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2002-05-28, 07:07 PM
Now just hours remain...Unicron pushes forward...time ticks down. Sent forth are Cryhavoc and Adeara, heralds of the massacre that is coming...these thought please the one known as Jhiaxus...for by this time tomorrow, his home world will be in ashes, and none will oppose them...or their ultimate weapon.
Pointblank shook his head. Nothing was where it needed to be...no word from Prime, no word from the scouts, and the Decepticons were just launching something called Zarak...he was almost afraid to ask what that meant. Frustrated he let out a little sigh, which Prowl and the others disregarded. Pointblank was known for being moody, they simply disregarded this as him being that. They had always triumphed before...why not now?

2002-05-28, 07:28 PM
Responsibility. In his own opinion Cryhavoc had done nothing to deserve being lifted from a mere soldier to this new position as a herald... as a prelate of the Liege Maximo. And now the legendary Decepticon wanted him to join this flesh creature in leading the first wave of attackers against Cybertron.

Hah! Like there is any choices... The massive Decepticon thought and glanced down at the much smaller organic. He did not trust flesh creatures. The very thought of what became of the Decepticons attempt to copy Autobot Headmaster technology made him sick. Atleast Lord Zarak had met his end and was no longer part of Scorponok. Cryhavoc did not hate organics like some other Decepticons put still he found it preposterious to see a flesh creature placed in command of the attack fleet... what the Liege was after? Most likely he and the female fleshing were nothing but a cannon fodder to the Maximo.

It mattered not. Cryhavoc would do his duty, even if he had to share the command with this fleshling.

Cryhavoc nodded to Jhiaxus and left the room where he had been standing, heading towards the hangar where some of the ships that belong to the assault fleet were positioned.

2002-05-28, 07:47 PM
Adeara sensed Cryhavoc's distrust in her. Turning to look at him, she glared, her 'optics' flaring, as she was in her Cybertronian form.

"You may not trust or like me; I feel the same, however, we must work together on this if we are to succeed on this mission. Remember, Maximo and Jhiaxus will judge us from how we work together, as will Unicron. Either we work together, or one of does not return." With that, Adeara turned and continued walking to the hanger, obviously reigning in her temper.

2002-05-28, 08:00 PM
Cryhavoc was somewhat amused of the flesh creature's comments as they were like a reflection of his own thoughts.

"You have nothing to fear for me little one as long as you stay loyal to the cause." He said, grinning behind his faceplate. Unless I find out that you are not what you say you are.

"We all do what we must. I won't betray my leaders." Cryhavoc added as they entered the hangar bay somewhere inside Unicron.

Kicking the thrusters mounted to his feet on, the massive pitch-black Decepticon rose to the air and flew inside the second largest battlecruiser located inside Unicron, leaving the Twilight to Jhiaxus who might came to other thoughts and join the attack himself.

Cryhavoc entered the command bridge of the ship and sat down to the only large enough chair for him. "Pilot. Take off."

2002-05-28, 08:11 PM
Adeara glared at the back of Cryhavoc as he entered the battle ship. Muttering a long list of explitives in her native tongue, Adeara shifted to her firebird form, and followed behind the battle ship as it took off.

Its a shame that no one here trusts me save for Jhiaxus and Maximo. It only goes to show that Unicron knew what he was doing when he made my people the way they are. Adeara's thought as she flew after the ship. Behind her, the smaller battle cruisers took off and followed them. Just then, a sudden idea came to her. I haven't tried that one trick yet....Let's see if it works. Remaining in her firebird form, she gave the firebird freedom to control her movements, so long as she stayed with the battle ship. With that done, Adeara focused her mind on being in the battle ship near Cryhavoc. As she focused, she felt her mind jump into an astral projection of herself in her Cybertronian form standing near Cryhavoc on his bridge. She looked quite real, and was quite solid if touched. Now all she had to do was wait to be noticed....

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-05-28, 08:28 PM
Skywarp's journey had been long and treacherous, but was finally at an end, sensing that his former master was not far behind them Skywarp used the last of his power to hit maximum speed and scorch into Cybertron's atmostphere, travelling so quick as to not trigger any early warning systems.

Skywarp slammed on his brakes and opened his cockpit to allow Redstreak and their guest out.

2002-05-28, 08:37 PM
Inside the Cybertronian battlecruiser Harbringer, Cryhavoc's attention was caught suddenly as Adeara's astral projection slowly appeared from nothingness in front of him.

"What kind of trick is this Ta'kaal? What do you want now?" Cryhavoc asked suspiciously his opticband glowing coldly.

The sudden words of Cryhavoc caused the other Cybertronians onboard the command bridge to turn to look at their commander strangely as they saw nothing but a huge black transformer staring at the air.

"Sir? What you are doing?" One of the mechs dared to ask after a while.

"Can't you see your superior, lady Stormweaver?! Get your attention back to piloting this craft to Cybertron! This is not of your concern." Cryhavoc snapped at the others, realizing from the optics of his troops that they did not see Adeara.

2002-05-28, 10:44 PM
Adeara smiled at Cryhavoc, albeit it was an empty one. Knowing that he was the only one who could see or hear her made it even better. Amusement colored the voice he heard.

"My, my, Cryhavoc... Seeing things?" A chuckle. "Don't worry. I was only seeing if this worked. Apparently, it does. If you want me to leave, I will, but I thought I should tell you that the battle cruisers have taken off and follow our lead." The image faded for a moment, then strengthened. "I could make it so your crew could see and hear me, but that would do them no good. It's much easier to make it so only you can see and hear me, simply because I still have to keep some control of my body." Adeara's image stood there, waiting to see what he said.

2002-05-28, 11:05 PM
She had been silent for most of the trip. Ever since Redstreak showed no signs of remembering that he was a great Autobot leader...ever since she recalled visions of a great battle against Galvatron....

No, things were not the same. As Skywarp prepared landing she looked about at her beloved planet below.

It's so good to be home... Fulani thought to herself.

She had abandoned any hope of reclaiming friendship with Redstreak. Fulani was amazed that he would confide in a Decepticon. Even though this Decepticon, Skywarp, saved her she was suspicious of him.

No matter. She was all alone in the universe.

Suddenly her sensors buzzed as they came closer to the planet. I sense a presence. Someone nearby. But who?

As Skywarp opened his cockpit a wave of emotion flooded her circuits. Cybertron!!! I'm so glad to be home!

As Redstreak exited Fulani walked around, sensing the presence of another.

"We are home at last, Redstreak." Fulani remarked. "But what work needs to be done, now?"

2002-05-29, 03:14 PM
Cryhavoc stared at the astral projection of the Ta'kaal in front of him, his suspicions changing into anger as the flesh creature continued to speak to him mockingly.

"Of course the other cruisers left after us. They had their orders..." Cryhavoc snarled.

"Pilot! What is our ETA to Cybertron!" Cryhavoc roared, turning his attention away from the Ta'kaal.

"Without anything slowing us down... less than 24 hours commander." The pilot replied and turned his attention back to his work.

Cryhavoc's optics were again staring at Adeara. "We have almost a day to think of an offencive strategy. You have any ideas Ta'kaal?"

2002-05-29, 03:51 PM
Javelin could not help but thinking this was taking too long, perhaps he should have taken the front door. But it was all nessary, he had to see Maximo. He had to fight Maximo. He couldn't help but to feeliu slight pity for Lockpick and Bonecrusher, they weren't orginally part of his plan, but it fell together quite well.

2002-05-29, 10:28 PM
Adeara kept that sardonic smile on her face, knowing it annoyed the black warrior.

"The only think I can think of doing is simply destroying their defenses, then start to take out each group that attacks us. But then again, I've no knowledge of tactics." To admit something like to Cryhavoc was showing him that she would trust him with those plans, for the moment...

2002-05-30, 01:34 AM
Lockpick moved swiftly, leading the way as she carefully kept a map in her head, moving closer and closer without realizing it...

finally, she stops, looking around, before pointing to the floor "I think this is it..." she whispers.

2002-05-30, 04:15 PM
"The center? Maximo?" Javelin moved right behind Lockpick. Javelin trusted her to be right, "Well so far so good. Check it for trap and you may leave with Knockout."

Knockout rushed out right in front of Javelin, "Hey punk! What about my two team members that you're keeping hostage!"

Javelin smiled, "Oh I forgot, how can you guys leave in the first place, Lockpick sent her ship away to get help..." Javelin put his hand on her shoulder, "Looks like you're stuck with me. Unless you want to be seperated from me, but if you get caught without me, you're dead."

2002-05-30, 06:54 PM
Cryhavoc stared at the astral projection of Adeara thoughtfully. So... she doesn't have knowledge of tactics? And she admits that to me? Hahahaa! Quite a bunch we are indeed! Maximo's generals in the command of the first assault unit have no idea of any attack strategy! What an irony... Cryhavoc chuckled slightly as the thought came to his central processor.

"Perhaps... we have no need for a strategy Stormweaver... it would be mightly splendid indeed to surprise them with totally uncontrolled attack against them." Cryhavoc said to Adeara's astral form.

The massive warrior lifted his claw so that he could lean his chin against it. "This is a wild guess... but I have a feeling that our attack will surprise them. Somehow I doubt they are ready for us yet. And if it so... we should be able to do great deal of damage to their defense plans..."

2002-05-30, 11:05 PM
Adeara's form smirked.

"Well, let's find out. I'll go scout ahead real fast, no sensors will catch me...They'll fry before they sense me..." Before Cryhavoc could respond, Adeara vanished, going back to her body. Taking off at high speed, Adeara began to fly towards the outer defenses of Cybertron. Sensors almost picked a firey being, but melted before getting anything definate. Getting a good look at the defenses Cybertron had, she laughed. Flying back to the command ship, Adeara sent herself back to the bridge.

"Their defenses are weak. We should be able to get past them with minimal to no damage."

God Jinrai
2002-05-30, 11:52 PM
Jinrai turned to omega upon hearing the giant's words...

"Indeed, Omega Supreme... cybertron MUST survive this... lest we all end up like so much molten slag... But at any rate... Once Grand Maximus arrives with the lost minicons... and the destron forces from earth arrive... it'll greatly improve our standings against maximo's oncomming forces..."

OOC: Technically, he's supposed to be... I mean, in masterforce, he was as freakin huge as grand maximus' space fortress mode...

2002-05-31, 12:49 AM
Lockpick bristles slightly "I sent it away so it didn't get beat up or identified" she hissed back, optics flashing a bit. "As for how we'll get out... " she slaps his hand away quickly "I have several ideas in mind, if you minicons're up for it."

2002-05-31, 03:11 AM
(OOC: Where the smeg are we supposed to post if we're on Cybertron? Here or Salvation?)

Nightbeat: -sighs in relief, then reconciders- "The suicide mission's off."

Siren: "Well, that's good. Means I can renew my magazine subscriptions."

Nightbeat: -looks at Siren blankly for a moment-

Siren: "What?"

Nightbeat: -shakes head- "Alright, guys." -leading the group over to where Jinrai moved to- "Do we have any plans at all? Any new intel?"

Chromedome: "Will they be using dropships and Unicron, or just Unicron?"

Brainstorm: "Wouldn't just Unicron be enough?"

Chromedome: "Good point."

2002-05-31, 03:43 AM
Hatemunger looked at Jinrai and walked.

"So he is finally on his way." Hatemunger looked at the sky and smiled.

"Well time to see if this allanice has any worth." He stuck out a hand to the massive Autobot.

"You may not trust me but either way I have your back in this battle or I will at least try." He said and waited to try and shake the Autobots hand.

2002-05-31, 03:42 PM
Javelin looked at Lockpick, "What you want to actually try..." that was unexpected for Javelin, he felt the Minicon's still in his powerlinx. He wanted the extra power for the fight, but not if he kept his word. He could destoy Lockpick there and then, he raised his magnetic fore hand at Lockpick, "Your usefulness is over." And when he said that the Minicon fell off Javelin's arm, and javelin let free the other one stored on his back. "If Maximo sees me with the Minicons he may guess that Prime has some as well. Get off this planet undetected, Good luck." Javelin pulled off the panel and dropped down.

Knockout helped Bonecrusher and Wreckage up, "Well good riddens, Lockpick I hope this idea of your's is good."

2002-05-31, 07:50 PM
Then we annihilate their defenses Stormweaver... Cryhavoc thought. Yet I think that you underestimate them Adeara... they are fighting for their survival... they will fight to the bitter end...

Cryhavoc opened his intercom to the attack fleet. "This is commander Cryhavoc. Cybertron will be reached in next three hours. Prepare for fullscale attack."

God Jinrai
2002-05-31, 08:11 PM
OOC: It'll be this thread from now on that cybertron and unicron posts will be placed in... I forgot to seal the other thread...


The behemoth transformer gazed down at hatemunger... suddenly separating from his trailer and godbomber...

"Then...the feeling is mutual... friend..."

Jinrai clenched hatemunger's hand with his own... firmly shaking the destron field commander's hand

2002-05-31, 09:14 PM
Blaster looked at Sky Lynx "Glad to see you home but you gotta get goin fast so eat the energon and lets go" He said.

Brawn and Sunstreaker pushed the energon forward "I suyre hope there is some action where we go" Brawn grumbled
"You and me both Brawn" Sunstreaker replied.

Back at Metroplex Jazz finished scanning the computers then turned back to metrol plex carrying one getting ready to install it.

2002-06-01, 02:23 AM
"Excellent." Hatemunger said.

"I feel better knowing I won't have any Autobots gunning for me during this battle as I am sure you feel likewise. But getting down to business. Trypiticon has been updated and I see and hear Metroplex mark 2 will be online soon as well this is good." He looked at Jinrai.

"But now comes the fun part how in the inferno are we going to hold Cybertron until Prime and Galvatron get back along with everyone else?"

2002-06-01, 02:45 AM
"We are home at last, Redstreak." Fulani remarked. "But what work needs to be done, now?"

"I'm not too sure at this point," Redstreak says, looking around. "The chaos bringer is en route...the others must be informed and we must prepare or we will surely be destroyed. What do you think, Skywarp?"

2002-06-01, 06:41 AM
Lockpick actually smiles weakly at the Minicons, helping them up. She ignores Javelin as he heads off and she states "Well, it was a good idea the first time. I'm hoping the aftereffects aren't as severe though..." a slight shudder goes through her "But they shouldn't. this situation is different. Come on... I think I saw what we were looking for a while back..."

She scoots down the way they came.

2002-06-01, 04:57 PM
Wreckage and Bonecrusher got thier barings back all they knew is that Knockout was doing well and they were on a strange world, better keep cool for now. Knockout started to follow, "What they were after? what do you mean, I didn't see any thing."

Javelin dropped down to the center blending into the dark shadows, he was in it was now or never wherever Maximo was he had to hear him, "Liege Maximo! I have traveled far to meet you again!"

2002-06-01, 06:36 PM
"What was who after?" the femme replies as she scoots along. "As for what I saw... well, once you learn how to look, you see a lot." she smiles a bit.

"I saw a shuttlebay down this way I think. "

2002-06-01, 11:11 PM
(just to speed the game back up)

Maximus came in tight and landed with precise, exacting motion, just outside of Iacon. Galvatron ordered the minicons to quickly be unloaded and revived. Galvatron and Prime looked around at the assembling troops.

Galvatron: "Where is Redstreak and Skywarp...did they make it back? We need a briefing, and get those minicons activated on the double...we have little time!"

2002-06-01, 11:18 PM
Galvatron: "Where is Redstreak and Skywarp...did they make it back? We need a briefing, and get those minicons activated on the double...we have little time!"

Redstreak's keen auditory sensors hear Galvatron...they aren't far away, he thinks. "Back to the action," he says, transforms, and drives up to Galvatron and Prime. "Prime, we have returned." He says. "Our scout mission, such as it is, was a success. We have a great amount of datum from within the chaos bringer." He hands Prime a datapad. "You'll find it all there. We also detonated the bomb, but it blew in 60 seconds instead of 2 minutes for one thing, and for two I don't believe it did nearly enough damage on account of us having found a bot within the bringer's bowels...she is called Fulani, and I expect she will show up here with Skywarp shortly."

2002-06-02, 12:12 AM
Galvatron: "I didn't expect the bomb to work...but I had hoped it would at least provide a slow down."

Galvatron looked at the skies and could see to the distance that their time was running very short.

Galvatron: "We must hurry...it appears that our time of preperation is at an end!"
Jhiaxus stood tall on the bridge of Unicron as he looked at Optitron, Sixshot, and Bludgeon.

Jhiaxus: "We are about to enter Cybertronian airspace...on my mark we will launch the next wave of the attack along with Unicron...there can be no margain of error...zero mistakes! Victory is at hand prepare to launch!"

Sixshot smirked and commence a quick meditation...Bludgeon sharpened his blades and toyed with Sideswipes head...Optitron merely crossed his arms and waited...victory was nearly within their grasps, and each sensed it.

2002-06-02, 01:37 AM
Javelin pressed himself hard against the wall, when he heard Jhaxsus's voice from afar, Javelin knew he was closer to Maximo then he was to Jhaxsus, but he took a quick look, Bludgeon, oh how Javelin wanted to match wit with him, but now Liege Maximo was more important, it wouldn't matter is Jhaxsus heard. "MAXIMO! ANSWER ME!"

2002-06-02, 02:12 AM
Galvatron: "We must hurry...it appears that our time of preperation is at an end!"

Redstreak peers to the sky as well and a blank look falls over his face. For the first time since he reawakened in his home dimension, he doubted himself and wondered if he could have done more. All the negativity that he had been able to drive out of his mind during training was coming back. He needed to suppress it, somehow...somehow...or he would risk another occurence of that fateful training day, but this time it would cost him a lot more than a few more years of work...it could cost his friends their lives and Cybertron its existence.

God Jinrai
2002-06-02, 03:56 AM
glancing through the data, prime let out a deep sigh...

"Just as I'd thought... then it's a VERY good thing our mission to sol came through... Minicons! Refuel yourselves... we've serious need of you... Galvatron... assemble the following transformers... it's time for a reunion..."

Prime handed Galvatron the data pad... the readout spoke for itself...

Only two names really were capable of being conteacted... as they alone still functioned...

Red Alert

"Bumblebee... with me. It's time to see if your becoming a minicon can make a difference for me in close combat..."

Prime knelt down, bowing his head...

Bumblebee stared at his former commander, letting out a harsh sigh... but his resolve quickly became undoubted... as he leapt up, reconfiguring, and locking into prime's back section, augmenting his power...

"Just... like old times...."

The link engaged, and optimus could feel untold strength and vigor flowing through his circuits... he'd not felt this way in over a millenia... when the armada was first built...

2002-06-02, 04:25 AM
Taikoon watched this, then moved to the group of active minicons. He knelt there, but it wasn't to accept one, but to give on. He removed the small dark-blue form from his chestplate and gently placed it before the small mechanoids, trying to explain with hand guestures and sound effects how the small one ended up being hurt by himself. Finally, the alien warrior merely bowed his head, hands spread out to indicate his apologies, green and magenta armor unmoving.

