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2017-06-07, 01:44 PM
Which Transformer are you (seriously or humorously) most like and please say why?

inflatable dalek
2017-06-08, 01:33 PM
Dark of the Moon Megatron.

2017-07-13, 06:13 PM
Which Transformer are you (seriously or humorously) most like and please say why?

1. Decepticons
- Skywarp (http://www.TFWiki.net/wiki/Skywarp_(G1)) (capabilities include teleportation and stealth) and Dirge (http://www.TFWiki.net/wiki/Dirge_(G1)) (gives everything and everyone - including his fellow Deceps and Seekers - the creeps, however, I'm really bothered by that nosecone head of his that he, Thrust (http://www.TFWiki.net/wiki/Thrust_(G1)) and Ramjet (http://www.TFWiki.net/wiki/Ramjet_(G1)) have; it reminds me of some hoods that are worn by some well-known extremist cults out here in the Real World ... ) from the Decepticon Seeker (http://www.TFWiki.net/wiki/Decepticon_Planes) Core
- Long Haul (http://www.TFWiki.net/wiki/Long_Haul_(G1)) (hard-working, often ends up pulling others' weights and is often taken advantage of :wall:), Hook (http://www.TFWiki.net/wiki/Hook_(G1)) (snobby perfectionist to a certain degree) and Mixmaster (http://www.TFWiki.net/wiki/Mixmaster_(G1)) (mad scientist who loves chemistry and is completely nuts) of the Constructicons (http://www.TFWiki.net/wiki/Constructicon_(G1))
- Blast Off (http://www.TFWiki.net/wiki/Blast_Off_(G1)) (loves aerospace travel and is highly egotistical) and Swindle (http://www.TFWiki.net/wiki/Swindle_(G1) ; entrepreneur and opportunist) of the Combaticons (http://www.TFWiki.net/wiki/Combaticon_(G1))

2. Autobots
- Cosmos (http://www.TFWiki.net/wiki/Cosmos) (fascination with UFOs (http://Groups.YAHOO.com/group/UFOsandHauntedPlaces) and aerospace travel again), Seaspray (http://www.TFWiki.net/wiki/Seaspray) (fascination with hovercraft and things that fly just above any surfaces), Huffer (http://www.TFWiki.net/wiki/Huffer) (affinity 4 those old-skool Fr8teliner/Internat'l cabover trucks and yeah, I might complain and whine to some degree) and Gears (http://www.TFWiki.net/wiki/Gears) (grumpy, old individual :nonono:) of the mini-Autobots (http://www.TFWiki.net/wiki/Mini_Vehicle)
- Hound (http://www.TFWiki.net/wiki/Hound_(G1)), Wheeljack (http://www.TFWiki.net/wiki/Wheeljack_(G1)/toys), Trailbreaker (http://www.TFWiki.net/wiki/Trailbreaker_(G1)), Skidz (http://www.TFWiki.net/wiki/Skids_(G1)), Hoist (http://www.TFWiki.net/wiki/Hoist_(G1)), Jazz (http://www.TFWiki.net/wiki/Jazz_(G1)/toys) (:afro:), Mirage (http://www.TFWiki.net/wiki/Mirage_(G1)), Tracks (http://www.TFWiki.net/wiki/Tracks_(G1)) and Sideswipe (http://www.TFWiki.net/wiki/Sideswipe_(G1)/toys) (who was not only my first Autobot action figure, but also my first transformer, period) from the Autobot Defense (http://www.TFWiki.net/wiki/Autobot_Cars) Core
- Blaster (http://www.TFWiki.net/wiki/Blaster_(G1)) - the Autobot Communicator (loves rock n' roll and I'm sure many other types of music :headbang: , too; just simply 2 cool :cool:)
- Silverbolt (http://www.TFWiki.net/wiki/Silverbolt_(G1)) - captain of the Aerobots (http://www.TFWiki.net/wiki/Aerialbot_(G1)); tries to be a strong, diplomatic team leader while fighting his own acrophobic (https://en.WIKIPEDIA.org/wiki/Acrophobia) tendancies

3. Polycephalic (https://en.WIKIPEDIA.org/wiki/Polycephaly) Quintesson (http://www.TFWiki.net/wiki/Quintesson) Scientists/Judges (As dark and sinister as these alien beings (http://Groups.YAHOO.com/group/UFOsandHauntedPlaces) are, they still seem appealing to me. After all, they seek pleasure in building and exploiting their own creations in various ways along with being very entrepreneurial and professional.)

4. Wreck-Gar (http://www.TFWiki.net/wiki/Wreck-Gar) and his fellow Junkions (http://www.TFWiki.net/wiki/Junkions) - 'We talk TV and radio; do you talk TV and radio? Now you know the rest (http://en.WIKIPEDIA.org/wiki/Paul_Harvey) of the story ... (http://en.WIKIPEDIA.org/wiki/The_Rest_of_the_Story)' :noevil:

5. Space Team (http://www.TFWiki.net/wiki/Space_Mini-Con_Team Minicons) Minicons (http://www.TFWiki.net/wiki/Minicon) and Sea Team (http://www.TFWiki.net/wiki/Sea_Mini-Con_Team) Minicons (http://www.TFWiki.net/wiki/Minicon) - I don't know; I guess I like rare and unusual stuff.

6. Any and all Transformer (http://www.TFWiki.net/wiki/Living_metal) Pretenders (http://www.TFWiki.net/wiki/Pretenders) - especially those that appear Human ( like terminators (http://TERMINATOR.WIKIA.com/wiki/Terminator_Wiki) )

Auntie Slag
2017-08-06, 10:27 PM
Guzzle: I think the tech spec says he got his name because he consumes a lot of fuel. I tend to drink a lot of tea.