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2002-06-19, 04:47 AM
(Unicron hovers overhead as the Autobots and Decepticons battle it out against the Cybertronian army...a younger generation of Transformers who fled Cybertron millions of years ago under the leadership of Jhiaxus and the first Decepticon the Liege Maximo. With the Transformers united the battle is slightly tilted in their favor...and yet all the while Unicron waits...)

2002-06-19, 05:17 AM
Roadbuster: -over commlink- "Springer, can you give me your coordinates? I've got a ship I might be able to talk into taking us to see Unicron."

Chromedome: -chuckles- "I like the way you think, Roadbuster."

Roadbuster: -clicks commlink to hold- Well, Gary? What do you think? Want to help us make Unicron see that coming back this way was a bad idea?"

2002-06-19, 05:30 AM
Sky Garry responds, voice strained "I can attempt it. However, I'm designed to have backup available to cover my landings and takeoffs. I'm not very maneuverable." He is cut off as his form shakes with another hit. "And that lightning isn't helping!"

2002-06-19, 06:00 AM
"uh oh...WWWWHHHHOOOOOAAAAA!!!!!!", kup said as unicron moved since he was on the surface..he almost falls but he grabs something to keep him from falling

2002-06-19, 06:28 AM
Jazz cringed forward after taking the shot at Adeara from the unknown bot he fell forward a bit keeping his balance his audio sensors kept up because of the frquence it was on louder nosies were somewhat quiter but his brain was still dazed. "Hey man that tune was un-cool" He groaned. The sonic boom would have continued towards Adeara and PowerBlade luckily for PowerBlade he was on the ground and it would sail right over head. Jazz turned to face his oncoming opponent rather dizzy.

Karandras smirked looking around "I really hope all transformers are not this pathetic" he muttered to himself the robot speaking it no one around him to hear except cybertronians. The charged and fired like mad men being flung back before they could even reach him their blasts disappearing to thin air as they cam towards him, missels and aother frag weapons detering off course. The cybertronians he did flign away began to heat up their metals molecules speeding up inside the metal as they slowly dripped away into nothing melting in the air for no reason.
Karandras loved doing that using his mind to latch onto molceuels within something and speeding it up to burning or melting point. Only did that to unworthy opponents. The Zephyres head looked up at Unicron and he smirked "Like Khorne the god of chaos and like Khorn no match for Karandras the Shadow hunter, when the time comes I will assisst in his destruction opnly to gain the trust of transformers everywhere and then" He raised his pulseweapon blasting a cybertronian killing him "This whole race will be but titans in our conquest for this universe and many dimensions"

Brawn Sunstreaker and Blaster continued to fight the enemy not horribly out numberd as Blaster sent out his cassettes. Eject and Rewind were double teaming a cybertronian and all you could here from that was "A swing and a miss this cybertronian is off his game" from Eject and a groan from Rewind after every quote.
FastForward was shaking the planet with his piledrivers knocking Cybertronian Autobot and Decepticon off their feet alike. Steelhaw ans Ramhorn were ripping apart the enemy like paper.
"Hey where is Jazz?" Sunstreaker asked popping a cybertronian one to the head. "Doing the same as us I'd suppose" Brawn said finished the Cybertronian Sunstreaker punched off by removing his stomach area with a solid punch. "I got an idea so hold onto your pants Eject Rain Dance" and his chest opened launching the jet casette out "Find Jazz!" Blaster said killing another cybertronian before ebing taking off his feet by a blast.

2002-06-19, 08:49 AM
Talon saw a figure carrying Hotrod down to Cybertron he tries to convince the Keeper to follow. "Keeper, would you be so kind as to follow Hotrod?" he asked the ship.


Inside Sky Garry, Rally definatly disagreed with Roadbuster's suggestion. "WHAT!? You're planning to attack that monster!? Are you INSANE!?" she said.

2002-06-19, 12:23 PM
Scourge sighed.
"Enough talk, enough praying, and enough idling.;
He tapped the comm console.
"Spinister, Needlenose, you'll be fighting with the Insecticons. Report to Shrapnel at once. Insecticons, scramble."

He turned to Soundwave and Astrotrain.

"I'm going out there. I've got a score to settle. Fracas, to me."

The Targetmaster quickly transformed, leaping into Scourge's outstretched hand as he ran from the room. Reaching one of the exit hatches set high in one of Metrotitan's towers, he kicked it open, and transformed into hunter ship mode, Fracas clamping down on top of him. Shooting out of the door, he angled towards Unicron, and activated full thrusters.

"I know you, Chaos Bringer. I know what you did to me, and for that, you will pay. You, and that scum Jhiaxus."


The Cosmobots had done well up to now, holding many of the attack ships at bay, and giving the larger Autobots clear shots on their targets, but now things weren't going so well, and they were hard pressed to keep formation, especially when Apollo spiralled away from a direct laser hit.

"Sun Runner, save him!" Vanguard quickly ordered, and the big shuttle moved to comply.
"He's in a bad way sir, he needs medical attention."
Vanguard sighed. Having Sun Runner make the trip to Iacon would mean they were weakened by two members, while leaving Apollo here would mean only losing one. But getting Apollo healed would give them access to Proximus once more..."

He stopped himself. This was his friend's life he was talking about, and he silently kicked himself for thinking like a millitary commander, or worse, a Decepticon.

"Sun Runner, transform. Mercury, get Apollo inside, we return to Iacon for repairs, and then return to the fight.

Swiftly the order was complied with, as Vanguard followed Apollo into Sun Runner, and Mercury and Thorr transformed to space ship mode as the Gestalt team powered towards Iacon.

Entering through the roof, ignoring the laser fire sweeping by, they quickly transformed and headed to the medical area.


Sixswitch followed Cyclonus's lead, transforming into fighter craft mode, and taking up a position on Cyclonus's left hand side, casting a sensor glance back to see if Quick Switch was following.

2002-06-19, 02:29 PM
In the beginning Cryhavoc gave no notice to Frenzy's futile attack attempts against him but the as the persistant cassetticon didn't give up his attacks, Cryhavoc let his attention turn towards the small Decepticon.

"Insects like you will be grinded under my feet." The massive follower of Jhiaxus smirked and lifted his foot to crush Frenzy to steel pancake...

2002-06-19, 02:46 PM
OOC I so need to do something :)

Skyrender and Karrnage saw Frenzy about to be turned into mush.

"Hey tough bug!" Skyrender fired his megacannons at the large rogue.

"Why don't you pick on someone your own size!" He growlinged taking to the air and firing on the rogue.

"Karrnage teach bugbot a lesson! Me exterminator you dead!" He yelled letting loose a massive barrage with his rocket launcher and gattling gun.

Hatemunger looked around the battle field.

"The aerial assult seems to be nearly wiped out." He looked at the ground noticing a Bull Run type battle occuring.

"On the ground though looks like we are battling to a stand still."
He smiled and opened fire.

"Looks like we will have to change that." He laughed drawing his energon saber and slashing through several Cybertronians.

Stealth and Darklark saw Jazz and Co fighting the fleshling bot.

"Hmm looks like a target!" Darklark smiled and fired sevevreal volleys of plasma fire from his rifles.

"I agree with you for once." Stealth smiled and cloaked and fired with his plasma pistols.

2002-06-19, 03:17 PM
"Kup... that guy took us to Cybertron... to get to Prime, looks like it worked." Hot Rod checked himself over, "Kup I'm in no condition to get into the battle, but we got to do something. Javelin is so sure he can use the Matrix..."

Javelin continued to fire the blue energy bolts at Optimus Prime from his staff.

2002-06-19, 04:08 PM
Optitron crashed onto the surface of Unicron in tank mode and skidded to a halt, his treads finally gaining some traction on Unicron's smooth metallic shell. He transformed back to robot mode and let his huge forearm-mounted blades emerge again.

Optitron: It's unfortunate for the entire race of the Transformers that you did not learn a thing from our last encounter. Surrender might have been an option, but now I have no choice but to let Unicron do his worst to your miserable home. This planet is yours, not mine, and I will take nothing but joy in its death...as well as yours!

Rushing forward, Optitron began slicing his blades back and forth, hoping to spear Galvatron and use his unique energy-ciphoning powers to suck the very life from Galvatron's body.

Quick Switch
2002-06-19, 04:29 PM
Astrotrain grimaced at Soundwave's report, and Scourge's missive, but made no move to stop the huntsman.

"Very well, Soundwave." He strode forward, and activated the loudspeakers all over Metrotitan.

"Bruticus! Devestator! Destroy any hordlings that attempt to breech Metrotitan!"

He terminated the feed. The Triple Changer turned to the comm officer.

"Once the attack groups get a solid confirmation of a good breech in that damn planet, I'll deploy Metrotitan's rockets and join in the attack. Bruticus and Devestator shall join us. Opinions, Soundwave?"


The two Super Warriors ceased their missle and flame attacks, respectively...since they didn't seem to being doing a whit of damage.

"Bruticus...understands." The Combaticon combiner lowered his weapon, and rushed back, standing loftily to one side of the city.

"Devestator obeys." The Constructicon combiner lowered his weapon and stood behind Metrotitan, hopefully cutting off any flank/sneak attacks on the city.

(OOC: Anyone wish to engage Bruticus and Devestator? Otherwise they'll just guard Metro until the attack on Unicron proper is joined.)


Quick Switch silently transformed to star fighter mode and took on position as Cyclonus' right wing man.

"All right, let's do this," he transmitted.

God Jinrai
2002-06-19, 04:39 PM
The blast lanced out, striking prime head-on... forcing him to drop to a knee... but with all his strength, prime arose... and let loose... both barrels... as well as his arm mounted cannons...

"God... indeed... you're no primus... nor are you a spawn of the chaosbringer.... so tell me, pretender... who the slag do you think you are!?"


The six breastforce units had dealt a serious blow to maximo's forces... however... Leozak felt it time to take the fight a step further...


Not a second later, the siz became one... Leokaiser stood tall over the now ant sized enemies of planet cybertron...

"Prepare yourselves for the abyss, fools!" he roared, bringing his weaponry online... charging out, he spotted maximo's shuttle...

"Autobot Commander Optimus PRIME! THIS IS LEOKAISER! I HAVE LOCATED LIEGE MAXIMO'S SHUTTLE. Coordinates are as follows"

The giant sent the coordinates, and not soon after, spied a worthy adversary...

"Hm... that one seems familiar... Ah... SIXSHOT... He will suffice nicely!"

With a lion's roar, the weaponry came to life, heat and plasma energy roared from the barrel of the massive cannon, streaking out toward sixshot's location

2002-06-19, 05:04 PM
Jazz's shot hit squarely in the top of her back, strong enough to knock her to her knees. The blast didn't pierce the metallic skin she wore, but it dented a bit. She vaguely felt the sonic attack passing over her head as she tried to keep some of her concentration on the storm, or it would desolve. Once she had control of the storm again, Adeara carefully stood up, a little shaken, but all right.

"By the Maker...Who are you?" she asked her savior.

Just then, a pair of defenders started firing at her. "Why me? Why did I have to get Iacon?" Twin lightening bolts flew from the storm towards the two new attackers. Hopefully, they would cause enough circuit damage to knock them out of commision for a time.

2002-06-19, 05:08 PM
Darklark looked at the Fembot and her knownsavior.

"Oh two more targets!" He laughed and fired away.

He then looked at Jazz and CO.

"Get ready to fight back." he growled.

Stealth was still cloaked stopped firing and ran around the battle area knowing he could catch the two rogues in some type of crossfire with Darklark where he was and the Autobots in front of the two rogues.

Suddenly the female figure fired lighting at Darklark.

"Whoa!" The con yelled falling to the ground as fast as he could nearly avoiding the energy blasts, the heat from the lighting melting some of his armour plating thankfully for him not frying him to a total crisp.

"Now that was not very nice!" He said transforming into car mode.

"You want to play with electricity fine by me." He growled black smoke coming off the melted plating.

"Oh brother." Stealth groaned.

"All this logic and he's gonna try and run her down." he looked around the battle area and tried to see if there was something he could use to cool off the female warrior....

2002-06-19, 05:09 PM
"I am many things Prime!" Javelin tried to see if the shot would be absorded to the power he had stolen. It had but the heat caused by the collison and recoil sent him back. He collided with the floor, "First and formost I'm am the program the Quisentons used to control you slaves before you became sentient, at the hand of Primus. My primary funtion to the delete any hint of free will, but Primus and the sparks he sent were too strong." Javelin neared his hand to one of the lights on his neck, "But in backup form I grew strong over the Eons, now I have the key to finish programming." Javelin smiled, "Forgive me, I often get ahead of myself, I'm not a God yet, But that Matrix that will be the final piece. With the Matrix, I will take over Primus, I will become him!"

"This mad man has got to be stoped!" Hot Rod got up slowly and noticed how close to the edge Javelin was, "Prime has a planet to save...he has no time to deal with this guy."

"I will hunt you forever Optimus Prime, but surrender now and I'll take care of Unicron, why let so many suffer! Free will is the price for Peace!" Javelin got up ready for another attack.

"We don't need a god to detroy Unicron... or you!" Hot Rod rushed into Javelin knocking him over the edge of the bridge, Hot Rod however went down with him. For a moment Hot Rod seemed to experiance a flash of action and found himself hanging off the edge.

Looks like my reflexes are better then I thought Hot Rod looked down at the floor, no Javelin not even a trace of him. He then looked up and realized he needed some help up, "Prime... Kup... I'll need a lift. It's a long way down."

2002-06-19, 06:11 PM
Adeara grinned. This was going to be fun. Reaching into the storm momentarily, Adeara made it seem as if the storm had suddenly died. In reality, it was simply.....waiting, waiting to have a true target. Adeara had learned eons ago how to targe the storm's ferocity, and she was going to use that to her advantage. Holding her sword in one hand, Adeara very cautiously took three steps backwards, towards the unknown Transformer who had saved her. On the third step, Adeara hurled the storms pent up ferocity right at the transformed attacker. Lightening so bright it blinded flashed towards Darklark, while hailstones the size of a human's head pelted down him and winds strong enough to rip apart buildings howled towards him. "Try that on for size!"

2002-06-19, 06:19 PM
Darklark could not miss the storm, the hailstorms battered him and the lighting hit him causing him to fly through the air he landed on the ground with a thud. Pain cursing through him but he smiled.

Stealth brought his energon daggers online a slashed at the fembot from behind.

"Thanks for the diversion Darky. She was too busy making sure to bring the "Wraith of the Weather Channel" to notice me. Not like the Autobots over there were of any use." He slashed at the Rogue with one dagger and was ready for any possible counter strike with the other.

2002-06-19, 06:26 PM
Soundwave contemplatively placed his hands on his hips, considering everything carefully. At least the protection of the city would be more than he'd had last time...

"It will be difficult for us. Metrotitan is a large target and, relative to Unicron, absurdly slow. Bruticus and Devastator are likely small enough to evade Unicron a bit better than Metrotitan. I recommend that they distract the beast - if nothing else, they should irritate him - while we get Metrotitan into position for a more substantial attack."

His optics began to float away, memories pouring back...


Frenzy continued firing into the impending foot, not afraid of his death, when Skyrender and Karrnage came to his rescue. He turned his head to scowl at the gestalt's, momentarily forgetting his dangerous position.

"Spectro!" Ravage shouted, a few meters off. "While ugly's distracted! Grab Frenzy!"

Without a word, Spectro tossed his rifle over his shoulder and into Viewfinder's hand, and ran off. He ducked low, hoping not to get the behemoth's attention, and swooped up Frenzy from his peril like a loose football. A quick U-turn later, they stood back with their brothers. Frenzy still glared at the newcomers.

"Gestalts!" he whined. "We coulda taken him! I coulda taken him!"

Spyglass patted him on the shoulder, reassuring that he still would have his chance.

"No time for this," Viewfinder commanded as he tossed Spectro's gun back. "I'm taking charge of this unit, for organizational purposes. Spyglass, Spectro, and I will stay here for now to provide artillery fire. Rumble and Frenzy, distract him. Buzzsaw, swoop around and be above him in fifteen astroseconds. Ravage, you're with us for the moment. Go go go!"

Rumble and Frenzy nodded together, dashing off for the fight. Simultaneously, they each unsheathed their blasters (one at a time) and opened fire on Cryhavoc. Spyglass knelt and began prepping his missile cannon. Ravage transformed to cassette mode, as briefly instructed by Viewfinder, and landed in the Reflectorbot's hand. Buzzsaw approached Cryhavoc's lateral position from the sky...

"Ready, Ravage?" Viewfinder checked.

Ravage did not respond, leading Viewfinder to feel that an affirmative. He wound back and tossed the cassette with much of his strength, shooting him accurately toward Buzzsaw's talons. Just as Ravage neared his condor companion, he transformed, and Buzzsaw caught him backward by the scruff of his neck. By now they were just behind Cryhavoc, but Ravage's vantage point allowed him to see clearly... and clearly line up his shot. Locked on, he fired both of his missiles at Cryhavoc.


(OOC: This begins a few posts back, and ends with Ravage's latest.)

"Don't tell me you forgot about me, Adeara!"

From the shadows, Beastbox emerged, his weapons glowing softly in the charred Cybertronic air. Behind his faceplate, he smirked at the vulnerable Jazz. But it didn't last long; from port, a short volley of plasma bolts whizzed past. Beastbox grimaced toward Darklark, now the only visible assailant. He took a few running steps from his shadowy hiding place and, using Jazz as a springboard, rose a few meters into the sky. As he floated, his target acquisition systems roared with activity. The corner of an optic spotted some sort of movement directly below, just behind Adeara, and his right arm did its best to take a bead on him. His visual concentration remained on the approaching Darklark; he found little difficulty in locking on his long automotive form with his left weapon. Just as he reached the apex of his flight, both sonic compression cannons exploded with energy.

