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2002-07-15, 10:58 PM
Millions of miles from Earth, far beyond the reaches of our galaxy there is a planet inhabited by robotic lifeforms known as Transformers. For millions of years, two factions have fought a civil war...turning brothers against one another. Today, they fought their greatest battle...and they fought it together...as brothers...against their greatest foe, Unicron. The Transformers won, but not without taking heavy losses, including former Decepticon leader Galvatron, who passed the Matrix of Leadership to his top General, Gigatron.

From the surface of Cybertron, both Autobot and Decepticon look to the stars. Wondering where tomorrow will lead them, and how they will recover from the ordeal they have survived.

Pointblank: "How many gave their lives today...how many paid the greatest of prices...for those we have lost, for those who fought and died so that we might live, we will not forget your noble sacrifice. You will be honored as all the legends of Cybertron have been...good bye my friends...and thank you."

Pointblank looked down at the ground, would he have been able he would have wept at the death and destruction that permeated the area of his hime.

God Jinrai
2002-07-15, 11:08 PM
The brightness that once shone from the autobot matrix of leadership now dimmed to near non existance... the crystaline structure floated almost anemically back into its indestructable casing... holding it firmly, prime's torso plate opened, and silently, he returned it to its resting place... Taking a second glance at gigatron, hundreds of thoughts ran through optimus' mind... but prime chose to set them on hold... dropping down on his knees beside the one whom was once his dark counterpart, prime set his hand upon galvatron's torso plate...

" We...did it,Galvatron... we...won..." he spoke silently to the lifeless form... "Let us now hope... that we can live on...without the petty wars of dominance and conquest over the universe... and our home..."

Rising again, Optimus surveyed the area... nothing but vast destruction everywhere... and then he remembered...


had prime's face been visible, those around him would have seen a face full of hatred and rage as he charged across the ruins of his home city/state of Iacon... charging toward the last known location of the liege maximo's shuttle... as well as the liege himself... En route, he spotted dozens of his fellow brothers ... but no sign at all of the "other" he'd hoped was still alive... none the less, Optimus ran on... eventually reverting to vehicle mode in an effort to arrive faster at the location... arriving, he transformed once again, and let out a mighty shout...


2002-07-15, 11:20 PM
There's a funny thing about evil...no matter how much goodness is spread, evil just finds a way to survive.

As Prime screamed for the Liege to show himself, a large projection was shown before him.

Greetings noble Convoy...you didn't really expect to find me did you? My fleet lost, my generals either slain or turned against me, my legions crushed...no Convoy, I am no fool. For years I lurked as the dark shadow cast over Cybertron, on this day I have returned to such status...there will come a day Optimus when you shall once again behold the wisdom and the power that is the Liege Maximo. I will yet rule all I survey. I have other worlds, other fleets out there...my time is not yet finished Opitmus. In fact, the new era is almost upon us...can you sense it? Can you hear its silent call? It beckons you Prime...the darkness beckons you...don't fight it...soon all shall be one...under me! mwa-hahahahhahahahahahahhahaha!

The transmission flickered out, giving Prime no indication of where the Liege was...or what he was plotting next.

Quick Switch
2002-07-16, 02:22 AM
Quick Switch transformed to jet mode milliseconds before Unicron detonated.

Applying the appropriate amount of thrust, he communicated with Sixswitch.

"How bout a few energy bars back at Metrotitan, good buddy? Or should we play it safe and head back with Prime to see if Galvatron's really...dead," the six changer spoke the words as if he himself didn't truly believe them.

(OOC: Thanks again, Cryhavoc. Who knew that Abominus would become comic relief?)

On the shattered surface of Cybertron....the combiners huddled. By now, of course, Bruticus, Devastator, Menasor and Predaking had un-merged to their respective teams. Abominus had refused, citing the aweseome relic he now possessed: a Horn of Unicron.

"Abominus not un-merge. Abominus keep Horn for...proximity."

"That's posterity, idiot," Swindle chuckled.

Scrapper, Motormaster and Onslaught helped the heavily wounded Razorclaw to his feet.

"We shall report to Commander Astrotrain now." Scrapper stated the imperative as a statement. Motormaster and Razorclaw exchanged glances.

Onslaught raised his hands.

"Scrapper has a point. With Galvatron dead, the madness is finally over. The clique of the Unicron spawn has passed. Cylconus will never serve in a position of power again."

"Scourge is Astrotrain's top lieutenant, besides Soundwave." Motormaster crossed his arms. "Shouldn't we be concerned?"

"No," Razorclaw rasp-snarled, his vocoder wheezing. "If Scourge returns...I will follow him. If Scourge possessed enough strength to battle against Unicron's mental torture...yes. He is trustworthy."

Scrapper nodded.

"Gigatron is in command. Who else would be in contention for leadership? Cyclonus. Bah. Did he even fight? Shockwave...a contender. He is not to be underestimated. He may yet battle Gigatron for position of Leader. Hatemunger, though an excellent warrior, cannot lead. And Soundwave ensured Astrotrain's place as City Commander of Metrotitan..."

"Tactically, Astrotrain's position is secure as City Commander. From what I've learned, he served Soundwave and Gigatron well as liason with the humans on Earth...and you saw how he handled the City...let's make our report." Onslaught nodded.

The combiner teams walked into Metrotitan.


Astortrain sat in his office, sifting through his reports. He looked up from his chair at Soundwave.

"Is it truly over, Soundwave? The Liege Maximo's craft was never found...and how long will the Autobots tolerate this alliance with us? Who knows if Gigatron will not be ousted from power?"

The Triple Changer shook his head.

"Don't even ask. I have no plans for usurping Gigatron. I respect him, and he trusted me enough to lead the Decepticons on Earth. I will gladly continue as Metrotitan's Commander if Gigatron wills it...we have both served him well. I hope he continues to lead."

Astrotrain absently typed into his computer.

Directive: Ramjet's status as parolee is revoked. Even in death, he is damned as a traitor the Decepticon Cause for a failed coup attempt.

Directive II: The status of the Insecticons. If they are located, they are to be detained for further mind probes (conducted by Soundwave).

Directive III: Authorize Soundwave to use any means necessary to hunt for Autobot spies.

"Soundwave, please send out a communique to Commander Gigatron. I would very much like to speak to him...to pay him homage, and of course if he would like, to help discuss Decepticon plans for Cybertron. If he requires me to come to him, I will do so gladly. If he requests a formal ceremony at Metrotitan, I will gladly obey. Whatever he wills, Soundwave."

An Alpha Drone appeared, carrying Ramjet's head. The expression on it was one of shocked dismay. Astrotrain carefully took the head from the Drone, who bowed and left.

The Triple Changer placed Ramjet's head between the equally surprised heads of Darkwing and Dreadwind on Astrotrain's imposing desk.

"Such is the fate of all traitors," he muttered. Then he smiled.

2002-07-16, 02:38 AM
(I think I'm going to take what G91 posted about Gigatron leading the way out literally. Any sign of the rest of the Wreckers? )

Hosehead: -looking on in awe- "Now that's an explosion....."

Brainstorm: -in Sky Garry's engine room- "Is Unicron destroyed?"

Hosehead: "You know it! He's nothing but a bad memory!"

Minerva: -activates commlink- "Nightbeat?"


Minerva: "NIGHTBEAT!!"

Chromedome: -sets Siren's mutilated, unconscious body down- "We need a medic."

Roadbuster and Hardhead: -lower a severly injured(missing right leg, large chunk taken out of torso. Those claws are vicious) to the ground-

Roadbuster: -eyeing sadly the stump where his shrapnel cannon used to be- "We can try to call one. Anyone." -growls- "Not sure how much interference there is from the explosion, though."

Hardhead: -activates commlink- "Can anybody hear me? Thisis Hardhead of he Autobots. We have wounded." -sends out location coordinates- "If you can get aid to us, or direct us to it, it would be greatly apprecated." -sets message to repeat at 45 second intervals-

2002-07-16, 02:46 AM

"Where the heck am I?", kup thought as he gets up and sees he is in a ship

then he gets his radio and radios Hot Rod

"Hot Rod, this is Kup, can you pinpoint my location by this signal, I dunno where the heck I am, looks like im in a shipe of somesort", Kup said through the radio then he looks around

"heh, do I have to kick that door off or not?", kup thought as he sees a door infront of him, "hmm....just blast it off!"

Then he gets Recoil and blasts the door off

"Hmm...nothing but empty boxes...damn!", Kup said as he sees nothing in th eroom but boxes and some tables

Then he sees a energon cube and he eats it

"At least some left me a treat hehehe", kup thought as he consumed the energon

2002-07-16, 04:52 AM
Hatemonger heard a noise on his com-link and turned it up. He realised the Autobot Headmasters needed help.

"Autobots can you hear me. I am sending a gestalt team to pick you up and bring you back to Cybertron." with that Hatemonger looked to the Aerialcons and Crashticons and gave Skyblade the coordinates.

"Go figure, the ultimate fighter going on a rescue mission?" Skyblade laughed as the two teams merged into Dominator and flew towards the headmasters.

Dominator looked down at the wounded Autobots.

"Dominator told someone needs a lift." The gaint said placing his hand open near the Autobots.


Hatemonger had to think. Maybe Gigatron would not be a terrible leader, but in the back of his mind all he could think about was how this nightmare may not have occured if Gigatron had not given the Leige that package. How could Hatemonger follow the one Decpeticon other than Optitron and Jhixaus that was most responsible for the recreation of Unicron?

2002-07-16, 05:33 AM
OOC - Kup, you won't find many weapons on the Keeper, and the door wouldn't bust down that easily anyways. Sorry to spoil it for ya.


Sky Garry's voice emits from a wall "My Medical bay, albeit small, can sustain our friends until we get them to a true medic. First door on the right. Careful though, there's a slight break in my pressure seal, so prepare to compensate for pressure drop."

2002-07-16, 05:58 AM
Originally posted by Lockpick
OOC - Kup, you won't find many weapons on the Keeper, and the door wouldn't bust down that easily anyways. Sorry to spoil it for ya.

OOC:thats alright...only thing i havce to say is: EDIT time

Lord Zarak
2002-07-16, 09:57 AM
Swoop was flying around the skys of Cybertron looking for his leader, Grimlock, but could not find him. He tried countless times to contact him on the radio, but failed everytme. He saw Prime in Iacon and flew over to him.

"Optimus I cant find Grimlock. Do you know where he is?"

2002-07-16, 10:09 AM
All Bandit could say as the tractor beam pulled him up towards the keeper was the corniest line he could think of for the situation. "Going up!"

When he saw that he was in a cage inside the Keeper, he started laughing. "Haha.. Bwuhahaha..If only...Percy.. could see me now" Firebolt was thinking Bandit had gone mad. "Poor guy, that time inside Unicron must have been too much for him" he muttered. "No.. It's not that" Bandit said between laughs. "I know this guy on Earth. His name's Percy. He's always trying to get me behind bars. He would have loved to see me like this" he explained. "Yeah, a shame I don't have my camera with me" Rally replied. Bandit kicked open the cage and started looking for the bridge.

(ooc: Philcom, you can take control of Firebolt again)

2002-07-16, 10:35 AM
OOC -X-kup, check your Pm!

THe keeper's body gave a loud, audible groan as it moved away, on the fringes of the explosion. IT was so powerful one could swear the air heated up like a sauna in there before fading away.

"Life support is down." lockpick said into the silence following the explosion "but we should be okay till we land. IF we can land. Hod Rod, can you fly us to Cybertrond? I can't sit up and steer at the same time."

Then she toggled the intercom on.

"Attention those onboard. This is Lockpick, and you're on board a vessel called KEEPER OF THE DUSK APPLES. I'll explain later, but please, touch nothing, move nothing, and open no doors that aren't already open, except for the cages. THere's some stuff on this ship I hadn't got a chance to neutralize yet. Keep tight, we'll be home soon, and great job people! "

She toggled it off again, then slumped, rubbing her eyes. "I feel sick..." she murmers softly to herself, hardly audible to the others.

2002-07-16, 01:35 PM
"what the....", kupi thought as he can see a blurry surrounding infront of him and he feels dizzy, "it was a trap...da....AAAARRRGGGGGHH!!!"

Then a glow flashes inside his body and he screams in pain

"My curcuits!!! feels...like its burni....aAArrgbhghgh!! !Noooo...", kup said as he tries to keep himself on his toes but he trips and falls unconcious

Then Recoil transforms and checks on Kup

"Kup ol buddy, what the hell is goin on on you?! are you alright?!", recoil said to Kup as he tries to kup gain conciousness but to his dismay, Kup just lies motionless on the floor

OOC: read them locki ! :) hmm...but kup is poisoned by enrgon now lol!!! hheehhe or maybe dead who knows....

2002-07-16, 02:33 PM
The surface of the planet was scarred and pummeled by the bodies of its inhabitants. As Sky Lynx burrowed into the earth of Cybertron, his inhabitants were tossed about haphazardly.

Fulani was the first to stir as she was the smallest and most compact. "What the hell? I thought we won. Were we attacked, Sky Lynx?....Sky Lynx?"

Fulani forced open the doors and climbed out to the Cybertronian surface. Bodies littered the ground as she looked around. Then she looked on to Sky Lynx.

"Sky Lynx!? What..." She looked on with sympathy as her companion lay on the ground twisted and leaking fluids.

As he heard her voice, Hausa Macheinus rose and headed toward the bay doors. The towering black giant looked back at his companion and gasped.

Sky Lynx said: "Save yourselves, we gave our all, and we have succeded." His eyes faltered. "I'd be honoured...if you took my spark. Save it, and use it for what you must...please...I beg..y..you."

Fulani simply shook her head and cried out, "Hausa, we have to save him. He..."

"He is leaving us...there is but one way to save him." Hausa Macheinus transformed into his vehicular mode, a hearse. His back hatch opened and pincer cables shot out of the back to collect the body. Waves of energy rippled through Sky Lynx's body as Hauas Macheinus grappled the body.

"Hausa...wait!...you don't have to take his spark!!"

"I must take his spark...I must escort him to the One."

"Wait," Fulani said as she tried to bye time. "Perhaps you can hold it for him for a while. Maybe we can have him repaired and we can hold his body."

Hausa completed his protocols and released Sky Lynx's body. "You may do as you wish. It is my responsibility to ensure..."

"I understand. But if there is even a remote chance he can be repaired...maybe his life chances...perhaps his mission here is not complete. Maybe he will be reformatted like you were."

Hausa thought for a while as Fulani prepared the body to be dragged away. Hausa thought that the best thing to do was to put his friend to rest. But what if Fulani was right? Perhaps the great Sky Lynx was not done with his life's mission.

"We must inform the Dinobots of his passing," Hausa relented. "I am the keeper of the spark. I will maintain, and hold onto it, for a time...I remember a Grimlock from my times. He will accept the body."

2002-07-16, 02:44 PM
Trypticon hovered above Cybertron in his robot mode, watching the last remains of the Chaos Bringer floating aimlessly in the space. Shaking his head, the humongous Decepticon turned to look at Cybertron... first time fully seeing the homeworld of Decepticons before him.

How beautiful it was... and yet ravaged by thousands of vorns of warfare... not to mention the damages it had suffered when Unicron had attacked. Slowly the giant Decepticon began to stop marvelling at Cybertron and turned his gaze towards Fortress and Grand Maximus... Both of the gigantic Autobots were still alive...

Trypticon let his gaze fall upon Cybertron again, beginning to search for his brethen with his sensors... What we will do now...

2002-07-16, 04:45 PM
Bandit had found the bridge and entered. He had heard the announcement and was very curious about something. He stood next to Lockpick and asked her. "Just out of curiosity. What exactly did you mean with neutralizing the content of this ship. Might I ask what the content is? Maybe I can help" he said to the femme.

2002-07-16, 05:01 PM
Sixswitch laughed, this time in joy and relief. The menace was over. They had won. For now, all was in peace, and all was right.
"I hear ya!" he whooped over the comm as he sped away from the wreckage, hot on the tailpipe of Quick Switch.


The red and black craft that had escaped from Unicron orbited, almost lazily around Cybertron. Scourge was recovering, both mentally and physically from his ordeal. He was also running diagnostics on himself. Now, he was unsure of what exactly he was.

"answers will come in time. Rest now."
Can wait. We shall deal with the situation of the Empire later."
"Very well Fracas," Scourge concurred, and switched to low power mode once more.

2002-07-16, 05:19 PM
Hot Rod sat back for a moment resting. "It over... over." But one thought did enter his mind, that pest, Javelin was still out there, Hot Rod then sat uprite, "Ya... I take over. Lockpick, you just get some rest... Ok?" Hot Rod started on the job, taking the headset from her and placing it on himself, "I'm going to head for where the other ships are going..."

Firebolt joined Hot Rod, "I wonder what's going to happen now...?"

Magnus combined with his armor forming the Ultra Magnus everyone was used to, he responded to Hatemunger, "Ok I can use a lift... I have one question and it may seem kinda silly, But what of the Autobots and Decepticons now? Peace?"

2002-07-16, 06:23 PM
Gigatron watched Prime head off with a tinge of disinterest. WIth the greatest of battles over, he found himself able to relax - both physically and mentally. The lazy manner in which his head floated about would normally indicate circuit corruption, but this case was rather just weariness.

Chasing ghosts, Autobot...

His optics wandered down to his quiet hands, the right still clutching the black and purple casing of the Matrix. He'd forgotten about it. In one ginger motion, his chest plate dropped open and that same hand idly tossed the Matrix into his chest. His left hand came up from its rest, slapped the door shut, and fell again. Gigatron looked about... and fell to one knee, screaming. The pain was immense, but brief; just as quickly as he had descended into anguish, Gigatron rose back to his feet. He glanced at his hands, still the same white tools he'd grown so close to in recent times.

I don't understand. The Matrix... It should have... Hmph. No time for that. I have much to do.

A quick grasp of his chest to ease the residual pain, and Gigatron began to wonder what his next move should be. Peace? Certainly didn't seem--

"Commander Gigatron?" Soundwave. "Greetings and congratulations from Metrotitan Command. We witnessed your victory over Unicron via the city's sensors. I request your audience at Metrotitan CO Quarters, that we may discuss future Decepticon policy."

Gigatron stared into the distance momentarily, silently considering the prospect. He was quite low on fuel. Everything took a bit longer than usual.

"Affirmative, Soundwave. I am returning to Metrotitan now. Take a headcount of the surviving Decepticons, then organize a search mission to locate our missing numbers. Gigatron out."

Soundwave returned the customary double click as his affirmation, and the radio went silent. Having already homed in on the signal, Gigatron transformed to Devilformula mode and raced off for headquarters.


Soundwave, seated in one of Astrotrain's guest chairs, plopped his head into an empty hand. He glanced through reports encoded on a datapad in the other, lethargic at best. His request of Gigatron's accompaniment had drained the last of his business manner. Something was definitely concerning him. But, knowing Soundwave as the quiet, unemotional type, one would have some difficulty noting any difference in his personality. After a few last pages, he deactivated the pad and tossed it on the desk.

"Your message is sent, Astrotrain. He'll be here... sometime."

Soundwave sighed shortly, catching himself before he could truly reveal his emotions. With some difficulty, he again activated his radio transmitter and began a broadband transmission.

"Attention, Decepticons. This is Communications Officer Soundwave. All survivors of the battle with Unicron are to check in with Metrotitan in the next Earthen day. Repairs will be facilitated if necessary. If you happen upon any of our fallen comrades on your way, log their locations and report them on the Decepticon news bulletin. That is all."