One of the Minicon medics turned to their injured comerade, starting to wokr on his smushed systems.

2002-06-02, 05:14 AM
Cyclonus approached Galvatron.

Cyclonus: "Will you not be taking a partner my Lord?"

Galvatron: "No...i will not."

Prime's head spun around...

God Jinrai
2002-06-02, 05:22 AM
Prime was shocked... but suddenly it dawned upon him...

"Perhaps... it's better that way, Cyclonus... None of us know what his...rebirth could possibly have done to the circuitry that allows you and I to interface with the minicons... It would be far safer that way... and besides... I've a feeling Galvatron has a few unseen tricks up his sleeves as things stand..."

Prime glanced up again at galvatron.... the edged sharp looking form still shocked him... not at all the decepticon leader he'd fought on earth... but perhaps... it was for the better...

2002-06-02, 05:37 AM
Since my rebirth, i have no need of the minicon's enhancements...but I cannot show my hand too quickly.

Galvatron: "Prime is right...Prime's always right! It is my distinct belief that adding a minicon to my rather futuristic redesign which Gigatron provided me would not mesh...I am no longer the Megatron that Megabolt once was capable of merging with. I am so much more...even more than what Unicron rebuilt from that husk that was Megatron after Prime nearly killed me in 2005."

Galvatron folded his arms.

Galvatron: "Nothing is as it was...the three have been chosen. You...Optimus...my mirror foe...my most trusted and respected advisary...and now my partner...you will join with the minicons, as will your warrior, and one of my two most trusted generals...I for my part will fight one my own...and when the ashes settle...I assure you we will be the ones standing atop the wreckage of the fallen Cybertronians.

Elsewhere, Pointblank heard the words Galvatron spoke. He looked to Prowl and to Springer to see them and realized they believed what Galvatron said.

For all our sakes...I pray to Primus that you are right Galvatron...and that for once, my dreams are wrong.

2002-06-02, 06:21 AM
Roadbuster: -listens to Galvatron's speech, standing slightly behind Springer, optic band narrows, snorts quietly in disgust-

Minerva: -wanders out of Sky Garry, looking at the new arrivals- "So these are minicons......."

Nightbeat: -walks over to Minerva- "No point in getting too attached to any of them. It's doubtful we can merge with any of them at all."

Minerva: -kneels to get closer look at them- "But they're kinda cute."

Nightbeat: -sighs- "It's going to be the baby elephant thing all over again, isn't it."

Minerva: -smiles- "The zookeeper told me I could borrow it whenever I wanted."

Nightbeat: "But for a whole month? It knocked the house over."

Minerva: "It was only the garage."

2002-06-02, 06:42 AM
Sky Garry turned his sensors on the small robots, not moving for fear of stepping on any as well as not transforming from base mode. Shotbomber however was just the right size and runs out eagerly to meet the others.

Any wounded of course, are noticed by Garry who states "Any wounded or those needing refuelling are welcome to use my facilities. Shotbomber can assist." His doors open wide.

OOC - I made a grammatical error. Sorry for confusing you Ravage MK!

2002-06-02, 08:46 AM
Rally was surprised when Shotbomber exited the room in a hurry, she soon discovered WHY he had left. She faintly heard the sounds of metal folding and moving.
("This guy is transforming!? I have to get out of here!") she thought as she ran after Shotbomber.

When she got outside she noticed the Maximus cruiser landing and contacted Bean.

"Bean, you'd better get back here. Prime's back and I think we have armageddon to prepare for.

Bandit heard Rally's transmission, transformed back to Bean and headed back to Iacon.
"I'm on my way Rally" he said via the transciever.

Rally headed over to Minerva and the others and heard their conversation.

"You had a pet elephant?" she asks.

2002-06-02, 12:18 PM
Cybertron, a beautiful jewel making its way through the galaxy... its surface tarnished by the millions of years of constant warfare... yet, it was still to face the most terrifying battle of the history of the Transformer race... and the first wave of the incoming battle was about to begin...

The Harbringer, one of the few gargantuan X-6 class battleships of Liege Maximo's Cybertronian Empire approached Cybertron steadily, with dozens of smaller ships following it. The ships had one purpose, to cause as much chaos within the ranks of the defenders of Cybertron as possible before Liege Maximo would arrive himself... with the planet destroyer Unicron...

"Cybertron... officer. Patch me through to all ship commanders of the attack fleet." The massive jet-black warrior sitting on the command chair of the X-6 Harbringer commanded.

"Done sir."

"Cryhavoc to the attack fleet. Commence the attack... NOW!"

With the command the Cybertronian ships opened fire upon Cybertron's largest cities from the orbit, with enough firepower to erase them out of existance in few minutes...

OOC: Galvy... If I was acting too early just tell me and I'll edit the post. ;)

2002-06-02, 12:23 PM
As Grand Maximus landed, Sixswitch, standing on the bridge alongside Quick Switch gave a weak smile.
"Ah, home sweet home. Sort of. Maybe not fo..." he caught himself. He doubted his blunt manner would go down well with everyone else, and alienating anyone was certainly not what he wanted right now. Besides that, it wouldn't be too good for morale.
"...much longer, but when we do kick Maximo's tailpipe back into the hole he calls home, then we will have peace."

He turned to his friend, and counterpart.

"We'd best get moving, we need to find Prime, and see where best we can contribute to the war effort."


Vanguard had gathered his team together in a corner of the cargobay, and was addressing them now.
"Fellows. We were not built for fighting, exploring is our game. Well, apart from our tactical expert there," he grinned, which was mirrored by Thorr.
"Anyway, now we are being called upon to fight a terrifying foe. Not only will Unicron be there - you've read the reports on him - but we'll also have the space fleets and armada of the Liege Maximo to contend with. Defending Cybertron airspace will be vital. If we can hold them up in space, it will give the ground units precious minutes, or hopefully hours to complete their defences.

We know the risks, and we know that some of us could die, yet we will stand firm in this grevious time, and pull through together."

He didn't need any words of agreement from the others. The looks on their faces said it all.

"Now, let's go find Prime and Galvatron, to find out our place in the coming battle."

The five Cosmobots swiftly exited from Grand, and approached Optimus Prime.

"Optimus," Vanguard spoke.
"We are ready to aid the war in any means nessesary. Just point us to our positions."

2002-06-02, 04:22 PM
Grand yawned and stretched in his pilot's seat. Gigatron, still standing behind, raised a brow as the Pretender slowly turned around. Grand came to his feet, reaching instinctively for a particular button, but thinking better of it at the last moment.

"Long flight. That type of thing always wears me out..."

Gigatron humphed at the Cybertron, still a mere fleshling in his eyes, and turned for the main lift. His optics stared coldly at Grand while the doors closed; neither said a word.


Gigatron wandered stealthily up behind Galvatron and Optimus, glancing occasionally back at the Maximus ship. He folded his arms again, merely adding to his leader's presence as a latent force of evil. Deciding that he'd intimidated the crowd enough with his presence, his optics turned skyward...

"Cybertronians!" Grand reported for him through his external PA. "I'll hold them off. Everyone, get inside Iacon and try to find shelter!"

Hearing the first of ten million transformation joints within the battleship creak, Gigatron spun around and threw one defiant hand at Grand Maximus.

"No! We'll need your power for the real threat! Provide cover fire for us while..."

Figuring Grand would be able to infer the gist from there, Gigatron turned back to Optimus Prime. Fire began to rain around them, slowly at first, but the sky revealed the onslaught would increase shortly. His voice dropped, as though ashamed to ask.

"Can the Mini-Cons do the job?"

2002-06-02, 04:37 PM
Galvatron: "Nothing is as it was...the three have been chosen. You...Optimus...my mirror foe...my most trusted and respected advisary...and now my partner...you will join with the minicons, as will your warrior, and one of my two most trusted generals...I for my part will fight one my own...and when the ashes settle...I assure you we will be the ones standing atop the wreckage of the fallen Cybertronians.

Redstreak stepped between the two commanders. "Enough of this, now is not the time...we have more pressing concerns that we must deal with." He looks at Galvatron. "Is there any reason to believe that Unicron's reactivation would force you back into his servitude?" Then to Prime: "What do you need of me, Optimus? What can I do?"

God Jinrai
2002-06-02, 06:10 PM
Behind his battlemask, prime almost smiled...

"See for yourself, Grand... Minicons not partnered with either myself, cyclonus or Red Alert... Commence bonding to Grand and Fortress Maximus! It's high time we show these so called Cybertronians who REALLY OWNS cybertron!"

Fortress disengaed from metroplex as he heard those words... the outter husk was complete, and most alll of the interior work was done... it was up to the others to jumpstart the behemoth's brain unit...

Cerebros made a dash for the command center, transforming the ship again to battle cruiser mode, bringing the ship over to grand maximus' location... Suddenly, the ship's exterior was crawling with dozens of minicons... interface points that were thought to not exist came online... and the warriors merged with the behemoth... power systems drastically climbed, new weaponry came online, including a special weapon that not even cerebros recalled... the fore sections of the ship opened, and several dozen missile armed warrior drones stood ready to open fire...

"Well now... this may come in handy..." he muttered... closing the hatches, the drones backing further inside, going into standby mode...

As the interface completed, the ship's thrusters roared to life... lifting upward from the surface...pivoting in mid-air, preparing to rocket off to meet head on with the oncomming attack fleet...

Lord Zarak
2002-06-02, 06:32 PM
Sky Lynx was refuled just before the attack. He took off in the opposite diraection of the attack.

"Guys, I hope you are all in your seats and have your belts on, coz I get the feeling Im'm gonna fly like I havent done in a while. Swoop?" he asked

""Yes?" he replied

"Put your co-ordinates into the terminal at the front of the cockpit"
Swoop did as he was asked

"Hausa, introductions will have to wait till we are safely out of Cybertronian airspace, so everyone sit tight."

Sky Lynx flew and flew until Cybertron was far behind him, flying high and diving low. If it was under different conditions he would have been seen to be arrogant and showing off, but when it mattered, the autobots inside of him could count on him to deliver them to the planet.

(OOC)- Zuluprime has gone for 7 days and I have his permission to use him. I'll try to stay faithful to his profile and what he has already written in the rpg. L.Z.

2002-06-02, 06:50 PM
Taikoon watches all of this intently, joining the others on board as they prepare for battle. HIs face is set carefully, and he moves to a quiet corner as the others prepare. There, he kneels on the ground, a small vial appearing in one hand as he opens it, showing an eyedropper-like end.

Moving it to his skin, he touches it gently. The ink spread like fire over his body, encircling and coiling with a life of its own in a confusing, startling pattern of loops and veins all over his body. When it reaches The Autobrande, it slows, before all the points draw in like a sort of radiant starburst of black around it, drawing attention to the face.

The warrior, his war-paint applied, stands again in one smooth motion, and folds his arms, ready.

2002-06-02, 09:06 PM
Adeara's firebird form grinned as Cryhavoc began the assault. Floating near the Harbringer, Adeara watched for a moment waiting for an attack vessel to get near enough to fry. When one got close enough, Adeara melted the hull, then shot a stream of super-hot flames into the interior, melting the occupants. This was done about 5 times when the ships stopped appearing. This confused her. Sending her Astral form to the bridge of the Harbringer, Adeara looked to Cryhavoc.

"Something's not right....The fact that the defense has stopped makes me think they're trying to lure us in...."

2002-06-02, 09:54 PM
Blaster stood in the back of Skylynx looking around "Been a while since I been here" He said aloud.

"It's my first time" Brawn added to that looking at Sunstreaker then to Swoop then back to Blaster "So where we headed and will we get to bust some heads?"

Sunstreaker nodded "I just hope the terrain isn't muddy, I don't want anything to cake on yo my fresh coat of paint"

Blaster looked over at Swoop nodding "Hey swoop where are we goin'? Never asked before"

Jazz transformed and drove as fast as he could towards Iacon.
A laser blast scorched the ground beside him causing him to roll over but still end up on his wheels and kept on driving.

"Man that was close almost got burned" he said as he approached the Autobot HQ.

[OOC- Great job on skipping them loading up there Zarak, just amgically taking off :p]

2002-06-03, 12:25 AM
Javelin was not please Liege Maximo was probably laughing his head off right now, "I KNOW YOU CAN HEAR ME MAXIMO!!! Very well, then you will know who I am." Javelin walked along the floor of the main chamber, looking at every possible place Liege Maximo could be, "I am the beginning of all Cybertronian life, Autobot, Decepticon, Minicon, and even you... and the end. Think back if you possibly can..." Javelin stoped in his tracks and stared ahead, "...The Quisentons you built Transformers orginally used a program to goveren their slaves until your god, Primus, gave them life. When that happened and Transformers were given free-will, it was put aside. I am that program Maximo!"

2002-06-03, 01:55 AM
Hatemunger smiled and called to Jinrai

"Are you capable of combat in flight?" He asked with a sly smile.

"I think it's high time we show these fools why they do not mess with the combined might of the Decepticons and Autobots." he then got onto his com-link to Tryipiticon.

"You wanted some action big guy you how have it. Open fire on that ship and anything that flys out if it. Unless of course Lord Galvatron or Prime tell you otherwise." Hatemunger then raised his fusion cannons to the sky and fired a few blasts at the ship.

2002-06-03, 02:45 PM
Bean had already started for Iacon when he slammed on the breaks as he realized he forgot something, or rather someone.

"Firebolt, need a lift?" he asked.

2002-06-03, 04:07 PM
Fireblot didn't take long to think it out, "Ya sure I might as well join somebody instead of standing around here..."

Ultra Magnus quickly turned to Jinrai and Hatemunger, "Remember we're just holding them back, Prime and the Minicon force is our real weapon." Then Magnus stood by, waiting for orders.

The Keeper dropped out of it Hyperspaace or whatever it was called, Hot Rod didn't quite remember, Hot Rod looked out a veiwport, "There's Unicron, and looks like the attack is beginning." Hot Rod then began to give orders to the ship again, "Keeper find Lockpick, and that bot that kidnapped her, but Lockpick first."

God Jinrai
2002-06-03, 04:34 PM
Jinrai glanced down at the decepticon...

"These wings aren't just for show, friend..."

With that, he drew his electromotor rifle from subspace as well as his plasma rifle, and with a mighty leap, burst skyward... set to join fortress in the initial battle with the cybertronian fleet

2002-06-03, 04:49 PM
"Let's show these Maximo scum what we're made of!" Thorr hollered.
"For once, we're in complete agreement," Vanguard replied, drawing his rocket launcher from subspace.
"Cosmobots, to the air!"

As one, the five Autobots took off, shooting up into the firmament above. With skill born of millenia of practice, they avoided any stray shots from the larger ships above.

As they burst out of Cybertron's atmosphere, Apollo called to Vanguard.
"Hey boss, looks like we're going to need some extra firepower."
"Agreed. Cosmobots, merge into Proximus!"

With the whirring of transforming cogs, and crackles of energy, the five shifted, and clashed together as one. The head of the giant gestalt appeared at the same time as the rocket launcher in his hand.

"Optimus Prime, Proximus awaits orders," he shouted, while firing rockets into the mass of enemy ships.


Meanwhile, down below, Sixswitch awaited with Quick Switch for orders from his leader.

2002-06-03, 06:55 PM
"A trap? Hah! They can't stop us Stormweaver... we have already enough ships on orbit to level their whole planet!" Cryhavoc sneered but deep inside he wasn't as confident as his words were. She is right... something rings false here... of frag itl... we need to only hold our stand until Unicron arrives...

"Show them! Destroy Iacon!" Cryhavoc roared to the Cybertronians onboard Harbringer's command bridge.

Slowly the over two miles long destroyer was manouvered to a position that allowed its main cannons a straight firing line towards Iacon.

"FIRE!" Cryhavoc roared out his command and instantly, Harbringer and its support ships broke a hell loose...


"I am trying to get an aim at them but my targeting system is either malfunctioning or the enemy fleet possesses a ship full of distruption devices!" Trypticon replied to Hatemunger via comm-link.

2002-06-03, 07:09 PM
Hatemunger did admire Jinrai's words.

"I rather like this Autobot!" He smiled and took to the air firing energy blasts at the enemy.

"Well if you can't target then just try aiming manually. Or why not see if the new energon systems work and go for a test fly."

"Hmm, this battle should be intersting however we could use some extra firepower." He said.

God Jinrai
2002-06-03, 08:54 PM
Jinrai rocketed into the fray alongside proximus...

"Well, friend... what say we start tearing these little ships apart... that way the big guns down below can target that big sucker over there!"

With those words, Jinrai rolled right, opening fire with full weaponry... leg guns, electromotor rifle and plasma rifle... and finally, the massive rocket launcher mounted on his shoulder...

Fortress, meanwhile was already wading into the enemy fleet... several smaller destroyers had fallen to the maximus class ship's greatly improved arsenal... spying another group of attack vessels opening fire, Cerebros took swift action... bringing the ship into a tight arc turn, he brought the main cannons to bear on the fleet, as well as a great deal of the supporting minicon weaponry... opening fire... massive beams of plasma, laser and proton energy errupted from the ship's cannons... arcing through space... blasting massive holes in the ships... only to seconds later cause them to explode...

"Well now... what have we here?" muttered cerebros as he caught sight of the harbinger...

"Hey grand, Get your tail up here... It's going to take some more firepower to take down this sucker!"

Down below near iacon...

Prime glanced about at his troops...but seconds later, abruptly departed.... rocketing skyward with two additional minicon partners, his strengh now multiplied ten fold, and an enhanced buster cannon for his new weapon, Optimus rocketed into the fray...

"Autobots! Decepticons! Commence destruction of the first wave of strikeforce ships!"

With those words, he charged the harbinger full speed... he didn't plan to take it from the outside... but rather... the inside...

Victory Saber abruptly switched to vehicle mode in midflight, and with a quick burst of thrusters, rocketed into the fray, guns blazing, on course for one of the attack cruisers... as the distance closed, the duo reverted to united robot mode... drawing his blade, victory saber dug deep into the nearest cruiser, and began to hack his way through in a fashion not seen since bludgeon's days as decepticon leader...

2002-06-03, 09:03 PM
Hatemunger was impressed by the vast array of enemy fighters in the air.

"Hmm space craft of assorted types and sizes. Can't blast them all." He smiled and drew his two energon sabers and held them in his hands.

"However I can cut through a large number of them as well!" he tore through some of the fighters slashing some of them in half, others exploded missing a wing or worse... a pilot.

2002-06-03, 09:12 PM
"Or you can not tell me what to do..." Redstreak trailed off. And people think I'm headstrong...

Redstreak looks at Galvatron, waiting for an answer to his question that is apparently not coming, then back to the sky. "I think it's high time we joined the party." He says, and takes off into the fray.

2002-06-03, 11:59 PM
(OOC - I always get confused with these big fights. Unless someone wnats to put their char against Taikoon, have him in the background please)


The engines power down with a low hummm... then silence, the KEeper clear, but in view of the battle.

