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2017-02-16, 05:05 AM
Never mind me, just using the forum to edit and format toy lists before I upload and update the toy list guides in the site's main toys page... I've not updated the toy lists since 2014 and it really should've been a simple matter of copy-pasting.

To Do List:
-Robots in Disguise 2016
-Japanese equivalent toylines
-The Last Knight
-Platinum Edition
-BotCon/TFSCC toys
-Filling up the tail-end toys for Combiner Wars and Age of Extinction

2017-02-16, 05:21 AM
Transformers: Generations: Combiner Wars

Addendum to what we don't already have on the site:

Store Exclusives:
Groove (Deluxe Class, Hasbro release)
G2 Superion (giftset featuring G2-inspired repaints of Silverbolt, Air Raid, Skydive, Firefly, Quickslinger and Powerglide)
G2 Menasor (giftset featuring G2-inspired repaints of Motormaster, Breakdown, Brake-Neck, Dragstrip, Dead End and Blackjack)
G2 Bruticus (giftset featuring G2-inspired repaints of Onslaught, Vortex, Blast Off, Swindle, Brawl and Shockwave)
Computron: giftset of Scattershot (repaint of the Voyager Class toy), Strafe (retool of Deluxe Class Air Raid), Nosecone (retool of Deluxe Class Brawl), Lightsteed (repaint of Deluxe Class Streetwise) and Afterbreaker (retool of Deluxe Class Groove). Also comes with Scrounge and Cybaxx (repaint of Thrilling 30 Legends Class Cosmos & Payload)
Liokaiser: giftset of Dezarus (retool of Voyager Class Sky Lynx), Fellbat (retool of Deluxe Class Skydive) Ironbison (repaint of Deluxe Class Brawl), Drillhorn (retool of Deluxe Class Brawl), Guyhawk (repaint of Deluxe Class Air Raid) and Ion Scythe (repaint of Prime Arms Micron Gull)

Transformers: Unite Warriors
Takara Tomy's version of the Combiner Wars toyline, while sharing a lot of moulds, the UW versions of the toys feature slightly different paint schemes, and features several brand-new retoolings and moulds that are more faithful to the G1 source material, some of which end up getting imported into Hasbro market as store exclusives. All the Unite Warriors toys are sold in box sets, and use their Japanese names (i.e. Gren instead of Hook, Guardian instead of Defensor).

Air Raider
Sling (retool of Combiner Wars Firefly with a new head)

Guardian: (TakaraTomy Mall exclusive)
Hot Spot
Groove (brand-new Deluxe Class mould)
First Aid

Dead End
Drag Stripe
Wildrider (retool of Combiner Wars Dead End with a new head)

Long Haul

Convoy Grand Prime: (TakaraTomy Mall exclusive)

Grand Galvatron: (TakaraTomy Mall exclusive)
Ghost Starscream (retool of Combiner Wars Skydive with a new head based on G1 Starscream)
Curse Armada Thrust (retool of Combiner Wars Air Raid with a new head based on Armada Thrust)
Zombie War Breakdown (repaint of Combiner Wars Offroad based on Prime Breakdown)
Wandering Roller (repaint of Combiner Wars Rook based on IDW comics' Roller)

Blast Off (brand new mould)

Strafe (heavy retool of Unite Warriors Blast Off)
Afterburner (heavy retool of Unite Warriors Groove featuring new vehicle mode parts and robot head)
Nosecone (heavy retool of Combiner Wars Rook -- different compared to Hasbro's Nosecone and Drillhorn)
Lightspeed (retool of Combiner Wars Wheeljack with a new head and guns)

Lynx Master (TakaraTomy Mall exclusive)
Sky Lynx

Megatronia (TakaraTomy Mall exclusive; uses very different paint schemes compared to Victorion)
Mega Empress (repaint of Pyra Magna)
Lunaclover (repaint of Alpha Bravo)
Flowspade (repaint of Dead End)
Moonheart (repaint of Alpha Bravo)
Trickdia (repaint of Breakdown)

Baldigus (TakaraTomy Mall exclusive, based on Robots in Disguise Ruination -- Baldigus comes with the guns from Devastator, as well as the retooled combiner fists from Computicon)

E-Hobby Exclusives:
Grand Scourge (repaint of Voyager Class Optimus Prime)

Transformers: Generations: Titans Return

Titan Masters:
Titan Masters are tiny robots that transform into heads, and are compatible with the larger toys of the toyline. They are packaged with transforming accessories that they can ride on, and can double as hand-held weapons for larger toys.