2002-06-19, 06:42 PM
"Hah! Two combiners and a small army of cassetticons! Should I be afraid? Impressed?" Cryhavoc smirked, as his foot hit the ground, causing a small earthquake around him.

Then Ravage's missiles hit him, the impact shaking him a bit. When the giant turned to glare at the cassetticon jaguar there was battlerage in his optics but only few scracthes in his thick durabellium armor.

"Petty annoyances! I won't waste my energon on you!" Cryhavoc snarled and rushed towards Karrnage, who was only slightly taller than him.

Cryhavoc opened his claws and jumped, reaching to close his claws around Karrnage's arms so he could crush the gestalt's arms in the same way he had done to Omega Supreme...

2002-06-19, 07:40 PM
Slashed in the back, Adeara let the storm continually attack Darklark while she spun, her sword coming up to attack her new assailant. "I've had enough of this!" Around the sword flared ultra hot flames as she brought the blade across her assailant's arm and chest. Then she swiftly kicked him in the side, hopefully sending him flying. Turning back towards Darklark, Adeara smirked as she saw Beastbox attacking Jazz. "How could I have forgotten you? Thanks for helping."

Lord Zarak
2002-06-19, 08:02 PM
"Grimlock Swoop is back", said Swoop, "Where are you?


Jinrai will have to wait thought Sky Lynx as hey flew between two Cybertronians and blasted them out of the sky with fire from his mouth.
"Blaster, how you coping, need any help?"

2002-06-19, 08:11 PM
Jazz was getting up when Beastboxjumped on his back knocking back back down with a thud his circuits rattled as he laid there not really aware of anything.
Power Blade looked up at beast box pulling his laser rifle from the compartment at his side and still holding his energo sword got to his feet shook his head then jumped up taking to the air flying full force to Beastbox "Like you said 2 on1 is unfair" Powerblade replied hacking down with his energo sword at the Cybertronian warrior.

Raindance flew over the battle raging Cybertron looking for Jazz where could he be the casette thought spotting the huge cloud. "Acid rain?" hje said to himself seeing a lightening bolt fire from it. "Uh Oh, thats not good I better check it out" he thought to himself flying full force.

"Alright ATTACK!" Death Blade cried over the radios to the attack squadron as they began to attack the shell of Unicron firing missles and lasers exploding all over the surface as other stayed around to take out enemy fighters who tried to attack from behind.

Karandras was finding this quite boring as he looked up at the cloud created by Adear "Whats this? Weather manipulation, interesting I must find the being that did this" And with that began to walk towards it still flining then melting or freezing attacking cybertronians with thoughts.

Suntreaker was now under a pile of Cybertronians being beaten to a pulp onle to be helped by Ramhorn who charged through the pile on top of him spinning and grunting "Heh to easy" the rhino said. "They ruin my paint and put a dent in me" sunstreaker groaned blasting a hole in a near by cybertronian in retribution.

Brawn was having no problems what so ever his superior strength and toughness made it fairly easy fro him to knock these cybertronians around.

Blaster was with Eject and Rewind just firing at the fallen cybertronians that was casued by Fastforwards pile drivers who was infront of them.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-06-19, 09:55 PM
Sixshot was not taking by surprise by the gestalts attack, he stood motionless seemingly staring his own destiny eye to eye...the beam grew closer, a few faceless cybertrons watched, as did Grimlock as the beam struck the six-changer and he shattered before their eyes...

"Him stupider than he looks" Grimlock muttered before trudging off...

"You, DECEPTICON, y'know, it's a funny thing watching yourself be atomised sometimes..."

Sixshot appeared from behind a chunk of metal that had ripped up like a wave from the attack.

"You're a fool to go against us"

Sixshot withdrew his consussion blasters from their holsters and fire off successive shots.

2002-06-20, 12:04 AM
Lockpick finally lifts her powered weapon, aiming right for the core itself, setting it to keep one long, continuous stream until the power runs out. There would be no second chances as she carefully takes aim...

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Quick Switch
2002-06-20, 03:14 AM
Astrotrain nodded once again as his lieutenant decided options.

"Once Unicron appears to actually...move," the Triple Changer shuddered slightly, "I'll order the combiners to begin a series of feints to draw away the planet's attention. The we shall engage Metrotitan. Dirge?"

The blue Seeker stepped forward, quietly listening in the background.

"Yes, 'Train?"

"Are Metrotitan's rockets prepped?" Astrotrain faced his bodyguard.

"Yes. I checked them myself after I deployed the combiner teams. We are ready for attack." Dirge nodded grimly.

"Good. Now, we wait for Unicron." Astrotrain turned back to the viewport.

2002-06-20, 05:26 AM
OOC Darky is out for now.

IC- Stealth smiled and parred the swing with one of his two daggers jumping backwards.

"Well bitchbot, you have one problem." He cloaked again drew out one of his plasma pistols and opened fire on her and the cassette.

"Have some fun trying to hit what you can't see!" He yelled.

Darklark transformed and looked at the sky his repair systems were online and repairing the damage cuased by the storm but he would be out of action for a time.

Karrnage laughed.

"Bug try to squash Karrnage!" Karrange raised his gattling cannon and fired several blasts right into Cryhavoc's face.
He then disengaged the seven Crashticons fell out of Cryhavocs arm.

"Well now that was fun!" Hit cheered as the Crashticons backed off for a moment.

"Iam tried of these cybertronian pieces of trash." Scrapheap growled.

"I Agree." Run said as Pileup, Roll Over, Blindside and Runaway all drove up and transformed.

"You think we should teach this bug a lesson?" Blindside asked.

"Not yet Blindside." Scrapheap said and the Crashticons transformed back into Karrnage.

"Karrnage no like Bug. Karrnage not let bug try to crush him this time!" He growled and strifed the massive Rogue from a distance.

"Good thing Karrnage was smart enough to disengage." Skyblade thought to himself as Skyrender continued his aerial assult on Cryhavoc.

"This bug is a bit tougher than expected. Maybe we need to bring out the bigger guns, but not quite yet. If your not impressed yet Unicron spawn you will be." Skyrender fired the mega cannons not directly at Cryhavoc but into the ground in from of him tearing up Cybertron in an effort to slow down the massive con.

He then got onto his com-link.
"Crashticons be ready, if this bot won't go down the easy way. Maybe Dominator can make thinks more amusing."

Hatemunger looked around. Cryhavoc was causing problems. Adeara and Beastbox were also being annoying. Sixshot more than had his hands full with the Dinobots and LioKaiser.

"Hmm looks like Cryhavoc is going to be a major problem. Trypiticon are you eager for a battle?" The Decepticon field general asked.

"There is a massive Rogue who goes by the name Cryhavoc why don't you show him a good time." Hatemunger smiled and contineued his assult on the cybertronians.

2002-06-20, 06:09 AM
Taikoon fought vailantly alongside his new bretheren, armor torn and bleeding silver fluids as he beats off enemy after enemy, seeming to strike true. His blue optics were narroed, and he pants as he works at it, shouting several times urgently, but his lack of knowing the Transformer tongue made his calls for help useless.

Slowly, the green and magenta transformer was overwhelmed, and he is thrwon to the ground far below, plummeting a half-mile to slam into the planet painfully, dust lifting around it as Cybertonians start to flood the area where he had crashed.

2002-06-20, 09:16 AM
"you got it buddy!", extreme Kup said as he helped Hot Rod go down back to cybertron

"thats one strong shove you did on that javelin guy....I wonder....even though i am younger than you now...I should have known i have to do that...oh welll...I guess that means you got a bit more wisdom than me now Hot Rod ...heehhehe....damn!", kup said as they go down to cybertron

"hey Prime...you ok", kup said as he looked at optimus

2002-06-20, 12:11 PM
Roadbuster: -looks at Rally, visor flaring- "I'm not insane. All those troops down there are nothing but a diversion. They're gonna move Unicron into position and then our only hope is to cause Unicron indigestion after he eats the planet." -checks charge in linear blaster- "As Springer once observed, 'I've got better things to do tonight than die'."

Muzzle: "No kidding."

Brainstorm: "I've got Hosehead repaired."

Lug: -looking at autodoc- "Hey, Muzzle, am I repaired?"

Muzzle: "Beats me. Minerva showed me how to put these things on, but not how to read them."

Minerva: -weakly- "Are.... all the.... indicators..... green?"

Lug: -looking at indicators- "Looks like it."

Minerva: "Yer.... fine."

Muzzle: "So why is Lug better and you're not?"

Minerva: "I... got more..... feedback from the system than he did. More internal damage. Feels like my nervous system just took a jolt from a main power line. I feel all tingly."

Muzzle: "Is that a professional medical term?"

Minerva: "Oh, yes. So is icky."

Brainstorm: -starting to work on Minerva's transector-

Roadbuster: -activates commlink- "Springer, you read me?"

2002-06-20, 12:37 PM
((OOC: Who's nearing Unicron now? Attackers and Defenders? If this should be moved to Questions about the RPG, just do so. Ta.))


2002-06-20, 01:29 PM
Cryhavoc barely dodged the blast fired by Karrnage towards him, steppeing straight into the area that began to fall down from Skyrender's blast.

He had been waiting for a chance like this. As he fall down to the hole made by the blast, he transformed into his scorpion mode without the gestalts noticing it and sank his arachnoid legs to the walls of the pit, his antimatter stinger and six twin sonic cannons aimed to the opening of the pit, his claws ready to take hold of anyone fool enough to come close to the opening...


"Fine. I guess I can give you some coverfire." Trypticon snorted. "Give me firing coordinates Hatemunger."

2002-06-20, 02:45 PM
Seeing the blasts coming towards her, Adeara brought the sword up in time to block most of them. One got through and hit her already damaged shoulder. Now that hurt. And getting hurt only made her really mad. Of course, her assailant hadn't realized that Adeara spent much of her time in the vacuum of deep space, using only her ears and mind. Listening over everything else, Adeara could hear the movements of the assailant. Following him carefully by his sounds, Adeara suddenly swung with the sword right at the assailant's arms. But that was just a feint. As the sword came down, Adeara shifted the storm's target to the assailant. Lightening crashed all around her as hail pelted against her and the assailant. The hail pelting him made him easy to see. Onec she got a look at him, Adeara suddenly spun on one foot, the other lashing out towards his head......

2002-06-20, 04:09 PM
Stealth laughed.

"Its been awhile since I've got to have a decent hand to hand fight." He said as the grabbped Adeara's foot brought his hand directly into her knee joint then flung her over and away from her.

"Your storms are amusing. Bitchbot." Stealth growled.
"Your fighting skills are intersting as well." He said wiping oil off of his shoulder that was cut into by Adeara's sword.
"However! My Kung Fu is better than YOUR Kung Fu!" He said and got into a fighting posture.


Skyrender saw Cryhavoc transform and grabbed ahold of Karrnage.

"Wait he said." To Karrnage.

"Why me wait?" Karrnage asked confused.

"Simple he's trying to lead us like ants to an ant lion." Skyrender said.

"What dat?" Karrnage asked again.

"Nevermind." Skyrender said.

"Hatemunger, I am giving you coordinates to the enemy target." Skyrender said broadcasting the coordinates to Hatemunger.

Hatemunger got on his com-link to Tryipticon once again.

"The target is here!" Hatemunger said sending Tryipticon the coordinates he needed.

Skyrender and Karrnage backed off waiting for the fireworks to begin....

2002-06-20, 04:33 PM
Those gestalts are not as stupid as I thought... bah, it won't help them at all... they dared to attack me... they will suffer... The massive scorpion thought and by using his sensors to keep on track with the movements of the two gestalts, he began to dig his way towards them from underground....


Trypticon received the coordinates sent by Hatemunger and launched a massive volley of focused missile strikes to the area that had been pointed out for him. The strike was easily enough to destroy everything on the area...


As Cryhavoc advanced fast towards the gestalts under the surface he heard the massive explosions only few hundreds meters behind him. He quickly understood his situation and shot down the tunnel roof behind him, preventing the inferno released by Trypticon's strike from hitting him.

That blast... even Omega Supreme could not have done that... nor those gestalts... Hah! I must be more careful if I want to live! The gargantuan warrior thought and continued digging...

2002-06-20, 04:47 PM
"I don't know Kup it felt like more of an impulse... something I had to do..." Hot Rod got back to his feet, to his surprize he felt a lot better a little tired but that was it. "Looks like Javelin only knocked me around with that telekenitic stuff, I'm good to go."

2002-06-20, 05:55 PM
Skyrender examined the volley and noticed a large hole in the ground were Cryhavoc had been.

"What the he's digging!" Skyrender noted and his combat computer kicked in.

"Target ground based, aerial and ground capabilties offer the best way of assulting target. Dominator recommended." The computer printed out on the screen.

With that Skyrender disengaged into the Aerialcons. Karrnage saw that Skyrender disengaged and did the same.

"Let me guess." Scrapheap smiled at Skyblade.

"Yup time to bring out the big guns. This bug wants to play dirty we play dirtier!" Skyblade smiled with that the transformeration began.

Scrapheap jumped into the air transforming into the body. Hit trasformed on top of that to form the face. Rain and Run merged and attached onto the chest of Scrapheap
Pileup and Rollover attached to Scrapheaps sides forming the arms with Firebomb and Fearmaker transforming into the air shields on the arms. Then Sonic Force and Buzzer transformed into the legs with Blindside and Runaway forming the leg armours and finally Skyblade transformed and attached himself to Hit with a visor glowing over Dominator's face and a jetpack merged onto Dominator's back.

"Now Rogue." Dominator growled.

"Your end is now! A pity your turned traitor, I may have let you live. However Death is the only punishment for a traitor!"

He said taking off from the ground and flying towards the hole he fired a volley of tracking missles into the tunnel the bug made and had his Megacannons, Gattling Cannon and Energy Saber ready as well as the other weapons systems he had online ready to go toe to toe with the massive Decepticon Rogue.

2002-06-20, 06:23 PM
Dominator had just made the mistake of his life as no one hadn't informed Trypticon to stop bombarding the area. Once again a missile strike was launched from the massive weapon arrays of the gigantic citycon with deadly accuracy to the coordinates given by Hatemunger...


Cryhavoc's motion scanners picked up the two combiner groups joining together before Dominator was even formed and by the very same moment Dominator landed to the pit made by Skyrender, Cryhavoc blasted a shot from his anti-matter stinger... the beam cut through the ground above Cryhavoc, forming an escape tunnel to the surface from him.

Just as Dominator launched his shots, Cryhavoc pummeled to the Cybertronian sky in his spaceshuttle mode, his auto targeting twin sonic cannons firing at the pit where Dominator was...

2002-06-20, 09:34 PM
"Sky Lynx, why have we not joined the fray!?" Hausa
Macheinus demanded. "It is cowardly of us to simply fly about."

He surveyed the planet's surface and simply shook his head.

"Even those hot heads Blaster, Brawn and Sunstreaker are fighting down below."

Hausa was dissapointed and did not much like his new teammates. They apparently did not trust him and he sure as the great void did not like them. They were foolish and short sighted. Myopic.

He looked down once again and envied his new acquaintances. Hausa wanted to engage in battle and destroy these enemies. Although he did not understand why the Autobots were not attacking the Decepticons, he assumed they would demolish them later. But just as he was ready to complain further to Sky Lynx, Hausa looked down and thought he saw a familiar face. An Autobot who seemed lost and confused. Out of place.

"You know, Sky Lynx, that female down below seems familiar...."

2002-06-20, 10:15 PM
Adeara landed hard on her injured shoulder, a loud cry escaping from her. The pain stunned her enough to make stars appear before her optics. By the Maker....I wish I wasn't a fleshling sometimes.... Just then, she remembered Beastbox.

Beastbox....This is Adeara...I'm in a bit of trouble here! I've got a cloaked attacker, and he's not only faster, he's stronger than me too. Can you help?(yes, I got permission from flec) Adeara sent telepathically to Beastbox. Carefully getting to her feet, she grapsed her sword in her good arm. Slipping into a defensive stance, the sword coming up, and her bad arm held tight against her side, Adeara listened for her assailant.....

2002-06-20, 11:20 PM
Telepathy here, within these robots? Karandras though to himself. Why do they no stop me then? Perhaps that is the extent of their powers? Karandras now had many thoughts rushing through his head but now he had to find the transformer with the powers and exterminate them, he locked onto the soruce and then began to emit the psychic dampening feild over the planet until he could reach the target he could not have any psychic feedback given to him this way while locking to the position. "Now lets hope they don't catch on to whats happened or they may counter it" Karandras grinned to himself as his Mecha raised from the surface and flew toards the destination right under the cloud.

Rain Dance was suprised, he found Jazz another Autobot(Power Blade) and a Decepticon(Stealth) fighting with Two others (Beastbox and Adeara) "Oh boy better tell the others, this is not good" he then turned flying as fast as he could back to Blaster.

Jazz began to push himself up graoning "Anyone get that liscense plate?" he asked shaking his head his whole body rattled from the damage he had taken.

Jazz, Blaster, Sunstreaker and the Casettes were slowly being pushed back to an endge by fire and just stupid transformers charging them. "Things are starting to look bad for the home team two outs and a full count...." Eject started "Will you Cram it Eject" Fastforward said firing another blast off. "Hey man This don't look so great, it looks like obliviosn gonna be our wicked date" Blaster said. "Time to show 'em what earth mopdes can do the" Sunstreaker replied dropping down and tansforming his engine revving "COME ON BRAWN!" Sunstreaker yelled Brawn transforming aswell his drill folding out and began spinning
"Hope they get the point" Brawn said dirivng as fast as he could into a few ripping chunks out as Blaster and his casettes laid down cover fire Sunstreaker and Brawn held a demolition derby.