2002-06-04, 12:00 AM
Finally Lockpick pauses over a grate and squints down... "Here it is...a shuttle bay." she looks ove r"There's no way to get one without being seen. This'll be dangerous. you can turn back if you want." giving the Minicons one last chance to back down.

Ultimate Weapon
2002-06-04, 12:04 AM
*Red ALert was lost in his thoughts*, " Bonding with another Transformers is so foreign and alien to me, yet i must follow Jinrais' orders. Besides nothing is forever."
Yells "Tally HO!!!!"

*Swings into action*

2002-06-04, 12:26 AM
Knockout looked behind him, "Turn back? Where?" The other two Minicons shrugged. "I don't think we have much of a choice but to stick around."

"What? Engine shutdown?!" Hot rod was not happy, he wanted to get into action, not hang in space, "I didn't tell you to shut down! Come on get in gear and find Lockpick! Or I'll find her myself you little junkpile!" he looked over at Talon, "Can you believe this?"

2002-06-04, 01:10 AM
Gigatron stared after Redstreak, humphing stolidly through the dead Cybertronian air. His eyes flashed a contemptuous crimson; his folded arms did not deviate from his chest.

"Foolish. Everyone rushes to repel Maximo's warships, but no concern is given for the real threat."

Gigatron suddenly became more vehement - he stepped up before Galvatron and threw one sarcastic hand toward the impending body in the sky: Unicron.

"Tell me I'm not the only one on this planet who sees that! Tell me that biding our energy while the Maximi seamlessly take care of the insignificant first fleet is wise! Forgive me, but with all the suicidal and ultimately futile warcries Cybertron is omitting today, I need some reassurance!"


"On my way, Fortress!"

Instantly realizing his error, Grand moved to correct his faulty name-placing, but decided that the message remained the same. His gloved fingers, absurdly nimble, darted across the control panel in front of him. The battleship began to rise slowly and tilted down at the front end, then more and more rapidly as it reached altitude. When Grand felt confident that he wouldn't singe anyone on the ground, the underbelly thrusters shifted to a more powerful burst, and the ship leveled out as a warring craft should be.

"Ready, fellas?"

A gentle, soothing hum came through the ship's hull, slightly vibrating Grand in his seat. It was the affirmation of the Mini-Cons; they had activated a slew of ancient, forgotten features in the cruiser's armaments. Grand noted also that the engines' efficiency and output had obviously been increased, as the vessel suddenly rocketed forward with great haste. In amazement, Grand looked outside at the Mini-Con fleet attached to his shell: pocks of smooth green light pulsed from various points along the dark surface of the war prongs. Most noteable were two rows of closely spaced glowbugs, one along each frontal leg of the warship.

Like a runway, Grand thought. That's it, boys. Come on in, land on Maximus, have lunch with death...

Grand moved to punch the throttle, but his hand slipped. The ship was rumbling. Again Grand looked outside, but this time, the Mini-Cons' glow had become sharp and vicious. The light grew brighter and more white, building and throbbing, until everything expoded from the thirty-odd sentient cannons lined up along the ship's bow, blasting randomly but accurately through the void. Half a dozen smaller ships imploded instantaneously, while twice as many reported critical errors. Still another ten bolts struck The Harbinger dead on, in various scattered spots of the behemoth's hull. Grand grinned behind his faceplate.

"That enough for ya, Fort?"

(OOC: Oh, I am so back.)

Quick Switch
2002-06-04, 02:22 AM
Quick Switch nodded curtly, the humor of Sixswitch's remark lost on him. As he gazed out the viewport, the enemy fighters- Primus knew how many- swarmed about. And the mere thought of Unicron...so near...was almost enough to drive him to the brink of insanity.

Suddenly, Prime's announcement boomed over the comm.

"Let's go, brother," Quick Switch yelled, meaning it. "Don't think now- just fight. Don't forget Sixswitch, as the great human General Hawk once said "A soldier's job is to do the unthinkable and die."

The Hexa Changer sprinted toward one of the hangar drop bays. He waited for Sixswitch to catch up.

"This is the unthinkable. We are about to engage Unicron's legions. And we'll do our job- die maybe- but by Primus, we're Autobots, let's not forget it."

2002-06-04, 03:43 AM
Redstreak stopped in mid-flight and surveyed the coming ships. The sheer amount of Autobots going after the Liege Maximo's ships was incredible; he saw Torque and Red Wing among them, but he himself didn't know quite what he should do. So he closed his eyes and took a breath, casting the images he had seen before him into a mental projection. He then began to count the ships and the Autobots. The numbers were not even, but the Autobots would inevitably outnumber the ships one way or another, there were simply more of them to begin with. But with Prime in the mix, the Autobots were in a good position.

He opened his eyes. Lest he forget Unicron...

Redstreak stayed back of the dogfight. What he was needed to do would be difficult to ascertain, but both situations seemed to scream for his assistance. So he floated there, and watched. For the time being.

2002-06-04, 04:03 AM
The femme nods again and looks down to the shuttle bay. "We won't have much time... might have to fight a bit..." she shoulders her rifle a bit more and takes a breath as she starts to remove the grating...



The engines remained dormant.


2002-06-04, 10:44 AM
"Can you believe this?"

Talon who had been glued to the viewport ever since he saw the monsterous Unicron was snapped back to reality. He heard the Keeper's statement.

"I'd say this ship has a very protective nature. I think we're stuck here" he replied.

"And if the ship can not find Lockpick, it may be because she's outside scanning range. I fear she may be INSIDE Unicron. I doubt that the scanner can scan his interior" he added.


"Well then Firebolt hop in the car so we can get going" Bean said as he stopped his car with the passenger door facing Firebolt.

2002-06-04, 01:54 PM
Onboard the Harbringer...

"So... the Autobots already sent their mightiest warriors against my wave. Can they be so short sighed? Why are they putting their lastline of defense against our first and weaker assault... Hah! Now I only have to keep them busy until Liege Maximo arrives!" Cryhavoc chuckled.

"First, aim at those two Maximus class vessels." Cryhavoc commanded and rose up from his chair.

First: "Taking aim sir... locked on target!"

"You don't need me to tell what to do now..." Cryhavoc said and opened his intercom as the Harbringer's weapons came alive.

"Cryhavoc to Jhiaxus, now engaging the enemy. Two Maximus class ships leading their front... quick scan revealed numerous power implants within both ships. Waiting for further directions." Cryhavoc gave his report and let the channel open for a reply.


"Hatemunger, you are insulting me." Trypticon sneered and transformed into his battlestation mode.

"I would not be informing you of such a thing if I could aim manually. BUT like I said... my radars are down so I cannot even see the enemy. I do not have such perceptive sight that I could shoot down enemy that far away without radars... and besides... should we even let the enemy know of my upgraded form yet as the Maximus ships are already attacking?" Trypticon's voice echoed in Hatemunger's communication receivers.

2002-06-04, 03:48 PM
As the attack progressed, Adeara's astral form wavered, then vanished as something attacked her true form. That was a mistake. Whatever had attacked the firebird was now in for a hot time as she flew after the offender.

Hah...a simple ship...That should be easy! Adeara swept in close, then simply sent a huge stream of super hot flames at the vessel, melting it and the occupants instantly. Adeara then returned to her position near the Harbringer, watching and waiting for the next idiot to attack her.....

2002-06-04, 03:57 PM
Hatemunger called back to Trypiticon.

"Good point." He said slashing through another ship.

"We may all be better off allowing you to stomp, crush and attack the ground waves when they arrive rather than focusing on these weakling. Or wait until Unicron fully arrives for you to give him a decent sized headache." Hatemunger said attacking the enenmy fliers.

2002-06-04, 04:06 PM
"Fighting?" Wreckage got a bit excited.

"We all may stand a better chance if we link with her." Bonecrusher looked at Knockout.

Knockout wasn't too sure, "She is a bit errr old, Javelin was right earlyer, she might be able to take one, but I wouldn't feel comfortable until she got an overhaul."

Hot Rod anger was growing, "Can't put us in danger! And you can put Lockpick in danger by keeping me here! I have to get to Unicron!" He started to pound on the door, "I bet this thing could scan Lockpick is it wasn't such a coward and got closer!"

"All right, I have a use as well." Firebolt transformed into gun mode and fell into the seat and peaked over the edge. "Any of maximo's goons get close they're getting it!"

Javelin took out his bladed staff, "Maximo... you won't just let me stay here..." Did Maximo figure out my plan, is he making fun of me?

2002-06-04, 04:35 PM
Bean looked at Firebolt's gun form and figured that he'd be able to aim better from the roof of the car.

"You might want to try the gunmount on the roof. Rally tends to use it when she's in gunform. It's got a 360 degree turning circle, which means your more likely to hit targets then from a window" Bean suggested as he started towards Iacon, evading shots from a cruiser along the way.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-06-04, 10:19 PM
Springer looked amongst the gathered group...

"Whilst we few are strong, we don't have the required numbers to take out any Decepticon fleet left standing by the end of this, I'm gonna go in search of more of our bretheren, namely Whirl, Topspin, Twin Twist, Rack 'n' Ruin, Sandstorm and Broadside. I know I won't be missed, with Unicron coming...."

Springer transformed to his car mode and sped away leaving the other wreckers behind him....he sent out an internal message to the seven he searched for....The seven that could help him and his crew defeat the scourge of the Decepticons...


Skywarp waited for Fulani to disembark before confronting Galvatron.

"My lord, I am in no doubt as to your feeling the presence of our former master. I know that you feel a great power inside you since bearing the Decepticon Matrix, but I implore that you confide in me your plans....you ARE strong, but do you intend to face Jhiaxus alone? Such a mission is surely suicide, to face him so close to the master of his brood..."


Sixshot lay in wait, his wolf mode made his meditations easier, he appeared in almost a sleep-like state, his visions of destruction wavered unfaulteringly as he saw Adeara destroy the vessel she enveloped in his mind he let a little grin slip.

Since joinging Jhiaxus' crew Sixshot had been less than satisfied with the directions he'd taken, and lack of destruction he'd wrought upon his eternal enemy, the hated half-breed Autobot and Decepticons...

Sixshot let out a low, deep-seated growl....


Grimlock found himself in the middle of no-where and lost without a cause. He'd set out to aid in the the building of the new Metroplex, but gotten side-tracked and wandered away from the rest of the crews working on the new Transformer.

He slowly headed back to the construction site after the blasts of artiliry pointed him back in the right direction....

"Me Grimlock want battle...."

Lord Zarak
2002-06-04, 10:33 PM
Shockwave was still with Timesplitter
"Help me revive one of our lost brothers, It appears that Unicron has begun his attack. Press these two buttons here simultaneously on my mark..."

Swoop asked Sky Lynx to display the co-ordiantes he had inputted. "It is this planet here where we are heading Blaster , the fourth one in this system. It is quite inhospitable, and full of the reasources which we need."
"Pardon me for butting in here", said Sky Lynx, but before we get anywhere, perhaps an introduction to our guest would be apropriate. Swoop, Blaster, Sunstreaker and Brawn, meet Hausa Machienus"

2002-06-04, 11:09 PM
Lockpick shifts and looks away at the minicon's words, one hand immediately running to the long, deep scar across her faceplate.oO(I'm old? I must look like it...). Then she states "Well, its up to you... I'm... not familiar with linking with others willfully. You guys would help me best by watching my back.

Hot Rod anger was growing, "Can't put us in danger! And you can put Lockpick in danger by keeping me here! I have to get to Unicron!" He started to pound on the door, "I bet this thing could scan Lockpick is it wasn't such a coward and got closer!"


With a sudden burst of acceleration it shoots towards the Autobot army.

(OOC - My previous message got lost somehow. If someone wants to take on Taikoon personally, let me know please.))

2002-06-05, 02:10 AM
Blaster and Brawn looked up at the guy Sunstreaker grumbling about chipping his paint on the wall from a rough lift off looking at the bare metal of his arm

Blaster nodded "Hey dude where'd you come from never seen ya before" Blaster said

Brawn wasn't all to thrilled "Well you sure seem fishy to me" A decepticon spy no doubt Brawn thought to himself.

2002-06-05, 02:16 AM

2002-06-05, 08:07 AM
Proximus flitted around agilely. In space, the Cosmobot gestalt was truly in his element. He was faster, and more alert to his surroundings. Swinging his gun around, he unleashed two huge rockets into the nearest ship, ripping through the hull and detonating the fuel store.

Suddenly, some sort of sixth sense kicked in, and he leaped aside, avoiding a blast from the ship behind him. He flew straight upwards to avoid it...


Sixswitch ran after the other six-changer, shunting his guns from subspace while he caught up. As they reached the drop bay, he slammed his hand down on the bay door controls, and the large panels slid aside, revealing the battle beyond.

"Fight like an Autobot, die like one if need be," Sixswitch said seriously, then grinned.
"But hopefully not today. After you."
He motioned to the open drop bay doors.

Lord Zarak
2002-06-05, 03:29 PM
"You don't seem to frie....."
Hausa was prevented from finishing his sentence as Sky Lynx started flying eratically
"Hey", said Swoop, "Whats going on out there?


"WHAT IN THE NAME OF PRIMUS WAS THAT SKY LYNX?! Hausa cried from under Blaster

"We've entered a slight asteroid filed. I suggest you buckle up until we pass it, which will take some time. I'm going to have to find a large one to land upon to plot a course. Sorry guys, I know you wanna get back to Cybertron, but..."

2002-06-05, 04:12 PM
"It seems the Keeper is capable a basic intelligence... and I do mean basic." Hot Rod felt that this course of action was an improvement but not much, Keeper we can't join the Autobot fleet where all the FIGHTING is we'll get SLAGGED!" Hot Rod thought by emphzing those words he would better get the piont across, "...We need to get closer to Unicron, I need to leave and bring Lockpick back with me!"

God Jinrai
2002-06-05, 06:26 PM
Prime came in closer still to the ship's massive exterior, but quickly took notice of the situation... both maximi were set to unleash some kind of fury on the massive battleship...

"Well now... this is a first... "

With those words, Prime dove down, spying the approaching chaosbringer...

"Grand, Fortress... Better make this quick! The Planet killer's nearly in range!"

In the command center of the Maximus ship known as Fortress Maximus, Cerebros left his command post... a main hatch flipped open, and the bot leapt out... the ship began its reconfiguration... finishing with the merging of cerebros with the massive ship... as the head...of fortress maximus...

"Grand! Transform! It's time we dealt with this thing once and for all! Unicron approaches, and we can't afford to waste any more time with this little guppy ship here!"

Drawing his two massive cannons from subspace, Fortress charged headon, preparing his systems for the onslaught of the Harbinger's weapon fire... one arm acting as a shield, the landing ramps folded down over the bottom of the arm, reinforcing it further... the leg mortars came online, swiveling down, and the hip mounted neutron cannons came online as well... charging their energies as fortress charged onward toward the harbinger

2002-06-05, 07:25 PM
Sunstreaker was thrown face first into the wall by the sudden bolt a screeching sound heard, Brawn tossed to his side and Blaster dropped to a knee.

"Hey man watch it, almost like you're tryin to get us killed" Blaster said

Brawn gave a quick Glare to Hausa thinking on what Blaster just said then spoke to Sky lynx "Stop rocking the Boat Sky lynx"

the only word Sunstreaker was "DAMMIT!" looking down at a large scratch going across his chest a though he had been keyed on the hood in car mood.
"LOOK BRO CYBERTRON IS UNDER ATTACK BY SOMEONE!" Death Blade yelled "COME ON WE CAN'T JUST SIT BACK AND WATCH!" the hatch on his cockpit opening

Power Blade hopped out thinking it over both of Cybertron make but how were they to know sides just defend the planet "I KNOW BRO LETS GO!" Power Blade hopped out flying towards the ships attacking Cybertron getting ready to tear holes in the dies and board.... forcefully.

Death Blade transformed his full arcenal out as he fle after his brother towards the nearest ship the same plan as his brother in mind.

(OOC- tell me if any one as a problem with this, thanks! Sky also I need a responce if its okay to go ahead with my character.)

2002-06-06, 02:47 AM
Nightbeat, Minerva, Chromedome, Hosehead, Siren, Hardhead, and Brainstorm: -looking up, watching the battle and seeing the approaching Unicron-

Chromedome and Hardhead: -guns drawn, ready for battle-

Brainstrom: -guns drawn, but a bit more reserved-

Chromedome: "Let's get up there!"

Nightbeat: "No."

Chromedome: "What? Why, commander? The enemy is here!"

Nightbeat: "For one thing, neither I, nor Minerva, Siren, or Hosehead can fly. Second, it's what they want. We all go flying up there to meet the troops that Jhiaxus and his merry little band of maniacs want to get rid of, and they come around and hit our flank, offload troops onto the planet. By the time we reorganize, they'll have dug in, or just started destroying the planet."

Siren: "We don't have the firepower to fight that!"

Roadbuster: -walks up to the group- "We don't, yet. Springer's gone to gather the rest of the Wreckers. We may not stop them, but we will make their lives interesting until backup arrives."

Siren: "Is that we as in 'those of us standing here', or we as in 'us and the Wreckers'?"

Roadbuster: -cheching his ammo and weapons charges- "Six of one and half a dozen of the other."

Siren: "Wonderful."

2002-06-06, 05:59 AM
Taikoon is up with the others, catching a lift on Maximus. But as they draw near, he glances to the others... then leaps out. A guttural, feral scream echoes as he activates his jets and leaps off, towards the nearest opponent.

The opponent fires, and Taikoon takes hits... but Taik hits back a lot harder. With a ruthlessness taht would make most Decepticons proud he spins, foot, then knifehand cracking against the mech's head and neck, and the body drops. With out a pause the green and magenta alien Autobot darts to the next one with the same ferocious, fast killing in mind.

Then Unicron comes into view and he ploughs to a stop halfway through the third opponent. His green optics widen slightly as he spots the huge behemoth overhead..

"Tengooick... Heer Tengooick, Ulateehear." he whispers in awe and fear. His optics flash a moment, a similar flicker coming from his stylized Autobrand as he shoots straight up into the sky on his jetboots, arms held out to either side as he gets a better and better view of what this was... and how to stop it..

He taps his radio, sending a message to Optimus... but his language was inconceivable, even worse than before. It seemed coded, guttural and ragged. But the determined, urgent tone might indicate that he had a plan, and was explaining it... but what was it??

It was hard to tell, and the mech himself wasuncertain about it. Then a swarm of attackers approached him, and he cuts off to lay waste to them again. The plan can wait...

2002-06-06, 06:01 AM

The red ship slows during this, on the brink of battle.

2002-06-06, 07:07 AM
"A basic tactical intelligence it seems, i'd agree with that idea about getting help" Talon said.

"I think that lady Lockpick should be capable of taking care of herself" he added hoping to calm Hotrod down a bit.


Rally saw that the others were drawing weapons.

"If any of you need an extra gun. I'd be happy to oblige" She said as she turned her head upward, then she froze. "He's... even... bigger...then ... I .. feared.." she stammered, her face pale.