Wave 1:
Loudmouth (based on G1 Siren)
Terri-Bull (based on G1 Horri-Bull)
Crashbash (based on G1 Squeezeplay)

Wave 2:
Clobber (based on G1 Grimlock; accessory is a repaint from Crashbash)
Skytread (based on G1 Flywheelsl; repainted from Terri-Bull)

Wave 3:
Ptero (based on G1 Swoop)
Sawback (based on Headmasters Lione)
Overboard (based on G1 Overkill; repainted from Crashbash)

Wave 4:

Future Waves:

Legends Class:
The Legends Class for Titans Return either feature transforming cassettes that are compatible with Leader Class Blaster and Soundwave, or feature cockpits for the smaller Titan Masters to ride on.

Wave 1:

Wave 2:
Rumble (retool of Rewind)
Ravage (repaint of Stripes)
Laserbeak (repaint of Combiner Wars Buzzsaw)

Wave 3:

Wave 4:
Roadburn (repaint of Bumblebee, based on G1 Chase)

Future Waves:
Cosmos (re-release of Thrilling 30 Cosmos without Payload)

Deluxe Class:
Wave 1:
Blurr with Hyperfire
Hardhead with Furos
Scourge with Fracas
Skullsmasher with Grax (based on G1 Skullcruncher)

Wave 2:
Chromedome with Stylor
Highbrow with Xort (extensive retool of wave 1 Scourge)
Mindwipe with Vorath
Wolfwire with Monxo (based on G1 Weirdwolf)

Wave 3:
Breakaway with Throttle (repaint of wave 2 Chromedome; based on G1 Getaway)
Twinferno with Daburu (based on G1 Doublecross)
Hot Rod with Firedrive
Triggerhappy with Blowpipe

Wave 4:
Perceptor with Convex
Kup with Flintlock
Topspin with Freezeout
Quake with Chasm (repaint of wave 1 Hardhead)
Krok with Gatoraider (repaint of wave 1 Skullsmasher)

Future Waves:
Twin Twist with Flameout (retool of wave 4 Topspin)
Windblade with Scorchfire (heavy retool of Scourge/Highbrow

Voyager Class:
All the Voyager class toys in this line are triple-changers in addition to sharing the Titan Master gimmick.

Wave 1:
Galvatron with Nucleon
Sentinel Prime with Infinitus

Wave 2:
Alpha Trion with Sovereign
Astrotrain with Darkmoon (repaint of wave 1 Sentinel Prime)

Wave 3:
Optimus Prime with Diac
Megatron with Doomshot

Wave 4:
Broadside with Blunderbuss (extensive retool of wave 2 Alpha Trion)

Future Waves:
Octone with Murk (retool of wave 3 Optimus Prime)
Blitzwing with Hazard (retool of wave 3 Megatron)

Leader Class:
Wave 1:
Blaster with Twin Cast
Powermaster Optimus Prime with Apex

Wave 2:
Soundwave with Soudblaster (retool of wave 2 Blaster)

Wave 3:
Sixshot with Revolver

Wave 4:
Sky Shadow with Ominus (based on Victory's Black Shadow)

Future Waves:
Overlord with Dreadnaut (retool of wave 4 Sky Shadow)

Titan Class:
Fortress Maximus with Cerebros & Emissary (heavy retool of Generations Metroplex)

Future Waves:
Trypticon with Full-Tilt & Necro

Assorted Multi-Packs:
Brainstorm with Teslor (Deluxe Class; heavy retool of wave 1 Blurr, exclusive to Walgreens)
Titan Force Three-Pack: includes repaints of Voyager Class Sentinel Prime, Deluxe Class Brainstorm and Generations Deluxe Class Windblade (exclusive to Hasbro Toy Shop and various conventions)
Fortess Maximus Convention Edition (repaint of Fortress Maximus with a new Master Sword accessory and different sound clips, available in Hasbro Toy Shop and various conventions)

Future Multipacks:
Siege on Cybertron: includes Pounce, Metalhawk, Tidal Wave, Magnus Prime and Titan Master Thunderwing (Pounce and Thunderwing are new moulds, Metalhawk is a repaint of Deluxe Triggerhappy, Tidal Wave is a repaint of Voyager Broadside, Magnus Prime is a release of the Ginrai tooling of Leader Powermaster Prime)
Chaos on Velocitron: includes Fastlane, Nautica, Optimus Prime, Quickswitch and Titan Master Rodimus Prime (Fastlane and Rodimus a new mould, Nautica is a heavy retool of Deluxe Class Blurr, Optimus Prime is a G2-based repaint of Voyager Optimus Prime, Quickswitch is a repaint of Sixshot)

Platinum Edition:
In Combiner Wars and Titans Return, the Platinum Edition exclusive toys make a return, starring exclusive repaints and some reissues of G1 toys.

