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2002-07-07, 05:07 AM
The battle has grown most dire...and the Liege's command shouts out...reacting to the tremors he feels Galvatron braces himself as he has been in this position before.

The process begins...


Like clockwork gears shift and mechanisms come to life. The planet form unfolds upon itself and soon arms and legs appear. The folds continue...until finally the horrible face is shown to all below...the face of death...the face of chaos itself...Unicron!

Liege: Unicron! Hear my command...destroy these pathetic wretches and start my glorious reign as supreme overlord of the universe...

Unicron paused and looked down at the Liege. He smirked for a moment before reaching over and siezing the Twilight flagship.


Without a single strain Unicron crushed the flagship and tossed the remains down upon Cybertron.


Punching the surface of the planet Unicron sent the Liege reeling back towards Prime. The Cybertronian fleet moved into attack position, but with the Liege now wounded and Jhiaxus still missing the fleets movements were uncoordinated and lacked focus. The were soon scattered like sticks in the wind, torn apart by the chaos bringer. With the fleet dismantled, Unicron turned to face Cybertron...
From the surface of the now transformed Unicron Galvatron sneered at the wounded Optitron. he knew he should finish him...but other more important matters awaited. Transforming into his jet mode, he launched a final taunt:

Galvatron: "Optitron...hear me...you have been beaten today. But you have one single chance at redemption...free yourself from Unicron's yoke and take arms against him...or lie there until you die...broken...alone...like a slave...the choice is yours!"

With that, Galvatron flew to Prime's position.

Galvatron: "Well that was unexpected!"

God Jinrai
2002-07-07, 05:22 AM
Now in robot mode, Prime stared at the downed liege maximo... and replied to galvatron's words... "Not... entirely. Something...felt strange to me... the moment unicron first entered cybertronian airspace..."

Returning his attention to the downed cause of this mess, prime growled beneath his breath...

"and you... YOU... the cause of all of this... the one who caused unicron's physical resurection! YOU SHOULD BE DESTROYED WHERE YOU LIE! " Prime roared... but silenced himself... "... but... there are far more important matters at hand... " from within, he felt it... a tingling feeling, comming from the matrix itself... words that came from the autobot leaders of the past.. and what seemed to be... future...

2002-07-07, 05:31 AM
The massive figure of the Liege looked up towards Optimus and Galvatron standing side by side.

Well...the alpha and the omega...the mirror twins...each a reflection of the other. You are each the finest that our planet has produced...and now it seems I made a slight error in judgement. Galvatron...it should have been you and not Jhiaxus chosen. And Prime...what a fine Decepticon you make...it will be a pleasure to bring you both back into the fold after we defeat that miserable, ingrate!

Galvatron and Prime looked at each other, before Galvatron responded.

Galvatron: "Chosen me?!? I was the one that walked away from you! As for being brought back into the fold..."

Galvatron rocked the Liege's face with several kicks.

Galvatron: "I don't recall either of us asking to be brought into any folds...flee now...if you are still here once we have slain Unicron again, I will do what I should have years ago and place your head on my command deck!"

God Jinrai
2002-07-07, 05:34 AM
Optimus lowered his massive plasma cannon, unlocked by his minicon partner, down, level with liege maximo's face...

"Assuming... I don't lose MY temper first, Galvatron..."

Then it happened... the feeling from the matrix... prime still couldn't make out just what it meant, but... he knew it came from past as well as future...

2002-07-07, 07:53 AM
Lockpick froze as the ground around her started to shudder, and her rifle was forgotten as she holds on, the entire world turning upside down around her as the theif and former slave has a planet transform around her, and she doesn't move for a long time afterwards.

"Primus..." she whispers, staring at the transformed chamber. Oblivious to the happenings outside, she has a feeling that was not Good. The guards were gone now, and she slips out, always alert, feet like feathers on the floor.


Taikoon crouched as he nods, stating "Hold... tight." and then leapt upwards, wings thrusting hard as he makes his way over the quiet battleground towards Jazz. As Unicron transforms, he pulls up, nearly dislodging his passengers.

"Hai! Tengoik Utilhihi!" he exclaims, cowed by unicron as the great dragon's wings beat the air effortlessly.

2002-07-07, 12:21 PM
(Who's with Pointblank at the moment?)

Sixswitch had followed Pointblank as he headed towards Unicron, at first at a run, and then transforming to fighter jet mode, and dodging and weaving through the battle. He was tempted to fire on the enemy, but that was not the goal here. When he saw Unicron begin to transform, he contacted Pointblank.
"Er, what now?"


Meanwhile, Scourge had flew towards Unicron, and managed to land on his huge forehead, between the two giant eyes. Ignoring the battle around him, he transformed into robot mode, catching Fracas as his feet crunched down on the metal surface of the behemoth.
"What are we doing boss?" Fracas asked nervously.
"Confronting a nemesis," Scourge replied coldly.

The Hunter raised his gun, and blew a transformer sized hole in one of Unicron's eyes, before taking to the air, and entering.

"This time, Unicron, this time..."

He got his bearings, and made for the control centre, the hub of thoughts, Unicron's brain.

2002-07-07, 03:48 PM
Dominator watched the transformation with Shockwave in hand.

"Wow." Was all the gaint gestalt could manage.

"We need to hit that massive con hard!" Dominator said looking to Shockwave whom he held in gun mode.

"Any Ideas?" He asked then got onto his com-link.

"Any Available Autobot or Decepticon Forces this is Mega-Gestalt Dominator. I am trying to gather a strike force if anyone reads me please responde." he said getting ready for the final showdown.

Hatemunger looked at Railgun and Doubleshot.

"Well so what do you have to offer me then?" He asked the two minicons.

"Well lets show you!" Doubleshot said transforming with Railgun transforming with that Doubleshot attacted to Hatemungers back his two turrets forming over Hatemungers shoulders and forming a body armour around his body.

"How do does that feel?" Double shot said. With his merger with Hatemunger his repair systems began to fix the wound on Hatemungers back quickly faster than Hatemunger could have expected.

"Incredable." Hatemunger said targeting Doubleshot with his eyes and firing a volley of Plasma into a group of Cybertronians vaporizing most of them.

"Truly incredable." He said.

Railgun stood up "but wait there is more!" he yelled transforming into a Decepticon sized shotgun of sorts and landing in Hatemungers left arm.

"Now just aim me and fire me!" He said as Hatemunger looked at one of the wandering Cybertronian fighters in the air and fired a round, the explosive shell tore into the ship the exploded wiping the ship out.

"Well that was inpressive." Hatemunger smiled feeling a rush of energy with that he drew one energon saber in his right hand and struck a battlefield pose of sorts. His massive figure made only more impressive holding Railgun in one hand his Energon saber in the other with his two fusion cannons on each arm and Doubleshot as armour and an energy cannon.

"Well now that Unicron is here, I say we join the party!" Hatemunger said then heard Dominator's call.

"Dominator I will be on my way!" He said and tore into the sky towards his Gestalt soilder.

incredable the power these minicons can give us. May the matrix allow me to protect my own men and our Autobot and Decepticon allies. he though as he could see Metrotitan and Dominator coming close.


Skylark stood up and cluched his chest.
"Wonderful Unicron is here." He said to himself and checked his systems.

"All systems online and 80% or better weapon systems at 100%." Flashed up across his eyes.

He heard Dominators call for soilders but ignored it he knew what he had to do to cure his sins. With that he flew skyward to Galvatron and Prime getting on his comlink.

"Lord Galvatron, Optimus Prime. You both may know me better as Darklark or Skylark. But my time here is nigh, I have one last thing I must do before my spark can rest peacefully, please give me coordinates for the assult on Unicron, the rest I will do. Thank you." He said and waited.

Stealth was tired of waiting he wanted to fight Adeara one last time, he knew he could win but knew the battle would be a draw.

"Adeara finish off that foe so we can end this." He smiled getting into a battle stance.

2002-07-07, 04:28 PM
Hah... I knew it! Liege was a fool to think he could control Unicron... Cryhavoc thought and forced himself into standing position.

*cough* "Atleast now I know what to do..." Cryhavoc snarled and transformed into his scorpion mode.

"Die." Cryhavoc growled and sank his claws into the devices before him...


In the space...

"Bah. Trypticon not impressed." The enormous Decepticon battlestation snorted as he saw Unicron's transformation. "We may die now or later so what difference all this makes..."

"Might be a good time to try out my new mode that the Constructicons installed back on Charr..."

Trypticon began a transformation process he had tried only once in a secret testing location with Scrapper and Hook. Parts began to move and retrack and after less than a minute, a massive black and purple Decepticon warrior, the size of Fortress Maximus was floating in the space behind Unicron with an enormous morningstar in his other hand a spiked heavy shield attached to his another arm.

"Raaargh!" The Decepticon giant roared and hurled his weapon towards Unicron's back...

2002-07-07, 05:34 PM
Pointblank and Sixshot were still engaged when Pointblank received the transmission from Sixswitch. Pointblank gave Sixshot a quick kick to the gut before responding.

Pointblank: "Rally with the others...Springer and Gigatron must be organizing a counter offensive...I'll join you as soon as I settle this business."

Pointblank glared hatefully at Sixshot who was on the ground at the moment then extended a hand.

Pointblank: "We can continue this battle...waging a selfish campaign while our planet...OUR home dies around us. Or, we can be the noble warriors we once were and join the battle to stop this...its your choice..."

Galvatron looked at Skylark: "There will be no suicide runs on this attack fool...we need repeated strikes. Find Hatemonger, I want him to lead an attack on right side of the face of Unicron with everything he can muster...Gigatron and Springer are going to get inside and do the damage from there...I trust Prime is thinking of something similar...but go...make your attacks multiple and productive."

2002-07-07, 06:05 PM
The Cosmobots were in Iacon med bay, watching over Apollo. None could contemplate going back into the fray without their team-mate. Even Thorr was unusually quiet and reserved. Each were lost in their own thoughts, when Remedy, the Iacon medic entered. Vanguard leapt to his feet.

"How is he?" The Cosmobot leader demanded without pretence or greeting.
"Not good," the medic replied.
"Severe internal damage. He'll pull through, but it will take time. There's nothing you can do for him here. Get back out there, we have a battle to win."
"Without Proximus, we'll be ineffective against Unicron."
"Then join Iacon's defences. There are guns to be manned, and all that."
"Yes, we should," Thorr agreed.
"Right, let's go."

The four remaining Cosmobots left the room, heading for the upper levels.


Sixswitch acknowledged the transmission, and pulled up in a loop, scanners searching out Gigatron.

2002-07-07, 08:47 PM
Sky Garry banked hard as Unicron transformed, pulling away quickly again as he states "Uh... change of plans requested! I can't land on that without being crushed, and you guys with me. " he gasps, body shuddering again with an attack.

"I gotta pull back guys!"


Lockpick moves towards the core, staring at its shinign surface as she flicks the charge to HIGH on her rifle.

I chose to be a slave for freedom. I chose to put my life in danger for freedom. Now, I choose to kill for freedom

She lifts her rifle, hardly to robot-sized paces from the Core as she starts to depress the trigger on the energy rifle...

Quick Switch
2002-07-07, 08:58 PM
(OOC: Quick Switch is with Sixswitch and Cyclonus...when did Pointblank enter the picture?)

Quick Switch followed Siwswitch's lead, leaving Cyclonus behind. He also began seraching for Gigatron.

2002-07-07, 09:18 PM
Skylark sighed.

"Yes Galvatron." He said and got onto his com-link.

"Hatemunger this is Darklark do you read me?" He asked traveling back to Cybertrons surface.

Foolish Galvatron, I don't want to live anymore this sick hybrid of Autobot and Decepticon. I will cure myself one way or another. he thought as Hatemunger called back to him.

"This is Hatemunger, Darklark whats up?" He asked standing next to Dominator.

"Lord Galvatron wants you to form an attack squad to attack the right side of Unicrons face." Darklark said.

"Excellent arrive here and I will try to amass a force for our leader." He said and issued a command.

"Attention Autobot and Decepticon warriors not engaged in Iacon's defense. This is Hatemonger I have been asked to create a strike force to assualt Unicron. Any Autobots and Decepticons that wish to help please arrive at these coordinates here we will lash out at Unicron for Cybertron!" he said and waited.

Surely there has to be some brave soilders on this planet he though well other than the Dinobots and our Gestalt teams anyway.

2002-07-07, 11:48 PM
Ultra Magnus followed up on Hatemunger's transmission Autobots this is Ultra Magnus confirming Hatemuger's transmission, we must strike as one force, and stop Unicron now... if we can." Magnus transformed to join Hatemunger's force as well.

"ohhhh no." Hot Rod was quite tossed around by Unicron's transformation but now he stood inside the tube, still trying to make his way to wherever Lockpick was, but that wasn't his major concern. "Kup, I think we're in real trouble, you heard what Unicron said... He's on his own! And of all the Transformers in existance of all time, who do you think Unicron wants to slag the most?! huh?!"

This was not a good day.

2002-07-07, 11:55 PM
"WHOAAA!!!!", kup said as he toples backwards and almost falls but he grabs a piece of metal that is in unicron

"Yeah....if we wont even make it iin the real inside....were dommed.....um Hot Rod...pls help me get up here.....", kup said to Hot Rod

2002-07-08, 12:14 AM
Hatemunger stood up minicons attacted to him.

"You damage should be gone." Doubleshot said to him in an inward telepathy.

"Excellent work, together after more Autobots and Decepticons arrive we will go and squash Unicron! They say Autobots and Decepticons are weak, but together we can wipe out Unicron once and for all!" He said looking up he could see Ultra Magnus rolling over the ground Hatemunger got on his Com-link and called to Magnus.

"Great to see you warrior we are going to wait for a few moments and see if anyone else will help us."

With that three more Decepticons could be seen rolling along Cybertron.

"Wait for us Hatemunger! I want to blast something!" Quake said with Skullcruncher riding on top of him.

"Yes attack Unicron we shall." Wierdwolf said galloping next to Quake.

OOC Remember these 3 are NPCs.

"The more the better for all of our Survivial." He had a thought.

"Grimlock can you hear me if so please responde." and issused his call once more.

"Attention all Autobots and Decepticons not engaged in defese of Iacon. This is Hatemunger we are trying to amass an assult team to attack Unicron. Please responde or come to these Coordinates."

Skylark sat down waiting for the order to attack he knew what he needed to do whether or not anyone else wanted him too.

Dominator waited his weapons were fully reloaded and his energy maxed any damage done during his fight with Cryhavoc was repaired or close to finished being repaired he waited and looked at Hatemunger. It was incredable how much the minicons helped to power up Hatemunger he thought. Image what the could do to a gestalt team he wondered but knew he would not be so lucky.

2002-07-08, 12:59 AM
Though his sensors were focused upon the twin Decepticon giants before him and the helpless Renegade in their clutches, Magnacrunch could not ignore the rumbling of Unicron's transformation high above the planet. Focusing his magnetic powers, Magnacrunch pulled Blackout right out of Bruticus' hand!

Magnacrunch: "Duh, uh, come on, Blackout! We gotta find Optitron! Big things are happenin'!"

Blackout: "Indeed, bigger than anyone on this miserable planet could have possibly imagined. Transform and fetch Driveby...Blazestarter! Enough fun and games!"

Just as Blackout uttered those words, Devastator reared his hand back and swung it forward, sending a blast of wind that sent Blazestarter swirling out of control, colliding with the Cybertronic floor! Blazestarter sat up holding his head as Magnacrunch returned with a battered Driveby.

Blazestarter: "Awww, I had him, I had him, I had him right where I wanted, yeah, yeah, right where I wanted, I had him!"

Driveby: "You had him like I had Galvatron, yo. Let's get up to Unicron and find the boss!"

With that, the four Renegades took off for Unicron in search of their leader Optitron, whose condition following his battle with Galvatron was far worse than any of his four soldiers could imagine!

2002-07-08, 04:02 AM
Nightbeat: -looking at Unicron- "Holy Zarquon's Singing Fish......"

Siren: -looking at Unicron, gets slightly puzzled look- "Funny, he doesn't look like Orson Welles......"

Roadbuster: "Who?"

Nightbeat: "Human actor." -thinking- "Flying in through his mouth would be suicide..... his hull is too heavily armored...... What do you think, Springer? Aim for an eye and hope for the best?"

2002-07-08, 06:56 AM
((Quick, someone gimme a recap - Who exactly is in Sky Garry at this time? ))
((Btw, Gin check your PM))

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-07-08, 08:37 AM
"its your choice..."

Sixshot rolled slightly backwards before flipping himself upwards and taking a firm grasp of Pointblank's hand...

"For the honour of Cybertron and all it's children, today we face a nemesis greater than our personal feud...I realise that the Liege was a fool to assume control of a god now..."

Sixshot stood alone, a world consumed by chaos whirled around him, for the very first time he felt a true emptiness....he knew he would find solice in the battle, or at least die in the process.


"Aim for an eye and hope for the best?"

Springer stood...watched...and noticed movement on Unicron's head...

"Scourge...Someone relay a message to him, we need an explosion out there and quickly...Sky Garry...hold your position for as long as possible..."


Skywarp saw the chaos bringer transform for the first time in his own body...

"That was...un-expected..."

Skywarp jetted off in the direction of Unicron, coming face-to-face with the one who enslaved him as Cyclonus all those years ago...


The only word he could muster through all his pain and anguish...

2002-07-08, 08:45 AM
Talon was having no trouble with Unicron's transformation, he wasn't on the surface. He was however troubled by Unicron's sheer size, his speech and what Hot Rod had said.

"Hot Rod. Why would this titan be holding a grudge against you?" he asked as he landed next to Kup and tries to get him on his feet.


Bandit and Rally were staring at the titanic form of Unicron through one of Sky Garry's viewports.
"Now that I see him for real I cant believe we're going to attack THAT! Heaven help us" Rally said with a terrified voice.

"Look at it this way Rally, the sooner we get inside him, the sooner you don't have to look at him" Bandit replied.

"How can you be so carefree at a time like this!" Rally snapped.

"It beat's being terrified" Bandit replied.

2002-07-08, 09:26 AM
Brawn reached the point where Blaster had headed to fine no one. "What the?" He said "Our tapedeck pal either lied or left and I'll bet those two Cybertronians tried to argue it" Brawn said looking at two melted puddles of metal. He turned following a heat trail he just picked up "Lets hope we are following them not the person who made those puddles" FastForward adds. "BY PRIMUS!" Brawn exclaims noticing the Transformation. "Oh Boy hold on guys we gotta find them" Brawn said "And we gotta fight back".

"Why?" Rewind Asked. "Look out the Window" Fastforward replied shocked out of his processors.

Blaster and Sunstreaker looked up shaking their heads. "Think it's to little too late Blaster?" Sunstreaker asked.

Blaster shrugged "I hope not, We've beat him before and we can do it again plus I'm not dieing untill I get to sit in my office in Metroplex one more time and listen to the top 40" he replied leveling his Electro Scrambler from sub-space and firing at unicron before looking down at Taikoon. "Hurry up Taikoon we gotta get Jazz and began taking that big planet trash compactor decides to make us a meal"

Sunstreaker nods "I'm not dieing untill I get a new wax job"
Replied the shallow lambourghini.

OOC- This is with permission from 'Flec
Powerblade wasted no time after the kick was dealt to his chest grabbing the leg of Sqawkbox lifting him up and looking down to the Decepticons face. "Bye Half-Pint" Powerblade said witha grin Squawkbox raising his sonic boom wepons to fire point
blank and Powerblade not one to just leyt things happen hacked part of his chest open with his sword in his other hand knocking him offline but not dead or etleast fully. He then dropped the fallen Decepticon casette looking up spying Unicron and his brother immdeatly taking to the air after him.

Deathblade stared at the now transformed Unicron "By the Matrix" he muttered still in shuttle mode spying Skywarp again "Wonder why he became so pumped" he muttered flying up to catch up with the decepticon seeker letting a few cluster missles fly at the mid section of Unicron. "Oh well maybe if this thing survives I can make sure he always remembers me by sawing my name with a laser into his side" Deathblade chuckled transformed giving up on catching up with Skywarp he would later. He pulled his energon sword from subspace and flew up to Unicrons thigh and b egan to cut his name into the metal.

Lord Zarak
2002-07-08, 11:54 AM
"Hausa, thats what we were made for, by Primus (ooc check last thread)."
Sky Lynx saw the transformation of Unicron and remarked
"And its just got harder!"

Shockwave said to Dominator in reply to his question
"We must attack logically until we find his weaknesses. I suggest we attack his head, where logic dictates his logic circuitry must be. If we destroy his head, the rest of his body will become useless, and the threat would disappear"

2002-07-08, 03:45 PM
Hot Rod help Kup down ready to get going again but he should check things... all system funtioning normally. "Ok, let's get going we still have a mission." Hot Rod looked down a corridor and started on his way, "Talon, It was a while ago, but when I had the Matrix... I destroyed him, I destroyed Unicron. Prime has the Matrix now, so perhaps Unicron isn't focusing on me or considers me a threat."

2002-07-08, 04:22 PM
As the battle between Unicron and the Transformers began to take shape, one of the Chaos Bringer's principal allies laid prone on his shoulder, face-down in a pool of his own energon. One by one, Optitron could feel his vitals beginning to fail, and though the Renegades possessed the technological capability to repair him, Optitron could not muster the strength even to plunge from Unicron's shoulder to the surface of Cybertron, let alone to seek out his sidekicks.

