View Full Version : Where can I order TFs w/a check in the US?

2016-07-17, 12:47 AM
I'd like to order some TFs that don't make it to US retail, like MP and Unite Warriors. I need to pay by check since, for reasons unknown to me, I cannot get a credit card. Are there on-line sellers that allow you to pay by check?

BBTS says they accept checks in their Help section. But, after signing up, filling my cart, and going to check out, I get a message that new customers must pay by credit card (which is not a check), so that's out.

Is there anyone based in the US who for real accepts checks, even on the first purchase? I'm hoping for some first hand knowledge here, preferably from someone who has successfully ordered for the first time with a check, since BBTS's website gave me a false impression.


2016-07-17, 03:19 AM
BBTS still has me listed as a "new customer" after something like a dozen purchases at this point.

TFSource supposedly accepts checks but I've never tried.

Can I ask why it has to be a check? Can't you get a debit card for your checking account? PayPal won't work for you?

2016-07-17, 01:40 PM
There's always the option of picking up one of those reloadable pre-paid credit cards or something like a Visa gift card.

2016-07-19, 11:07 PM
I'd go to the bank and inquire about a debit card since you already have a checking account. You can use that to create a paypal account, and then won't have to give your debit card information out to every online store you want to buy stuff from.

Cyberstrike nTo
2016-07-23, 10:30 PM
I've bought toys from BBTS with a money order in the past but switched to my debit card.

2016-07-25, 10:38 PM
Thanks for the advice. I ended up contacting BBTS customer service, and they allowed me to pay with a check. I just ordered MP Wheeljack. If this works out OK, I'll order my other stuff the same way.

Thunderwave - I tried setting up a Paypal account. But at the end, they want either a credit card or my bank account info. I assume the bank account info is to draw money directly from my account. My paranoia about my Paypal account being hacked and used to drain my account outwieghs my desire for more toys, so I haven't done that.

I got my credit reports from all 3 agencies (Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax) after my second mysterious credit card application rejection. Discover had said to call them to finish setting up the account; the guy on the phone basically said I don't exist. CapitolOne sent a rejection letter saying my information was "missing or unavailable". Multiple calls to CapitolOne to determine what information they meant were fruitless.

I checked with my credit monitoring service, and verified that the credit card agencies did in fact get my credit reports. There's no freeze or anything that would've impeded that. I checked the reports themselves, and they're accurate. And it's not like I have no credit history. I've had a mortgage, car loans, and student loans, and paid off all of them. My utilities are in my name and I'm up to date on them.

At this point, I'm done going down that rabbit hole.