G1 Reissues:
Predaking: Razorclaw, Rampage, Torox, Headstrong & Divebomb
Platinum Edition Insecticons: Kickback, Bombshell & Shrapnel
Seeker Squadron: Ramjet, Dirge & Thrust
Decepticon Triple Changers: Astrotrain & Blitzwing (repainted)
Autobot Intel Ops: Perceptor, Blaster, Eject, Ramhorn & Steeljaw

Chinese New Year Series:
Year of the Snake Optimus Prime (repaint of Energon Optimus Prime)
Year of the Snake Omega Supreme (retool of Energon Omega Supreme to resemble the War for Cybertron version of the character)
Year of the Horse Optimus Prime (repaint of MP-10 Masterpiece Convoy)
Year of the Horse Starscream (repaint of Cybertron Supreme Class Starscream)
Year of the Goat Optimus Prime (repaint of G2 Laser Optimus Prime)
Year of the Goat Soundwave with Ravage, Laserbeak, Buzzsaw, Rumble & Frenzy (repaint of Masterpiece Soundave and his cassettes
Year of the Monkey Optimus Primal (repaint of Robots in Disguise/Beast Machines Air Attack Optimus Primal)
Year of the Rooster Optimus Prime (repaint of Hybrid Style THS-02 Convoy)

Other Toys:
Ultra Magnus (retool of P:RID Weaponizer Optimus Prime)
Grimlock vs Bruticus (repaints of Fall of Cybertron Voyager Grimlock and the combiner Bruticus)
Dinobots: Grimlock, Slug, Strafe, Snarl & Slog (the toys are from the Age of Extinction toyline, repainted in G1 colours with new heads)
Bumblebee & Grimlock (repaint of RID Warrior Bumblebee & Adventure Battle Grimlock)
Planet of Junk Clash: three-pack of Hot Rod, Wreck-Gar and Scrapheap (repainted from Classics Rodimus, Reveal the Shield Wreck-Gar and United Scrapheap)
One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall: two pack of Optimus Prime and Megatron (repainted from the Classics Voyager moulds)
Armada of Cyclonus: three pack of Cyclonus, Scourge and Sweep (Cyclonus is repainted from the Universe 2.0 toy, Scourge and Sweep are repainted from the Generations toy. Sweep has a new head.)
Autobot Heroes: five-pack of Ultra Magnus, Springer, Arcee, Kup and Blurr (repaints of Combiner Wars Ultra Magnus, T30 Springer, T30 Arcee, Generations Kup and Generations Blurr)
Rise of Rodimus Prime: two-pack of Rodimus Prime & Galvatron (repaints of Titanium Rodimus Prime and Universe 2.0 Galvatron)
Combiner Wars Liokaiser: giftset of Dezarus (retool of Voyager Class Sky Lynx), Fellbat (retool of Deluxe Class Skydive) Ironbison (repaint of Deluxe Class Brawl), Drillhorn (retool of Deluxe Class Brawl), Guyhawk (repaint of Deluxe Class Air Raid) and Ion Scythe (repaint of Prime Arms Micron Gull)

2017-02-16, 07:20 AM
Transformers: Robots in Disguise [2015]
Not to be confused with the original 2003 Robots in Disguise line, or the Robots in Disguise sub-print for the 2012 Prime toyline, this is the tie-in toyline for the 2015 cartoon. Robots in Disguise is unique in that each main character received at least four brand-new moulds in every size point -- Legion Class, Warrior Class, One-Step Changer and Three-Step Changer -- with several of the main cast even receiving extra new toys as a Mini-Con Deployer (slightly larger than a Deluxe) or a Mini-Con Battle Pack toy (roughly equivalent to older Scouts-class toys)... not to mention that some Autobots received two to three new moulds in the One-Step Changer size class.

While having the same character in different price points is nothing new, Robots in Disguise does it to a far greater extent even than its immediate predecessor, Age of Extinction, and despite a relatively rich amount of characters in the tie-in cartoon, only the main Autobot cast, plus Steeljaw and maybe one or two Decepticons, made it into the toyline for a solid year and a half until other characters began popping up; with some prominent Decepticons only existing as One-Step Changer toys for a while.

Legion Class:
Wave 1:
Optimus Prime

Wave 2:

Wave 3:

Wave 4:
Night Ops Bumblebee (repaint of wave 1 Bumblebee)
Alpine Strike Sideswipe (repaint of wave 2 Sideswipe)

Wave 5:
Ultra Magnus (repaint of wave 1 Optimus Prime)
Patrol Mode Strongarm (repaint of wave 1 Strongarm)

Wave 6:

Wave 7:
Ratchet (retool of wave 1 Strongarm with a new head)
Blizzard Strike Optimus Prime (repaint of wave 1 Optimus Prime

Wave 8:
Blizzard Strike Drift (repaint of wave 6 Drift)

Wave 9:

Wave 10:

Wave 11:

Warrior/Deluxe Class:
Wave 1:

Wave 2:
Optimus Prime

Wave 3:

Wave 4:
Night Ops Bumblebee (repaint of wave 1 Bumblebee)
Gold Armor Grimlock (repaint of wave 1 Grimlock)

Wave 5:
Night Strike Bumblebee (repaint of wave 1 Bumblebee)
Blizzard Strike Optimus Prime (repaint of wave 2 Optimus Prime)