As he began to fade, Optitron felt a group of Transformers land around him, and his optics lit up when he was rolled over and saw Blackout opening his chest.

Blackout: "Galvatron, my lord?"

Optitron: "G..Gal...Galvatron, yes. Blackout, can you repair me?"

Blackout: "It will take some time. Renegades, prepare cover fire while I mend our leader's wounds. Unicron! Unicron! Make certain that no Transformers access our position!"

With that, Blackout and Magnacrunch carried the hulking Optitron into the shadows of Unicron's head, then began to work.

2002-07-08, 06:00 PM
Hatemunger looked at the troops amassed: Ultra Magnus, shockwave, Skylark, Dominator (the Crashticons and Aerialcons), Quake, Skullcruncher and Wierdwolf along with himself.

"Surely there has to be some more brave warriors than this!" He said loudly over his com-link.

"Join us now as we strike at Unicron soon!" he looked to Magnus.

"Do you have any Autobots who could help us?" He asked the Autobot City Commander.

2002-07-08, 07:18 PM
"Rodger Dodger, we're here!"

"Ya Rodger Dodger!" Cloudraker and Fastlane made thier way over to Hatemuger's force.

"Well, That's all I could scrounge up Hatemunger. Maybe other heard your transmission but otherwise I guess this is it." Magnus checked his weapon, "Do you have a plan?"

2002-07-08, 07:24 PM
As Blackout and Magnacrunch operated on the fallen Optitron, Blazestarter and Driveby stepped to the edge of Unicron's shoulder and waited for any Transformers foolish enough to strafe their position.

Blazestarter: Nuh nuh nuh, you think any of those little specks down there are smart enough to run, huh, huh, do ya, do ya?

Driveby: Ain't no way, gangsta. These fools think they gon' save the world. I ain't give a damn if they all die, I'm just tryin' to get mine, you know?

Blazestarter: Oh, oh yeah, I know I know I know, I know you'll get yours and I'll get mine, yeah yeah yeah. After Unicron tears this place to bits, it'll be ours, ours, ours and the boss's, yeah! We'll have the whole place to ourself, yeah yeah yeah!

Driveby: True that, boy, and then Optitron can drop the man upstairs wit' some good news for once. You feel me?

2002-07-08, 07:49 PM
Adeara swore and shifted her form to the firebird, Karandras' weapon doing no more than passing through flame. Just then, she realized that Unicron had transformed, and was attacking. Strektha! That damned monster isn't following Maximo any more. I'm dead if I stay here! Adeara flew up and over her two opponents' heads.

*I'll deal with you later! I have more important things to do!* came Adeara's voice in the shriek of the firebird as she flew towards Unicron, hoping he didn't remember her as his 'little toy'.

2002-07-08, 07:50 PM
Imagine the situation, if you would. A giant, size nigh on unimaginable, descends on your world. Its mission? Your destruction. The destruction of, quite simply, everything! It has come to remove you from existence. Flight: impossible. Surrender: unthinkable. Victory: improbable. But your people are the only line in the monster's way of your lives and those of countless others. Moreover, you are assigned to a most terrifying task - lead the charge in destroying the monster by confronting it literally face-to-face. Most beings in this situation would likely die of shock. Even the strong would, at best, cower and hide from the menace.

But Gigatron? He laughs!

"Yes, that's it! The Unicron I'd heard so much of over the eons! To think, you had once been bested by an Autobot! Well, I was busy elsewhere in 2005. This time, I am not! Your end shall come swiftly, and at my hands! It has been preordained, Unicron! Your final battle is here. The last dance - the Harbinger of Genocide versus the Ultimate God of Destruction! Fear me, Unicron! Fear the name of your destroyer!"

Gigatron soared on, directly for the face of the creature. His scanners hardly noticed the pair of silhouettes that happened to break the light of the monstrous visage - Sixswitch and Quick Switch. He remembered seeing them in his group before Bludgeon's happening on the scene; obviously, they had returned to greet him, as the Autobot's leadership simply could not match his own.

"Ah, greetings Autobots! We've almost arrived upon Death himself. Flanking positions, Autobots. I shall lead you through the Void, and to victory beyond!"

Gigatron cut sharply starboard, dodging past an errant hunk of debris remaining from a former Cybertronian ship. He chuckled at the thought of the head resting in his cockpit, idly opening a radio frequency.

"Cyclonus, respond. This is Gigatron. I am on my way to Unicron with the Autobot welcoming committee, and should be upon you shortly. Prepare for our arrival by utilizing the power of your Mini-Con - I want you to obliterate one of Unicron's eyes, that we may have a passage to enter. Do not fail me!"


"Oh, my..."

Grand made no attempt to hide his horror. In all his journeys across the universe, he had never encountered something of this sheer magnitude. His human-like eyes stared widely at the main screen, and at the gargantuan beyond. He did not move, did not think. How could he fight that? Just as his vision began to blur with shock, the screen was obscured by something else in his way. Not quite the same giant, but a large fellow nonetheless: Fortress Maximus, letting loose every weapon in his arsenal toward the menace. Grand slowly floated back to courage, his eyes narrowing at the notion.

Always trying to show me up, Fort, Grand thought, dashing for the elevator. Well, little brother's not sitting back and waiting to die!

If one were to ask Grand now how he got there, he wouldn't receive much of an answer. Before he knew it, Grand was in his robot mode, staring down at the terminal before him with his hand wrapped around the hilt. The room glowed with a sharp aura as Grand slid the sword from its holster. He held the weapon of legend above his head and dove into the cold of space, screaming his silent commands to the ship. The behemoth slowly cranked through its seldom-used transformation, and Grand followed suit when in the proper position. Now truly one with his craft, the giant robot extended a red hand, and the larger version of that same weapon materialized in it.

"Master Sword!" he shouted. "Grand Maximus!"

Maximus swung the broad blade about a few times, as though to test the capabilities of his swordsmanship. Finally, he nodded to himself, and floated up to Fortress Maximus.

"Shall we show this... Unicron what a real entrance is, then?"

2002-07-08, 08:24 PM
Karandras looked up at the firebird and Unicron the scythe transforming back to a pulse laser "My Prey has transformed it is time to take him down" He said with a small grin. "The Firebird will be dealt with later if her main strength is fire I have nothing to fear" he chuckles dryly looking over at Stealth. "Come Decepticon let us save your planet" Karandras said as his mech folded and the parts moved becoming a shuttle again.

2002-07-08, 08:46 PM
Sixswitch would have frowned, had he been in robot mode.
"Mad, absolutely mad," he told Quick Switch over a secure comline.
"But what choice do we have?" he asked his partner as he begun to swing about, bringing himself onto the left flank of Gigatron's flight path.
"Lasers, online. Missiles, nominal. Hull integrity at 95%" he ran through the familiar pre-battle sequence.
"All ready here folks."


Scourge ducked under a beam inside Unicron's head, and rounded a corner, just as a metal door slammed down in front of him. He laughed, raised Fracas and fired. Nothing.

In fury, he shunted his energo-axe from subspace, and began furiously attacking the obstacle, tearing through it in a frenzy of pent up anger from long ago.

"Your pathetic door won't stop me, Chaos Bringer!"

2002-07-08, 09:34 PM
Hatemunger smiled.

"No worries Magnus two more warriors the are better than none. Right now our plan is to assualt Unicron's head hard and fast, I think I may have two more people that can help us. Devastator and Bruticus can you help us form an assualt group to attack Unicron!?" He asked and waited for the two gestalts to responde.


"Great." Stealth sighed damn bird bot, he looked over to any of the other people who were Fighting Adeara.

"If I were you guys, I'd get over to Hatemunger so we can strike at Unicron!" He said and transformed.

Stealth knew he had some distance before he would be at Hatemunger and the large group of Autobot and Decepticon warriors, in that time his repair systems should at the very least repair much of his heavy damage, he thought speeding accross Cybertron.

2002-07-08, 11:33 PM
Taikoon responded by lowering his head and pumping his wings harder as he swoops down again, then suddenly his wings collapse and he dives!



Taikoon and his wto passengers end up spinning head-over-tail as the Dragon collides in midair with a Cybertronian, fortunately the dragon ended up hitting claws-first, and there's a THRUNCH as the dizzying spin continues, before the dragon straightens out.

About a dozen peices of Cybertronian tumble to the ground.

Then he drops his head again, growling "JAzz... below..." he banks, coming down much easier than before.

2002-07-09, 01:24 AM
"doesnt anybody who goes inside unicron is called a threath to him", kup asked hot rod as he follows him go inside unicron

"I got a bad feeling about this", kup shighed but as he looks onward, he sees a shadow standing there

"WHO ARE YOU?!", kup shouted at the stranges figure

but the shadow, as it nears them goes smaller, and it turns out to be..........Recoil

"KUP ol' buddy!!!", recoil said as he transformed into Kup's rifle again

"whered you go man?", kup asked

"I fell to the pit of cybertron and then it sucked me out and last thing i know i was stranded here in the surface of unicron", recoils said to kup

"oh.....lets go now", kup said as he followed the otehrs inside unicron again

Quick Switch
2002-07-09, 06:31 AM
Quick Switch banked, following Gigatron and Sixswitch, and eventually took up the right wingman position just behind Gigatron.

"As you command, Gigatron. Hull integrity: 96%. Photon blasters are at optimum firing capacity."

Quick Switch replied to Sixswitch over private comm.

"The truth is, we don't have a choice," he said grimly. "But Gigatron's a good a leader as any...and if we enter the void, at least we'll now we did our level best."


Astrotrain received Hatemunger's transmission, and repeated it to Devastator and Bruticus.

"Permission granted. Assault Unicron's head once Hatemunger assembles the rest of the strike force."

He turned to Dirge.

"Scramble the Stunticons and Predacons if the Constructicons and Combaticons fail. Thank Primus I've kept them in reserve."

Dirge saluted, and went to the door, ready to scramble at a moment's notice to the conference room where the remaining combiners waited.

2002-07-09, 06:56 AM
Garry continued to pull back, damage at 50% and his fuel about the same, taking his remaining passengers with him, Inwardly toiling about abandoning his friends when they need him the most.

Shotbomber continued dancing between consoles, never giving into weariness himself until all thigns were done, and they never were...

*****Inside Unicron*****

Lockpick grit her teeth and nodded, finally pulling the trigger to send a MASSIVE blast of energy into the laser core of Unicron. As she does so, she remembers belatedly that Unicron was a GOD. He couldn't be killed.

Well, maybe I'll give him something else to think about while the others attack

***On cybertron...****

Taikoon pulled up again sharply, growling a bit "Jazz... not there." he rasps, then lurches sideways to avoid a blast of firepower.

She held the trigger down as long as possible.

Lord Zarak
2002-07-09, 10:07 AM
"Hey Hausa , fanc meeting up with the others?"

2002-07-09, 10:09 AM
Talon was ahead of the others using his sonar to scout ahead. As he picked up one signal he motions the others to be quite as he flies to the ceiling and crawls along the ceiling with his claws keeping him from falling. When he's above his target he lets out a scream that echoes through the corridor. Confused the target has no idea where Talon is, untill its too late. Talon dropped down and quickly tore apart it's head. He signalled the others that it was safe to move on again.


Inside Sky Garry Bandit had an idea. "Hey Garry, could you bring us behind Unicron? A sneak attack should be a safer approach.

2002-07-09, 01:48 PM
Trypticon, now in his new robot form - kept bounding Unicron's back with everything he got... beam weapons, missiles and his fists but despite all of his power and efforts the planet eater seemed to just ignore him...

The enormous citycon began to feel frustrated. Had Unicron even looked at him and then swatted him away like a bug, he would have felt better... but being completely ignored even though he was clearly causing damage to the Chaos Bringer...

"Die scum... Die!" Trypticon roared, flew upwards, transformed into his recently modified T-Rex mode and sunk his teeth to Unicron's neck...

2002-07-09, 03:49 PM
"Well Kup, I guess you found something of yours." Hot Rod waved for Kup to follow as Talon gave his report. "Threat, heh, I don't have the Matrix this time. I don't think I can destroy him this time, at least not by myself. But I don't know I just have the funny feeling that this time... it different. Like there is some bigger purpose underlined." Hot Rod found himself nearing Lockpick's poisition, Hot Rod's sence of direction was a sure winner. "Lockpick! Can you hear me?!" Hot Rod felt like such a sappy hero...

"It's head... sounds like something. But I wish we had a super weapon at our disposal." Magnus thought for a moment, "Somehow I wish Unicron was attacking Earth that way we could ultalize the thousands of Nukes they keep around."

2002-07-09, 04:04 PM
Sky Garry responded "I'll attempt to do so." valiantly as he whirls around again, orbiting Unicron carefully, now stringently controlling when he fired his cannons towards the megalith or any remaining cybertronians.

2002-07-09, 08:12 PM
"I....I don't Know Blaster he wasa here when I was" Raindance replied for Blaster's chest as He and Sunstreaker looked around. A firebird then down a Decepticon and someone else.

"Taikoon land us down we'll find out asap maybe those guys can help and if not there is always flying around to see what we can see" Blaster said Cautiously

Sunstreaker groans slightly "He dented my back" he says replying to when Taikoon collided with the Cybertronian.

Karandras shook his head at Stealth "I have my Own Agenda, you may join up with this Hatemunger" He turned his head to Taikoon, Jazz and Blaster pointing to Iacon after doing a scan of their robotic mind then Zephyre then returns to shuttle mode taking off towards Unicron.

Deathblade had gotten to the 'L' in his name into the side of Unicron a small playful grin on his lips "I may die but this is my little Unicron my name proves it" he laughs.

2002-07-09, 09:12 PM
Hatemunger smiled.

"Ok then Bruticus and Devastator will assist us."

He turned his head to Magnus.

"Right now I think our only plan is to assualt him hard and fast. Also, try and take out his eyes if we can."

"Now every get your weapons ready we strike soon!" Hatemunger yelled cocking Railgun.

2002-07-09, 09:37 PM
Hausa Macheinus looked through his commrade's windshiled and saw the magnificent Unicron cycling into full transformation. Fulani began to automate and looked around, glaring at the stone still figure of Hausa Macheinus.

"That is him." Hausa spat.

"Hey Hausa , fancy meeting up with the others?" Sky Lynx asked.

Hausa's optics flared and he summoned a blaster into his awaiting hand. "That is him," he simply repeated. "He is the reason I am here."

Fulani rose to her feet trying to discern what was going on as Hausa Macheinus' battle armor plated over his body. He looked dark, blacker than he already had before.

"I must summon the sparks. I must steer them away from him."
Fulani grew concerned as she heard the grind in his voice.

Hausa pivoted and looked down at Fulani. She saw his face for the first time as Hausa Macheinus asked, "Are you with us?"

Fulani simply nodded, hesitantly, as Hausa tapped the cabin walls. She sensed a surge in this dark being, and thought back to her stay inside of Unicron: Was that his voice I heard? Was Hausa Macheinus inside of Unicron?

"Let's do this, Sky Lynx!" Hausa roared. "For Primus!...I will have his head!"

Lord Zarak
2002-07-09, 09:51 PM
"YEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-HHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" cried Sky Lynx as he began to breath fire at Unicrons legs, and was replied with a few shots in return from Unicron, which he barely missed.
That was too close, even for me, he thought.
"Hey guys, fancy a bit of shooting from open doors?" he said as he opened the doors on either side of his passenger compartment.

Swoop was flying around, not doing much to fight Unicron when a thought came to him.
"Grimlock come in, this is Swoop. Why don't the Dinobots come together to fight Unicron in an attack? We can help everybody, including ourselves if we fight as one"

2002-07-09, 09:57 PM
Sky Lynx blew flames as the 'bots inside readied themselves. The bay doors flew open as Fulani and Hausa Macheinus fired away.

Rockets shot from Fulani's shoulders as she shot away with her double barrelled blaster. She recalled all the fear and anxiety he had caused her and vented all of her rage at the great Unicron.

Hausa Macheinus had to restrain himself from leaping out of the shuttle and carving into the great 'bots surface. It was irrational, but so was his desire to fulfill Primus' plan. He would destroy this world killer and insure that all of the sparks were delivered safely.

Quick Switch
2002-07-09, 11:19 PM
Bruticus withdrew his customary missle launcher, while Devastator withdrew his solar rifle once again.

The two combiners faced each other, then grasped their free hands in an almost human-like gesture of understanding.

"We may not come back," Bruticus opined.

"Yes, but that does not matter." Devastator shook his head.

"It has been an...honor to fight with Devastator," Bruticus suddenly burst out.

"Devastator says...it has been an...honor to fight with Bruticus," Devastator replied hoarsely.

"Bruticus and Devastator serve Astrotrain well. Serve the...Empire well." Bruticus' optics burned brightly.

"Devastator agrees," Devastator smiled broadly. "Lets go help out new combiners now."

The two flew over to Hatemunger's position, landed and ready for action.

2002-07-10, 12:36 AM
Taikoon replied by folding his wings, going into another gravity-defying dive towards the ground, then pulling back as though his tail had been anchored. Backwinging sharply, he twists and lands with a heavy THUD on the ground, crouching to absorp the shock.

"Off..." is all he rasps, wing lowering to provice something like a slide for his passengers. Meanwhile, his tail snaps, sweeping Cybertronians off their feet as his mouth exhales more deadly fire.

2002-07-10, 01:27 AM
Unicron launched a punch that wiped out the entire Neo-Crystal City.


Trypticons constant attacks finally gained Unicron's attention. He turned and launched an energy beam in the Giant Citycon's direction.

Jhiaxus finally emerged from his burial and looked up in defiance.

Jhiaxus: "Never...you...owe me your existance! YOU WILL BOW TO JHIAXUS!!!"

Staring up at the massive monster, Jhiaxus transformed in jet mode and tore towards the Planetcon blasters firing at full power, Jhiaxus puntured the right eye of the monster and blasted his way out of the back of the head. Flying back around Jhiaxus opened fire once again, bearing down hard on the face of Unicron.


As Jhiaxus turned for another pass, Unicron launched his eye laser once again, this time blasting the rear half of Jhiaxus' jet mode clean off...the remains crashed hard to the surface as Jhiaxus transformed and drew his blaster. Legless, Jhiaxus fired defiantly.

Jhiaxus: "I may die today fiend...but if i shall you will know the name Jhiaxus!!!"

Jhiaxus shots were true and followed his previous damage causing small explosions with each impact. Yet all the blasts did was to draw a stream of fire down on the mighty Decepticon, shattering his frame.

Now limbless Jhiaxus laid alone...approached by Galvatron.

Galvatron: "You fought well old friend..."

Jhiaxus: "Fitting...fitting that you should be here as my life draws to an end..."

Galvatron: "We were the first."

Jhiaxus: "May us not be the last...do not let my death be in vain...brother..."

Galvatron reached down and patted Jhiaxus on the head, had Jhiaxus still had his hand Galvatron would have held it as Jhiaxus choked on the bleeding energon. Galvatron watched as the light faded from Jhiaxus optics. Galvatron rose to his feet.

Galvatron: "Your death will not be in vain my brother...so swears Galvatron. Our bitter rivalry, the long standing hatred and mistrust all washed away in a selfless act.."

Galvatron looked to the sky, and returned to Prime's side.

Galvatron: "This is far too disorganized...we need to coordinate the attack better!"

God Jinrai
2002-07-10, 03:30 AM
Floating amidst the destroyed cybertronian warships, two familiar forms could be distinguished... those of God Jinrai and Victory Saber... the two had been battered nearly to the brink... their repair systems barely able to make the necessary repairs, they float silent, and motionless... but with a sudden burst of power, the duo charged forth... and in a flash of light.... disappeared.... however, the streak of light into which they merged into... did not... God Fire Convoy disappeared in a similar manner... also in a focused beam of light... three lances of energy burned down toward the surface of cybertron... and optimus felt his chest plate opening... the matrix again revealed... the three beams collided with the crystaline structure... causing it to burn only brighter... ....returned to their timelines, Jinrai... Victory Saber.... and God Fire Convoy... had chosen to leave behind portions of their powers to aid in the destruction of unicron... energy from their own power matricies... not leadership matricies as optimus held... fused into Prime's matrix...

"This.. this is what that feeling was! Galvatron! The twin matricies! Unleash their power! Only together... can chaos be tamed..."

2002-07-10, 05:01 AM
Hatemonger looked at the group of Decepticons and Autobots.

"Fellow Transformers, I say this as we no long bound by our symbols but are now fighting as one collective sprit. Soon we goto fight Unicron some of us may not survive, some of us will. We most stop Unicron or the loss of everyone who has fell in this battle will be in vain!" Hatemonger yellled many of the robots assembled gave a roar of approval.

"Now this is our plan of action. We are to strike at Unicrons head. If we can somehow take out Unicrons Eye this will hinder his offensive capablies considerably. Devastator, Bruticus and Dominator you are our Heavy Hitters. Use everything you have to strike at Unicron but be careful, we are fighting a Demi-god here. Ultra Magnus, Shockwave, Sky/Darklark and Myself will lead an assualt on Unicrons head itself, trying to damage whatever it is we can that the Combiners cannot." Suddenly Skylark spoke up.

"Sir if I may can I try and attack Unicrons eyes?" He asked.

Hatemonger not knowing what Skylark had in mind agreed.