2002-06-21, 02:45 AM
Beastbox knew Power Blade was coming the entire time. Three sets of ears made detecting an oaf like him simple, even when approached from behind. As the Autobot leapt into the air, Beastbox turned his right arm blindly above and to the rear. Confident that he'd score the hit, he fired one short sonic blast and jogged forward to help Adeara.

"I'm on him. Gimme a second."

Beastbox raised both of his arms and leveled them in Adeara's direction. If one didn't know better, they'd say he was going to shoot her in the back. In reality, his weapon system was recalibrating his sonic boomers to fire a very weak, infrasonic stream of sound. Finally ready, both guns buzzed to life. To the casual onlooker, nothing happened. But Beastbox's world had become a maze of compressions and rarefactions. Using a form of sonar redirected as a visual representation, Beastbox was able to "see" the waves' place of diffraction - directly around Stealth.

"I've got him..."

He internally switched one weapon to compression cannon mode and, when confident that Stealth would not be moving, followed it with the other.

"Dead in my sights."

Still counting on Stealth not to have moved from his position, Beastbox fired both cannons at once, sending two beams of pure force directly over Adeara's shoulders.


Frenzy cringed as Cryhavoc dove into the pit, with Dominator just in tow. He turned to the other Decepticons, hardly noticing the series of explosions being set off just a few meters behind. When the explosions died down, the other cassettes peeled themselves from the ground while Frenzy dashed back to the artillery line.

"Track him, Viewfinder! Quick! Come on, hurry!"

Viewfinder stared at Frenzy with a face reeking of confused horror. He glanced to his two brothers, but their shrugs gave him no answers. His optic band grew to a ferocious gold as he spoke to the jumpy Frenzy.

"Can you see through the ground?" Frenzy opened his mouth to respond negatively, but didn't get the chance. "Well neither can I!"

Frenzy sneered at Viewfinder, spat at his feet, and dashed back to the Cassetticons, still in the process of dusting themselves off. He grabbed Rumble by the shoulders and shook his brother more violently than he had intended.

"I got it! Rumble, activate your whatchamajiggies! We'll flush him out!"

Rumble wasn't entirely sure what Frenzy was getting at, as the blue cassette was speaking awfully quickly. Still, he could guess at the gist. He returned his hand blasters to their holsters in his back, transformed his arms into their piledriver forms, and placed the heads gently on the ground. He looked around at the circle of cassettes.


Buzzsaw swooped by and grabbed Ravage in his talons, bringing the jaguar to safer ground. Frenzy, however, refused to miss the show, and jumped on Rumble's back in his excitement. Rumble did his best to ignore the extra weight and began pounding away at the ground, hoping to bury Cryhavoc beneath.

2002-06-21, 03:28 AM
Power Blade barrel rolled the blast scorching by him as Power Blade grinned still flying towards Beastbox "What just become I'm big you think I'm not fast?" he chuckles "I make most pyramid decepticons look bad in the air" He replied aiming his laser rifle firing at BeastBox back flying towards him again Energo Blade out still.

"ALRIGHT NEXT WAVES TAKE THS BEHEMOTH DOWN" DB called over his comm as he let four missels out into the shell of Unicron small holes being called scorches and dents.

2002-06-21, 05:19 AM
OOC Anyone can PM me reguarding battles, I am a fairly easy guy to get along with :) Just no stupily cheesy stuff :)

Dominator smiled.

"Seems Tryipiticon is not smart enough to stop firing when the target is no longer there." He said. He brought his energy shield online just in time to protect him from the error in the bombardment.

"Stop wasting your ammo you foolish city." Dominator growled to the triggerhappy base.

He watched as the Rogue flew from the ground in shuttle mode.He dodged the sonic blasts twisting and twirling but didn't seem to care battle was what he was designed to do.

He used the Heat Buster Cannon online to mess with the auto targeting systems the massive burst of heat fooled the computer into thinking that the heat beam was Dominator.

"First you think that burying yourself will save you, then you think a foolish stun gun will do anything to me nothing will save you Rogue your spark dies here." He yelled firing a volley of energy back at the large target.

"Hmm your foolish enough to fight me in the sky." He smiled having a clear missle lock on Cryhavoc the missles locking onto the energy sigunature of the warrior.

"Allow me to show you the error of your ways." He fired a massive barrage of missles at the massive shuttle but then followed close behind them Energon Saber draw and his weapons online ready to finish off what the missles didn't destory.

(OOC Cry, if you have any ideas on how you want this battle to go PM me :) )


Stealth saw two beams of force energy coming directly at him.

"This is nuts." He growled and dove to the ground the force energy tore over his back, he winced with pain and rolled drawing both his plasma pistols and opening fire on the Fleshling and Beastbox.

OOC Yeah I did i see the storm but he was right up againist her so in all honesty you'd have fried yourself just as well.

Darklark layed on the ground though he was no longer Darklark.

"Ugg by the inferno what is going on?" Skylark thought to himself for whatever reason the lighting strikes from Adeara had brought back his orginal memories and persona.

"Great." He thought laying there letting his repair systems do the work. "I am the only robot here with no true alligance anymore." He thought. "Oh well I think nows a good time for me to go into retirement permently." He thought and relaxed, knowing soon enough he would be back online.


Hatemunger looked around.

"This is a mess, we have Rogue being attacked by armies but somehow not dying, countless Cybertronian foddler running around and somehow I am not fighting anyone worthy of my time." The Decepticon Field Commander gumbled tearing another fodder into pieces.

2002-06-21, 08:16 AM
"...hmmm.....ok then", kup said as they land on cybertron

"here we are....and i think were screwed", extreme Kup said as he , hot rod and prime landed on a part of cybertron, only to find out there surrounded by cybertroinans

"Let the party begin!", extreme Kup said as he blasts a few cybertronians in his way

2002-06-21, 09:22 AM
Trypticon barely avoided the urge to blast Dominator into pieces as the gestalt warrior began insulting him. But allies were allies and Trypticon wouldn't not stand against his own in a situation like this. Bah... worthless piece off slag... Like I wouldn't have another targets to shoot at...

The enormous citycon activated his inter-com and contacted the one in command of the Decepticon forces alongside Galvatron. "Trypticon to Gigatron! Requesting further orders!"


The missiles from Dominator hit Cryhavoc, sending him hurling towards the ground without any chance to avoid crash landing. This was at least what it looked like. Cryhavoc had used his powerful twin sonic cannons to detonate the majority of the missiles before they were able to hit him, thus having only few missiles exploding against his durabellium armor that didn't gave up under the attack.

Now he was pissed up. The fight against the enormous Decepticon gestalt was getting on his nerves. Even when he fought Omega Supreme he hadn't felt being forces to play on the enemy's rules. So be it. If he wants to play with firepower... he better be ready...

Cryhavoc landed to face Dominator in his towering robot form and aimed his powerful clawheld plasmalauncher along with two of his twin sonic cannons towards Dominator and fired...

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-06-21, 03:10 PM
"Loud but not so clear old buddy, you said you got a ship, mind if me and a few old friends tag along"

Springer looked at the crew of Wreckers assembled around him.

"We got one ugly mech to bring down, and I think we've just upped the odds.."


Grimlock heard Swoop.

"hmm....where are other dinobots me Grimlock need to know what going on..."

2002-06-21, 06:19 PM
Roadbuster: "Give me your coordinates, boss, we'll come and get you." -to Sky Garry- "If that's all right with you, of course."

Muzzle: "It'll probably be best if we do a touch and go. Hosehead, I want you to stay aboard Sky Garry with Minerva."

Hosehead: -nods-

Minerva: "I gotta go with you-"

Muzzle: "You're in no condition, your transector's mangled, and I don't want you to get killed trying to follow me. You'll be safer here."

Minerva: -nods reluctantly-

Muzzle: "Brainstorm, patch the rest of us the best you can." -transforms, merges with Nightbeat's body-

Nightbeat: "Then we take this battle to Unicron."

2002-06-21, 07:38 PM
OOC Cryhavoc Sweet :)

Dominator smiled finally a foe that was worthy of his time he quickly placed his sword away and opened fire at the massive beam of energy coming his way. The two massive transformers easily had enough firepower to go around.

Dominator fired his megacannons and heat buster cannon into the beam causing the two energy blasts to merge together pushing on each other for now not breaking.

"Perphaps I was wrong about you." Dominator said. "You are a better foe than I once thought." Dominator knew he had to kill Cryhavoc but at least this rogue earned his respect.

2002-06-22, 07:30 AM
Galvatron smirked...he had waited far too long for the chance to unleash his new modes. He waited, and waited, until finally Opititron was close in range, then he sprung unleashing a mode he had never before used. Falling to the ground, Galvatron revealed a tank mode and began to tread into Unicron's surface charging towards Optitron, bearing down at ramming speed. In his tank mode, Galvatron was able to absorb some of the shots with less damage than his robot mode, giving him a greater chance at success with his frontal assault.

Galvatron: "You are no better than Starscream, or any other pathetic excuse for a Decepticon who has sought to challenge me for power. Soon you will learn what I do to traitors and double dealers!"

Galvatron locked in his cannon as he continued his charge...

2002-06-22, 11:01 AM
The longer the beams had been connected the more Cryhavoc's trust in his own abilities began to rise.

"Is that everything you got?!" He roared to Dominator and put his left arm to position that allowed him to add one twin sonic cannon to assist him. "Show me!"

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-06-22, 02:41 PM
Springer launched off several flares..

"Follow the yellow dust road!"

Springer turned to his assembled squad.

"Well, I don't know where you've been, but we got a tiny problem up here on the sunny side of Cybertron....remember him?"

Springer pointed skywards towards Unicron...

"We get to give him indigestion..."

2002-06-22, 02:50 PM
Roadbuster: "I see it." -to Sky Garry- "There's the signal."

Nightbeat and Siren: -transform to robot mode-

Brainstorm: -making hasty repairs to Hardhead's track assemblies-

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-06-22, 03:18 PM
"Hey Roadbuster, sounds like you got a few guys up there with ya already... They ready to cause some havoc?"

2002-06-22, 04:08 PM
Sky Garry complies, putting the last of his power into this maneuver as he dodges more silver lightning, a grunt or moan sounding out each time he was hit, but the valiant ship never ceased in his mission as he continues forwards, knowing that his friends' lives counted on him.

On the ground, Taikoon struggled as he was overwhelmed, blocking and dodging and attacking in return, unable to even get enough breathing space to take flight as the green transformer fought for his very life.

2002-06-22, 05:03 PM
Bandit adressed Roadbuster. "When Sky Garry lands to pick up your buddies, Firebolt, Rally and myself are gonna leave. We'll take our chances on the surface. And besides, Firebolt has to get back to Hotrod"

2002-06-22, 09:27 PM
(Even if Stealth and Adeara were that close, the storm's fury was focused entirely upon Stealth, meaning that anything that hit Adeara wouldn't do much damage. I'll edit this later with the rest of my post. Bro needs comp)

Adeara blinked as something started hampering her telepathic ability. It was as if someone had just turned off all the noise from the vague thoughts all telepaths can hear no matter what. "What the....? What just happened?" Adeara looked aorund, looking for who or what could be causing it. Seeing no one, Adeara frowned. "This is not good!"

2002-06-22, 09:44 PM
Roadbuster: -priming linear blaster, testing tracking circuits on shoulder-mounted shrapnel cannon- "That they are, Springer."

Nightbeat: -listening to Sky Garry- "Brainstorm, you better stay here, too. You and Minerva need to keep the big guy flying."

Brainstorm: -looks up from patching minor damage on Chromedome's arm- "Won't you need all the firepower we can muster?"

Nightbeat: "Not if it means we can't get a ride out of here. No point in blowing up the big, bad superweapon of doom if you can't live to tell about it."

2002-06-22, 11:14 PM
Dominator laughed inwardly and brought Karrnage's Gattling Cannon online.

"I have far more than you realise." He smiled and opened fire with the cannon. The cannon fired high caliber explosive shells under the energy beam sailing towards their target and brought his other Megacannon online and opened fire.

2002-06-22, 11:31 PM
Shotbomber pipes up "I'll stay with Minerva and Garry. You guys get going okay? ETA is two minutes!" he grips his console as Garry rocks to one side with a blast. "One minute!"

OOC - Gin you have a PM

2002-06-23, 06:13 AM
"Is that all?!" Cryhavoc smirked at Dominator, opening fire against the giant gestalt with the two gatling laser batteries in his shoulders along with two six barreled mini-missile launchers mounted to his chest.

"How much you can deal with?!" He continued, adding the pulse lasers at the outer sides of his legs to the fray. "Fall Decepticon!!! Fall!!!"

2002-06-23, 06:19 AM
Dominator was enjoying this battle the longer it lasted.

"Fall not tonight Cryhavoc." Dominator said and unleashed a fury of missles of his own.

OOC I have more I want to post but my mind just locked up for the night :)

2002-06-23, 07:54 AM
"Come on Cybertron that the Best you got?" Blaster called punching a Cybertron to the floor spin kicking one behind him. "My maker can hit harder" Blaster retorted after getting a opunch to the chat blasting out a soundwave from his leg knocking the Cybertron back into two others. Blaster raised his electro-scrambler firing pericing the three bots as if he was skewring them "Hush-a Hush-a they all fall down" Blaster said with a grin but it was short lived as he was tripped from behind landing on his back with a groan "Hey man what gives?" he got punched in the face then the barrel of a laser put to his head "Good bye Autobot" he said about to pull the trigger.
"Have a seat" a familiar voice said as the Cybertronian was nailed way back with a huge dent on his face.

Blaster looked up and saw Brawn who had his hand out. "There may be lots of 'em but they sure don't stay up like most decepticons" Brawn said. "I know what you mean" Blaster replied turning and blowing a Cybertronian away with soundwaves. "Cover me Brawn I'm gonna liven things up with some music, Turn off your audio" Blaster said opening a comm with Sunstreaker "I'm a little busy and this isn't helping my trying to talk to me" A loud thud was heard obviously him being knocked back. " This is Blaster turn off your audio but keep on your internal radio when ya transfom" Blaster said to him. "Will do Blaster I just hope I don't get hit from behind with my audio off" Sunstreaker said.

Sunstreaker had been knocked back by a lerger cybertronian, he turned his audio off as Blaster said and laid there. The bot approached as her reached Sunstreaker, Sunstreaker raised his arm his hand retracted and a small missle fired from the hole blowing up the upper body of the bot red hot fragmented circuts rained down some landing on Sunstreaker "Great scorch marks on my paint job not cool" he groans. He hopped back to his feet looking to his left, Eject and Ramhorn, better tell them Sunstreaker thought. "Hey Eject Ramhorn, Blaster is gonna be playing some tunes soon get your Audios off" He yelled turning and punching a cybertonian in the face then shaking his hand loosening it. The cassettes nodded relaying the message to the others, they Could no longer hear, none of the Cassettes Sunstreaker or Brawn could hear and they knew it had begun.

Almost immedeatly every Cybertronian near Blaster through their hands to their ears covering them from the sound and with looks of pain on their faces falling to their knees and the Autobots took no time to react. FastForward jumped splitting his legs knicking two Cybertronians two their backs they tried to react but the pain from the noise was too much and their heads were crushed by the casettes pile drivers ending the pain....and their lives. Steeljaw slashed his claw down ones body creating huge gashes going from head too toe and in a matter of seconds he explonded his body... what was left of it any way falling back. Ramhorn ran forward his horn impaling one in the gut and then began to toss his head araoun making the hole bigger before flinging him off and firing a missle at him destroying him. Eject and Rewind and their laser blasters out and were just picking off writhing transformers who were unlucky enough to be opposing them.
Brawn was taking total Advantage he had offed five cybertronians in the first few seconds ripping off limps then beating the other with the limbs of their comrades, quite litereally forcing them to bash heads if the limb he ripped off was one. Sunstreaker had pulled out his laser rifle and the cybertronians around him pulled had their heads missing or partly.

After a few minutes some got enouugh strength and flicked off their audios as re-inforcements for both sides was beginning to arrive, the 8 autobots who had been fighting here wer quite relieved Blaster transformed to start fighting himself. "He guys reinforcements are about to arrive" Blaster called over the internal radio as their audios came back on. "'Bout time" Sunstreaker said punching a reconvering cybertronian then killing him. Brawn shrugged "We're doing farily well here" he replied. "And running out of energy" Rewind said ,"Not in the best shape either I'm really gonna need repairs" Fast Forward added. "Worry about it later keep on fighting through thick and thin cause we gotta win Blaster said drawing his Electro-Scrambler rapid firing a few shots and injuring two cybertrons killing a third. Eject nodded "This ain't over till the ref blows the whistle" the casette said hopping on the face of a cybertron punching him but behing slammed the the ground Ramhorn them taking out the legs of the cybertron who knocked down Eject as Steeljaw pounced on his face stripping him of his head.

Brawn picked up another bot smashing it and the ground together looking up at another bot spearing him to the ground as a laser hit him in the back he looked up at the bot who did it. "Whats that supposed to do? Tickle?" Brawn Said getting up and lunging at the cybertronian punching his head in.

Karandras continued his approach to the battle feild where the psychic transformer he had detected was. He could now see two in the air and two fighting ground side, fools he'd get there kill the enemies of his now allies soon to be slaves then keep moving, yes that was what Karandras would do. He raised his pulse laser firing off three shots melting down two more Cybertrons his mind melting down four more who were near by. His Mecha was as agile as these robots and maybe faster he didn't know, nor care. He had killed many now and not aken a single shot everything hitting the feiled around his suit and disappating into nothing. Fools they would all die then those who survived would serve him and his cause like the rest it didn't matter either they could not control themselves.