Wave 6:
Blizzard Strike Drift (repaint of wave 2 Drift)

Wave 7:
Power Surge Optimus Prime (retool of wave 2 Optimus Prime)

Wave 8:
Ratchet (extensive retool of wave 1 Strongarm)
Scatterspike (repaint of wave 6 Quillfire)

Wave 9:
Blastwave (retool of wave 5 Megatronus)
Alpine Strike Drift (repaint of wave 2 Drift)

Wave 10:
Skywarp (repaint of wave 9 Starscream)

Wave 11:
Bludgeon (retool of wave 5 Megatronus)
Thermidor (repaint of wave 8 Bisk)

Single-Packed Mini-Cons:
Wave 1:

Wave 2:

Wave 3:
Blizzard Strike Slipstream (repaint of wave 1 Slipstream)
Back (released as 'Forth' in some markets)

Wave 4:
Scorch Strike Jetstrom (repaint of Deployer wave 1 Jetstorm)
Glacius (repaint of Swelter)
Ransack (repaint of two-pack Backtrack)

Wave 5: [Weaponizers, Mini-Cons from this wave onwards do not work with the Deployers]
Slipstream (new mould)
Lord Doomitron (repaint of two-pack Bludgeon)

Wave 6: [Weaponizers]
Sawtooth (repaint of two-pack Sawtooth)
Windstrike (repaint of two-pack Windstrike)

Mini-Con Two-Packs:
A two-pack of a roughly Warrior-class-sized toy (which are all brand-new moulds) packaged with a Mini-Con. The Deployers can launch the Mini-Cons in their weapon modes. The Battle Packs consist of a Scout-sized toy (also brand-new moulds) and a Mini-Con. The Activator Combiners consist of an approximately Warrior-class-sized toy (yet another bunch of new moulds) that can combine with their Mini-Con buddies

Deployer Wave 1:
Drift with Jetstorm
Fracture with Airazor

Deployer Wave 2:
Overload with Backtrack
Blizzard Strike Drift with Jetstorm (repaint of wave 1 Drift & Jetstorm)

Deployer Wave 3:
Crazybolt with Hammer (Hammer is repainted from the single-pack wave 3 figure)

Battle Pack Wave 1:
Optimus Prime v.s. Bludgeon
Sideswipe v.s. Anvil

Battle Pack Wave 2:
Bumblebee v.s. Major Mayhem
Grimlock v.s. Back (Back is repainted from the single-pack wave 3 Back)

Battle Pack Wave 3:
Strongarm with Sawtooth
Sideswipe with Windstrike

Activator Combiner Wave 1:
Bumblebee with Stuntwing
Strongarm with Trickout

Activator Combiner Wave 2:
Sideswipe with Great-Byte

Activator Combiner Wave 3:
Soundwave with Laserbeak

Mini-Con Multi-Packs:
Contains repaints of the single-packed Mini-Cons.
Mini-Con 4 Pack 1: Backtrack, Beastbox, Swelter, Undertone
Mini-Con 4 Pack 2: Anvil, Hammer, Undertone, Weaponizer Slipstream
Mini-Con 4 Pack 3: Bashbreaker, Dragonus, Lancelon, Lord Doomitron
Mini-Con Mega Pack: contains unchanged versions of the single-packed versions of Anvil, Back, Bashbreaker, Beastbox, Divebomb, Hammer, Lord Doomitron, Ratbat, Sandsting, Sawback, Swelter, Tricerashot, Undertone, Velocirazor, and Windstrike

Clash of the Transformers:
A Toys'R'Us exclusive subline that happened in late 2015, Clash of the Transformers features multiple repaints that are more accurate to the depictions of the Transformers in the cartoon. Other than Power Surge Starscream, Legion Class and Deluxe Class Megatronus, which are original moulds, all the other toys are repaints of their normal retail versions.
Bumblebee v.s. Underbite Legion-class two-pack
Optimus Prime v.s. Megatronus Legion-class two-pack
Warrior Class Bumblebee
Warrior Class Sideswipe
Warrior Class Megatronus
Warrior Class Optimus Prime
Warrior Class Power Surge Optimus Prime
Warrior Class Starscream
Warrior Class Paralon (repaint of Scorponok)
Decepticon Island Showdown: contains Warrior Class Bumblebee and Steeljaw, as well as a Stasis Pod accessory
Power Surge Starscream & Lancelon

One-Step Changers:
Simpler toys with, well, a one-step transformation for a younger audience.