Again Soundwave sighed. He just couldn't wait for the big meeting...

2002-07-16, 06:45 PM
OOC - Kup, don't go giving away the plot now, dear. *wink* Let people wonder OOC,ly as well as ICly.

Lockpick nods, looking a bit grey as she slumps forwarfds in the chair, optics dim, but not out as she just sits there, resting.

On the planet's surface, Taikoon struck the ground at an angle, throwing his passengers forwards viciously and digging a deep trench in the ground. Coming to a final stop, the riders ARE thrown off, right over the dragon's head.

2002-07-16, 06:48 PM
On Cybertron's orbit an enormous black form of the mightiest Decepticon battlefortress Trypticon began a landing procedure to join other Decepticons at Metrotitan.

To make sure he would have enough space Trypticon sent out a clarification signal to Soundwave. //"Trypticon to Soundwave. I will land within a breem."//

Shortly after the enormous Decepticon battlefortress began descending through Cybertron's atmosphere, he transformed into his T-Rex mode where he felt more comfortable in and began to use his brake thrusters to slow his speed down.

For in the shadow of Trypticon even Metrotitan was small and if the giant's landing would not work out... he might found himself buried few miles under Cybertron's surface and Metrotitan with him...

2002-07-16, 06:48 PM
For some, the destruction of Unicron was a victory, THE victory, the greatest victory ever known. For others, the opening of the Autobot and Decepticon Matrices stood as the greatest defeat, for as any Transformer worth his logic chips will tell you, the light isn't everyone’s cup of tea. There are those in the world of the Transformers who, had they gotten their way, would have seen that light extinguished, the world of Cybertron mangled and crushed, and the species of the Transformers gone forever. They are the creations of an unknown power, the instruments of a vengeful force’s hatred for the Transformers. A force that, unbeknownst to them, is just about ready to reveal itself.

They are...

The Renegades

On the surface of the planet Cybertron, behind a tower toppled by Unicron, stood the four subordinate Renegades: the ganster purple low rider (Driveby), the maniacal black/white and orange hot rod (Blazestarter), the powerful, plodding tan car cruncher (Magnacrunch), and their leader, the super-smooth black helicopter (Blackout). They stood in a tight circle, and on the ground between them laid their commander, the infamous silver tank (Optitron).

Magnacrunch: Duh....so whadda we do?

2002-07-16, 07:03 PM
Sunstreaker, Blaster, Jazz and, Taikoon Landed quite roughly Jazz and Blaster immdeatly checking over Taikoon's damages.

Sunstreaker began to help a crew lifting injured and deard bodies away to emd labs

"You okay Taikoon?" Jazz asked

"Man that was seriously messed I think I pushed him to hard" Blaster retorts

"You wanted to fight for the planet any autobot woulda done the same" Jazz replied.

Powerblade walked past everyone still carrying his brother into the med lab, his frame looked like it could collapse from stress at any moment, but he kept walking.

Karandras had landed on the shuttle surface watching Prime and Liege hologram. "Interesting fairly easy to trace sadly I'm not bothered to, there is no need there will be no one here next time he comes infact there won't be any Cybertron either" he says with a chuckle unheard by anyone outside his shuttle.

2002-07-16, 07:40 PM
Hatemonger heard the announcment and didn't really care.

"What head count? Skystalker is atomized and Stealth and Darklark are floating somewhere in space." he spat. "And now we have the one remaining Decepticon most responsable for all of this." he growled and turned around.

"Dominator bring back the Autobots can return to Metrotitan our glorious new leader wishes to talk to us." Hatemonger began to walk towards Metrotitan his massive frame towering over the wounded and fallen.

"Dominator will be back on Cybertron soon enough." he said holding the wounded Autobots in his hands. He was tempted to crush them and scatter their bodies in space but began his decent back to the surface.

2002-07-16, 08:41 PM
Having finally gotten control of herself, Adeara landed on Cybertron near Prime. She hadn't planned to land there, but she did. Returning to her Cybertronian form, the Ta'Kaalen waited till the holographic Maximo was finished to speak.

"Commander of the Autobots. I am Adeara Stormweaver. I was one of Maximo's commanders. Since he has apparently lost and fled, I am abandoned here. Since you and Galvatron's forces won this day, I turn myself over as a Prisoner of War. Do as you will with me, but know that I cannot die, at least not easily. You can keep me, or turn me over to Galvatron or his replacement if he is no longer among the functioning. Either way, I surrender to the victors. Do as you will with me."

Adeara stood there, simply waiting for a response.

Lord Zarak
2002-07-16, 09:54 PM
After hearing the announcement, and reading the body language of Hatemonger, Shockwave spokje up. "Hatemonger, you and I share a distrust of Gigtron" said Shockwave quietly. "I suggest an alliance to rid ourselves of Gigatron, and have him replaced, not by one of us two, but a subordinate. We would be the, as the humans say, "The Power Behind the Throne"

2002-07-16, 09:58 PM
Taikoon lay there a moment, stunned by the crash, before slowly lifting his head and peering at JAzz and blaster, his wings twitching "Taikoon... working." he finally states, heaving himself up again. "Evil god... gone. We won" he finishes, startled. There was no triumph in his voice though. Just weariness and a gladness that it was over

2002-07-16, 10:11 PM
Hatemonger looked at Shockwave.

"I do not wish to dethrone Gigatron, at least yet. If he cannot prove himself as leader, then I will have no problems with that." Right now though I know of three warriors that were comrades of mine at one time. I am going to go talk to Gigatron and see if I can round them up for a few more aces in the hole if you will." Hatemonger smiled slyly.

"Shockwave you can keep an eye on Gigatron, learn more about him, study him from there we can decide on our next course of action. know one thing I do not wish to create another rift in our forces like Jhixaus and Optitron did. Our constant fueding is what has kept us all down." Hatemonger then got onto his com-link.

"Lord Gigatron, given the current dismay of our forces I am seeking permission to seek out new warriors or at the very least new faces to assist us all. May I have permission to do this, I should be able to complete this task within a few Earth days."
With that Hatemonger walked with Shockwave and waited.

2002-07-16, 10:19 PM
Sixswitch landed on the surface of Cybertron, transformed into robot mode, and shunted his blasters into subspace. He took a deep breath.
"Aaaah, the smell of peace," he smiled at Quick Switch.
"There's a lot to be done, and I expect Prime will want a debriefing soon. But now, I'm in the mood to kick back and relax. Any ideas?


"You are now at operational strength. However, now is not the time to act. Gigatron will assemble his troops. He will want to consolidate his position. It would be wise to allow him to do so."

"Yes, you're right. For now, we shall go to Metrotitan, speak to Soundwave, or Astrotrain."

Scourge angled down, and entered Cybertron's atmosphere, seeking out the city base that he knew so well.

(OOC: Feel free to have your characters interact with him on the way. Maybe Metrotitan will scan him?)

Quick Switch
2002-07-16, 10:20 PM
Quick Switch landed, and transformed to robot mode and debated for a while, then said:

"Yeah. Let's head over to Prime. He'll need some people to watch his back. I don't trust the Cons, now more than ever. What do you say?"


The combiner squads assembled inside Metrotitan, and checked in with an Alpha Drone, who had set up a roll call station of sorts.

They listened as Trypticon landed.

Carried by his fellow Predacons, Razorclaw was taken to the nearest repair bay.

Scrapper motioned Onslaught and Motormaster into a huddle.

"It's decided then. We support Gigatron as Leader."

" Rather a 'tron in power than a 'wave," Motormaster growled. Sound or Shock, Scrapper and Onslaught decided.

"Of course. I'd be interested to see who makes the move first, really. Shockwave or Hatemunger. Or both. Or perhaps someone else? Our leadership struggles always do turn nasty anyway..." Onslaught chuckled. The three squads shuffled toward the living quarters.


Outside Metrotitan, Abominus gawked as Trypticon landed, and took up the entire area devoted for the landing strips.

"Wow," he said.

Now, what about that Horn? He didn't want someone to steal it...and he had to get inside.

A shambling epiphany washed over his braincase: Subspace!

Concentrating with a huge amount of effort, the Horn disappeared thanks to the collective amount of Terrorcons storage. Abominus un-merged, and the Terrorcons walked inside. Time for an energon break.


Astrotrain nodded in thanks as Soundwave relayed the news.

Astrotrain thought Soundwave sounded more weary than usual, but was he simply hearing things? In any case, he cleaned up his office, and waited for Gigatron to arrive.

Metrotitan rumbled a warning:

"Scourge returns, Commander."

Astrotrain sat up.

"Grant him clearance at once. Run a cursory scan...of course."

After a moment, the City answered.

"Normal scans indicate Scourge is functioning...with a slight abnormality."

Astrotrain shrugged.

"Soundwave will discover anything unusual." He then pressed his speaker-comm:

"Scourge, report to my office at once! Commander Gigatron is expected!"

2002-07-16, 10:27 PM
"Sounds good to me," Sixswitch afirmed, transforming into battle tank mode, and revving his engines.
"Scanning now. Ah, I have a fix. Shall we move?"

Without waiting for a reply, he began to pull away toward Prime's location.


(OOC: Yup, his Decepticon signature hasn't changed, just his body)

"They've detected me. No matter, I was going to show up eventually. I wonder how they'll react to this new form."

Quick Switch
2002-07-16, 10:30 PM
Quick Switch transformed to drill tank mode.

"Let's." He followed his partner as they located Prime...

2002-07-17, 12:15 AM
Gigatron grumbled inwardly at Hatemonger's radio message. Not that it was in any way vehement, just that... it was him.

"Very well, Hatemonger," he replied. "Recruitment is always is our greatest interest. However, do not be away long. We all have much to do."

Distracted by the radio conversation, Gigatron had not noticed the road before him - Optimus Prime, and a vaguely familiar femme. Suddenly it hit him: this had been one of Jhiaxus' troops. And more, she appeared to be surrendering to the Autobot commander. Pure comedy. Gigatron crashed down on the brake, screeching to a halt just behind Prime.

"A proud Cybertronian warrior giving herself to the true lords of this world? I'd like to detain her myself, Autobot. She wears the Decepticon brand. My people may have more luck learning what we can from her than Autobots would."

The cabin canopy popped open and slid back, allowing Adeara entrance, and enticing Optimus to agree to the surrender.

2002-07-17, 02:56 AM
"Excellent Hatemonger out." Hatemonger laughed turning off his com-link.

"Fool Gigatron is already more foolish than I thought." Hatemonger looked to Shockwave.

"Like I said goto this meeting. I have a few other plans." Hatemonger then called to the Crashticons and Aerialcons.

"Crashticons, Aerialcons goto the meeting and keep informed. Skyblade I have a special task for you. Create some desention for our new leader, I know you are friends with Onslaught and both of you saw Gigatron go back in time while we were gaurding the Plasma Energy Chamber for those fools Jhixaus and Optitron." Hatemonger said.

"Your sure you don't want us to go with you?" Skyblade asked.

"No you have your mission. Hatemonger out." With that Hatemonger took to the sky knows the location of the three warriors he needed to seek out.


Skyblade acted on the message standing with the other combiner teams.

"Onslaught you know my biggest worry is can we trust Gigatron?" He looked at Onsluaght and the other Gestalt team leaders.

"Think about it, he is responsable for Unicron almost as much as Optitron and Jhixaus were. If he had not brought those plans to the Liege none of this would have happened. So how can we trust this guy. Not that I am trying to push for my boss as leader, but Hatemonger did keep all of alive with only some injury to Razorclaw, otherwise the Combiners and nearly all of the other troops that Galvatron told Hatemonger to collect are here and fully online. I would trust that far more than this scumbag Gigatron." Skyblade said and waited ready for a firestorm.

Quick Switch
2002-07-17, 03:34 AM
Onslaught crossed his arms.

"The Plasma Energy Chamber...that seems so long ago..."

Scrapper rose, and, in a venomous mood, did indeed attempt to start a firestorm.

"You dare question the successor to Lord Galvatron?"

Motormaster just scoffed, and Hun-Grr merely shrugged.

Onslaught laughed.

"Loyal Scrapper...your points are well made, Skyblade, but the fact remains- Galvatron designated Gigatron as Leader. By Cybertron Law, we are bound to accept the departing leader's request- the Autobots did the same sort of thing when Optimus Prime 'died' and passed the Matrix of Leadership on to Ultra Magnus."

What the Combaticon tactician did not add, of course was:

And look how that turned out.

Onslaught whispered.

"Skyblade, if you and Hatemunger are involving yourselves with Shockwave, I'd think again. Where was he prior to this battle, all these years? Isn't it convenient he shows up, now, attempting to assume the mantle of leadership?"

Motormaster laughed.

"Aw shucks. Just let 'em fight it out!"

The Terrorcons and Stunticons (sans Dead End) roared with laughter at this little jibe.

2002-07-17, 03:45 AM
"Hatemonger is not an idoit, I know he realises Shockwave would not be a great leader. However I think Hatemonger has something up his sleeve, which I am sure we will learn soon enough. Sides, if Shockwave is willing to get slagged by Gigatron, all the better." Skyblade said.

Hit just started running around laughing the name.
"Ultra Magnus!" over and over agian until Skyblade smacked him upside the head.

"Stop that! This is an important matter here." Skyblade said as Scrapheap walked over.

"I look at it like this, I will follow whoever pays attention to me which was and still is Hatemonger. Galvatron didn't, Gigatron didn't by the inferno Deathzaurus paided more notice to all of us then they did."

2002-07-17, 06:41 AM
Karandras glared out from his cockpit at Adeara "There she is" He growled slamming his fist down

"Dammit I swear I felth her signature fade why did I not know it was back untill I saw her" he muttered to himself then it dawned on him.

"I shut her signature out after it faded ofcourse, she needs to do something telepathic again or I can deal with her now" The shuttle transformed back into robot mode ripping out the pulse laser out aiming at Adeara.

"No" he re-attached the laser to his back "No not now she will be alone soon" Karandras said walking out the Shadows and into full view staring at Adeara and the other Transformer.

2002-07-17, 06:51 AM
Sixswitch detected the new arrivals on the scene up ahead, and communicated with Quick Switch.
"Don't look now, but this place is getting crowded."
He accelerated forwards, weapons switching to ready status as he arrived on Prime, Gigatron, Adaera and Karandras's position.

Coming to a stop alongside Prime, his turret swivelled into position. Not a sign of agression - yet, just a sign of readiness.

"Here come the cavalry," he told Prime over the comm.

2002-07-17, 08:17 AM
Originally posted by Lockpick
OOC - Kup, don't go giving away the plot now, dear. *wink* Let people wonder OOC,ly as well as ICly

OOC: OKie dokie....but i wonder why Hot Rod didnt pick the message that Kup sent before he drank that energon that gave him the "heeby geebees" ;)

2002-07-17, 09:25 AM
((Right. you gonna post something now, Kup dear? *G*))

Lockpick remains in the seat, still.

Sky Garry is surrouned by reentry fire as he heads for Iacon on a very shallow entry, that would take him around the world twice before he could land. But it was either that or his passengers and himself cook to death.

"Hold on. This will be shaky" he warns the others, and the exhausted Shotbomber grips the seating tightly

((BTW, I'm going on vacation, so no net access from the 21-28th. Lockpick will be in medbay, Sky Garry exhausted and being repaired as well as Shotbomber... not sure what to do with Taikoon yet. I think he'll go off hunting for a while.))

2002-07-17, 11:26 AM
Hatemonger walked onto a large metallica area, ravaged by the war and looked around.

"I know they use to be here. Where are they?" Hatemonger aske himself as he scanned the area drawing Railgun and Doubleshot was still on his back, just in case something was up. With that he got his answer.

Suddenly, two missles slammed into the ground near him sending him flying.

Yup this is the place! Hatemonger thought.

"Salvo, Legion is that you?! Stop firing now if it is!" Hatemonger yelled out and hoped the two Decepticon soilders would listen.

Lord Zarak
2002-07-17, 01:59 PM
Under the pretence of acceptance, Shockwave approached Gigatron.
"Gigatron, may I be of use during the aggregation of our dispersed troops? It would be logical to send out an all frequencies transmission, to reach all our troops where-ever they may be".

After not getting an answer from Prime, Swoop took off to the skies of Cybertron to look for his fellow Dinobots .

2002-07-17, 02:22 PM
Blackout looked up from his fallen leader into the visor of his comrade Magnacrunch. The Renegade second in command said,

"Do? Only one thing we can do now....we must transport Optitron to the creator, the giver of life, so that he may restore the Renegades to their former glory and make certain that our next attempt to place Optitron at the head of the Decepticons will be successful. First, however, we must find a ship. Blazestarter, Driveby. Transform and head for the gathering place the Decepticon broadcasts spoke of. Wait outside until you can find a Decepticon you suspect will be willing to help us...a Decepticon capable of flying all five of us....to Earth..."

(OOC: Anyone in control of a Decepticon capable of fitting all five Renegades in an alt mode that can fly to Earth, PLEASE PM me. It will make for a more interesting storyline than the Renegades simply stealing a ship.)

2002-07-17, 03:12 PM
The ground shook violently under Trypticon as the massive citycon landed next to Metrotitan.

"Who commands the Decepticons now?" He growled, turning his massive head with powerful jaws full of teeth towards Metrotitan.

Then a wicked grin spread to his face as the giant decided to ask a single question he had always wanted to hear an answer to, mostly because it amused him to see the smaller Decepticons get nervous in front of him. "What if I want to lead?"

2002-07-17, 04:05 PM
(I'm guessing we've been delivered into the waiting arms of... Metrotitan? Eep....)

Roadbuster: -standing guard over the repair bay beds of Nightbeat and Siren, the gashes and rends in his armor still unlooked at(Not for lack of anyone trying. He just doesn't trust Decepticon doctors), his internal repair systems have long since cut off the damaged fuel lines, fuming quietly, activates commlink- "Springer, Whirl, Broadside.... any Wrecker within range. Do you read me?"

Nightbeat: -stirs slightly, mumbles- "But I don' wanna pet the doggie, mommy......" -fades back into the sweet blackness of total unconsciousness-

Chromedome and Hardhead: -walk into repair bay-

Chromedome: "Gentlemen.... we have peace."

Hardhead: "Lots of animosity, but peace."

Siren: -weakly- "Better make sure they don't stop giving us that hazard pay bonus, huh."

Roadbuster: -ignoring the conversation around him, still trying to contact any of the Wreckers-

2002-07-17, 04:14 PM
Adeara turned as Gigatron landed. Oh, great. Gigatron. But I'd rather put myself in his hands than anyone else's. As Gigatron spoke, she wondered about her old commander, Galvatron. It seemed he was dead, if Gigatron was 'asking' Prime to turn her over to him. When the cabin canopy opened, Adeara began walking towards him, without waiting for Prime's response. Better to go to Gigatron now then be detained by that Autobot... Though as she walked, wisps of smoke rose from the ground she touched. It seemed her fire abilities were so strong after her 'death' that they were actually showing her slight irritation at the events that had taken place here.

2002-07-17, 04:56 PM
Scourge heard the incoming transmission, and pondered his response.

"Some Decepticons are still allies. It may be wise to find those," Fracas prompted.
"Scourge to Astrotrain, I hear and acknowledge. Expect my arrival promptly."