Quick Switch
2002-06-06, 03:49 PM
Quick Switch cracked a smile, then dropped out of the hangar bay, out into space.

Blessed Primus protect me from thine enemies, so that I might slay thy foes. For the glory of Vector Sigma, the sacrafice of Alpha Trion and the memory of the Matrix.

The Hexa Changer transformed to starfighter mode, and trained his guns on an oncoming swarm of fighters. He fired at the oncoming waves. He waited for Sixswitch to appear beside him before he would fight in melee...

2002-06-06, 04:12 PM
Hot Rod sat down in a chair, "But getting help... that's a waste of time, I have to get to Unicron!" this was a strange compusion for Hot Rod but he pushed it back for a moment, "But... we should get help... best possiblity to help her. Keeper join the force we'll pull a few ships out for the rescue mission."
Firebolt transfurred himself to the gun implacement and twisted around. "Kinda reminds me of Hot Rod's hood, hope he's doing all right."

2002-06-07, 12:10 AM
Lockpick looks down through the open grate. There, a shuttle was already prepped and waiting for the soldiers to board and join the attack. But she didn't move. Not a single muscle, green optics staring down at it a moment.

Then she states, almost emotionlessly "...no matter the cost."

Then she replaces the4 grill quietly and turns to the others "We're here, our friends are out fighting these guys. I'm... well, I used to be a saboteur. And I think this big guy needs something Sabotaged."

Knowing their answer, she turns, and scoots down another passage.

((Philly pm me if this isn't ok with you!))

2002-06-07, 12:18 AM
Shotbomber put a hand on Rally's shoulder reassuringly as he says "Don't worry. We're safe from him stepping on us... for now. Want to fly with me and Garry? We'll keep an optic on ya!"

Fully fuelled, Sky Garry warmed his duct-taped engines up. It will be a strain, but he wasn't about to sit this battle out!

2002-06-07, 12:54 AM
Roadbuster: "We need a good, solid defensible position. One that won't get blown apart whe they start their main bombardment."

Siren: -watching the explosions raining down around Iacon- "And what do you call this?"

Roadbuster: "They're trying to get us to commit our main forces."

Nightbeat: "Most of which seem to have gone up there already."

Roadbuster: "Fortunately our heavy hitters can take a lot of damage, and deal out even more."

Nightbeat: "Minerva, stay down when the shooting starts. Get the ammo clips ready for our weapons."

Minerva: "I want to be up there with you guys."

Nightbeat: "No. We'l need you to hand out the ammo... and patch us back together. Can't do that if you're up on the front line."

2002-06-07, 12:22 PM
Talon was leaning against a wall, trying his best to remain calm. In reality he was just as worried as Hotrod.


"I'm sure Hotrod is fine. He went to Earth to help Prime get the Minicons and I dont think he can fly so he's probably on the ground somewhere" Bean replied as a shot landed a few meters away. "Damn that was close" he muttered.


"Thanks for the offer Shotbomber, but I think I'll stay down here and help Minerva. I want to stay as far away from that thing as I can" Rally replied with a slightly shaking voice.

2002-06-07, 01:44 PM
"Shields are breaking down!" One of the Cybertronians onboard Harbringer yelled from his monitoring position.

Cryhavoc glanced at the officer in disbelief. "Impossible! Even Maximus class Autobots should be mere annoyances against an X-6 class Cybertronian battlecruiser! Full power to main cannons!"

The crew ran out to fulfill their tasks and soon came the report from the weapons officer. "We are ready commander!"

"Destroy Fortress Maximus!" Cryhavoc roared and pointed at the large Autobot in front of the Harbringer with his claw.

Two fifty meters wide particle beams flashed out from Harbringer's turrets, aimed straight towards the gigantic Autobots.

2002-06-07, 02:10 PM
Shotbomber patted her shoulder and nodded "Very well. But call if you ever need our firepower behind ya', ma'am." he states, turning to run back and dissapears into Sky Garry, who soon roars by overhead towards the fray.

God Jinrai
2002-06-07, 03:33 PM
the Cannon fire lanced out... fort was caught off guard... but not enough off guard... managing to retro boost sideways, the beam lanced through his left waist section... just above the waist cannon... the giant let out a roar of pain... but his optics burnt brighter than ever... fluids seeped from the gaping gash in his side... but the minicon additions were already beginning internal repairs and rerouting of power as temporary means till they were able to further repair the hole...


the two massive cannons rose up in his hands, his left arm shaking from the blast... The mortars, the waist cannons... everything came online... locking onto the main cannon of the harbinger... the giant simultaneously pulled the triggers on the massive cannons ... and fired his onboard weapons as well... four massive beams of sheer force errupted from the barrels, as well as four high energon yield mortar shells from the leg mortars... all on collision courses with the harbinger

2002-06-07, 04:21 PM
Adeara watched as the overly-large Autobot fired on the Harbringer. Now she was getting mad. Reaching out with her mind, Adeara told all ships to fire on Fortress Maximus. As she did so, all ships in range locked on, and opened fire. While they fired, Adeara did everything she could to either deflect, block or destroy all incomming fire. Of course, she couldn't stop everything....But what did get through were slightly weakened. Now all she could do was wait and see how much damage the ships did to Maximus.....

2002-06-07, 05:11 PM
Death Blade and Power Blade closed in on a now firing ship towards the large autobot surface. "The hell is that air lock" Power Blade said angerily.

Death Blade extended his hand and pointed "There"

"I don't see anything?"

"Niether do I.... Yet" Death Blade finished as two missels rocketed out impacting on the side of the ship causing an explosion and a hole in the side.

"Shoulda known" Power Blade said rocket on towards the ship Death Blade beside him the dark autobots getting ready to raise some hell.

[Tag anyone controlling the ships willing to stop them, PM me first so we can get a battle or something like that going]

2002-06-07, 08:35 PM
Grand sneered behind his battlemask. Fortress was taking a pounding of his own, though he continued to fight on. Grand's fist clenched for a moment. Suddenly, it evaported and dove for the control panel's Big Red Button, but he stopped just above the glass.

No, you can't go now. They'll need you for when it arrives. Have some faith in yourself - with the Mini-Cons on the hull, you can save Fortress even without the Master Sword.

His hand slowly returned to the guidance quadrant of the panel, but he was hurried along when he spotted...

"Return fire, Mini-Cons!"

Again the ship's exterior glowed and in seconds (much less time than the first volley, as the armaments were by then warm) burst with those same green-white blades of energy. Not having to concentrate on the accuracy of the weapons systems, Grand slammed the throttle, throwing his craft in the line of the few shots that could defeat the Mini-Cons' assault. The blasts rocked the underbelly of the craft, but little real damage was done. Grand smirked inwardly, pointing his indigenous weaponry toward the fleet of encroaching Cybertronian ships.

"Together, Fortress! Now!"

You can imagine what comes next.

2002-06-08, 01:27 AM
his generals around hims, Skywarp, Cyclonus, and his top man Gigatron.

Galvatron: "No...we will not rush head long into this foolish attack. Unicron is coming up in the rear...as is Jhiaxus. I will crush both he and Optitron alone...Gigatron...I place the bulk of our forces in your command...Cyclonus you and your minicon will remain with him until Unicron appears...then you will launch your attack. Skywarp...take some troops and deal with Sixshot...do not destroy him though...he will be made to see the light once more. As for me...I will crush the Liege's generals...then I will exterminate the Liege himself...Gigatron...the troops are yours."

Transforming into his jet mode, Galvatron went in search of Jhiaxus and Optitron.

Pointblank stepped up to Gigatron: "you're actually going to let the single most powerful Decepticon go off to face two of the other most powerful Decepticons on his own?"
The Liege had heard all the threats from the pathetic Transformers who stalked his forces.

Bludgeon...deal with the insects...
Unicron now hovered just over the planet's surface...waiting...

2002-06-08, 02:31 AM
Nightbeat: -looking up at Unicron- "I have a bad feeling about this."

Brainstorm: -looking up at Unicron- "That looks like a moon."

Hosehead: "That's no moon, that's a battle station."

Chromedome: "Would you guys can the Star Wars quotes?"

Siren: "That's no battle station.... Battle station would have opened fire by now. That looks like Saturn."

Hardhead: "Saturn doesn't look that mechanical. And has more than one ring."

Minerva: "The one ring would come in handy right about now....."

Roadbuster: -listening to the conversation in amazement- "How do you people do anything? They're talking like this is a normal day for them."

Nightbeat: "We've seen stranger." -thinks- "Not much stranger, mind you, but stranger."

2002-06-08, 03:10 AM
Hatemunger looked at the battle around him and though.

"Looks like the battle here is going well I should return to my Decepticon brothers and plan." He fired several more blasts with his fusion cannons then changed direction to the surface.

God Jinrai
2002-06-08, 03:31 AM
fortress had taken a beating... his entire hull was riddled with weapons fire... black splotches, holes in the hull... suddenly came the support fire from grand... and fortress suddenly remembered his one trump...

The head disengaged, and abruptly the bot reverted to ship mode... Cerebros quickly made his way inside to the command center... it was time to test the new modification he'd made...

punching the throttle to max, the battlefortress closed in rapidly upon its assailants...

"Shields to maximum... INITIATE MAXIMUS STRIKE!"

The ends of the battle ship swung open... the battle droids standing ready, stockpiled with hydrogen bomb type warhead missiles... and all at once... the full payload was unleashed... missles swarmed from the launch bays, streaking across the darkness of space... set to completely erradicate their targets

2002-06-08, 11:23 AM
Well... this was a diversion anyways... Cryhavoc thought as volley after volley of missiles teared their way through the first assault wave.

"Sir! We are done for!" Came a desperate scream from the computer consoles of Harbringer's command bridge just before it exploded into firestorm.

My work here is done. Cryhavoc thought and activated a teleportation device which send him into the bridge of Unicron where Jhiaxus was located.

"The first wave has been destroyed sire." Cryhavoc stated with his netherwordly voice.

2002-06-08, 02:30 PM
Extreme kup sees the headmasters looking at unicron.

then he transforms into robot mode and tells them, "What are you guys looking at unicron for???"

then he sees something escape unicron

"what the hell was that?!",extreme kup said to the others looking at unicron. , "We better check on that thing."

2002-06-08, 04:04 PM
Hot Rod sat back staring at Unicron, his desire to get to Unicron increasing, "Wouldn't Lockpick contact us if she was all right?" Hot Rod got back up, Keeper you can get the backup, I have to get Lockpick!" Hot Rod turned to leave.
Javelin paced back and forth, The least Maximo could do is send a minion after me... Javelin thought his part in Transformer past would deserve an audiance, "Looks like I'll have to earn the privalge of challengeing Maximo."

2002-06-08, 04:45 PM
Rally heard the comments about Star Wars.

"Actually, The Death Star would come in handy right about now. And if we REALLY want alot of punch, they we could use quite a few things from a few anime, maybe an SDF with it's cannons and missle batterries" she then saw one of the Maximi unleash a missile salvo. "Nevermind, we already have 1 of those"


Bean could see Iacon approaching fast.
"Almost there, Firebolt" he said. Then he saw a rather large crater right in their path. "Hold on, we're gonna grab some air" he said as he pushed the accelerator down as far as it could go. He had every intention to jump across the crater.

Lord Zarak
2002-06-08, 07:51 PM
Axer was trying to be of some use, but could not find a place to fire his weapons
"Anybody got need for a few extra shots, coz I'm all alone and need some action!"

OOC- does Timesplitter still exist?

2002-06-08, 09:45 PM
as he looked down upon Cryhavoc.

They fight well...and the addition of the lost minicons was unexpected...i fear we may have underestimated Prime and Galvatron's resourcefulness...the second wave is in full attack...join Jhiaxus on the surface Cryhavoc...I myself will join you momentarily.

The Liege pushed a button and the side of Unicron opened...several troop transports launched and the Liege himself moved down to the surface of the planet.

Await my orders to attack Unicron...


On the surface of Cybertron, Jhiaxus and Optitron had dispatched the bulk of the forces...when suddenly a jet tore into both of them knocking Jhiaxus nearly into orbit.

Galvatron transformed and landed on the ground...supercharged and ready for a kill.

Galvatron: "Oh Optitron...how it pleases me that you will be the first..."

Optitron: "Have you already forgotten false leader the thrashing you received last time?"

Galvatron: "Last time you were supercharged on Hypergon...this time...you have no such advantage...and I am redesigned..."

Optritron knew Galvatron was right...he had no jet mode before...something was wrong...still it was time to bury this ghost once and for all...victory could only be attained with Galvatron's death...and this time the death would be permanent...the two titans charged...engaged in their final conflict.

2002-06-09, 12:50 AM
(ooc- :rolleyes: )

Death Blade and Power Blade both boarded the shuttle making their way to the front picking off robotsn running forward trying to stop them, both just smaller then Jetfire and their weapons blazing peircing the metal of the robots.

"I remember it being alot harder then this" Death Blade said

"No you don't you just havn't done it in so long youy are taking glee in it"

"Oh yeah thats right bro" he said with a small laugh letting his weapon fire off a few more time starting to advance into sword range.

2002-06-09, 01:48 AM
Roadbuster: -raises linear blaster and laser rifle- "Drop ships incoming!"

Nightbeat: -checking plasma rifle- "You wanted targets, Axer? Here they come!"

Hardhead: -transforms to tank mode, locks main gun on lead dropship's engins, flings 3 H.E.A.A.(high explosive anti-armor) rounds at the dropship's engines-

Minerva: "And so it begins."

Siren: "It began a while ago, actually."

2002-06-09, 02:22 AM
"well I know one thing", Extreme Kup said while he gets his gun, "its time to kill"

2002-06-09, 03:57 PM
Gigatron glared shortly at Pointblank, crossed his arms, and stared into the imposing sky, and directly into Unicron.

"He has a mission, Autobot. Just as we have a mission. Now, I want everyone available on this spot in two breems. Cyclonus, gather the Decepticons; Pointblank, the Autobots. We've one chance for this, and I need as much a concentration as we can muster for our mutual survival. Now go. And return on time!"

God Jinrai
2002-06-09, 04:01 PM
not a moment before the harbinger errupted in a massive ball of flame, prime boosted away... sensing something was amiss, he spied dropships from the chaosbringer...
"They're... finally comming...." he muttered...

Spining in mid flight, he rocketed back toward cybertron, well on his way to meet the oncomming menace...

meanwhile... Jinrai was cutting loose with all he had... but had yet to unleash his trump... he planned to save that for unicron... or even the liege himself... Laser fire rained from his huge form, tearing one ship apart, then another, and antoher... already the second wave was well on its way to destruction...

2002-06-09, 04:15 PM
The Cosmobots were now seperated, having been blown apart by the Harbinger. They were now fighing alone, Thorr, Mercury and Sun Runner in starship modes, the others in robot form. Flitting around, they didn't do much damage to the huge enemy fleet, but they provided a valuable destraction from the bigger Autobots.


"Gotcha! Let's go!" Sixswitch dived through the drop bay doors, and transformed into fighter mode before following Quick Switch. His weapons reported ready, engines at optimal performace, and he was ready to fight the good fight. Boosting forward, he joined Quick Switch as they entered weapons range.

2002-06-09, 06:03 PM
Adeara watched as the Harbringer exploded. Knowing Cryhavoc would have had an escape plan, Adeara took off for Unicron's bridge. Once there, she returned to her Cybertronian form, and approached Leige Maximo. She saw no sign of Cryhavoc, and assumed he had already arrived and was taking care of his next orders.

"My Leige, what are your orders, sir?" Again, Adeara recieved an odd sensation of deja vu confronting Maximo. It confused her greatly as she saw the flash of a figure hidden by shadows during her....alteration. While she waited, Adeara simply quieted her thoughts and mind, entering a state many called 'emotionally dead', but which she called 'battle readiness'.

2002-06-09, 07:04 PM
Pointblank shook his head and took his commlink: "All available Autobots converge on my location...Gigatron is planning a secondary front against the Cybertronians!"
The Liege sent a message to Adeara as his ship and troops took off from Unicron.

Take the third and fourth regiments to the surface Adeara and direct your attack upon Iacon...try to hit the forces consolidated there...Unicron will be dispatched shortly.

2002-06-09, 07:19 PM
Death Blade set up the chages in the side of the ship damaged bodies of robots were strewn all around both brothers scorched and scared from the battle but nothing that could really slow them down.

"All set" Death Blade said hopping out of the hole Power Blad following both flying as fast as they could toards Cybertron

"How long?" Power Blade asked.

"That ship should be impared in a few seconds"

Power Blade nodded as one of the ships attack Cybertron suddeny had a huge chunk of it's side blown out

"There it is" Power Blade laughed

Within Iacon Jazz was firing off his flame thrower in laser mode trying to hit everything and anything he could. "Damn man this is like trying to shoot fish in the open sea"

Lord Zarak
2002-06-09, 07:25 PM
"Guys", said Sky Lynx, "I have a feeling we may be here for some time. This field is just to dense to risk flying into at the moment"
This announcement was met with a groan from Swoop.
"We may be too late, isnt there anything you can do?"

"I'm sorry Swoop no, we would be risking not only our lives, but the lives of all the Transformers if we did anything to risk this mission"

2002-06-09, 07:28 PM
Talon turned to Hotrod. "I'll stay inside, I doubt that an empty ship will be able to get help" he said.


Bean smiled as he drove over a ramp and jumped across the crater. ("I haven't had this much fun since playing cops & robbers with Percy") he thought as his car landed with a bump. Bean slammed on the brakes, and came screeching to a halt near Rally.
"Hey Rally, you called?" he asked.

Rally turned towards Bean. "I did" was all she said as she pointed upward. Bean tilted his head and saw the looming form of Unicron. "So the Liege is here, huh. Well let's show him who's boss around here!" Bean said. Rally was about to say something about that being suicide when she spotted a gun resting on the gunmount. "And if you get a new partner, tell me next time ok?" she said with a stare that could have killed. Bean gulped. "Rally, meet Firebolt. Firebolt, this is Rally my partner. And Rally, he's not my new partner, I gave him a lift to Iacon.

Quick Switch
2002-06-09, 08:43 PM
Quick Switch heard Pointblank's transmission.

"Let's move," he told Sixswitch.

(OOC: Where exactly is Pointblank? Inside Maximus, outside, what?)

2002-06-09, 08:46 PM
Adeara nodded in acceptence of her new orders, then hurried to where the third and fourth regiments were stationed. "Alright....We have been ordered to attack the forces of Iacon. We leave immediately!" Adeara then began the assault on Iacon..........

2002-06-09, 08:54 PM
The creature sat within the cockpit of his ship listening in with utmost ease. "Blastrix was right they are advanced but nothing like us" the creature said to himself.