"Do as you need to Skylark, you have more than enough firepower to assist the combiners as does Magnus Shockwave and Myself." He said then looked at Quake, Wierdwolf, Skullcruncher (3 NPCs), Fastlane, Cloudraker and Stealth. You are going to act to keep Unicron busy, with all of us striking at once my hope is he will focus some of his assualts on you who will be able to avoid them better than the combiners and some of us."

With that Hatemonger looked up at Unicron.

"Now Autobots, Decepticons attack as one!" He said readying his minicons Railgun and Doubleshot and they took to the sky the rest of the forces following with Dominator in front energy shield up to protect the group at least long enough for them to break from an assult from Unicron. But for some reason Skylark streaked ahead of them all.

"What is that fool doing!?" Hatemunger growled.

Skylark looked at Unicron.

"You are an awesome sight, Planet-Eater." Skylark said bringing all of his weapons online he steadied his Plamsa rifles and energy cannons on a lock on Unicrons eyes.

"Well either way the mystery of Darklark or Skylark or whatever I am ends now. Good luck my friends." he said as a warning flashed across his screen.

All power to weapons systems, warning possible loss of function.

Skylark nodded to his onboard computer and fired a massive stream of energy exited from all his weapons toward Unicrons eyes.

Skylark never got to see if his strike struck Unicron doing any damage at all. He put everything he had in his final strike including his spark with that his body fell towards Cybertron.

Hatemonger was livid to say the least.

"Skylark you fool! You didn't have to scarfice yourself!" He growled.

He looked to see if the attack did anything but could not tell.

"Well let's make this strike count comrades for those who gave all!"

Hatemonger yelled and opened fire his already powerful Firepower increased ten fold with the two minicons, as streams of fusion energy, explosive shells and plasma tore towards Unicron.


Dominator brought up Karrnage's gattling cannon and opened fire with that unleashing a hail of Explosive shells towards Unicron as well as a barrage of missles will waiting for every to get within striking range.

Dominator was silent, he knew what needed to be done in this battle and he was going to see that as many of his comrades made it back to Cybertron alive including himself.


Stealth cloaked.

What better way to keep this guy busy than to do this! he laughed.

"You loss won't go in vain Skylark I promise!"

He said then brought a rocket launcher, he took from Cybertron onto his shoulder and fired the clip of rockets at Unicron he then tossed the launcher and drew this Plasma pistols and fired onto the planet eater.

Hatemonger said one last thing.

"Do worry so much about your shots missing!" He yelled over the din of his weapons and everyone else who was firing on the monster planet.

"You can hit him with ease, be more worried about him hitting you! Remember, we are trying to do as much damage as we can to him for all of our forces. But also remember he does not need to do alot to take any of us out of the battle so fight hard, fight strong but be careful we have lost enough sparks today!"

Hatemunger swear and drew a laser rifle in his free right hand so he had Railgun in his left hand, the laser rifle in his right, Doubleshot on his shoulders and his dual fusion cannons on each arm raining firepower.

2002-07-10, 07:03 AM
OOC - Stupid post didn't show up... here it is again.

((Hey Galv, can I have some sort of reaction pose to Lockpick attacking Unicron's laser core/spark/soul with a high powered weapon? Even if its just the claw-arms coming out of the walls? ANYthing So I know what the hell to do now? Its hard to RP when you get no input back fro your opponent!))

2002-07-10, 07:16 AM
Karandras grinned sitting within his shuttle his head was opened an eye blown out. He hoped Blastrix was right and the Anti-Electrons where in the beahemoths head or it would be the power of his mind all the way. The Shuttle picked up speed flying Towards Unicron's opened eye the shuttle barrel rolling and zig-zagging through lasers. With the Electrons the domination of this race would be so much simpler.

Blaster and Sunstreaker hopped off Taikoon Sunstreaker looking at both of them "He's in Iacon"

"How do you know?" Blaster replied

"Someone told me" Sunstreaker snapped

"Right, might aswell check" Blaster said stifling laughter.

After Blaster finished his last reply a comm came over from Brawn "WHERE ARE YOU!"

"Brawn, this is Blaster we are outside Iacon gettin ready to assault that big bad motha Unicron and hunting for Jazz"

"Wait for us" he replied.

Powerblade flew up behind his brother shaking his head "What are you doing?" He asked

Deathblade was finishing the the end of the 'E' for his name looking over his shoulder "Marking this guy for eternity" He said with a chuckle retracting his sword looking back "What do you think? It's art" Deathblade says with a grin.

"The Battle for our planet is going on and you are putting graffiti on our enemy" Powerblade says shaking his head "Come on" He says taking off higher up the body of Unicron DEathblade taking after him.

2002-07-10, 08:52 AM

Taikoon lifted up again, and transformed, about half as fast as cybertronian transformers. he looked beat up, tired, but not going to back down yet. he turns, his back to the others as he keeps an eye on any attackers.

Lord Zarak
2002-07-10, 12:06 PM
"Hatemonger , Skylark had a logical plan, but proceeded in an illogical manner. If we can spare three more warriors, then those three can take one eye, and myself, yourself and Ultra Magnus can take the other. We can use those not attacking his eyes as a diversion. When Unicron uses his eyes to fire at the other transformers, he is vulnerable to an attack from us. We can use that time to fire at his eyes. If they are destroyed, we can enter him, and proceed to find a weakness inside of him, and attempt to destroy him from inside."

Quick Switch
2002-07-10, 12:54 PM
(OOC: Well, since this is all wrapping up on Sunday anyway...)

"Stunticons! Predacons! Terrorcons!" Dirge bellowed in the conference room.

The teams looked up.

"Report outside Metrotitan at once! You're going to be part of the attack on Unicron!"


Quickly, the three teams met up with Bruticus, Devastator and Dominator, and merged.

Menasor laughed easily, and began firing blasts from his cyclone gun towards Unicron.

Predaking fired energy bursts from his massive sword.

Abominus ripped up huge balls of steel, alloys and metal from the Cybertronian floor and began hurling them at the planetoid.

Bruticus carefully aimed his missle luancher, and fired a few salvos.

Devastator activated his flame rifle, sending a few molten globs of flame toward the planetoid.


Dirge returned to the conference room.

"It's done, 'Train."

Suddenly, another plane clanked into the room.

Dirge turned.


"Yep. Just got back from the Space Bridge with the supplies from Carbombya. We docked 'em in Darkmount." The red jet grasped Dirge in a hug.

"And Ramjet?"

"He's around somewhere."

Astrotrain nodded.

"Excellent. We'll need all the help we can get. Stay here in the command center with Soundwave, Dirge and myself. We'll see if the combined merge group attack suceeds."

2002-07-10, 01:44 PM
Hatemonger looked at Shockwave.

"An excellent plan!" He said firing a barrage at the massive planet eater.

"All Decepticon Combiners we need your assistance!" Hatemunger said and replayed the following message to them.

"We are going to strike at Unicrons eyes in hopes of lowering his total offensive capablity somewhat." he paused for a moment. "We need heavy hitters to keep him busy and Predaking, Bruticus and Dominator will attack his left eye, while Ultra Magnus, Shockwave, Devastator and Myself attack the other. Abominus and Menasor you will help Cloudraker, Fastlane, Quake, Wierdwolf, SkullCruncher and Stealth by attacking Unicrons head in general. Be wary everyone this is a danagrous mission however we can all do it together!" Hatemonger yelled and opened a full barrage at Unicrons eye area again.

"Hatemonger, read you we do!" Wierdwolf said and fired his laser at Unicrons head.

"Destory Unicron!" Quake shouted firing Tiptop and Heater at the massive planet.

"You got it!" Skullcruncher growled firing his steel softener gun at Unicron hoping to weaken the integrity of Unicrons armour.

Stealth was cloaked and walking on Unicron.
"I hear you loud and clear!" Stealth drawing and energon dagger and driving it into Unicrons armour tear some of it open.

2002-07-10, 02:32 PM
Though Unicron had been able to pry the vicious Trypticon's fangs from his throat, there were several significant holes left in Unicron's metallic skin. As the battle raged, Blackout closed Optitron's chest and said solemnly, "It is done. Rise, Optitron!"

Slowly, Optitron rose to his feet and growled, "Galvatron...I will have his hide. But that can wait. I know now what I must do to turn this battle to our advantage. When it is over, it will be the Renegades who stand tall upon the world of the Transfomers! Follow me!"

With that, Optitron strolled over and pulled open a hole in Unicron's neck, and the five villains headed inside Unicron's body. After a few moments of wandering through the narrow halls of the Chaos Bringer's incredible frame, they came upon an unknown Transformer firing into what appeared to be the dark one's laser core. Hiding around a corner, the four Renegade sidekicks gathered around their rejuvenated leader.

Blackout: Quickly, let us concentrate our firepower on that one Transformer, mighty leader! Autobot or Decepticon, he must die!

Optitron: Agreed, Blackout. This Transformer has delusions of grandeur; firing on a god's center of power is a fool's ploy, and nothing more.

Driveby: Hell yeah, let's smoke this fool.

Optitron: On my signal, move into open ground and unleash full firepower on the enemy. Now!

As Optitron uttered those words, the five powerful villains plunged into the light and fired a concentrated series of blasts, aimed right at Lockpick's back!

2002-07-10, 03:40 PM
"Your the one who has dillusions if you think you can stop the Autobots! Attack!" Hot Rod ran into the room, finding it at last. He started fireing at Optitron and his troops with his Targetmaster and his arm lasers. "Kup, Recoil, Talon I need cover! I'm going after Lockpick!"

Ultra Magnus took a quick look at the Decepticon's weapons, he wasn't that well equipped, "You know, I could use a really big gun... oh well." Magnus Fired his upper arm missles at one of Unicron's eye, and started to fire his heavy blaster. Fastlane and Cloudraker starte to fire as well.

2002-07-10, 03:51 PM
Trypticon was send hurling into the deep space by the immense power of the that had hit him. He had been lucky to survive the hit but of all Decepticons... he was the most likely to stand a blast from Unicron. But he was nowhere unscathed...

"Trypticon... hurt..." The giant groaned in pain as the distance between him and the battle against Unicron steadily increased whole the time.

"Can't redirect... power... into rocket... pack..."

2002-07-10, 03:53 PM
The Autobots' barrage of fire caught the five Renegades by surprise and forced them to duck behind cover for a moment.

Optitron: Ahhh, an Autobot raiding party, and Targetmasters no less. How....optimum. Renegades, attack!!!

With that, Magnacrunch, Blackout and Driveby stepped into the open and fired on Kup, Recoil and Talon. Meanwhile, Optitron rushed out into the open and, shielding himself from Hot Rod's blasts, reached out for the young gun's throat.

Optitron: You are out of your element, Autobot...let me acquaint you with death!

At the same time, Blazestarter slithered through the battle and snuck up on Lockpick, then aimed his huge flamethrowers at his back.

Blazestarter: Nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh, don't move, don't move, Autobot, or I'll burn burn burn you to a crisp, you hear me?!?

2002-07-10, 04:14 PM
Scourge heard the din of battle around the corner, and his audio sensors pricked up.
"Battle, in Unicron's laser core no less," he laughed.
"Um, boss, is that such a good idea?"
"What do you mean?" Scourge asked Fracas angrily.
"You want to face him one on one, don't you? You could get killed in there."

Scourge growled, his urge to fight, and destroy Unicron threatened to be misdirected for a moment, but his steely self control soon took over.

"You're right. We're going to his brain."

Scourge tracked on, through a door, and into the entrance corridor leading to Unicron's brain, and the command centre for the Cybertronian war effort.

"Unicron, you know I'm here. Soon now, you will meet your apocalypse."

2002-07-10, 04:18 PM
Hatemunger looked at Magnus.

"I believe the Fleshlings called Boy Scouts have some motto "Be prepared" or something like that." He said as Double Shot popped out two energy rifles he tossed them to Magnus.

"Sorry they are not heavy Particle cannons but should be better than nothing."

2002-07-10, 04:24 PM
(ooc: Lockpick is a fembot, ya.)

Hot Rod sliped back away from Optitron, throwing Firebolt aside. Firebolt transformers and ran for Lockpick. Hot Rod retracted his hand and extended his hand circuler saw, "Out of my element! You're the one attacking a..." Hot Rod forgot what he was going to say, just that in all of this he felt very agressive. Hot Rod started swinging his saw at Optitron.

"That's the key!" Magnus caught the weapons, "This is a certain situation.... I'm usally not too eager to to this kind of thing, but now is the time! Base mode!" Ultra Magnus seperated from his armor. The robot that was left over looked very much like Optimus prime, or how he used to look, but white. His armor formed a base, that looked like his larger robot mode laying on it's back. It's arms now sporting missles where his hands used to be. His robot mode helmet formed a control of some type. He held both of the guns Hatemubger gave him. His normal blaster was mounted in his base mode. "Base FIRE!" All his weaponry fired.

2002-07-10, 06:24 PM
Hot Rod took two wild swings with his saw, both of which Optitron leaned back to avoid. Smiling, Optitron reached out with his powerful silver hand and grabbed Hot Rod by the wrist on his third swing and began to squeeze, trying to rip his arm clean out of its socket.

Optitron: A what? Whatever you consider yourself, it's painfully obvious from your impulsive nature that you are...far from optimum. Let me deflate your ego...by removing your arm!

2002-07-10, 06:57 PM
Talon managed to avoid the blasts, if only just. "You guys need better aim!" he taunts as he flies above the 3 renegades.

2002-07-10, 07:16 PM
Lockpick is slammed forwards as one of the shots hit her midback, shattering her fragile armor and disrupting the energy attack on Unicron. She pitches forwards into the forcefield with a small screetch, then crumples to theground, stunned. Laying there, she watches Hot rod and the others appear. Hot Rod? He... came after me? But Why?

She turns her head, her lower torso and body immobile from the blast. She had to do SOMEthing. One hand reaches for a plate on the console which Unicron's spark floated over, dancing to undo it and open it to the inner circuitry. Dragging her body on its stomach she reaches in, searching to find and rip out the wires inside, trying to cut Unicron's laser core off from his body.

Then she heard a voice behind her, hearing the primed Flamethrower, and froze, one hand in the console, clasped around several wires as she turns her head ever so slightly to peer at her opponent. Escape was impossible, the others buisy fighting. Slaved for freedom... died for freedom...

HEr arm bucked, ripping the energy-tube out, and faster than one might be able to react she pulls the energon-leaking tube around, aiming its unstable, inflammable spray at the flamethrower-yielding bot.

2002-07-10, 07:29 PM
The small dropship known as Sky Garry cruises around, evading as many blasts as possible as he comes up towards Unicron's back, watching the wings warily as he asks his passengers "Where shall we land?"

2002-07-10, 07:59 PM
Blazestarter eyed Lockpick as she rummaged through the circuitry of Unicron's laser core. His silver arm-mounted flamethrowers tingling with anticipation, he smiled and a glint passed over the visor that covered his optic sensors.

Blazestarter: Nuh nuh nuh, hold it right there, miss missy!! Anybody who trifles with Unicron trifles with the Renegades, yeah, yeah, yehyehyeahhhh, and anybody that trifles with the Renegades will have to deal with ME! So tell me now, little miss lock-bot, how, how, how do you wanna die? Slowly and painfully, or quickly and painfully?

As Blazestarter tensed up to release his favorite lethal weapon, the immobilized Lockpick suddenly released the blast of energon in Blazestarter's direction, and the scattered, pyromaniac screamed as the torrent of energy barreled him over and leveled him against the wall!

2002-07-10, 08:22 PM
Blaster opened up a comm-line in hopes of contacting Jazz "Jazz where are you this is Blaster Blastin' at ya from outside of Iacon"

"I'm here Blaster and I'm waatching this battle hold on a minute I'll be out in a second then we can get in on the action" Jazz replied hopping off the medical table nodding to the docter transforming and rolling out.

"Alright all we need is Brawn and those casettes and we'll make an attempt to get Unicron down" Blaster said

"It seems every five minutes I take more damage it's gonna take forever to re-paint wax and fix me" Sunstreaker complains

"If we have a planet to come back to that is" Blaster adds.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-07-10, 08:52 PM
Springer watched in amazement at Jhiaxus' final moments...

"That's the break we needed....literally"

Springer ran to the back of Sky Garry and hit the button to open the bay doors.

"Last one to cause an explosion picks up the pieces!"

Springer transformed to his Helicopter mode and vanished out into space, straight into Unicron's giant head.

"Seems familiar...."

He transformed back to his robot mode and drifted down inside Unicron...

"All too familar"


Sixshot walked alone, misery and dispair his only companions...he stooped down, noticing something glinting in all the laser fire.

It was a Cybertronian symbol....from Jhiaxus, his leader, his commander, ultimately, his friend...

How could this be allowed to happen, how could I allow myself to be party to the destruction of so many of our kind and be blind to the insane ambition of the Liege

Sixshot memorised the shape of the emblem emblazened on the shard of metal he held...

He idly threw it to one side as he noticed Pointblank watching him.

"Our times is not now Autobot and Decepticon alike, we defeated this menace before.....THIS IS NOT OUR TIME..."

Sixshot transformed to his Starfighter mode and blasted off into the deep recess of space.

Life is worth living only as long as there are enemies worth

"Time for you to join the others in the Great Scrapyard...."

2002-07-10, 09:27 PM
Lockpick stared, shocked at what she had done and she pinches off the energon tube, staring at it. "Woah. I forgot how potent pure, refined energon can be. " especially that of a gods'. She gets an idea and pushes herself over, onto her back. Above and to one side, Unicron's spark hovered, and she aims the energon tube right at it.

Let's see if its true that too much of a good thing is bad...

And with that, she releases a torrent of raw energon at the outside of unicron's lasercore, sparks flying as circuity, some of the lower-uneeded kind, short circuited, and she hoped that she would hit something major before she died as the backlash tingled over her body like a thousand needles.

Quick Switch
2002-07-10, 09:37 PM
Predaking and Bruticus rocketed upward with Dominator, and streaked toward Unicron's left eye.

Bruticus activated his force field.

"You not need assistance?" Bruticus asked his comrade.

"Predaking has the power...he needs nothing more!" Predaking raged, bringing his sword up as the two reached the eye.

Predaking brought his sword up in an arc, and fired a wave of energy from it. Bruticus, dodging and weaving to the best of his ability, fired two missles which streaked toward the eye.


Devastator cracked his knuckles, and hefted his heat weapon.

"Devastator says...we should attack!" The combiner growled at Hatemunger and Shockwave.


Abominus, laughing like a maniac, took off for the top of his head.

"Hatemunger think too much," he rasped.

Menasor hefted his cyclone gun and took off following his partner.

"Now, Unicron!" he roared, landing on the base of Unicron's neck and pressed his cyclone gun into the base. Menasor fired, blasting a cyclone into (and hopefully through) the giant's neck.

Meanwhile, Abominus landed next to Unicron's left horn, and began attempting to rip it out.

2002-07-11, 12:17 AM
(OOC: Yes Blaster...in case you missed it as i said Jhiaxus flew through the LEFT eye and out the back of the head...therefore the LEFT eye would be destroyed)

Pointblank watched as Sixshot took off.

Pointblank: "Does he flee...or does he fight? I have never known him to be a coward..."

Confused Pointblank took up a rocketpack and blasted into space towards Unicron.
Elsewhere Prowl continued to fire the Iacon blasters towards Unicron.

Prowl: "Damn it! Feel it..."

Unicron laughed as the attacks came from all sides...


In Lockpick's direction hundreds of claw like attackers sprung forth, seeking to rip and tear and crush anything they could find.

Growing annoyed by the Gestalt teams Unicron began to swat at them, scattering them only to watch them reform. Then a much larger target appeared.

Scorponok: "You shall face the power now of the Zarak body!"

Unleashing a hail of firepower, the Zarak began to create small holes throughout Unicron's outer structure. Unicron paused for a moment...looking at the wounds.



With lightning reflexes Unicron had smashed the rear hull of the Zarak with a massive clap of his hands. Fires ignited within the large body. One leg exploded along with one of the massive claws.

Scorponok: "it...can't be..."

But it was. Unicron fired a single shot that tore through the chest cavity of the Zarak body. Scorponok fire one last shot with every ounce of energon his Zarak had, hitting Unicron square in the face and stunning the moster for a moment...allowing others into the mortal game...

A moment later...the massive Zarak body exploded.

2002-07-11, 12:32 AM
(( Well, NOW you tell me :P))

Lockpick moved the energno tube to fry any claws coming her way. Paralyzed, she couldn't escape them and tried to hit as many as possible. Too many! And now the others will die to save me! What have I done??

She continues to fight, determined to stay up till the last.

God Jinrai
2002-07-11, 03:43 AM
From practically nowhere, a familiar face charged toward unicron, but diverted his attention, instead , to retrieving the citybot known as trypticon...

"Hm. Strange... you never had a robot mode per se efore... no matter..." he muttered as he grasped the behemoth's body, jetting back toward cybertron...

down on the surface, Prime had gone into a nearly trance like state... as if he were merged with the matrix...

2002-07-11, 03:52 AM
Stealth had an idea.

"Hatemunger I am gonna try to take out Unicrons other eye!" He yelled into his com-link and dashed around into Unicron's eyesocket.

"Well, If I don't make this fast I'll be slag but here goes nothing! For you Skylark!" He yelled bringing his arms up into the air.

With that Stealth drove both of his energon daggers right into Unicrons remaining eye........


Hatemunger looked at Devastator.

"Yes attack!" He said weaving through the air using his new power in the minicons he had firing barrages at Unicrons head.


Dominator yelled at Predaking.

