View Full Version : What's with all the spam accounts?

Brendocon 2.0
2016-11-18, 08:45 PM
Clearly they're not making it through validation as none of them are posting, but every time I log on there's loads of them either online or in the process of registering.

WHASSUPWITHDAT all of a sudden?

2016-11-18, 11:14 PM
We've had a problems in the past with bots signing up a zillion accounts just to fill the profiles with spam links, so I'd guess it's that. The idea is that search engine crawlers will see the links in the profiles and it'll bump up the linked site's search engine ranking.

I'm pretty sure I adjusted the forum software so that search engine bots can't view user profiles the last time this happened, just out of spite.

Brendocon 2.0
2016-11-22, 02:20 PM
Can't we just, like, ban new users or something?

Or would that be unsociable?

We could build a wall and make the spambots pay for it.

2016-11-24, 04:42 AM
Some of the older ones are bad,too.

Brendocon 2.0
2016-11-24, 12:08 PM
... did... did I just get burned by starlord?

2016 can **** right off.

Brendocon 2.0
2017-10-01, 09:15 AM
As it's happening again, I think the only sensible solution is to ban everyone and close the board.

2017-10-01, 09:33 AM
Ban all the new users, close the board, go to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint, and wait for all of this to blow over.

Cyberstrike nTo
2017-10-09, 10:37 PM
As it's happening again, I think the only sensible solution is to ban everyone and close the board.

Might as well since not many people are posting here now of days to make it worthwhile.

In all seriousness a lot of message boards seem to be slowing down and some are just plain dead or dying a slow death, hell most of the major entertainment companies are ditching them and going to *shudder* social media platforms like reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and the like.

I been on some forums with a Twitter account and I wouldn't be surprised that there are some if not all those forums that their twitter feeds are more active than the forums are.

2017-10-15, 01:58 AM
Oh ffs.


2017-10-15, 02:37 PM
The Coleman Monster Energy trilogy is one of the great works of our time.