View Full Version : Major Retailer in Canada to start selling Transformers!

2016-09-21, 01:27 AM
Alright up here in the land of ice, snow, and Eskimos. We tend to have limited options when it comes to buying new Transformers. We have Toys "R" Us, Wal-Mart, with local stores also carrying them.

But after looking at the data, after not selling them for a decade (where toys went to gather dust I'll note). The Bay has decided to start selling Transformers again!


2016-09-21, 02:21 AM
And then they'll deliberately leave out the Transformers brand with the specific intent to spite you.

Because that's what major multi-million dollar companies do; spite random people on the internet.

2016-09-21, 02:34 AM


Will the toys be overpriced like everything else there?

2016-09-21, 12:09 PM

Will the toys be overpriced like everything else there?

Sades, Inuit just doesn't sound as good as Eskimos.:( Yes I know political correctness.

That being said I compared a few bots on both Toys R Us Canada's website and The Bay's Website, both had the same price. Mind you The Bay's selection was much more . . . limited.

I wish I had been in those meetings when The Bay decided to sell toys again.

2016-09-21, 04:34 PM
The Bay isn't a major player in the Winnipeg market anymore (they've got three stores and one of them is a run-down downtown shithole that they appear to be trying to demolish through neglect), so this isn't going to be a huge boon to me. But it's great that they're at least trying! Like you say, right now it's mostly just Walmart and Toys'R'Us selling toys, so any extra competition is a good thing no matter how small their footprint.

That said, the Bay (and Sears too) are a dinosaur that's well on it's way to becoming extinct, what with their awkward store layouts, decrepit infrastructure and impossible-to-find staff. I doubt this move is going to save them, but hopefully it'll lead to other stores like Giant Tiger or Superstore or whoever to expand their toy offerings.

inflatable dalek
2016-09-25, 02:29 AM
But I thought Bay ruined Transformers?