"Be careful! You are still fighting a demi-god!" He said bringing all of his weapons systems on line and firing streams of energy form his Megacannons and Heat Buster as well as Karrnages Gattling Cannon and unleashed a hail of missles aimed at all of Unicrons head.

Quick Switch
2002-07-11, 04:22 AM
Menasor was sent tumbling by Unicron's efforts off his neck, and hurtled backward for a few moments before regaining his balance in space. He continued to fire cyclone bursts.

Abominus was rocked by the sudden power of Unicron's blast destroyed Scorponok. He continued his efforts on ripping out the left horn of Unicron.


Devastator nodded, smirking.

"Devastator says...of course!" and with that, the first Super Warrior followed Hatemunger, firing molten blasts from his heat rifle, scouring large rivulets into Unicron's neck and face...yet the giant seemed unfazed....


Predaking scoffed, bringing up his sword to swing at one of Unicron's hands which had attempted to brush him away.

"Predaking fears nothing. Not even the Hand of Unicron!" The sword clanged off the grasping fingers, raising off a shower of sparks.

2002-07-11, 04:46 AM
Dominator smiled.

"Well then lets try things this way!" with that he drew his energy saber which even with it's full length of 30 feet looks small next to unicron.

He took the blade and drove it into Unicrons wrist quickly then fired his megacannons onto the wound before spinning away to try and avoid any possible counter attack from the Monster Planet.

Hatemunger could see everyone was attacking, even though nobody knew if the damage they were doing was slowing Unicron down at all the effects of the combined strike could be seen.

"Keep fighting warriors! Remember our home depends on this battle!" Hatemunger yelled hoping to rally the warriors to a degree he then firing his weapons at Unicrons massive chest melting holes into some of the armour.

2002-07-11, 06:54 AM
Scourge was getting infuriated. Unicron probably deemed him insignificant, and that grated. He picked a door at random, and blasted it open, entering into a small secondary control chamber.
"This will do," he laughed, taking aim at a console, and opening fire wildly.

"You! You who took from me my freedom, made my your slave. You will now taste my wrath. Show yourself!"

Lord Zarak
2002-07-11, 09:37 AM
Shockwave transformed into his gun and gathered as much power as he could safely muster. Using his command of the electromagnetic spectrum, he took a shot at Unicron's eye using the complete range of light, visible and invisible.
"Hatemonger , cracks are appearing in Unicrons eye. He is weakened. Suggest we concentrate firepower at his right eye"

(ooc - pm me if this isnt ok )

2002-07-11, 11:00 AM
Originally posted by Reflector
"Cyclonus, respond. This is Gigatron. I am on my way to Unicron with the Autobot welcoming committee, and should be upon you shortly. Prepare for our arrival by utilizing the power of your Mini-Con - I want you to obliterate one of Unicron's eyes, that we may have a passage to enter. Do not fail me!"

Cyclonus flew on in the direction of Unicron's face.
So, he wants me to put the proverbial stick in one of Unicron's eyes Cyclonus mused as he transformed and took a floating position to the right of Unicron's face with Crumplezone attatched to his back.
Well, let's see how big a stick I can make thought to himself as he started building up the energy for impending massive blast.

Cyclonus silently let loose a shot aimed at Unicron's right eye. The blast hit the eye, causing it shatter.

Didn't even use full power. Impressive Cyclonus thought as he activated his comlink.

'Gigatron, Unicron's right eye has been destroyed. You've got your opening."

2002-07-11, 11:06 AM
Bandit saw that Springer was leaving, he decided to follow suit. Reverting back to Bean he called Rally. "Hey Rally, you want to drive in the gunmount or the seat?" he asked. "The gunmount"she replied as she transforms and lands in it. "Make sure to set your suit for a space walk" Bean said as his helmet sealed itself airtight. He puts the pedal to the metal as he races out of Sky Garry, hoping that his inertia will get him to Unicron. "Geronimo!"

2002-07-11, 11:11 AM
The Kup helps out Hot Rod and lockpick and shoots down 3 unicronians that were firing at them

"Need any help ya 2?", kup asked as he looks at the 2 in a cocky way and he starts to snicker

2002-07-11, 12:32 PM
Hausa Macheinus watched the fireworks all around. The great chaos bringer Unicron had his eyes shattered and colors flashed and flew out of his face repreesenting the full electromagnetic spectrum.

He looked down over at Fulani who was reveling in this glory. She was lost in a blaze of laserfire and revenge. Hausa Macheinus stopped shooting and lowered his weapon.

"Sky Lynx, pull away."

Fulani seemed to hear him but disbelieved what she heard. She was suddenly yanked away from the bay doors, her weapon strewn to the floor.

"What's the matter with you!"

Hausa Macheinus just looked at Fulani as they listened to the thunder outside.

Hausa once again said, "Sky Lynx, pull away. Something is wrong."

"Nothing is wrong!" Fulani hollered. "We have him on the ropes. Unicron is overwhelmed by our forces..."

"No." Hausa Macheinus replied. "Fulani, something is not right here. I can anticipate the walk of deaht...Primus reformatted me to escort the Sparks...I sense nothing from Unicron, neither life nor death. Just a mask. I cannot read him."

Sky Lynx patted the walls inside the space shuttle and cried out to his friend once again. "Do you hear me? Sky Lynx, pull away. Get out of blasting range. This seems a trap to me. This Unicron is bating us...luring us into a trap."

2002-07-11, 02:09 PM
Originally posted by Extreme_Kup
The Kup helps out Hot Rod and lockpick and shoots down 3 unicronians that were firing at them

(OOC: Powerposting much?)

Rearing back, Optitron threw his weight forward and nailed Hot Rod with a searing punch to the face, then backed up and fired his twin concussion blasters at the young Autobot. The shots missed, however, ricocheted off the wall, and struck a corner of the ceiling panel, and the whole ceiling began to collapse!

Optitron: Take cover, Renegades, the ceiling is going to...

As the Renegade leader shouted, the ceiling gave way and collapsed, a host of Renegades and Autobots in its path!

2002-07-11, 02:39 PM
"Who? Who helps Trypticon?" The gigantic Decepticon battlefortress who was still suffering from the effects of Unicron's blast, grumbled confusedly as he felt his flying direction being altered.


Inside Unicron a large, battle ravaged jet-black scorpion like Transformer continued on his lonely path towards Unicron's brain center.

His journey had been relatively easy... Perhaps Unicron had other problems or maybe the planet eater did not consider him a threat.

Cryhavoc did not care either way... only few moments before he had felt a sharp pain violating his mind as his mental link with Jhiaxus had been cut out. There was only one thing he could think of causing it... Jhiaxus had died... but not by the hands of the Autobots or Decepticons... by the hand of Unicron...

Cryhavoc would have his revenge.

2002-07-11, 03:11 PM
OOC Galvy I hope this is ok?

Hatemonger heard Shockwave and watched Stealth,s attack.

"No Shockwave, everyone clear out I think Unicron is going to fire!" He moved out of the way of the Unicrons line of fire.

I think Stealth's attack weakened his eye enough that if Unicron attacks he will shatter that eye but slag Stealth in the process! Hatemonger thought.

"Stealth move now!" Hatemunger yelled into his com-link.

"No way we are gonna blind this sucker!" Stealth yelled back bringing his daggers accross the gaint monster's eye digging them to their hilts.

"Dominator agrees with Predaking for once, however let me help you!" He said bringing his massive Energy Saber into the horn Predaking was trying to tear free.

"Predaking and Bruticus once we tear this horn off directly attack the wound the more internal damage we can make this gaint suffer the better." dominator said as his energy saber cut deep into the horn that Predaking was already tearing out.


"Attack Unicron we shall!" Wierdwolf said in wolf form tearing into Unicrons shoulder where Skullcruncher's softener rifle made a large area of his armour weak with a massive heave Skullcruncher and Wierdwolf were able to tear out a large piece of armour tossing it into space.

"Yeah now I blast things!" quake shouted, firing Tiptip and Heater into the wound as sparks and fire flew everywhere.

"Ammo you most save, Quake, have far more places to damage we do." Wierdwolf said.

2002-07-11, 03:28 PM
"Hot Rod!" the warning came a split second too late as the roof collapses, and she ducks under an arm as metal comes raining down. The energon tube is forgotten and it starts to spray wildly. "Hot Rod! We gotta get out of here!" she calls again, eyes darting through the smoke and debris... where were the others??


Sky Garry pulled about again, body straining as he comes underneath and around Unicron. He flips up, nose pointed towards unicron's head as he tries to land in the smack middle of Unicron's body, right between the wings.

"Hurry... and good luck. I'll try to stick around to pick you up again." he replies.

God Jinrai
2002-07-11, 04:27 PM
The massive blue and grey form glanced back down at trypticon...

"The one that I pray you never will have to encounter, Trypticon..."

Turning his attention, he spotted Grand Maximus still in the fray...


Fortress somehow had felt linked to this maximus from the beginning... His headmaster... had changed. it called itself fortress... the miniature headmaster held the name cerebros... it was as if from some other time and place, the headmaster components of a different fortress maximus had slipped through reality here...

Lord Zarak
2002-07-11, 04:38 PM
"Damn it you two, stop arguing, we are never going to save Cybertron and ourselves if we argue over whether we are alright or not." shouted Sky Lynx. "I've made an executive decision. We stay at our current distance. Too close, and Hausa, you may be right. Too far, and we wont be worth anything." Sky Lynx stated.

2002-07-11, 05:09 PM
Hot Rod was being fueled by the desire to save her... But pain ripped through his arm but it was well put together, and so was his face, but it added too much pain. He was in a daze as the roof collapsed, the the added pain of the debre got him out of it. He found himself some heavly damaged leaking lubricants from his lip. His saw was still working however and it possible kept debre from completely covering him, he retracted it. He followed Lockpick's voice and upon finding her laid his hand on her shoulder. "You're... right... got to leave... are you... all right?"

2002-07-11, 07:18 PM
As Adeara flew towards Unicron, still hoping it didn't remember her, she felt it-Jhiaxus, the only person aside from the High Praetor she admired and followed without a second thought, was dead. Rage flowed through her mind, a rage that almost consumed her. She knew the cause of Jhiaxus' death to be Unicron. Only the Planet Ender could have destroyed him.

If he doesn't remember me, I'll remind him of who I am! Adeara, in her firebird form, flew straight towards Unicron's head, preparing a fireball that would, if she wasn't careful, kill her as well. Once she was in range, Adeara flung the fireball right into the Planet Muncher's face, giving the firebird's warshriek. Once the fireball was launched, Adeara flew far enough away that the explosion wouldn't hit her. She could waste no time in healing herself from injuries at the moment. She could not let Jhiaxus' death go unavenged......

2002-07-11, 07:54 PM
As the ceiling caved in, Optitron dove through a doorway into the next room, and Blackout and Magnacrunch dove with him. As Driveby scrambled for the exit, he looked over his shoulder and saw Blazestarter lying motionless a few yards away, knocked goofy by Lockpick's blast of energon from Unicron's laser core.

Desperately, Driveby lunged forward and grabbed Blazestarter's boot, then dragged him toward the exit. As Driveby fell backward through the opening, Blazestarter rolled over onto his back and said, "Whu?" as a huge ceiling panel fell right at his eyes...

2002-07-11, 08:13 PM
Karandras growled seeing the fireball fly towards the chaos bringers head from Adeara. "The blasted fire bot what is she doing if the Anti-Electrons are destroyed by her and that fire ball I'll hunt her down and TEAR HER APART!" he growled still flying towards the eye even with a giant fire ball flying towards it.

Jazz transformed nodding to Blaster and Sunstreaker "So where to?" He asked. Blaster and Sunstreaker shrugged "Now we wait for Brawn and the Casettes" Sunstreaker replied.

Blaster tuned walking over to Taikoon "How close to Unicron d'ya think you can get?" He asked.

Brawn and the casettes all except Eject who they all now feared would not survive were all Gazing upon Iacon they were so close.

2002-07-11, 09:01 PM
Talon was buffeted by the debris and slammed into the ground. "Ugh, that wasn't good" he mutters as his auto diagnostics kick in. "armor: damaged. internals: slightly damaged. energon: critical, immediate refueling needed. ("Great, where will I find energon in this place?") he though as he looks around. He spots the remains of 1 of the cybertronians. "Desperate times" he transforms to bat form "call for desperate measures" he sinks his fangs into the body. Energon syphon activated. After his refueling he starts looking for the others "Hot Rod!, Kup! Where are you guys?" he shouts.


Bean landed on Unicron near the entrance that Hot Rod and the others used. He transforms into Bandit with Rally landing in his right hand. "Hmm, someone has been here" Bandit states as he walks down the coridors. "Precise attacks, bodies intact, only the head missing. I wonder who did this" Rally replied via the internal radio.

2002-07-12, 12:41 AM
Lockpick's battered hand grasped Hot Rod's by the wrist "I'm alive..." she states. "But I can't move my legs... damage to my back. Let's move. I can tell you a fast way out... once we're out there... I might be able to call the seeker in." she says, refusing to let her weariness show in her voice as she pulls herself up. "ARe you ok?"

2002-07-12, 01:58 AM
Nightbeat: -jumps out of Sky Garry's hatch after Springer- "AUTOBOTS, ATTACK!!!!" -grins- "I always wanted to say that."

Roadbuster, Siren, Chromedome, and Hardhead: -charge out after him, , heading for the same point.... the breach in Unicron's armor-

Siren: "Think there'll be a lot of Cybertronians in there?"

Roadbuster: "I hope so! I haven't destroyed a Decepticon for a few minutes. I need to kill something!"

Siren: "Er......." -sees Nightbeat jump in the hole- "Nightbeat! Wait for me!" -puts on extra burst of speed, dives into hole-

Hosehead: -watching from hatch, activates commlink- "He's in, Minerva."

Minerva and Brainstorm: -working on Sky Garry's engines-

Minerva: "He'll be okay, won't he, Hosehead?"

Hosehead: "He'll be fine. Nightbeat's a survivor. And he'll do what he can to get everybody out alive."

Minerva: "He'd better."

2002-07-12, 02:04 AM
Hot Rod smiled, they were all in bad shape. But she still tried to stay strong, he checked himself over, he was glad he could still move... most of the damage was internal, but there was no time for that. "I can't transform, and I bet you can't either. I'd better carry you." Hot Rod looked around and saw that talon was active but he couldn't see Kup right away. "Talon find Kup, then we're out of here."

2002-07-12, 03:31 AM
Unicron was taking heavy damage now...though his fury went unchecked.

"You! You who took from me my freedom, made my your slave. You will now taste my wrath. Show yourself!"

So...you that I have made...the tracker...come to trying to usurp your maker? Pathetic! Do you not realize that which Unicron giveths, Unicron can taketh away...

With that said a blast rocked Scourge...a blast of pure unchecked power...
The constant fighting was taking its toll and Unicron realized he was in need of some refreshment. With both eyes now shattered, he relized the Transformers would have access to him and his internal systems...which mattered little to him. They were dropping like flies. Everywhere he looked and Autobot or Decepticons perished. Still Unicron needed power...and power was about to come...

The fourth moon of Cybertron was nearly with in range...seeing it, Unicron pushed off from Cybertron shaking the planet violently. Reaching forward, Unicron thrust his fist into the very core of the moon and began to engulf its contents.

Ah...it almost tastes like Primus...just a sweet sample of the nectar that awaits me when I crush his worthless toys...

With the core of the moon fully engested Unicron smirked, tore the remainder of the moon in half and finished one half, tossing the other half away.

A mear snack...now its time to move onto the main course!

Leading a group of Seekers, Thundercracker bore down on Unicron.

Thundercracker: "Hit him...hit him with everything you have seekers!"

The seekers followed their commanders word. Striking Unicron with a full barrage, inflicting more damage upon Unicron's face. Unicron retaliated with a launch of his fiery attack.

A second later all the seekers were in flames exploding in the air, save for Thundercracker who crashed to Cybertron.

Galvatron approached his falled air commander.

Galvatron: "MEDIC!"

Thundercracker: "My...My lord...I failed..."

Galvatron: "No...rest easy...you were a proud warrior today...and you shall fight again."

Ratchet approached quickly with WheelJack by his side. The two placed Thundercracker into a stasis life support pod and took him off to the main recovery station...now full of battered Autobots and Decepticons.

Galvatron: "Too many...too many warriors have fallen. You are right Prime. Only our combined matrices will stop this menace, but my matrix tells me that he is not yet weakened enough."

Galvatron opened his chest and removed his own matrix. He opened it just enough to allow for the two matrices to interlock.

Galvatron: "You will be able to work with this i think...I will get you the damage you need...when you receive my signal...finish the game Prime."

Galvatron transformed into his jet mode and blasted towards Unicron, leaving Prime with both Decepticon and Autobot matrices in his hands.

Galvatron: "Until all are one Prime...my oldest and most respected foe...my mirror reflection...the other side of the coin...Until all are one..."

2002-07-12, 03:55 AM
Hatemonger looked around.

"This is getting insane!" He growled.

"Shockwave, can you ananlaze his armour and give me any major areas of structural weakness?" He asked the Decepticon genius.

"Warriors we cannot allow Unicron to use another moon for power! Strike fast and strike hard!" He fired another volley into Unicron and began to fly around the planet.

Dominator, stopped trying to cut through the Horn and decided to try something more daring he drove his energy saber into Unicrons head armour tearing a chunck of armour away, he then flew away from the Gaint's head and fired a volley of missles inside of the planet.

Stealth realised his fatal error too late to correct it.
"Slag the eye is shattered but I am too close to his mouth and the flame arrgggghhhh!" he screamed, as his lower half of this body was reduced to slag.

2002-07-12, 04:28 AM
Karandras grimaced "Heat twenty percent above normal" A computer chimed in as the fireball rocked the Shuttles circuts the frame was holding a bead of sweat dropping from his forhead.
"Maal teyla mynae Isha adatak Mine-lai Kaelae Mensha Khaine Camaride halla" Karandras whispered in a quiet prayer for himself so that he may live to fight and see his wife and children again, etleast with this soul.

"Target approaching off by point zero zero five adjust course are prepare for impact" The computer again chimed in. The fireball was throwing him off course "****ing Mon-kiegh" (ooc- hey Transformers may not know that language but Karandras does) The Phoenix Lord muttered quicky turning and adjusting his course a beeping faded and he entered the shattered eye of Unicron.

Blaster Sunstreaker and Jazz all fell over because of Unicron pushing off Sunstreaker groaning another dent in his frame.

"THE MOON"! Jazz cried that scene very familiar to him

"That is not good, where is Braw he has to hurry up or Cybertron is gonna go Belly up" Blaster said

"Sombody ask for me?" Brawn called the Casettes hopped out carrying a now dead Eject Brawn Transforming.

"Oh man what happened?" Blaster asked walking over picking up the dead Eject laying him down "We don't have time, Taikoon Can you get us to Unicront to begin attacking?"

DeathBlade and his brother were firing everything they had at unicrons chest from missels to bombs fro sabatoge juist anything.

2002-07-12, 04:33 AM
Hatemonger saw Galvatron streaking towards Unicron.

"Lord Galvatron is there a way I can help you?!" He asked wondering what his leaders next plan was.

2002-07-12, 06:46 AM
Lockpick nodded, also glancing around nervously. Those claw arms... gah.

Sky Garry blasted off again the moment the others had disembarked, pulling away to a safe distance, out of the fight.

2002-07-12, 06:49 AM
Scourge screamed as the blast tore into him, tingling into every fibre of his being. This was many times worse than the pain of the control implants used by Unicron several years ago.

A pure white light began to shoot out from Scourge, engulfing the entire room. A white light that Scourge knew well. Plasma energy. Scourge felt his systems begin to go into stasis shock.

"No!" he howled, as his mind lashed out trying to free itself of the prison his body had now become. Suddenly, he felt another mind pushing in. Was it Unicron? He resisted it.
"Don't resist. I'm here too," Fracas told him.
"You would help me?"
"Without you, I die."

The two tried to stand up to Unicron's assault once more, but just as they began to show signs of recovering, a new force assaulted their senses.

"I see you are stronger now, Hunter. Perhaps... Perhaps I have a use for you."

The intensity of the beam decreased, as purple sparkles of energy emerged forth from all sides of the room. Unlike the last time, this time, Scourge was concious to see them. He felt himself begin to warp, and change as once again, Unicron tried to bend him to his will.

"No!" Two voices shouted simultaneously.
"We will never be controlled, never!"

A final blast of energy hurled the robot out of the room, and into the wall outside, where he crumpled to the ground.

(OOC: Hope you don't mind me giving Unicron that one line in my post Galvy)

2002-07-12, 09:03 AM
Then someone pokes Hot Rod's back the robot looks like smoked up, its kup!

"Getting away without me eh? thats a bad idea", kup said

"are we leaving or what?", kup asks the others as the ground was rumbling

2002-07-12, 03:09 PM
Suddenly a large black claw grabbed hold of the claw cables that were threatening Hot Rod and Lockpick... and ripped the cables out of the walls where they were attached to.

"You should not be here..."


Trypticon squirmed away from Fortress Maximus and transformed into his new robot mode where he was as big as the Autobot giant.

"I am grateful for your help but spare me from your hallow threaths Autobot." Trypticon snarled and rised his weapons once again towards Unicron... and fired...

2002-07-12, 03:25 PM
As the smoke cleared and the dust settled, the five Renegades sat against the wall panting, the entrance to the hall they now occupied blocked by the imploded ceiling.

