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2017-01-30, 02:23 AM
Name: Sentinel Prime
Titan Body: Infinitus
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Primus Emeritus
Alternate Mode(s): Space shuttle, war train
Weapons: Two laser rifles, double energon sword, energon shield
Motto: "No sacrifice is too great to keep Cybertron safe"

Strength: 8
Intelligence: 9
Speed: 7
Endurance: 9
Rank: 8
Courage: 7
Firepower: 10
Skill: 8
Teamwork: 7
Cooperation: 9



Prior to the war, Sentinel Prime was an ideal leader. He was wise and inspirational, bold and charismatic. Under his leadership, Cybertron became a flourishing civilization, and an economic powerhouse within galactic society. Sentinel's Cybertron was a great world to live on, one that you could be proud to call 'home'.

The early days of the conflict, prior to the all-out war, however, began to bring out a darker side of Sentinel. In his urgency to clamp-down on the strife before it escalated, he all too quickly discarded the principles that had made his reign such a success. He established a secret police force, increased the judicial penalties for even minor crimes, and tightened restrictions on political demonstrations. In his haste to snuff-out any fledgling revolution, he only increased resentment to his rule. At this turning point in his life, Sentinel found himself abandoned by the few close friends his station afforded him, including his beloved mentee, the future Optimus Prime. Growing bitter at these perceived betrayals, Sentinel surrounded himself instead with a handful of carefully chosen yes-men, and continued down his rueful path.

By the time the war was truly ablaze, there was hardly a fraction of the old Sentinel remaining. Though he remained skillful and charasmatic enough to hide his ruthlessness and keep the population at large on his side, the higher-ups in the Autobot military and government were more divided. Some agreed with Sentinel, thinking it the pragmatic solution to quell the rebellion. Others were opposed, concerned that Sentinel's tactics were firmly at odds with Autobot beliefs.

Sentinel's downfall would come before the war had even reached it's halfway point. With the Autobots on the back foot, Sentinel had become desperate. In secret, he set up groups to research, develop, and use illegal and experimental forms of weaponry, weapons banned all the way up to the Galactic Council. Eventually, the safety protocols at one of these secret facilities failed; a work in progress slipspace bomb ruptured, leveling nine blocks of Protohex and killing thousands of civilians. The investigation in its course not only implicated Sentinel in this massacre, but revealed the scope of his behind the scenes treachery. Sentinel was put under significant pressure from all sides of his government to step down as Prime rather than damage morale by forcing them to put him on trial. In the end, he was allowed enough dignity to publicly present his retirement as his own decision, and to pass the Matrix to his choice of successor. Whether because of the sheer pragmatism of promoting a gifted military mind, or because of some lingering affection for the mentee who had once meant so much to him, Sentinel chose to give the Matrix to his former student, and Optimus Prime was born.

The rest of the war saw Sentinel Prime retiring to a self-imposed exile, well outside of Cybertronian space. He grew old, and bitter. Seeing his successor's actions as "weak half-measures" made him angry about the Prime-hood he saw as stolen, and disappointed with Optimus, whom he thought would "do what needed done". Sentinel blames the loss of Cybertron on the weak-wills of the Autobot leadership. The war ending with a fragile peace rather than an unmitigated victory is a situation he finds untenable.

With the war over, Sentinel has been brought back into Autobot territory. So far he's been content to act the part of a happily retired leader, appearing alongside Optimus at public events, taking part in government functions, being genial and polite on the occasions he's in the public eye. In private, he's still the scheming and angry robot he was thoughout the war. He thinks that, with him back on good terms with the leadership, when (not if, in his mind) the war breaks out again he'll be able to twist it in the direction he wants, this time.

Titan Master

When Sentinel returned to Autobot space, he was refitted as a Titan, and partnered up with the Titan Master Infinitus. Infinitus was young, idealistic, and forthright, and it was hoped that he'd be able to keep Sentinel's worse impulses in check. Unfortunately, Sentinel possesses a very strong will, and Infinitus is easily manipulated. Very quickly Sentinel managed to convince Infinitus of the 'betrayal' he'd suffered at the Autobot's hands. Infinitus thus converted to his side, Sentinel continued exerting his will on the Titan Master until Infinitus has become little more than an extension of Sentinel himself. Infinitus has kept up his front with the Autobot government, giving Sentinel a man on the inside.



Sentinel is a talented leader, charismatic, cunning, and brave. When pressed into combat, he's a skilled fighter, both close quarters and at range. His body, befitting of his status, is both well-armored and well-armed, with in-built weapons both visible and hidden.


Sentinel's past crimes have left him with few allies in Autobot command. His body is powerful and durable, but significantly out of date.

2017-01-31, 09:01 PM
I like this! Way more nuanced and than any official version of Sentinel has ever been, and he hadn't even appeared yet!

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Thanks! I'm pretty happy with how it came out. I had to change it from the outline in my head because a lot of the "petty tyrant" stuff I had in mind became uncomfortably topical, especially considering that Sentinel is already an orange jerk.

2017-02-02, 11:35 AM
orange jerk.


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Plus, as topical as Trumptimus Prime might have been it would have dated pretty quickly.