Karandras had plans for this planet, maybe convert it for raw materials, yes that would work perfectly for the Eldar another Craftworld could be made and with it a super gun, how the Mon-kiegh scum hated them and all the more reason to use them. Still fully armoured within the Cockpit of the Zephyre, now the chest of it in mecha form, with the sensors on his body to control his mech, and it was far far to easy as if fighting humans when he fought the normal transformers with his mech, why did he even waste ammo on them? He did the damndest things, oh well damndest were always funnest, the simple pleasures in life he thought as he let another laser blast melt a cybertronian down.

"KEEP ATTACKING COME ON WE GOTTA DEAL SOME DAMAGE TO THIS THING BEFORE IT WAKES UP" Deathblade called in robot mode firing two missles out from his shoulder guns causing the shuttle it hit two explode. "Autobot I am being tailed and as much as I hate saying this I require assistance" a Decepticon said. "No problem" he scanned around spotting his targe and firinf of a laser blast disableing the thrusts then two more disabling the weapons systems he'd have to transform or get out. The Cybertronian got out and had his head explode as he did Deathblade smirking from about fifty yards away two ships an Autobot and Decepticon flying past him letting missles fly into Unicrons hull the Autobot being shot down by random fire. "Damn!" Deathblade said turning and letting a missle fly causing a ship to explode sending a cybertronian two diffrent places one half of his body here the other there. This was getting boring they never attacked him always those doing the runs but he had opted for one run then to protect those doing the runs.
Damn his big mouth, oh well do what ya gotta he said. "HEY CYBERTRONIAN! YEAH YOU! YOU SUCK! death Blade called getting shot twice wincing then raising his arm and blowing them robot apart before a third shot could even be attempted

Jazz Groaned "Man this just isn't my day, and if I've been out long enough night" he asked himself. He looked up it was the same day the shapeshifter was alive and that larger transformer was fighting with a cybertron ally. Jazz slowly got up and was getting ready to draw his weapons for another round, this was not a fun day.

2002-06-23, 08:17 AM
The gestalt's weaponry was indeed impressive but Cryhavoc hadn't yet had problems answering with the firepower of his own.

"Did you not understand?" Cryhavoc snarled, put more power to his weapons for several seconds, allowing him enough time to transform.

"You WILL fall!" The gargantuan warrior roared, now in scorpion mode, his all six twin sonic cannons firing at Dominator rapidly, the claw held plasmalauncher still spreading destruction... and most importantly... Cryhavoc's most powerful weapon... his tail mounted anti-matter stinger was building up a blast with enough power to vaporize practically anyone on his way... even though it would cost him almost his all energy resources...

2002-06-23, 08:33 AM
OVer the autobot band a voice calls, over the din of a battle in the background, the language unknown, the but voice was Taikoons, and he sounded in trouble!

His location was a few miles to one side.

2002-06-23, 06:13 PM
Needless to say, Optitron had not been prepared for Galvatron to unleash any new modes of transformation. As the purple tank with the glowing orange cannon barreled down on him, Optitron shouted, "Grraaaaaaahhhh!" and shot into the air, landing on top of Galvatron as he continued to barrel forward.

Raising his arm-mounted blades, Optitron shouted evilly, "DIE, pretender to the throne!" Optitron drove his left-arm blade down at Galvatron, but the blade could not penetrate the Decepticon leader's thick tank skin. Frustrated, Optitron raised his blades and thrust them downward, but contact with Galvatron's tough exterior broke the blades clean off of Optitron's arms!

Furious, Optitron reached down and removed a grenade from the artillery hatch in his leg. He pried open the lid to Galvatron's cockpit and tossed the grenade inside, then slammed the lid shut and shouted, "For Unicron!!!" as he dove off of Galvatron, awaiting the detonation of a lifetime!!!

2002-06-23, 07:35 PM
Dominator watched as Cryhavoc transformed.

Excellent this is just what I want him to do he thought to himself and continued to fire his weapons. Watching the massive rogue's tail charge.

2002-06-23, 08:08 PM
He is buying it... fool... like all of his kin... Cryhavoc thought as he examined at Dominator's reaction. A clear sign of growing self confidence could be seen from the way the giant gestalt was now acting.

"Die." Cryhavoc snarled and fired the blast from his anti-matter stinger at Dominator's legs... but only with 1/4 of the weapons power... which was still enough to cut through Dominator's legs...

OOC: The beam moves at the speed of light... I don't see something as large as Dominator avoiding it...

2002-06-23, 08:29 PM
Dominator smiled and brought his shield online the blast was intense, and he needed to direct all of his power from weapons to the shield to stop the blast but all he needed was the second to disengage into the Crashticons and Aerialcons and move to aviod the blast.

They then remerged into Skyrender and Karrnage.

"Foolish rogue. You didn't think this was all a set up." Skyrender growled holding the megacannons at point blank range from the rogue but away from his tail

Karrnage held his Gattling Cannon aimed at Cryhavoc and had was spinning his Hook and Chain in his other arm.

"Large robot is dumb!" Karrnage cheered.

"I knew enough about your weapons from when you assisted Hatemunger long ago when Jhixaus wanted us to take Iacon. We didn't use Dominator to face you in a firefight. All we needed was for you to waste your energy using your primary weapon. You already had used a lot of your power trying to hold back Dominator's weapons and that made your final blast far weaker than normal. So the shield was able to block your onslaught long enough for us to do this." And with that Skyrender and Karrnage opened fire on the massive Rogue.



Stealth was confused why is this fleshling trying to zap a car? He could understand the lighting being far more usful againist someone who was all metal but having Rubber Earthling Tires had absorbed most of the electricity. Not like poor Darklark who had a cybertronian alloy for his wheels.

"You know for a fleshing you sure like to use alot of pyro. So how about we lose the stupid weapons and fight hand to hand weapon to weapon." Stealth said wiping oil from the shoulder wound he sustained when Adeara swung her sword at him. With that he drew one of his Energon Daggers but held on plasma pistol at the ready just in case she or any of the other rogues decided not to play fair.

The Decepticon formally known as Darklark sat up with repair systems humming away at the damage cuased by Adeara's storm.

"Well the weapon systems check back out. Thats all I will need." Skylark said and started to crawl away from the battle with the Fleshing rogue.


Hatemunger scanned the battle again and saw a sight that deserved his attention. Some Cybertronians were attacking a few minicons.

"Hmm I think I need to involve myself in this." Hatemunger said and began to rush towards the fued.

Lord Zarak
2002-06-23, 09:26 PM
After analysing the battle for a few minutes with Axer, Shockwave had come to a conclusion about it.

"Come Axer, we have a battle to win"

"Shockwave, we have stood around doing nothing whilst our allies and brethren have been battling away for our, no sorry their existence. I am not going to follow you into a fight where you analyse your opponents weakness. Battle is emotive, not logical. It is a wonder you are still functional. Goodbye Shockwave, and good luck. Not that you believ in it."

As Axer walked away from the ex-guardian of Cybertron, a Cybertronian took his oportunity to cease function in style

"Say goodbye to your spark, Decepticon!"
He strapped himself to Axer, and blew himself and Axer up to a thousand and more pieces.

Shockwave stood there, unable to comprehend the sacrifice that one sentient being had committed. And then he remembered one of Axers last words. " Battle is emotive, not logical " He understood.

"Gestalts of either faction" cried Shockwave, "Take me as a slave to your destructive wishes, take me in my gun form, and where you point, I will fire. Take me to rid ourselves from Unicron, and any threat to the Transformers race. Destroy the Liege Maximo!"

2002-06-24, 12:35 AM
Adeara glared at her opponent, then smirked. Her form shifted for a moment, healing her shoulder, then returned to her Cybertronian form.

"You care to fight me, hand to hand? No storms? Fine. The storm shall not touch you, but your friends, on the other hand...." The storm intensified, attacking all those opposing the Leige's troops, save for Stealth.

"Ready yourself, fool! I haven't lost a fight in eons!" Adeara brought her sword up in a two handed grip, and got into a true warrior's stance. "And trust me, I've been fighting since I was a mere youngling!"

2002-06-24, 12:53 AM
Roadbuster: "Springer, we're getting a distress call. We might have to make a little detour before we get to you."

Nightbeat: "Sky Garry, can you get us to that distress call?"

Chromedome and Hardhead: -priming weapons, rady to go in for a rescue-

2002-06-24, 03:24 AM
Originally posted by Heinrad
Roadbuster: "Springer, we're getting a distress call. We might have to make a little detour before we get to you."

Nightbeat: "Sky Garry, can you get us to that distress call?"

Chromedome and Hardhead: -priming weapons, rady to go in for a rescue-

Sky Garry grunts as he spins about "Barely." he gasps, most of his attention on the fight. "The best I can do is drop you off nearby. I can't get through the storm of lightning again without crashing. Get redy...."

He dives towards the ground, where a crater with about a dozen cybertronains were in it, half obscured by the smoke.


2002-06-24, 04:40 AM
"Blah Blah blah, I've heard it all before!" Stealth said and readied himself, steadying his energon daggers.

"You might want to watch who on your side your toasting with that storm as well hun." Stealth snickered, watching several Cybertronians get toasted as well.

"Bring it." He said waiting.

OOC I'll post more later :) Not sure what I want to do for alot o stuff yet :)

2002-06-24, 07:12 AM
Blaster picked it up immdeatly pretty much punching a bot back "I'm picking up a fain signal and it don't sound good seems somones been busted up by the cybertrons of the hood"

Sunstreaker shook his head "Whats your point?" he asked

"Brawn Casettes hold the fort, Sunstreaker Transform and get to these quardenents!" He cried.

All the Autobots nodded Sunstreaker nodding his door opening Blaster transforming and driving in the direction of Taikoon

2002-06-24, 12:29 PM
The Cosmobots stood over Apollo's bed nervously. They had retreated to Iacon to effect repairs on their wounded member.

"OK OK calm down," Remedy, the chief medic replied, "He'll be OK, the damage is easily repairable."
"I can't wait to get back out there," Thorr growled.

The others looked at him, Sun Runner frowned.
"Apollo has been hurt, and is lucky to be alive, and you want to get back out there?"
"While we're in here, the Autobots are dying, and the survival of Cybertron looks less likely every minute. Can you blame me?"
"No, I suppose not," Sun Runner conceeded.


(Will either edit this, or post again with Sixswitch's POV)

2002-06-24, 01:32 PM
Sunstreaker, Blaster, Brawn and the Cassetttes would soon find themselves near a small gully, scraps of green metal all over the place from Taikoon's armor as he fought valiantly, now unable to fly as his fists and feet flew against the cybertrons, slamming into them again and again. It doesn't help having no weaponry aside from hands and feet. The mech stumbles backwards, towards the small gully as he gets some breathing room, bleeding from a half dozen small wounds to his armor.

2002-06-24, 01:33 PM
"Your points are valid..." Cryhavoc said, fired a blinding flashlaser and grabbed hold of Skyrender's both megacannons with his claws crushing the weapons. At the same time he blasted a shot from his tail at Karrnage. (the tail cannon has 360 degree firing angle)

"... had I used my all power on that blast." Cryhavoc smirked, assuming that his blast had taken out Karrnage, and reached to take a hold of Skyrender's body with his enormously powerful claws that had easily enough power to decombine a gestalt without even straining his circuits.

"The key element is... your energon is running out arrogant scrapheap... whilst my inbuilt fusion reactor feeds me new energon all the time..." Cryhavoc smirked at Skyrender...

2002-06-24, 01:35 PM
"EAT THIS!!! AND THIS YOU CREEPS!!!", extreme kup said as he fought his way out of the cybertroinans who was ganging up on him, hot rod and prime

then he looked to see if PRime and Hot Rod are doing fine in kicking some cybertronian tail

"you 2 alright...UGH!!!', kup said before a cybertronian blasts him in the mid section

Then he glares at the cybertronian and quickly grabs the cybertronians head and crushes it

"You made me mad you worthless piece of tin can!!!", kup said as he crushed the cybertronian's head with one hand

then he gets his gun and fires at the other cybertronians surrounding him

2002-06-24, 03:50 PM
Karrnage narrowly avoided being slagged by the blast and disengaged in mid air

Scrapheap growled and drove over the Skyrender's megacannons and began to do repairs to them.

Hit and Run on the other hand ran over to Shockwave.

"Hey big guy! We got a friend that can use you!" They laughed and drove him over to near the battle.

OOC Zarak Hit and Run are a motorcycle with side car so we got Shockwave riding a cycle hehe :)

Elsewhere Skystalker could see a problem.

"Hmm looks like the city rogue won't shut up." He laughed well this will make him wish he was not born." With that the Micromaster pilot got onto his Com-link only to Skyrender.

"Disengage and fly away big guy!" The micromaster pilot said and began to but his shuttle into a dive.


Skyrender laughed.
"You know Cryhavoc you talk way too much." He said and headbutted the gaint Rogue then disengaged the six Aerialcons flying away in jet mode.

Streaking accross the sky at mach 20 was Skystalker the micromaster pilot was busy arming every piece of armourments he had on board.

"You know Scropion as they say on Earth. UP YOURS!" the micromaster pilot said through his com-link thinking You know I always wanted to go out with a sarcastic wit.

With that the Micromaster pilot crashed his shuttle directly into Cryhavoc all the armourments and weapons on board the nuclear reactor everything went up in a massive explosion along with the micromaster pilot himself.

A massive mushroom cloud erupted when Skystalker connected, the fusion core of his ship immedatly went critical and noved along with the added fuel of all of the weapons on board.

Skystalker's death was quick as he evaporates at the center of a nuclear blast.


"NO! Not like that!" Skyblade yelled angerly as himself and the rest of the Aerialcons avoided the shockwave from the massive blast.

"Skyblade land now!" Scrapheap said working on the megacannons with the other 4 Crashticons while Hit and Run went to get Shockwave.

"Skystalker either did one of two things. 1 he killed Cryhavoc as well, since even a city should not be alive at ground zero or two he at least evened the playing field alot and bought us plenty of time to reload and repair. We have one megacannon just about fixed, and I can get the other one in working order soon enough especally with the rest of the Aerialcons here to help. Hit and Run went to get Shockwave and also with a nuclear blast like that I am sure alot of other Alliance Members are going to get involed againist this city as well. Skystalker's scarfice was not in vain." Scrapheap sighed and continued to weld one of the Megacannons.

2002-06-24, 04:32 PM
From the smoke rose a battered and sparking black shape with a pair of bloodred optics glowing eeriely where once had been a single red opticband.

"I am not made fully of reinforced durabellium for nothing..." Cryhavoc hissed, his vocal unit barely functioning, sharp pain going through his whole massive frame. "Pray the whatever gods you believe in... for your time to embrace oblivion is near..."

Cryhavoc lifted his right arm close to his face and comm-link popped open. "Cryhavoc to aerial assault team delta-1... destroy the enemy. Cryhavoc out."

With those words Cryhavoc transformed into shuttle mode and rocketed into the skies to join a squadron of ten Cybertronian jets that were diving towards the Aerialcons with their guns blazing.

God Jinrai
2002-06-24, 05:54 PM
Leokaiser stood his ground as sixshot's concussion blasts slammed into his armor... leaving... very little damage...

"I'd heard you were very much like an earthly ninja, sixshot... moreso than I had thought.... " Leokaiser was about to finish his sentence when he picked up the battle with cryhavoc on his targeting grid, not far from his location...

"Another time, sixchanger... a more... difficult opponent... awaits."

With those words, Leokaiser took to the skies again, burning his jets at maximum thrust, quickly closing in on the battle between Karnage, Skyrender and the demon-like cryhavoc...

"Well, scorpion! If it be destruction you seek, you surely have found the right place!"

Kaiser opened fire with the combined weaponry of all 6 of his components... and a moment later, drew a massive tealish yellow blade from subspace... a Destron emblem emblazoned upon the blade just above the hilt...

"You say you've a fusion reactor, eh? Then perhaps you'd care to SHARE it with US! Skyrender, Karnage! Focus your firepower on one specific point... weaken it as much as possible... It's time to drain this fiend of his power!"


Optimus was stunned... the fiend that had attacked him claimed to be the means which the quintessons had used to keep the transformers under their control... but he knew better... no such thing existed... all that kept the quints in power were the guardian robots... and that changed when alpha trion created the remote that deactivated them that fateful day in the early war... Choosing not to dwell, Optimus transformed...

" Victory Saber! Join up with springer and the others that are headed for unicron, and give them a hand! I'm going after the liege!"

Prime's front tires spun wildly and an instant later, he was jolted forward, on a mad dash through his enemy's territory... headed for the coordinates reported by leokaiser...

Victory saber acknowledged prime's request... heading for the battle group enroute to unicron

2002-06-24, 06:03 PM
Chromedome and Hardhead: -jump out of Sky Garry, guns blazing at the Cybertronians attacking Taikoon-

Chromedome: -lands hard on one of the Cybertronians attacking Taikoon- "You called for backup?"

Hardhead: -transforms to vehicle mode in mid-drop, crushes one of the Cybertronians beneath his treads- "Now this is what I call fun!" -continues blasting Cybertronians-

Chromedome: -crushes the head of the one he's standing on beneath his foot, activates commlink- "We're down, commander. And these guys won't take no for an answer!"

Nightbeat: -over commlink- "Extract whoever signaled as fast as you can, then try to meet us at the pickup point. This is one party you don't want to miss."

