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2016-08-22, 11:09 AM
Has anybody had QC issues with their titan wars figures because,i bought scourge and the titan master was loose some of scourge's joints were loose.

2016-08-22, 04:11 PM
Skullcruncher seems to be a bit of a disaster, QC-wise. Loose hips, thigh swivels, hands and beast claws all seem to be a thing, and it really seems to be a matter of "how bad" rather than some being good and some having issues.

I've heard about some issues with Fortress Maximus being really loose, too, and lots of individual complaints about other figures like your Scourge.

Beyond that I haven't had any big issues with particular figures, but fit on the heads seems to be really off from figure to figure. In theory they're supposed to be swappable, but I've seen some heads falling right off of bodies and other heads that won't squeeze into the socket at all, depending on which head I pair with which body.

Poor fit does seem to be a bit of a theme with the line. I wonder if Hasbro moved production for the line to a factory that's not doing a very good job of monitoring tolerances. I know there was word that they were moving production to India but I don't know if that's happened yet.

2016-08-22, 04:24 PM
thank you for the information.

2016-08-22, 04:45 PM
Skullcruncher seems to be a bit of a disaster, QC-wise. Loose hips, thigh swivels, hands and beast claws all seem to be a thing, and it really seems to be a matter of "how bad" rather than some being good and some having issues.

See, mine is perfectly fine. No super looseness anywhere. My Scourge, however, is a little bit of a bobblehead. I've had no issues with head swapping on my figures as of yet, but I'll keep an eye out for it. I'll admit I haven't tried every head on every body yet (although now I may try).

2016-08-22, 05:00 PM
You're literally the first person I've heard from whose Skullcruncher isn't a mess. Maybe buy a lottery ticket on the way home?

With my Headmasters, I've only got the three, but I've found that none of them really click in the way they should on anything but the body they came with. I don't know if that's just luck of the draw or not. I suppose I should be happy that they do fit on their own bodies though, and that they only get bobblehead syndrome once I start swapping.

2016-08-22, 05:24 PM
/:man i didn't now it was this bad ,maybe i should read more?

2016-08-22, 11:02 PM
Hardhead - A bobblehead out of the package. But, attaching Furos with Furos' face forward (instead of back, as it was in box) solved the problem. His left elbow isn't strong enough to support the weight of a Titan Master mini vehicle/weapon, but his right elbow is. No complaints.

Skullcruncher - Opposite problem with the head: Grax's noggin pooped off and stayed inside SC the first time I tried to remove him. I got it out with needlenose pliers. Again, attaching the head with the Nebulon face forward solved the problem. I wonder if that was what the designers intended, but nobody told the assemblers. No problems with the hands or claws.

His bot legs were horribly floppy out of the box, which is pretty common. I popped the hip joints off the waist, slid the thighs off, and reassembled him with the hip joints swapped. He's now somewhat looser than the norm, but not enough to interfere with enjoyment of the toy. He's definitely not a mess now, but he was out of the box. If I bought a lotto ticket based on this luck, I'd probably break even.

Blurr - Mine is great. The only flaws are some negligible paint impefections on the front bumpers that cover the arms. The head even stays attached no matter how the Nebulon's faced. The crest on top of Blurr's head doesn't stay up, but I like it better down, anyway.

However, most of the ones I've seen in store have paint smudging on the clear windshield, which looks pretty bad. I've since seen a few others with clear windshields, so they are out there. You're probably better off going in store to check than ordering on-line, though.

Scourge - Fracas would be either a bobblehead, or just fall out. Mine also had a lot of trouble tabbing together in vehicle mode. I returned him and don't plan to try another.

Nightbeat, etc - I've got all 4, and no problems so far. I havent tried them as heads for the Deluxes yet, though. I have swapped Grax, Furos, Fracas, and Hyperspeed around, and didn't notice problems with anyone other than Scourge.

2016-08-22, 11:09 PM
thank you for the information.

2016-09-23, 12:06 PM
Takara Skullcruncher is a bit better than the Hasbro one, but still somewhat floppy.

The little thing that annoys me most about those I've picked up so far (deluxes and masters plus Alpha Trion and Wheelie) is the design of Alpha Trion's front paws -- a lot are just going to fall off and get lost. I can't believe that passed safety law checks, nor Skullcruncher's claws or even the whole downsized headmaster concept for that matter.