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inflatable dalek
2017-10-20, 02:24 PM
Well that was pretty much pushing all the right buttons.

What was very clever here was the sense of unease created from us knowing what was wrong without the characters needing to act all that suspiciously. It wound up as tense as piano wire, which isn't something I think I normally associate with James' writing, but he pulled it off very well here, making it a nice Halloween period issue as well.

What was also impressive was that it felt James really wanted to establish Getaway as a complete bastard to counter all the "He did nothing wrong" stuff we've had over the last 20 months, but again, doesn't go over the top with it (see the attempts by the DS9 producers to destroy any sympathy for Dukat in season 7), he's entirely in character and just as off-settlingly creepy as he was before, it's just this time he's unfettered in being able to follow through on the implied threats.

Good work on the Protectobots as well (but no one will ever care about Rook), Mirage and Hound of all characters as well.

And all sorts of good new interesting questions as well. Getaway clearly has been mucking about with everyone's memories even more, but how much and why not do the same to Riptide? What's going on with the brains in jars?

And the ending. From an editorial viewpoint, perhaps slightly unfortunate in coming so soon after Optimus Prime 9 did a "And the whole thing was only in their heads" twist (though the difference here is at least most of these events had really happened previously), and I twigged a couple of pages beforehand but it was still a great sf twist with a good deal of whollop to it.

Even if my initial reaction was "But what is it?"

Whilst it would have been prohibitive for the physical copy, what fun would it have been if they'd repeated the entire issue on the digital. Several times.

(By strange coincidence the As It Occurs To Me I saw recorded the end of last year also did the loop thing at the end and the released version did repeat the entire thing)

On art, Jack Lawrence was much more into the swing of it with the break meaning things feel less rushed and it was helped by them not letting that terrible inker near the book again. Still not at the Milne level, but much more its own thing and had that solid if not sexy Jeff Anderson feel.

Just a shame issue 11 apparently isn't out till the end of November!

Auntie Slag
2017-10-23, 10:44 PM
This feels old school MTMTE again! Getaway is doing a Ramsay Bolton. He really is a sick puppy. The issue felt very irksome the moment I realised what was really going on, and I love the storyline no matter how disgusting it is. The 'teethmarks' comment keeps playing on my mind and I guess that will only be revealed over the next two issues.

As despicable as Getaway is, I wonder if he's fully in charge? Tyrest/Star Saber put him in the cell with Rodimus and co. Do all of Getaway's deeds loop back to Tyrest in some way, or rather the person Tyrest is working for?

2017-11-01, 09:50 PM
Yes, good comic.

2017-11-05, 08:01 AM
Read and enjoyed. A horrible idea well executed and the "teethmarks" thing is playing on my mind too. Urgh. Jack Lawrence's art was great here and again, Joanna's colours were fantastic. Nice and bold where they needed to be and subdued and dark where they weren't. Loved it.