The sleek craft shot down towards Metrotitan, and as one of the landing bay doors slid open, Scourge flew inside, and transformed to his robot form.

"Ah, it still looks the same."
"Lieutenant Scourge?" a subordinate asked as he recognised the voice, but there was confusion there, which was understandable given his new form.
"As ever was. You've been assigned to escort me to Astrotrain's office?"
The subordinate warrior nodded in the affirmative.
"Then lead on," Scourge offered, and the warrior scurried out of the room, Scourge following smoothly behind him.

Arriving at the destination, he pressed the door buzzer and stepped inside.

"You asked to see me. Astrotrain?" he asked, with just a hint of humour as he wondered at what the City Commander's reaction would be.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-07-17, 07:44 PM
Sixshot scooped up the body of his fallen leader in his arms and opened a channel to Gigatron

*Decepticon commander Gigatron, this is General Sixshot I believe in your haste you left something behind that requires immediate attention. I am, of course, talking of our leader -- Galvatron. I'm bringing in his body so that he may take his deserved eternal rest in The Decepticon Crypt and be remembered as the GREATEST Decepticon our race has known. Sixshot out*

Sixshot began walking in the direction of Metrotitan, Galvatron's lifeless corpse flopped in Sixshot's arms as he walked amongst the chaos and debris of the battle.


The combined force of the matrixes and the resulting detonation of Unicron had flung Springer into orbit of Cybertron. There he floated, un-moving, un-daunted by what had happened, and un-aware of who he was...his radio crackled, intereference was massive..

**"Spr....r, Whirl, Br.....de.... ......ecker wit......ra..e. Do y.. re.. me?"**

Springer floated for a brief second, gazing over Cybertron's shattered surface before returning to his unconscious state once more...

God Jinrai
2002-07-17, 08:32 PM
"...I'd prefer to deal with this one myself, Gigatron." Prime awoke from a near hazed state after witnessing the hologram... as he turned toward the destron commander and the shapeshifter...

"I would hope that won't be a problem. The last thing I need right now is another squabble on my hands. Galvatron granted you the matrix because he felt you the wisest among his peers and would be a suitable repacement... one that could civily deal with his former nemesis... me."

2002-07-17, 08:41 PM
He was heavy.

As Hausa Macheinus drug the body across the Cybertronian surface, Fulani was exhausting herself trying to keep Sky Lynx's head from dragging. Hausa had insisted that his old friend be treated with dignity. It seemed odd, because Hausa usually treated bodies emptied of their sparks as lifeless husks.

"Damn it, he's heavy," she cried out. But her cry was unanswered as Hausa Macheinus continued to drive on in vehicular mode.

"You aren't much of a conversationalist, Hausa." She was flying along with a head in her hands and was amazed that she could not even get a conversation going to pass the time.

Fulani had all but given up when she happened to glance up in the air. The Dinobot Swoop had taken off to the skies of Cybertron.

"Hausa..." Fulani said, "doesn't he look familiar? Look up."

Hausa Macheinus had been focussed on a singular goal: return his only friend, Sky Lynx, back to the Dinobots. He had grown attached to his comrade and now he lay deactivated. Fallen. A victim of Unicron.

But at Fulani's request his radar detected an Autobot flying overhead. "What?" he said.

"Swoop!?" Hausa cried out.

Hausa Macheinus radioed the Dinobot Swoop to better transmit his message. "Swoop...down below!!! Down below! Autobot is down. Please assist."

2002-07-17, 11:04 PM
"Hail who goes there!?" a voice with a bit of a Russian-ish accent spoke from the darkness.

"Legion is that you?" Hatemonger asked.

"What Hatemonger what are you doing here?" Legion asked stepping forward his massive frame coming into view as his smart-paint turned off. He was followed by another equally massive robot of similar color.

"I have can to recruit you two again." Hatemonger smiled.

"And for what I might ask." Legion scowled.

"To rejoin the Decepticon ranks. And to serve under me not whoever the leader of the Decpeticons is well unless it becomes me." Hatemonger laughed.

"Why who leads the cons now?" Salvo growled his eyes glowing.

"A fool named Gigatron, for whatever reason Galvatron decided to allow the Decepticon matrix to be in this fools hands." Hatemonger spoke. "This Gigatron nearly killed us all by going back in time and allowing Leige Maximo to rebuild Unicron who was only stopped by a massive assualt from Autobots, Decpeticons and Mini-cons..." he was cut of by Legion.

"Mini? Con? What is that?" He asked.

"This." Hatemonger said as Railgun and Doubleshot transformed into their robot modes.

"These are mini-cons. Meet Rail Gun and Doubleshot." Hatemonger said pointing to the two smaller robots beside him.

"Yo!" Railgun said.

"Hey." Doubleshot said then both transformed and reattached to Hatemonger.

"Cool I need alot of those." Salvo laughed.

"But back to Business Hatemonger, whats in it for us?" Legion scowled.

"You rejoin our ranks no more Megatron or Galvatron. This fool Gigatron can be easily outsted if I get enough warriors. I have the Aerialcons and Crashticons already as my loyal soilders and friends. If you will help me I know of one maybe two more warriors who would make an intersting piece of this puzzle." Hatemonger paused then spoke agian.

"Also, many other Decepticons don't trust Gigatron. I know Shockwave will assist me in whatever my plan is..."

Legion chimed in again.

"Yeah I'd trust Shockwave." He growled.

"That is my concern Legion. Eitherway if something happens and I become leader or of higher rank I will rewards all of you." Hatemonger smiled.

"Well Hatemonger has never fooled us before, if not for him we never would have got out of that Autobot ambush on Zylon-12." Salvo said looking at Legion.

"Sure why not. I am sick of being stuck on this side of Cybertron anyway." Legion said extending his hand to Hatemonger.

"Excellent welcome back to the fold my friends." Hatemonger said taking to the sky.

"Now if you follow me I have a few more friends to see today." With that the three warriors went to find the next warrior Hatemonger knew of.

2002-07-17, 11:54 PM
Blaster sat on a rock staring at Metro-titan feeling sadness. He had lived on that guy since he was built even commanded it for a while and then in a matter of a few days he tried to destroy it with his cassettes... all of which except two were dead as was Brawn.

"What did the leige revive that bad home boy there was no point other then to wreak havoc" Blaster asked himself.

"It's what Decepticons do you know that" Jazz replied walking up beside him handing him an energon cube which Blaster took a drink from.

"He tried to kill other decepticons" Blaster said in repliance

"Starscream tried to kill Megatron" Jazz said to counter

"I guess you're right they don't care even about their own" Blaster took another drink from the energone jube leaving it empty setting it down

"We better get back to work" Jazz said standing setting his cube down aswell

"Yeah" Blaster turned his abck to metrotitan then walking back to a giant pile of ruble they were clearing.

2002-07-17, 11:58 PM
Adeara stopped in midstep. Turning slowly, she stared at Prime. "Are you so sure you want to deal with a shapeshifter that can melt you where you stand? Or shift into a creature that can crush you as easily as you can crush a tiny fleshling?" Adeara's voice held no emotion as her optics flared a firey red. "If you choose to deal with me, that is what you will get, and I will not be held responsible for the damages. At least Gigatron knows a little about me, and how to deal with me."

With that, she crossed her arms about her chest, and waited to see what happened next.

2002-07-18, 12:12 AM
Hot Rod was starting to get very tired himself, being plauged by a strong headache, it took him a moment to realize Kup had called him. He sat up and spoke through the ship's comm, "Kup... hay man, you all right back there? ...Kup?" Hot Rod was simply too tired to move from his seat, he had Firebolt transform into robot form, "Firebolt see if Kup is alright will ya?" Firebolt nodded and ran off.

Firebolt soon reached the cargo area and spotted Kup laying on the floor. Firebolt shook him a bit. "Kup? Can you hear me?"

God Jinrai
2002-07-18, 01:39 AM
"...as you like then, ta'kallean..." Prime slowly started to turn away, but caught himself...

"And Gigatron. We need to discuss matters as to what's to become of us as soon as possible... I'd like to set a council in a neutral site... the last remaining place of sanctity on cybertron... the temple to primus in the ruins of crystal city. Bring your primary command staff, and those others you would feel most trustworthy and useful in at least attempting to more permanently unify our factions... I'll do the same. Ten megacycles should be more than enough time for you to regroup... and please. only those I've mentioned. no full gestalt teams or anything signifying hostilities. we're trying to SAVE what's left of our planet. not slag ourselves closer to extinction."

With those words, Prime transformed, burning off toward central iacon command...

Not long after, and through a fairly uneventful trip, he arrived once more at the command center...

"Pointblank... gather Prowl and the remaining command staff... as well as those who would best aid us in forming a "cybertronian council"... to maintain affair of both autobot as well as decepticon. We've nine megacycles to assemble the crew and get to the temple of primus in the ruins of crystal city. It's the most remote and neutral place on cybertron at the moment... and moreso, no one... autobot nor decepticon would dare start battle there, not unless they sought the wraith of those who keep watch over the temple."

2002-07-18, 01:41 AM
Hatemonger Leigon and Salvo traveled across Cybertron to an area few had been in.

"Be care, I know Cryotek laided alot of traps around here." He told the two military robots.

"Yup thats why we are gonna wait for you right here." Legion smiled shoeing Hatemonger away.

"Fine I should be back soon enough." Hatemonger grumbled and walked towards a rather rusted door.

"Hmm Cyrotek usally lived in more upscale places than this." Hatemonger said opening the door, suddenly he heard a buzzing sound and docked as a blue laser stream flew by him turing the ground where it hit into solid ice.

"Great!" Hatemonger growled and blew the laser off of the ceiling.

I need to keep my eye's peeled someone does not like salesmen. Hatemonger thought entering Cryoteks hideout.

Cryoteks hideout had an intersting feel for the largest Criminal Cybertron has ever know. Somewhere between a full gun-runner drug cartel and a mad scientist Cryotek's lair lied.

Hatemonger looked around and saw the robot he needed to speak to Cryotek's massive ice blue frame struted across the floor to a boiling beaker his targetmaster bird Chro fluttered above him.

"Cryotek I need to speak to you." Hatemonger said as the massive frame stopped and turned around.

"Hatemonger why are you here. I told you not to come to my hideout ever." Cryotek held the dragon head on his arm towards Hatemonger.

"Now is that any way to treat a friend?" Hatemonger smiled extending his hand towards Cryotek.

"Bah slag it, you never did listen to me anyway!" Cryotek laughed and put his hand down.

"So you decide to give up that general slag and go where the money is?" Cryotek asked turning off his experiment so he could so talk to Hatemonger.

"I've came to ask you to join me. Come back to the fold and help me possibly gain leadership from a new Decepticon that came from the future..." Cryotek cut him off.

"The future you say." Cryotek said yes.

"Yes a warrior named Gigatron is our new leader...." Cryotek cut him off again.

"Say no more I will help you." Cryotek said as Chro squaked.

"Ok that was easy enough." Hatemonger said looking at Cryotek.

"Why at the mention of Gigatron did you snap right up?" Hatemonger asked.

"Thats for me to know Hatemonger. I will help you and be your planner and killer that simple." Cryotek said tapping on a com-link system.

"If one other person is willing to help me I think we can make an intersting splash with Gigatron." Cryotek smiled and waited for a reply on the screen.......

Quick Switch
2002-07-18, 02:36 AM
Quick Switch spun his drill expactantly as he stopped on the other side of Prime.

"I agree. With more potentital hostilies, no less. Keep sharp, keep alert good buddy."


Onslaught shrugged.

"We wait and see. Once the leadership decides on a position, then we'll know which way power flows, as Megatron use to say..."


"Gigatron leads!" The massive city Metrotitan responded to his counterpart's taunt.

Metrotitan laughed at Trypticon.

"Trypticon lead? Bah. Trypticon merely glorified stomper!"


Astrotrain didn't acknowledge Sixshot's transmission, and his brow furrowed. Besides Thrust, no other body had been laid in state in Metrotitan's makeshift tomb. Galvatron would be a fitting addition.

A little later, Astrotrain rose (a trifle unsteadily) as Scourge entered.

The Triple Changer moved out from behind his desk...and gaped.

"Scourge? Is that...you?" The normally confident Astrotrain was taken slightly aback. For one thing...Scourge seemed more...streamlined. The other, of course, that his color palette had shifted from various shades of blue to red and black. Or was he seeing things.

At least Scourge had kept his beard.

2002-07-18, 03:06 AM
Chromedome: -activates commlink- "Brainstorm, you hear me?"

Brainstorm: -over commlink- "Chromedome! You're alive?"

Chromedome: "I should hope so. Either that or we're taking up room in this repair bay for no good reason."

Brainstorm: "Repair bay? Where are you?"

Chromedome: "We're in.... um, how best to put this......... Downtown Decepti-ville."

Brainstorm: "WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?"

Chromedome: "We're in Metrotitan's repair bay. One of the Decepticon gestalt teams rescued us. Good thing, too. We almost lost Nightbeat and Siren. They're gonna live, but neither one of them will be playing rock'em sock'em robots anytime soon."

Brainstorm: "I'll tell Minerva."

Chromedome: "See you soon, then." -deactivates commlink-

-Sitting on a low bench in Sky Garry's repair bay is Minerva. The best way to describe how she looks would be catatonic. She sits there, seeing nothing, staring blankly into space. Her battered transector sits in vehicle mode off to one side. To the casual observer, it's obvious that she has been crying, but is now unmoving..... as if her brain has decided that shutting down is the best course of action.-

Hosehead: -walks in to repair bay, sees Minerva- "Minerva?"

Minerva: "..."

Hosehead: -after some careful manouvering, sits on the floor next to Minerva- "You okay?"

Minerva: "..."

Hosehead: -sighs wearily, bows head forward- "I miss them, too."

Minerva: "..."

Brainstorm: -runs in repair bay- "Minerva! Hosehead! I've got good news! THEY'RE ALIVE!"

Hosehead: -looks up- "But.... we saw......."

Brainstorm: "Apparently they got out right before the explosion. One of the Decepticon gestalts saved them."

Hosehead: -scrambles to feet- "Where are they?"

Brainstorm: "Chromedome said they're in Metrotitan's repair bay."

Brainstorm and Hosehead: -look over at Minerva's transector in surprise as it's engine starts and the lightbar and siren on the roof flare into life, and see Minerva sitting behind the steering wheel. Both look to the vacant spot where she was sitting, then back at her transector-

Minerva: -slams the Porsche 959's transmission into gear- "You guys coming or what?" -burns rubber out of Sky Garry's repair bay, heading for Metrotitan-

Hosehead: "I'm glad she's feeling better." -transforms-

Brainstorm: "I don't know how long this will last, though. Both Nightbeat and Siren got pretty badly torn up."

Lug: -sitting in Hosehead's driver's seat- "It'll give her something to do." -guns Hosehead's engine, flicks on lights and siren, roars out of Sky Garry's repair bay towards Metrotitan-

Brainstorm: -runs after them, transforming to fighter mode once he's out of Sky Garry-

Roadbuster: -still signaling over commlink- "Springer, Whirl, Sandstorm, any Wrecker who can hear me, this is Roadbuster. Do you read me? Please respond."

2002-07-18, 03:56 AM
OOC - Hey Heinrad. Wait till I land before going driving out of me *L*


Sky Garry had JUST landed on the nearest landing pad he could find... well, sort of landed. Only one of his skids went down,a nd the ship lurched sideways badly, then the other skid collapsed and he slams bellyfirst onto the floor. Then he lays there, too exhausted to move, his inner corridor s lit by dark red emergency lighting. At the bridge console, Shotbomber slumped over a console, also unconcious.

2002-07-18, 05:02 AM
Pointblank had remained with his old foe Sixshot picking up the wreckage of the fallen.

Pointblank: "Are you sure its wise to place Galvatron's body in the crypt? The reason we built the Mausoleum was to prevent people from desecrating our leader's sacred body...it didn't work. Still, perhaps an unmarked asteroid would be the proper place to give Galvatron a final rest. Someplace where he can drift to uncharted regions...where his body will be as his life force now is...free."

2002-07-18, 05:40 AM
(OOC: Don't mind the minor powerposting, Adeara. Lots to do, can't be wasting too many posts...)

Gigatron kept his rear scanners on the half-track truck as his canopy closed over Adeara's enclosed form.

"In time, Autobot. My Decepticons are my first concern. Even more important than the state of our homeworld... Well, are we ready my dear?"

Of course, Gigatron waited for no response, nor did he deliver one to the call broadcast by Sixshot. Rather, he just continued rolling to the south. Ancient, run-down Autobot highways lined his path for miles. This was his first time. And the legends, as far as Gigatron could tell, were all true. He'd been told that Autobot roads always have a way of being in shoddy condition, and simultaneously collapsing fully under no force. Indeed, the battle with Unicron had left rubble scattered about the roadways, entire pieces missing here and there. Nonetheless, with a bit of clever navigation, the path was never entirely broken. His scanners drifted upward as he entered the famous crossroads - the often disputed interchange that had controlled direct transit between Iacon and Crystal City. And in its center, plopped just next to the lateral overpass... was the two-tone Decepticon metropolis formed by Trypticon and Metrotitan. (Or rather, what would be when Trypticon returned to city mode...) Gigatron chuckled to himself.

"Some place for a city..."

Hardly dropping speed, Gigatron rolled comfortably up Metrotitan's main ramp. He chugged down the city's main enclosed thoroughway (in reality, simply a boulevard of a hallway), scanning intently the doors lined occasionally on either side. Ah, there it was. The brig. Gigatron turned off the road, prompting the door to slide up and into the ceiling. Within, the walls were lined with deep but well-lit cells, all empty at the moment. Against the opposite wall, a control panel in case the vocal authorization detector failed. Gigatron rolled into one of the cells and returned to robot mode, dropping Adeara none too pleasantly on the harsh floor. He walked confidently out of the cell and turned back for the exit, never looking back.

"Close," he commanded, and indeed the room was caged by a wall of energy bars. "I'll send Soundwave around to speak with you in a bit, dear. You understand, this is only a formality until we get things sorted out. If you need anything... Well, Metrotitan loves the company of shrill whining."

The last words likely did not reach Adeara's ears, as Gigatron had just passed through the prison doorway and back to the road. The blast door slammed shut and locked behind him, as he meandered across the road and entered a similar door labeled "Command Quadrant". Inside, there were a line of doors as well, these blocked off. Most prominently was the command center, taking up a good chunk of the right wall. Opposite were the communications and detection rooms, and beyond the formalities, officers' quarters. The first row were marked as Scrapper and Blaster. Obviously, the latter was still unoccupied and had escaped the regular reprogramming after the city's capture... Next were the other combiner leaders and various other mildly-ranked forgettable soldiers. As he approached the end, Gigatron glanced at the broad double door that still read "Galvatron - Decepticon Commander" as it had when he left. Finally, the last set of doors lining the hall came, these more spaced than the previous. On the left was the plaque of Soundwave. Gigatron stepped up to the door, which whisked to the side, revealing... nothing. A slightly dusty, empty desk. Perhaps... Gigatron turned on his heel and examined the only remaining plaque "Astrotrain - City Commander".

Who... AGH!

Again, Gigatron dropped to one knee, clutching his chest. The pain lasted longer this time, but its departure left a sharp, itching dissatisfaction with the Decepticon Commander. His optics looked about curiously. No witnesses, save some lost warrior who had scuttled down a passage at Gigatron's gaze. Slowly, he returned to his feet, still too busy to hypothesize on the nature of these pains. He shook himself off and stepped up to the automatic door, then through. The trio of councilmen seemed to be staring at him. And why not? He was their commander...

