View Full Version : [Original RPG] Home at Last.

2002-05-07, 06:52 PM
Power Blade sat in the cockpit of his brother looking at the scanners.
"Still nothing" he said with a robotic sigh him and his brother had fle through where Cybertron used to be (OOC: I beileve it is still closer to earth because of the ultimate doom saga not sure mind you correct me if I'm wrong and I'll fix this post) for thousands upon thousands of Astro seconds now passing nearing in on another planet. Of the earth Solar system, coming in from the side on Jupiter.

"Well guess that means we keep searching" Death Blade replied "If only you had paid attention we probably passed it"

"Nice try Bro but you could easily have watched your scanners to" Power blade

"No way. I was way to occupied dodging Debris" Death Blade Countered

"What Debris?" Power Blade asked cockily causing his brother to groan.
"what I thought" he finished

"Hey looky what I found bro a row of planets bet you didn't notice that, who was watching the scanners now you blind nimrod" Death Blade said smugly to his Brocausing him to back down from his high horse that he was so rarley on allowing himself to get back on it with all his pride.

"Well lets get Closer then shall we?" Power Blade said as his brothers thrusters flared up and he blasted towards the planets.

2002-05-13, 01:08 AM
After another few hours of traveling they approached the planets most in view of them now.

"You see that Bro" Power Blade asked astonished.

"I sure do" DeathBlade replies.

"Two Planets with transformer signals.... one of them is an entirley metal surface" Power Blade adds.

"Home" His Brother Says longingly.

"Cybertron" They both say at the same time.

The Thrusters hit full burn as the abnormal sized seeker flew forward at high speeds towards cybertron weapons armed remembering the last time they where here Decepticons were in power and Autobots we're fighting to stay alive.

"Bro We are gonna have to transform and fight if we encounter any seeker patrols so be ready" Death Blade said.

"I know Bro I'm getting by weapons ready now if those decepti-creeps want a peice of us they are gonna have to take it ebcause we ain't given" Power Blade said

"Well you might but I sure won't" He said blasting full throttle towards cybertron.