Blackout: That was a close one, Blazestarter. A nanosecond more and that ceiling would be using your head as a support beam.

Blazestarter: Fast fast fast thinking, Driveby. Thanks.

Driveby: No f*ckin doubt.

Optitron (brushing the dust from his arms): What an excellent turn of events. The Autobots are cut off from pursuing us any further; now we can complete the mission at hand. Follow me, Renegades!

Optitron turned and began walking forward with a grim, determined look in his eye. At the back of the group, Magnacrunch and Blackout whispered.

Magnacrunch: Duh, uh, what's he mean about the, uh, mission?

Blackout: Beats me, you half-wit. Just do what your commander says and follow!

2002-07-12, 03:41 PM
"Neither should you, whoever you are, but we're thankful for the back up." Hot Rod reached for Firebolt and he transformed into gun mode and was placed in Hot Rod's storage. Hot Rod then lifted Lockpick up and placed her between his arms then addressed the bot that just came in, "We're on our way out, there was a few Unicron-loyalists after us earlier." he began to leave, "Alright Kup, Lockpick will tell us the way out."

2002-07-12, 04:19 PM
Gigatron was now close enough to see the explosion. Indeed, the right lens was missing... As was the left. He groaned momentarily, not sure whether he should congratulate Cyclonus for surpassing his commands, or teach him about improvisational combat.

"Decepticons, Autobots - our path has been cleared! With me, to victory!"

With a shriek of laughter, Gigatron fired both of his missiles toward the enemy. One impacted just next to the former optical sensor, while the other knicked the edge of one jagged remainder of transparisteel, and ricocheted away to explode against the floor of Unicron's optic-socket. The monster grunted a bit. Likely, it was from some other pain, but Gigatron was only to happy to believe he had caused it. He barrel-rolled once, making sure his flight systems were still working properly, and entered the giant's cranium.

"Everything!" he cried, unleashing another pair of missiles. "Destroy it all!"

Lord Zarak
2002-07-12, 05:00 PM
Shockwave commenced Hatemonger's request immediaely, and found that the moon which he ingested had powered Unicron up, but just as the Chaos Bringer himself stated, it was just a snack, and merely covered up Unicrons' weaknesses, and did not repair them.

"Hatemonger, this is Shockwave. I have carried out your request, and have found the following: Firstly, he is greatly weakened, though Cybertrons fourth moon has powered him up somewhat. Second, there is great structural weakness in his head, it is insufficient to survive for much longer. It appears the Liege Maximo never anticipated this amount of combat from the combined forces of the Autobots and Decepticons. His plan was not logical, and flawed. I suggest we concentrate all firepower to Unicrons head. Explosives placed where his eyes were would help considerably."

ooc - pm me if it needs a change

2002-07-12, 06:19 PM
Bandit made his way around a corner just in time to see what appeared to be a VERY large scorpion pass up ahead. "Whoa, and I though the bugs on earth could be big. You think that thing took care of these guys" he said. "I don't think so, scorpions are more the tear them apart type, not the slice the head of type" Rally replied. "Well, It's the first thing we see that's functional. Now let's see if it's hostile" Bandit said as he followed Cryhavoc. "Scorpions usually are" Rally said in hopes of getting Bandit to change course.

Talon had turned around and saw a large scorpion save Hot Rod and Lockpick. ("I hope that thing isn't hungry") he thought as he walked toward the others, recalling that scorpions are quite hostile, especially when hungry.

2002-07-12, 07:08 PM
"You are Autobots... no matter. I give you two options... either help me kill Unicron... or die a pitiful death as traitor to Transformer race." The massive Decepticon scorpion before the two Autobots spoke.

"Personally... I don't think you have problems to make the right decision." Cryhavoc added, turned towards the fallen ceiling near them and began to dig through the rubble...

2002-07-12, 07:56 PM
Hot Rod started on his way out, "You guys can play your game! I got to get he to safety." Anyway he knew he couldn't do anything there. It wasn't like that last time, something had changed, or this time he didn't have the Matrix... yes the Matrix that was it.

2002-07-12, 08:05 PM
Siren: "So where do we go?"

Nightbeat: "The command section.... bridge.... whatever they're calling it." -thinks- "Although if Unicron is alive......."

Chromedome: "Uh oh.... You've got that look again......."

Nightbeat: "What say we find this guy's brain and give him a pre-frontal labotomy he'll never forget?"

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-07-12, 08:13 PM
"Cryhavoc, wait ...."

Springer knew he was trying his luck, without the rest of the Wreckers to back him up

"I've got a crew coming...we thought we'd give Unicron a bit of indigestion...."


Skywarp was rocked by the blast from Gigatron's missiles and spiralled out of control, realising only too late he could've teleported to save himself, he smashed into Cybertron surface hard, not too far from Iacon itself....

"System shutdown...

2002-07-12, 09:03 PM
Adeara watched as the fireball only scorched Unicron's face. "Blast! Now I'll have to try something else! Just then, she remembered something. "Cryhavoc! That's right! I can project myself to his location!" Flying out of range of Unicron's reach, Adeara let part of her mind keep control of her body as the rest travelled toward where Cryhavoc was, this time letting all near him see her astral form.

"Cryhavoc! Unicron must be stopped, and the only way I can think of is to shut down his power intake system! If you can find it and destroy it, I'll try and keep him occupied out here." Adeara's astral voice sounded slightly hollow, as if she were far down a well. "I can't help you in there, but I can keep him from attacking you as best I can. I'm not sure what good I can do against the Maker, but I can try. Good luck, Cryhavoc. You are the only one I can trust enough who still lives." Her form wavered, then vanished.

Outside the Planet Ender, Adeara returned to her form to find herself staring at a destroyed moon. "Oh, no.... He's getting stronger.... I've got to distract Him while Cryhavoc tries to destroy the power intake system!" Adeara flew towards Unicron, preparing an even stronger fireball than the first one. With the energy I'm putting into this one, I might not have the strength to hold this form.... That would cause my death... I would rise back up, only to die again..... I would be trapped in an endless circle, until I made it to an atmosphered planet. Damn...I have to be very careful this time..... As she approached the Planet Ender, Adeara reached deep within herself for her reserves to keep her form. Throwing the massive ball of fire at Unicron's head, Adeara's firey form plummeted down, her energy almost completely spent-she could hardly keep herself flying, let alone in the firebird form. She plummeted straight towards Cybertron, trying to pull herself out of the fall.

She failed. Hitting the ground with enough force to leave a crater, the firebird's body dispersed over the ground, turning to ash. As she 'died', she hoped Cryhavoc would avenge Jhiaxus, for her ressurection would take a time....

(Ladies and Gentlemen, Adeara will rise from the dead within the next few days, so don't worry.)

2002-07-12, 09:09 PM
Though the end of the tunnel was blocked by the fallen debris, the Renegades could still hear Cryhavoc's booming voice echo as he spoke to Hot Rod...

"...or die a pitiful death as traitor to Transformer race.."

For whatever reason, these words set off the warning cells in Blackout's logic chips. At the back of the pack, Blackout called out, "Optitron, wait!" and rushed forward, joining his leader.

Optitron: What, what, what is it?

Blackout: Mighty Optitron, I must ask you...why?

2002-07-12, 10:55 PM
Hatemonger nodded.

"I know someone who would have explosive charges." Hatemonger said and called Stealth.

"Stealth come in. We need your explosive charges." Hatemonger called out but to nothing but static.

"No." Hatemonger said and checked his eyes for Stealth's energon signature it was nearly gone.

"No!" Hatemonger growled and flew to Stealth's location, the sight was sickening for a transformer, most of Stealth's body was warped terriably from Unicrons flame attack, his entire lower body was gone just where the steel didn't totally evaperate remained.

"Stealth, I am sorry." Hatemunger grabbed the body and looked into Stealth's eyes that were dimming.

"Cough hack weeze, don't worry about it. Just wish I could have avenged Skylark." He said qasping.

"Don't worry about it soilder, we will avenage Skylark and you." Hatemunger said as he took the explosive charges and watched as Stealths eyes dimmed out slowly.

"Fight hard bos....." Stealth said and went silent as his spark went offline.

"Til all are one friend, your death will not be in vain." Hatemunger sighed and let Stealth go floating into space.

Hatemunger turned too head back to Shockwave but with streams of fluid going down his face.

"Lord Galvatron, if there is anything I can do to help you with whatever you are doing, I will help you, Unicron most be stopped so no more good men must die." Hatemunger said still seeing Galvatron in jet mode.

Dominator looked at the other Gestalts.

"Gestalts let's combine our firepower onto Unicron's head." Domintor brought his megacannons on and fired a massive blast of energy at the Head.

Wierdwolf, Skullcruncher and Quake were having fairly good luck with there strike on Unicron's armour.

"Continue attacking we shall. Fall Unicron will." Wierdwolf said tearing a massive chuck out of Unicrons chest.

"Yeah munch munch!" Skullcruncher said eating a large hunk of armour.

"And I blow it all away!" Quake cheered firing directly into the holes the two headmasters were tearing into Unicrons armour.

2002-07-13, 12:07 AM
Karandras transformed the shuttle into robot mode walking around Unicrons empty head immdeatly spying his goal a neon pink liquid flowing through an odd aparatus. Karandras opened a bright white luight portal reaching in and pulling out a large jar like thing approaching hit taking his pulse laser in one hand and changing it to the wraith bone scythe.
"Must work fast the Transformers are taking this beheamoth down faster then I ever thought" He placed the blade over top and pulled down creatting a slit where the liquid began to leak opening the jar and letting it leak into it.
"Soon this whole race will bow to the Eldar empire and then we shall begin our reign over the entire universe of this dimension my dimension and any other" Karandras said to himself within his ship grinning.

2002-07-13, 12:20 AM
THen Kup grinned, "Hmmm..where the unicronians were eh?"

then he points to the ceiling above them

"you mean that place?", Kup asked Hot Rod

2002-07-13, 12:59 AM
Galvatron barked to all his Decepticons: "No Decepticon is to follow the course I now take...nor is any Decepticon to interfere with what I must do..."

With that said Galvatron flew down Unicron's opened mouth, as he had once been swallowed ten years ago and made his way towards the neural net processor located deep within Unicron's chest. Unicron always had two...a second in case the head had ever been destroy...or vice versa. Galvatron figured the blast would wipe out the body...but if Galvatron destroyed the processor in the chest, then Prime's unleashing of the matrices would wipe out the one in the head, forever ending the menace of Unicron.

Unicron's defenses were heightened and the began to tear away at the streaking Galvatron, ripping into his steel frame.

Well...if it isn't my greatest creation...though you don't seem to be what I made you..you have spoiled yourself Galvatron

Galvatron: "I have bettered myself...my 'master.'"

With that Galvatron launched a volley of missiles into the wall casing, giving access to the nnp. Galvatron transformed into robot mode and landed on a platfrom. In an instant hundreds of minicon sized robots were unleashed upon him.

You will not defeat me...you treasonous whelp! You Ingrade! I will unmake you as easily as I created...

Galvatron: "YOU WILL NOT!"

With that said Galvatron transformed into his cannon mode and fired several times, wiping out nearly half his attackers before being overrun and forced back to robot mode.

Quick Switch
2002-07-13, 04:02 AM
Quick Switch loosed two photon blasts at the area where Gigatron indicated.


Abominus continued working on removing the horn, growling.

"Abominus not care if Galvatron fight. Abominus get trophy!"

Devastator landed on top of Unicron's head, pointed his heat rifle at the center of the planet's skull, and fired.

"Fool! If Galvatron's attack fails, all Decepticons lose!"

Bruticus, Menasor and Predaking flew toward Unicron's chest.

Predaking raised his mighty sword, and swung. The red glass torso (or at least one 'rib' section) shattered on impact. Red shards splintered everywhere, a sprinkling of crimson reflections shining in the void of space as Predaking's swing followed through.

"Unicron! You may destroy Galvatron...but you shall acknowledge the might of Predaking!"

Menasor and Bruticus nodded, and as one, the combiners raised the cyclone gun and missle launcher respectively.

A cyclone tore into one other section of Unicron's leviathan-esque torso, imploding a section of rib upon itself.

The missles did a much more blunt job, blasting into the yellow superstructure of the rib, buckling them, and after exploding shattered yet more of the chest cavity protectors.

2002-07-13, 04:34 AM
Hatemonger nodded to Galvatrons request.

"Good luck them my lord." He said bringing the explosive charges to Unicrons head he began to set them several on Unicrons neck, two on where his eyes use to be and a few around his head for good measure. He then flew back to Shockwave and gave him the remote.

"Would you care to do the honors?" Hatemonger said handing the Decpeticon the remote and then firing on Unicrons body.

He then got onto his com-link.
"All Autobots and Decepticons attacking Unicron, Strike at the beast with all your might, Galvatron and Prime are now the two final keys to victory. Their success will depend on if Unicron is keep busy here. Strike hard for your commanders, your planet and most of all." with that Hatemonger drove an energon saber into Unicrons arm then ran hit up the course of Unicrons forearm. "YOURSELVES AND OUR FALLEN COMRADES!"

"Also all Decpeticons gestalt teams get away from Unicrons head. We have set explosive charges around his head to finish it off." Hatemonger warned the teams.

Dominator checked in.

"Yes Hatemonger Dominator is getting out of the blast radius." He looked at the other gestalts.

"Move out Men. Better to be slagged in battle than by friendly fire." Dominator said the Double Gestalt team drawfed the other teams, he flew away firing his weapons on the back of Unicron to avoid the charges.

Wierdwolf looked up.

"Out of blast range we are, continue attack we shall!" The headmaster shouted fighting with Skullcruncher and Quake.

2002-07-13, 08:43 AM
OOC: "Abominus not care if Galvatron fight. Abominus get trophy!" - that gotta be a classic QS :D

IC: Cryhavoc stopped, first as he heard Adeara's cries in his head, then as he finally noticed Springer addressing him.

The massive Decepticon shook his head, turning towards Springer. "Speak Autobot... we don't have much time left."

Lord Zarak
2002-07-13, 09:35 AM
"Pressing the button in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, NOW!"

2002-07-13, 11:01 AM
Bandit had just entered the room where Hot Rod and the other were when he recieved the transmission from Hatemunger.

"YO HOT ROD! Didn't expect to see you here. Just got a message in from one of the commanders, we're to blast this thing with everything we've got. Care to join the fun?" he yelled.

"FUN!? You think blowing up this monster is FUN? No wonder you can get along with the Decepticons" Rally snapped.

"Rally, this thing has to be stopped. If it's not stopped here and now, it will destroy Cybertron. And then it'll probably destroy every other planet in the universe, including our home. We might as well have some fun while stopping it, cause we might not survive this" Bandit replied.
Rally was silent for a moment as the truth of Bean's words sank in. "Ok Bean, let's throw a party!"

Talon had heard the entire conversation. "Risking ones life to protect ones home is a noble deed. My name is Talon. Now this may sound a tad morbid. But should you two die here, if I survive I will make sure your friends back home on Cybertron hear of your noble sacrifice.

Bandit turned to Talon who was hovering a few feet away. "Thanks for the offer, if a tad morbid. The name's Bandit and I'll repay the favor if it's the other way round. By the way, this is Rally (points to his gun) and we aint from Cybertron, we're from Earth.

Talon was surprised. "EARTH!?" he exclaimed. "Are you humans?" he asked.

"Yeah we are, though you'd think we weren't at first" Bandit replied.

"Then get out of those cockpits and let me shake both your hands. It's been a while since I've met any humans" Talon said.

"That might be a bit of a problem, you see we ARE the cockpit" came the reply from Rally.

"What do you mean?" Talon asked.

"She means this" Bandit said as his head dislodged from his torso, transformed into a male human in an exosuit and landed. The gun transformed as well, into a female human wearing a similar suit. The male one reached out his hand. "Hello Talon, nice to meet ya, the name's Bandit, Bean Bandit" he said.

Talon landed next to Bean. He took Bean's hand a gave it a good shake. "Pleased to meet you Bean" "Who is this fair damsel?" he asked as he approached Rally. Rally almost blushed. "My how galant. My name is Rally, Rally Vincent" she replied.

"How did you two get here?" Talon asked the two of them.
"That would be a VERY long story, and telling it had better wait till this doomsday is over" Bean replies as he transforms into Bandit's head.

2002-07-13, 07:33 PM
Nightbeat: -looking around the vast interior that makes up the inside of Unicron's head, taking in the pulses of light, the masses of cables and tubing.... and realizes that he has no idea where Unicron's brain is- "Anybody know where Unicron's brain is, exactly?"

Roadbuster: "Springer's the only one who's been in here before."

Nightbeat: -looks over at Springer- "Any idea where we go to operate on Gigantor's brain?"

Hardhead: "Why don't we just blast our way through to the brain? We blow it up and go home. Simple?"

Roadbuster: "I like the way you think."

Siren: -mutters- "If you can call it thinking...."

2002-07-13, 08:58 PM
With that the explosive charges exploded. Massive explosions erupted at Unicron's eye sockets, around his neck and in various parts of his head as smoke and debris filled the space everyone waited to see what happened.

Quick Switch
2002-07-14, 01:40 AM
(OOC: Thanks, Cryhavoc. :) )

With a mighty roar, and straining all his circuits, Abominus indeed ripped off Unicron's horn, and flew off with Devastator as Hatemunger sent out the alert.

Bruticus and Menasor pulled Predaking away as the explosions ripped into Unicron.

2002-07-14, 05:05 AM
(OOC: Okay. So, like, tomorrow's the big finale. And whoo for us. Problem is... I've just found out I likely won't be around for the entire day. Yes, I know, and I'm sorry. To make sure things keep running, I hereby give permission for the following prudent players to commandeer my characters if necessary -

Gigatron - G91
Soundwave - Quick Switch
Grand Max - Jinrai
Wreckers - Skywarp

'Course, I realize that those last two really are NPCs anyway... Bah. Have fun, hope I'll see you then!)

2002-07-14, 05:50 AM
"NO!" Blaster cried as a peice of the moon collided with Cybertron Flattening Brawn and all but Fastforward and Steeljaw of the Casettes "NO NO NO NO NO! MAN THIS AIN'T HAPPENIN!" Blaster cried.

Sunstreaker and Jazz stared on "There was no way they could have survived that" Jazz muttered under his breath. Sunstreaker shook his head "This is insane why the hell did they even revive that monster?!?! Too kill themselves too?" Sunstreaker asked rhetorically.

Blaster shook his head turning to Taikoon "Taikoon we gotta fly the moon is startin to fall from the sky" he muttered
"Jazz get a med crew out here to pick up whats left of them"

Jazz nodded immdeatly contacting the Medical bay within Iacon to get something or somone out here maybe Defensor.

2002-07-14, 07:15 AM
Taikoon turned his tired face to Jazz, stunned after seeing the moon's shards crash into the planet. He didn't knwo the words, but he knew the tone and nods. Bending forwards he transformed again into his battered Dragon Mode, and crouched.

"All aboard." he rasps, flexing his wings.

Once all were aboard, he sprang skywards, wings roaring with wind as he makes his way into the sky. Those riding on him will feel a strange tingle, like static electricity, racing over them occasionally as they fly, building with every beat of wings until small lightning bolts, like static, dance over his wingspans.

2002-07-14, 11:39 AM
Sixswitch gulped. This was it. The final assault. They would stand or fall here. Cybertron would stand or fall here, and the fate of all of his race would be determined. Was it fair? Was it right, that they would have to face Unicron again? Sixswitch had managed to switch himself off during the battle, but now, the cold reality struck him like a vicious slap to the face. So many had died, made the ultimate sacrifice to save the Transformers race.

"No more. Not today," he told himself quietly, then opened his comm links again.
"Gigatron, Quick Switch, I'm with you. Let's do this."

He accelerated forwards, his missiles locking on to the head of the behemoth before him. With a prayer to Primus on his lips, that this attack would be successful, he opened fire with everything he had.


Scourge writhed and twisted on the floor of the corridor outside the minor control chamber. His body twisted, and contorted, as if still under the influence of Unicron's attack. He was powerless to control it, and powerless to speculate on what it was. All he could contemplate was the endless white hot agony shooting through his body.

"Unicron... You can't succeed... You won't succeed..."

He lapsed back into the agony again.

2002-07-14, 01:50 PM
"Sorry Bean, weapons are off line." Hot felt bad about all of this last time he had a important part in Unicron's destruction, but now he couldn't, he had his hands full. "Firebolt, Talon, Kup you can stay with them and follow through with the mission, or you can follow us to the Keeper and we'll do our damage from there!"

God Jinrai
2002-07-14, 02:17 PM
inside his command center, Grand heard fortress' words...

"Grand Maximus! TRANSFORM!"

As the behemoth began to reconfigure, grand slammed the red button... releasing the twin weapons... the body now completely reconfigured, grand joined with his battlehip, taking up the master rifle as fortress grasped the hilt of the mighty master sword...

" Brother... stay back... hit him with everything you've got... I'm going to try and cut our warriors a way out..."

with those words, Fortress lurched forward, master sword at the ready... Grand opened fire with his entire arsenal... it seemed that the minicons linked to him sensed the urgency and need to finish unicron once and for all... unleashing dozens of highly focused plasma lances...

fortress closed in rapidly on the giant, and brought the blade to bear, attempting to cleave open the red glass section in unicrons stomach area... then further the damage b perhaps trying to cleave the giant himself in two

Lord Zarak
2002-07-14, 03:17 PM
"Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Woo-hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" cried Sky Lynx as he saw Unicron's head get blown up.
"We've done it...we've done it for the second time...Unicron is vanquished!"

