.arborell.com/mechanoidsfightordie.pdf. TransFans may also be interested to play 'Spot the Furmanism' I've hidden all the Wiki-listed Furmanisms somewhere in the text. If you like it, please vote for me, instructions at http://www.arborell.com/windhammer_prize.html, you need to vote for at least three entries. :up::up::up: :D There are 16 entries, including another robot story, a sci-fi entry, and a number of fantasy and historical pieces.

Till all are one!
Andy Moonowl