Chromedome: -snap-kicks one of the ones on Taikoon in the back of the head, follows up with a foot to the midsection and a double laser blast to the head- "I copy, commander!" -deactivates commlink, looks at Taikoon- "Better be ready to beat feet! Soon as we deal with these guys, we're gonna have to move fast!"

Nightbeat: "Brainstorm, go with Minerva. Both of you need to start working on Sky Garry, right now."

Brainstorm: "Roger, commander."

Brainstorm and Minerva: -head for Sky Garry's engine room-

Nightbeat: "Sky Garry, any idea on what the ETA is for picking up the rest of Roadbuster's party?"

2002-06-24, 06:07 PM
Hot Rod saw Prime leave, "Well I didn't expect any thanks." Hot Rod then looked up the sky and opened his Commlink, "Keeper of the Dusk Apples pick me up we're going to try for Lockpick again." He waited for a moment then faced Kup, "Hey you want help out... be like old times. I'll have to find Firebolt first. hey one thing, what ever happened to your Targetmaster gun?"

2002-06-24, 07:07 PM
The first blast by Leokaesar took Cryhavoc by surprise and the already much damage suffered Cybertronian was forced to transform back to robot mode and land, leaving the Cybertronian jets to attack on their own.

"Share it with YOU?! Bring it on fools! Let see how many gestalts you need to bring me down!" Cryhavoc snarned and lifted his plasmalauncher towards Leokaesar despite all the pain that tormented his circuits.

"BRING IT ON!!!" He roared and fired an earthshaking blast from his cannon.

God Jinrai
2002-06-24, 07:59 PM
Leokaiser charged as the blast closed in... the plasma burst was not a meter in front of him when he let out a mighty shout...


The massive gestalt seemed to errupt in a massive explosion... seemingly self destructing... the blast harmlessly passing through his former location.... however, there was far more going on than met the eye... the six warrior components moved at immense speed, unleashing their fury upon the shadowy warrior that stood before them... the fury of the cybertron executioner!

The attack finished, and the six recombined... the gestalt now stood whole again before the scorpion bot... blade in hand... set to unleash his blade... if needed.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-06-24, 08:05 PM
(OOC - "Leokaiser stood his ground as sixshot's concussion blasts slammed into his armor... leaving... very little damage... " - WTF kind of powerpost is that?)

Sixshot stood....if his face plate would have allowed he would've looked puzzled...not because the shots merely bounced off, but at the sheer audacity of his foe... He'd been looking forward to his first battle since reaching Cybertron's surface, but it hadn't even been allowed the time to develop.

"Your choice fool."


Springer stood....

"Roadbuster, exactly how much time you think we got before that greedy godzilla wannabe gets told it's chow time on Cybertron?"

Springer could tell his troops were becoming steadily more restless...

"What's your ETA?"

2002-06-24, 08:38 PM
Cryhavoc fell to his knees under the immense pressure of the numerous attacks he had suffered when fighting against the three gestalts.

"That's all? Huuargh... I laugh at your puny attempts... hahargh..." *cough* "Right here... finish me if you have the guts..." Cryhavoc growled and fell to the ground.

"And kill everyone within the range of 50 miles..." He muttered weakly. "By causing my reactor to... self-destruct..."

OOC: Happy now? What next? The ultimate super nova attack that succumbs whole Unicron? sheesh... I am sorry but I find these Masterforce (whatever) gimmicks extremely annoying... :rolleyes:

2002-06-25, 12:03 AM
Sky Garry complies by turning slowly towards the aforementioned party, Shotbomber working the controls speedily to keep the huge mech in the air.

2002-06-25, 12:28 AM
That wasn't expected

Galvatron managed to eject the grenade from his internal systems and transform into robot mode, but could not clear the blast as the explosion rocked him back nearly a quarter of a mile. Scraping across the surface of Unicron, Galvatron felt a sharp pain throughout his back, but refused to acknowledge the pain. Slowly, the Decepticon leader and matrix bearer pulled himself to his feet and glared frigidly towards Optitron.

Galvatron: "I grow weary of your games...you are nothing! NOTHING!"

Transforming again to jet mode, Galvatron blasted towards Optitron, transforming to robot mode a few feet infront of him, pulling out an energon sword and preparing to strike down at Optitron.

Galvatron: "the time of your demise is now..."
Bludgeon had never fought a swordsmen like Gigatron before. His attacks were forceful and skilled, like no other warrior he had ever faced. Bludgeon perried with every blow, but the double swords of Gigatron were gaining an advatage...striking a blow to Bludgeon's shoulder, badly damaging it.

Bludgeon: "You fight well...but can you dodge this?"

Bludgeon quickly transformed into his seldom used tank mode and locked in on the top Decepticon General.

2002-06-25, 02:44 AM
Minerva and Brainstorm: -working on Sky Garry's engines-

Minerva: -affecting a Scots accent- "Och, mah puir wee bairns..."

Brainstorm: "Bairns?"

Minerva: "You have really got to start watching Star Trek, Brainstorm." -sighs- "I wish you'd been able to fix my transector. I can't see any of the higher up damage."

Brainstorm: -picks Minerva up, sits her on his shoulder- "Better?"

Minerva: "Lots." -whistles- "Duct tape may hold the universe together, but power generators going into a major aerial battle is quite a strain. Let's get to work."

Hardhead: -transforms to robot mode, puts his fist through a charging Cybertronian's chest, uses the body to block shots from a second Cybertronian before firing main gun(now on right shoulder), blowing the second Cybertronian apart-

Chromedome: -blasts a couple more of them- "Hey, Hardhead!"

Hardhead: -blows one off the rim of the crater- "What?"

Chromedome: -blasts another one- "I think we're running out of targets!"

Hardhead: "Smeg." -blasts another one- "This was just getting fun."

Chromedome: "The real fun'll be attacking Unicron." -looks at Taikoon- "Ready to head for the pickup point?"

Nightbeat: -sticks head into engine room- "How's it going?"

Minerva: "Not so good. The mains are offline. Sky Garry's running on auxillary power."

Nightbeat: "Nnn. Great. Just great."

Minerva: "We should have them back online by the time we reach the pickup point for the Wreckers. Only gonna have 40% power, though."

Nightbeat: "Sky Garry, when Minerva gets the mains back online, can you shut down power to your weapons system and put all the weapons power and whatever you won't need for thrust and manouvering into your shields?"

2002-06-25, 04:05 AM
"If I do that, we wll be defenseless... and my only shields are my *oof* armor!" he dodges again, increasing artificial gravity to keep them from sliding around in his engine room. "Going to emergency power in cockpit! Reducing inward temperature by ten degrees. Hope you guys are well insulated."

The lights go out, replaced by dimmer red lights as power is rerouted. The rooms chill slightly.

"ETA two minutes!"

((Gin?!? I need to know what Lockpick is supposed to do!))

2002-06-25, 05:52 AM
The Aerialcons watched as Liokaiser attacked Cryhavoc.

"Wow." Skyblade said avoiding the fire from one of the aircraft.

"I agree I didn't inspect he would be ready to help us." Fearmaker agreed.

"None the less. Scrapheap how long til you have the megacannons back online?" Skyblade asked.

"Well thanks to Liokaiser getting involved when he did and buying us all some time I was able to get them working again." Scrapheap said as the Aerialcons decended towards them the rest of the Crashticons giving the Aerialcons coverfire.

"Where's Hit and Run?" Skyblade asked.

"They went to try and pick up Shockwave but I called them back here." Scrapheap said. With that the motorcycle skidded into the mass of Decepticons.

"Whats going on why you call us back already!?" Hit yelled transforming into robot mode.

"Well I think it's time we assist Liokaiser Aerialcons, Crashticons Merge into Dominator!" Scrapheap shouted.

"Hey thats my nevermind." Skyblade said as the two gestalt teams merged into the Supercombiner.

"Well Liokaiser seems the Rogue could not handle a shuttle being dropped on him, firefights for the last few days and three gestalt teams assulting him. Do you think his explosion is a bluff?" He asked aiming his weapons at Cryhavoc.

"Or shall we finish him off anyway?" He smiled.


Elsewhere Hatemunger opened fire on the Cybertronian attackers of the minicons.

"Pick on someone your own size." He growled and opened fire on them running into the battle slashing one in half with his energon saber and wiping out several of them with one of his Fusion cannons.

"Bah you talk too much Decepiticon Scum!" One cybertron yelled slashing accross Hatemunger's back with an energy sword Hatemunger howled with pain but spun around bringing one of his Fusion cannons to the chin of the Cybertronian that attacked him.

"And you will simply cease to be." He smiled some energon leaked from his lips. He fired a blast removing the Cybertronians head from his body and fell to his knees having stopped the onslaught of the Cybertronian attacks.

"By the Inferno, I suddenly see why Decepticons were warriors and not savers." he laughed panting and quite wounded from the injury to his back. He turned off his energon sabers and allowed his repair systems to begin to repair his wounds.

With that two minicons started to walk over to him........

2002-06-25, 09:22 AM
"you know what hot rod", kup said , "THats something what i wanna know..when i got hit in the building and pass out, then when i got up my gun was missing"

then he threw some cybertroinans out of his way

"nah...lets go now to where youre gonna go now.....looks like these cybertronians are..AARRGGHH...Pushovers", kup said as he slams one cybertroinan to the ground

Lord Zarak
2002-06-25, 09:27 AM
Shockwave saw the two gestalt teams merge into the supercombiner. "Dominator, this is Shockwave. Allow me to transform into my gun mode." He transformed, and used the rockets in what was now his handle to fly into one of Dominators hands. "Let us join the fray!"

"Grimlock , do you want me to find the Dinobots for you?", asked Swoop.


"Hausa you wanna pick up your friend? She seems to be in trouble" asked Sky Lynx. "We could do with more allies."

2002-06-25, 01:59 PM
"Hausa you wanna pick up your friend? She seems to be in trouble" asked Sky Lynx. "We could do with more allies."

"No doubt," he responded as his optics flaired.

Down below on the surface the female Autobot stumbled around blasting anything that came near. Some had symbols on their chest like herself...some did not...and then again some did not have emblems at all. They seemed mindless and savage.

Die, Autobot, Die!! is all that Fulani remembered. She was
dazed, remembering the last words Autobot leader Redstreak heard before Galvatron destroyed him.

That happened, she thought to herself. That had to have happened. I was there! I remember! She was weak from her experience inside of Unicron...and her journey with Skywarp and, surprisingly, Redstreak, shocked and confused her.

Fulani backpeddled as she shot her remaining rockets from her forearms. She heard screeching and hissing as Cybertronians fractured and exploded from out in front of her. But there were more!

They seemed to come from everywhere and Fulani was overwhelmed.

Laser fire crackled from all around her as she stumble backwards and over scraps of steel.

Exhausted, Fulani came to her senses and crawled for her gun. Her sensors flared and she looked up...

A large black robot was flying out of the sky over her...with a long, shiny scythe clutched tightly over his head!

2002-06-25, 03:51 PM
"We'll find that out later, Kup, there's the Keeper ship." Hot Rod pionted to the approaching Keeper, Hot Rod opened communications with Talon, "Talon how are things? We got kinda distracted but we're going for Lockpick again."

2002-06-25, 04:15 PM
Adeara glanced momentarily to the few Cybertronians who had been caught in the path of some lightening. She sneered.

"It's not my fault they were foolish enough to get in the way!" As she spoke, she felt her mind empty of all emotion, all conscience. A very dark smile appeared for a moment as she felt one of the 'upgrades' she had been given take effect. Once her mind was emptied of such unnecessary things like emotion and conscience, her mind shifted towards combat readiness. That always spelled death for her opponent.

"I'll give you a choice, warrior. Die by my hand, or die by Unicron. The choice is yours, but make it fast. If you don't choose, I'll kill you anyway." That was a normal honor ritual from her people-offer two deaths: one by the hand of a participant, or death by some other means-usually ritual suicide. The last she added herself. She had long lost her patience for the pitiful inhabitants of Iacon, and simply wanted them dead.

Still, the silence in her mind was there, and, while an annoyance, it did not distract her as she thought it would. Adeara was still curious as to who or what had done this......

2002-06-25, 05:14 PM
Though he could not believe that Galvatron had survived the grenade detonation, Optitron refused to be starstruck by the power that Galvatron could draw from the Matrix. Bearing down as Galvatron pulled forth an energon sword, Optitron reached down and unsheathed one of his own.

The glowing bar of energy pulsating in his hands, Optitron growled, "You are without hope, Galvatron. I am now aligned with Unicron, as you once were. You are old news, a relic of a weak, inefficient past. You were created for absolute fury...I, for calculated and infallible destruction. Now we shall see which is a superior blueprint."

2002-06-25, 05:21 PM
Talon recieved Hotrod's transmission and replied within moments. "Things are going reasonably well, considering this thunderstorm. Since when does Cybertron have storms?" he replied.

2002-06-25, 09:02 PM
Nightbeat: "Then keep all weapons online." -activates commlink-

Roadbuster: "ETA in two minutes, boss. We'll be coming in hot."

Chromedome: -activates commlink- "What is it, commander?"

Nightbeat: "You've got two minutes to reach the pickup site. Don't dwadle."

Chromedome: "Aye, commander." -deactivates commlink- "Time to go!"

2002-06-26, 12:29 AM
Taikoon pants as the others help get the Cybertrns to stay down. He looks form one gun to the other, finding how USEful those tihngs were. Rubbing his dented, torn knuckles he nods to the targetmasters, straightening and favouring a leg. It wouldn't be long now...

2002-06-26, 12:36 AM
Lockpick fingers the trigger on her borrowed rifle carefully, taking aim at the core... but something stilled her hand, preventing her from firing that deadly bolt into the core before her and ending the war. She wasn't sure WHAT though...

So she watched.

2002-06-26, 06:50 AM
"Blaster we almost there?" Sunstreaker asked the Tapedeck sitting in his front seat.

"Almost Sunstreaker, we'll be seein Taikoon pretty soon"

Deathblade shook his head a smoking crater on his right shoulder it had go right through his arm was immobile. He growled shaking his head turning around a shuttle flying past him, that is what attacked him, well too bad for it. Two missles flew out from his shoulder taking half the ship down the other half blowing up afterwards. "Uggh" he groans floating a hand over the wound. "Dammit" he mutters as an Autobot flys over "I'm getting you back down to Cybertron" he says transforming and grabbing him. "No get back to covering the others I'll doi what I can" Death Blade replied pushing him awayand getting his weapon out.

Brawn and the Casettes kepy taking Cybertronians out as the attack mowing them down like grass.

Lord Zarak
2002-06-26, 10:11 AM
"Hausa look! Shes in trouble!" Sky Lynx swooped down towards the friend of Hausa.
"Take that Cybertronian scum!" cried Sky Lynx as he burnt the assilant to a crisp. He hovered to her and said to her
"Get in, or there may not be a repeat of this chance!"

2002-06-26, 10:55 AM
The kup looks at the ship

"are we gonna board on it now??? or wait for the landing lights to go on?", kup asked hot rod

2002-06-26, 04:23 PM
"I dunno Talon, I didn't even notice until now, I've been a bit busy." The Ship landed and opened it's boarding ramp. Hot Rod smiled at Kup, "Actually Kup, ya. Come on!" Hot Rod led the way into the ship, he quickly ran over to the Control center and popped on the headset.

2002-06-26, 05:14 PM
As Unicron hovered ominously above Cybertron, and even as Optitron and Galvatron battled to the death on the Chaos Bringer's surface, four Decepticons sat patiently on the end of one of Unicron's two enormous, curved daggers. Lounging about like college fraternity members with nothing to do, Optitron's four lieutenants, better known amongst Autobots and Decepticons alike as the Renegades (munitions expert Magnacrunch, chemical warfare expert Blazestarter, undercover operations expert Driveby, and their leader, air commander Blackout), had draped themselves across the imposing structure, waiting patiently for a call that might never come.

Driveby: "Damn, yo, this is whack. I say we hop up there, smoke that foo', and let Unicron tear this damn place to pieces."

His hands behind his head as he stared out over the chaos on the surface of Cybertron and into the depths of space beyond, Blackout closed his optics in frustration and said...

Blackout: "We have our orders, Driveby. Optitron made it as clear as selenium crystal that we're not to move a linkage until we get his report."

Magnacrunch: "Duh, but what if he don't call, boss?"

Blackout: "If he doesn't call, he doesn't call. Let the battle take its course."

Blazestarter: "Well...well...nyyyyyaahhh...I can't just sit here while all those inferior robots battle it out right over there. Can't I go down and kill an Autobot? A Decepticon? Just one? Gimme just one! I only need ten seconds!"

Blackout: "Stay put, you hyperactive half-wit. Last thing we need is Optitron to call in while you're out playing target practice. Our creator's around, to be sure, but executing random Autobots and Decepticons won't help us find him, will it?"

2002-06-26, 05:27 PM
Talon turned from the controls when Hotrod entered. "You want to try save Lockpick right? I think we need more then just the 2 of us to accomplish that"

Quick Switch
2002-06-26, 05:51 PM
Metrotitan stood, alert, as the chaos around him erupted.

Bruticus and Devestator stood vigilant, peering up at Unicron.

Devestator suddenly sighted a clutch of Renegades perched on one of Unicron's horns.

"Devestator says...destroy Renegades!" The green giant brought up his solar rifle and fired at the cluster of robots.

Bruticus snapped up his missle launcher and fired a few salvos.

"Bruticus agree!"

The missles and balls of flame streaked toward the Renegades.

(OOC: Sghost, feel free to PM or state otherwise if you don't want Optitron's boys engaged in combat.)