"Ah, Soundwave. We have much to discuss. I trust you've been running things here at Metrotitan as tightly as I would."

Soundwave glanced to the corner by the floor, not entirely sure what to say. For as much time as he'd had to prepare... His optics turned briefly to Astrotrain, then back to Gigatron. He lifted himself from the seat and bowed slightly.

"Er... Actually, Commander, my position as City Commander has been occupied of late by Astrotrain after a series of events on Earth. Certainly you remember his legacy of excellent servitude under your command before your departure."

Gigatron stared at Soundwave perplexedly. This certainly did come as a surprise, but at the moment, his mind was busy enough with other matters to keep his attention away. His optics turned from Soundwave to Astrotrain, and he nodded.

"Astrotrain, my former..." He paused to search for the position, but could not remember, and settled on, "Astrotrain."

Finally, he found himself looking at Scourge. He'd spotted a rather... bright figure upon his entrance, but had been trying to keep away from it. Now he found himself looking directly at the hunter, but his inability to recognize the former Sweep commander left him simply staring for a moment before turning back to Astrotrain.

"Well. Let's get down to business, and keep it brief, shall we? I have many more places to be than I can afford at the moment."

2002-07-18, 12:14 PM
Beep beep beep beep, began to ring throughout Cyrotek's lair.

"Yes!" Cyrotek said pressing a button on the unit as the screen lit up to show a bar somewhere off of Cybertron and a shadowy figure standing in it.

"Cryotek? What do you want, I can have your goods to you in a few days." The figure said.

"No no that does not worry me, I wish to speak to you in person I have some people that I think you will find what they want most intersting." Cyrotek smiled looking at the screen.

"Who?" the figure asked as Hatemonger walking next to Cryotek.

"Me." Hatemonger said.

"General Hatemonger you still live!?" The figure asked.

"Yes I do, I have a deal for you but would perfer to see you in person. What I can tell you right now is Galvatron is dead and I will give you the rest of the details when I see you." Hatemonger smiled.

"I'll talk to you here are the coordinates. If you have a starship you can get here within the hour." The figure said and signed off.

"Excellent." Hatemonger said shaking Cyrotek's hand.

"No problem Hatemonger, I figure how you kept the Decepticon high council out of my hair for years this is the least I can do." Cryotek said as Chro flew over his shoulder.

"Either way Gigatron will be most surprised." Hatemonger laughed as they walked towards Legion and Salvo.

"Legion transform into starship mode we have a package to pick up." Hatemonger said as Legion transformed and the three Decepticons boarded him and Legion took off to the sky for the coordinates given to them by none other than Blitzwing!

2002-07-18, 01:27 PM
Then Kup'sgun transforms into Recoil again and he talks to Firebolt

"I dunno whats with Kup now, he just drank the energon and then he collapsed all of a sudden, firebolt", Recoil said to Firebolt

Then he looks around

"Hey firebolt, ya know where a nearby repair room here is?", Recoil asked Firebolt

2002-07-18, 02:24 PM
Leaving Blackout and Magnacrunch behind to watch over the body of the fallen Optitron, Driveby and Blazestarter transformed and sped towards Metrotitan.

Blazestarter: Neh neh neh, keep your blasters red-red-ready, Driveby...I think everybody on this planet's out to get us, Autobot and Decepticon alike.

Driveby: I ain't give a f*ck, B. Who gives a sh*t what Transformers think? They can't even stop killin' each other, you think they gon' give us a break?

Blazestarter: No no no way, especially after we helped out Unicron. We're sit...sit...sitting ducks until we get Optitron to the creator.

Driveby: Man, I don't get why we gotsta find a Decepticon to get us to Earth...why don't we just steal a ship?

Blazestarter: Like Black...Black...Blackout said, Unicron tore just about every ship to shreds... nah nah nah, we gotta find some sucker Decepticon who's up for a round-trip joyride to Earth.

With those words, Blazestarter and Driveby came into shouting distance of Metrotitan and could see the massive Gigatron rolling up the city's main avenue. Moving stealthily, the two Renegades drove up and hid themselves in the shadows of Metrotitan's main entrance, then transformed.

Blazestarter: Wait...wait...wait for a Decepticon who looks like he can fly...then we'll grab him!

2002-07-18, 02:35 PM
Legion set down on an island for a space bar known as the "Cyber-Thug".

"Just by the name this sounds like a great place." Cryotek said stepping out of Legion with Salvo next to him.

"I agree looks more like the type of place we'd see the Combaticons after a sucessful battle." Hatemonger laughed as he stepped out and Legion transformed into his robot mode.

"So shall we head in." Legion said opening the door to the bar.

The bar was an intersting place, neon green lights light up the entire building as smoke and techno music filled the air. Unsavory beings of all forms ran around in the bar.

"What are you doing here big boy?" Some foolish large musclar green humanoid thing asked Legion.

"I know one thing I am doing." Legion said smashing the being with a left cross.

"Legion hold back!" Hatemonger yelled as the green humanoid when flying across the room.

With that a group of about ten thugs stood up.

"You just messed with Cyerex. Now we gotta mess you up." one of them said.

Cryotek smiled and froze one of them and then shattered him with his tail.

"Tell you what you inbred, beer swelling fool. You allow me and my friends to do our business and we will be out of your hair soon enough." Instantly a number of the thugs recognized Cyrotek.

"Cryotek we didn't know he was with you we're sorry!" and they scurried back to their stools.

"Intersting way of handling things." Hatemonger said looking at Cryotek.

"Yes amazing when you know bounties on everyone in here how quickly most of them will listen to you." Cyrotek laughed.

"I need to do that sometime." Salvo laughed.

Looking forward there was a massive pool table where Blitzwing could be seen making a rather large sum of money playing pool againist some other life forms.

"Thats 10-0 boys I'll be taking my money now." Blitzwing laughed grabbing the large sum of coins.

"You cheated!" a large red dragonish create went towards Blitzwing. With that Hatemongers large hand grabbed ahold of the being and tossed him through the pool table.

"I don't think he cheated and if you value your pathtic little life you will agree with me." Hatemonger growled looking at the dragon as he crawled away.

"Hello Blitzwing now down to business." Hatemonger said looking at Blitzwing.

"The good news is as I said Galvatron has fallen in battle to the mighty Unicron."

"Unicron!?" Blitzwing said puzzled.

"Yes a group of fools lead by Jhixaus travelled to the past to revive Unicron in hopes of taking over Cybertron, they failed and this brings me to the next point."

"Which is?"

"Our new leader Gigatron, he helped the rogues to awaken Unicron as well. But then realised the error of his ways." Hatemonger rolled his optics.

"Ahh so our new leader is unfit and I my guess is you want to take over." Blitzwing laughed.

"Not quite but possibly, if the other Decepticons want me to lead I will. But right now I have Cryotek, Leigion, Salvo and the Crashticons: Hit, Run, Runaway, Roll Over, Pile Up Scrapheap and Blindside and the Aerialcons- Skyblade, Rain, Sonicforce, Buzzer, Firebomb and Fearmaker. Shockwave also wishes to help..."

"Yeah I'd trust him." Blitzwing laughed.

"Everyone has said that to me, but continuing I am sure there are plenty more Decepticons that would be swayed to my side, especally if you were to arrive with me." Hatemonger said.

"Yeah but what about my waste disposal unit? I am sure if I show up some of them will want to wipe my tail all over the place." Blitzwing growled.

"Don't worry all of my comrades will what your back and you can work with me if you wish." Hatemonger said.

"Hmm, well why not would be nice to see who Astrotrain and Octane are doing and everyone else for that matter." Blitzwing smiled and stood up.

"Count me in." Blitzwing said shaking Hatemongers hand.

"Excellent, Legion transform, we are going to go back to Metrotitan but we will arrive alittle late to show Gigatron and the rest of the Decepticons our little surprise." Hatemonger laughed.

With that Hatemonger, Blitzwing, Cryotek, Legion and Salvo all left the "Cyber-Thug." as Legion transformed into ship mode the Decepticons returned to Cybertron.

2002-07-18, 04:29 PM
"Yes Commander, it's me. In the flesh. Although this flesh is somewhat different to my old one. I failed to confront Unicron properly as I had intended. However, I did get close enough to get his attention."

Scourge held up his hands to emphasize his point.

"What's important, are two things. One, I'm back. Two. I will not be returning to my role as one of your Lieutenants. Not now, I have more important things to take care of. You may, however, call on me for assistance whenever it may be needed."


Scourge frowned as Gigatron entered the room, and moved to step forward.

"Not now, there are those in this room who would willingly follow him at this time."

Scourge decided to agree with Fracas, and held his step. However, once Gigatron had finished talking, he cut in.

"Commander Gigatron. May I be the first to congratulate you on your recent ascension to Decepticon Leader," he didn't bother introducing himself. His voice should tell the whole story.

2002-07-18, 05:50 PM
Minerva, Hosehead, and Brainstorm: -heading for Metrotitan at top speed.... well, Minerva and Hosehead are. Brainstorm's got his power plants reigned in somewhat-

Brainstorm: "Are you sure this is a good idea?"

Minerva: "Of COURSE it's a good idea."

Brainstorm: "They might not let us in when we get there."

Hosehead: "He's got a point, Minerva."

Minerva: "They're going to let me in."

2002-07-18, 06:24 PM
"Hah! Gigatron is weak." Trypticon snorted, though he wasn't really serious.

"We... my dimwitted comrade... are the strongest Decepticons alive. Methinks when we look it from that point... We should lead by a default! Or at least... our opinions should be heard when making decisions." Trypticon added and grinned, revealing his whole set of sharp teeth, each of them close to size of a gestalt.

Then he happened to notice Hatemunger and his group's energy signatures approaching Metrotitan and turned to look at their direction, sending out a transmission. //"Greetings ants..."// He smirked.

//"Planning to take over the Decepticon Empire?"// He growled grinning, his bloodred optics glowing strangely.

2002-07-18, 06:41 PM
Thankfully, Prime agreed with her, and Adeara went with Gigatron. Staying quiet, Adeara didn'tr relax, but began to analyze what strengths and weaknesses came from dying.

Alright....Fire is enhanced quite a bit. Telepathy seems to be a little weaker, but I'm not surprised. I won't dare Weave a storm yet. Shifting seems normal. Fire and Telepathy seemed to have been the only abilities to change.

Adeara watched as they arrived at Metrotitan. She remembered this place. While it wasn't her favorite place, it was better than being with the Autobots. Then Gigatron dropped her into a cell. The cell was huge given that she had to shift to her normal form to fit in his cabin.

"I'll send Soundwave around to speak with you in a bit, dear. You understand, this is only a formality until we get things sorted out. If you need anything... Well, Metrotitan loves the company of shrill whining." Gigatron's words slowly faded as he moved away from her. Muttering under her breath, Adeara shifted to her Cybertronian form and began pacing, the floor smoking with each step. That was further proof that her Fire ability was stronger. It had never been affected by her emotions before. Now she had to wait for Soundwave to show up. She admired Soundwave, simply because he'd helped back on Earth.

2002-07-18, 07:12 PM
Karandras watched from above on a cliff like building as Adeara was taken into Metro-titan.

"Hmm a City, I wonder how hard it wold be to get in there Undetected"He asked himself.

His mobile suit crouched to one knee the hands resting flat on Cybertrons surface, Karandras standing beside the suit in his armor as he took a few steps back scanning around for anyone who may try and spy on him out of his suit then going back to scanning metrotitan for a weakness he can exploit to get in.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-07-18, 09:59 PM
Sixshot pondered Pointblank's words.

"hmm...perhaps you are correct.."

Without further communication Sixshot transformed and headed out of Cybertron space, carrying Galvatron's body with him.

Quick Switch
2002-07-19, 12:23 AM
Metrotitan snorted.

"Shut up," he chuckled at Trypticon. "Trypticon dimwit...why don't you transform to your city mode and carry out your function, comrade?"


Luckily, Astrotrain was already standing, and recovered from his shock.

"Very well, Scourge. You have served me well. I am sure you will contiue to flourish in the Empire."

I was lucky to rein in Scourge as I did...a warrior like that can only be held on a tight leash so long.

As Gigatron entered, Astrotrain stiffened, and snapped off a salute.

"Welcome, Commander. It is an honor to serve under you again."

Well hoping to not sound obsequious, the Triple Changer was genuinely pleased to be serving under the enigmatic alt-verse Decepticon. He had, after all, given him so many opportunities on Earth.

Astrotrain nodded, and began to pace.

"My main concerns at this point, Commander, is the santicity of the Empire. Namely: even though you are Lord Galvatron's choosen successor, there are those who might become potentital obstacles. I'm speaking, of course, about the possibility of an assisination or coup attempt. Speaking frankly, sir, you aren't exactly mainstream to most of the rank and file. I sense resentment amongst the troops and am merely concerned."

The Triple Changer paused.

"Of course, Scourge, Soundwave and myself are unimpeachably loyal, as you surely are aware. I feel it my responsibility as a good subordinate to make that you are aware of potential...problems, Commander. Another civil war would be disastrous for the Empire, and give the Autobots an excuse to claim old territory, launch propaganda campaigns on the neutral Cybertronians, or even resume hostilities."

Astrotrain turned back to face Gigatron, standing in between Soundwave and Scourge.

"My final point is this, sir: what is the Empire's policy toward the Autobots? As far as I am aware, they received no casualties in the battle against the Renegades, while we have lost many fine warriors. We may be at a numerical disadvantage. Optimus Prime may have many fresh warrior in reserve...and while Prime may not wish to start another War, there are those in the Autobot command structure who may not be so magnaminous. In short: what do you require of Metrotitan, my lieutenants, and myself to better serve the Empire?"

2002-07-19, 03:08 AM
Minerva: -skids to a halt in front of Metrotitan and transforms-

Hosehead and Brainstorm: -transform behind her-

Minerva: -walking towards Metrotitan's main door- "Who's in charge here?"

Roadbuster: -over commlink- "Springer...... Don't be dead on me, boss..... "

Chromedome: -looks over at Roadbuster- "What's with him?"

Siren: "No sure. He hasn't said a thing sine we got here. Not to us, anyway."

Quick Switch
2002-07-19, 03:48 AM
An Alpha Drone followed by a squad of Metrodrones surrounded the Headmasters. (Minerva and Horsehead.)

"Decepticon Astrotrain commands this facility. What is your purpose here?" The Alpha Drone pointed one claw-like hand at Minerva.

2002-07-19, 04:53 AM
Pointblank took his commlink: "Prowl, Hot Rod, Kup, Jazz, Sixswitch rendez vous with Prime...we are going to be heading to the temple for a meeting with the cons. We need to also find Springer...we need him there...Blaster, deploy the cassettes...find Springer...we need him home."

Deep within the decepticon matrix...

You can hear me can't you old friend? You know that I'm here...guiding you...directing you...soon...very soon...

2002-07-19, 05:30 AM
Hatemonger heard Trypiticon and laughed.

"Why should I take you over, when you can rule with me. Power needs to be rewarded with power." Hatemonger smiled.

"Legion land, we will wait for a while before revealing our hand to our friends." Hatemonger smiled as Salvo stood checking his missile status. Cryotek was busy chatting with Blitzwing about various stuff and Hatemonger was ready to show part of this hand soon enough.

2002-07-19, 07:22 AM
Taikoon had listened to Blaster and Jazz quietly, still in his battered dragon mode. As they stood and went to the rubble to clear, he too, went, using his strong claws and head to lift and shovel debris like a working animal, never complaining, although as a bit of fresh mechfluid is uncovered, he sniffs at it, tongue flicking out ponderously, before he moves on again.

At last, the blue and magenta robot transformed, dropping to a knee as he pulls out a small, long container and taps out dice-sized glowing marbles, an eerie gold color. Carefully, the mech counts them out.


He puts all but two back in, then pops the first one in his mouth. But he pauses, staring at the second.

Finally, he returns the second fueling globe to the container as well, and with a tired sigh, stood to help Jazz lift up a large segment of metal again.

((Tomorrow, I'll be arranging my char's dissapeareances and such for my vacation, unless someone wants to take over them starting Saturday night.)

2002-07-19, 10:14 AM
ooc: Make sure the rest of us can get out of the keeper in time :)

Bandit walked to a corner of the corridor next to the bridge. "Since we don't know which parts of the ship are safe to access, we might as well rest here" Bandit says as Rally disconnects from his gunmount. "Yeah, I'm almost falling asleep right now" Rally yawns as she transforms and lands. Bandit sat down in the corner and went into repair mode as Bean went to sleep. Rally did the same. Talon, who was still merged with Bandit stayed awake, keeping an eye out for any trouble.

Lord Zarak
2002-07-19, 12:22 PM
Swoop saw the dead Sky Lynx being pulled by two transformers, one familiar, the other not.
"I wish I could help you friend, but I cannot, I am looking for Grimlock. Have you seen him?"

2002-07-19, 01:14 PM
Hausa Macheinus simply grunted and, slowly, continued to roll in 4-wheel drive. This Swoop did not seem to care that his friend Sky Lynx had fallen. Hausa was done with him. Now he was determined, more than ever, to find the one that SKy Lynx had mentioned...this Optimus Prime.

Fulani, though, was dissatisfied with Hausa's reaction and Transformed into Owl-mode and flew up into the air.

"You said your name was Swoop?" Fulani asked. "Look, Swoop, I'd be willing to help you find this Grimlock. If he is the same Autobot that I once knew who was beligerant, powerful, and charismatic...I don't see how we could miss him."

Fulani looked down at Hauas Macheinus as he continued along his path into the distance.

"Swoop, let me introduce myself....my name is Fulani. And as far as I can tell my friend down there comes from the same place that I do. Maybe even a different time. I can't just abandon him."

Fulani was thoughtful for a long time as she considered her options.

"Look, I'll help you find Grimlock if you can help me...help us...with the deactivated Sky Lynx. We need to find a site that can repair his body. In the meantime I can fly around with you and employ my scanners in search of him."

Suddenly a sobering thought took hold of her as she looked on the dinobot.

"Swoop...have you seen Grimlock since the battle with Unicron. I mean, are you certain that he survived?"

2002-07-19, 03:06 PM
Ah. So you do admit you're after Galvatron's throne? Excellent... the game is getting more interesting... Maybe I won't kill you and Gigatron after all and take the leadership myself... Trypticon chuckled to himself.

//" I don't care who leads. A mere title means nothing. Only power! Bah, it is much more amusing to see you fighting over the leadership of the Decepticons... friend. You may pass."// Trypticon replied to Hatemunger and turned to look at Metrotitan.

"And why should I transform?" Trypticon snorted to Metrotitan. "No one has given me the orders... and with Galvatron dead... no one hasn't been officially crowned to be the new supreme commander."

"So that leaves no one to be my superior! Bah... and they call me stupid! They should try to talk with you! How can you be so happy with your position? Someone could even give me something to shoot at... like Optitron..." Trypticon added, with a growl.

2002-07-19, 04:01 PM
(OOC: Clearly, Trypticon was an eloquent beast all along; we just didn't know it. Yes. Right. Come on, people, not every TF is a scholar!)