"It is time to gain their trust" The Zephyre de-cloaked he had caused this shower to start before them and now he would end it as Condensed Laser and meltingly hot plasma fired out ripping the asteroids apart with ease Karandras grinning wickedly opening up a communication line

"This is Karandras Nemekilee Pheonix Lord of the Striking Scorpions" He spoke as Blaster more the capably recieved and relayed to the rest of the group.
"I bear all the supplies you requier we may return to your home planet of Cybertron that is Under Attack now"

A wicked grin ecompased Karandras lips, they would undoubtedly take the bait with that final line and then his little plan could begin.

2002-06-10, 12:31 AM
Hardhead: -fires another salvo at the first dropship's engines,switches aim to second dropship, fires again-

Nightbeat, Roadbuster, Siren, Hosehead, Chromedome, and Brainstorm: -firing at the ground troops heading for Iacon-

(So do we just say that we're blowing them up,or is somebody running the opposition groundtroops?)

2002-06-10, 01:23 AM
Kup fires at the ground troops that are incoming at iacon
"...I wish i had my target master gun now", Extreme Kup said while firing at the cybertronians

2002-06-10, 05:10 AM
(OOC: Pointblank and Gigatron are near the landing bays where Maximus landed outside of Iacon.)

2002-06-10, 05:35 AM
Jazz shook his head "Awe man of all the times for an attack on Iacon" he groaned firing out into the fray of cybertronians keeping hidden behind a wall after firing.

"COME ON IACON'S UNDER ATTACK!" Death Blade yelled letting missels and laser impact into the cybertronians

Power Blade nodded transforming into vehicle modekeepinstop down falling to the planet "DEATH BLADE GET IN" he yelled over the explosions as he hit the surface Death Blade hopped in and they drove towards the attacking cybertronians lasers and misles flaring off from them.

2002-06-10, 04:38 PM
A completely pitch-black ship, resembling closely average size Decepticon battlecruisers was speeding its way towards planet Cybertron, dodging the random shot from the enemy crafts.

Join Jhiaxus on surface... I should have been there in the very beginning! Fighting alongside my father instead of acting as cannonfodder in space, with those blasted scrap piles that didn't last more than few astroseconds against the defenders of Cybertron! Well I'll show them all... The spacecraft known as Cryhavoc thought.

"Sensor sweep... searching for Jhiaxus' location... match found... entering Cybertron's atmosphere..."

Cybertron's atmosphere was relatively easy to fly through and caused the powerful Cybertronian Decepticon no problems... but those on the surface... they would suffer.

Cryhavoc dived down towards Galvatron and Optitron with his numerous sonic cannons crying out havoc remorselessly upon the enemies of the Liege Maximo...


Trypticon was getting over excited. Keeping himself in city mode to fool the attackers ignore him was getting tedious. He lunged for battle.

"Trypticon to Gigatron! When I can join the fray?"

2002-06-10, 05:08 PM
(OOC: Finally, The Ghost has returned to the RPG! No reason not to come in at the perfect time, Optitron vs. Galvatron II. Let's kick it!)

As he ignited the accelerator thrusters in his boots and shot forward, Optitron glared directly into Galvatron's optics, where he could see a burning hatred the likes of which no Transformer had ever before possessed. Optitron knew that to defeat Galvatron was unheard-of, and that on the Decepticon shuttle Optitron had done the impossible. He had defeated Galvatron, one-on-one. But to defeat Galvatron and not kill him was folly, to be sure, and Galvatron looked poised to make certain that the defeat would not be repeated.

Realizing that Galvy's momentum would be too much, Optitron ignited the brakes and skidded to a halt, hoping to catch Galvy as he came in.

Quick Switch
2002-06-10, 05:37 PM
Quick Switch rocketed toward the landing bays in accordance with Pointblank's instructions.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-06-10, 07:33 PM
Sixshot still stood aboard Unicron, on the bridge looking out, now in his robot form, his trigger finger itched as he watched the battle and cybertronian fleets fly throughout the atmosphere of Cybertron.

"My Liege, might I request a ground assault, there appears to be yet more opportunity to carve a path through there as the aerial attacks continue. The fools appear to focus their strongest *laughs* warriors in space battle...."


Skywarp heard Galvatron's command....

"Yes my Lord..."

**Squadron Vengeance, with me**

Skywarp ran and transformed jetting off to join the space battle.


Grimlock watched as the battle tore on infront of him, he opened a comm channel.

**This is Dinobot commander Grimlock calling Dinobots, prepare for battle**

2002-06-10, 11:18 PM
Adeara cursed in her own tongue as she and her troops were fired upon. Drawing her sword, she cried, "Take no prisoners!" and ran into combat, going straight from the first defender she saw (Extreme-Kup), her sword flashign as it speeded towards him.......

2002-06-11, 01:59 AM
"huh?" extreme kup said as he saw something coming towards him and then he quickly jumped into the air and fires at the robot

"hows that you old lady?!", extreme Kup said as he fired a blast at Adeara

"now this is what i call a battle!", extreme kup thought, "way better than the old days!"

2002-06-11, 02:30 AM
Roadbuster: -unleashing salvo after salvo from his shrapnel cannon, linear blaster and laser rifle, blasting away at the G2 Cybertronians(or whatever they're called)- "And I thought it would be over too soon....."

Hardhead: -swivels main gun down, starts firing H.E.A.A. rounds and blasts from his shatterblasters into the advancing army-

Chromedome: -blasting away with lase rifles at advancing army-

Siren and Hosehead: -also firing away-

Nightbeat: -blasting away- "You do realize that there's too many of them."

Roadbuster: "As long as I have weapons, there ain't nearly enough."

2002-06-11, 02:33 AM
"nonsense', extreme kup saod after landing on his feet and starts firing away at the incoming g2 cybertronians, "even if there too many we can still kill them all!"

2002-06-11, 02:43 AM
OOC: No this isn't my official return. Just sorta a "I'm still alive" post. Damn finals. I'll be back full scale on friday or there abouts. Now, to the real purpose....

"This is Cyclonus, All Available Decepticons report to the area outside of Iacon immediatly. This is a matter of survival. If you don't get there yesterday, it'll be a toss up between me and Unicron for who gets to you first. NOW MOVE!"

2002-06-11, 03:08 AM
Death Blade looked up seeing Skywarp and other people taking off looking to his bro as he slashes through another Cybretronian.

"BRO I'LL BE BACK!" Death Blade yelled taking to the sky Transforming and teleporting towards skywarp catching up with him fast then accelerating all weapons "Hey on coming black odd shaped seeker jet This is DEath Blade of the Autobots want some help?" Death Blade radioed Skywarp

2002-06-11, 03:53 AM
Kup's blast hit Adeara in the shoulder, but he didn't block the sword, which stopped only inches from his head.

"Old lady am I? Just for that, I'll make your death even more painful that what I already had in mind!" Pulling the sworrd back, she took a step back, and swung the sword straight for gunarm, hoping he tried to shoot her again. She had a trick up her sleeve.

Around Adeara and Kup, the ground forces are taking their toll on many of the defenders. Nameless defenders dropped before the overwhelming numbers of attackers. Sooner or later, the defenses would fall, and Iacon would bnelong to Maximo's forces....

2002-06-11, 04:07 AM
Jazz melted many attackers down with his flame thrower when he looked up and saw Adeara and Kup fighting. He punched an attacker aside and rolled away from a stray blast switching his Flame thrower to laser mode and firing at Adeara's back hopping back to his feet abefore getting knocked off his feet by a blast from an attacker in the crowd. "Hey man watch it" Jazz cried shaking his head from the ground.

2002-06-11, 04:50 AM
"AARRGGH!!! no one shall take my life ever again!!! That includes you" , extreme kup said to Adeara who was hit by jazz's blast and he knocked her off her feet with an arm throw.

"...this is not good", extreme kup thought as he sees a lot of cybertronians infront of him and he grabs his arm that holds his blaster.

"nevetheless....", he said while grabbing a explosive and juping in the air, "You'll all die!"

then he thorwed the explosive on a cybertronian and it sticked in the cybertronian's back and it exploded and after the explosion...the cybertronians near the cybertronian with a bomb got blown to bits.

Then Kup landed beside the headmasters

"so...any luck on taking out a few cybertronians?", he asked them, " i know i did :D "

then he reattaches his arm back
"At least i escaped death yet again", he thought , "but how many more times?"

2002-06-11, 06:22 AM
Lockpick continued down the tunnel until she reached the room that Javelin climbed into. Then, she lays down, one audial to the grate as she listens intently. Good, it was empty. No doubt most people were attackingn by now. Again, she opens the grate and places one hand on each side. She very carefully peeks out of the ceiling at the room, scanning it in an instant with her optics before jerking her head back.

A moment later, her red body slides down with utter silence, rubbered feet landingwithout a sound on the floor. Then she looks up at the two Minicons, making a signal, that she HOPES they knew meant 'stay'.

She looks around, noting a nearby door. Knowing she was near the core, she slipped towards it, her red armor's scars and engravings scattering and absorping light, making her nigh invisible, almost. She pauses at the door, checking for guards.

Lord Zarak
2002-06-11, 11:10 AM
"Striking Scorpions..." Sky Lynx said to himself. "How would they know about our need for supplies and the attack of Unicron? Blaster should we accept?

2002-06-11, 01:15 PM
Hatemunger heard Cyclonus.

"Idontknow what he means." Hatemunger thought.

He then got onto his com-link and watched the sky.

"Does anyone know when the reinforcements from Earth will arrive?" He asked.

2002-06-11, 02:06 PM
Sixswitch followed behind Quick Switch, transforming into robot mode as he landed on the surface.
"I'm here too, Pointblank," he nodded to the Autobot who he'd worked with on Earth.
"You mentioned something about getting inside Unicron?"

He turned, and looked up at Gigatron.
"You'll be joining us on this mission, I assume. What does it involve?"

2002-06-11, 04:47 PM
Hot Rod saluted to Talon and ran out of the bridge, he would save Lockpick, no matter what. "Keeper open outside hatch, I'm going after Lockpick!"

Javelin starting drawing pictures on the floor useing the blade. "Stupid Maximo." Javelin would need to track down someone and fight them so he could get noticed, he got up and started the search.

(ooc: Isn't Bludgeon supposed to go after Javelin)

Wreckage tried to follow Lockpick but Knockout held him back. Knockout shook his head I dunno where he got his brains from...

2002-06-11, 07:35 PM
Blaster shrugged then went to speak but was cut off by Brawn. "WHO CARES!?!? IF CYBERTRON IS UNDER ATTACK I WANNA GET BACK THERE AND KICK SOME BUTT!" Sunstreaker nodded in agreement "Yeah anything to get my mind off my ruined paint job"

Blaster nodded "Well as much as we don't know this guy I'd hate for all our friends on cybertron to die" he replied to Sky Lynx.

Karandras smirked "I knew with that they wouldn't ask questions just wanting to get home, typical of this race Blastrix had their mentality pinned" he tried not to laugh then spoke into the comm-line again "Follow me" he said .

2002-06-11, 11:24 PM
(...I love it how people assume that attacks automatically hit without a chance to avoid/block.)

Jazz's blast knocked her off balance, and added to the damage she had recieved from Kup's first attack, which made her one arm now almost completely useless. Luckily, she didn't really need it. Because of being so off balance, Adeara fell when Kup tripped her, the blast not doing much damage to her. Picking herself up, Adeara growled. "Now I'm really mad." Fire began swirling around her, the flames growing in size and heat as her anger grew. When the flames were the size of Kup's head, half flew at Kup, while the other half flew at Jazz.

2002-06-12, 12:26 AM
Jazz looked up shocked at the site of fire coming at him "Uh Oh the tune I'll be singin' ain't gonna be so hot unless I can do something" he muttered.

And in all of his craftyness of being a covert ops officer he ducked doing the splits the fire ball sailing over head as he switched his laser rifle back to flame thrower mode. "You wanna play with fire? Here ya go" anfd let a ball of fire fly towards Adeara getting back to his feet byt doing a spinorooni (or however Booker T spells it)

2002-06-12, 12:47 AM
Hatemunger watched the battle ensue.

"The first wave had to be to test our defenses, I have a feeling the second one will be far more lethal." He said not really caring if any of the transformers milling around heard him or not.

He then looked at the minicons that were about.

I wonder what they can do? he thought.

2002-06-12, 01:10 AM
Finally, the Keeper opened the hatch, decompressing the airlock in the same moment as it intones "SITUATION: DANGEROUS. KEEPER OF THE DUSK APPLES WILL DEFEND CAPTAIN HOT ROD AS ORDERED"

Lockpick checks the corridor - clear. Then she moves down it, a liquid shadow as she tries to think of where some important equipment might be... its hard without a map, really. Finally, she sinks into a shadow and waits, hoping to get a clue from perhaps, a passerby.

2002-06-12, 01:50 AM
"what the...", extreme kup said as he turned around "HEADS UP GUYS!!!", he said to the others beside him while he ducked to avoid the flame

"What the F*** is this???? medievil times?!", he screamed in a pissed mood then he starts firing at the cybertronians again.

2002-06-12, 03:13 AM
Galvatron charged in towards Optitron, flying at full speed.

Pointblank sent signal to Gigatron: "Message sent, Autobots relaying on our postion...its now or never I would say!"


Elsewhere, the Liege's craft landed on Cybertron. He sent word to Sixshot: "
Commence you ground attack...wipe them out...all of them! "

Quick Switch
2002-06-12, 03:29 AM
Quick Switch transformed, and listened quitely as Sixswitch queried the command element.



(OOC: Again, any problems, tell me.)

Dirge bolted through the conference room door.

"Combiner teams! Scramble!"

Onslaught rose at once.

"Decepticons, it is time to repel the rebels! Skyblade, to battle!" The Combaticons left the conference room.

Scrapper clasped Dirge on the shoulder.

"If we do not see each other, tell Astrotrain we tried."

The Constructicons filed out, followed by the Predacons.


Dirge returned to the commander center.

"It's done."

Astrotrain pressed the loudspeaker.

"Combiner teams, merge at once. Cyclonus reports that Unicron is preparing to assault Iacon proper. The Liege Maximo's forces also are landing...fan out. Scan. Destroy any resistance fighters."

Astrotrain flicked off the feed. He looked up at Soundwave and Scourge.

"Both of you, if you wish to remain and coordinate Metrotitan's defense, I understand. If you wish to join the attack, then do so."

The City Commander pressed another button on his comm system.

"Black Zarak, arise and head into battle at once!"

Astrotrain sat back in his chair.

"Metrotitan, remain in robot mode. Activate defense systems and flight modes..."

"Activated." Metrotitan boombed, and fell into a fighting stance.


Leaving Metrotitan, the combiner teams merged.

Bruticus and Devestator flew into the air, waiting for the ships to unload their troops.

"When they land, Bruticus crush rebels!"

"Wrong- Devestator shall devestate rebels!"

2002-06-12, 04:00 AM
Gigatron smirked at Sixswitch's apparent jubilance. He couldn't help himself; it amazed him that such ignorance to the apocolypse could be mustered when death is hanging in the sky, waiting to strike. His fingers fidgeted anxiously, devoid of the sword usually wielded between. He'd missed Unicron's coming the last time. What a thrill...

"Of course I'll be joining you, Autobot. I'm leading the expidition myself!"

Gigatron professionally turned to face the Chaos Bringer and pointed in its direction. Of course, he knew that his literal instruction would have little bearing on the soldiers' perception of the plan, but he was (partially) confident in their imaginations.

"Judging by the previous attack by Unicron, we have learned that the beast, while much more agile, has several weak points in robot mode that he lacks as a planet. The popular method of infiltration in 2005 was the face."

He turned back to the troops, crossing his arms.

"Method is of little concern; I want results. We will get inside Unicron and pick away at his vulnerable interior. Optimus Prime theorizes that the Matrix will be of little use this time, so we're counting on the Mini-Cons to get the job done. Once inside, Cyclonus will run a quick test - blasting away at some organs, something simple like that - on this battle plan. If it fails..."

Gigatron eyed up the troops.

"Then we fight like hell just the same. Now, I want everyone in the air. Unicron will likely have transformed by the time we arrive, and with his speed advantages, we have little time to let him dawdle. Autobots, Decepticons, transform!"

He began to drop into Deviljet mode, but stopped as he spotted an approacher...

"Hmmm... Pointblank, lead them into battle. It seems Maximo has sent the cavalry to slow us down. Take Trypticon for cover fire while you get inside Unicron. I'll be with you shortly."

Not waiting for the soldiers to question him (nor expecting any to follow), he dashed off to meet the slowly encroaching enemy halfway. He stopped with a few hundred meters between himself and the enemy, challenging the showdown.

2002-06-12, 04:19 AM
OOC who is in the Unicron inside attack party?

Skyblade didn't need to be told twice what to do.

"Aerialcons! Crashticons! Let's to wipe the floor with these guys!" He yelled as the Aerialcons merge into Skyrender.

"You heard him boys let's rock!" Scrapheap smiled as the Crashticons merged into Karrnage.

The Aerialcons flew in the air, dual megacannons shearing through many enemy fighters.

The Crashticons took to the ground. Karrnage fired his gattling cannon and a volley of rockets at the enemy fighters.

"Aerialcons smash air! Karrnage smash ground! Autobots and Decepticons smash all!" Karrnage cheered unleashing his fury on all around him.

"Easy big fellow save some ammo for the main threat Unicron. Sides we need to be able to merge into Dominator if needed as well." Skyrender shouted.

"Oh yeah we smash planet too!" Karrnage cheered agian.

"Yeah we will smash the planet." Skyrender smiled.

Skystalker got into his shuttle and took off right into the fray opening fire with his lasers missles and otherwise.

Darklark and Stealth saw a familar face on the ground.
"Hatemugner!" Stealth shouted as him and Darklark ran towards their commander.

"Stealth, Darklark, I see the Aerialcons and Crashticons as well as yourselves made it through Earth." Hatemunger laughed.

"Yeah but will we survive this!?" Stealth said Darklark was reading his rather large assortment of weapons.

"Don't matter to me as long as I wipe out some of the enemy." Darklark smiled cocking one of his plamsa rifles.

"We will surivive this." Hatemunger said. "Come one let's go to the front we can help with the defense of Iacon." He said as the three con's ran towards the battle. Stealth as always cloaking and drawing his energon daggers Darklark firing away and Hatemunger unleashing several blasts from his fusion cannons.

2002-06-12, 06:29 AM

Lord Zarak
2002-06-12, 09:21 AM
Shockwave heard the command of Cyclonus, and questioned it.
If I stay hear, the chance of my life being extended is far greater then attacking Unicron head on. Logic dictates that I stay hear to survive as long as I can. Yet logic also dictates that I should go and help attack Unicron, which can only be done with logic After what seemed a lifetime (2-3 seconds human time) he decided to go and help his comrades.
As he came out of the vault where the stasis pods were kept, he saw a battle station outside.

"Intruder, identify yourself"

A few seconds past

"I thought you could do with a lift"

"I ask a second time. I wil not ask a third." With this he transformed into his gun mode

"OK, OK, calm down Shockers, my name is Axer, a Decepticon Action Master. I heard Cyclonus, and I heard you were down hear and I came down to offer you a lift to Iacon"

"Your offer will be accepted. It is logical to notify Cyclonus of our impending arrival. Let us depart."