2002-06-26, 07:01 PM
"Well Talon, Kup is coming with us. Other then that I dunno we can get many during this battle on short notice, buit I hope I can pick up Firebolt." Hot Rod looked throught the Headset, "Keeper find my Targetmaster Firebolt if you can, please."

2002-06-26, 10:27 PM
The Ship imediately connects through the headset, about six windows popping up in front of Hot Rod's vision, so that regardless of how he turned his head he'd see them. They were mostly ship statistics and an outer view of the ship as well as a radar screen. Over time, Rod might develpp a headache from the images.

The ship intones "Require IFF signature number to search for requested transformer. Please input digits now."

that ship is stupid huh?

2002-06-27, 10:25 AM
"hey nice place ya got here", extreme kup said as he goes in the ship with hot rod

"so where are we taking this ship? are we gonna go back to unicron?", extreme kup asked

2002-06-27, 11:32 AM
Minerva: "Those two connections need to be repaired."

Brainstorm: "Right." -starts repairing connections- "Think we'll have the mains back up in time?"

Minerva: "Are you kidding? Repairing thse connections should bring Sky Garry's mains back up now."

Brainstorm: "But we're not at the pickup point yet."

Minerva: "If I as completely accurate in y repair estimates, I coudn't build my reputation as a miracle worker."

Brainstorm: "Miracle worker?"

Minerva: "After we survive this, we're going to sit down and you're goin to watch every episode of Star Trek. And probably Enterprise as well. No Next Generation.... well, except forte episode Relics. No DS9 or Voyager. I'll make an engineer out of you yet."

Brainstorm: "Er......."

Chromedome: "All right, green guy. Time to burn rubber!"

Chromedome and Hardhead -transform to vehicle mode, roll for the rendesvous point-

2002-06-27, 03:22 PM
Talon flew over to Extreme_Kup, staying at a distance of about 6 feet he answered the question. "We are indeed planning to go to Unicron. On a rescue mission. My name is Talon".

2002-06-27, 06:24 PM
As Blackout lectured the other Renegades on the beauty of patience, a barrage of Decepticon fire whizzed by, barely missing the Renegades and Unicron.

Blackout: Looks like you may get your chance for combat, Blazestarter. It appears the Decepticon behemoths want a fight!

Blazestarter: And we're gonna give it to 'em, right? Right? We're gonna give it to 'em? Tell me we're gonna give it to 'em.

Magnacrunch: Duh, uh, take it easy, Blaze. You're gonna burn out at that rate.

Driveby: True that, gangsta, ya gotsta focus. Y'all be bouncin' off the walls...what say we get down and show dem big bully Cons what's real style?

Blackout: Fair enough. Keep your comm links open for any communication from Optitron or the other commanders. Renegades, attack!

Leaping from Unicron's horn, Blackout transformed to helicopter mode and headed for Bruticus, while the other three flew in robot mode and aimed for Devastator. Landing on the surface of Cybertron, Blazestarter and Driveby transformed to hot rod and low-rider modes (respectively) and rushed forward, firing at Devastator's legs as Blackout began strafing Bruticus!

2002-06-28, 11:13 AM
"and my names Kup, Extreme Kup", kup said to talon, "nice to meet ya..er......sir so lets go kick some ass then guys!!!"

then he sits on a chair in the ship and looks outside and sees the continuing battle

2002-06-28, 04:10 PM
"What? IFF signature..." Hot Rod sighed, "He's a Targetmaster... Oh forget it it it will just waste too much time." Hot Rod then turned to Extreme Kup and Talon, "Get a seat cause we're on our way." Hot Rod stared into the headset, "Ummm Keeper can you give me direct movement control? And is there a weapon panel around here?"

2002-06-28, 05:07 PM
"Pleased to meet you sir" Talon replied.
"Maybe if you told it to scan for anything 6 feet or smaller?" he suggested to Hotrod. "Though that would likely bring up every Minicon within scanning range" he added.

2002-06-28, 05:35 PM
Two small saucers pop out of the arms of Hot Rods' chair, finger indentations on the surface as they slide out and stop near his hands.

then it states "This ship is moderately armed. Voice control only)

Then Hot Rod sees a short list of available weapns

2002-06-28, 05:47 PM
"Oh not more lists..." Hot Rod wished it had a seperate weapons panel, that would give Kup something to do. Hot Rod put his fingers in the finger things, "Ok guys hopefully, I'll do better at this then I did last time. Hold on!" Hot Rod moved his fingers forward as much as he could.

2002-06-28, 09:37 PM
"Hausa look! Shes in trouble!" Sky Lynx swooped down towards the friend of Hausa.

By the time Sky Lynx had called out, Hausa Macheinus had dived out of his shuttle bay and armed himself.

"Take that Cybertronian scum!" cried Sky Lynx as he burnt the assilant to a crisp. He hovered to her and said to her

"Get in, or there may not be a repeat of this chance!"

Fulani, confused and in self-defense mode, only saw the Autobot above her, armed with a weapon. He was like a giant, shimmering shadow with a glimmering blade of destruction. Alaremed, she scrambled for her weapon as Hausa Macheinus landed on the surface.

"Haaa!" Hausa cried out as he cut through a charging Cybertronian with his scythe. The Cybertronian's parts twisted through the air as sparks flew. Hausa Macheinus stepped into the laser flying and pulled forward his shieleding mechanisms.

The crawling female Autobot, Fulani, and simply stared at him in amazement as he crouched.

"Did you not here what he said? He is an Autobot!" Hausa Macheinus barked. "He is a dinobot named Sky Lynx. Trust him! Get in!!"

A wave of Cybertronians was charging and Fulani only gathered her double barreled blaster and lit into them with laser fire.

"Sky Lynx, I think she is hostile. This may be difficult."

2002-06-28, 09:46 PM
Fulani was gunning down old enemies from her past. She wanted to terminate Galvatron and Starscream and Soundwave. The Cybertronians fell, collapsing violently before her. It was like Fulani was coming to terms with a past she could hardly remember.

And then she was lifted up.

Fulani was clutched around her waist and hurled over its back. It moved well for something that size as the army of Cybertronians chased after her.

"Sky Lynx, you said you wanted to go? I think we should go!"
The tall machine spoke with authority in his voice as Fulani struggled to be released.

"No! Redstreak! Redstreak!"

Fulani wiggled in his left arm as she was loaded into the shuttle.
The bay doors shut as laser fire crackled outside.

Fulani began to shutdown as she felt the shuttle lift off.

2002-06-28, 11:07 PM
The ship bolted forwards, the amount of thrust equal to how forwards Rod pushed the saucers, control very very sensitive as the ship flew. luckily there were seatbelts installed in it, eh?

2002-06-29, 12:30 AM
"about what hot....WHOOOAAA!!! *thud!*", kup said as he toples off his seat due to the wild flying by hot rod

"Next time, let me handle the controls dude!!" , kup said as he goes back to his seat and hangs tight and clicks on buttons on his panel and the ship starts blasting some cybertronian ground troops

"heheh watche them fry!!!! watch them fry!!!", kup said as he blasts some cybertronians that are on the surface of cybertron

2002-06-29, 12:31 AM
Galvatron and Optitron had been battling for hours. The two so evenly matched...except for one minor detail.

Galvatron: "Don't you realize? You are a slave...a slave to the Liege...a slave to Unicron! I am free...you are control, I am chaos! And you cannot begin to contain my power or fury! You speak of perfection...you talk of power? You do not know power...you are simple...petty. You lack the committment to seek greatness. Last time you won cause I was unprepared. This time, the same mistake shall not be made...this time I will crush you as I have so many others!"

Galvatron began to pull back a bit, trying to draw Optitron in, as he had Optimus Prime in 2005. A small dagger prepared to rocket from his wrist when Optitron was bated in...patience, which Galvatron had once so lacked, was now firmly on his side...

The battle raged, Cybertron being ravaged on all fronts. Pointblank stood...emotions seething. Then he saw him...his age old foe...the one he had battled since the war began...


Pointblank transformed and raced into the heart of an intense battle. Transforming to leap at Sixshot, Peacemaker ready to fire...

Pointblank: "At last...at long last...you will know the pain you have caused me...prepare to die six changer!"

Quick Switch
2002-06-29, 04:02 AM
As the Renegades appeared, the combiners readied themselves.

Bruticus merely grunted as a few stray shots impacted his torso. Unimpressed, Bruticus lunged forward, his free arm not clutching his missle launcher attempting to swat Blackout from his airborne position.

Devestator rocked slightly as the shots impacted his legs, but then deposited his rifle into subspace, and swung his massive arms up, out-then down, hands open, attempting to grasp Driveby and Blazestarter.

2002-06-29, 06:39 AM
Trypticon was getting annoyed because the lack of answers from Gigatron who he had understood to be in command of the Decepticon forces alongside with Galvatron.

"Someone give Trypticon something to smash! Trypticon no want to sit and wait anymore!"


"Bluffing...? Hah! *cough*" Cryhavoc snarled. "I never bluff fool!" He snapped at Dominator, trying to get up from the ground.

2002-06-29, 04:33 PM
Ultra Magnus had been busy ordering certain Autobots to charge, but Ultra magnus probably had very little action, "Autobots Cybertronians in sector 5." Magnus reported as the radar gave him the information, another tidbit of info came in, "Ship coming in at 11 O' Clock! What the?!" Magnus jumped out of the way. As the Keeper wirred right past him.

Hot Rod smiled at Kup, "Heh, but I'm the captain, remember weapon control advailable by my voice control only..." Hot Rod had to pay attention and pulled up in a hurry to advoid hitting a building, "Hehe, Ok to Unicron."

2002-06-29, 06:26 PM
Nightbeat: -checking weapon charge-

Hosehead: "I wish I was going with you guys."

Nightbeat: "I'd let you if you weren't injured. These goombahs might be a bunch of girl scouts, but they're heavily armed girl scouts."

Hosehead: "Girl scouts?"

Nightbeat: "With guns that fire stale, rock hard girl scout cookies."

Hosehead: "You've got to be kidding."

Nightbeat: "I am. Wish they were girl scouts, though."

Roadbuster: -looking out of hatch- "I see 'em!"

Siren: "I hope Chromedome and Hardhead make the party."

2002-06-29, 09:35 PM
Blaster and Sunstreaker flew forwards as fast as Sunstreakers wheels would carry them.

"There he is" Sunstreaker exclaimed as the approched Taikoon. "Alright come on" Blaster said as the door on Sunstreakers right side opened in and a Tapedeck hopped out transforming into Blaster Sunstreaker hopping up behind himn as they ran to Taikoon.

"Hey buddy whats up we got a distress call from this area was it you or are did we miss a beat?" Blaster asks stopping by Taikoon Sunstreaker doing the same

Karandras grinned Two transformers one a Decepticon his ally and soon to be puppet the second the soruce of the telepathic wave. Yes this was going to be easy even woith telepathic abilities, but they were obselete now weren't they yes they were this robot was a sitting duck to his hunter. Karandras looked up at Powerblade and Beastbox fighting then down at fallen Transformers noticing one.. Jazz.. was still alive he'd get him to safety now before he began to fight. Opening a rift in the warp (A hole in time and space) He lifted Jazz to it telekineticly warping him to a diffrent point on Cybertron. Within Iacon and it's saafty to recieve medical help if they had any.

Karandras turned back to Adeara leveling his pulse laster for the pas of her neck, he was going to attemtp to severe her head from her body then vaporize it if the decepticon Stealth on the other side got hit it was no real loss. The learge suits finger pulled back on the trigger of the large laser letting two strong beams fly towards the robot.

Jazz sat up on a medcal bed medical robots tending to him "Hey what happened one minute I'm singin a death tune the next I'm in a med bay being repaired what gives?" Jazz asked toa robot who shrugs "We don't know you just appeared giving us something to do now lay still!"

Raindance returned to where the Casettes and Brawn were fighting and being over whelmed though still fighting their hardest and covered Eject who had been damaged. Raindance flew down strafing the Cybertronians taking a few out of the fight.

"Brawn where's Blaster? Jazz is In trouble!" Raindance said.

Brawn punched the chest of a cybertronian in then looked up "If you havn't noticed we're in trouble go find Blaster and Subnstreaker" Brawn replied

"Alright" Raindance said taking off toward the direction they left following a heat trail.

2002-06-29, 10:47 PM
Dominator held Shockwave and aimed.

"Fine I'll see your bluff." He smiled and and flew far above the massive rogue.

"See you in the inferno." He growled and fired Shockwave as well as his own weapons.


Stealth looked at Adeara then saw the other Autobot fire.

"Slag it these Autobots are morons!" He growled hopping back to avoid the over enuthatic Autobots firepower.

Hatemunger kneeled where he saved the minicons from the Cybertronians and watched as two of them walked over to him.

"Hmm sorry you had to get hacked up to save us." One of them said.

"Yeah we could have held our own but you know." The otherone said.

"Anyway we both figure we owe you." the first one said again.

2002-06-29, 11:57 PM
Sky Garry's form explodes into view over the rondevu point, pulling a 90 degree turn to stop his momentum as he drops nearly straight down, landing skids groaning as he hits the ground with unusual roughness.

"Sorry about that. But we are here!"

Roadbuster: -looking out of hatch- "I see 'em!"

Siren: "I hope Chromedome and Hardhead make the party." [/B][/QUOTE]

2002-06-30, 12:03 AM
Taikoon turns, battered and bleeding somewhat as the two mechs approach. He stlil and quite get what they're saying, but understands the concern in their voices as he nods, saying something tiredly, but reassuringly.

Then suddenly he leaps forwards towards them, almost knocking Sunstreaker to his aft as the purple-green mechanoid does so... -BLAM-

A rocket slams into Taikoon's chestplate and he skids backwards, then falls over the edge out of sight into the crater!

2002-06-30, 03:51 AM
Roadbuster: -steps out of Sky Garry's hatch- "YO, SPRINGER! WE'RE HERE!" -chuckles- "I think it's about time we show this Liege Maximo what happens when you mess with the Wreckers!"

Nightbeat: -peering out of hatch- "We're not all Wreckers here, you know."

Siren: -also peering out of hatch- "We could try to join."

Nightbeat: "As Groucho Marx once put it, 'I would never join a club that would have me as a member'."

Siren: "They might have a secret handshake. And those Shriner fezzes with antlers."

Nightbeat: "Nifty. I might change my mind on that."

Roadbuster: "Are you two QUITE finished?"

Nightbeat: -thinks- "For the moment."

Siren: "Yeah. I'm out of jokes."

Roadbuster: -mutters- "Thank Primus for small favors."

2002-06-30, 03:58 AM
Squawkbox began to curse to himself, but the word was interrupted as a searing pain took him directly between his shoulders. It was too much for the moment; the force of the impact dragged him face-first onto the ground. Like any good warrior shot in the back, he rolled his vision toward the sky, and just managed to avoid Power Blade's sword flying toward him.

"Not very Autoboty, bub! I shoulda finished you off while you were down. Allow me to correct the mistake!"

With a bit of strain, the rogue cassette combiner thrust himself into a handspring and off the ground, extending his feet for Power Blade.



Why he'd been caught so off-guard, he just didn't know. He'd been lucky enough to dodge his body away from the ballistic shell, but it managed to scrape a few chunks of shrapnel from the edge of his wing.

Careless, Gigatron. Stay focused! Not as tough as you, but don't leave your guard down!

Gigatron snarled back at Bludgeon's tank form, hiding his swords away on his back sheathes.

"Dodge, Bludgeon? Oh no. Such an inefficient verb. I'd much prefer something along the lines of..."

In the middle of his battle tirade, Gigatron transformed to his dragon mode. One black mouth opened and spewed a stream of flame on the opponent while the other continued to speak.



Wreckers don't much like waiting. Luckily...

"Hey," Sandstorm alarmed the team.

Twin Twist looked over his shoulder at an impressive shuttlecraft making a rather unimpressive landing. Still, the Autobot markings gave it away as Springer's called reinforcements. Twin Twist turned back to the group, throwing a pointing thumb over his shoulder to question the ship in... question. He smirked, almost as if to mock the newcomers, incredulous that this was really their boat.

"Roadbuster!" Whirl called upon spotting their estranged Wrecker.

Rack 'N' Ruin (easily seen by all, with their backs to Sky Garry) nodded once to the assembled and dashed off for the ship. 'Course, it wouldn't take the anxious others long to follow...

2002-06-30, 04:04 AM
Chromedome and Hardhead: -heading for the pickup point at top speed in vehicle mode-

Chromedome: "Hope the green guy's all right."

Hardhead: "There was a squad of Autobots coming over the rise to help. They can get him to medical attention better than we can."

Chromedome: "Yeah... I guess. I still think we just should have grabbed him and beat it to the rally point."

Hardhead: "Maybe." -thinks- "But maybe seeing Unicron isn't on his sight-seeing list."

Chromedome: "Could be."

2002-06-30, 04:29 AM
Sky Garry waits, weapons still going furiously to keep his cargo safe as he hardly waits for the las mech to load up before his afterburners ignite, sending the dropship skywards once more..


Lockpick lifts her weapon towards the core again.

((Did I miss my cue??)

2002-06-30, 05:05 AM
Chromedome and Hardhead: -arrive just in time to watch the Wrecker filled dropship leave-

Chromedome: "C'mon, Hardhead! We're not missing this!" -transforms, jumps, catches the edge of the hatchway-

Hardhead: -transforms, jumps, grabs onto Chromedome's feet-

Chromedome: -hanging on for dear life as the dropship accelerates away- "I always wondered what flying coach was like!"

Hardhead: "So I'm flying what, luggage class?"

Chromedome: "Cargo class!"

Hardhead: -looking down- "Just don't let go!"