As the two Decepticon city-bots bantered on, Blazestarter began to tap his fingers on his gatling gun nervously. He had been edgy and nervous ever since their arrival on the outskirts of Metrotitan, and as they awaited the arrival of a Decepticon who looked foolish enough to aid the most hated robots on all of Cybertron, Blazestarter turned to his comrade Driveby, his red visor glowing.

Blazestarter: "Enough, yeah yeah yeah, enough waiting! I've had enough sitting around! Yeah Yeah Yeah! Let's jump out and grab the next Decepticon we see!"

Driveby: "Chill, B. We ain't goin' nowhere 'til we get some sucka comin' up the drive. That's when we gatt' his ass and take him back to Optitron. Now sit your crazy flame-throwin' ass down. You ain't want no Decepticons seein' you...e'body on this planet 'bout to put a cap in our asses."

2002-07-19, 04:07 PM
OOC: Trypticon's toy profile gots intelligence of 7... :o that is enough for many things :p Besides... it may be a mere ruse, eh? ;) Or maybe I have played too much BGII... bah... I'll edit... better now? Little more like he was in the comic?

Lord Zarak
2002-07-19, 05:10 PM
Shockwave was analysing the situation, finding out who would be potential allies if he decided to overthrow Gigatron. Hatemonger was definately an ally: he blamed Gigatron for the recent return of Unicron. He wasnt too sure about Sixshot. He would have to test the water - he would be a powerful ally.

"General Sixshot this is Shockwave. I requier an audience with you on a most important matter. Are you presently free?"

2002-07-19, 05:41 PM
Minerva: -looking the Alpha drone square in the optics- "You've got my brother and my friends in your repair bay. I'd like to see them." -scowls- "I have to see them. I'm a medic and I know they're injured!"

Nightbeat: -regains consciousness slowly- "Wha...."

Chromedome: "Welcome back to the land of moving parts, Commander."

Nightbeat: -groans- "I wish that gremlin in my head had no moving parts. What happened?"

Chromedome: "When Gigatron blew his way out, we followed. He might have deactivated the tendrils, but some other internal defense system kicked in. Clipped one of your legs right off. When you tried to get back over to Siren and try to crawl out, another one ripped that hole in your torso."

Nightbeat: "And you came back to get us?"

Chromedome: "No. Roadbuster did. Got his shoulder cannon ripped off in the process, too. Although out of all of us, he's number three on the ragged walking wounded list. He won't let the medics look at him, though. Hardhead and I are fine. Mostly because we're set up differently than the rest of you." -glances at his battered, torn armor- "Depending on your definition of fine, of course."

Hardhead: -wincing slightly from the damage to his tranector's body-

Nightbeat: "I thought Roadbuster was staying with the Wreckers."

Chromedome: "It might be a good thing that he didn't. Aside from him, I don't know if any of the others survived." -looks over at Roadbuster- "And he may not yet. Not unless he gets repaired. One of those things that hit you caught him in the chest. Went in pretty deep. I'm surprised he's still standing."

Nightbeat: -chuckles and winces- "I'm surprised Minerva hasn't duct-taped him to one of the repair bay tables yet."

Chromedome: "She's not here. We're not on board Sky Garry."

Nightbeat: "Where are we?"

Chromedome: "Metrotitan."

Nightbeat: "We're in a Decepticon base?"

Chromedome: "They answered the distress call first."

Nightbeat: "Well, stranger things have happened." -looks over at Roadbuster-

Roadbuster: -optics start to flicker, sags, collapses-

Chromedome and Hardhead: -rush over to Roadbuster, pick him up, put him on one of the repair tables-

Hardhead: -staring blankly at the equipment- "What do we do?"

Chromedome: "How do I know? I'm not a doctor!"

Nightbeat: "What'd they do, put us in isolation?"

Hardhead: "Yeah. Keeps us out of general population. There's a lot of injured Decepticons out there."

Chromedome: -rushes over to door, goes outside- "We need a medic in here!"

Roadbuster: -trying to sit up- "No..... 'Con..... butcher's....."

Hardhead: -managing to keep Roadbuster from sitting up- "Theyr'e doctors. They're only here to help!"

2002-07-19, 05:41 PM
"Nice to be acknowledged, eh?" Sixswitch asked his partner, the frown evident in his voice as Prime rapidly drove away.

He then heard Pointblank's message, and gunned his engine.

"Here we go, chasing after the great leader again," Sixswith muttered, gunning his engine as he passed on the order to Quick Switch.

"We better get moving."

(OOC footnote: Quick Switch outranks Sixswitch. He's the 'leader' of the partnership.)

God Jinrai
2002-07-19, 06:01 PM
As prime burned away from central Iacon, he remembered hearing someone addressing him... someone whom he'd regrettably ignored...activating his comm, he spoke to the twin sixchangers...

"Quickswitch. Sixswitch. Give me some air support on the trip. The renegades are still out there... and even though I may be stron, there's more strength in numbers than any of us realize right now. I'll decrease my speed to allow for you two to catch up. Prime Out."

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-07-19, 08:08 PM
Springer floated lifelessy through cybertron orbit, his comm link fizzled and cracked as Roadbuster's last message came faintly through.


Skywarp awoke, though he wasn't alive...he was floating, darkness all around him, his movements were shadowy. He was dying, he knew it was happening, he'd only felt similar during his formatting to become Cyclonus, only this time he felt life ebbing away.

2002-07-19, 08:51 PM
Blaster heard the comm setting a boulder down turning around "Fastforward SteelJaw come on we gotta get Springer go get him"

Steeljaw hopped out first transforming following by fastforward who landind on Steeljaw "Will do boss" Fastforward replied as he rode off Steeljaw sniffing around for Springer Blaster following them "be back ASAP to help clean Jazz for now gotta find a wrecker and make sure he isn't wrecked"

Jazz nodded looking up at Taikoon "Welcome back to the land of moving parts" he says hpisting the peice of metal up with the Dragons help.

"Hmm last I saw of Springer he was attacking Unicron. Steeljaw you take to the air scope around up there make see what you can see from above, Fastforward search Iacon I'll check everywhere else" Blaster said.

The last of Blasters casettes nodded Fastforward hopping off Steeljaw and running to Iacon as Steeljaw took to the air.

Sunstreaker was helping with damaged and dead Autobots as he waited for his turn in the medical bay to fix all the superficial damage he had taken during the battle grumbling about ruined hood fenders and paint job the whole while

Powerblade rested the destroyed body of his brother against ruble as he stood watching guard making sure no one tried to disturb his brother. His brother was alive yes he was being cocky and pretending to sleep he had to be.

2002-07-19, 10:29 PM
Hatemonger got onto his com-link and got on a private line to Shockwave.

"I have returned and with some pleasant surprises however I am going to wait a bit before I do anything. I will also be late to that meeting so Gigatron can learn of my gifts to the Decepticons first hand." Hatemonger laughed.

2002-07-19, 10:37 PM
Taikoon tilts his head slightly, not understanding the comment. He then hunches down, wedging his head under the huge peice of metal until it was balanced on his rather flat forehead/horns and snout. Carefully, he straightens his legs and backs up, using the tips of his wings to keep it balanced and looking quite rediculous, but not caring or noticing.

A distance away, he lets it slide to one side with a loud THUMP, by a pile that was collecting.

He steps towards the piles again, then stops and turns his head towards the horizon, staring intently at... nothing. At least, it APPEARS to be nothing. His tail twitches few times, then he snaps out of it and goes back towards Jazz again.

"Friend... must go soon... important." he states raggedly, words coming slow as he translates it. "Not yet, but... soon."

2002-07-19, 10:55 PM
OOC - Hey Prime, mind if I intercept yuou for a short scene before Lockity passes out during my RL vacation?

Lockpick straightened... the repair drone had done a temporary patch on her back till her spine was repaired. She straightens, stiff, and looks around... nobody was on the ship.

The femme moved outside, looking around... And then locking up, freezing as a familiar Semi (?) rolls towards the ship, apparently. Gulping, the shaking femme steps down the ramp, keeping completely still as she lifts an arm..oO(Is he mad? I can't tell. Please don't let him be mad...)

God Jinrai
2002-07-20, 12:54 AM
OOC: takes place BEFORE prime fully departs from Iacon


Prime was almost out of the gates of iacon when he spotted a familiar face... albeit a rather heavily damged one...

Reverting to robot mode, Prime approached...

"Lockpick.... what can I do for you? I'm on my way to the temple of primus at the ruins of crystal city, but I can spare a few moments. "

2002-07-20, 01:41 AM
Originally posted by God Jinrai
OOC: takes place BEFORE prime fully departs from Iacon


Prime was almost out of the gates of iacon when he spotted a familiar face... albeit a rather heavily damged one...

Reverting to robot mode, Prime approached...

"Lockpick.... what can I do for you? I'm on my way to the temple of primus at the ruins of crystal city, but I can spare a few moments. "

Lockpick stood, shaking slightly, although not from effort or strain... she looks at him uncertainly. He's not mad? He's not upset? How could this be? She disobeyed... ran off without orders to Unicron himself...

She licks her lips and states "I.. I just wanted to apologise for running off earlier in my ship... possibly endangering my... myself and Hot Rod and..." she starts to trail off, shaking and lowering her head "I had no choice! That one, Javelin, force mt do! I didn't want to really. I... I..." her optics flicker and she slumps a bit, having taken worse damage than she had thought, and she was bone dry on energon.

2002-07-20, 01:45 AM
Hot Rod was completely spent after ordering the Keeper to land, it wasn't that much work but he needed Energon sooner or later, but he had to see how Kup was doing. So he made his way to the Cargo bay, told everyone else that was waiting to go ahead and leave and attended to Kup. Firebolt was trying to find Medical supplies But hot Rod told him to stop. Hot Rod picked up Kup, "Uggg this guy is a lot heaver then the lady, or I need my rotator cuff realigned. But better get him to the nearest med bay..." Hot Rod left to do so.

God Jinrai
2002-07-20, 03:14 AM
"whoa!" prime caught lockpick from falling further into a slump...

"Listen, lockpick. I hold Javenlin as the one responsible for that... not you. and if it's the last thing I ever do... I'll ensure that he pays for it. Here. you look like oyu need this more than I do."

Prime's left leg plate opened to reveal a spare cache of energon chips... taking the dispenser from its place, he raised it up to lockpick's free hand, setting it into her grasp

Quick Switch
2002-07-20, 04:21 AM
The Alpha Drone nodded at Minerva.

"We shall accompany you. Squadron: cordon and escort," and with that, the Metrodrones encircled the Headmasters and set off for the repair bay. The Alpha Drone sent a high intense binary code via Metrotitan to Astrotrain's comm.

Master, Autobots encountered. Situation under control.


Metrotitan pondered.

"We are built to serve, Trypticon. It is...logical. And yes, comrade: Lord Galvatron has deemed Gigatron commander...or is your saurian alt-mode to primitive to come with adedquate audio receptors?"


(OOC: Thanks, Sixswitch for setting the record straight. Much obliged.)

"Right." Quick Switch revved his engine in drill tank mode and sped off after his Leader. Over private Autobot comm channels, the loyal Six Changer communicated with Prime:

"Acknowledged, Optimus. Give the word, and we'll transform to provide air support...but right now, we fear attack from the ground more from the air."

2002-07-20, 05:04 AM
Lockpick stares at the chip in her hand, then up at Prime again, still half-slouched over "You... you aren't... mad at me..." she stammers, almost not beleiving it. Was it a trick? She looks uncertainly at the energon, wobbling, before sinking to the ground slowly at the foot of the Keeper, sitting down to rest as she fingers the chip. "Thank you sir for forgiveness. I will try to do better in the future." the tone was emotionless almost, very humble and fearful. She hooks an arm around her knees as she sits there, looking half as though expecting to be struck. Whatever happened to her must've been bad.

2002-07-20, 05:52 AM
Flying over Metrotitan, Gunrunner noticed something on the ground.

Gunrunner: "Hey guys. I spotted two of Optitron's goons down on the ground. Think we should drop in on them and say hello?"

His query drew a unanimous yes from the other Chaoticons.

The five other Chaoticons exited out of a door in the side of Gunrunner, flew down and landed in a half circle infront of Driveby and Blazestarter. Gunrunner opted to fly straight at the two, pulling up and into a loop at the last second. He transformed in mid-loop and landed in front of the two Renegades.

2002-07-20, 08:02 AM
"Me heard the transmission sent by Soundwave. That's all. No other information has been directed to me." Trypticon growled at Metrotitan.

"Galvatron may granted the Matrix to Gigatron as his choise for his predacessor but the Decepticon leadership has never been sealed so easily. Me sure there are also others in addition to Hatemunger who wish to overthrone Gigatron... assassination attempts be guaranteed." Trypticon continued.

"Trypticon follows the one who he doesn't loathe... and this far Galvatron has been the only one worth of my loyalty. These newcomers to the throne... They need prove themselves to us." Trypticon snarled and began to transform into city mode.

After a minute or so, Trypticon was stationed next to Metrotitan in his massive city mode. "Trypticon not care for leader who only give him commands. Trypticon demands respect."

2002-07-20, 11:26 AM
Hatemonger overheard Trypiticon's conversation with Metrotitan and walked over to talk.

"Respect is what you demand and you are worthy of it Typiticon. All of the warriors that fight for the Decepticons are worthy of at the very least some degree of respect. But one thing, I have no desire to kill Gigatron, even though he is an arragant, brash, traitorous fool I have no reason to kill him. Well maybe waking up Unicron is one of them, but I have no real reason to kill him as killing him only removes him from his position but does not give us a new leader." Hatemonger spoke an continued to wait for Gigatron's return so he could introduce his new friends.

2002-07-20, 02:09 PM
Sixswitch grinned, and accelerated up to full speed, following right behind his partner, and whooped for joy. His heavy tank mode was fast, all things considered. However, he kept his mind firmly on the job, scanners aware of any hostile threats.

"Say, what do you think Prime has planned?" he asked Quick Switch.


Scourge heard the report from the Metrodrones, and raised an eyebrow.
"Autobot visitors," he commented to no one in particular.


(OOC: You know what? Until I just read the Sign Up forum, I forgot that I had Omega Supreme in my possesion. Repeat after me: Sixswitch, you're a dumbass!)

The huge warrior lay battered and broken. When the initial attack by the Cybertronian Warfleet came, Omega was one of the first to spring to the attack. Rocketing out of Cybertron orbit, he had crushed and smashed many times his own number of enemy craft. However, the weight of numbers was eventually too much, and he was taken down after being swamped by an entire attack wing of ships.

Now, he floated in Cybertron orbit in robot mode, battered, and barely online.

Quick Switch
2002-07-20, 05:14 PM
Metrotitan paused. He's never spoken so much in his short life; but the conversation was interesting. He sent Trypticon encoded binary so the cities could communicate among themselves without fear of interception.

"That may be true, Trypticon...it is our little brothers way, deceipt and treachery. We do not follow such artifice."

He stopped for a moment.

"The only Decepticon Metrotitan respects is Astrotrain...while the other Decepticons fled, Astrotrain went into Metrotitan's core to save Metrotitan...now he commands Metrotitan. Gigatron is no better or worse than Galvatron...remember, Galvatron was a lunatic for ten years before..."


Astrotrain turned to his console, and flicked a button, bringing up a remote video camera. The camera zoomed in on Minerva and her companion.

"Thank you, Scourge..." the Triple Changer studied the picture.

"Insignificant Headmasters...surveilance will be continued." He pushed another button, and the picture dimmed.


Quick Switch did the robotic equivalent of a sigh.

"You got me. I thought Prime said we were meeting with the Decetpicon Commanders...but that could just be a rumour."

The Six Changer paused.

"Thank Primus we have Optimus back instead of Rodiums. He nearly brought us to disaster against Galvatron years before...oh, sorry. I keep forgetting this isn't your home universe." He laughed.

"Rodiums Prime was the short successor to Optimus after Megatron killed him ten years ago. Galvatron nearly defeated him on numerous occasions...even with Ultra Magnus helping, he just wasn't experienced. Once, Scourge even incorporated the Matrix of Leadership thanks to Rodiums...but he got it back."


"Just be thankful Optimus is here."

2002-07-20, 05:17 PM
Bandit and Rally woke up as the Keeper landed and went to search for the others. With Bandit awake, it was Talon's turn to rest. Walking back to the cargobays Bandit spotted Hot Rod trying to lift the prone Kup.

"Let me help you with that buddy" He says as he picks up Kup's legs.

2002-07-20, 05:37 PM
Gigatron chuckled quietly. It was a pathetic laugh, really - he felt it humorous that, in naming him Decepticon leader, Galvatron had made him nearly the most loathed of their kind. He mused inwardly over his salvation of the army...

"Of course, I understand the peril to my well-being presented by some of the more conservative Decepticons. I certainly did not expect to become Decepticon Commander when I made my time jump back to 2015. However, I know how Decepticons think. They shall be taught to respect me, not fear. They simply harbor their distrust for our lack of communication."

With one free hand, Gigatron pointed commandingly toward the Decepticon communicator.

"Once the troops are largely repaired, have them assemble in the auditorium. I wish to address them. Give the announcement a good ten breems ahead of time, then use that leeway to scan the warriors generally. If someone is planning an assassination attempt for the meeting itself, I want to know. Anything else can be dealt with at our leisure."

Soundwave nodded, walked past Gigatron for the door, and placed a hand on his head. Already he was linking up with Metrotitan's main computer. Gigatron turned a quick glance to Scourge again (Ah, so that's who he is!) before returning his attention to Astrotrain and continuing.

"The Autobots will be kept as our allies for the moment. Optimus Prime will be trusting enough, I'm sure. We shall launch a collaborative effort to rebuild the essential components of Cybertron destroyed in the battle with Unicron, as well as our fallen warriors. I imagine that those same Decepticons who dare challenge my command will disapprove of this motion as well, but their fears shall be dealt with in time. You, Astrotrain, shall serve for the moment to spearhead the preliminary survivor repair effort while I go to speak with Optimus Prime. When Soundwave has set a conference time, inform me. I shall be at the ruins of Crystal City."

Without another word (and with the expectation that Astrotrain would have no question for him), Gigatron swooped mysteriously around and departed the office. In the hall, he again transformed to Devilformula mode and raced off.

2002-07-20, 05:56 PM
You can hear me, can't you? You just don't want to...I'm here old friend...listen to me and I will guide you to greatness...and very soon...very very soon...
Pointblank was the first to arrive on the temple site. He sighed as he looked around. Taking his commlink:

Pointblank: "Blaster, any luck finding Springer yet?"

2002-07-20, 06:32 PM
"Oh don't get me wrong, I don't think Prime's bad or anything. But from what I've heard, he normally pays more attention to his troops than this. Then again, we have just dealt with the biggest menace to face Cybertron since... Well, possibly ever. I guess that's what's bugging him."

He paused a moment as they drove on.

"Experience," he laughed.
"That's what they say I'm lacking, but hey, as long as they don't make me Autobot leader, it shouldn't be a problem."

Another pause, reflective this time.

"It's weird. I should miss my home universe. Should miss my friends, my commanders... But I don't. I feel at home here now, this seems to be my place. It's why I never bothered trying to find a way back. Probably because my memories of the place are so hazy. Not sure why either, I wasn't injured when I came here. Maybe whatever... Or whoever brought me here didn't want me wanting to go back."

Was it him, or was Quick Switch wanting to hear something... His partner seemed displeased somehow.

"I know that Optimus Prime is good for the Autobots. It's just... Well, we've all been through a lot lately, I'm probably feeling a bit out of sorts."


