View Full Version : Who are TFExpress & are they any good?

2016-01-18, 09:45 AM
Just wondering if anyone has any experience of TFExpress? If so, are they any good?

I've not noticed them before, but I have some vague inkling they may have been involved in some discussions here a while back which went over my head...

Asking as they seem to have stock of some smaller third party Transformers I'm keen to find at a reasonable price, but don't want to put money down and then have problems!

I am slightly concerned as in general it looks like they're cheaper than Kapow or Masterforce...

Brendocon 2.0
2016-01-18, 10:44 AM
I think they used to be called Transbridge Omegalock if that helps.

I've given them quite a bit of business over the last year. Haven't had a single problem with them beyond them occasionally sending things via UPS, but that's not their fault.

They don't always get things in stock as quickly as other sites, but their prices are pretty much on a par with Kapow (some cheaper, some more expensive; though they do have an odd pricing structure where I think things are more expensive if they're low on stock) and their despatch time has been top drawer.

Customer service has been excellent on the few occasions I've needed to contact them, too (though it's quite clear English probably isn't the first language of whoever's on comms).

I tend to split my business 50/50 between them and Kapow and will continue to do so without any hesitation.

2016-01-18, 11:42 AM
That's it! I remember reading about Transbridge Omegalock. I've not ordered from them before either...

Thanks for the feedback. I browsed a bit more and found their prices, as you say, are sometimes higher and sometimes lower after all which is reassuring.

Sound ok, unless anyone else has any feedback?

2016-01-18, 12:21 PM
Alan's reliable with customer service and I've bought a few bits from there since the switch. They're a main UK/EU distributor for at least one 3P but I forget which. I think some of the price advantage is being able to deal with Chinese firms as a native speaker.

Caveat: it isn't clear who the controlling company is now (speculation is there's a link to Keith's Fantasy Club). I'm a little bit concerned as to whether all of the UK tax implications have been considered, and would be reluctant to pre-order things very far in advance or large pre-orders in case they run into problems with that.

2016-02-01, 09:44 PM
Well, I've bitten the bullet and given them a go...

2016-02-01, 10:00 PM
Sorry, would have responded sooner if not for holidays...

They are what used to be transbridge omegalock. I have bought Scoria-D from them. Shipping and overall service was good.

I think Denyer refers to X-transbots/KFC or FT as the "exclusive" company.

As Denyer suggests, exercise caution...I personally don't have anything on preorder with them and bought Scoria after he was in stock. Some of their items have great prices, some more or less on par with others.

They do run neat discounts for repeat customers [see FT Dinos. If you bought all of them from them you'll have saved roughly 50 GBP by now].

I use them because they are the only UK retailer that gets all the versions FT puts out [thus far]. If I'd been a bit more patient I could have grabbed a Galvatronus for roughly 25% cheaper than kapow too.

2016-02-02, 09:41 AM
Given my recent experiences with one of the UK retailers I tended to use, I'm keen to find someone else when Masterforce doesn't have the item I want, or when it is strangely very expensive.

I'll see how they are on in-stock items before considering an preorders. By then, I'm sure there'll be feedback on forums if there's been any bother.

2016-02-04, 03:05 PM
Well TFs Express came through well with really fast delivery.

On the otherhand, another store which has always been reliable in the past has just sent me a package missing a Transformer I ordered, but including a repaint version of the mould (which I did not order)...

Are UK-based high-end Transformers retailers just unreliable?

2016-02-04, 07:09 PM
They're all relatively small businesses and ****ups happen, anyway.

2016-02-05, 11:17 AM
True - I think I'm just having a bad run of them!

(Beyond buying TFs...)

I don't mind mess ups so long as people are friendly about them, as was the case this time.