Wave 1:

Wave 2:

Wave 3:

Wave 4:
Night Ops Bumblebee (repaint of Bumblebee)
Ninja Sideswipe (repaint of Sideswipe)

Wave 5:
Gold Armor Grimlock (repaint of Grimlock)
Patrol Mode Strongarm (repaint of Strongarm)

Wave 6:
Bumblebee (new mould)
Sideswipe (new mould)

Wave 7:
Optimus Prime
Strongarm (new mould)
Blizzard Strike Sideswipe (repaint of wave 1 Sideswipe)

Wave 8:
Energon Boost Bumblebee (repaint of wave 6 Bumblebee)

Wave 9:
Bumblebee (another new mould!)
Drift (new mould)
Optimus Prime (new mould)

Wave 10:
Sideswipe (another new mould, too!)

Three-Step Changers:
Successor to the Age of Extinction's Flip & Change subline that kinds can flip to transform.

Wave 1: Bumblebee, Grimlock
Wave 2: Optimus Prime
Wave 3: Steeljaw
Wave 4: Sideswipe
Wave 5: Night Ops Bumblebee
Wave 6: Thunderhoof, Blizzard Strike Drift
Wave 7: Stealthasaurus Rex Grimlock
Wave 8: Drift, Energon Boost Bumblebee
Wave 9: Bisk
Wave 10: Bumblebee, Optimus Prime (both are repaints of the previous wave's toys)
Wave 11: Grimlock, Seismic Strike Thunderhoof
Wave 12: Soundwave

Crash Combiners:
Two-packs that you pull back, and when they hit each other they combine into a single robot mode.
Wave 1: Strongarm & Optimus Prime
Wave 2: Bumblebee & Sideswipe
Wave 3: Stormhammer & Skysledge

Titan Changers:
Larger versions of the three-step-changers.
Wave 1: Bumblebee, Optimus Prime
Wave 2: Sideswipe

Other large, simplified toys:
Power Surge Bumblebee & Buzzstrike
Power Surge Sideswipe & Windstrike
Super Bumblebee
Mega Optimus Prime
Power Surge Optimus Prime & Aerobolt

Store Exclusives:
Clash of the Transformers (TRU):
Three-Step Changer Bumblebee
Three-Step Changer Optimus Prime
Five-Step Changer Megatronus

One-Step Changer Six Pack: includes Bumblebee, Grimlock, Sideswipe, Optimus Prime, Steeljaw and Underbite

Other Non-Transforming Merchandise:
Tiny Titans:
Blind-bagged plastic figurines that are a mixture of RID and G1 characters, which are used to scan insignias for the RID mobile game. For some characters like Hammerstrike and Terrashock, this is their only representation in the toyline. Unless specified, the characters are their RID incarnations.
Wave 1: Bumblebee, Grimlock, Strongarm, Steeljaw, Sideswipe, Optimus Prime, Underbite, Thunderhoof, G1 Prowl, Hammerstrike, Bisk, G1 Cliffjumper
Wave 2: G1 Ultra Magnus, G1 Topspin, Terrashock, G1 Superion, G1 Starscream, G1 Soundwave, G1 Sharkticon, Quillfire, G1 Cyclonus, G1 Ratchet, G1 Bumblebee, G1 Jazz
Wave 3: Drift, G1 Repugnus, G1 Wreck-Gar, Fixit, Filch, Fracture, G1 Shockwave, BW Megatron, G1 Wheeljack, G1 Optimus Prime, Springload, G1 Twinferno
Wave 4: Optimus Prime, Sideswipe, Clampdown, G1 Inferno, G1 Devastator, Prime Bulkhead, G1 Roadbuster, Fracture, Megatronus, G1 Galvatron, Grimlock, G1 Kickback
Wave 5: G1 Chromia, G1 Blaster, Steeljaw, Jazz, G1 Starscream, Strongarm, Octopunch, Drift, Thunderhoof, G1 Perceptor, G1 Optimus Prime, Windblade
Wave 6: Bumblebee, RID2003 Sky-Byte, G1 Acid Storm, BM Cheetor, Minimus Ambus, G1 Blurr, Nightstrike, Optimus Prime, G1 Unicron, G1 Grimlock, Crazybolt, G1 Barrage

Titan Heroes:
12-inch non-transforming action figures:
Optimus Prime
Bumblebee (Electronic)
Optimus Prime (Electronic)

Titan Guardians:
6-inch non-transforming action figures:
Optimus Prime

2017-02-17, 03:29 AM
Transformers Collectors Club 2016 Subscription Service:
Wave 1: (Mayhem Attack Squad -- combines into Thunder Mayhem)
Bludgeon (retool of Combiner Wars Voyager Class Onslaught with new heads and swords from Go! Optimus Exprime)
Spinister with Singe & Shrute (repaint of Combiner Wars Deluxe Class Alpha Bravo with repaints of Thrilling 30 Scoop's Targetmasters)
Grabuge (repaint of Combiner Wars Deluxe Class Offroad as G1 Ruckus)
Needlenose with Sunbeam & Zputty (repaint of Combiner Wars Deluxe Class Firefly with repaints of Thrilling 30 Scoop's Targetmasters)
Windsweeper (repaint of Combiner Wars Deluxe Class Skydive)
Impactor (retool of Combiner Wars Deluxe Class Rook with a new head)

