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inflatable dalek
2017-07-26, 08:14 PM
Yeah, that was fun wasn't it? With the opening arc dealing with so much established mythology it was great to get to a weird alien planet (though another one focused around death, that must be a growth industry) for some unashamed fun and silliness.

Though fun and silliness that all wound up feeding into some very established mythology, looks like we'll be getting some big payoffs in the conclusion to this two parter.

Great stuff for Nautica, nice work on Anode and Lug and some lovely throwaway ideas.

I do hope Skids stays dead though, Mainly because Ravage is far more deserving.

And the transgender analogy was well done and finally brings to the franchise what my Mother was saying it should be doing 29 years ago when she read Space Pirates with me and got royally ****ed off with Arcee ("They're robots! They're not male or female! Just have them pick whatever the **** they want to be called and don't make a ****ing fuss of it the ****ing ****ing ****ers!". Terrible mouth on her).

Tramontano's art fitted like a glove with it's big breezy style (though I'd have liked to see Lawrence on this, free from a lot of the stuff that casts a Milne shadow I think this could have been his chance to knock it out the park), though I was a bit confused by the guy transforming from the coffin, possibly because I read it after a long shift though. I didn't click to that being Flame at the end till I read it on the Wiki either...

The real meat to talk about with be next month I think, but overall very nice.

2017-07-30, 08:27 AM
I didn't get the coffin robot thing either. Maybe that'll be explained later...

I really, really liked Anode talking about gender and the Transformers here. That was fab. I liked that it's just the result of Transformers being exposed to other creatures where there is gender to explain something about themselves. That was lovely.

Good to see some more of Nautica too, who is one of my favourites (so there goes my argument about 'not more not a pre-existing character' moan), although ,yeah, does she really have to bring Skids back? Unless we need him for the Knights thingy thing thing and his trip through the portal. But if that's the case, why kill him off in the first place? Seems a bit of a waste of all that drama about Skids dying because he ends up unplugging himself from his life support. Hmm.

Art was excellent. Really like Tramontano's work here and hope she becomes a semi-regular on the book. Joanna's colours continue to be ace too. Nice sandy palette used throughout here, which helped sell being on a different planet. Good stuff.

...I didn't know that was Flame either. But that's okay, names of big show-boating villain reveals can wait (er, although it should have been a bit obvious from the Rodimus paint scheme).

Auntie Slag
2017-08-09, 05:24 PM
In her EYE!?! Has she got the skill to remove Skids' brain or did she get someone to help her e.g. Ratchet or Whirl (because of his Clockmaker skills and the fact that he in effect created Megatron with the hybrid transplant)? So happy for Skids' return!!

And what does this mean for Rossum's trinity? Cog, spark, brain. As far as this issue goes, she only has the brain... or is this about to prove Rossum wrong?

And does it mean they can bring Pipes back? Now that would be awesome too!

Auntie Slag
2017-09-04, 01:07 PM
A quick thought before the next issue which I think is out this week. When Skids first appeared in Issue 2 of MTMTE everyone greeted him with: "Its Skids, yeah? We all thought you were dead". And it became a running gag for an issue or two.

However when they meet Getaway, they don't say the same about him. So what was Skids up to before he teamed up with Getaway in Special Ops? Did he fake his own death? Is this a plot point that was long ago dropped, or does it tie in with Glitch's decision to join the Decepticons and its a story still to come?

inflatable dalek
2017-09-08, 06:14 PM
For those that don't brave the Podcast Maximus thread, we interviewed James again: