View Full Version : MMC's Death's Head comic, yes?

Bumblemus Prime
2016-10-16, 02:12 PM
MMC is tempting the Mouse now. A flagrant Death's-Head-hunts-down-Lockdown (for Tarn!!) pack-in comic.


2016-10-17, 01:20 PM
Mm, it's good. Shame about the figure.

Bumblemus Prime
2016-10-17, 07:31 PM
I rather like it, actually. Not canonical at all--we still need a Marvel Legend DH for that--but it's too much fun for me to pass up a transforming DH, even at third party prices.

2016-10-17, 11:03 PM
Maybe an alt head for it will turn up -- the body works fine for the most part, and the comic shows they recognise how important the head design is.

inflatable dalek
2016-10-21, 02:11 PM
I thought it looked terrible when I saw it at TFN, and with a perfectly adequate proper Marvel DH toy (and with DHII coming always the possibility of more) I'm not sure what the point is of a badly compromised transforming one.

Death's Head
2016-11-02, 02:30 PM
with a perfectly adequate proper Marvel DH toy

It's pretty crappy, to be honest. It barely stands up, the weapons struggle to stay clipped into the back, as does the shield, and his chest-plate isn't attached. And it's not his best (original) costume.

I haven't even started on the lack of poseable eyebrows...

The DH2 one looks alright, mainly because it's hard to **** up an over-muscled Predator rip-off.

2016-11-03, 01:19 PM
Buckled on the MMC figure after seeing some people come up with better pics. The head suffers under certain lighting and angles, as does the fairly wiry body, but in-hand it's pretty much everything a transforming DH design should be.

Cons: As others have commented, MMC quality sure has slipped though. The weapon attachments need slight shaving to fit in the backpack holes (not difficult, it's soft plastic [to reduce snapping risk I assume -- possibly why it hasn't shaped as precisely], just run a blade away from the part on the handles) and the packaging solution with gluing the first page of the comic to the box is really irritating and looks cheap when doing it as a normal booklet would have been fine. Chainsaw is rather oversized and I presume is more for another variant but was included anyway?

Pros: It's very hefty for the size after years of Hasbro hollowness and the shield and weapon attachments look the business and make sure that this feels like a DH figure first and not an adaption of another character.

Bumblemus Prime
2016-11-03, 09:33 PM
You got one already? Cor blimey. Mine's been "awaiting fulfillment" since last Saturday at PSX.

I heard about filing down the weapons' peg. Also heard speculation that the chainsaw was meant to double as an attachment for Carnifex, but that it doesn't fit him.

2016-11-03, 10:31 PM
They're in stock in the UK, and price isn't terrible considering generally MMC entry point and that this one's supposedly an exclusive. Does make the rather ropey QC more annoying and apparently Kapow's had to replace several due to in-package breakages.

Bumblemus Prime
2016-11-05, 12:46 AM
I guess I'm crossing my fingers I'll get a good one. I got basically the only bad Carnifex in the lot, it seems (broken backpack slider) so maybe my luck will swing the other way with Anubis?