2002-07-14, 03:54 PM
Hatemunger looked at the damage done (what was the damage anyway :) ).

"Everyone still be careful the beast is still alive and wounded at that." Everyone channel your attacks on Unicrons body but steer clear of his hands and arms!" Hatemunger said firing Railgun, Doubleshot, his two fusion cannons and the other two laser rifles he had right onto Unicrons left elbow joint.

Dominator readied all of his weapons to unleash a terrible onslaught.

"Dominator hears and obeys!" He said as power began to charge the megacannons to their maxium power the Heat buster cannon glowed white several salvos of missles came online and explosive ammo flowed into Dominators gattling cannon as the other Crashticon and Aerialcon weapon systems came online. He waited as all of his systems were charging to their collective maxes.

"Fort Max where do you need to open up on Unicron I can assist you." Dominator said bringing his energon saber online as well.

Wierdwolf, Skullcruncher and Quake were not so lucky. Their attacks on Unicron were going well until Unicron got annoyed with them .

OOC G hope you don't mind me doing this! :)

"Pathetic bugs." Unicron bellowed bringing his right hand towards were the three Decepticons were attacking. Luckly Wierdwolf and Quake were able to get out of the way of being crushed but Skullcruncher was not so lucky.

"Grax go!" Skullcrunchers body yelled as the Nebulan was tossed too Wierdwolf. "Without you there is no way I can repaired!" it said milliseconds before the sickening sound of crunching metal could be heard.

"Skullcruncher! Can't be this!" Wierdwolf yelled after regaining his bearings.

"Monster!" Quake yelled firing his Unicrons hand.

Unicron belowed again.

"That is just a sampling of my power." He growled as Skullcrunchers frame floats loose from where it stood.

"No buddy don't worry I will get you fixed up in no time." Grax said looking at the mangled frame of Skullcruncher.

"Here take this and goto medical center." Quake said attacting a small rocket system onto Skullcrunchers frame as Grax got not it and ploited it towards Cybertrons surface.

Hatemonger saw the carrnage that Wierdwolf and Co just witnessed.

"Everyone be careful the Shark can still bite!" Hatemonger said through his com-link.

Lord Zarak
2002-07-14, 04:56 PM
Shockwave, after pressing the button that dettonated the explosives which damaged Unocron transformed into his gun mode, and using his rockets propelled himself towards the chaos bringer to finish him off. Deciding to use x-rays, he carved a hole into the back of Unicron, safe from the flailing arms and legs and entered. Transforming once again, walking further into the darkness. Lighting it up with his torso (a la ultimate doom) the darkness was illuminated with an erie violet, that, created shadows, gave the area a huanted feeling. He walked for what seemed like hours, but was in fact seconds. He thought over the actions of the last few hours, his resurection and came to one logical conclusion. He was destined to lead the Decepticons to victory. He pressed the button, he gave the united Transformers a fighting chance he was...the one.

"Die Unicron, there is no room for you. You were defeated once, you will be defeated once again. DIE!" He concentrated his x-ray fire into the space above him. He saw a hole emerging above him. He flew towards it, and using his strength punched through it. He decided that Unicron would become structurally weaker if the surface of him was pock-marked.

"Transformers concentrate your firepower into different areas of Unicons outside structure. It will weaken him significantly. Hatemonger contact Dominator. Tell him he can use me as an extra weapon. Shockwave out"

2002-07-14, 05:59 PM
OOC - Hey guys! Why don't we paiuse a second and let Unicron's player (Galvatron IIRC) respond to all these attacks before we got Mod crazy on him? You can't really blow up a guy's head without the player's permission you know.

2002-07-14, 06:24 PM
The explosion died down only to reveal Unicron still smiling at his enemies.

You were supposed to be the protectors...the last line of defense against me...the ones to save the Universe from my rage...how I pity the universe...

The Maximus attack however, did far greater damage than anyone could have known leaving a giant hole in the chest of Unicron...and deep inside Unicron's chest...Galvatron emerged from a heap of bodies, left arm hanging lifelessly, half his facial cover torn away.

Galvatron: "Whatever that attack was...it wiped out the defenses...I don't know how much longer I was going to be able to hold out....I can now make my way to the chest NNP. Looking up. Galvatron saw the massive NNP...but something was odd about it."

Why am I not still being attacked...what could be distracting Unicron in his head so much that he would ignore me here?"

Springer and the Wreckers continued their assault. Living up to their name. Gigatron joined them with a group of Decepticons. The internal defenses were on high alert...as one of the claws was able to decapitate Ramjet. Dirge scooped him and the head up and flew out...taking him back to base.

Grimlock soon joined the frey, as the defenses overwhelmed the Wreckers and Gigatron.

Grimlock: "Me Grimlock take care of this..."

Charging in, sword swinging freely, Grimlock managed to save Springer and Gigatron just seconds before the claws severed their heads. Slashing more Grimlock proceeded to save several more wreckers, diverting the defenses fully onto him.

Grimlock: "Go! You go now! Finish the job...Me Grimlock make certain you not attacked!"

Bravely Grimlock stood his ground, but the others refused to leave him behind. Pulling his blaster, Grimlock fired, knocking down a barrier wall, sealing himself off the rest.

Gigatron: "Perhaps the noblest of the noble will fall here today, Grimlock...Galvatron...and so many more...but if our friends will perish...so will Unicron."

Gigatron pulled his swords and tore into one of the walls...

Gigatron: "Come Wreckers...we still have much to do!"

Behind the wall Grimlock was fading, claws tearing into his steel skin, rocket fire puncturing him. He hadn't the strength left to transform into Dino mode...or it may have protected him. His optics faded...it was the end...he had saved his friends given them a fighting chance...he said his quiet good bye to his Dinobot brothers off fighting elsewhere...and laid down to rest.

Moments later, Pointblank, Prowl, Windcharger and Trailbreaker emerged from a massive firestorm. Windcharger also caught a claw, deep in his chest.

Pointblank: "Trailbreaker...give us a forcefield!"

Windcharger: "Not again..."

Pointblank: "You aren't dying this time!"

Pointblank emerged from the forcefield with Prowl and the two unleashed a volley of firepower that rendered the rest of the defenses in the area usesless. Pointblank walked over to Grimlock.

Pointblank: "Prowl...Trailbreaker...take Grimlock and Windcharger back to Iacon...Wincharger should make it...but Grimlock...I'm not so...I'm just not sure..."

Prowl: "And what do you intend to do?"

Pointblank: "See that no more friends are lost here today..."

Quick Switch
2002-07-14, 06:39 PM
(OOC: Thanks Flec. )

Quick Switch replied to Sixswitch.

"Affirmative, my friend. Lock and load."

The Six Changer fired more high powered proton blasts.

(OOC: Forgive the length of this next section. I hope you all like this.)

In the chaos of battle...three shapes flew toward Metrotitan.

They were servants of Unicron...though not the remnants of Bludgeon's crew, Optitron's Renegades or of Sixshot's brigade.

No, they were different beings indeed.

Armed with high powered localized EMP rifles, the three harbingers breeched Metrotitan's structure through one of the many access ways.

The orders had come from the Master. Failure was not an option.

Breech Metrotitan. Neutralize the officers commanding him...and then destroy him. One of them carried the equivalent of a nuclear detonation device with enough megatons to cause Metrotitan to be reduced to ash when the explosion ripped through his core.

The three ran down the main corridor, slaughtering tens of Metrodrones along the way. One Alpha Drone managed to send off a communique.

"Situation: critical, breech: occurring," before one of the intruders shot the Alpha.


In the Command Center. Astrotrain stood. Soundwave studied the face of his commander quizically.

"Soundwave, security breech. Let's move." Astrotrain whisked his ionic displacer rifle from subspace.

Soundwave nodded, and retrieved his concussion blaster.

"As you command."

As the two officers bolted from the room down the hallway, Dirge and Thrust met them, trailing behind.

"What's going on?" Thrust asked.

"Obviously a breech, ninny!" Dirge barked. He and Thrust elbowed their way to the front. "Warriors first. Officers second."

They ran on.


The three interlopers had reached the Core, and had destroyed hundreds of Metrodrones.

"Excellent job."


"Place the firggin' bomb and let's go. This is a clandestine mission."

An Alpha Drone managed to reach another comm station.

"Intruders position: core," he whirred, before one the three sprang and tore off his head.

"Damn," the robot swore.

"We can't leave now."

"The bomb must be detonated."

"That means we have to stay to see that it does."

"Which means we die."

"So? The Master will rebuild us."

"No...he's in pain. Didn't you see? He's doomed...that's why we were sent here. To see that his work be done."

"The Liege was a fraud. He did nothing."

"We've got company." The three withdrew their EMP rifles and crouched.


Dirge, Thrust, Soundwave and Astrotrain arrived in the core aneroom.

"Put down your weapons!" Dirge roared. "Who are you?"

"It won't even matter. In ten minutes, this whole City is going to detonate, and you Transformers will be out on more big bot. But our names? Why not? I'm Hook...and these two idiots are Line and Sinker. Emissaries of Unicron."

Astrotrain elbowed his way to the past Dirge and Thrust.

"Damn you! If you stay you die! Surrender!"

Hook appeared to consider.

"Perhaps..." and then red light lanced out, engulfing the three robots, who writhed in agony. "Unicron...my Master...I shall obey!" Hook shrieked, raised his EMP rifle, and fired at Dirge.

"NO!" Thrust cried, and dove in front of Dirge. At the same time, he fired an automatic missle, which impacted Sinker head on.

"Just my luck," Sinker muttered as the missle exploded, sending his backward into a console, a blackened hulk. The expression of bemusement was still on his face, and he let go of his rifle which fell with a thud between his spalyed legs. He did not move again.

Hook's shot hit Thrust, who began to shake and convulse as the localized elctro-magnetic pulse did its work. Dirge let out a howl of rage and leveled his concussion missle launcher and fired at Line, and the missle streaked toward the emissary, Line's own EMP hit Dirge partially, since some of it was deflected onto the incoming missle.

"Good shot," Line scoffed as he too was thrown backward, and his body was impaled on a long cylindrical pipe, the force of the conussion enough to propel him backward. After wirthing a few seconds, Line became still, a grotesque figure with the pipe jutting from his torso. The EMP rifle he held clattered to the ground.

Dirge fell, beginning to shake slightly. Thrust was still convulsing on the ground.

Soundwave aimed his own coussion blaster, and fired. The shot impacted in front of Hook, unbalancing him and the emissary toppled backward with a grunt. Astrotrain carefully aimed his ionic displacer rifle and fired, catching Hook right in the torso. Sparks spewed from the wound. Hook grunted again, aimed his rifle, and fired at Astrotrain.

Acting only on instinct, the Triple Changer withdrew Octane's deflecto-shield, pinioned it against himself, and deflected the EMP back into Hook, who shrieked as the shot hit him, which caused his EMP rifle to smoke. Hook shook as the blast wreaked havoc with his internal circuitry, and smoke began to rise from him, the impact made worse after the ionic displacement shot Astrotrain had fired. At last, Hook fell back with a metallic clang.

Astrotrain stepped forward, and knelt at Hook's side. The Emissary of Unicron wheezed, still functional.

"You've failed...Decepticon..." he cackled weakly. "In five minutes...Metrotitan is going to explode...and you can't do a thing about it..."

"I think not. I just noticed that you didn't have time to affix the bomb. Anybody can pick it up. You don't even have a security code. And by the way...I know another Hook. And you, spawn, are no Hook." Astrotrain rose, grabbed the bomb and didn't give Hook another backward glance. He moved to Thrust.

"Dirge...I'm sorry. Tell Ramjet I'm so...very sorry..." Thrust was clasping his comrade Seeker's hands, shaking as the EMP pulse shut down all his systems.

"I will," Dirge replied hoarsely. "You fought so well, Thrust. You're a hero. You helped save Metrotitan..." Dirge broke down into heaves. Thrust turned to look at Astrotrain. He raised his weak arm in one last salute.

"Astrotrain...Warrior Thrust has fufilled his function...long live....the Decepticons..." and his yellow optics began to flicker. At last, they faded. Soundwave, who had been cradling his head, set it gently down.

Dirge rose, shaking with grief. Finally, he turned and pointed at the bomb.

"That's got to be taken out of here. We don't have time to defuse it. If it's powerful enough to take out Metrotitan, it'll kill thousands off us on Cybertron." The bomb read three minutes left on the timer.

Astrotrain shook his head.

"We'll find a way."

Dirge grabbed the bomb from Astrotrain.

"No, 'Train, we don't. I got hit with one of those EMP's. My systems are shutting down now, I can feel it. I've got to get this bomb away from Metrotitan...from Cybertron. It's the only way. Lower a launch ramp for me. Now."

Astortrain nodded, and punched in the necessary access code in one of Metrotitan's terminals. "Go." he said hoarsely. Dirge left, after giving Astrotrain and Soundwave a small smile.


Dirge sprinted up an access ramp onto an empty terminal. Thank Primus his transformation cog was still functioning.

Transforming to jet mode (carefully) Dirge applied all his remaining power, diverting all sources from all other systems to his engines. In about a minute, he had cleared Metrotitan, flew past Trypticon, the combiners and Unicron. Soon, he was in the periphary of any robot on Cybertron's vision.

Soon, Dirge's engines shut down. He simply floated, serene. Two and a half minutes to go. The flight had taken him only thirty seconds. He continued to float away from Cybertron, toward one of the remains of the long-abandoned moon bases.

In the silence, he grieved for Thrust. He thought of all the adventures in his long life of twenty-odd years. Friendships, rivalries. Even the Autobots. One minute.

Dirge's viewtrex reported clear skies...the twinking stars were his only companions. Thirty seconds left. Dirge opened his radio channel, and broadcasted towards Metrotitan.

"This is Warrior Dirge...completing his function."

Twenty seconds.

"Goodbye, 'Train. Thanks for believing in me."

Ten seconds.

"If you see Roadbuster...tell him...he's a good warrior."

Five seconds.

Dirge's sytems seemed to be reaching final shutdown. He thought he saw Thrust, like Starscream, in a ghostly form reaching toward him, smiling. Together again.

"Long live the Decepticons!"

The bomb detonated.


The flash, that is, what was seen on Cybertron was brief, but intense. The full scope of the explosion would never be known to casual observers.

In the bowels of Metrotitan, Soundwave and Astrotrain heard the sonic boom of the explosion, muffled. They both picked up Dirge's last transmission, playing over Metrotitan's speakers.

Astrotrain replaced his weapons.

"Thank you, Octane," he said as the deflecto-shield disapeared back into storage. Soundwave was looking at him. Astrotrain stooped, and picked up Thrust in his arms.

"I want Thrust enterred with full military honors. And not just in that pathetic masoleum. I want new statutes comissioned for both Dirge and Thrust. They died heros."

Soundwave's optics flashed.

"As you command, Astrotrain."

"Come on, Soundwave. We have a war to win."

The Triple Changer and Communications Officer left the core, and moved toward the command center.


In the silence of the core, Hook stirred. With his last moments before imminent shutdown, he spied the blackened body of Sinker, and the impaled body of Line. Metrodrones finally entered the core and began to clean up the carnage.

Hook made a few more wheezing noises.

"Unbelievable," he whispered. Hook's systems began to shut down, finally.

As as the relentless wave of the EMP coursed up to his braincase, a final desperate thought took him. This time, death was final. Galvatron had not slain him...Hook had slain himself. And he had lived to see the failure of his final mission. Hook tried to scream in terror, but found he couldn't. His vocoder was shut down.

And in the grip of fear, Hook died.

2002-07-14, 07:16 PM
Sixswitch skimmed over the head, then banked sharply around, to see the gaping hole in Unicron's chest, where Gigatron had flown to assist the Wreckers.

"Quick Switch, we're no use up here. We have to get down there, and quickly!"

Sixswitch, ever impulsive, didn't wait for an answer from his partner, team mate, and friend, but dived straight downwards towards Unicron's chest. Spying a small gap, he angled towards it, and just as it looked as if he was about to crash, he flipped over, shifted, and leapt in through the gap in Assault Tiger mode.

"I knew this mode would be useful for something," he laughed, then once inside, transformed into his tall robot form, took aim, and blasted around the small hole, widening it for anyone else who cared to support him to arrive.

Quick Switch
2002-07-14, 08:37 PM
Quick Switch zoomed down toward Sixswitch's position, and transformed to robot mode, photon blasters firing, also attempting to widen the hole.

"You said it," the Six Changer replied to his comrade.

2002-07-14, 08:38 PM
OOC not trying to start too many wars but I think ignoring the bombs was wrong, I was not expected much damage (I mean we are fighting a demi-god) but whatever no worries :)

Hatemunger heard Shockwaves Transmission.

"Dominator Shockwave is flying towards you use him and attack Unicron!" Hatemunger yelled over the din of the choas that was occuring over Cybertron.

He saw the flast as Dirge exploded trying to save Metrotitan.

"Unicron you are a coward!" Hatemonger had snapped at the moster planet. "You have infinate power but yet you need slaves to fight your battles. You truly are pathetic." Hatemonger growled.

"Everyone fight hard the final hour is here. Whether or not we live or die depends on all of us. Fight like its your last breathe!" Hatemonger yelled and drove his fusion cannons into where Double Shot and Railgun had tore open Unicrons armour and fired both of them into it.

Dominator grabbed Shockwave in his right hand.

"Dominator is ready." He said locking his weapons onto Unicrons frame. With that he fired the weapons and power of the 13 Decepticons that made up Dominator all soar as one. Two streams of energy from the Megacannons. A massive wave of white energy from the heat buster. A massive barrage of thousands of rounds of explosive ammo several missles and bombs sailed towards their target and now Dominator fired Shockwave at the target as well.

Quick Switch
2002-07-14, 08:44 PM
The combiners all turned at the source of the explosion.

"Devastator says...that was brave."

"Predaking agrees. Dirge died a warrior."

"Menasor says, what now? Explosions did not cripple Unicron."

"Bruticus thinks assault should continue...Six Changers and Wreckers have infiltrated."

"In other words, we watch," Devastator nodded. The combiners clustered around Dominator, Hatemunger and the transformed Shockwave, waiting to see the effects of the blast.

Abominus appeared, strugglin under the weight of the massive horn.

"Abominus not care! Abominus has trophy!"

2002-07-14, 08:48 PM
Dominator looked at Abominus.

"Abominus I will need a few moments for my energy based weaposn systems to cool from that large a barrage however." He reached out and grabbed the Horn.

"If all of us (AKA THE GESTALTS) were to throw this at once the damage it could do would be great." Dominator said to the group of gestalts.

2002-07-14, 08:51 PM
Sixswitch grinned.
"Once more unto the breach, my friend. Bet ya didn't know I was cultured, did ya?" he grinned, despite the situation.

"Sixswitch to Gigatron, what is your position. We'll attempt to get there posthaste."

He turned once more to Quick Switch.

"You're the older bot, you lead," he grinned, motioning ahead, then following Quick Switch down the corridor.

Quick Switch
2002-07-14, 08:51 PM
Abominus seethed.

"Dominator not fair. But fine. Abominus just get other horn after Unicron destroyed..."

With much general laughter from the other combiners, they all grabbed a section as Dominator instructed.

"Devastator says...when?"


Quick Switch chuckled.

"Once more indeed..."

With that, the Six Changer cocked his photon blasters and proceeded to walk point down the corridor.

2002-07-14, 09:15 PM
Dominator let go of Shockwave who transformed and grabbed ahold of part of the horn as well.

OOC Hope you don't mind that Zarak :)

With that the six Gestalts and Shockwave all started to float the horn back and forth.

"1..........2..............3! NOW!" Dominator yelled and with that the seven massive robots tossed the horn like a spear towards Unicron.

2002-07-14, 09:23 PM
A glint of light, shooting through a crack in Unicron's armor, glinted in Optitron's optic as he and the Renegades stood in the otherwise pitch-black corridor. He heard his second-in-command's question...they wanted to know WHY, why they were headed through Unicron's head that had been rocked by a series of massive explosions and was taking heavy fire from the Transformers.

Optitron grabbed Blackout by the head and lifted him off his feet...for a moment, Driveby and the others thought that the mighty Optitron was going to do away with his sidekick, but instead Optitron spoke calmly, with a precision that had abandoned him long ago.

Optitron: "Why, you ask? I'll tell you. All good soldiers deserve to understand the motivations for their military exploits, and this little...salvage mission is no different. May I present you to..."

(Optitron reached forward and blasted away the door in their path...)

Optitron: "The Brain of Unicron!!! Thanks to our creator, I have the power to ciphon the energy from any metallic being. Unicron may be a god, but he is still a machine, a machine through which energy courses. Now, in the eleventh hour of the Transformers, it shall not be Unicron that seals their fate...it shall be OPTITRON!!!"

Stepping forward, Optitron let his energy ciphon blades extend from his forearm panels, and he leaned slowly towards the enormous, glowing brain module.

Blackout: No, boss, no!! Don't do it!! You can't control a god!!

Driveby: Damn straight, B! You ain't gon' make it!

Optitron: Say what you will...now, watch and marvel at the end of this world...at MY hands...

With that, Optitron plunged his hands into the brain module, and his entire body shook and lit up a bright gold color, the power of Unicron surging through his body. Screaming, he raised his hands to his sidekicks and bellowed...and outside, the Transformers stood back in awe as Unicron moved hand-in-hand with the motions of his new master...