Chromedome: -feeling his grip starting to slip- "I might not have any choice in that!"

Hardhead: "Now is not the time to tell me that!"

Roadbuster: -appears in hatchway- "You're cutting down on manouverability!" -grabs Chromedome's wrists, drags both Chromedome and Hardhead inside- "You're late."

Chromedome: "We're here, aren't we?"

Hardhead: "And in one piece, it seems."

2002-06-30, 05:36 AM
"ah nevermind", kup said as he just sits in the chair.

2002-06-30, 06:03 AM
Hah... fool... your hesitating gave my internal repairs enough time to deal with the most critical damages I received... Cryhavoc thought when the double gestalt rose to the air.

"Until next time." Cryhavoc said and activated the homing beacon for the teleportation device inside Unicron that he had used when escaping from the destruction of Harbringer earlier.

Just as Dominator's firepower rained down upon Cryhavoc, he was gone... teleported into Unicron...

It hurt... it felt like his whole body was giving up. In fact his fusion reactor was close to breakdown... Still he continued... Unicron... the planet eater... he could save him... like he had saved Megatron by turning him into Galvatron... Cryhavoc wanted to live and no one else could help him...

"Unicron... if the Liege truely has control over you... *cough* you can heal me..." Cryhavoc muttered while making his way towards Unicron's data processing center. "I want to live..."

2002-06-30, 06:36 AM
Powerblade took two steps back absorbing the kick from Squawkbox with a small groan he was bigger then this 'con or whatever alliegence it was and he would have no trouble dealing with him with brute force.

"When you get lost in space for as long as I have you learn take your chances as they come so you best learn turning your back on me is costly"

Powerblade reports to the casette leveling his laser rifle firing then running up behind it slashing his energo sword down.

DeathBlade had given in and returned to Cybertron for repairs and not exactly happy. "DAMMIT I GOTTA BE UP THERE!"
"Thats too bad lay down" the medic said pushing the over active Autobot back down and going to workin on the damaged wound
"Your out of energy aswell you need to be re-fueled, you're not going back to that battle feild for a while" The medic finished shutting him offline to work "Damned fools theres gonna be no Transformers left iof they are all fools like this one"

"AWWWW ****!" Sunstreaker said as Taikoon fell over the edge Blaster and him Running and looking down.

"That is not Good with a capital G" Blaster Retorted walking over and sliding down.

"Aww man that dirt will stick to my chest it's still wet, someone is gonna need to paint wax and who knows what else" Sunstreaker groans hopping down after Taikoon

2002-06-30, 12:35 PM
Inside Sky Garry Rally had noticed that Bandit had made no move to actually leave the ship. "Bean, your not planning on..." she started. Bandit smiled "Look at it this way, if we go along with these nuts, the bigger the chance they'll survive it". Rally just frowned. ("Why do I feel like the helper of Don Quichote?") she thought.

ooc: Philcom, feel free to take control of Firebolt again

2002-06-30, 06:19 PM
If someone had tried to contact Trypticon, the giant had not noticed it. He was fed up with the battle where he was not allowed to take part of.

So be it... if no one bothers to give me orders... I'll give them myself. With these thoughts the gigantic dinosaur transformed into his assault base form and activated his thrusters... which began to pummel him into the space... closer to the unspeakable horror... Unicron.

Lord Zarak
2002-06-30, 07:53 PM
"Hausa, is your friend in tight?" asked Sky Lynx, "Because if she isnt, strap her in, we are joining the fight against Unicron"

Swoop was in the fray against the Cybertronians, and was not enjoying himself.
"All I do is blast away Transformers", he said to no-one in particular as he killed some of the invading army.
"Why is it the Autobots are always fighting? We are peaceful, so why are we always at war?"

2002-06-30, 10:51 PM
The flames bathed over Bludgeon as he stumbled back in his robot mode, the force so great it had triggered his transformation back.

Bludgeon: "...damage heavy...a well placed and planned...attack."

Bludgeon stumbled forward...then fell back slightly.

Bludgeon: "I am not finished yet..."

Calling upon his sword once more, Bludgeon also grabbed a badly wounded Decepticon and tore his chest plate from his body, employing it as a shield.

Bludgeon: "time...to slay...die...dragon!'

Stumbling forward again, Bludgeon swung blindly at the beast mode of Gigatron, trying to land one fatal blow.

2002-06-30, 11:28 PM
Adeara watched as Stealth dived out of the way, and followed suit, diving in the opposite direction. Once she hit the ground, her head spun to look at her new assailant. Upon seeing him, she realized that the silence in her mind had gotten stronger. HIM!!!! He's the one blocking me!! I have to destroy him!! Getting up, she stared at the newcommer. "Why are you blocking me, you strektha?!"

2002-06-30, 11:46 PM
Just as Sunstreaker and Blaster reached the edge of the crater there's a furious bellow from below, the smoke billowing up and temporarily blinding the two.

A scratching sound emits, like scales over rocks and pebbles tumble to the bottom as another growl sends the smoke coiling away.

Wind buffets the two abruptly and the smoke is forced away, tendrils hanging off the two Autobots' arms as a head rises out of the crater.. .followed by a long neck... metal plates of a familiar green and magenta rising to double-shoulders. As a clawed hand grips the edge the Dragon pulls itself up, neck curling down to just above the two mechs, sapphire optics glitering under a silver helmet graced with a horned Autobrand. Wings hiss in the wind to either side.

It snarls softly at the two.

2002-07-01, 12:37 AM
Sky Garry struggles to lift into the air with all the transformers inside him. In the cockpit the roar of his engine rises a pitch with the effort ,but once more no complaint emits frmo his speakers as he turns and serves, cannons thundering constantly to keep flying Cybertronians at bay.

"Heading to second recon point *grunt* now!" he finally reports, afterburners spurting to life to put a little more thrust into him. Shotbomber meanwhile is oblivious to the others as he runs from console to console, keeping msot of Garry's secondary systems working manually, both of t hem working as hard as possible, despite their recent and somewhat premature release from medical bay. Heck, Shotty still wore scars from his confinement.

Quick Switch
2002-07-01, 02:04 AM
Astrotrain picked up on Trypticon's signal.

Inside Metrotitan, the Earth Decepticon Commander slammed his fist onto the comm button.

"Trypticon! This is Astrotrain, Commander of Metrotitan!" The Triple Changer bellowed into the speaker, which blared outside.

The massive City robot turned, and looked at his counterpart.

"Find the Liege Maximo's ship and destroy it! For the Empire! Destroy it!"

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-07-01, 09:12 AM

That familiar voice echoed around his cranium like bells in a church tower.

"Pain? Such an apt choice of words, tell me Pointblank, will your voicebox still scream in terror when I tear it from your throat?"

Sixshot was still poised and ready for battle following his brief encounter with Leokaiser. The hexa-changer threw both his blasters into the air.

"You're all mouth, no action"

Sixshot transformed mid air into his pistol mode firing off one or two wayward shots. He transformed back to his robot mode as he landed, Sixshot laughed loudly as Pointblank rallied forward with Peacemaker.

"Really Pointblank, you were once such a worthy opponent, now you'll realise how pitiful you have become.."

Sixshot glanced upwards towards his descending concussion blasters as Pointblank drew closer...


Springer turned.

"Wait all day for a ship.....one finally arrives in a hail of bullets. Reminds me of earth in a way...."

Springer realised that the rest of his crew were agitated by the lack of action....

Springer turned and saw Roadbuster help Hardhead and Chromedome onto the shuttle.

"Glad you could make it"

2002-07-01, 04:15 PM
Firebolt got seperated from Bean but he managed to find Ultra Magnus, Firebolt was getting eager to help, "Hey, Magnus you see Hot Rod anywhere?"

"If I had to bet, I would say he was on that ship that almost killed me..." Magnus pionted to Unicron, "He was headed that way." The ship appeared and came right for Magnus, "Not again!" But the ship stopped before it would hit Magnus.

The main door opened, "Come on Firebolt, lucky I spotted you on the way." It was the voice of Hot Rod. Firebolt smiled and jumped in. Hot Rod continued, "Magnus, you coming?"

"ohhhh No." Magnus stepped back, "I'm not getting in that thing."

"Ok, have fun." The door closed and the Keeper blasted off.

2002-07-01, 06:11 PM
Pulling out his twin concussion blasters, Optitron could feel his energon boil at Galvatron's words.

Optitron: No! The Liege does not control me! I am not his creation! No one controls me! No one!

Abandoning the cool precision that had long been his trademark, Optitron rushed forward, prepared to raise his guns and blast away once he could see the blackness of Galvatron's red eyes! Little did he notice Galvatron reaching into the shadows...


Bruticus' wild swing caught Blackout by the tail, and the second-in-command of the Renegades spiraled out of control and collided with the Cybertronic floor! Meanwhile, as Devastator lunged at Driveby and Blazestarter, both Renegades transformed and raised their guns! Before they could fire, Devastator wrapped his right hand around Driveby, but as he reached for Blazestarter with his left, Blazestarter leaped over the massive purple hand, raced up Devastator's arm and pointed his arm-mounted flamethrowers at the side of Devastator's head!

Blazestarter: Heh heh, heh heh, now, now, now, you listen to me, you overgrown Deceptigoon. Let him go, let him go, or I'll burn a hole in your head so big, I'll burn it so big I'll be able to walk right through, you hear me, walk right through!!!

2002-07-01, 07:41 PM
Trypticon was already on orbit level when he received Astrotrain's transmission and replied.

"Sure Astrotrain... I can blast big bad Liege into itty-bitty bits if you first tell me which ship is his." Trypticon snorted and opened randomly fire upon the enemy ships in the space.

2002-07-01, 08:30 PM
Galvatron's concealed weapon lay in wait.

Now...his nerve is shattered, his resolved weakened...his mind is mine!

Galvatron: "You have already lost slave...you lost the second you forfeighted your will to the fools who now use you like a puppet!"

Galvatron waited and prepared to strike...
Pointblank maintained his focus...now the time was his.

Pointblank: "You destroyed my home city...you slaughted dozens of innocents...and for what? What did you gain? Megatron still lost the war and had to follow Prime to Earth...where in the end you lost again! And you will lose again here...here's for all the suffering you caused you pathetic excuse for a general!"

Coming down hard, Pointblank connected with a massive blow to the jaw.

Pointblank: "This war for you ends..."

2002-07-01, 08:38 PM
He lies... Optitron thought to himself as he charged forward, hearing the words of doom from the emperor of destruction. Kill him. Kill him!

Hitting the traction brakes in the bottom of his boots, Optitron skidded to a halt and dropped his defenses as he raised his twin concussion blasters and fired a terrible barrage at his poised adversary!

2002-07-01, 08:45 PM
Within range, Galvatron let the dagger fly and rolled, taking a couple of the blasts, but managing to keep his critical areas protected.

Galvatron: "You know what I speak is the truth...now you die...slave."

2002-07-01, 08:54 PM
Through the incredible flurry of green blasts flowing from his huge cannons, Optitron did not see the sharp metal dagger flying in his direction until it was far too late to avert its course. The dagger seared through his chest plate and tore into the exterior coating of his fuel pump, and he could feel energon begin to leak from the pump into his chest cavity.

Stumbling forward, Optitron grimaced and dropped his guns, then fell to his knees and screamed hideously as he yanked the dagger from his chest. Its tip was coated with energon, and if tears could have come to Optitron's eyes, they would have just then.

His emotions of pain and sorrow could only remain for an instant...the stronger forces of absolute rage forced their way to the fore, and before Galvatron could even capitalize on his expert marksmanship, Optitron was back on his feet, wavering but concentrated, gesturing with his hands like a punch-drunk boxer for Galvatron to step forward.

"Go ahead," Optitron grunted dazedly, energon squirting hideously from his chest, "bring your worst."

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-07-01, 08:54 PM
"War Pointblank? You know nothing of war, this isn't a war, this is a walk in the park..."

Sixshot was cut-off mid-sentence as Pointblank's blow connected..

Sixshot reeled backwards under the force...

"Oh come now, weren't you ever told to play nicely?"

Sixshot ran forwards, leapt in the air slightly before landing on the ground sliding towards Pointblank, swiping his feet from underneath him...

"Pointblank, c'mon....your age is becoming you...."

2002-07-02, 01:13 AM
Chromedome: "We wouldn't have missed this trip for anything."

Nightbeat: "Good thing, too. I think we're going to need all the firepower we can get."

Roadbuster: -nods- "There'll be plenty of targets to go aroud."

2002-07-02, 04:51 AM
Karandras grinned to Adeara his mobile suit doing the same "I block you to make sure you cannot call for back up psychicly while I dismantle you to peices" Karandras replied the mobile suit taking a few steps forward bringing the laser to level getting ready to switch it to it's alternate mode "So ignore the pitiful decepticon and fight me see if you are made of the right stuff come get me and break the lock on your mind!"

Deathblade was reactivated for the later part of his shoulders reconstruction but pinned down by several bots just to keep him from escaping.

Blaster and Sunstreaker stared at the Dragon that arose from the pit Taikoon fell in.

"Any moves could be costly and by that I mean deadly" Blaster said to Sunstreaker who was quite peeved

"His breath is gonna scorch my body anamle(sp?)" Sunstreaker complained pulling his laser rifle "so I'm gonna scorch it back"

"Hold on Sunstreaker it may not be meaning to it may be singing a firey tune but that tune may be for our side so don't be hasty. DRAGON I AM BLASTER AUTOBOT COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER WHATS SHAKIN!" Blaster calls to it

"I hope you're right" Sunstreaker mumbled.

Brawn and the Casettes made their way after Raindance figuring there had to be more fighting there and they had to get Eject into Blaster

2002-07-02, 04:53 AM
"Hausa, is your friend in tight?" asked Sky Lynx, "Because if she isnt, strap her in, we are joining the fight against Unicron."

"Sky Lynx...!" Hausa Macheinus hollered as he pinned down the female Autobot. "Look!...I said she looked familiar! That's all!"

Fulani fought under the weight of Hausa Machinus until he said, "We do not have time for this. We must prepare for battle against the Unicron."

Fulani heard the name of the Chaos Bringer and paused.

"Unicron?" Fulani took a good look at him for the first time and decided to stop fighting. I know him! He...he is the one that captured me....he was the one that...entombed me.

Hausa looked down at her and nodded. "He is some great antagonist of civilization...he threatens all that we know and value. You are an Autobot...do you not understand me?"

Hausa Macheinus released her and she sat up.

"You look tired. Here," he showed her, "have some energon and shutdown for a few minutes. Apparently this Unicron is a powerful enemy."

Fulani was suspicious of these robots but complied with his suggestions. She consumed the energon then shutdown for repairs.

"Sky Lynx...now that we may speak privately. Just how powerful is this Unicron?"

2002-07-02, 05:23 AM
The dragon's breath hisses in and out slowly, smelling of cinnamon and rubbing alcohol as it lowers its head to peer at the two, blue eyes squinting... familiar blue eyes...

Then he bellowed, and a tongue of blue flame leaps out - safely clear of teh two Autobots as a Cybertronian sneaking up on Sunstreaker screams in pain as its turned into liquid metal.

He cuts off the flame and growls, emitting smoke from his nostrils "Am... Taikoon... Am... transformer... Like Autobot." his slow words come. "Am... fighting for plan-et."

2002-07-02, 02:38 PM
The Keeper weaved in and out of the Cybertron fleet. Blasting a few as he made it through, fiting with his driving style. Inside Hot Rod gave another command, "Keeper, let's try this again, find Lockpick." He then turned to Kup, "You know Kup, even with all this firepower the Autobots have turned up with these Minicons, it probably won't be enough to stop Unicron. I am the Chosen one, and part of that job description is to destroy Unicron. It may yet be up to us..."

2002-07-02, 05:57 PM
Adeara stared at her blocker, while listening for Stealth to attack her from behind. Dismantle? He thinks I'm a robot! Well, he's in for a surprise when I shift to destroy him. Adeara's mind raced to find a response. "Dismantle me, will you? I'd like to see you try!" Before the sentence was finished, a ball of fire large enough to engulf a normal Transformer, and hot enough to cause massive fried circuits and melted components, flew towards the newcommer as Adeara got to her feet. Glancing at Stealth, she said, "We fight after I dispose of this trouble maker, or not at all. Make your choice."

2002-07-02, 06:59 PM
The keeper beeped a few minutes, then replied calmly "UNIT LOCKPICK FOUND. LOCATION OF UNIT LOCKPICK IS BEYOND REACH OF THIS UNIT." A map springs up in Hot Rod's view - Unicron's general outline, with a small flashing dot in the very middle.

2002-07-02, 07:18 PM
Karandras mech took the flame with a loud chuckle as the fire disappated the suit was there un burnt scorched and harmed. "Stupid Robot you're about as smart as mon-keigh Wraithbone is impervious to heat all you've done is heat me up a little which the suits coolants are easily dealing with if only fire stuck around longer you may deal some REAL damage. No robot weilding flame like that so we will see what she really is after I push her to the edge of her life the phoenix lord though immdeatly moving all the joints to make sure there was no damage from the fire that would impede his movement, right arm and leg took heavier damage and and are at a slower reaction time oh well he would destroy her before the need arose to worry about that.

Karandras charged towards adear at almost blinding speeds and because of the right leg alot slower then normal his right arm flipping the laser back and attaching it to the back of the mech he was going to take her apart with his hands.... and the two brightlance lasers on his under arms if required. Threw a left jab at Adeara's face just to stun her if connected.