Scourge would have laughed, had he been alone as he saw Gigatron's look of recognition, and he would have frowned as he was ignored by the new Commander - if he didn't find it funny. Instead, he turned to Astrotrain.

"I suppose you have something for me to do?" he asked the City Commander.


"I have news."
Vanguard leapt to his feet as the medical orderly entered the room.
"Yes?" he demanded.
"Apollo will live."
Vanguard gave a huge sigh of relief.
"However, his neural interface links have been severely damaged. He will not be able to merge into the gestalt any more."

Vanguard actually swore. Not only had the Cosmobots lost a powerful weapon, but Proximus was a release, an amalgamation of all their thoughts and feelings - a way of talking, living, arguing, and making up all in the space of a few heartbeats. This loss outweighed the tactical loss many times over.

"Can anything be done?"
"We're not sure. Not immediately anyway - there are just too many wounded for Remedy to give him the attention he will need. Maybe we'll be able to do something for him later. We want to keep him here in the meantime."

Vanguard nodded. He knew what had to be done, and although he wanted his team at full strength, it was a disadvantage he'd have to deal with for now.

"Thank you Doctor. Do what you can."

He turned and left the room, looking for the rest of the team, to deliver the bad news.

2002-07-20, 09:10 PM
"Sorry Pointblank but I got Fastforward searchin' Iacon I'm scanning everywhere else and SteelJaw is in the air. This would be a whole lot easiar with all of my casettes and.... Hold on I got something coming in from Steeljaw"

SteelJaw was scanning froma distance the battered body of Springer and approaching fast

"Seems SteelJaw has found something that looks like Springer, Sounds like blind luck but I won't complain Steeljaw says the body is fairly damaged he is gonna bring him back now Fastforward"

"Yeah Blaster?"

"Get ready to get to Steeljaw on the double"

Steeljaw approached Springer slowly making sure it was him and not an enemy he crept closer seeing it was him then getting behind him and slwoly descending to cybertron Springer on his back.

Jazz looked at Taikoon "Where you goin then?"

2002-07-20, 09:37 PM
The Matrix near by... must obtain. But I need Energon, then Optimus Prime will be forgotten Javelin mind raved.

"Come on Kup... here Recoil help me get him to a reuling station. Maybe they can help him." Hot Rod started to lift him, "We all need Energon anyway... I'm quite anxious to get get refueled, but let's get Kup over first."

2002-07-20, 09:54 PM
Hatemonger looked at Blitzwing and decided to try something cruel.

"Blitzwing, I have an idea, why don't you talk to one of your old comrades and see what they have to say." Hatemonger smiled and laughed.

Cryotech nodded in agreement.
"A sick sick plan I think I know what you are planning." Cyrotech smiled waiting for Hatemonger to give the orders to go in.

Legion and Salvo just stood there.
"I want to eat this Gigatrons face." Legion growled.
"He does not even have the respect for his enemies in his own armies. Megatron at least had that much." Legion spat on the ground.

"I agree, but I look at it this way if any Decepticon wants to step up I will knock them down. As odd as it sounds, Hatemonger you should lead from what you told me about the battle against Unicron." Salvo crushed a piece of steel in his hand.

"I agree, only a fool would not follow a General that only lost two men in battle and had one get injured." Legion said.

"Don't worry about that my friends, with the Crashticons and Aerialcons we shall see who else we can sway to help our case. Now Blitzwing can you do the honors." Hatemonger laughed.

Blitzwing smiled.

"Oh you mean get in touch with my old Triple-Changer-Buddies. I think I can do that." With that Blitzwing got onto his com-link.

"Now let me see if I remember my buddies codec?" He smiled.

"Hey Astrotrain can you hear me old buddy? Guess who's back!" Blitzwing laughed and waited.

2002-07-20, 10:17 PM
Trypticon didn't really listen what Hatemunger tried to explain him... but one word the Decepticon said caught the attention of the gigantic Decepticon battlefortress.

"You dare to mock Trypticon?! Be warned Hatemunger... call me Typiticon again and I flatten you." Trypticon snarled and began to listen what Metrotitan had to say.

"Your points are valid. We are both young in the terms of the lifespan of our race... Both of us have served only one supreme commander... Galvatron." Trypticon replied to Metrotitan.

"I have no personal knowledge of the Decepticon leaders that were before him. But many older Decepticons speak highly of one named Megatron. Some of them say Galvatron was like him in his final moments. I do not know. Galvatron was indeed mad... but he overcame it somehow. That made him strong. That made him worthy." Trypticon continued his discussion with Metrotitan...


A large, jet-black aeroplane approached the makeshift Decepticon citadel that was formed by Metrotitan and Trypticon. He had been away for too long... he had been fighting the chaos-bringer but on his on front. Now was the time for him to join the other Decepticons... they liked it or not.

The blackbird jet landed next to the Metrotitan's entrance, releasing a tank that had been attached to it and transformed into a towering blue, white and turqoise robot that was easily equal to the gestalts in height.

"You there grunt!" He roared, pointing at Hatemunger.

"Where is Galvatron?!"

2002-07-20, 11:01 PM
Hatemonger looked at the Blackbird jet.

I could just slag Overlord with my weapons now and be done with him but I'll give him the time of day besides he may be useful. Hatemonger thought.

"Dead, where have you been the last few days? He fell fighting Unicron. Now we have a new leader, a fool named Gigatron who was one of the ones who helped to bring Unicron back online." Hatemonger said.

"He then looked at Typticon. What is your problem today? Bad oil again. You may try to eat me but I will give you a bad case of indigestion." Hatemonger laughed as Salvo, Legion and Cryotech walked over.

"Hmm looks like a constucticon built this one." Cryotech smiled.

"Nice dino." Legion mocked.

Salvo was just wondering what a few nuclear warheads would do to Trypticon, as he locked his targeting system onto the gaint.

"Everyone back off. Trypticon is just upset that he is not leader." Hatemonger turned and walked over to the stranger and decided to surprise him.

"So Overlord glad to see you returned. There is a meeting for all Decepticons that are online in ten breems in Metrotitan. (Overlord was in the RPG earlier when Hatemonger was around)"

2002-07-20, 11:18 PM
"ok then", recoil responded to Hot Rod as he helped carried Kup into the refuling station

"were here..now what will we do?", recoil said as he looks around.

2002-07-20, 11:20 PM
"I can be unhappy whenever I want... for whatever reason I want! And now I am very unhappy! Gaah! Do not test my patience... even your combined power pales before me weaklings..." Trypticon snarled, clearly getting annoyed by the words of Hatemunger's Decepticons.

"And you puny mech with your targeting systems scanning me... want to compare your armor integrity with me? I can assure you that you won't cause me even a scratch while there is nothing left of you when I have opened fire." Trypticon growled, pointing his words to Salvo.

"Hatemunger..." Overlord growled and looked down at the smaller mech. There you stand... so high and mighty... with an arsenal of weapons you believe to be unmatched and yet I could crush you like an insecticon...

"I know you don't like me... so don't waste your twisted words to me serpent." Overlord spat out. "Clearly you have something in your mind. Better tell it before you lose your chance as I can't say I enjoy your company. Galvatron actually died? I thought it was a mere rumor. Interesting..."

2002-07-20, 11:38 PM
"Simple, Overlord." Hatemonger stood up and looked the Powermaster in his optics (OOC Hatemonger is not that small nor do I remember Overlord being that big).

"But you will find out in due time then you can choose for yourself." Hatemonger said then looking up at Trypticon.

"Don't flatter yourself, you lost how many times to Metroplex now? Where I was able to take out Fort Max on my own for the most part (OOC Way back Hatemonger shot the hell out of Max while Stealth places bombs in certain places knocking the Gaint out.)." Hatemonger chuckled.

"You act big but you feel bad because Metrotitan is better than you."

He then turned back to Overlord.

"Actually I can talk to you, besides why are your forming a opinions about robots you don't know." Hatemonger said.

"Gigatron is unfit, he is weak and he is not to be trusted his actions resulting in Unicron say enough. I may seek leadership I may not I have some others in fact many that would perfer to see someone else as leader than this Gigatron. I do know as leader I will reward my soilders something that should have been done long ago by our armies. Fight hard, play hard at least sometimes if you will." Hatemonger stood there.

"Anyway Overlord, everything is your choice, I will not force anyone's hand that does not wish too join. A good leader tries to fix his shortcomings not kill those that don't agree with him."

2002-07-20, 11:45 PM
Scourge paced idly up and down the Command Centre, and waited for something - anything to happen.

(OOC: OK, it's rubbish I know. I posted something else, then realised that it fouled things up a little. Sorry)

2002-07-21, 05:04 AM
((Ok, My new flight is on Monday morning, So I have another 24 or so hours to RP.))

Taikoon shifts a bit, looking uncertain. THen he states "Meeting with... old... Not know term... He Who Makes Others Learn." he explains after moving another peice.

Quick Switch
2002-07-21, 06:13 AM
Astrotrain stiffened as Gigatron replied to him. The same confident bearing and manner were evident in the alt-verse Decepticon's words.

Yes. I wish Megatron were still alive to see what a worthy replacement Gigatron is...

As Gigatron finished, Astrotrain bowed.

"As you command, My Lord." Now that the succession was basically confirmed, the Triple Changer shifted to a more formal address. Megatron had not required such formality, generally, the term 'leader' had sufficed...but these were different times. The Decepticons now controlled an Empire, not only Cybertron.

As Gigatron departed, Astrotrain turned to Scourge.

"Yes, of course Scourge." The Triple Changer clasped the Huntsman by his shoulders and smiled. (Astrotrain had forgotten how Scourge disliked contact.)

"Scourge, locate Shockwave and monitor his activities for the moment. As a matter of fact...monitor the activity of Hatemunger and the other new Decepticon commanders...they are the one force who might pose a problem for Lord Gigatron. And now, of all times, we must not descend into chaos. You may go, my friend, if you wish...and if Shockwave or Hatemunger's activity seems normal, go about your business. I'm sure you'll think of something to assist our comrades in." Astrotrain let go of Scourge and stepped to his console to make a broadcast.

"Attention all Decepticons! This is Commander Astrotrain speaking. Any survivors report to Metrotitan of Trypticon's repair bays and proceed with said repairs immediately! This should be considered a direct order from Lord Gigatron. That is all."

Another incoming message played. Astrotrain pressed the button, and Blitzwing's voice blasted from the comm.

"Blitzwing! Report to my office at once! Quickly, my brother! We have much to talk about!"


Metrotitan listened as his comrade replied.

"Yes, comrade. Megatron was the greatest Decepticon Leader in history...for he killed Optimus Prime. Perhaps the archivists will now give Galvatron that honor."

Metrotitan stopped as Overlord landed, and Hatemunger bickered with him.

"Why are our little brothers so foolish, Trypticon? This Overlord might be able to destroy Hatemunger...or vice versa...yet, they fight. So useless..."


Quick Switch rumbled along, drill spinning as he thought about Sixswitch's replies.

Thank Primus he had someone to talk to. Thank Maximus he had a fellow Six Changer. For, in truth, no other Autobot could really understand the unique situation being an Assault Warrior was...and Quick Switch didn't feel like chumming it up with Sixshot.

"Optimus does have a lot on his mind. Don't mistake it for callousness, Six." Quick Switch hoped his friend didn't mind the use of the shortened form of address.

He laughed about Sixswitch's quip about experience.

"Well, it sure helped Kup out a lot. But hey, you've been through stuff I could only compute if my processing matrix was shot to the Pit and a handbasket."

He felt some angst in his fellow Six Changer's voice.

"Listen...I'm here, if you just want to vent. I'm nowhere near as smooth as Smokescreen...but I do what I can."

Quick Switch paused.

"I understand your feelings about Optimus. He's not infalliable, but damn close- pardon my language. Now, I did have a problem with Rodimus."

He paused.

"I lost a lot of good friends during the first attack on Autobot City, in 2005. Windhcarger and Wheeljack died during combat, and Ironhide, Brawn, Prowl and Ratchet were killed during a sneak attack by the Decepticons on their way there. So...later...Optimus is brought back to life...but in the chaos, the funeral barge carrying their bodies is destroyed. I lobbied to have them interred on Cybertron, Earth...but Rodiums wanted a funeral barge. And Galvatron and his goons...or maybe it was the Quintessons...it's been a few years...blew it up."

Another pause; reflective.

"Maybe I am biased. It just so happened the barge was destroyed on Rodimus' watch. Okay, I understand that...but damn it, those Autobots had been through everything...since the war had begun, for Cybertron's sake...and now there is no evidence of them having even been alive. At least the Decepticons built statues of their dead."

The Assault Warrior drove on, keeping pace with Prime and Sixswitch.

"I'm sorry...talk about venting, huh?" He laughed wistfully. "War does something to you...so when you lose the comrades you respect dearly for stupid reasons...you just don't forget. Or forgive."

2002-07-21, 06:26 AM
OOc - Okay I /am/ leaving sunday!

Lockpick remains where she is, sitting on the ramp of the Keeper, now shut down from lack of fuel and her wounds.

Sky Garry and Shotbomber are repaired slowly where they rest, also exhausted.

Taikoon pauses again during the cleanup, andturns. There, on the horizon, was... it seemed like a horse, only much, much larger, and robotic. Blood red optics glint out under the eagle-brows and a pair of flightless limbs fold against its back within tangles of hair.

Taikoon glances to the Autobots, then to the horse-creature, before taking off and flying over the ridge, dissapearing with the horse-robot, who made the dragon seem but a small lizard, almost.

2002-07-21, 09:55 AM
"Bah. You words do not bother me. I know my limits... perhaps you should learn to know yours." Trypticon snorted and suddenly a dark red beam of light surrounded Hatemunger, Overlord and the other Decepticons around them. A hypnobeam, a weapon Trypticon rarely used, but a weapon of power nonetheless.

Then, only one of Trypticon's many photon cannon turrets turned towards Hatemunger and the Decepticons around him and fired. The Decepticons in the area could feel sharp pain filling them as their bodies began to disintegrate in front of their own optics.

Suddenly it all was over and the hypnobeam was gone. The Decepticons targeted were all lying in the ground, those whose minds had been weaker than others... shaking with fear... For even the illusion of ones own death is always something that is not easily accepted. Only three were standing... Overlord, Cryotek and Hatemunger, whose minds had been strong enough to avoid the effect of Trypticon's hypnobeams.

"Next time. That might not have been a mere illusion." Trypticon's booming voice bellowed. "And you Hatemunger. I will consider your words for you have at least bothered to confront me, where as Gigatron has this far ignored me completely."

With those words Trypticon turned his attention back to Metrotitan and the conversation he was having with his fellow citycon.

"No. I doubt that Galvatron will replace Megatron as the greatest Decepticon. He led us well and his death was heroic... but he never accomplished as much as Megatron did when it comes to the goals of our faction... Megatron conquered Cybertron, Galvatron lost it. That makes a large difference."

"Hah. Yes, our smaller brothers easily become intoxicated of their power and the random success they face. Too many of them do not know where to draw the line... where as we are much more humble when it comes to our powers. Now that I think of it... this little exchange of bitter words with Hatemunger is the only time I have bothered to show my power to others." Trypticon added with a slight chuckle.


Overlord watched amusedly as several other Decepticons were howling in terror when Trypticon launched his small show.

"I know you well enough Hatemunger. And you should know me well enough to see through my words." Overlord then said to Hatemunger and grinned.

"But I didn't know you were still so idealistic. Good leader needs to show his power. Too many in our ranks do not have respect for their superiors. They need to fear them as well. Fear them more than they fear the enemy." The massive warrior continued and glanced down at Hatemunger.

OOC: Yes... Overlord is gestalt sized. Or otherwise my eyes have been fooling me rather evilly when I watched a masterforce episode called "Black Zarak - a destroyer from space" :rolleyes:

2002-07-21, 11:24 AM
Scourge smiled, although as always, no one saw it. Free reign again. A troubleshooter, a roving huntsman. A job he loved. No more rigours of command, and no more being stuck in an office. For this, he even tolerated Astrotrain's breach of his personal space.

"As you say, Astrotrain," he nodded, then spun on his heel, and went over to a computer console, activating perimeter scanners.
"Ah, we have visitors outside. I think it's time for my new body to start meeting people," he muttered, before turning on his heel, and departing quickly from the room.

Walking down the corridor, he pondered what to do next. One thing was certain. He would keep the plotters in check. This victory was one he wanted to score alone.

"It would be easier with help."
"I know, but it's a matter of personal honour."

And to that, Fracas had no reply.

"Spinister, Needlenose, report to Access Port 5."
Needlenose's voice came back over the radio.
"Sure thing boss."

As he turned the corner, he saw the two waiting as ordered, Sunbeam and Singe standing with them. He walked up to the group.
"Can I help you?" Spinister demanded.
"You sure can. I have a task for you."

"Boss?!" Needlenose asked.
"Better than ever," Scourge replied.
"I had a run in with Unicron, an encounter that didn't go as planned - for either of us, but I think I came out of it better off."
"Where's Fracas?" Singe asked.
"I was killed in action. It's easier for them that way."
"He was killed, within Unicron. He fought and died well."

The two Nebulans nodded slowly. Despite their often dislike of their leader, he was still their comrade in arms.

"So what do you need us to do?" Spinister asked.
"Arm yourselves. We have some people to meet."

Sunbeam and Singe instantly transformed, and were caught by their respective partners. Meanwhile, Scourge had opened the access door, and the three walked out, and towards Hatemonger and his group, and Overlord.

"Ah gentlemen. Welcome to Metrotitan. I assume you've come as per Gigatron's orders?"

(OOC:Not sure if either of them would recognise Scourge's voice?)

2002-07-21, 12:31 PM
OOC fine Cryhavoc I'll edit my post some.

[i]Hmm Hatemonger thought, maybe I should just go on into this meeting..

"Excellent, enough Typiticon actually your hyponbeam could be most useful as are the rest of your skills. However I do no recommend turning your weapons on your own when you do not know what other upgrades you were given on Cybertron." Hatemonger said to Typticon througg his internal com-link.

Hatemonger then looked at Overlord.

"Ethier way, I see the end of the Autobots soon enough, if we can keep ourselves from Fractioning into seperate groups of Decepticons. Right now we need one strong leader. Someone who can lead both by government and military to squash the Autobots." Hatemonger said.

He then looked at Blitzwing.
"Go see what Astrotrain wants. This could be our chance to sway him." Hatemonger said.

"No prob sides the fact that I want to talk to Astrotrain alone." Blitzwing said. As Blitzwing strode off to see Astrotrain.


Legion and Salvo were good soilders smart enough to know how to let an enemy think they were affected by a weapon only to lash back at them. Granted to them being killed in battle was nothing more than a real dream. Having been soilders for eons they have seen and killed more than most Decpeticons can dream or fathom.

Legion didn't exactly suffer any affects from the beam however Salvo was quite a bit more upset by it.

should we give this goof ball a taste of our firepower? Salvo asked Legion, Hatemonger and Cyrotek through their internal com-links.

NO! You will not do such a thing, he is a rather expensive piece of Decepticon equipment, and more importantly he is a brother at arms. Trypticon may be a bit overzealous at times but otherwise he is a great warrior. Do not fire on him. Hatemonger told Legion and Salvo back.

Hatemonger looked a Scourge.

"Looks like someone was reformatted." Hatemonger said to the Sweep commander.

