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2016-10-24, 10:41 AM
hey everyone,

First off i just want to say thank you for adding me to this forum! Transformers is my all out favorite from when it was a cartoon up until now. When they brought the first Transformers movie out in 2007 i was over the moon and have been with their movies since, although the last movie "Age of Extinction" wasn't as good as the others but still enjoyable and one of them movies you can watch more than once. Now the new movie is coming up next year around June 23 2017 and i can not put across how excited i am for the movie release! but if feels like it just can't come quick enough, like Christmas when you are a child. When i was younger i had all the Transformers toys and loved them, not as advanced as the toys you get these days, my younger cousin had a newer toy the other day and they are so technical now all the different parts you can move is very impressive. I wouldn't mind collecting some merchandise but when it comes to transformers what kind of merchandise can you get?? i don't want toys so to speak more like ornaments. I have found a few things on the link below it has a couple hings i am looking for to help you out. I hope the Transformers movies don't stop after the 2017 release i would be awesome for the movies to keep going!!!



Looking forward to chatting to everyone!!! great forum!!!

inflatable dalek
2016-10-24, 07:46 PM

Whilst I think the first is still the best by a considerable margin, I do have a lot of time for the films and especially like the third as well. Though the forest fight in the second is probably still my favourite moment in any of them.

Obviously these things are dependent on them keeping making the required amount of money, but Hasbro/Paramount have a lot of plans for more films as they jump on the cinematic universe bandwagon, so they shouldn't be going anywhere any time soon.

2016-10-25, 08:56 AM
That is some brilliant news already i'm sure they will be keeping up with their very watchable movies!!!

2016-10-25, 07:23 PM
I like the first two films. I just can't get into the third, maybe its because the 'mysterious hidden secrets' is old hat by this point. Oh, and Jerry F***king Wang and Malkovich giggling like a baby. That's what did it for me. Kills all the good stuff like Laserbeak. Liked AOE but by God, is that a chore on rewatch. It feels like its never going to end.

I'd like the films to be a little more compact and less of a tick-list of places to go to make 'splosions.

2016-10-27, 03:18 AM
I know what you mean they did start to get a little long winded with the "tick list" after the second movie and the change of charters was a bit of a F***** also. In the latest movie when the Decepticons transform in a pixel like manor, does this even follow the comic book originals???

2016-10-27, 07:19 AM
Does anyone else feel really old right now?

TBH I just watch them for vague transformery references and to see things blow up. Or I would, if I actually wanted to re-watch them. Currently do not.

2016-10-27, 07:16 PM
I feel really old all the time.

I dunno, I can just buy into the dumb fun of the first two as they're not trying too hard. Haven't watched any of them for ages though.

And yeah, that 'Transformium' guff and the dancing cubes can jog on.