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inflatable dalek
2015-12-02, 08:41 PM
There's some excellent trolling from Barber in this one. After, what, three months of Blackrock telling his entire life story in a scene that has gone on so long that Spike has grown a beard, it turns out his entire life was a lie. What a wonderful waste of time.

There's also--again--zero movement on the Arcee and the others on the Ark plot, though Fairborne may have found a way to terminate it. If she can be arsed to push the button.

There was some nice stuff in the Doc and Buster plot (mainly their POV scenes), but after months of failing to achieve anything, the way these two had it just a bit too easy made the Autobots look more than a bit crap.

When Barber is on form, he's a great writer, but when he's plodding he's plodding. And this was plodding. At this stage we're going to be looking at an entire trade with one issue's worth of plot.

2015-12-02, 09:56 PM
I haven't even taken 47 out of the wrapper yet...

2015-12-02, 10:19 PM
Yeah, the POV stuff was interesting (and a fairly accurate depiction of mammal colour vision!) but holy shit the Blackrock / Jazz stuff was pointless and dumb.

This arc started out so well and then just... didn't go anywhere until it was time to do some dog jokes.

Thundercracker does get points for not mentioning his screenplay again.

Red Dave Prime
2015-12-03, 02:52 AM
Hate to disagre but I didnt find this to be a plodding issue at all. It's a neat enough idea and yes, not much overall plot happens its a pretty well self contained adventure that feeds in to the story. And I enjoyed it enough to not mind that bloody dog. If anything, Buster has somewhat redeemed himself for me. Somewhat...

Now, I do get what you mean in an overall context but to me this issue is similar to the MTMTE issues where things take an odd diversion to set up some things and create a few character moments. From a pure plot point of view you could have combined this issue with the last one... and maybe even the one before that. Yes, Arcee is still stuck but there's a decent enough reason for that - the issue covers a very short span of time so its not a major miss to not have any further developments with the other ark - granted the timing of introducing their peril seems silly if it wasn't to be resolved over the next two issues but at least it looks like we'll be getting a resolution next issue.

ExRID continues to entertain, even if Barber has set too many plates in motion (again)

2015-12-30, 10:14 PM
I just got around to reading this and to me it was the best issue this comic, whatever we're calling it, has seen. Thoroughly enjoyable.