"My men and myself will be in soon enough Scourge." Hatemonger said.

Blitzwing walked into the halls of Metrotitan then saw the door marked City Commander and walked in.

There he stood, Blitzwings comrade in the war as well as possibly his brother. He finally could talk to him again after the Lunatic Galvatron banned him for the Decepticons.

"So old timer how have you been?" Blitzwing chuckled reaching for a hug.

2002-07-21, 12:42 PM
Scourge merely nodded. He was satisfied that Hatemonger would be along. He didn't feel the need to earn this particular General's respect. Not yet, anyway. That would come later. He turned to Needlenose and Spinister.

"Return to Metrotitan. You will be posted as door guards in the main meeting chamber when the time comes."
"As you command," Spinister nodded, then left the group, to re-enter Metrotitan.

Scourge then turned his attention back to Hatemonger.
"How right you are. And it looks like someone else isn't as eager to join our new leader as Gigatron might hope."

2002-07-21, 12:51 PM
OOC: Ravage... you could have had your "dumber" characters to suffer the effects of the hypnobeams... it gets frustrating to see your characters to shrug off everything thrown on them without no effect, your characters countering everything with some of their own abilities. Especially as what I did was completely harmless.

IC: Overlord looked down at Scourge with amused grin on his face. "No. I didn't came here per Gigatron's orders."

The enormous Godmaster focused his optics on Scourge, examining at the re-formatted sweep leader attentively. "I came here from my own free will. Nonetheless I am waiting to see how Gigatron is going to handle this little meeting of his."

2002-07-21, 03:04 PM
Scourge gazed up at Overlord, having forgotten somewhat, just how big he was.
"As are we all Overlord. These should be interesting times to say the least. However, I was more referring to our General Hatemonger here."


"Scourge sure has changed," Needlenose said.
"Yes, that he has. He's quieter, more reserved."
"I'm not sure I like it."
"You'd rather he'd be yelling at us?"
"Well... Yes actually. Although he yelled, he did listen to us at times, and actually care for our wellbeing... No, don't laugh, he did."
"You're right. He'd rip out your optics if he heard you say that though."
"I know. Thing is, he's kinda quiet now though, as if something's bugging him."
"Maybe it is. Do you plan to ask him what it is?"
"Hell no. One thing I CAN tell you about this change, is that he's scarier than ever now."
"And on that, we can agree. We'd best report to Operations."

As they entered, Spinister looked around and spotted Soundwave.
"Lieutenant, Scourge has ordered us to act as security guards for Gigatron's upcoming conference."

Quick Switch
2002-07-21, 04:45 PM
Metrotitan laughed as Trypticon made his distinction between Megatron's accomplishments and Galvatron's failures.

"How true, comrade."

He paused.

"Yes...and see how they acted when you displayed only a fraction of your power? Like frightened Autobots...truly, the ways of our little brothers is beyond Metrotitan..."


2002-07-21, 08:47 PM
Adeara continued to pace in the brig. She had calmed her emotions down so that she wasn't breating in the toxic metal fumes she was causing as her irritation slightly melted the floor beneath her feet. Now all she did was pace, muttering in her own tongue. As she paced and muttered, she felt that one presence in her mind that would be there till the day she died.

That presence was that of her now long dead father. She had linked minds with him as she flew away from the exploding sun of her homeworld. She hadn't wanted him to be alone as he died, so they joined minds. That soft, gentle presence helped her. As she thought of him, his presence awoke again, and spoke to her.

*Oh, Adeara. What have you done? You knew what you were getting into when you joined Jhiaxus and his master! You knew no Decepticon would trust you again! Why did you do that? Just to get back at the Maker for what He did to us? Or to you? Revenge is NO REASON to do anything, daughter!* Her father's voice was weak, but grew stronger with each word. *You must gain the trust of their new leader, and hope he will not try and kill you. Even joined with the firebird, you can die if you are frozen, or cast into a sun. I joined with one when I was much younger, and my body still died as our sun exploded....* The voice trailed off as her father's presence fell back into slumber. All Adeara could do was whisper, "I'm sorry, Father...I'm sorry......"

Lord Zarak
2002-07-21, 09:16 PM
Shockwave heard the order from Gigatron, through Astrotrain and decided to make his way there. He may find an ally or two there.

"Hatemonger I am heading towards Metrotitan for summary repairs. If you need to reach me, I shall be there"

2002-07-21, 09:23 PM
"Get some Medical bots to help, I'm no use any more, I hope he'll be fine. I check on you guys later." Hot Rod left to get some Energon himself.

Firebolt finally left the Keeper after cleaning a few things up, he saw Lockpick laying on the ground, he wanted to call for help. But everyone wa sall scrambled all over the place and the wounds weren't critical so Firebolt started to drag Lockpick to the nearest refueling and repair station.

(ooc: I'm figuring it would take Firebolt quite a while to get her there.)

2002-07-21, 09:46 PM
Hatemonger turned away from Overlord and Typticon and looked at Scourge.

"I am sorry about Galvatron, as I said the rest of my men and myself will be in soon enough." He turned and walked away for a few moments then spoke to Shockwave.

"Shockwave, I have returned with some new men. Cyrotek, Legion, Salvo and our ace in the hole if you will Blitzwing. Blitzwing is already talking to Astrotrain hopefully we can begin to sway the public opinon around here." Hatemonger smiled.

2002-07-21, 09:54 PM
Blitzwing looked at Astrotrain.

"Whats the matter? Robocat got your tongue?" He asked.

Skyblade looked to Onslaught.

"Please tell me you and the Combaticons don't trust this Gigatron?" Skyblade said.

"Sides if not for Hatemonger we may not have came back from the battle with Unicron." Skyblade added.

2002-07-21, 10:14 PM
Sixswitch sighed again.
"No I'm fine, honestly. I'm sorry to hear about your friends dying like that. I suppose that it wouldn't make me too pleased about the actions of this Rodimus Prime either. You have to understand though, that while you've known Prime since birth, and you've seen first hand all the good that he's done, I have not. That's why I'm a little more hessitant than perhaps I should be."

2002-07-22, 12:50 AM
Minerva and Brainstorm: -working on the unconscious Roadbuster-

Hosehead: -grinning- "So what do we call you now, boss? Stumpy?"

Nightbeat: "Ha, ha. This is only a temporary situation." -thinks a second- "At least, I hope it is. If this doesn't get fixed, I'll be all lopsided when I transform."

Siren: "You and me both."

Minerva: -looks over her shoulder at Nightbeat- "I might get you a wooden leg." -looks back into the damage in Roadbuster's torso- "Didn't the Decepticons want to work on him?"

Chromedome: "He wouldn't let their medics touch him."

Minerva: "Why? We're at peace, now. It's not like they'd rip him up some more and throw him into a cell."

Chromedome: "Peace........" -shakes head- "Something feels wrong."

Nightbeat: "Before we start opening a can of worms that's way too big for us to handle in our current condition, can we trust in the fact that there are people out there who are doing what they can to make this work? So peace feels wrong. When's the last time we've had peace? Millions of years ago. Of course it feels wrong." -sighs- "Besides, the way things are going, it won't be quiet for long."

Roadbuster: "I'm alone."

Dinobot: -chuckles- "Now you know how I felt among the Maximals."

Roadbuster: "I can't be the last of us. The Wreckers..... If we are to die, it's as a unit, not with survivors left over at the end." -sighs- "And what an end it is. Peace at last."

Dinobot: -mock surprise- "You don't think much of peace?"

Roadbuster: "Peace...... Peace will only come after the Decepticons have been defeated once and for all. This won't last."

Dinobot: "You are probably right."

Quick Switch
2002-07-22, 02:07 AM
(OOC: Sorry, Ravage. I had to get off line, and couldn't post Astrotrain's reply immediately after I finished Metrotitan's post...)

Astrotrain hugged his brother unit for a full minute, then stepped back.

"Please, sit, Blitzwing!" Astrotrain sat, and adjusted the heads of Ramjet, Darkwing and Dreadwind on his desk.

He paused, then turned somber.

"Octane...is dead," Astrotrain rasped. "Galvatron murdered him, before the first attack on Metroplex began. I buried him on the outskirts of the battlefield...or at least...his ashes. I made a tombstone. One day...I will be able to show it you. I have taken his flamethrower and deflecto-shield as my own, in his memory."

Astrotrain looked back at Blitzwing.

"I thought you were dead too, my brother. It pleases me greatly that you are alive...I feared after your exile...well." He laughed.

"But now, we must discus the future! Look around you! I am now City Commander of Metroplex...Metrotitan. Soundwave, then Lord Gigatron confirmed my appointment thus far...as you know, Galvatron is dead. Have you come to join the ranks of loyal supporters, such as Soundwave and myself?"


Onslaught sat in the conference room, aware of Needlenose and Spinster guarding the more formal command center across the hall. He regarded his comrade.

Blast Off edged forward.

"I believe Gigatron has immense character. When we first arrived via shuttle, he asked me to assist him in closing a breech in our own reality...and sacraficed himself in the process..."

Swindle laughed.

"But he's back now!" Brawl and Vortex chuckled.

Onslaught waved them to silence, aware that Scrapper, Motormaster, Hun-Grr and Razorclaw (newly repaired) were watching him intently.

"Hatemunger's leadership was...innovative," he replied. "The battle with Unicron was a great testament to his skill...but, I wonder. To oppose Gigatron's succession is to incur the wrath of the Decepticon elite. I will not have the Combaticons fall out of favor again. I swear it." Silence ensued for a moment.

"Being outcasts during Megatron's rule was..." the normally cool Combaticon leader began to shake with rage. "Humiliating. I will not go through that experience again. I ask you pointblank, my friend, for you and I have fought many battles together: are you asking me to support Hatemunger and Shockwave in a coup attempt?"


Quick Switch continued to drive smoothly in drill tank mode. He replied to his fellow Six Changer.

"Thank you...I understand your feelings. I do not hold them against you. I am sure you have had other experiences which I would not totally understand either. Such is the way of things."

2002-07-22, 02:25 AM
Skyblade looked at Onslaught.

"Did I ever say coup. I know Hatemonger wants to see a change of leadership, but I donknow exactly what. Personally whats to say Gigatron won't try to slaughter us. Remember, we both guarded that same plasma energy chamber unaware of what he was doing. Whats to stop him from doing that again? Also, Hatemonger can be trusted, I have yet to doubt him and know he is willing to keep those in line when he needs too." He paused for a moment.

"I don't trust Shockwave as a leader. But as one of the Decepticon elite, he does deserve respect, the conniving piece of slag that he is." Skyblade laughed.

"Sides if for whatever reason there is a fight I'd rather Shocks get shot at." Skyblade said.

"But Onslaught my feelings about Gigatron and the Decpeticon leadership are simple. I do not trust Gigatron period. I'd rather leave the Decpeticons again with Hatemonger and whoever else and strike at the Autobots as a guerilla team again than serve someone who helped wipe out a large chuck of our planet by awakening Unicron." Skyblade said.

"But know no matter what you do Onslaught I won't disrespect you we have all been through too much to have that." Skyblade finished.


Blitzwing frowned.

"Astrotrain, you know I will always care about you and my other Decpeticon brothern. But how can we trust a Decpeticon choosen to lead by the same man that murdered Octane?" Blitzwing said.

"I trust Hatemonger right now he is the only reason why I returned to the Decepticons. If Galvatron had found me I'd be sucking oil in the great junkyard in the sky." Blitzwing paused.

"And if it's true that Gigatron helped Optitron and Jhixaus to awaken Unicron how can we trust Gigatron then." Blitzwing shook his head.

"Right now all I serve is this symbol on my chest. Thats it, I don't have a leader, closest to one right now is Hatemonger since he offered me protection from any Decpeticons that would seek to cause me ill." Blitzwing paused and waited for a reply.

Quick Switch
2002-07-22, 03:23 AM
Onslaught sat back in his chair.

"I believe Shockwave is a coward," Onslaught finally spoke. "He was a lackey of Megatron, and had no spine. He has hid himself for five years, and conveniently surfaces after Unicron re-appears to seek his chance at leadership. I will not follow him."


"As to Cybertron...I have no real loyalty to our home planet, since the Cybertronians showed us Combaticons no respect or loyalty. I believe Bruticus spoke best during our failed rebellion against Megatron..."

His optics flashed.

"Both Hatemunger and Gigatron have shown us respect. When the two finally meet...then I may make a decision."


Astrotrain frowned, also.

"I don't know what to say," he finally replied. "I was unaware that Gigatron somehow reactivated Unicron...I was based on Earth, following his orders as head of Decepticon forces there..."


"I cannot believe Gigatron would do such a thing. Until I speak to him personally...I will ignore that allegation for now. Just as Hatemunger has given you responsibility and trust, so has Gigatron done the same for me!"

The Triple Changer rose, and placed his hands behind his back.

"When Gigatron first arrived, I was made Supervisor of the initial repair work done completed on Metroplex after we invaded, and took him from the Autobots. Later, I was made Public Affairs Officer...a liason between key human allies, completing Decepticon objectives on Earth. When Gigatron left for Cybertron, Soundwave made me his chief aide...and after Soundwave was incapacitated, I assumed the City Commander post for the defense of Metrotitan. Even now, Gigatron has placed me in charge of the repair work on our brethren."

Astrotrain's face took on a pained expression.

"I cannot betray Giagtron's confidence. He has placed immense trust in me...more than any leader has ever done before. Megatron didn't do that. Neither did Galvatron, even after I saved his life from an upstart Autobot." He pointed at his brother.

"Blitzwing, decide carefully. I am now considered one of the top commanders in the Empire. If Hatemunger attempts some sort of rebellion-which I believe he will do-then Gigatron will eventually crush all those who have opposed him. Don't make the same mistake twice, Blitzwing. I have choosen my fate. You must choose yours."

Astrotrain sat, drained.

Oh, Primus. The fates are cruel indeed. After so long...we Triple Changers may be divided once again...

2002-07-22, 03:34 AM
Skyblade nodded.

"Hmm maybe I should talk to Hatemonger about the Decepticon Knights again, Decpeticon elite that strike out againist our foes first. More or less the similar to the Earthling Marines only far more deadly." Skyblade smiled.

"So I guess we wait and see for now." Skyblade nodded.


Blitzwing paused.

" The problem is what if Gigatron lies to you as well. The only Decepticons in the area at the time Gigatron served Jhixaus were Hatemonger, the Aerialcons, Crashticons Stealth, Darklark and Skystalker. Gigatron is not a total fool, if he feels these alligations will lead to him being dethroned he will not admit to them. OR at least I don't think he will." Blitzwing said.

"Also, we won't be divided again one way or another we will have true leadership, be it Gigatron Hatemonger or both or someone else someone will lead us to glory."

2002-07-22, 01:20 PM
"Hatemunger... he seems to have developed a taste for compassion." Overlord spoke to Scourge after Hatemunger left to speak with Shockwave, not caring if someone else would overhear him.

"I do not like that at all." The massive Godmaster said, his optics flashing dangerously.

"If he fails and seeks for safe haven from the Autobots. Too much will be revealed to the enemy. No, that is not acceptable. I suggest we place a mole to his group... and the better if the mole is one of those he trusts." Overlord spoke and turned towards Metrotitan's entrance. And if these fellows who follow Hatemunger here are as smart as they think... they should do the same. The giant thought.

"The meeting was held in Metrotitan, correct?"

2002-07-22, 01:25 PM
Blazestarter and Driveby snapped into action as Gunrunner and his five cronies surrounded them quick as a flash. Eager to set something on fire, Blazestarter raised his flamethrowers and began shouting to his partner.

Blazestarter: "Neh neh neh, blast 'em, Driveby! Let's make it hot hot hot!"

Driveby: "Man, cool it, B! Ain't nobody gotsta die today, but if come to that, you know damn well it ain't gon' be us!"

Blazestarter (looking at Gunrunner): "You...youyouyou. You're the one. The Renegades need a ride, a ride to Earth...and we've made reservations, yeah, reservations on your next flight, yeah yeah yeah!"

2002-07-22, 01:36 PM
Cyrotek overheard Overlord.

"Frankly you overgrown oaf I really would not do that. Your two powermaster buddies there have gained quite a disliking from alot of authories around the universe that well I have connections to." Cyrotek smiled.

"Don't screw with us." He said coldly waited for the large robot to do something.

"Besides you overgrown twit. You trust as our new leader someone who one has not proven he can lead, and two is at least partly responsible for Unicron attacking Cybertron again, you are a larger fool than I thought." Cyrotek smiled.

Go ahead and do something you oaf, I know far more about you than you realise. Cyrotek smiled with a plan already in his mind.

2002-07-22, 02:41 PM
"Hah! You have a sharp tongue little one. But I am not easily offended." Overlord said to Cryotek, with a wide grin growing to his face.

"And why should I care for your threats? I couldn't care less what rest of the universe thinks of me. I take what I want, when I want... and those who stand on my way suffer the consequences." Overlord spoke and grinned.

"Come on now Cryotek. That is rubbish. Pointless threats, bravado. Your head is even more wanted in the outer systems than mine. And what has this Hatemunger offered to you that it makes you blindly loyal to him. I thought a criminal leader like you had more insight. Be it Gigatron or Hatemunger... we are ultimately cannonfodder for them. You may think you get a chance to exploit Hatemunger..."

Overlord leaned down, closer to Cryotek and smiled evilly. "Trust me. He exploits you and throws you away when he does not need you. Gigatron would do the same."

The enormously powerful Godmaster straightened up and lifted his arms high to the air, letting out a thunderous roar. "And so would I!!!"

"I don't care which one of them wins. I follow the one who proves to be stronger... and if I do not agree with him..." Overlord said, making a gesture with obvious meaning by moving his forefinger past his throat. "I'll eliminate him. Be it Gigatron or Hatemunger."

2002-07-22, 03:30 PM
Ultra Magnus was on entering the birdge expecting a report by Perceptor. he was the only Commander around to do boring stuff like this. Over 250 Autobots in refueling, around 380 in repair. Magnus looked at the future reports, good thing the energon shortage is over. Then Ultra Magnus noticed something in the report, too much Energon was being directed in one location, he didn't know exactly where but as soon as he saw it it was gone, back to normal. He decided to ignore it.

"Completed." Javelin admired his shell, complete repaired and refueled, all thanks to the Autobots. Now time for his next objective. The compined power of both the Autobot Matrix and Decepticon matrix was awesome, he had to make sure the Decepticon one fell into it's destined hands, Scourge.

2002-07-22, 04:56 PM
Scourge's eyes flashed at Cryotek's words as he realised that Overlord might have been a bit hasty in his speech.
No matter.
Scourge switched to internal radio.

"Hatemonger is taking the alliance to heart, and wants to see it through. I'm sure he'll remember his roots, when the time comes. As for the idea of a mole, well that's out now. It doesn't matter anyway. He won't be able to as much as move inside Metrotitan without the command centre knowing about it. And yes, the meeting is inside Metrotitan."

"There are those who seek you out, even now. Take your leave as you will."

"I trust that you can find your own way there? I must report to Astrotrain," Scourge told Overlord.

But not now. I have things to do.

Scourge nodded to the huge Godmaster, transformed into his attack craft mode, and took off.

"A good plan. They will find you easier in the air."

"Scourge to Astrotrain, I must speak with you later. There is some new information that I have discovered. Now I'm leaving Metrotitan to search out Shockwave."

