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God Jinrai
2002-05-31, 12:07 AM
OOC: All actions that need to finish up from the earth thread take place here, as well as the trek back to cybertron...

2002-05-31, 03:46 AM
Skyblade looked at the other combiner teams.

"I think we need to take the space bridge back to Cybertron." He said and looked at Onslaught, Razorclaw, Scrapper, Motormaster and Scrapheap.

"We the best of the best and possibly the only ones capable of being of any massive assistance in a primary defensive strike againist Unicron until the rest of the Decepticon and Autobot forces arrive. Also, we should see is we can get Liokaiser to come along with us as well." He said and awaited any response from the rest of the teams assembled.

Quick Switch
2002-06-01, 05:15 PM
Astrotrain listened silently as the report continued, and watched as Scourge entered.


Onslaught shrugged.

"No need, Skyblade. We'll soon be airborne again."

Scrapper huffed.

"Bah, the less we involve those other alt-dimension types, the better. I don't trust them. You heard Deszaraus- who was he to give the authorization to lift off? Galvatron didn't order it, and Astrotrain hadn't given the go-ahead yet!"

2002-06-01, 11:25 PM
Skyblade nodded.

"I guess, but I figured this way we could arrive at Cybertron amost instantly." He shrugged.

2002-06-02, 12:28 PM
Scourge moved up to Astrotrain's desk.
"We're on the move. Deszaras has just ordered Metrotitan into the air. Black Zarak will be following us shortly."

He turned to Soundwave.

"It might be a good time to run that mental scan now, don't you think?"

Turning back to Astrotrain, he brought the City Commander up to speed on his previous mind link with Unicron, and the need to stop it resurfacing.

Finally, he activated his comm link.
"Fracas, report to my office at once. Spinister, Needlenose, you're off duty until we reach Cybertron. Then report to me for your battle positions."

2002-06-02, 04:37 PM
"This is absurd," Soundwave commented absently, staring at the pocked black sky through the window of Astrotrain's office. "Cities aren't meant to fly..."

As though suddenly forgetting the thought entirely, he stood methodically and turned for the door.

"Yes, I suppose now would be the time," he told Scourge.

Again he interrupted himself and turned directly to the Targetmaster. His optic-band lit up; he stared dazedly into Scourge's face, omitting miniscule and indiscernible mumbling sounds. After a few minutes, the trance ended. Soundwave stumbled a few inches back, as though suddenly released from a vice's grip.

"Hm. Not at all what I'd expected. I detect no presence of Unicron whatsoever! Still, best to be careful. You never know what may happen with the Chaos Bringer..."

(OOC: Keep in mind that Unicron's mind is enormous. You know what I'm getting at.)

2002-06-02, 07:16 PM
The Insecticons reported to Scourge.

"We are here for new orders, orders", Shrapnel said.

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Quick Switch
2002-06-03, 02:08 AM
Astrotrain nodded.

"Do what you must Scourge. For our sake."

Quick Switch
2002-06-09, 08:57 PM
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Astrotrain leaned forward at his desk, and pressed a button.

"Core." A Metrodrone buzzed.

"This is Astrotrain. Belay Metrotitan's flight instructions."

Silence ensued.

"I'm dirverting you to Metrotitan himself, sir."

Metrotitan's voice boomed throughout.

"Query cannot be computed at this time. Orders already given by Deszaraus."

"I don't give a damn. I'm the City Commander, not Deszaraus. I never even heard Galvatron give the order, and if so, he should have given it to me. Not Soundwave, Scourge, but me." Dirge shot a glance at Soundwave and Scourge, then flicked his optics to Astrotrain.

"Command?" Metrotitan waited.

"Cease fight, and move to the Space Bridge I was ordered to build expressly for this purpose. Your flight modes will be used against Unicron...now comply!"

The giant transformer slowly deactivated his flight engines, and slowly fell back into the Earth's atmosphere...and finally landed at the Space Bridge site.

"Order complied."

"Now, move inside the circle. Our fellow Decepticons should have already constructed a suitable landing entryway in Darkmount proper."

Metrotitan walked into the larger Space Bridge circle, which shut around him. It soon began to hum, and the customary vortex opened up, and lifted Metrotitan...the gap then closed around him.


Metrotitan arrived on Darkmount proper. He strode out the circle.

"We've reached Cybertron," Dirge commeted.

"I know that. Metrotitan, stay stationary until I transmit and recieve a confirmation order."

Astrotrain sent an aduio transmit to Fortress Maximus, or the appropriate Decepticon headquarters nearby.

"Galvatron, this is Astrotrain speaking. Metrotitan is on Cybertron. Darkmount proper, actually. Tell me your position, and I will engage Metrotitan's flight modes and we shall meet you in battle against Unicron. All Decepticon combiner teams are ready for immediate deployment once we reach the hot zone. Confirm receipt of this message. I'm leaving the channel open."

Astrotrain crossed his arms and waited pensively with Soundwave, Scourge and Dirge.

"Dirge, go the conference room and tell the combiner teams to prepare for combat immediately."

The blue Seeker saluted and left the room, heading for the conference area.

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2002-06-11, 02:08 PM
Scourge replied to the communication from the Insecticons.
"We're now travelling through the space bridge. When the battle is joined on the other side, you will join the defence. Iacon and Darkmount will need to be defended. I will assign Spinister and Needlenose to assist you."

2002-06-12, 04:25 AM
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