Wave 2:
Lifeline with Quickslinger (repaint of Thrilling 30 Deluxe Class Arcee as a Paradron Medic; with a repaint of Thrilling 30 Flanker)
Wrecker Toxitron (retool of Combiner Wars Voyager Class Motormaster)
Wrecker Fractyl with Scorponok (repaint of Combiner Wars Deluxe Class Air Raid using the BotCon 2016 Terrorsaur head; Scorponok is a repaint of the Scamper toy from Generations Metroplex)
Double Pretender Optimus Prime with Hi-Q (retool of Thrilling 30 Swerve & Flanker, comes with a repaint of the Oilmaster Pretender from BotCon 2015)
Double Pretender Megatron with Spacewarp (repaint of Thrilling 30 Legends Class Megatron & Payload, comes with a repaint of the Pretender shell from Super-God Masterforce Grand Maximus)
Wrecker Counterpunch (retool of Combiner Wars Deluxe Class Wheeljack)

BotCon 2015: Cybertron's Most Wanted
Battletrap (retool of Thrilling 30 Voyager Class Springer with a new head)
Packrat (repaint of Thrilling 30 Deluxe Class Rattrap)
Oilmaster (retool of Thrilling 30 Swerve & Flanker, and comes with a brand-new sculpted gorilla Pretender Shell; based on the cancelled 'Double Pretender' concept art from G1)
Megatron (retool of Prime Voyager Class Breakdown with a new head)
Scalpel, Heavy Weight & Boombox (repaints of Prime Arms Micron Magi, B.H. and Gora respectively)
Shattered Glass Stepper & Nightstick (repaint of 2010 Transformers Jazz & Universe 2.0 Nightstick respectively)
Lio Convoy (retool of Thrilling 30 Deluxe Class Orion Pax)
Nova Prime (repaint of the above Lio Convoy)
Galvaconvoy (repaint of the above Lio Convoy)
Zaptrap with Beet-Chit and Spy-Eye (repaint of Thrilling 30 Legends Class Skrapnel, Chop Shop and Reflector respectively)
General Optimus Prime (repaint of Thrilling 30 Voyager Class Roadbuster)
Sergeant Hound, with Dia & Cline (repaint of Thrilling 30 Deluxe Class Scoop)
Lift-Ticket (repaint of Thrilling 30 Deluxe Class Hoist)
Waruder Box Set: Mudfighter, Paralyzer, Parasite, Storm Rider, Thrasher, Buzzer, Ripper & Crusher (the first four are repaints of Thrilling 30 Deluxe Class Waspinator, while the latter four are repaints of Thrilling 30 Legends Class Waspinator. Each toy features a different deco)
Old Snake & Advanced Stealth B.A.T. (shared exclusive with the G.I. Joe Collector Club; B.A.T. is a repaint of Prime Deluxe Class Soundwave, and comes with a figure of Old Snake)
Marissa Faireborn & Afterbreaker (Afterbreaker is a G1 Afterburner inspired repaint of the non-transforming G.I. Joe Retaliation Blaster Bike toy, comes with a G.I. Joe figure repainted into the Transformers character Marissa Faireborn)
Kreon Five-Pack: Includes Autobot Spike, Doctor Arkeville, Nightbird, Robot Master, Animated Sentinel Prime and Animated Headmaster

BotCon 2016: Dawn of the Predacus
Ravage (retool of Combiner Wars Deluxe Class Breakdown with a new head)
Tarantulas (retool of Combiner Wars Deluxe Class Rook with a new head)
Predacon General Ramhorn (retool of Combiner Wars Deluxe Class Nosecone with a new head)
Predacon General Seaclamp (retool of Combiner Wars Voyager Class Silverbolt with a new head)
Predacon General Cicadacon (repaint of Combiner Wars Deluxe Class Skydive)
Terrorsaur (retool of Combiner Wars Deluxe Class Air Raid with a new head)
Megatron (retool of Robots in Disguise Gigatron with a new head)
Airazor (repaint of Takara's Legends Slipstream)
Tigatron (repaint of the Ravage figure from this set)
Reflector (a three-pack repaint of three Combiner Wars Legends Class Shockwaves)
Unit-3 (repaint of Combiner Wars Deluxe Class Streetwise)
Ratchet (Customization Class version of Combiner Wars Deluxe Class Ratchet, comes with Marvel G1, cartoon G1, G2, Shattered Glass or Rescue Bots Medix decos)
GI Joe/Transformers Crossover: Includes a G2-based repaint of Thrilling 30 Legends Class Megatron and Masterpiece Ratbat, packaged with G.I. Joe figures of Cobra Commander, Dr. Biggles-Jones and Scarlett.
Ramjet (retool of Thrilling 30 Deluxe Class Armada Starscream with a new head)
Skywarp (repaint of Thrilling 30 Deluxe Class Armada Starscream)
Flash Sentry (repaint of Thrilling 30 Legends Class Reflector)

2017-02-18, 04:04 AM
Bunch of Japanese stuff here...