"Karandras , this is Sky Lynx. Your offer is extremely generous and we accept it whole-heartedly. Come on board."

"I hope we are doing the right thing" Swoop said

2002-06-12, 11:30 AM
Nightbeat, Roadbuster, Siren, Hosehead, Chromedome, Hardhead, and Brainstorm: -flinging all kinds of ordinance at the slowly dwindling numbers of G2 Cybertronians-

Nightbeat: "How many people can they carry on those dropships, anyway?"

Brainstorm: "Well, given their apparent troop holding capacity, I'd guess-"

Nightbeat: "It's a rhetorical question!"

Roadbuster: -in one smooth motion, tosses laser rifle to Minerva and pulls grenade launcher from leg holster- "Might need you up here after all, kid. Recharge that rifle's power pack."

Minerva: -looks at rifle like it's a skunk, plugs charger into it- "Right." -pulls stun blaster-

Roadbuster: "Forget the stun rifle. Not enough power."

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-06-12, 11:39 AM
"Death Blade.....odd name for an Autobot. Very well, focus your attack on Unicron, let the others deal with the ships...."


(ooc - Flec, anytime soon?)

Springer continued searching throughout Cybertron, trying to track down the missing Wreckers....he knew that time was running out...


"Yes my Liege......." Sixshot transformed to his starfighter mode and blasted off Unicron and swiftly made his way to Cybertron's surface.

He landed close to the Maximo's shuttle in order to provide covering fire...


Grimlock trudged up to Roadbuster's position...

"This enough power?"

Grimlock mused as he pulled his dual rocket launcher from subspace and atomised a pack of oncoming Cybertronians...

2002-06-12, 12:36 PM
Jazz's fire bomb didn't do much damage to the Ta'Kaalen....But then again, she was joined with a fire bird. A deep-seated chuckle rang from the shapeshifter. This was going to be good. Not only did she have 2 toys to play with, but she was having fun! That hadn't happened in a long time. As both of her 'playmates' dodged the flames, Adeara switched tactics. Instead of singular flames, it was a wave of super-intense fire that flew at both Kup and Jazz!

(Remember, you two have to take some hits, and this intense of a flame will cause some damage even if it just passes your character!)

2002-06-12, 01:10 PM
(OOC: OK! I will get hit...but whos fighting who??? autobots vs decepticons and cybertronians??? or autobot and decepticons vs Cybertronians?)

"DAMN!", extreme Kup said as the flames hit the ground behind him sending him flying and fall on the ground very hard

"AAAHH!!! MY BODYS ON FIRE MY BODYS ON FIRE!!!!", he screamed as he rolled on the ground to put if off.

"ughn...and I thought THIS was my better version", he thought as he got up and tries to shake the cob webs , "imporved version my @$$!!!! I almost got smelted!

2002-06-12, 03:25 PM
OOC Extreme-Kup right now it's the alliance of the Bots and Cons vs the Cybertronians or Rogue Decepiticons: Jhixaus, Optiron, Sixshot, Andrea, Bludgon and Cryhavoc with Unicron and a rather massive army of foddler err ships :)

2002-06-12, 04:05 PM
(ooc: Philcom I hope you dont mind me borrowing Firebolt)

"We can finish the introductions later, right now we have bigger things to worry about" Bean said as he transformed into Bandit.

"I just hope Hot rod is alright" Firebolt said as he transfered from the gunmount to Bandit's left hand.

"Your right Bean, lets show them what we got!" Rally said as she transformed and landed in Bandit's right hand.

Bandit took aim at the approaching cybertronians, Firebolt and Rally taking out a number of them in moments.

2002-06-12, 05:51 PM
Roadbuster: "Probably, Gimlock."

Siren: "Darn pesky kids. They're trampling the grass." -yells at G2 Cybertronians- "GET OFF MY LAWN, YOU BRATS!!!"

2002-06-12, 05:58 PM
(1. Kup, that flame wave was hot enough to melt the bones of a human, how can you get away with simply getting blown off your feet?

2. My character's name is NOT Andrea. Its A D E A R A.)

2002-06-12, 06:41 PM
As Galvatron sped forward and braced for the collision, Optitron fell to a knee and grabbed Galvatron by the chest with one hand and by the leg with the other, then flipped him forward and drove him face-first into the Cybertronic ground!

Optitron: Seems you haven't learned a thing since the last time I desroyed you, Galvatron. When will you realize that the creator of the Renegades and I is far more sophisticated than yours, and that I was built specifically to eradicate the very lifeforms, like yourself, who fail to see my supremacy?!?

Optitron reared back and released enormous arm-mounted blades, then rushed forward at his fellow Decepticon leader and swung his left blade.

2002-06-12, 07:24 PM
Jazz saw a fire ball was useless here deciding a new tactic was in order here, but before he could even think of that a heat wave was flying towards him, he grimaced and dove asid the wave slicing through his arm and a small bit of his torso cutting the metal like a hot knife on butter, though nothing fatal, yet anyways. It would slow him down.

"Alright so playing wit fire doesn't work here guess I better switch to this" his hand retracted and a hook came out he grinned and fired in at Adeara's legs inending to trip her and if that failed he had a back up plan as he ducked a swing by a cybertronian kicking him in the chest for a return favour.
Death Blade let out a loud yahoo being extremley happy with his response "
Well with me here now our enemies defeat is assure, My name is also to represent my skill with the energo sword" he replied to Skywarp.
Power Blade let two more missels rip out from his vehicle mode before he flipped up transforming drawing his Energo sword and beheading a cybertronian befoer being knocked off his feet by a laser blast. "Hey watch it" he groaned turning and pulling his laser rifle from Sub-space blowing another Cybertronian of his feet.

2002-06-12, 08:56 PM
Nightbeat: "I don't think taunting them will work, Siren."

Siren: "Why not?"

Nightbeat: "They're not smart enough to know they're being taunted."

Siren: "Good point."

Roadbuster: "Is this a battlefield or a boardroom? Less talking, more shooting!"

2002-06-13, 01:24 AM
Originally posted by AngelOfDeath124
(1. Kup, that flame wave was hot enough to melt the bones of a human, how can you get away with simply getting blown off your feet?

2. My character's name is NOT Andrea. Its A D E A R A.)

(OOC: I did? oh so i didnt put the scene where he was rolling tot he ground puttting the fire off??? OPk then let me edit it. BTW as i said, hes a new version of kup and it means more imporved armor....but not that tough anyways lol. okide dokie lemme edit it)

2002-06-13, 02:25 AM
Hardhead: -checking cockpit readouts- "Chromedome! I'm running low on ammo!" -watching as more and more discreets light up on the damage board- "Armor's starting to breach on my glacis plate, and my port forward track's blown to scrap!"

Chromedome: -wincing as another blast grazes across his shoulder- "Fall back! Let Minerva try to patch you up!" -blasts a G2 Cybertronian who gets too close-

Hardhead: "Right." -pulls back from firing line towards Minerva, still firing shatterblasters-

Minerva: "All right, stop firing, let me put you back together." -starts welding patch plates onto the holes in Hardhead's armor-

Hardhead: -pops cockpit canopy climbs out of tank-mode transector, hooks a feed line from a small stack of energon cubes, then starts reloading the cannon's ammo bins-

2002-06-13, 02:31 AM
Then as extreme Kup gets up he sees a lot of cybertronians at chromedome's position.

"Better help him take out the cybertronians then", ex-Kup thought

then he blasts an incoming cybertronian who was about to grab chromedome

"need any help?", extreme Kup said to chromedome as he blasted the cybertronian.

2002-06-13, 02:39 PM
Hearing something being shot from behind her, Adeara turned her head to see what it was. Of course, that was her mistake. The hook that Jazz shot at her legs flew right between, and he would have been able to trip her had she not see the rope leading back to him. Still holding her sword in her good arm(see edit on page 4), she swung it down behind her, cutting the rope.

"I fell for that once upon a time, fool. I will not fall for it again." Adeara completely turned and faced him. "So. Do you wish to die by fire, or by sword? Whichever you choose, I will make certain the death is painless. You have fought well, and I honor those warriors who fight well, but have no chance of winning." Adeara's voice was deadly serious. "Choose quickly, or I will change my mind about the painless death."

2002-06-13, 04:04 PM
Galvatron was too furious to speak. Optitron charged forward with his forearm blades flying, but both of his first two wild swings missed their target. Stumbling to avoid a retaliatory blow, Optitron withdrew his blades and went for a more conventional weapon.

He reached over and, displaying his incredible strength, ripped an entire side wall off of a building and raised it above his head, prepared to crack it in half over Galvatron's crowned cranium.

Optitron: Like I said, Galvatron...you're nothing but a wallflower!

2002-06-13, 05:04 PM
Jazz grinned, she was so close this was gonna be a smash hit with her he thought. "You can't kill what you can't see or hear so allow me to introduce you to a fvorite human band of mine" Jazz said to Adeara Hopping forward and transforming into Porche mode. Two lare speakers came out from just behind his windows. With that his head lights flicked out but went technicolour and blared out lights from a disco floor bright enough to agitate any transformers (or humans though they don't have optics) optics. Then the defeaning beat of the begining of 'Iron Man' by Black Sabbath poured out at a high enough Volume to knock a human out with bleeding ears or render a transformers audio useless, plus the frequncy it was at it could take most transformers off line.

"Hope ya like my system nice and loud I'd say." Her closeness to Jazz was definatly not gonna help her in the slightest.

2002-06-13, 05:14 PM
"All right!" Hot Rod jumped out of the Keeper and headed for Unicron, it was a long drop but nothing he couldn't handle. "Unicron here I come!" Hot Rod landed on Unicron's surface rolling as he did, he looked around somewhat wondering why nothing was there to greet him, maybe he was to little of a threat or something like that. A direction enterd his mind and he followed it.

Javelin found his way around a few corners and he finally found it, the central control chamber with the sphere of screens in the center, Javelin had a new plan, "Unicron! all mighty god of destruction. I appeal on your behalf, I propose to be your new ally, forget about Maximo I am so much more." Javelin smiled crookedly.

(ooc: no problem borrowing Firebolt.)

2002-06-13, 06:22 PM
Talon muttered a prayer for Hot rod as he left the Keeper. "May Primus watch over you" He turned to the main control system and adressed the ship. "Keeper, please choose the most tactical rondevous point and head there"


Bandit noticed that the odds weren't in their favor and that the enemy was getting too close for longer ranged weapons to be of use. He liked those odds. "Rally, Firebolt, you two get some cover or help someone else. I'm gonna have some fun" he said with a grin as he dropped the 2 targetmasters, activated his battleclaws and charged at a few cybertronians. He hit 1 of them in the stomach, the cybertronian didnt notice the actuall hit. He did however feel the shock from the energized blades, especially when Bandit forced the claw upward sending energy through every circuit. That painfull torture ended swiftly, when Bandit tore it's head off. He dealt with the others nearby in short order. Firebolt was impressed. "I'd better make sure Hot rod never gets the idea to have a fight with Bandit" he said as he followed Rally towards Minerva. "Bean likes to fight up close and personal. I don't know who Hot rod is but I wouldn't advise fighting Bean either" she replied.

2002-06-14, 12:08 AM
"what the hell is that kid...er...Hot Rod doin there?!", extreme Kup said as he saw Hot Rod jump to the surface of unicron

2002-06-14, 02:32 AM
Chromedome: "Thanks for the assist, Kup." -blasts more G2 Cybertronians-

Hosehead: "SIREN! GET DOWN!" -tackles Siren, catching the cannon blast that wasabout to hit Siren in the head in the side, collapses unconscious on top of Siren, fuel and lubricants leaking from the wound-

Siren: "HOSEHEAD!" -looks over at Minerva- "MINERVA!"

Minerva: -looks up from welding the last patch plate on Hardhead's glacis plate- "Oh, no...." -gets up, runs over to Siren and Hosehead, starts examining Hosehead's wound- "Not good. Not good at all." -looks up at Siren- "Help me get him to cover."

Siren: -disentangles himself from Hosehead, grabs his shoulders-

Minerva: -bends down to grab Hosehead's feet-

3 G2 Cybertronians(herafter referred to as A, B, and C) : -jump over the wall section that Siren and Hosehead were using for cover-

A: - charges Roadbuster-

Roadbuster: -without looking, swings linear blaster at A and fires, blowing his head off-

B: -tackles Minerva, pulling an energy blade and driving it into her side-

Minerva: -screams wordlessly- (A.K.A. I couldn't think of anything that would fit)

Nightbeat: -spins to look- "MINERVA!"

C: -blasts Siren, only to have his torso blown apart by a round from Hardhead's main gun-

B: -stands, holding Minerva up as a shield- "Drop your weapons, Autobots, or she dies."

Minerva: -struggling weakly, optics flickering-

Roadbuster: -still firing at the advancing G2 Cybertronians- I've got a counter offer. Let her go and we'll fuse your body to cover the holes in the wall last."

B: "Then I'll just kill her now, shall I?" -drives energ blade into Minerva's back and rips it up halfway through, then rips it out through her left side-

Minerva: -collapses in a puddle of her own fuel-

Nightbeat: "NO!!!!!!!!!" -opens fire, blasting round after round of plasma into B, only stopping when his rifle clicks empty-

B: -smoulderng remains collapse to ground-

Minerva: -head disconnects, transforms, pulls her helmet off, blonde hair making her look even paler than usual-

Nightbeat: -falls to knees, dropping rifle-

Minerva: -starting to shudder- "See.... big brother..... I'm..... okay....... -collapses to the ground, unconscious-

Nightbeat: -sags, quietly- "No......"

2002-06-14, 03:05 AM
Hatemunger paused and looked at the battlefield. What he saw worried him.

"Prime, Gigatron, Cyclonus anyone! Should we call back our warriors!?" He thought about what Unicron could do in planet mode.

"It looks like the currentbattle area, is more than in the range of Unicron's suction in planet mode. I worry this could be a deathtrap!" He waited for an answer.


Skyrender and Karrnage were wiping out cybertronians right and left.

"These warriors are far too weak. I was hoping for at least some challange." Skyrender growled firing his mega cannons slicing through a group of enemy units.

Karrnage had a more amusing response.
"Karrnage no care, Karrnage smash!" He yelled swinging his hooked chain through a group of them and then firing his Gattling cannon at another group.

"Personally I'd rather fight someone worth my time, by the inferno Unicron would even be something intersting." Skyrender scowled but continued to wipe out the armies anyway but then the annalyzed the battle as well.

"Bruticus, Devastator I don't like this, these warriors are falling far too easily. I fear a trap may be set and we are about to spring it."

2002-06-14, 04:53 AM
Siren: -groans, sits up- "What.... -sees Minerva- "Oh, no......"

Nightbeat: -kneeling motionless next to Minerva and her mangled transector-

Minerva: -shivering, unconscious-

Roadbuster: "Nightbeat! Snap out of it and get up here!" -mowing down G2 Cybertronians-

Chromedome, Hardhead, and Brainstorm: -doing the same-

Nightbeat: -sighs, slaps a new clip into his rifle, stands- "Siren. You mobile?"

Siren: -wincing- "Yeah."

Nightbeat: "Good. I want you and Brainstorm to get Minerva and Hosehead someplace safe. We'll fall back with you and provide cover."

Roadbuster: "WHAT?!?"

Nightbeat: "You heard me. We have no medical backup, and our line, such as it is, is starting to crumble. "We retreat, for now." -looks up at Unicron- "And something feels wrong. They haven't used their most powerfull weapon yet. Besides, maybe Springer found the rest of the Wreckers. If he has, we'll have more than enough firepower to get back here."

Siren: -transforms, head transforming to Headmaster component-

Quig: -gently picks Minerva up and puts her into Siren's back seat- "I think she's in shock. Probably from feedback."

Brainstorm: -picks up Hosehead in a fireman's carry- "Probably what happened to Lug here. But why didn't he disconnect?"

Quig: -covers Minerva up as best as he can, straps her in, then gets into driver's seat- "Maybe it's the difference between being connected to a live Cybertronian as opposed to a non-living piece of machinery."

Siren: "Can we just go now? The faster we can get Min.... the faster we get out of here the better I'll feel."

Nightbeat: -tosses Minerva's damaged transector over his shoulder in a fireman's carry- "Let's move out." -looks at Roadbuster- "Coming, Roadbuster?"

Roadbuster: -picks up rifle from where Minerva dropped it, sighs- "I'm coming."

Nightbeat: -faint smile flickers across lip components- "Security wheel! We'll form up around Siren and Brainstorm!"

Nightbeat, Chromedome, Hardhead, and Roadbuster: -take up positions around Siren and Brainstorm, Hardhead in the 12 o'clock position, Roadbuster in the 6, Nightbeat at 3, and Chromedome at 9-

Nightbeat: "Move out!"

Everbody in group: -starts heading slowly for Metroplex 2's last position- (Here's hoping he's still there.....)

2002-06-14, 05:17 AM
There's a roar of engines as a huge brick-shaped Red White and Blue dropship roars over the transectors and it swings back suddenly. It was Sky Garry, battered, burnt, but still active as he spots the wounded retreaters and his Laser Cannons spring to life as he hovers backwards over them, giving them more cover fire.

"LEt me help you out!" he says, aiming for the enemie's feet, but never their torsos or heads.

2002-06-14, 05:28 AM
"I hope this works", extreme Kup said as he grabbed a jetpack from a cybertronian he just killed and took off

"He cant do it alone! he should know that!", he thought as he flies above unicron

then Kup sees a cybertronian trying to sneak behind hot rod for an attack

Then Kup jumped out of the jet pack and landed on the cybertronian that was on uinicron's surface

"Take this!!!", he said as he was at the back of the cybertronian and he ripped its cicuits from the back and the cybertronian died

then Extreme Kup stands up and said to Hot Rod, "Now what the hell do you think youre going?! Dont you know this is dangerous!!!!.....can I join?"

2002-06-14, 05:49 AM
A pair of guards pass Lockpick, and she slips into step, pacing herself to match their own footsteps as she follwos them down the corridor, hoping to make it to an important room /engines! Power Cores, ANYThing!/

((Someone wanna choose for me if I make it anywhere important? Don't wanna Mod...))

2002-06-14, 11:14 AM
Sixswitch turned to Pointblank.
"Lead the way, I'll follow."
He cast a glance at Quick Switch as he finished speaking.
"If we're gonna get inside Unicron, better to do it before he's within weapons range."

2002-06-14, 01:01 PM
Bandit sees the others falling back and follows their example. He transforms back into Bean. Gunning his car Bean knocks over a cybertronian as he races to where the others were.

Rally saw Bean's approach. "Firebolt, get ready to jump on my mark!" she said. "Huh?" he replied. "JUMP!" Rally said as she jumped up, transformed and landed in the gunmount. She quickly spun round to face the cybertronians behind Bean and opened fire. Firebolt had jumped as well, but landed in the seat next to Bean. "You'd think she had done that before" he said to Bean. "She has" Bean replied.

