View Full Version : Is this cheating? (Review question)

2016-10-31, 05:27 PM
As everyone knows with the Combiner Wars we lack a load of materiel to do biographies on characters. Thank you four language packaging. Yes there was/is a semi-connection to a comic book series of the same name.

Thing is I've done some research, and despite being a great toy (despite his rarity). Shockwave doesn't appear all that much in the comic book. It seems he draws the same straw as old Rodimus of he's part of a mega toy, but doesn't make much of an appearance in the comic book.

I know I did a great bio for G1 Shockwave when I reviewed his toy. I am tempted to use that as my template for the Combiner Wars one. Sort of a starting point. Naturally all the other information would be different.

Is this cheating or not as other reviewers see it, given the limited data we have to work with via Combiner Wars as a series.

2016-10-31, 07:12 PM
No. Its the same character, so its no great shakes to use Budiansky's original or any of the updates over the years.