Weekly World Transformers
2015-11-09, 11:19 PM
Life-long Transformers fan Todd Campbell, 34, has found his contributions to a Transformers fan wiki were of little use in securing a job at a minor local newspaper. Campbell adds minor details, funny captions and emphasis formatting to various articles on the fan resource and once one of the administrators post a vaguely affirmative message on his talk page. Naturally he felt this was a perfectly legitimate addition to his CV.

"At first the interview was going well," a predictably outraged Campbell told TFWW, "they didn't even seem that worried about the smell. They then asked me about the Transformers thing I'd listed as my greatest achievement. When I explained one of the interview board piped up that they had watched it as a kid and it was great to see it back as films."

"I immediately saw this as a great chance to educate him about the great cultural footprint left by the Armada cartoon and how one time when I was in Target checking assortment codes I saw a kid briefly pick up a Cybertron figure before discarding it when he realised it wasn't a Power Ranger. After that things got a little heated."

Despite explaining that he had been responsible for listing which Power Core Combiners had been bundled in Black Friday deals, how he had listed several animation errors in the Energon series and how he could recall all the license plates seen in the live-action movie series the interview board were unmoved and the low-level role was instead given to someone with no history of editing any fan wiki.

Campbell's quest to leave his mother's basement and venture into the real world continues, or will do once he has concluded a revert war over some shit Speedstars toy no-one bought anyway.

Auntie Slag
2015-11-10, 12:15 AM
Will he ever be lucky enough to have an extensive collection of name tags and hairnets?

This is as good as anything I've seen in today's news.:)

2015-11-10, 12:22 AM
Would it be uncouth to quote the entirety of this edition in my signature? Because I want to.

2015-11-10, 01:10 AM
Are the typos intentional?

Weekly World Transformers
2015-11-10, 01:15 AM
Are the typos intentional?

Spellchecking is for sub-eds, not frontline journalists.

inflatable dalek
2015-11-10, 10:43 AM
So what job prospects does a WWTF writer have?

Weekly World Transformers
2015-11-10, 10:51 AM
So what job prospects does a WWTF writer have?


Ryan F
2015-11-10, 02:51 PM
Actually, editing the Wiki and not getting immediately reverted or shouted down by the clique who effectively run the site is an honour in itself. I'd have employed him!

EDIT: I'm joking really, the Wiki people are nice guys in the main. I'm just bitter that they didn't change the titles of the DIS-Integrated Circuits and Brick Springhorn pages even though I made a good case on the talk pages. Oh, and I really, really hate the G1 Tracks page with a passion.

Weekly World Transformers
2015-11-10, 06:32 PM
Resemblance to any wiki alive or dead is purely coincidental; the report could be regarding any fan wiki that thinks Tracks being a predatory homosexual is genuinely funny.