Quick Switch
2002-06-14, 01:17 PM
Bruticus and Devestator paused from their patrol, and flew back to Skyrender and Karrnage.

"Bruticus agree. Something not right here..." Bruticus scratched his head, swatting away fighters foolish enough to attack him.

"Devestator wants...instructions. No battle strategy! Decepticons need Megatron now..." Devestator too easily repelled any warriors in his range.

"What Devestator want, then?" Bruticus turned to his colleague.

"Devestator says...fall back," Devestator replied.

The two Decepticon combiners fell back to their original position near Metrotitan.


Quick Switch nodded.

"Agreed. We've got to move out now." The Hexa Changer fell in step with Sixswitch as they prepared to follow Pointblank.

2002-06-14, 01:59 PM
Skyrender saw Bruticus and Devastator fall back and picked up Karrnage and fell back as well.

"Karrnage no like flying what you doing to Karrnage!" The gestalt flailed around to no avail as he was set down near Metrotitan.

"This is ridiculous, I realise we in the middle of a huge battle, but why are none of the commanding Autobots or Decepticons doing anything aside from run about killing? Hatemunger asked about this battle being a trap and yet no response, in a battle this critical we need communication!" He asked the group of gestalts.

"Karrnage thinks you lost it." Karrnage quiped before being backhanded by Skyrender.

"Owww Karrnage need to stop thinking and destory!" He stayed with the other gestalts but opened fire on the Cybertronians at a diastance.

2002-06-14, 04:32 PM
Javelin closed his eyes. "Autobot... the Autobots have arrived." He opened his eyes the looked at the control sphere, "Unicron soon my power will surpass even you." Maybe this trip won't be a waste of time after all. Javelin left.

"Kup? What are you doing here?" Hot Rod didn't like the look of this, something told him that he had to do this alone, "Kup I came here to rescue Lockpick... she was taken here. I think I should do this myself..."

"Oh please! I think you can use all the help you can get!" Javelin brought out his bladed staff and waved it in front of the two Autobots.

"You! You did this!" Hot Rod got suddenly angry, "Where's Lockpick what have you done with her!" Without an answer Hot Rod started to run for Javelin.

Javelin held out his hand, "Hell flash!" A bright flash of light burst from his hand and when the flas died down Hot Rod was laying on the ground his body, smokeing. Javelin looked at Kup, "You wouldn't happen to know where Optimus Prime and his Matrix is, would you?"

Lord Zarak
2002-06-14, 07:22 PM
"Cyclonus this is Shockwave and Axer" said Shockwave, "We are here to assist you, please respond"

2002-06-14, 08:46 PM
Jazz was right. Being that close wasn't fun. However, Adeara had a surprise for him. Before his overly loud 'music' and overly bright 'lightshow' could do too much damage to her ears and eyes, she shifted to a very, very large creature(Picture something the size of a blue whale with legs) that had no ears nor eyes. This creature, however, had an uncanny sense of where its enemy was. So, using that sense, Adeara took a step towards Jazz, waiting to feel the crunch of metal beneath her rather large foot..........

2002-06-15, 12:17 AM
Jazz's wheels spun rapidly backwards pulling Jazz away from the foot just in time too keep him from being crushed. He flipped up backwards transforming sparks shooting from the slashes made earliar by Adeara. Jazz noted things were looking pretty bad then another idea popped into the head of the Autobot Covert ops man. Compartments in his arm opened and he crossed his arms pulling out two bombs (think rat trap style, Jazz is cover ops so there probably are missions where bombs would be required. Though Brawn is demolitions he just punches stuff)
He pressed a button on both "I'm sure this will be BANG with you" he tossed them at the chest of the giant beast Adeara had become armed to go off in five seconds 1 taken up by the throw, special latches on the bottem allowing the bombs to attach to her.
"See yah" Jazz said turning and transforming heading ack to a larger battle with the Cybertronians.

2002-06-15, 01:15 AM
"WHAT?!", extreme kup said suprprisingly to javelin since kup never saw prime after kup was reformatted, "hey, what are you saying....dont you know hes been missing for a while????"

Then he sees hot rod lying on the floor then he glared at javelin

"Why the hell did you do that?!", extreme kup asked javelin as he quickly grabbe his gun and fired at javelin in the right shoulder.

(OOC: is optimus prime here anyway??? sorry, im still new here in the rpg)

2002-06-15, 01:41 AM
Nightbat: -sees Sky Garry- "Pick us up. We got wounded."

Roadbuster: -activates commlink- "Springer, any sign of the others?"

God Jinrai
2002-06-15, 02:09 AM
As Prime descended, he could almost SMELL the cause of this entire battle...

"He's onplanet... I know it... " Glancing at unicron, a grim look behind his battlemask, he turned again, landing on the planet surface...

"Jinrai... Join gigatron, Fire Convoy, Cyclonus and the raiding party... your... abilities may do us more good gutting unicron from the inside than outside..."

The super godmaster heard the comm, heading for gigatron's location...

"Alright... then let's do this." growled god fire convoy... he was hardly pleased working with his worst nemesis... but considering the situation... his thrusters kicked in, and he began to hover above ground just a few feet...

Meanwhile, still engaged with the incomming war crafts, Fortress was still taking something of a beating... but not nearly as bad as he'd expected... from nowhere, a strafing run by victory saber tore out an oncomming cruiser that fortress had missed... one that would have torn his rear armor plating apart if left untouched...

Below on the surface... and in the skies above...

"Hellbat! Gaihawk! with me! Commence strafing runs on cybertronian squads 2 and 3... Drillhorn, Killbison, Jargua, Take units 1 and 4! Once the forces are wiped out, head for the epicenter... I have a feeling our ultimate form will be needed... quite soon..." shouted leozak over his comm... just above him, his commander hovered in dragon mode, the black hole buster cannon he wielded resting locked into its firing mechanism on his back... diving into a barrel roll, Deathsarus dove low, personally set to tear units 6 through 8 apart... firing his cannon, and what survived the blast were torn apart by his razor sharp wings, or his diamond tipped claws...

2002-06-15, 02:13 AM
Power Blade growled smashing acybertronian aside looking around standing several heads over a normal Cybertronian he scouted for any sign of friendlies but it seemed he was in an area alone. "Better move then" he Grinned transforming into vehicle mode then blasting forward firing as he went and runniong down transformers not fast enough to get out of the way. He was gonna find some allies fast.

"HAH THAT THE BEST YOU GOT?!?" Death Blade yelled over the roaring engins of other shuttles and transformers with space born transformations around him a hole in his side pouring out smoke. "SUCK ON THIS!" He stopped mid-ari pulling a 180 and letting two heat seeking missels fire out connecting with a ship about the size of him just not as well armoured causing it to explode "BEAT THAT!" He retorted turning again and continuing towards Unicron.

Lord Zarak
2002-06-15, 09:14 AM
"Sky Lynx, Karandras said to follow him", said Swoop.

"Er, oops. Karandras we are right behind you. Again, we cannot say thank you enough for your offer. May we enquire as to where you are from, and about your people?"

2002-06-15, 09:22 AM
"You will know soon enough Robot... Soon enough" Karandras replied his shuttle turned extremley easily for a ship of it's size the Eldar took much pride in speed of brute force though Karandras' Zephyre had a mix of both. The Shuttle began to fly back towards Cybertron.

Back within Sky Lynx Brawn, Blaster and Sunstreaker were adamant to get back to Cybertron and hel win that battle any which way possible.

2002-06-15, 10:32 AM
Cryhavoc looked down at the two fighting Decepticons... Galvatron and Optitron as he flew over them. He decided not to interfere, it didn't really matter to him which one of them would win. Galvatron was an enemy and his death would always be welcome, Optitron on the other hand was a filthy upstart if asked from Cryhavoc, a deceitful creature trying to take Jhiaxus' place...

Hah! If Optritron wins I might come back to finish him... Cryhavoc thought and began descending fast towards a team of Autobots he didn't recognize. And what did it matter... they were meant to die anyways... names for the dead didn't mean anything...

Cryhavoc transformed into robot mode in mid-air and opened fire on the nameless Autobot group with his massive clawheld plasmacannon, reverting the whole group in to pool of steaming slag in few seconds.

Pathetic... The gargantuan Cybertronian Decepticon thought as he walked amongst the remains of his fallen enemies, letting his feet bathe in the molten metal and mixed remains of energon...

2002-06-15, 06:46 PM
Originally posted by Heinrad
Nightbat: -sees Sky Garry- "Pick us up. We got wounded."

Roadbuster: -activates commlink- "Springer, any sign of the others?"

Immediately the huge ship dropped straight down in front of the others, opening his ramp. They wouldn't even have to stop, just keep driving straight into him! His cannons flare to life again and again as he shouts "This is a heavy battle... I don't know if we will win..." he says doubtfully.

2002-06-15, 08:28 PM
Bean heard Sky Garry's remark when he drove inside. "That's not the way to think big guy. If the going gets tough, the tough get going. And I must say you Transformers are the toughest guys I've ever met...... Next to me" he grinned as he said that last part.

Rally wanted to say something, but instead concentrated on blasting the enemy.

2002-06-15, 10:56 PM
Javelin took the shot from Kup and held out his hand toward him, "Only a sample of my power old timer!" Javelin's lights on his necki started to flash faster again, "...I could have killed him. And I can do the same to you, now if you adiod meeting your maker, call Prime on your comm-link, have him respond, and then I will be able to trace him."

2002-06-15, 11:48 PM
Optitron must have thought victory a lock...but the Emporer of Destruction had other thoughts...he began to smile, then chuckle, then laugh outright at his upstart opponent. With Optitron prone, Galvatron tranformed into jet mode and took off, crashing into Optitron's exposed chest...launching the two into orbit and rapidly approaching Unicron, where Galvatron simply hit his reverse thrusters and sent Optitron hurdling towards the monster planet. Galvatron followed in tight...
The Liege looked out at the battle...it was going as he had hoped, his forces advanced and Unicron had yet to make a single strike...the Liege would have smiled were he capable of such an act...

The time is nearly here for me to unleash my monster...victory is assured...Cybertron...or the ashes that remain will soon be mine!

2002-06-16, 02:45 AM
Nightbeat, Siren, Brainstorm, Hardhead, Chromedome, and Roadbuster: -walk up Sky Garry's ramp-

Hardhead and Roadbuster: -take up psitions at the top of the ramp, mowing down G2 Cybertronians left and right-

Brainstorm: -sets Hosehead's unconscious body on Sky Garry's floor-

Roadbster: "BEAN! YOU COMING?"

Nightbeat: -gently lays Minerva's transector on the floor, transforms-

Muzzle: -runs over to Siren, yanks his driver's door open- "How is she?"

Quig: "Still unconscious."

Muzzle: "Brainstorm, get Lug disconnected from Hosehead. Then see if you can get Minerva's transector to transform. We'll need the medical supplies."

Brainstrom: --working on Hosehead- ".... Got it!"

Hosehead: -head disconnects, transforms-

Lug: -groans- "Now.... I know.... how a light bulb feels....."

Quig: "Lug! You okay?"

Lug: "I feel like I just got hit by a bolt of lightning...." -winces- "And my side hurts.

Brainstorm: "It's feedback from the connection. It's magnafoozled your nervous system." -starts working on Minerva's transector-

2002-06-16, 05:31 AM
(( before I go any farther with lockpick. will the controller of Unicron/Maximus please PM me? Gotta talk! Thank you!))

2002-06-16, 06:45 AM
"theres something you forget javelin" , kup said
"I am not old anymore....im young again and i wont call prime even if you make me!!!!"

then Kup quickly disappeared and then reappeared behind Javelin and Kup Pointed his blaster on javelin's head

"The tables have turned on you...what ya gonna do now?!", kup said to javelin while pointing his gun on javelin's head...ready to pull the trigger

"And this time....the blast will be more powerful than the pellet gun that i hit you with", kup said to javelin while kup was chuckling a bit

2002-06-16, 09:38 AM
Bean heard Roadbuster's question and stopped his car next to him. "Already here buddy" he said to the wrecker. "Firebolt, Rally, let's make these guys pay.... with interest" he said to the two Targetmasters as he transformed to Bandit. "Interest?" Firebolt asked as he transformed and landed in Bandit's right hand. "Their lives" Bandit replied. Rally who landed in Bandit's left hand would have smiled if she wasn't in gun mode. She recalled one time before when Bean had made that statement and the woman who framed him had to face Bean's full wrath, it wasn't pretty. Bandit took aim and both Targetmasters helped Hardhead and Roadbuster mow down cybertronians left and right.

2002-06-16, 06:05 PM
Jhiaxus had finally halted his tumbling through space. Cybertron was now far in the distance...Galvatron was indeed far more powerful than he had even been as Megatron, and this concerned Jhiaxus greatly.

Jhiaxus: "The Liege has underestimated the power of our bretheren...Galvatron and Prime in particular are far more powerful than I ever remember, we have already lost half of our attack force...this does not bode well...especially since so few of our enemy have been slain. Their defenses are at the peak, their leaders are effective, and their weapons are cutting us to ribbons...I must destroy Galvatron or our fight will be lost!"
Pointblank looked over the assembling troops.

Pointblank: "I know you are all tired, and that some of you are badly damaged...I know you are ready to break. But you all have to realize that we are winning this fight. Now we have to make our final push."

Pointblank eyed Gigatron and continued: "Extinction hangs over our head...their fleet isn't crippled yet...we have to push now!"

At that time, Scorponok arrived in the new Zarak, finally making it from the long journey.

Scorponok: "I believe the party seems to have commenced without me..."

Pointblank looked up at the massive Scorpion as it fired its tail laser, tearing through one of the orbiting X-7 class troop transports that had begun its landing, the ship stammered, then exploded.

Pointblank: "There are no Autobots now...there are no Decepticons...we are all brothers..."

Pointblank held out his hand and caught Peacemaker as he lept into it...

Pointblank: "Full attack!"

Lord Zarak
2002-06-16, 07:59 PM
"Guys," said Sky Lynx to Blaster, Brawn, Sunstreaker, Swoop and Hausa "I dont like this guy. He shows up as we need him, with what we need. I think he may be linked to Unicron somehow"

Swoop replied by saying "You dont know that Sky Lynx. He could be a friend, an ally of the Autobots whom we don't know of"

"But what if he isnt? We have walked inot a trap when we are desperate."

2002-06-16, 09:58 PM
Adeara hardly felt the bombs hit or attatch themselves. Only when they exploded and blew her almost in two did she realize what had happened. DAMMIT! Well, now I can test that other new ability.... So, while Adeara lie there in the really big critter form, all the wounds began to heal. It hurt like anything, but she was healing. When the wounds were managable, Adeara got back to her feet, and shifted back to her Cybertronian form. "Nice try, little 'hero.' Firebirds rise from their own ashes to live once again, and since I'm joined with one....." Now that she was really not happy, Adeara focused part of her mind on creating a massive storm above her, a storm whose energy would be focused souly upon her leader's enemies. As the defenders watched, clouds the color of purest black filled the Iacon sky. Lightening the color of liquid metal shot out of the sky, hitting a nameless defender, instantly frying him. Bolts rained down all around the Stormweaver while she gave a rather insane laugh....

(the underlined part is rather important. please remember it when you all post....)

2002-06-16, 10:57 PM
Jazz punched an attacker down placing his lser rifle to the robots chest blowing a hole in it. "Too Bad So Sad" Jazz said getting up throwing a side kick up and knocking another attacker off his feet as alightening bolt scorched the ground infront of him knicking him back. "What the, therey ain't no clouds in the...." He looked up "Spoke to seen, seems cloudy days are gonna hve to clear up" he turned his head looking at Adeara. "Why is it always the ones that won't die that have the weird powers to scratch all of us" Jazz wondered allowed. "Maybe I can catch her off guard this time with some funky music" he said to himself transforming and b-lining back towards her the lightening bolts smashing into the ground making more then enough cover and he was making wise to keep swirving as not to get hit.

Power Blade appreached the the area that suddenly became covered by clouds then smoltering bolts rained down "Almost there hope those bolts are on ourside or we could be in a slight bit of trouble" his engine revved and he sped up towards his target.

DeathBlade was picking off enemies as they flew by like they were nothing and being agile enough to get past most blasts from enemy weapons.

"So one is a little untrust worthy" Karandras said quietly to himself "Very well he shall be the first to suffer when the time comes" Karandras lets another wicked smirk come across his face in the ship as he opens a comm link. "Autobots Have your weapons read we are nearing your planet and the battle"
Karandras said.

Blaster relayed the message immideatly nodding "You heard the man and he's got the plan" pulling his Electro-Scrambler from sub-space.

Brawn punched his fist into his open palm "When I get a hold of Liege Maximo I'm gonna knock him around like titanium rag doll"

Sunstreaker pulled his laser blaster from sub-space "Hope the Autobots are fairing okay with out my sharp shooting" he say very cockily.

"Don't worry 'bout it Sky Lynx if he was against us why wouldn't he have just shot us back there?" Rewind asked from within Blaster Sunstreaker Brawn and Blaster nodding.

2002-06-16, 11:47 PM
Javelin was quite anrgy with Extreme Kup, "Oh very well Kup I see threating you with damage is going to do no good." suddenly on the floor Hot Rod was hurled up by an odd force. He was awakined by the move and scream and he was forced against a wall, with nothing seemingly holding him up.

Hot Rod struggled but couldn't move, "Kup... errr, KUP!"

Javelin quickly spoke to Kup, "Don't even think about moving, or shooting me, or I'll kill him, understand! I'll kill your freind if you don't do what I say!"

2002-06-17, 01:48 AM
AFter much searching, the red shadow theif finally steps into a room... guards, yess, but they seemed to pass her without a glance as she huddled in a shadow, crystal eyes tinted to avoid glare and reflection as she stares in wonder at what she saw.

Some sort of... laser core?

She glanced around... then focused on the core. One good shot with a weapon - but if the thing was protected by a forcefield, as it no doubt was. She thought she saw a glimmer of a field around it at the edges. Her optics glance around the room again to try and contemplate a for-sure plan that would work. Hmmm...

2002-06-17, 02:41 AM
Roadbuster: "Sky Garry! Get us to the rally point! Maybe somebody'll know what to do about this lightning."

Brainstorm: "I doubt it's natural."

Chromedome: "No kidding."

Minerva: -stirs slighty-

2002-06-17, 02:58 AM
Sky Garry roars into action, his antigravs keeping everyone from sticking to his back wall as he roars forwards, pulling rolls and dodges to avoid the worst of the lightning. At one point he's clipped by it and a yelp fills his inside cockpit from the pain.

Finally, the huge ship breaks through, turning one cannon to pinpoint the origin of the metal rain and releasing a hellstorm of energy.

