View Full Version : Grimlock is missing from the London Natural History Museum!

2017-11-01, 09:57 PM
I'm a big fan of the ol' London Natural History Museum, right, and tend to pop in whenever I'm in London. Today I had to go to the Japanese embassy, and was done much earlier than expected, so naturally I went to see the dinosaurs.

They always had a little section about dinosaurs in popular culture, and among that display was a cabinet with some robot dinosaurs, featuring a prominent G1 Grimlock.

But it's gone :(

2017-11-03, 07:43 AM
Boo. Do they still have other robot dinosaurs in there? COuld be any number of reasons - refreshing the displays, or something more silly like a curator objecting to such pop culture nonsense or , God forbid, some brand manager wonk not wanting their product associated with anything that isn't officially sanctioned.

2017-11-04, 09:19 AM
Nah, the whole robot dinosaur box, along with the whole toy display, was gone so I'm guessing it was a rejig, rather than Hasbro demanding Grimlock was removed but Zoids being okay.

2017-11-06, 12:28 PM
Clearly this was organized by terrorists, possibly Isis.