I am one with a god...welcome to the end of everything, Transformers...I am power, I am ULTIMATE power...I AM OPTITRON!!!!!!!

He could see....somehow, he could see through the shattered eyes of Unicron. And through those eyes, Optitron swung the massive arms every which way, batting back the surrounding Transformers like flies. And as the Transformers fell back for an instant, a somber little Minicon named Kyocera stared up at the furious Renegade-controlled God and said somberly, "This...this is not good."

Quick Switch
2002-07-14, 09:28 PM
The combiners watched silently as the horn flew towards Unicron.


Quick Switch looked back at Sixswitch as Optitron made his announcement.

"Belly of the beast, all right. Should we had to the brain and get rid of that infestation?"

2002-07-14, 09:37 PM
The horn flew forward and drove deep into Unicron's chest cavity. Inside the brain, Optitron screamed...he felt the pain that Unicron felt! Furious, he pulled the horn from Unicron's chest.

Optitron/Unicron: You dare turn my own body against me? For that, Transformers...

(Using the horn as a kind of spear, he lunged violently at the combiners...)


2002-07-14, 09:48 PM
Sixswitch shuddered. He could feel in the air somehow, a change in Unicron. A change which scared him. Nevertheless, he knew he had to fight on.
"Yes, that's what we have to do. If we can get there, however."

Sixswitch moved forwards, eyes and ears strained for sounds of movement.

2002-07-14, 10:27 PM
Dominator watched as Unicron lunged at him and reacted instantly.

Suddenly 13 transfomers flew into seperate directions getting away from the massive planet.

"Hmm this is bad." Skyblade said as the two teams regrouped.

"Duh! Ya thing!" Hit yelled.

"Quiet hit this is not good." Scrapheap said when Hatemonger and Shockwave arrived at the group.

"I knew we should have killed Optitron years ago." Hatemonger growled reloading Railgun as Doubleshot buzzed.

"Well we know one thing" Skyblade planned an attack.

"With Unicron controlling him our friend here is no longer the lumbering beast that he once was." Skyblade said.

"Now our best bet of assualt is to strike with our long range weapons, we can't continue to assualt him at pointblank range anymore." Skyblade continued.

Hatemonger nodded.

"We most fight, for Stealth, Skystalker, Skylark, Skullcruncher, Dirge, Scorpnok and the countless others that gave there all here!" Hatemonger said through his com-link to all the troops that were still fighting and would listen.


"Bad this is." Wierdwolf said as him and Quake got away from Opticron.

"Really?" Quake said.

"Really Yes." Wierdwolf said as he flew towards Hatemonger and co with Quake.

"Need a plan we do." Wierdwolf said looking at Hatemonger.


"And a plan we shall have." Hatemonger looked to Shockwave and everyone else.

"Everyone, Devastator, Bruticus, Abomius, Menasor, Predaking, Maximus Ships, Tryipticon, Sixshot, Pointbland everyone please listen to me." Hatemonger said through his com-link.

"This thing this Opticron is no longer the lumbering oath we all fought before." he paused as the Crashticons and Aerialcons remerged into Dominator.

"We all must strike now and strike hard. But we cannot use our Pointblank assualt anymore. We need to keep this Lunatic busy while Gigatron, Sixswitch, Quickswitch and everyone else in
inside of Opticron assult his interior. And also keep him busy so that Prime and Galvatron may continue their plan. Everyone attack Opticron from a diastance strike him with all of your spark, some of our warriors have given up theirs for us. Now it is time we make their deaths not in vain."

With that Hatemonger flew away and fired the two Minicons his Fusion cannons and the laser rifles.

"Now everyone til all are one and ATTACK!" Hatemonger screamed flying at top speed and still striking at Unicron.

Dominator nodded and held Shockwave.

"Weapons systems cooled missles and ammo at 75%. Assualt will continue." and the megagestalt took too attacking Opticron from behind firing everything and Shockwave at him.


"Wierdwolf agrees Die Opticron must." as him and Quake flew around Opticon firing.


Hatemonger said one last thing before letting his skill as a warrior take hold.

"Everyone remember, keep moving! You are dead if your still."

2002-07-14, 10:44 PM
Karandras smiled within his mobile suit "Operation Domination Stage 1 complete" He said witha quiet cackle in the empty depths at the back of Unicrons mind. He lifted up the jar of Anti-Electrons "Blastrix the Anti-Electrons are now within the web way pick it up and begin it's Duplication now" Karandrras said into the communications box made for dimension communication. He opened a web way setting the jar in and turning around. "Now I let the Transformers win only to become our slaves" (okay two endings here incase the first one can't be used)

Karandras pulled his pulse laser from his back aiming it at Unicrons inner walls firing off three shots to create a hole for himself to escape transofrming into shuttle mode and taking off out of it(ending one)


Karandras then turned around transforming the mecha back to a shuttle and letting it take off back the way he came taking a few shots the scorch marks damaging the shuttle Karandras slowing down as he approached the open eye.

The laser blast had struck Deathblade vaporizing half his body almost immdeatly. Powerblade didn't know what or why but it had happened a stray laser flew out from well he didn't know where and struck his brother and he had Died.
"Why Dammit WHY! Why couldn't you just get blown apart again why, etleast that was repairable but this... this is..." He shook his head holding his brothers dead body floating in space.
PowerBlade turned his head "WHY WHY WHY WHY WHYYYYY!" he criede turning and drawing his sword and laser flying towards Unicron firing off blast after blast just trying to get some retribution even if it wasnt the planet eater who killed him.

Blaster, Jazz and Sunstreaker looked around them "This is insane everyones dieing left and right" Sunstreaker muttered.

Blaster fired a few more shots at unicron looking at the gaping hole in his chest "I dunno I say somethin's hitten that beast" He replied

"Just get us closer Taikoon Land if you can" Jazz said firing a shot off

Lord Zarak
2002-07-14, 10:54 PM
Shockwave saw the change in both Unicron and Optitron, and was not prepared for it. He thought that the explosives placed inside of Uncrons head were enough to bring the downfall of the Chaos Bringer. Instead, his head remianed on top of his shoulders, a mockery to the effort all the transformers had put into defeating him. He saw the sacrifice of Dirge, and saw that he had saved Metrotitan. Yet logic dictated that the bomb could have been placed inside of Unicron, and its devastating effect used against him. The emotion that was felt by Astrotrain and Soundwave was lost to Shockwave. He only saw a mistake...a courageous mistake, which left him confounded.

"Dominator, how can the attack against Unicron succeed when only a handful of warriors are left in close combat? Surely the best course of action is to attack Unicron at close quarters leaving him disoriented."

2002-07-14, 11:19 PM
Dominator heard Shockwave's question and thought about it.

"Do you believe in Miricles Shockwave?" he asked. "There comes a time in any battle where you just have to let the slag hit the fan and see what happens. This is that time." He said firing at the monster Opticron.

2002-07-14, 11:25 PM
((OOC this'll be my last post till Galvatron comes back. You guys are taking over Unicron and not even giving him a chance to respond! Sheesh... ))

Taikoon replies by pumping his wings harder, flying up into the thin atmosphwere. He swings back and forth, dodging debris and blasts of firepower. Then he twists his head bakc 'Where.. .we going?" he asks.

2002-07-15, 12:05 AM
Hot Rod made it outside Unicron, insisting that Lockpick not speak, any way he knew the best way out. "I don't care what's going on inside and ouside. I am an Autobot sorn to protect the innocent..." He muttered, barely audible. His volume rose, "...Hang on we're almost..." Hot Rod found himself standing outside near one of Unicron's shoulder, he didn't have much time, "Keeper! Pick us up NOW!" He had to get out with all the Transformers firing at Unicron and the god determined to destroy them... But which god, why... must watch over... the Matrix... he figured he was exausted. Those random thoughts made no sence to him.

2002-07-15, 12:23 AM
OOC if you have not noticed SGhost is using Unicron as well? Besides, the fact that we have one day left of this RPG and it kinda feels hectic but I am sure an actual battle would be like that too :)

2002-07-15, 12:46 AM
Kup goes outside unicron and sees Hot Rod and Lockpick infront of him and he approaches the 2

"When are we leaving this $#IT hole? I hope its soon man", Kup asked Hot Rod as he looks above for any back-up

2002-07-15, 01:04 AM
Hatemonger got onto his com-link.

"Ultra Magnus, Fastlane, Cloudraker any other Autobots reports are you all ok?" Hatemonger asked.

Then asked a question.

"Magnus can you get any Autobot warriors to help us keep this monster busy?" Hatemonger waited and continued to fire on Opticron in a run and gun fashion.

Quick Switch
2002-07-15, 01:30 AM
Quick Switch nodded.

"All right then. Proceed with caution, my friend..."

The Six Changer moved along the corridor, sensors on maximum.


The combiners scrambled as the horn flew back at them. Devastator managed to float out of the way.

Menasor and Bruticus were nicked, sending them spiraling several hundred feet before they were finally able to regain control.

Abominus backpedelled away from the horn, cursing.

Predaking, however, was caught in the full force of the horn's path, and gripped it head on as it hit him. Grunting with effort, the combiner and projecticle hurtled back onto Cybertron proper, and collided, sending up clouds of steel, alloys, and sparks. Slammed into the ground, Predaking let out a roar of pain, frustration and anguish.

Menasor and Bruticus landed, and pried the horn off of Predaking. Abominus and Devastator soon followed.

The massive lion's head breastplate was shattered, and the regular black, orange and yellow metal beneath it was hammered by the enormous emount of torque and psi's used in Unicron's hurl. Sparks showered. Razorclaw would feel the pain most of all when the Predacons unmerged.

"Predaking...can fight no more," the Predacon giant muttered.

"Predaking...fought well enough," Bruticus rumbled.

"Yes...Predaking...challenged Unicron. Showed who was the true warrior," Menasor nodded his massive head.

"Devastator says...the injuries are severe. But Predaking shall survive," the first combiner stooped to examine his comrade.

Abominus, meanwhile, picked the horn back up, and held it aloft, triumphant.

"Abominus got trophy!"

2002-07-15, 03:27 AM
With Optitron's control not resolute, Unicron regathered his efforts and sent a surge straight into Optitron.

You would dare believe that you can usurp control from me? You pathetic lifeform!

With control regained, Unicron began to fire upon both Optitron and the renegades.

Elsewhere Galvatron looked up at the second NNP. He was leaking energon badly, and he could feel his lifeforce fading.

Galvatron: "one chance left...not much time..."

Galvatron transformed into cannon mode and began to fire. He fired until a hole formed in the NNP. Seeing the hole, Galvatron transformed and flew to the NNP and tore his way in.

Galvatron: "The first part of your death starts now Unicron."

Galvatron literally tore the NNP apart. Outside, Unicron shrieked in pain. With the few defenses left in his chest, Unicron unleashed them upon Galvatron. Tearing into Galvatron, he knew there was just one chance left...Galvatron transformed into his cannon mode and fired one final shot...detonating the entire NNP. The broken body of Galvatron pulling himself out of the explosion. A chain reaction sending the remnents of the NNP through the chest, blowing another gaping hole in Unicron's chest.

Pointblank approached Galvatron and scooped up what was left of the Decepticon leader.

Pointblank: "Come on...you'll not die here today..."

As pointblank pulled the wounded leader out of the frey a chain reaction of explosions rang throughout the halls.

Pointblank approached Gigatron.

Pointblank: "I think its time to go..."

(Consider that the signal Jinrai)

2002-07-15, 03:42 AM
Hatemonger saw the explosions begining to occur inside of Unicron.

"Galvatron and Prime did it!" Hatemonger said to himself still attacking the beast.

He flew in closer to examine what was happening still being wary of Unicron himself.

Dominator looked at Shockwave.
"And I do believe our miracle has arrived."

2002-07-15, 04:08 AM
Nightbeat: -dodging tendrils- "This is not what I had in mind!" -barely dodges a tendril, the barbed edge digging into his arm-

Siren: -dodging tendrils- "I told you we should have brought the others! This is a great workout!"

Nightbeat: "We're robots! We don't need to work out!"

Chromedome: -firing away-

Hardhead: -firing away- "Any ideas?"

Chromedome: "I still like yours the best. Fire at anything that isn't us and pray we hit something vital!"

Roadbuster: -blasting away- "Not an effective use of ammo. But in this case.... go for it!" -starts hosing the power conduits and wiring bundles inside Unicron's head with shrapnel cannon, still blasting tendrils with linear blaster and laser rifle-

Nightbeat: -feels a distant rumbling through the deck plates- "Uh oh......."

Siren: -distracted by Nightbeat's sudden pause- "Wha-SHEAAGGGG!!! -a tendril punches through his right shoulder from the back, the barbed edge exiting through the front, the barb opening up and locking itself into the armor around the hole, , followed by two more punching through his lower torso and locking in, Siren collapses as the tendrils start to drag him back-

Nightbeat: "SIREN!" -charges towards Siren, firing at the tendrils-

Tendrils: -raise Siren into the air, even as one of the torso ones is blasted, rips Siren's right arm from his body, and whips the unconscious Autobot at the charging Nightbeat, sending them both crashing into a bulkhead-

Nightbeat: -barely conscious, grabs onto Siren as the tendrils start to drag him away- "No.....body dies.... Not..... on my..... watch......"

Roadbuster: -blasts the tendril hooked into Siren with laser rifle- "Noble sentiment, my friend" -swivels and blows Siren's right arm and the tendril that was whipping it at his head apart with linear blaster- "But we both know what our odds of getting out of this is. You felt the same explosions I did. If we're still here when Unicron detonates....... these tendrils will be the least of our worries." -shoulder mounted shrapnel cannon continues blasting anything in Unicron's overhead systemry that could be vital-

2002-07-15, 04:42 AM
Gigatron axed his way through another swarm of uncoiling claws, sparing no malice toward the Chaos Bringer. Every second he sneered his rage, shouting off the full potential of his strikes as he ripped through the cables.

"Can you feel this, Unicron? This is your death! You are powerless to stop me, do you hear? Powerless! Face my wrath, destroyer, for it shall be your end! And then the entire universe shall know my name! Devil Gigatron: Vanquisher of Da--"

Gigatron struck his warblade directly into the wall, and the entire system of wires went limp. His optics darted about him. Despite all his taunts, he knew that he couldn't have... could he?

Pointblank: "I think its time to go..."

Gigatron spun about and looked into the optics of...

"Galvatron! You... you saved us. All of us! Revere him, Autobot. This was the greatest warrior who ever existed, and shall be again!"

The Wreckers, finally regrouping the survivors, mumbled among themselves. Disapprovals of "...guy must be nuts..." and "...does he think he is?..." were audible from the gathering, but were ultimately ignored. Gigatron transformed to Deviljet mode, taxiing about to get close to Pointblank. His cockpit hissed open, allowing the empty laughter of Bludgeon's disused countenance to glare out on Pointblank.

"Load him. Now."

Without a word, Pointblank dropped the body into the cockpit. The canopy dropped carefully shut; Gigatron wasted no time in blasting his engines and building the speed for his aerial escape.

"Decepticons, Autobots - we have won! Return to Cybertron!"

2002-07-15, 04:52 AM
It coursed through every part of Unicron's body. But he wasn't finished yet. With his last bit of strength he transformed back into planet mode...holes gaping through all parts of his exterior, transformers flying in and out freely taking shots as they passed through.

I have played enough...now i must feed!

Within Gigatron, Galvatron lay...dying.

Galvatron: "Get me home...I have something that I must say...and Prime must finish this before its too late..."

2002-07-15, 05:05 AM
Brainstorm: -helping Minerva do a very rushed repair job on her transector- "You sure this is a good idea?"

Minerva: "They'll be coming out of there with wounded, and it's gonna take both of us to work on them and keep Sky Garry flying." -sighs- "And Nightbeat better not be one of the wounded, or Primus help me, I'll kill him after I put him back together."

Brainstrom: "Er....... Maybe I should work on the wounded."

Minerva: -sealing last of the internal damage- "Nah. I'm cuter than you are."

Brainstorm: "So?"

Minerva: "Better bedside manner, I'm really cute..... They'll get better in no time."

Brainstorm: -finishes repair of transform circuits, sighs-

Hosehead: -serving more as an orderly than anything- "Holy Klono...... Unicron's TRANSFORMING AGAIN!!!!"

Minerva: "And Nightbeat and the others haven't called yet......"

2002-07-15, 05:21 AM
(OOC: Hehe... Don't mind us. We just wanna get things rollin'. Done.)

Leading the contingent of Transformers (both physically and in velocity), Gigatron tore through a broad hole in the giant where the shattered chest had been only moments before. As he screeched between planets, his scanners couldn't resist checking behind. It amazed him every time: Unicron. In a way, he almost lamented that the monster would soon die. Its legacy was irreplacable. Still, legends come and go.

"Autobot!" Gigatron shouted to Prime, still on the ground near the lucky Iacon's dome. (He really hadn't been paying attention on the trip. Seemed quick, no?) "My Lord would have words with you!"

Gigatron transformed in mid-flight, transferring Galvatron from his cockpit to his waiting arms. The Decepticon Commander didn't much look in a standing mood. Spreading his wings elegantly, Gigatron swooped down and landed just before the Autobot leader...

2002-07-15, 05:33 AM
Galvatron laid upon the battle ridden ground. He had knocked out the first Neural Net Processor from within, opening the door to Unicron's final destruction.

Galvatron: "Prime...my matrix...you will not need to handle it for the final purge...for the Decepticon leader will open it and stand beside you."

Galvatron extended his hand which Prime took in a gesture of brotherhood.

Galvatron: "What comes next I don't know...but you must finish what we have started...you and the new...Decep...Decepticon leader."

Galvatron took hold of the matrix and its dark light warmed at the touch of its holder.

Galvatron: "My time...grows short...my wounds far to grave to be healed. It is time that I pass on the mantle...there is only one who can handle the matrix and the burden in my stead...the matrix is to you Gigatron...you shall lead the Decepticons on the course they must go..."

Galvatron gasped and the matrix began to float towards Gigatron.

Galvatron: "Koff...koff...you are chosen my friend...lead wisely...our survival depends upon you..."

Galvatron reached for Gigatron's hand, which Gigatron took.

Galvatron: "koff...koff...stay...the...course...Gigatron...all shall be one..."

Galvatron lost his grip...his head fell back...and his optics flickered several times before going dark. The Emperor of Destruction was no more...

2002-07-15, 05:34 AM
Cyclonus had floated there long enough. He witnessed the massive explosion that eminated from Unicron's chest and Unicron's transformation and all the while, no sign of Galvatron.

"Crumplezone, stay here. I'm going in to look for Galvatron" Cyclonus ordered as he disengaged from his Minicon.

Without even waiting for an aknowledgement, Cyclonus transformed and jetted off through one of the holes in Unicron's surface.


After having entered Unicron, Cyclonus began his quest to locate his leader. He was so focused on his search that didn't notice the tendrils lowering from the ceiling.

One tendril managed to pin Cyclonus to a wall. In an attempt to free himself, Cyclonus fired at the base of the Tendril. Shot succeded in freeing Cyclonus but inadvertedly caused the ceiling to cave in, trapping Cyclonus.


As Crumplezone floated in space waiting for Cyclonus' return, he saw Gigatron fly out of Unicron, carrying Galvatron. He sent a message to Cyclonus, trying to inform him that Galvatron appeared to be safe, but he never recieved a response.

Fearing the worst, Crumplezone made his way back to Cybertron.

(OOC: Now if you people would so kind as to leave Cyclonus where is...)

2002-07-15, 06:42 AM
Hatemonger watched as Unicron began to explode.

"Everyone back to Cybertron!" he said as Dominator and himself flew back towards Cybertron with Shockwave near.

They landed and Dominator disengaged and the 13 Decpeticons watched as Galvatron handed over the matrix to Gigatron.

Hatemonger watched and turned his head sickned by what he had just saw.

Gigatron is not even a true Decepticon, he is a beast not a robot. Hatemonger growled inwardly but knew what he needed to do for his men and the people that fought with him.

"Crashticons, Aerialcons, go and help anyone who needs it." He said as he walked towards a wounded Autobot and began to wield a small piece of metal on the Autobots shoulder.

2002-07-15, 07:34 AM
(OOC - Okay. Soryr, I didn't know that and with people blowing off limbs left and right AND his head, I didn't know what was official and what wasn't.)

A dark red blurr screams towards The exploding unicron, damage blasting the armor plating up as it drops toawrds Hot Rod and the othesr, tractor beams emerging.

Lockpick looks over Rod's shoulder the way they came "ROD! CLAWS!" she screams, and a small panel opens on her arm, firing a pitifully small laser towards the tentacles, but with deadly accuracey as the tractor beams locked onto the evacuating Autobots...


Sky garry groaned inwardly as he turns, moving to watch Unicron's disentigrating body for the comerades he had dropped off there. What have I done? Did I sentence them all to death by obeying their orders?


Taikoon lurches upwards, a gurglng sound coming from his maw as he twitchse suddenly, wings freezing.. .before they start to tumble Cybertron-wards again, smoke trailing from his joints.

2002-07-15, 07:59 AM
"What the hell is goin on here?!", kup said as he see Hot Rod get shot and then he fires at the tentacles as well but a beam locks him

"DARN!", kup said

Lord Zarak
2002-07-15, 09:50 AM
Gigatron? The new leader? I know that Galvatron is damged, but badly enough for all sense to have been literally knocked out of him? Shockwave thought. I must bide my time .

