View Full Version : Combiner war knees.

2016-07-26, 02:05 AM
I'm looking to put together a list concerning the assembly of the combiner wars hotspot mold and wether or not the knees are assembled correctly. I'll begin by listing what I know.
Hot Spot : yes
Onslaught : yes
Pyra Magna : no
G2 Onslaught : no
TFCC Bludgeon : no

Takara Tomy
Hot Spot : yes
Onslaught : ?

Please let me know your findings and if I missed anyone for the list. Thanks! :wave:

2016-07-26, 03:58 AM
My Takara Hot Spot's knees are assembled correctly.

2016-07-26, 04:34 AM
Thank you Thunderwave. :D

2016-08-03, 12:54 AM
After resetting numerous knees across multiple figures. (Pyra Magna, onslaught and Bludgeon) I've begun to wonder would people pay to have their figure fixed as such? If so, what do you think would be a good price for fixed knees on their collectible?