View Full Version : Hot Rod and Firedrive

2017-02-26, 01:24 AM
Name: Hot Rod
Allegiance: Autobot
Titan: Firedrive
Function: Cavelier
Voice Actors: Kevin Conroy as Hot Rod in vehicle mode(Old Bruce from Batman Beyond), Will Friedle as Firedrive(Ron Stopable voice)/ combined Hot Rod(RiD Bumblebee voice)

Profile: The last thing the Autobot now known as Hot Rod remembered before waking up as a headless Titan was a foot. Specifically the foot of Bruticus. Grinding him into the ground. When he was brought out of stasis, he was in a new body, had a much sleeker vehicle mode than before..... and no head.

Firedrive was a punk. He'd broken into the facility Hot Rod had been rebuilt in and, in an attempt to get away from the guards, wound up bonding to Hot Rod when he jumped into his cockpit and linked into the old Autobot's systems.

He's not the partner Hot Rod would have preferred, but the old Autobot sees a lot of potential in the kid, once the rough edges get knocked off of him.

Abilities: Hot Rod has limited flight abilities in robot mode thanks to the jets in his feet and the back mounted spoiler from his vehicle mode providing a lifting surface. He has a tri-barreled laser cannon on each arm, as well as two photon pistols that he rarely uses. In vehicle mode, the pistols merge into a double barreled photon cannon that mounts to his engine block.

Weaknesses: Despite Hot Rod having faith in Firedrive's eventual development into a capable warrior, if he feels things are starting to go against them in battle, he will push Firedrive out of the driver's seat(as it were) and take over. Firedrive, being young and undisciplined, tends to fight everything Hot Rod wants to do. Their internal squabbling can hamper their effectiveness.