View Full Version : Till All Are One #1

inflatable dalek
2016-06-17, 08:04 PM
The Road to Revolution cover strapline had me worried--I thought this was going to have the same problem that killed Windblade 2 of starting with a terrible crossover--but luckily it was just window-dressing.

Indeed, this was basically Windblade issue 9, and kept up the sharp fast and fun approach of that book. And best of all it returned to what early RID did so well with the Cybertronian ploticial stuff.

Even the "Swindle lives" thing didn't bother me as I thought it was, the legend of the man building was an excellent idea well done.

It was also nice that Chromia's past actions are cards in Starscream's hands, that always felt it got brushed under the carpet a bit too neatly.

Yeah, nice comic.