"All hail Galvatron, saviour of Cybertron, vanquisher of Unicron!"

2002-07-15, 09:59 AM
Bean, Rally, Firebolt and Talon were all going after Hot Rod and Kup who had already left. They noticed a hissing sound. "Snakes, here?" Bean said in a surprised voice. Rally, who had an extended view range in gun mode, could see what was approaching all too clearly. "Those aint snakes! Those are claws!" she yelled. "Everyone out of the car! Let's see how those claws like mine!" Bean said as Talon and Firebolt jumped out of the car. He transformed into Bandit. Rally dropped from the gunmount, now on Bandit's back, transformed and lands near the others. Bean activates his lightning claws, the blue light lighting up the corridor. He charged at the claws with a fury that made even Rally gulp. ("I've never seen Bean this determined") she thought.

The claws were quickly severed by Bandit's claws, most of them anyway. 2 claws were still functional. Bandit turned around to give the all clear to the others and the claws attacked. One attached itself to his left leg and the other to his right arm and were trying to pull him down. Rally was the first to act. "We've got the help him" she said as she starts running. "Bean, If you dare to die on my, I swear I'll kill you!!" she said. "That's impossible to achieve" Talon said as he flew overhead. "Cause he's not going to die if I have anything to say about it" he adds as he nears Bandit. He quickly sliced through the claws. Bandit drops to the ground. "Damn, my right arm's out. And more of those things are coming" Bandit says as he tries to stand. "I guess this is it, for all of us.. sorry I can't keep that promise to ya Talon" Bandit said as he reverts to Bean again. "Maybe not, me might still have a chance, however it's a long shot" Talon replied. "Any kind of shot would be nice at the moment, what ya got in mind?" Bandit asked. "Merging our systems" Talon said. "huh?" was all Bandit could reply. "I'm a Minicon, I can merge with any system. However, I've never attempted to do this, and I have never encountered a system like yours, I have no idea what the results will be" Talon explained. "Well, all we can do is try and hope for the best I guess, so try it" Bean said. "Ok, here goes" Talon replies as he starts transforming. His left arm disconnects, changes and locks onto Bean's left arm. The same goes for their right arms and the legs then Talon's torso splits and it's front side adds itself to the front of Bean's armor, with the wings of the backside locking into Bean's back. Finally, Talon's head changes into a helmet and places itself over Bean's. ("That was different") Bean thinks as he looks at the changes. ("Indeed it is") came the reply from Talon. "What the" Bean stammers ("It seems out minds merge as well") Talon's voice echoed in his mind. "Let's see what linking to my car does" Bean states as he jumps, or rather flies up. ("Whoa, so these wings aren't just for show") Rally who had witnessed the fusion was having a sense of deja vu. ("Just like in my dream.. but this time I'm not leaving Bean") she thought. "Bean! I'm coming with you whether you like it or not!" she shouts as she transforms and lands in the gunmount on Bandit's back. Before Bean had a chance to argue, he was already transformed into Bandit's head. Talon's parts became an ornate winged helmet of sorts. Then Bandit's body started to change a bit. His right arm was being repaired, the gunmount on his back shifted to his right shoulder taking Rally with it. And two panels raised themselves slightly from Bandit's chest. Rally was puzzled. ("wasn't I just on Bean's back?") she thought. ("You were") came Bean's voice. ("Bean?") Rally was even more puzzled now. ("I'm here Rally, we're mentally connected so we heard each others thoughts") Bean explained. ("Great, I'll run a systems check while you take care of those claws") she thought.

Bandit didn't even reply, he just charged at the approaching claws this time severing all of them. Then, from the ceiling, four claws approached each of them digging itself into one of his limbs. Impaled Bandit was defenseless against the 3rd mass of claws that were approaching from up ahead. ("This is it, Bean, I have to say this now") Rally started. ("No you don't Rally, I know about it already, the same goes for me. Our minds are connected, I know your thoughts and you know mine") Bandit replied. *Beep* ("Oh, the system's check found something. OH MY GOD") Rally stammered. Bean checked the readout himself. ("Ok, guys, this is going to be 1 heck of a lightshow") Bandit thinks as the panels in his chest open up and inside it two small green spheres can be seen. As they build up power, they start glowing brighter and brighter untill the charge reached it's maximum. Then Bandit unleashed a green energy beam that not only desintegrated the approaching claws, but also the walls that lay between him and the outside of Unicron. The blast opened a hole a few feet away from the shoulder where Hot Rod was. It also blasted several of the claws that were attacking him.

"WHOA, now that was a blast" was all Firebolt could say as he saw Bandit's attack. He quickly ran to where Bandit was. Bandit scooped him up and placed him on his right shoulder. "You can say that again" Rally replies replies. "Do you have a name for that attack?" Firebolt asked. "I think I'll call it a Megasmasher" Bandit replied as the four of them make their way out of Unicron. They soon find themselves in the pull of the Keeper's tractor beam.

2002-07-15, 10:09 AM
Lockpick talked into her wrist radio, and the tractor beams dart out towards RAlly, Talon, and Bean. None would be left behind as they were surrounded by a horrid green glow.

Instinctively the femme gives a shudder. I hatehatehate this beam!

OOC - I'm off to bed. Hot Rod can fly the Keeper if i'm not bak in time.

2002-07-15, 12:34 PM
"This isn't good" Jazz muttered as the dragon began to fall.

"WE need a plan because Unicron is about to blow and we're playing kamkaze bombadier on our on planet" Blaster replied.

"Ye ask and Ye shall recieve" Sunstreaker said with a cocky tone "Hold onto this dragon and hold onto me I'm slowing this joy ride down and with that he ejected his parachute hopeing to slow the decent of the four transformers.

Karandras watched from Cybertron as Unicrons finals minuts came to pass. "And so one demi-god falls while one still stands tall not planning on killing this speicies of sentient robot but controlling them as his puppets"

Powerblade was blown back by an explosion from Unicron a peice of orange metal ripped into his mid-section causing him to writhe in pain. Though he over flowed with anger he knew he would take the same road as his brother at this point so he instead took what was left of his brother and retreated back to cybertron, part of him hoping the entire time something would destroy him.

Quick Switch
2002-07-15, 01:28 PM
Quick Switch nodded.

"I just heard, Six! We've won! Let's blow this planetoid!"

And with that the Six Changer blasted his way out of Unicron, and transforming to jet mode, flew toward Cybertron.


Astrotrain nodded.

"Signal received, Decepticon Command. Metrottian stands ready to assist in any capacity necessary..."

Galvatron is dead. The reign of madness is over. Gigatron commanded well on Earth. It will be a privelege to serve as his subordinate. And, hopefully, maintain a position of power within the Empire.

He spoke to the city.

"Transform to city mode! Stand by to receive the wounded and dying! Metrodrones, report to all hangar and medical bays to assist!"

In a few moments, Metrotitan shifted from robot mode to city mode, ready for the deluge.

2002-07-15, 01:59 PM
Optitron fell back from the brain module, overloaded with the power of Unicron. He thought he could control the monster, master the maddening power to destroy. He thought he could make both the beast and the Transformers his servants.

But he was wrong.

As the incredible, other-worldly powers of Unicron fried his circuits, Optitron fell into the arms of Blackout and Blazestarter, who both said, "Let's get out of here!"

Transforming to helicopter mode, Blackout picked up Optitron and blasted a hole in the wall, through which the five Renegades escaped the Chaos Bringer's head and plunged toward the surface of Cybertron.

2002-07-15, 02:44 PM
Trypticon stood defiantly on Unicron's ravaged planetoid form, not hearing the calls of others to draw back. All he saw was the greatest enemy of Transformer race, heading towards Cybertron in planet mode, its maw wide open.

The attack made by another of the Maximus class Autobots had given more confidence to the giant Decepticon and he was now sure that he could do the same...

Trypticon reached out, taking a hold of the ring that circled Unicron and snapped a part of it off, twisting it into spear of sorts.

Signs of battlerage could be seen in Trypticon's burning optics as he lifted his makeshift spear for a strike... Then, with a thunderous roar he struck it into Unicron's back...


An explosion inside Unicron few minutes ago had separated Cryhavoc from the Wreckers and the massive warrior was left alone. But he was used to it, even in his heavily damaged condition he was able to shrug of the attacks by Unicron's internal defenses... or what was left of them. But even a mech with his power was a weakling in comparation to the Chaos Bringer.

Cryhavoc had felt the mastersword being struck into Unicron, he had felt the effects of Galvatron's sacrifice... he did not know what was happening for sure but there was one thing he was sure of... he had to get out if he wanted to survive... and he had been quite close of escaping before Unicron had transformed.

Now, he had found himself deep within Unicron and according to all explosions he could feel... his time was running out...

OOC: Those Abominus comments are getting better QS :D

God Jinrai
2002-07-15, 04:16 PM
Maximus noticed the battle units withdrawing rapidly, and the massive hole blown into unicron's torso as he approached... extending his feed forward, he engaged his boosters, rocketing back and away from the chaos bringer...

"Grand Maximus! Trypticon! All remaining transformers, withdraw immedieately! It's in prime's hands now!"

Down below on the surface, optimus gazed up at the raging chaos above him... turning his head to gigatron, he spoke solemnly...

"It's time. what we now do... let it forever seal away the dark god of chaos..."

Prime lifted his matrix to torso level, sliding his fingers into their slots on the matrix...

"Now, gigatron... let us be the light that will drive the chaosbringer into the abyss... forever."

2002-07-15, 04:20 PM
Hatemonger looked over to Shockwave.

"Oddly enough you body tone tells me your not happy about our new choice in leadership either." Hatemonger said to the logical commander of the Decepticons.

Hatemonger then paused an odd from of worry passed over him.

"Aerialcons, Crashticons, remerge into Dominator get the online gestalts ready, Unicron has not fallen yet and I fear for the worst." Hatemonger said getting on his com-link.

"Abominus, Bruticus, Menasor, Devastator Unicron has not yet fallen. Be ready, Dominator is coming to your position."

Gigatron will be dealt with somehow, maybe it's time I create my own force to assist the Decepticon whole. I know of three warriors in this universe I can trust but we will see. Once Unicron has truly fallen I will know for sure. Hatemonger stopped helping the wounded and watched the sky.

OOC I might not be on again til later so please don't kil me off :)
If a battle occurs someone can use my guys as just don' t kill um :)

2002-07-15, 04:46 PM
The falling robots slowed... somewhat. TAikoon twitches a few times, wings stretching and flexing uselessly as he starts to reboot slowly.

A blurr of blue and pink fly by them, going downwards, and dissapering into the smoke.

2002-07-15, 04:59 PM
Gigatron kept his optics locked on the fallen Glavatron for a moment. The chaos above, the approaching destroyer... none of it meant anything. Galvatron was dead. Gigatron looked down on his only true friend, a bit curious that the feeling welling up within may be remorse. It was the first time he'd felt such a thing...

"No, Galvatron," he began, raising the Decepticon Matrix proudly above his head. "All are one!"

His bulky white fingers slid gently into the eight slots lined on the handles of his own Matrix, identical to that of the Autobots but inverted in color.

"Light to counteract Unicron's evil, dark to contain it! Not clashing, not neutralizing, but rather two opposing forces utilizing the entirety of their strength and only gaining power from each other! The ultimate cosmic yin and yang! Today, all - Decepticon and Autobot - truly are one!"

The casing's halves split slowly and carefully from each other, revealing the orb of darkness within. It floated there momentarily, peacefully and calmly, as though waiting. Gigatron stared into its oblivious gaze, vaguely spotting something of an aura being absorbed into the Matrix itself. It bulged slightly and, its wait now ended, shattered into a stream of anti-energy blasting into space and shadowing those on the ground. Now coupled with similar but opposite energies from the Autobot Matrix, the combined force streaked through space and reached for the Chaos Bringer's open crater.

(OOC: G91 will be about later to finish this up. Please don't sit here cheering about victory until then as, let's face it, we haven't quite won yet. We Transformers don't even know that this will work! Thanks for the consideration.)

2002-07-15, 05:08 PM
Sixswitch turned at Quick Switch's words, and fired two missiles from his shoulder launchers, blasting aside rubble and the remains of the walls. Sprinting forwards, he leapt for the gap, dived through, transformed into his fighter mode, and accelerated away after Quick Switch.
"Right behind ya buddy," he called.


Suddenly, the pain in Scourge's head stopped. Everything stopped. His optics closed, and his audio sensors shut off. Suddenly, his perception shifted, and in his mind's eye, he was moving. Shooting through the tunnels and corridors of Unicron at an incredible pace. He burst from the mouth of the giant, and streaked towards Cybertron.

Galvatron was dead. The Matrix passed to a new bearer. One that Scourge would never in a milion years approve of. Suddenly, his perception was wrenched back into his own body. His eyes opened, and his sensors came online. But the pain was gone. He looked down and gasped in awe.

Instead of his former sky blue colour, he was now a deep shade of blood red. His nails and beard had gone, and a black mouthplate now covered the lower half of his face. A Decepticon symbol in black was etched into the centre of his chest. Gone were the huge, cumbersome bat-like wings. Instead, sleek, shiny black plates of metal protruded from either side of his back. Reaching a hand slowly to his head, he felt two... antenae? Ears? sticking out from the top. He looked around desperately for his weapon, Fracas.

"You won't find me out there, Scourge."

He did a double take. The voice was coming from inside of his head.

"That's right, I am part of you now. But I am also part of something greater. I have a greater perception of the universe than you can imagine. I see things, I know things. Things that will be useful to us. Now. Unicron is about to explode. Prime and Gigatron will use the Matrices soon. You have to escape."

Scourge stood there in shock, and bewilderment.


Finding his feet, Scourge ran back the way he came, dodging and weaving through the broken and crumpled passages. Eventually, he arrived at the blockage created by Optitron's rennegades, and stopped in his tracks.

"Your weapons. You know how to use them."

And indeed he did. With the merest of pushes, bolts of red energy burst from his eyes, shattering the debris ahead of him. He ran on. He reached the base of the monster's throat, and looked up. Leaping into the air, he shifted.

A sleek craft took off from the ground. Alternating red and black stripes faded in to one another on the nose of the craft, trailing back to the same two streamlined black wings that he had in robot mode. A single engine fired at the direct centre of the back of the craft, rocketting him up towards the mouth. Two swift blasts of fire from his nose forced the edifice wider, and he flew through, and in to open space, then down towards Cybertron.

2002-07-15, 06:07 PM
On the surface of Cybertron, lay a scattering of ashes being blown by the winds of destruction. The crater that had formed with the impact of Adeara's firey body was all that held her remains.

Yet, if anyone were to gaze into that crater just now, they would see the ash slowly moving, as if something were living in it. Slowly, painstakingly, the ash gathered itself from where it had scattered and been blown. As it created a small pile, embers could be seen starting to glow. As more and more ash piled in, the embers glowed brighter and brighter. Finally, all the ash that were the shapeshifter's remains were gathered in that crater.

Suddenly, the ash burst into flame, and a horrifying shriek echoed across the battle. Rising from the flame was a tiny human-like form, her eyes reflecting the fire about her. Another shriek sounded as the tiny form shifted into a firebird, and burst forth from the fire.

Adeara had risen from the dead.

2002-07-15, 06:16 PM
"Frag it! I am not going to make it!" Cryhavoc groaned as he run towards Unicron's outer layers as fast as he could. I am not going to die here now! I have survived too long to die now!

Concentrating his all willpower he managed to transform into his spaceshuttle mode through the all pain it caused. Re-channeling all power his shield generator was producing to his front shields he blasted-off, neutronium engines roaring...


Trypticon heard the command and found it extremely difficult to obey. He wanted to destroy Unicron with his bare hands but he also understood what would happen if he was going to stay.

Angrily the Decepticon citycon twisted his makeshift spear inside Unicron and jumped away from Unicron into the space by the help of his thrusters...

2002-07-15, 06:18 PM
Ultra Magnus wasn't so quick to respond he was hit, but he slowly reactivaed, "Yes Hatemunger... I'm still on-line and I belive Fastlane and Cloudraker are as well. I suggest we follow through with our orders and fall back!"

Hot Rod kicked the cage down and picked up Lockpick again, "This ship have a med bay? I have to get to the bridge..."

Lord Zarak
2002-07-15, 06:19 PM
Exhausted from the fight, and out of energon Sky Lynx had crashed to the floor of Cybertron. Battered, and still with Hausa and Fulani inside of him, he had used the remaining onces of his strength to ensure their survival - his passenger compartment was surprisingly intact. The rest of his body was not. Leaking essential libricants, he wouldnt survive much longer in his current state.

"Save yourselves, we gave our all, and we have succeded." His eyes faltered.
"I'd be honoured...if you took my spark. Save it, and use it for what you must...please...I beg..y..you"

2002-07-15, 06:56 PM
Lockpick states "N... No... not a proper one. The Bridge will do. I can sit up and help steer the ship." her voice wavers slightly, shaken. "Is everyone okay?"

2002-07-15, 07:02 PM
Maintaining flight was difficult enough amidst the chaos surrounding Unicron, but Blackout was finding it even more difficult to stay airborne with the added burden of his damaged leader, Optitron. Flanked by the rest of the Renegades, Blackout opened a comm link and said,

"Renegades, locate an acceptable opening on the surface of Cybertron. We must land at once."

Driveby: "Damn, B, what we goin' down there fo'? Unicron ain' gon' let this piece o' sh*t cruise on by just cuz he ain't got no chest left!"

Blackout: "Would YOU like to carry Optitron?"

Driveby fell silent. Blazestarter and Magnacrunch didn't see the point in arguing with Blackout; his logic always superseded their action. Descending towards Cybertron, Blackout spotted Gigatron standing beside Optimus Prime, the Decepticon Matrix lifted high above his head.

Blazestarter: "Ooooooh, what what what's that on the ground next to Gigatron?"

Magnacrunch: "Duh, uh, it looks like Galvatron."

Blazestarter: "Neh neh neh, how how unfortunate...the mighty have fallen. What say we pledge allegiance to the new Decepticon leader...", he said as he raised his flamethrowers, "with a little firestorm?!?"

2002-07-15, 07:34 PM
"They should be fine, your ship got them all. They should be here very soon." Hot Rod carried her to the Bridge and set her in a seat, "We should try providing cover for Optimus Prime..."

2002-07-15, 07:44 PM
As Blazestarter aimed his lethal arm-mounted flamethrowers directly at the unsuspecting Gigatron, Blackout (having laid Optitron on the surface of Cybertron and transformed) grabbed Blazestarter by the head and said, "No, you imbecile! Unicron is of no more use to us...to fight on his side now is utter suicide. Let Gigatron and Optimus Prime do what they will to the behemoth; once Optitron is repaired and the Renegades are returned to full strength, THEN we shall unleash our fury upon them! Now, help me get Optitron to a repair bay, where we can begin to work!"

2002-07-15, 08:05 PM
Lockpick uses her arms to keep upright as she glances around, calming on the familiar set of the bridge.

"Good idea... " she reaches for a headset, nearly tumbling out of her seat, then pulls it on. "Let's see... gah, damage severe to most sensors. I have to go to video." she blinks, trying to refocus on the 200 degree view being fed to her. "So where is Optimus?"

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-07-15, 08:52 PM
Sixshot withdrew his attack, he realised the necessary damage had been enough to cause Unicron more trouble than he had bargained with.

He watched Gigatron carry his fallen leader's body to Cybertron's surface, Galvatron was lifeless, Sixshot knew in his own networks...

The ultimate sacrifice for the whole....

Sixshot flew down and transformed, glancing upwards at the Decepticon Matrix he pulled Galvatron's body into his arms, his head slumped to one side as the hollow optics echoed the eternity of space.

"Galvatron, today you fought well, valiantly, today we lose two brothers, and many more of our kind. Your life will not be in vain, Jhiaxus knew the sacrifice to be made, as did we all, some couldn't face their fates this day, some were un-willing to make that final judgement call, others fight on to the end..."


Grimlock's life force was barely keeping him functioning, the claws were taking their toll on his battered form...

As one last act of defiance Grimlock initiated his internal detonation sequencer and began to laugh.


Springer couldn't believe Grimlock's act of defiance. He refused to be taken out of Unicron, instead removing rubble from the blast Grimlock had caused...the last thing Springer heard was Grimlock's laugh and the explosion.

2002-07-15, 10:49 PM
Two beams...pure light...pure dark...one a soothing blue...the other a raging red...yet in these two would come one...one force powerful enough to stop a god...

Unicron saw the light...but there was little the dark god could do to stop its fury from tearing him apart. The impact hit him with the blast. Where once he could have downloaded his essence to a secondary NNP, Galvatron had seen to it that would not happen. Explosions could be seen from the planet Cybertron's surface Unicron was torn to pieces. Desperate Unicron transformed one last time...

I...I...how...so powerful...not possible...only...one...chance...left...

Seconds later an explosion blew Unicron to pieces. Spreading debris everywhere. Yet from the explosion, a tiny object flew off into the black of space. The body destroyed...the spirit crushed...from where only hours before deperation dominated the faint beating of hope now echoed. For all had become one in the hour of need. The vision that had always intended to be the race known as the Transformers had been fulfilled. On the surface, Optimus Prime and Gigatron looked to the stars and from those stars there was a promise...a promise that perhaps the brothers would put down their arms and work together...the promise that a lesson would be learned...a promise for hope.