View Full Version : Not-RID 52: Aka Who's the bad guys here?

2016-04-20, 05:10 PM
Seriously, who's the bad guys here because everyone here is a thousand shades of awful

inflatable dalek
2016-04-22, 06:57 PM
Though I don't think anything bar the volcano fight played to Livio's strengths, I thought that was a generally solid issue with an excellent long delayed payoff on the Horribull thing.

Arcee flat out saying she prefers the way she is now could arguably be a bit on the nose after Barber has done such a good job of reworking her character, but considering what a mess she was in the early IDW days still casts a long shadow it's perhaps understandable.

It's interesting that, as with Dying of the Light and Sins, I'm not completely sure where this is going. I like that.