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2016-10-02, 04:50 PM
My kid sister for Christmas I know would love a Titan's Return Soundwave. I also know he hasn't shown up in Canada yet. With the exception of Frenzy and Rumble she's got all his cassettes.

I've got a friend over in Japan who I am sure if I send him the cash he'll send me Soundwave. I know that if I buy it via Japan I am looking at $100-$125 with S&H, where if I went local I might pay $60.

How long would you guys wait to do this?

2016-10-02, 06:49 PM
He's available in some branches of TRU over here, so might be worth waiting. Depends on the time it takes to ship from Japan to Canada / how close to Christmas you are, I guess/ likelihood of finding one locally.

2016-10-02, 11:22 PM
Personally wouldn't wait much longer than mid November.

2016-10-07, 11:52 AM
Look's like a local chain that usually has hard to find bots is bringing him in. About $5 above what Blaster costs, so not too bad.

Rumble/Frenzy on the other hand, nuts. Usually retails in the $10 range, they want $20+, which is where I say no.

2016-10-21, 09:26 PM
Well, found him at a Wal-Mart I was working at (I don't work for Wal-Mart), and I hide him away until I was done work to pick up. Kid sister loved him. She was worried she was breaking him taking off his head, and then called his head so cute, sounded like she was ready to pinch his cheeks.

Yes I gave it to her early, along with Frenzy. Cost me close to $100 for Frenzy, Ravage, Buzzsaw, and Lazerbeak. As much as she doesn't want more Transformers, she always has room for more Soundwaves, and his minions.