View Full Version : Who wants to see some Argos catalogue scans then?

Brendocon 2.0
2015-11-17, 04:27 PM
So, er, somebody did this and it's glorious http://retromash.com/argos/

1985, Autumn edition. Starting on page 141 we've got a load of MotU, some Convertors (including a pre-Omega Supreme), some Gobots (er, I mean Robo Machine) and then Zoids and some other transforming robot line from the 80s that the name of which escapes me...

There are also a few bits and pieces starting on p224 of the Spring 85 edition.

So, er, put down whatever it was you were doing and just wallow in nostalgia for the rest of the day.

2015-11-17, 08:43 PM
That is amazing. Haven't time to go through them all, but an impressive endeavour. Loving the walkmans :)

2015-11-17, 08:43 PM
Funny how apart from things like the VHS tapes and cassette walkmans, and prices of mono handheld games coming down, not much feels like it's actually changed. The biggest slice of nostalgia's actually that Major Morgan thing.

2015-11-17, 10:12 PM
"Robo Machine Bio Dragon" - isn't that from a tokusatsu series?

The Convertors "Deltarian Fighter" is a straight recycle of a Microman toy - it was later redecoed for the TMNT mini-mutants in the mid-90's, and I have that.

Red Dave Prime
2015-11-17, 10:33 PM
I'm kinda amazed that they did so well with the transformations up until the two seekers and then things just went completely to shit.

Also, gotta love me some of them mask toys. They were great.

Ryan F
2015-11-17, 11:05 PM
Carriage clocks, synthesisers, fondue sets, audiocassette storage solutions. Ah the 80s, I miss you so.

2016-01-22, 07:41 PM
My mum told me that it took three months for Argos to get stocks of Optimus Primes in for Christmas 1984, and then it involved ringing around every Argos in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, northern Hampshire, Surrey, West London and even Hertfordshire to get one