2002-06-17, 12:13 PM
"*shigh* OK, you got me", extreme Kup said to javelin, "just dont hurt him...."

then kup called prime

"prime...its me Extreme Kup...are you alright there??? we got cybertronians everywhere..try to send some help as soon as you can"

then he stopped calling prime through his comm link

"I did what you wanted...now let him go!!!!", kup said to javelin

"DAMN TELEKENESIS BASTARD!", kup thought, "if I can just let him stop hurtin hot rod...then I can attack...without him knowing it"

then he sees that hot rod is still being hurt by something.

"I told you i did what you want me to do...NOW LET HIM GO!!!", kup yelled at javelin

but something hits kup from behind...it was a laser blast and kup falls down to the ground.

"d...damn you!!!!", kup said to javelin as he falls down after he got hit with the blast and is outcold

Lord Zarak
2002-06-17, 12:36 PM
"Ok guys, lets kick some Liege butt!" Sky Lynx cried. "Be prepared for me opening my hatch so you can jump out and join the fight. Karandras when I get the co-ordinates, follow me to the construction site where the materials are needed. Jirai this is Sky Lynx with materials to help with Metroplex. Can you send me co-ordinates please so I may unload and become involved in the battle against Unicron?"

2002-06-17, 04:22 PM
Javelin put Hot Rod down, but Hot Rod returned to his knocked out state. He looked at Kup on the floor after traceing the call to Prime, but with any luck Prime would come right to him. But now Javelin had something else to deal with, "Ok, who shot Kup?" would it be an ally or not?

2002-06-17, 04:44 PM
Hurtling out of control towards Unicron, Optitron could think of only one manuever that could simulatenously soften his landing and take out his opponent. Transforming to tank mode in mid-space, Optitron fired a terrible barrage at the jet-mode Galvatron, hoping to clip the Decepticon leader badly enough to disable his flight mode and take the fight to the battleground known as the surface of Unicron.

2002-06-17, 08:06 PM
Adeara saw the laser blast coming towards her, and moved out of the way, the storm still raging with all its fury, lightening striking more often as she got angrier. As she moved, she saw Jazz coming for her. Reaching for the storm, Adeara focused the Lightening at Jazz. She also increased its fury, calling up tornadoes the likes of which had never been seen. "Now you've made me really mad!!!"

God Jinrai
2002-06-17, 09:10 PM
Prime descended to the surface, spotting galvatron and optitron departing... with optitron being knocked well on his way toward the chaosbringer... Bringing himself down near central Iacon, he accessed teletran 3's scanning systems...

"Well... Maximo's shuttle has landed alright... and it's chest deep in hostile teritory... what's to be said... He's got to be stopped! No matter the cost!"

Prime transformed into super rig mode, his massive front tires spun wildly as he peeled out from iacon central... but en route... he encountered a rather... disturbing surprise...


Prime charged headon in vehicle mode toward javelin, not giving his nemesis a moment to think... much less react... or so he hoped

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-06-17, 11:11 PM
Skywarp watched Optitron tumble out of control towards Unicron, and his volley towards Galvatron...

Tearing away from his attack squad he contacted Death Blade

"Autobot, you lead the squad, I've got better things to do"

Skywarp bore down on Optitron's position firing his lasers eratically...


Springer screeched to a halt as his comm crackled, the steadily encroaching storm proved difficult for communications..

"No luck yet Roadbuster, I'm coming back..."


Sixshot backed up to the Maximo's ship, watching...waiting for the fool who dared come too close..

2002-06-18, 12:39 AM
"I do not believe this!"

Sandstorm looked back down the ladder into the murk below. He activated his headlamp, bringing Broadside into his view. He had been about to ask what his friend didn't believe, but shortly found it unnecessary as Broadside voluntarily elaborated.

"This! Unicron - again! And a whole army at his side. I mean, the first time was bad enough. But this... And wandering around in the sewer? Yeck! Talk about bad for the joints..."

Whirl suddenly lost his footing and landed his loose foot on Sandstorm's head. The Triple Changer cursed, but Whirl ignored him. He flashed one angry red optic back down the ladder, into the darkness.

"Will you shut up down there? We're almost to the top. Twin Twist, you found it yet?"

Clunk. Thunk thunk thunk. Cheenk, BANG!

"Ow..." Twin Twist reported. "Yup, seems I've found it. And dang it's heavy! Think I should be able to manage, though..."

Slowly, the lid twisted out of its groove. Twin Twist lifted it carefully, making sure he could get it out of the way, and tossed it aside. He raised his face just above the horizon of the ground and looked around.


Twin Twist dove from the ladder and splashed into the waste below. Whirl looked to the hole in the surface just in time to see a green and gray car race across. He scurried up the remainder of the ladder, hoisting himself out up to his midsection, and flailed at the now past Springer.

"Come on, boys. We got work to do!"


Soundwave stared out on the battle through the monitors displaying Metrotitan's optical readout. All went well... but it could be better. He slid the door of the command center, just to his left, open and pressed the button atop his chest. The door whooshed open, and his five soldiers leapt out and transformed in quick succession. They lined up before him, already subconciously aware that he would brief them on their mission orders.

"Go help the others in fighting off the ground troops, hm? Stick together - standard battle tactics. I expect to see all of you return in one piece."

Only Frenzy nodded, and gleefully dashed off for the nearest exit. (In reality, he had no idea where that was. So effectively, he just dashed off.) Ravage and Laserbeak glanced contemtuously at each other, before leading Buzzsaw and Rumble after him. The group wandered down one hallway, but stopped as they spotted Frenzy rushing toward them.

"Wrong turn!"

Frenzy leap-frogged Ravage and continued on unslowed. Ravage growled after him, but Rumble calmed him with a hand.

"Easy, big guy. Save it for Unicron."

2002-06-18, 12:44 AM
"ugh...prime???", kup said as he gets up

Quick Switch
2002-06-18, 01:22 AM
Astrotrain stood up as Unicron loomed into view.

"May Primus protect us, Soundwave."


Bruticus and Devestator shrank back a bit as Unicrona appeared.

"Unicron," Bruticus rumbled.

"Devestator says....devestate Unicron!" Devestator roared.

After a moment, Bruticus withdrew his missle launcher. Devestator already had his solar rifle primed and ready.

"Bruticus...hate...Unicron. Bruticus hate them all!" The Combaticon Super Warrior joined the Constructicon Super Warrior in firing on Unicron and the horde of minions which surrounded him.

2002-06-18, 02:43 AM
Minerva: -moans-

Muzzle: "C'mon, Brainstorm!"

Brainstorm: -working on Minerva's shattered transector- "Almost.... got it!"

Transector: -transforms-

Muzzle: -pulls Minerva out of Siren- "Quig, get the door open!"

Quig: -runs over, opens the driver's door of Minerva's transector, flips the front seat back forward-

Muzzle: -carries Minerva over to her transector, puts her in the back seat, hooks her up to the monitoring equipment and covers her with an emergency blanket, finally attaching an autodoc to her arm, then looks at Quig- "Get Lug over here. I want to make sure he's okay. Brainstorm, get to work repairing Hosehead's body."

Quig: -brings Lug over-

Brainstorm: -starts repairing Hosehead-

Chromedome: -looking out through Sky Garry's open hatch, watching the storm and the lightning and firing at G2 Cybertronians- "Odd, isn't it."

Hardhead: "What?"

Chromedome: "The lightning is only hitting Autobots."

Roadbuster: "Just what we need."

2002-06-18, 03:54 AM
Cyclonus, following Gigatron's earlier idea of infiltrating Unicron and Pointblank's order to attack, transformed to jet mode, had Crumplezone (OOC: this would be Cyclonus' Mini-con) clamp on and took off. In mid-flight, Cyclonus had an idea.

"Chaoticons, dig yourselves out of whatever hole you've dug yourselves into and meet me in orbit. I'm currently en route to Unicron. Overlord, pick up Pointblank and meet me in orbit also. Last I saw, Pointblank was with Scorponok."

The Chaoticons climbed out of the Hole of Unexplained Absence, packed into Gunrunner's shuttle mode, and lifted off.

Overlord lumbered out from behind the large Pillar of Unannounced Disappearance and started to run towards Scorponok and Pointblank's location. After a few minutes of running, Overlord arrived and called out for Pointblank.

"Pointblank, Cyclonus sent me to pick you up. He's on his way to Unicron."

Lord Zarak
2002-06-18, 11:27 AM
"Cyclonus this is Shockwave, I repeat my previous message, please direct me and Axer to where we are needed in the fight against Unicron. I believ it to be imperitive that logic is used in the battle aginst the chaos bringer. It was through Primus that I became logical, and this can be used against the Unicron. Please respond."

"Ok Autobots, this is it. Opening hatch....NOW!!". Good luck to you all, you will need it thought Sky Lynx

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-06-18, 03:19 PM
Springer re-opened the comm link...

"Roadbuster, ignore that last message......I've found them, we're coming to kick some Cybertronian tail pipe.."

Springer transformed to his robot mode and ran back to the opening. He grabbed Whirl by the arm and hoisted him out.

"I don't know where you guys have been, but I thought we didn't get paid vacations...C'mon, we got a war to win..."

2002-06-18, 04:29 PM
(OOC: well Javelin, Kup and Hot Rod were on Unicron, but Javelin was on his way to Optimus anyway, let's say he made it to Cybertron with Kup and Hot Rod as hostages.)

Javelin felt something incoming, he turned around, "Not no..." He had no time for that. He tried to move but he got hit, but in a quick move he grabed onto Prime's grill. His armor was now deviod of usefullness complketely damaged. It had devoloped a crack. Javelin couldn't do a darn thing about it. Instead he readied the blades he put inbetween his fingers, "Give ME the Matrix! Only chance to stop Maximo!"

God Jinrai
2002-06-18, 04:40 PM

Prime roared... sent flying from javelin's grip on his grille...

"You want the matrix... you think you can take maximo... you've got to go through ME first."

calm returned to optimus, as he drew his dual buster cannons from subspace... new armaments with his new form, as well as his minicon attachment...

"Now... do you feel lucky enough to take on the autobot who, according to his troops... and those of his enemies... is the greatest among their number?"

2002-06-18, 07:21 PM
"Greatest in all thier number! Narrow minded fools!" Javelin stood ready taking out his bladed staff, "I could hold those two bots hostage and force you to hand over the Matrix, but you need to be shown strong a god is!" Javelin Started to absorb an odd type of blue energy, he seemed to suffer as he did so then he regained his composure, "I defeated you before! I'll do it again!" His staff started to energize and he swung it. The blue energy was fired from the blade and toward Optimus.

Hot Rod started to awaken and check if Kup was alright, then he saw Javelin and the glowing power that surrounded him. "Somehow... he leeching off the Matrix..."

2002-06-18, 07:37 PM
"WOOOOOOOOAAAAAHHHHHH" Jazz cried swirving out of the way of a lightening bolt causing an explosion as he blows through it "I get the feeling she doesn't like me" he says to himself continueing towards her seeing Power Blade and an autobot symbol. "Lets hope that big guy knows what he's doing" He muttered

Power Blade transformed approached Adeara how Energo sword out and stalking towards her silently and all but invisisble with his dark paint. He stood right behind her and a bit taller being just shorter then the likes of Jetfire. He swung the blade down at her shoulder staying quiet like a silent killer as she focused her attack on Jazz.

"ALRIGHT I'M IN COMMAND NOW BOYS ATTACK!" Death Blade yelled into the interoms picking off all the attackers around him transforming into robot mode and teleporting beside an enemy ship slicing hits back engine off then cutting it open and flying in the two bots inside turning and having holes blasted in them on in the shoulder (:p) killing him and and the other having a hole blown in his chest falling back. "This is pathetic" he muttered punching through the front of it turning and firing causing the ship to explode then transforming and continuing his attack on Unicron.

Blaster, Brawn and Sunstreaker hopped out of Skylynx landing right in the thick of things it took Brawn all of a second to begin knocking Cybertronians around. Sunstreaker landed about fifty feet away and pulled a laser rifle from subspace firing into the crownds of cyebrtrionians swarming autobots and decepticons alike. Blaster landed only a few feet from Sunstreaker and started firing his electro scrambler deactivating some bots with the rays others just goping haywire.

Karandras stood up and walked to the middle of the cockpuit of his shuttle thinking but a thought and an appartus lowered down with hoks for the arms legs body head to the finest detail. He quickly put this suit on and then thought once more his shuttle began to transform. The change of the shuttle took time to do humans called it a mobile suit but he called it his mecha (looks like Gundam deathscythe the original just really odd colouring and diffrent head. The mobile suit hit the ground and it pulled out a large weapon that was connected to it's back. "Tela mekta candal" Karandras said in the eldar tongue translating into lets do this. He dropped holding the pulse laser standing taller then most transformers and firing into the enemy who turn to attack but are melted down by the laser.

2002-06-18, 11:37 PM
Bludgeon had laid in the back, tossing Sideswipes head to and fro..then he saw him...

Bludgeon: "Gigatron..."

Moving into position, Bludgeon prepared to attack.
Optitron's volley had proven successful, as it had forced Galvatron to slow down. Transforming back to robot mode, he followed Optitron to the surface of Unicron.

Galvatron: "Worthless usurper...how fitting that this soon to be dead planet will serve as your tomb...today i will bury both you and this chaos bringer forever!"

Pointblank rode with Scorponok aboard the massive Zarak. firing upon the Cybertronian fleet at random.

Pointblank: "You really enjoy this don't you?"

Scorponok: "What...you don't?"

Several cybertronian fighters in jet mode flew in from the south, but the squad was little match for the defenses of the Zarak, which cut the squad to ribbons.

Pointblank shook his head...no matter how many they destroyed, more took there place...when would it end?"

2002-06-19, 12:02 AM
Adeara's attention was on Jazz, and didn't realize anyone was behind her until she saw Jazz's gaze going past her. Only then did she realize the danger she was in. Suddenly, a blade slammed into her shoulder, eliciting a sharp cry of pain. As she cried out, a bolt of lightening forked from the sky towards her assailant as Adeara dropped to the ground and rolled away. Carefully getting to her feet, purple blood seeping from the wound the blade had caused, Adeara's one hand reached up to her shoulder and grabbed the wound, searing it closed. (Yes, Blood. Adeara's a fleshing in a robot form;)) "Care to try for a second shot?" the shapeshifter said as her sword appeared in her hand.....

2002-06-19, 12:02 AM
Then Extreme Kup tries to get up and then he sees hot rod getting up as well

"Hey man, you ok?", kup asked hot rod

2002-06-19, 02:26 AM
PowerBlade feel back with a twitch from the lightening his enhanced armour heating up but not to melting point as he sat up. "OWW THAT HURT!" he cried trying to stand his circuits shorted out by the bolt of lightening and having to recharge.
Jazz took his turn with Adear's back turned he raised his laser rifle aiming it at the top of her back firing getting another bomb ready for his little plan and if this plan the best option was a tactical retreat the covert ops officer knew that.

2002-06-19, 04:15 AM
Soundwave turned to Astrotrain and dispatched a quick nod. He wasn't the superstitious sort - Gods coming to help them? Still, he knew the tale. He knew the reality. And in all likelihood, with anything seemingly possible, Primus very well may have emerged from the ground at any moment to begin battling the Chaos Bringer! Still, he wasn't the superstitious sort. He wouldn't count on any super-powerful, but ultimately unpredictable being to assist.

"Well. This is where we test our worksmanship, I suppose. I've deployed every soldier we had, save the Metrodrones, who remain for maintenance. With Metrotitan's new boosters, we should be able to reach Unicron, if necessary, in..."

He glanced briefly at his internal chronometer.

"Less than a breem."


"Shameful, Bludgeon," Gigatron scorned, slowly stepping forward. "Absolutely shameful. Working for a small-minded paeon like Jhiaxus. You! Former Decepticon leader - you were for a time, weren't you? - dreadful warrior, feared master of Metallikator. I actually borrowed some of my own combat principles from your style. Let's find out who uses them better, shall we?"

Gigatron smoothly crossed his arms before his face and reached over his shoulders. He grasped the handles of his swords, sleekly unsheathing them and sliding the blades across each other as he brought them down into a defensive pose. Still not willing to give up his advantage in the first attack, he dove into the air, fully extended his wings, and descended on the enemy with one sword withdrawn and eyes glaring on the shoulder of the armed arm.


"Well," Spectro pondered. "Where do you s'pose we're needed?"

The group glanced at each other. Naturally and unintentionally, they formed a circle. Easiest way to communicate. As they each decided that everyone was mutually indifferent, the eight (yes, eight) Decepticons began searching for targets.

"Oooooooh!" Frenzy shrieked, pointing frantically across the circle. "I like that one!"

Reflector turned first and together, followed by the other four cassettes. Frenzy - idiot that he is - just happened to be pointing toward an enormous black creature, much resembling Scorponok in his build.

"That?!" Laserbeak worried. "You've gotta be kidding! Eight of us against a whole one of him?"

Spyglass swatted Laserbeak on the head, sending the bird's cranium clunking into the ground. Spyglass and Rumble laughed together; Laserbeak scowled in return.

"Whassamatter?" Spyglass mocked. "'Fraid of the big bad spawn of Maximo? Come on, and here I thought you were supposed to be good at your job. Don't worry, you can sit back while the boys and I take him down. Ain't that right, gang?"

Viewfinder, Ravage, and Spectro nodded their agreement. Rumble crossed his arms and smirked in satisfaction. Buzzsaw remained unemotional, but his lack of movement signified his feelings. (Before the census could even be taken, Frenzy had already raced around the group and taken a few preliminary shots on Cryhavoc.) Laserbeak's optics dashed from one warrior to the next: they all said the same. He dropped his head in contemplation, but the world would not stop for him. Two or three at a time, the others joined Frenzy in his assault. Laserbeak stared after them.

How can they be so foolish? They... They'll die!

His optics turned to the sky, and the foreign planet ever encroaching on Cybertron, then back to the battle. He must think...


Whirl, the awkward lanky thing that he is, flailed through the air, but executed a marvelously graceful landing nonetheless. An enemy would just think it clumsiness. The Wreckers? They'd be surprised if he'd done it any other way.

"Long story, cap'n. We'll tell you sometime if you're interested. Meantime..."

Whirl spun around and scuttled back to the hole in the planet's surface. He reached into it, first dragging out Sandstorm, then Topspin, Broadside, Rack 'N' Ruin, and finally Twin Twist. (OOC: Did I forget anybody?)

"Criminy!" Broadside cried to the skies. "Look at that thing!"

"No time for that now," Topspin reminded him. "Everybody's here, Springer."

After a quick salute from each member of the squad, the Wreckers transformed (with the exception of Rack 'N' Ruin, who instead climbed on Topspin's back) and awaited Springer's leadership.


Betcha didn't see this coming!

"Hey!" a voice behind Jazz intervened. "Sneak tactics, Autobot? That's not fair. Two on one? Oh, that's definitely not fair. Let's even the odds, whaddaya say?"

The interceptor fired one of his sonic boomer cannons from the shadows, hoping to momentarily deafen Jazz and come in with his own surprise attack.