Transformers: Legend Commander Collection
A small toyline with unique packaging celebrating the greatest Autobot leaders of the franchise, released in Transformers Expo 2014, and later made available through Takara Tomy Mall.
Convoy (repaint of Robot Masters G1 Optimus Prime)
Beast Convoy (repaint of Robot Masters Optimus Primal)
Lio Convoy (repaint of Robot Masters Lio Convoy)
Optimus Prime (repaint of Age of Extinction one-step Optimus Prime)

Transformers: Cloud
An eHobby/Takara Tomy Mall exclusive line consisting of mainly retools of Voyager-class Generations toys.
Megatron (retool of Revenge of the Fallen Bludgeon using the alternate Megatron head)
Optimus Prime (repaint of Classics Voyager Class Optimus Prime)
Brawn (retool of Prime First Edition Bulkhead with a new head)
Starscream (retool of Generations Blitzwing with a new head)
Hot Rodimus (retool of Generations Springer with a new head)
Shockwave (repaint of Generations Whirl)
Hellwarp (repaint of Generations Sky-Byte based on G1 Skywarp)
Roadbuster (repaint of Generations Roadbuster based on Energon Ironhide)

Transformers Legends
The 2014-2016's equivalent to Hasbro's Generations line, Transformers Legends contains slightly-altered repaints of the toy released by Hasbro in their Thrilling 30, Combiner Wars and Titans Return toylines (minus the combiners, who are released as a separate toyline, Unite Warriors). There are several unique toys to Legends, however, which will be written in bold for the purposes of this list.

Wave 1:
Convoy (repaint of Beast Wars Ultra Class Optimus Primal)
Rattle (Rattrap)

Wave 2:

Wave 3:
Gelshark (Sky-Byte)

Wave 4:
Swerve, Tailgate, Phaser & Groundpounder (Phaser is a repaint of the Flanker toy that came with Generations Swerve to resemble the Astro Squad Micromaster and Swerve's gun in the IDW comics)
Voyager Class Brainstorm

Wave 5:

Wave 6:
Leader Class Megatron

Wave 7:
Ultra Magnus & Alpha Trion (the Minimus Ambus figure that came with Generations Ultra Magnus is repainted in Alpha Trion colours)

Wave 8:
Black Widow (retool of Animated Blackarachnia with a new chest piece in a Beast Wars inspired deco)
Nightbird (retool of Generations Arcee with a new head)
Slipstream (retool of Generations Windblade with a new head as the Animated character)

Wave 9:
Armada Starscream Super Mode (repaint of Generations Armada Starscream to mimic the 'super mode' colours from that cartoon)

Wave 10:
Sprung (Springer)

Wave 11:

Wave 12:
The deluxe class toys are packaged with repainted versions of the vehicles that come with the single-packed Titan Masters from the Titans Return toyline, while the Titan Masters themselves are repainted as their Super-God Masterforce equivalents and packaged with Legends Class toys from the Titans Return toyline.
Galvatron with Megatron
Hardhead with Tankette (Tankette is a repaint of TR Terri-Bull's vehicle)
Skull/Skullcruncher with Batora (Batora is a repaint of TR Crashbash's vehicle)

Wave 13:
Shockwave and Cancer (Cancer is the Titan Master figure Crashbash)

Wave 14:
Fortress Maximus
Rewind & Nightbeat (Titan Master only)
Wheelie & Go Shooter (Goshooter is the Titan Master Loudmouth)
Weirdwolf & Rarigo (Rarigo is a repaint of TR Apeface's vehicle)

Wave 15:
Chromedome with Moguru (Moguru is a repaint of TR Nightbeat's vehicle)
Highbrow with Cargo (Cargo is a repaint of TR Loudmouth's vehicle)
Mindwipe with Servant (Servant is a repaint of TR Crashbash's vehicle)

Wave 16:
Brainstorm with Synapse (Synapse is a repaint of TR Brawn's vehicle)
Condor/Laserbeak with Apeface (Titan Master only)
Super Ginrai (Powermaster Optimus Prime, retooled to combine with Godbomber)
Jaguar/Ravage with Bullhorn (Bullhorn is the Titan Master Terri-Bull)

Wave 17:

Wave 18:
Lio Convoy (retool of Voyager Class Alpha Trion)

Wave 19:
Godbomber (new mould that combines with Super Ginrai)