Lord Zarak
2002-07-02, 10:08 PM
"Unicron was, and now apears to be still on of the, if not the most powerful being in existence, next to our God, Primus, who is our creator. Unicrons first encounter with the Transformers was when Autobots and Decepticons were fighting deep in the bowels of Cybertron when a shot hit an Autobot, Grimlock I believe, and cannoned off him onto Primus himself. His cry of pain was heard by Unicron who made a bee-line Cybertron. He nearly destroyed Cybertron, and many Transformers lost their lives. One of whom was Optimus Prime. He sacrificed himslef to destroy Unicron with the Autobot Matrix (ooc- not the cartoon matrix). He was later restored by the Last Autobot. So, in short, he is very powerful, and if the Liege Maximo has recreated him, he may be more powerful than the last time. Getting secon thoughts?" said Sky Lynx to Hausa . And how is your friend who you only recognise, and who was imprisoned by Unicron?"

Quick Switch
2002-07-02, 10:48 PM
Bruticus merely grunted, reached one massive hand out, and enclosed it around Blackout, cluthing him firmly.

"Fool! Now you will face the wrath of...Bruticus!" The Combaticon combiner bellowed.

Devestator turned to look at Blazestarter. He smirked.

"Devestator says...catch!"

The Constructicon combiner cocked back and hurled Driveby back toward Unicron. He watched as Driveby flew off toward the planetoid, then moved his other arm to unseat Blazestarter. If Blazestarter didn't start after his friend, he'd soon be back in the big green giant's clutches.

2002-07-03, 01:01 AM
Hausa Macheinus glanced over at the female Autobot and
considered what his friend told him. Apparently this Unicron was powerful beyond all measure. He could not conceive of such a creation.

"Sky Lynx...how do you destroy...a God?"

He paced a bit as he considered everything. Everything was so much easier when he could plot and strategize against an opponent constructed as he. But....a God? The Unicron will destroy hundreds, perhaps thousands. How could he deliver so many sparks to Unicron? They will be lost. Unicron must be destroyed.

"Sky Lynx, what is your plan? How will we destroy him?...Do you suppose..." he looked over at the female Autobot and stopped, uneasily.

"Sky Lynx, do you suppose that is why I...why we were summoned here? Perhaps Fulani...perhaps we...we were summoned here by Primus to destroy Unicron."

2002-07-03, 10:24 AM
Sunstreker ducks then glares at Taikoon "watch it with that breath of yours you'll put scorch marks on my body anamle" He complains.

Blaster glances up at Taikoon "Well if you are Taikoon come on we got some cybertronians to bash" Blaster said as Raindance flew in and landed in Blasters chest. "Blaster last I saw Jazz he was pinned down between two Cybertronians he needs help and fast"

Blaster grins and looks at Taikoon "Can you fly?"

2002-07-03, 01:51 PM
The dragon flicks his tail at the queation and sniffs, then grins "Fly? Taikoon flies! " he crouches, offering a forearm for a step up to his back, which, though it was seamed with sharp plates, seemed to have a dulled area where one would sit between the wings.

AS he waits, his head turns to send a plume of flame towards another Cybertronian. "Quick! Friend needs help!"

2002-07-03, 02:18 PM
Blazestarter watched in horror as Driveby went hurtling out into space, and in a rage, he leaped off of Devastator's shoulder and floated out in front of him, his incredibly powerful flamethrowers activated full blast as he screamed and fired!

Meanwhile, Bruticus tightened his grip around the dazed Blackout. As he watched his secondary commander struggle, Magnacrunch transformed to car cruncher mode and said, "Duh, I gotta do somethin'! Hey you! Big guy!" With that, Magnacrunch activated his magnetic fields, hoping to pull the lumbering Decepticon off his feet!

2002-07-03, 02:54 PM
Gigatron caught Bludgeon's flailing, sworded arm in one of his mouths, while the other face glared at the Pretender. His teeth clenched down, not trying to remove the arm, but rather to get a good grip. As he felt Bludgeon's battle armor against the roof and base of his mouth, he inverted into his robot mode and landed his opposite foot on the side of Bludgeon's head. After having released the enemy with his occupied foot, Bludgeon floated recklessly over the Cybertronic ground. As he crashed down to the metal floor, Gigatron landed, drew his swords, and began sauntering toward the fallen opponent.

"A good fight, Bludgeon," he began as he interlocked the hilts of his swords. "You almost hurt me. But then, that's the difference between you and me. You lost your position of power, yet you symbolize your superiority in the Autobot head slung around your neck. I am destined to be the future ruler of the universe. So, while you enjoy your nameless warrior, I will display my triumph..."

Gigatron stopped just before Bludgeon. He smirked, long, quiet, maniacal. Then, turning to the side, he pointed one fist down at the prey for aim, and drew the other (dual-sword in hand) behind his head.

"...in the head of a feared Decepticon conqueror!"

The helmet tinkered across the ground gently, then stopped and gaped. That horrified, unmoving skull stared up at Gigatron, only adding flavor to his victory. The winner slowly separated his swords and hooked them to their posts on his back, allowing him more affection in his kneeling before the defeated. He picked up the lost head, rocking it quickly in his hands.

"Poor Bludgeon. You and I could have had some fun. Of course, I'd have wound up looking out for you much of the time, as you never could have matched me. Still, take solace in the knowledge that your death will bring inspirational fear to a new generation of Decepticons... and that shall bring me their loyalty to come!"

Gigatron gently closed his fingers around the skull, pushing it into his hand and closing the screaming mouth. He glanced at the headless body, still wearing its own prize of ages ago. Gigatron reached over and plucked the chain from the bare neck, holding it in his other hand.

"Well now, you won't be needing this..."

He set Bludgeon's head back on the ground, then used his free hand to tear Sideswipe's head from the chain. He glanced at it for a moment before tossing it aside and taking Bludgeon's again. Taking a few seconds from the vicious war going on around him, Gigatron tied each end of the wire conglomeration to one of Bludgeon's helmet prongs, then slung the entire jewel over his neck. Unlike Bludgeon, Gigatron did not take the time to admire his new accessory; he wore this grotesque item not for its vanity. Pleased with his work, Gigatron thrust himself away from the ground and prepared to head out. He glanced back at Bludgeon once more, allowing him to spot one final item he'd missed - the warrior's sword.

"I always did fancy myself a collector of sorts," Gigatron told himself as he swooped down and snatched the limp weapon from his defeat's hand.

Finally satisfied with his work, Gigatron transformed to Deviljet mode and rocketed into the Cybertronian sky. One enemy vanquished, one to go...

2002-07-03, 03:01 PM
Adeara saw the blow comming, and ducked just in time. By the Maker he is fast. But I don't think he's fully mechanical. Something tells me he's a fleshling, like me. While he was in close, Adeara brought her sword around and up, aiming for the assailant's shoulder joint. If she could remove one arm, she'd have a better chance of winning. All the while, she kept an ear open for Stealth to make a move.....

Quick Switch
2002-07-03, 04:39 PM
Devestator laughed mightily as he watched Driveby hurtle off...and Blazestarter hadn't started off after him...then he saw the flames...

Devestator brought one arm (the arm which he'd thrown Driveby with) up in front, attempting to absorb most of the flamethrower damage...and that arm was quickly becoming blackened. With the other, however, Devestator began swigning at Blazestarter, hoping to knock him out of the sky, or maybe even create enough of a wind disturbance to knock the flames back into him.


Bruticus squinted his optics as he picked up a slight hum....a magnetic pull! Bruticus turned and saw Magnacrunch rumble up.

Bruticus dug on his heels, but he began to shift slightly on the metallic Cybertronian floor, creating huge gashes as his fleet slid further into the craters. Beginning to laugh, Bruticus extended his arm which held Blackout, and opened his hand slightly.

"Renegade keep pulling Bruticus...magnetic field rip fellow Renegade apart!" Bruticus roared.

For, as Bruticus had so eloquently stated, if Magnacrunch kept up the pull, the pressure of Bruticus' (almost) opened hand, reacting against Blackout being pulled toward Magnacrunch, might indeed rip the second in command apart.

2002-07-03, 08:32 PM
"This makes it muchg more interesting, right?" Hot Rod looked back at everyone else on the ship. Firebolt nodded, Hot Rod continued, "I'm going to need you all, this is a rescue mission, and then we'll join the Autobot attack force when the start there internal attack of Unicron." Philcom turned back to the Keeper, "Keeper, can you take care of youself while we're gone?"

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-07-03, 09:10 PM
"Okay guys, lock 'n' load, it's not every day we get to give the biggest Transformers ever known in-digestion. We got a rep for being big game players, this is where we need to hit, hard and fast. Sky Garry's gonna take us as close as possible, we go in through the front, and don't stop blasting until there's none of him left. WRECK 'N' RULE"

The familiar battlecry of The Wreckers echoed through Garry's walls as the laser fire and explosions rallied around the shuttle.

2002-07-03, 11:39 PM
"you can count me in on that man", Extreme kup said to hot rod

2002-07-03, 11:41 PM
The Keeper intoned "AFfirmative, however standing orders preffered"

2002-07-04, 12:52 AM
Karandras let a small gramce cover his face at his failure to connect The arm and leg are going to cost me unless the internal repair system can get them back to perfect levels I may need to drop this screamer screamer sheild and take her down psychicly he thought to himself. As her arm came up the suit spun to the right stopping away from her sword which connected with air he was far faster then the suit was allowing because of th heat and cooling was not fully done she a had hit his arm though no real damage it would be repaired aswell. I'm too slow still I have to buy time he thought to himself. "So you want to play with weapons do you?" Karandras asked Adeara a small grin on the robotic face. "Fine let us play with weapons"

He reached back grabbing the puls cannon he just put away pressing a button on the side and pulling it forward the weapon morphing into a wraith bone scythe as he pulled it forward before him in one hand like a staff now haveing a huge reach advantage but would be less deadly inclose. "Let us play with weapons" he chuckled quickly taking the weapon into two hands and slashing across at her mid-section again faster then most transformers other then Blurr could ever do.

(ooc- he is pretty much faster then Blurr when his suit is operating at full but the fireball made it so he won't get a chance to excercise that speed in this fight. If you have a problem with the post tell me)

2002-07-04, 09:44 AM
From his "seat" on the ceiling, Talon had overheard Hotrod's tactics. He wanted to make 1 thing clear from the start.
"Hotrod, if we are going to sabotage that thing, I have to make 1 point crystal clear. I will NOT link myself to any of that thing's internal systems. If there is a mind inside that thing, I won't risk it. I would prefer keeping my sanity"


Bandit & Rally checked their weapons and systems, preparing for an assault on an enemy they had never faced before.. a demon.

2002-07-04, 04:12 PM
Hot Rod nodded to Kup, and then he addressed Talon, "Unicron? I wouldn't want you to hook up with it either. Any way a Minicon has to have more uses then powerlinxing with a bot." Hot Rod drove the Keeper and reached the surface of Unicron, "Keeper I'll need you just to stay out of the battle, but be ready to pick us up when I call, over?"

2002-07-04, 06:50 PM
The keeper replied "Orders acknowledged and understood."

2002-07-05, 08:46 AM
"ALRIGHT!!", extreme kup said as he jumped off the ship and then landed on his feet in the surface of unicron

2002-07-05, 09:27 AM
Hot Rod:a Minicon has to have more uses then powerlinxing with a bot

Talon smiled "Hot Rod, If there are alot more transformers like yourself, then we Minicons might be able to return to Cybertron without getting used as weapons again... Someday"

"As for other uses, I take it this mission would be alot easier if we went unnoticed? In my bat form I have access to a form of sonic radar. They won't be able to hear it, but I will be able to hear exactly where they are. And should we get discovered, I can punch up the soundlvl and give them one heck of a headache"

2002-07-05, 10:52 AM
"HEY!!! are you gonna sit there and wait all day until unicron's droppings falls on ya guys?!", extreme kup said to hot rod and talon who were still flying over the surface of unicron

2002-07-05, 03:41 PM
Dominator stood there floating holding Shockwave.

"Coward! Run to your master." He growled.

"You master can no longer save you." He said angrly and flew to Metrotitian.

"Shockwave I am going to reload and refuel the reenter the fry." he said as cables connected to him and armourments began to reload his systems.

Hatemunger looked at the two Minicons.

"So who are you two anyway." He said.

"I am Railgun, he's Double Driver we think we can be most useful to you for helping us out." They said.


Stealth watched the battle with Andeara.

"Hmm thats it!" He said watching her duel.

"She has a very weak left side. I might have to lose this round to take her out of the battle but I know where her weak point is." He thought to himself watching and waiting.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-07-05, 09:43 PM
Springer withdrew his sword and laser rifle and readied himself to return inside Unicron again. He was the only one of his crew to have been inside the Chaos Bringer when it last attacked Cybertron. He knew the perils that lay inside...he just hoped that he didn't loose too many friends when the assault began...

"Sky Garry...can't you get us there quicker...this is dull"


Skywarp pulled off trying to interfere in Galvatron and Optitron's battle, focusing his attack rather on a squad of Cybertronians that were attacking Sky Garry.

2002-07-06, 12:30 AM
"Ok talon see I knew I was right." Hot Rod made one last check to see if he had Firebolt, he did. And as soon as he checked hot Rod jumped out. He landed on his feet next to Kup, "Ok lets see the Keeper pinpointed Lockpick being in the center, here I know a quick way to ge there."

2002-07-06, 12:32 AM
Galvatron knew the advantage was his. Optitron was nearly done. The dagger had served its purpose. Galvatron moved, pulling out his sword once more.

Galvatron: "Your defeat is assured this time Optitron...this time you had no advatages, no pathetic shrot cuts. You simply lost...you lost cause you lacked the power that I have. You are a puppet...and I will now cut your strings!"

Galvatron pulled the sword back, preparing to strike.
Pointblank took several shots from Sixshot before rebounding and kicking him back.

Pointblank: "You talk to much...you think too little...no wonder both Megatron and Jhiaxus thought so highly of you. You don't even realize what you have done, time and again...the destruction you have wrought...since the day we were created we were destined to clash...generals always engaged, the ying and yang as the humans would say...like Optimus and Galvatron...and yet even Galvatron possessed the common sense to see the evil and threat of the Liege. You lack the foresight to even know what you are doing!"

Pointblank fired several shots with Peacemaker and charged in hard again.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-07-06, 12:43 AM
"Realise what I've done? Pointblank...I relish what I do, I live and exist to do what I do..have done...and will continue to do..denial of that is to stare foolishness in the face, and I promise you..I am no fool."

Sixshot backflipped out of the way of Pointblank's first volley of shots, but as he landed one caught him squarely in the mid-riff... it stunned him enough to allow Pointblank the time he needed to make his attack...

2002-07-06, 02:23 AM
"thats cool", kup said, "but we got visitors"

then he points 5 unicronians going towards them

2002-07-06, 04:02 PM
"Then let's give them a proper welcome" Talon said as he flew out of the Keeper and above the visitors. He quickly spotted one who had strayed a bit from the others. ("Time to see of those sparring sessions with Rock and Forte payed off") he thought as he dives at the cybertronian like a hailstone. The cybertronian had almost no time to defend himself apart from raising his arm. Talon rammed him with enough force to knock him down. Talon quickly clawed his way through the arm, and the head it was supposed to shield. ("They have") Talon thought as he grinned.

2002-07-06, 06:24 PM
Hot rod started to blast at one with his arm lasers when they had hit there mark he started to use his targetmaster on another one after firing a few shots he threw it and began firing once more with his arm cannons. Firebolt took another position and fired. Two more Unicronians/Cybertronians down. "We can't do this all day! Come on!" Hot Rod transformed and Firebolt inserted himself into the Targetmaster slot in his engine. "Follow me!" Hot Rod headed for a grate nearby.

2002-07-06, 09:14 PM
Sky Garry replied by accelerating a little bit more, dials inching into the red as he blasts through the offense towards their destination.

Inside Unicron, Lockpick continues waiting, her gunfire held back by some inner voice..

(*pokes Galv* Hey! Waiting on you!)

2002-07-06, 10:22 PM
(you aren't going to do a lot of damage that will be to critical. There is only one way to finish the deed, and at the moment, i am the only one who knows how so attack away!)

2002-07-07, 02:43 AM
"You're not keeping me DOWN" Deathblade called as they continued to work on his shoulder he suddenly disappeared the medics all stepping back looking at where he was laying in surprise. "What the...." one retorted stepping forward waving his hand where he was laying "Gone" he muttered.

DeathBlade teleported out of the med bay and transformed making another attempt to take out Unicron and he'd be damned if he couldn't.

Blaster and Sunstreaker ran up the arm of Taikoon
"Alright Taikoon we better go and get there soon or Jazz may not be around anymore" Blaster said Sunstreaker behind him muttering about his slighlty browned paint job.

The Casettes all sat within Brawn driving towards Blaster and Sunstreaker a large outline of an odd creature was before them and they had began to approach much slower incase it was an enemy. "Almost there just be ready to fight if that thing isn't freindly" Brawn said Rewind ignored it almost entirley tending to the fallen Eject.

Jazz sat up most of the damage on him repaired looking around "This is nuts I just teleported in her like one minute fighting the next BAM being repaired" he said very confused. The medic shrugged "A patient was just teleported on of an infirmary in another Province so it's not uncommon" the doc said. Jazz just shrugged letting the man work.

2002-07-07, 04:22 AM
"im right behind you man!", kup said as he transformed and followed Hot Rod while ramming some unicronians away

2002-07-07, 04:52 AM
Everywhere the Liege looked...his forces fell. Bludgeon gone, Jhiaxus missing, Sixshot and Optitron both in dire fights for survival. His troops were being systematically taken apart. The time to play his ace was at hand.

Unicron...transform...and destroy them!

*to be concluded...*