Store Exclusives:
Deadlock (repaint of Generations Drift with Blurr's gun accessories to represent his Decepticon alter-ego)
Magna Convoy (repaint of Classics Voyager Optimus Prime)
Convobat, Megalligator & ApeX Armor (Convobat is an Optimus Primal-based repaint of Mindwipe, Megalligator is a BW-Megatron-based retool of Nucleon, ApeX Armor is an Optimal-Optimus-based repaint of TR Apeface's vehicle)
Black Convoy (repaint of Generations Laser Rod Optimus Prime as RID Scourge)
Armada Megatron
Headmaster Six Pack: Gong/Brawn, Grimlock, Flywheels, Hardhead, Chromedome & Brainstorm (individually packed Titan Masters without their bodies)

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Transformers: Adventure
A 2015-2016 toyline that is an equivalent to Hasbro's then-running Robots in Disguise toyline, Adventure has multiple toys that are repaints from previous toylines which had not seen release in Takara market before (notably several Prime: Beast Hunters and Generations toys) which will be bolded for the purposes of the review. For the other toys, they are slightly-changed versions of their Robots in Disguise counterparts.

TAV01 Bumblebee
TAV02 Grimlock
TAV03 Strongarm
TAV04 Steeljaw
TAV05 Fixit
TAV06 Underbite
TAV07 Roadblock & Targetmaster (repaint of Generations Scoop in Constructicon colours)
TAV08 Greejeeber (repaint of Robots in Disguise Warrior Class Strongarm, based on the RID Combaticons)
TAV09 Swoop (repaint of Animated Swoop in AOE colours)
TAV10 Slug (repaint of Animated Snarl in AOE colours)
TAV11 Bloody Knockout (repaint of Prime: Beast Hunters Knock Out)
TAV12 Dreadwing (repaint of Prime: Beast Hunters Deluxe Dreadwing)
TAV13 Nemesis Prime (repaint of Robots in Disguise Warrior Class Optimus Prime)
TAV14 Ultra Magnus (Prime: Beast Hunters Voyager Ultra Magnus)
TAV15 Lockdown (repaint of Animated Lockdown in AOE colours)
TAV16 Bombshell (Generations/Combiner Wars Bombshell)
TAV17 Shrapnel (Generations Skrapnel)
TAV18 Drift
TAV19 Powerglide (Combiner Wars Powerglide)
TAV20 Adams (Generations Cosmos)
TAV21 Optimus Prime
TAV22 Sideswipe
TAV23 Autobot Jazz
TAV24 Deployer Fracture
TAV25 Runabout (repaint of Combiner Wars Blackjack)
TAV26 Override (repaint of Combiner Wars Groove)
TAV27 Deployer Drift
TAV28 Ground Vehicon General (repaint of Prime: Robots in Disguise Vehicon)
TAV29 Bumblebee Sublime Mode
TAV-VS01 Bumblebee vs Steeljaw
TAV-VS02 Grimlock vs Greejeber
TAV-VS03 Strongarm vs Phantomjaw (repaint of RID Steeljaw)
TAV-VS04 Sideswipe vs Stepper (repaint of RID Jazz)
TAV-VS05 Drift Origin vs Jazz Battle Mode (G1-based repaints of their RID toys
TAV30 Battle Grimlock (repaint of Fall of Cybertron Grimlock in RID colours)
TAV31 Black Shadow (Generations Sky Shadow)
TAV32 Frenzy & Rumble (United Frenzy & Rumble)
TAV33 Optimus Prime Supreme Mode
TAV34 EZ Collection: Bumblebee, Megatronus, Strongarm, Sideswipe
TAV35 EZ Collection: Optimus Prime, Grimlock, Steeljaw, Underbite
TAV36 Fracture
TAV37 Megatronus
TAV38 Thunderhoof
TAV39 Quillfire
TAV40 Bumblebee with Ironjam (repaint of Back)
TAV41 Optimus Prime with Gravity (repaint of Bludgeon)
TAV42 Grimlock with Volcano (repaint of Major Mayhem)
TAV43 Sideswipe with Barithunder (repaint of Anvil)
TAV44 Supreme Armor Set: includes repaints of TAV41 and TAV43
TAV45 Supreme Armor Set: includes repaints of TAV40 and TAV42
TAV46 Overload
TAV47 Crazybolt
TAV48 EC Collection Set: Bumblebee, Fixit, Thunderhoof, Windblade
TAV49 EZ Collection Set: Optimus Prime, Ratchet, Drift, Clampdown
TAV50 Hyper Surge Optimus Prime
TAV51 Hyper Surge Bumblebee
TAV52 Strongarm & Sawtooth
TAV53 Hyper Surge Sideswipe
TAV54 Scorponok
TAV55 Windblade
TAV56 Nemesis Prime (different repaint of RID Optimus Prime)
TAV57 Hyper Surge Starscream
TAV58 Sideswipe and Windstrike
TAV59 Ratchet
TAV60 Bisk
TAV61 God Optimus Micron Set (repaint of Power Surge Optimus Prime with three Microns)
TAV62 Starscream
TAV63 Strongarm Battle Mode, Sideswipe Battle Mode & Fixit