A lie, but that didn't bother the hunter in the slightest.

2002-07-22, 05:20 PM
Javelin brought out his scanner, there was a broad too many Decepticons currently in flight. He transformed into armored car mode heading into Decepticon territory. He knew where Scourge was, or at least the general position. He sighted what seemed like Scourge leaving a base of some type, excellent luck was with him he was alone... but in the air. He would have to get his attention. He transformed into robot form and threw small blades at Scourge from his knuckes, not intending to hit him.

2002-07-22, 05:33 PM
Cyrotek smiled.

"No matter Overlord. I will serve my time and when I feel the need to leave again. I shall." He smiled looking at the large Decepticon.

"Frankly I know more about everyone here than anyone realises anyway." Cyrotek said.

"I know more about Hatemonger, Gigatron, Yourself, Scourge, Astrotrain, Blitzwing and everyone else than you will ever know." With those words Cryotek sat down near Legion and Salvo and just began to think.

Skyblade looked at the rest of the Aerialcons and Crashticons.

"Man these guys are too into the old school Decepticon ways." Blindside sighed.

"So what just because your now dead leader says this guy is a good leader does not mean he is. Did Galvatrons lunatic rages prove this to anyone!?" Scrapheap growled.

"Yes Screapheap, I understand that but remember we only know that Gigatron was a former traitor because we blindly served Jhixaus while Galvatron was missing. Gigatron has yet to prove his worth. I have been talking to Hatemonger secretly and I think he has an idea that may prove better than him leading." Skyblade said and walked over to Onslaught.

"May I talk with you for a few moments? Onslaught." He asked the combaticon leader.

2002-07-22, 05:47 PM
Overlord looked as Scourge left and began then walking into Metrotitan.

"You know where to find me Cryotek." He said and vanished into the citycon...

2002-07-22, 05:48 PM
Scourge shot straight up in the air as the projectiles flew towards him, then spiralled down, and returned fire, blowing chunks of metal out of the ground near Javelin.

"Easy Scourge. He is the one."

"You better be right."

Scourge stopped firing, and instead swooped low, and shifted back into robot mode before landing with barely a sound on the surface of Cybertron, next to Javelin.

"You have been looking for me."
It was a statement, not a question.

2002-07-22, 05:57 PM
"We don't need to be enemies you fool. Your mistake is you belive your power is all you need to live. Greatness is in freedom but you don't understand that. You feel you can destory everything. I know I can destory quite a bit. But I also know how to talk and enjoy life at least to some point. Try and remember that. And if you wish to fight big guy I am not exactly afraid of you. I know far more about your skills than you know mine." Cryotek said.

Poor happless fool. Little does he realise his Godmaster system is his biggest liablity againist me. Even the two Godmasters have small sparks that work with Overlords own, but he does not know that. Cryotek thought a sadistic grin came over his lips.

Blitzwing looked at Astrotrain.

"Anyway brother what do you think is the right choice? Maybe I should return to my freedom in space, adventuring and fighting and enjoying myself than to return to an army with no since of purpose. I only wish we could somehow bring back Megatron. I mean how many slagging times did Optimus Prime come back." He said.

2002-07-22, 05:59 PM
Javelin was somewhat taken back by Scourge, "What? You knew this..." Javelin looked deeply in Scourge's eyes. It seemed that Scourge was more alike himself then he had thought, seemed someone else had a similar idea to his, perhaps, "...no matter. You have a degree of importance to my cause. Let me start from the beginning, you remember when you took on the Autobot Matrix of Leadership?"

2002-07-22, 06:27 PM
"I do," Scourge replied.
"I remember its power well," he gave a dark frown.
"I also remember its temptation, it's misguiding light. I very nearly was killed because of it - and might have taken the rest of the Decepticons with me as well. No, as far as I'm concerned, I have no need for the Autobot matrix. Its power is not for me to wield."

2002-07-22, 06:39 PM
Gigatron did not bother to stop for the Decepticons still chatting it up outside Metrotitan. Rather, he gunned his egine and soared over the city's main entrance ramp. He skidded back to the ground, but maintained speed and rocketed off for Crystal City. His mind was elsewhere...

Yes, I hear you. You... are the Matrix, aren't you? I can feel your presence within me. It is strong. You ca--

Suddenly, the connection was cut. Gigatron did not know why, but the voice could no longer be detected. Still, it did not bother him much. He had too much to do, as he found himself already among the ruins of Crystal City. He transformed to robot mode and began wandering down the long empty streets, carefully dodging the rubble lying haphazardly about. His optics daydreamed about the many times he'd seen the city from the outside, but never from within. Always in its time, Crystal City was the one that had evaded Decepticon control. He wondered how glorious the former businesses would have looked from this range, that strange blue aura eminating from their high spires. He would have smiled if it were not for his business here.

This should be the place.

Unsheathing one sword from his back, Gigatron sliced away at a slab of lost steel and unveiled an ancient alley. At its end, a nonfunctional lift leading underground, and within the darkness, a station connecting to the former sub-Cybertronian transit system. Through the shadows shone one golden light through a slender crack in the wall, illuminating Gigatron's visage. The Decepticon Commander stepped up to it, and slowly pushed aside the door of...

"The temple of Primus! Show yourselves, Autobots! I am a busy mech!"

2002-07-22, 06:45 PM
"EXACTLY!" The conversation fell just as Javelin wanted, "The power of THAT Matrix was never meant for you. But you have the power to be altered... made more powerful the a Matrix, your only fault was that you were a Decepticon, and the Matrix is of the Autobots. Imagine if you were to take on the Decepticon Matrix... as you were meant to." Javelin waited for Scourge to respond.

2002-07-22, 06:46 PM
Sixswitch accelerated through the gates of Crystal City, and his scanners detected Optimus Prime walking slowly along the main street. The Six-Changer drove up to his leader, and transformed into robot mode.

"We're here, Commander," he stated simply, looking around at the ruins as he did so.


"I would become powerful, powerful beyond even this form, and yet... What do you mean by 'meant to'?"

"Be wary, I am unsure what bonding with the Matrix would do for our symbiotic relationship."

I am aware of that. I wish to hear what he has to say first.

"Very well."

2002-07-22, 07:27 PM
Javelin realized this would take a bit more explaining, "You know of the Autobot Hot Rod? He is the Autobot's chosen one, the one meant to carry the Matrix. In all of history The Matrix choses one to rightfully carry the Matrix. For the Autobots that Hot Rod, For the Decepticons... it's you. I won't bother dealing with Hot Rod, he's an Autobot, he allows Optimus Prime to continue to hold that Matrix, even when he knows the truth. But you... you might be able to do what's nessary to fulfill destiny."

God Jinrai
2002-07-22, 07:35 PM
Prime glanced at the twin sixchangers as they arrived...

"Both of you. stay here, standing guard until the others arrive. Gigatron's already inside... and it wasn't by choice that I allowed him to beat me here..."

Silently, prime walked the same path that the new destron commander had only moments before taken... entering the very same darkened chamber, his blue optics caught sight of the burning red ones of his mirror counterpart...

"Gigatron... I must appologize for my late arrival... something came up back at autobase... well... since we are here... perhaps we should get down to business then..."

2002-07-22, 09:06 PM
SteelJaw was slowly going to the ground Springer the damaged passeenger the shapes of Blaster and his last casette brother Fastforward were easy to make out now.

Powerblade crept from the shadows looking around for any decepticon to smash for what happened to his brother who he left behind to be heal. "I will kill every single decepticon, they are all responsible" he says to himself

Karandras sat up from the slabe of metal he was laying on looking down at Metro-titan grinning

"If the decepticons execute the Fire girl it will save me time but if they don't and take her into their ranks" Karandras muttered. "It may seem I have to find this out"

Karandras closed his eyes. His body was not in the armor any more but after a few seconds a light engulfed him brighter then any sun then fading Karandras re-appearing in the dark green armor hopping off the slab and running towards Metro-titans entrence.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-07-22, 09:22 PM
Sixshot stood silently, he had buried the body of his leader, apologised a thousand times for his actions, betraying his kind, he had vowed to wreak havoc in the name of the Decepticons forever more, in memory of Galvatron, Emperor of Destrution.

Sixshot lay a decepticon emblem on the mound of dust covering the makeshift tomb. Sixshot stood and saluted as the meteor spiralled out of any orbit, transformed and made his way back to Cybertron.


No Skywarp was defiant, though his battle was almost through I must not go, not with this disgrace Skywarp mustered all the strength he could, and managed to get online for a second...

"help...." his words were weak, and tailed off.

Skywarp had used the last of his energy...his life was ebbing away.

2002-07-23, 12:35 AM
A mysterious being stood over him.

"You are in need of help..."

The stranger bent down and infused a fresh surge of energon into Skywarp.

"I haven't much time...you will live...my lab is near by...only this time you will not be remade...you will simply be Skywarp, no more...no less."

The stranger scooped Skywarp up and carried him to his well hidden lab. Passing the security he allowed the massive doors to close behind him, setting the battered Decepticon on the table and hooking a life support cable into his laser core.

"This will help stabilize you...hmmm....heavy damage. You are beyond most people's help...but not mine!"

The shrouded being went to work reviving the battered Skywarp, all the while keeping his identity cloaked.
Pointblank and Prowl sat within the temple going over some briefs as Prime arrived.

Pointblank: "Prime, I called for Blaster to find Springer...thus far no news...and Hot Rod still hasn't shown up...not that its much of a surprise..."

Quick Switch
2002-07-23, 12:02 PM
Onslaught nodded.

"Of course, Skyblade. What is it?"


Astrotrain acknolwedged Scourge's communique.

"Excellent, Scourge. As always. I await your report."

He turned to Blitzwing.

"Stay for a while yet, my brother. You must at least hear Gigatron speak..."


Quick Switch stopped outside the ramparts of the shattered city, still in drill tank mode. He stopped next to Sixswitch.

"Roger that, Optimus."

2002-07-23, 01:39 PM
Skyblade looked at Onslaught.

"I know if Gigatron is not a total fool, then Hatemonger will work for him but under quite a degree of freedom if he can help it. I know one idea Hatemonger had way before Gigatron or Galvatron in fact before the wars even made it to Earth was to make an extremely powerful military strike team." Skyblade paused.

"The purpose of this team was to take no prisoners and more or less wipe out any Autobot threat, as quickly as possible. Hatemonger was to lead the team with the newly made Aerialcons, several seekers and a number of other heavy hitters. Sadly because of what happened with Megatron and Earth the plans fell apart due to lack of leadership on Cybertron. I think he may want to start that plan again. Because right now would be the perfect time to wipe the Autobots off the map." Skyblade said.

"Either way those we shall see." He nodded.

Blitzwing looked at Astrotrain.

"I intend on being at the meeting, brother." He said.

"I just wonder if Gigatron is as big a fool as he seems or far better. But if for whatever reason Hatemonger should decide that Gigatron is a capable leader he had a fairly decent idea. A first strike Decepticon team, led by him to conduct hard hitting actions on the Autobots, I know he will use the 2 gestalt teams he is allied with as well as some other allies he found on Cybertron and possibly myself. But I think some more heavy hitters and he is on to something that could allow us to finish of the Autobots. Think a team that holds nothing back and is the best of the best amoug the Decepticons. If Gigatron remains leader, I think Hatemonger would easily be our best choice as a military leader." Blitzwing smiled.


Hatemonger was pondering what to do, one side of him wanted to lead the Decepticons to finally finish off the Autobots. The other wanted to remain true to Decepticon honor and not strike at the newly appointed leader. What to do he didn't totally know but he knew something would happen one way or another.

Quick Switch
2002-07-23, 01:49 PM
Quick Switch transformed to robot mode, and cocked both his photon blasters, standing slightly in front of Prime, and next to Sixswitch.


Onslaught nodded.

"Of course. Razorclaw and I thought of a similar plan to eliminate any Autobot resistance in Unicron...but the battle did not exactly follow the plan, to invert a phrase. But you are quite correct, my friend...we shall see. In time, the meeting will start...and since we are close by, I'm sure we will hear a good deal of shouting, as the 'allies' try to work things out."


Astrotrain frowned.

"I have addressed my concerns about the Autobots to Lord Gigatron, and he told me--specifically--that he wishes to remain allied with the Autobots, for now. As for Hatemunger as General...well, I don't really know much about it. Cyclonus, Scourge, or a number of others might contest that."

2002-07-23, 01:56 PM
Skyblade nodded.

"In due time my friend I agree."


"Yes and with all due respect to Cyclonus and Scourge where have they gotten us? I know Hatemonger would leave them as generals of their respective units. We need a more cohesive leader of our Air, Land and Ground units thats what Hatemonger desires so we don't have the neverending blotched efforts againist the Autobots."

OOC Off to work Ill be on later :)

2002-07-23, 02:23 PM
Gunrunner (looking back at Blazestarter): "Why? What possible reason could you have for going to Earth?"

Spaceshot (taking a step forward): "And what's in it for us?"

Gunrunner (throwing a quick glace to Spaceshot): "And then there's that. I'm not some sort of inter-stellar taxi so you better make this trip worth our while."

2002-07-23, 02:58 PM
Driveby: "Earth's where it's at, holmes! Ain't no way we gon' get back wit' the Cons 'cept if we come bearin' gifts, you feel me?"

Blazestarter: "Yeah, yeahyeahyeah, we're talking energon! One trip to Earth'll give us, yeah yeah, give us a chance to score some serious energon for our new leader, yeah!"

Driveby: "And y'all get yours, too. When we done, there gon' be plenty to go 'round. It'll be worth your while. Don' even front wit' dat 'I got better things ta do' sh*t neither, G."

2002-07-23, 04:32 PM
Ultra Magnus arrived at the temple to simply relay report to Optimus Prime, Prowl and others, and also feeling that he should be in this meeting. Ultra Magnus looked over his reports, "Hot Rod was last seen in a regenerating/renergizing chamber, he'll stay out of trouble for a while..."

2002-07-23, 04:40 PM
Scourge frowned.
"Hot Rod was the chosen one. Perhaps this is true, but where did Rodimus Prime's leadership get the Autobots?"

He stared right into Javelin's eyes.

"He's not telling you everything he knows."

"While I do not approve of Gigatron as leader, he is a true and honourable warrior. Why should I seek his death, and possesion of the Matrix?"


Sixswitch nodded to his partner, and stepped to one side of the portal, crossing his arms impassively. He cast a sideways glance to Quick Switch.

"Why are we here, anyway? As protection for Optimus I know, but from what? And why is he here? All we were told was to come. I dunno, but I'd like to know why."

2002-07-23, 05:00 PM
"Galvatron does not hold the Matrix any longer... he's been destroyed? How interesting." Javelin was even more pleased by this, "Gigatron... he's out of his element, beyond his time. he has no place here, and definatly not holding the Matrix, you Scourge... were chosen to carry the Matrix. Obtain the Matrix and join me... and we together can rule the Universe as Gods!"

2002-07-23, 05:27 PM
"Lord Galvatron fell defending Cybertron from Unicron. A hero's death. It is a shame that his decision to enthrone Gigatron was an unwise one."

The Hunter folded, and unfolded his arms.

"What makes you think that with the Matrix, I could rule the galaxy as a God? Gigatron can not, and he bears it. Optimus Prime can not, and he bears it's opposite number. Even the chosen one Rodimus Prime could not. Why should I be any different?"

He smiled now, behind his faceplate as he kept the most obvious question till last.

"Finally, Javelin. What is in it for you?"

2002-07-23, 07:56 PM
Megatron awoke... slowly. A new transformation cog had found its way into his system of circuits. His eyes brightened as he stood up from the ground, beside all the dust. He had been gone a long time, his companion destroyed. The unique comapnion TimeSplitter. Now Megatron was finaly alone. All of the viruses had been removed from his system he was practically clean. Except for the mark on his chest. He must have caught some laser fire or been a shield for someone.

His eyes brighted again. His energon flow had stabilised.

He turned around, getheering his bearings. He wondered where he was. Then he looked beside him. Somehow he was inside a piece of rock.

His cannon aimed accordingly, his sight matched up to blow up the small dwelling he had been in. This had to have been what had protected him.

He fired, a low yield purple blast confronted the dwelling as the rock blew aprt to reveal an exit.

Megatron had to find out what was going on. He activated his targetting scanners, tried to locate some transformers. It was too hard. There was interference.

Leg's turned. Arms folded. A head went down. The green and purple tank slowly but surely asserted itself into the land of the living. The cannon turned a few degrees and then the power of his wheels began to give Megatron a sense of purpose. He was "new" to put it lightly.

He had to find out what had gone on.

He had to find out what happened!

2002-07-23, 08:03 PM
"Galvatron, Gigatron, and Optimus, were all given the Matrix, to protect. While You and Hot Rod are meant to carry it... in the end. Unfortunatly Rodimus prime needed one step to fully become Primus. He has to absord all the Sparks into himself. You on the other hand have little to stop you. All you have to do is Kill or absord Cyclonus and the Quintessions and steal the Matrix. And you will become a God, nicron to be more precice. But you will control the power as you were meant too. Still too confusing, huh?" Javelin anticipated his future questions and sat down to explain futhur.

"Very few Transformers understand it all, But all Transformer life... all life for that matter, is destined to return from which it came. Now I'm not talking about that poor excuse for life... organic, I'm talking about true life, energy based life like us. Those that were forged of Primus... The normal Transformer are destined to one day all rejoin Primus. The others... created by Unicron, Quintessions, Cyclonus are destined to one day rejoin him." Javelin looked directly at Scourge, "Or should I say is destined to rejoin the you, the one chosen to bear Unicron's image. Unfortunatly that Unicron that just attacked, that was just the last voice of his dieing mind what was left over of Uncron when he was imprisoned in that asteriod."

"Primus and Unicron don't exist as they once were... true gods. Primus exists in the Matrix, the Autobot Matrix of Leadership, and the Sparks of his children, and most importantly Hot Rod. Unicron exists in his own life force, those he brought to existance, and you. The Unicron that has assulted us before was just a mechanical prison and his own life force... similar to the Primus's Matrix. Now as for the Decepticon Matrix I don't know weather or not Unicron or primus had a part in it's creation but it is the catalist needed for you to become a god."

Javelin saved the more important answer for last, "As for what's in it for me. I hate Primus. I want to see him completely destroyed, and I take his place. Impossible for me to do so you say. You will destroy Primus's as the new, true Unicron, And I'm already one step to becomeing Primus, I I would need is the Autobot Matrix of Leadership... If you argee to join me. If you do not I will have to absorb all the sparks myself."

2002-07-23, 09:30 PM
"You would be a fool to make such a decision rashly."

[i]You are right. We will have to think on it.

"As you say, I was created, and remodelled by Unicron. I am not sure of my desire to become a God as of yet. I shall need to think about it for a while. It seems hopelessly ambitious to me though."

"Quite. Even I'm a bit sceptical."

"I will take your proposal under consideration. One matter still confuses me. You claim that you will become Primus. How do you plan to do this? You are not the chosen one of the Autobots."

2002-07-23, 10:07 PM
"Pointblank Come in this is Blaster we have Springer there is only one problem and I suggest a doc or something get out here right quick cause I'm a comms officer and what little I know of fixing stuff this is way outta my league"

Blaster said in tape deck mode sending out the message, SteelJaw and Fastforward standing over top of the damaged Springer

2002-07-23, 10:08 PM
Javelin got up and smiled, "Excellent, your mind is already one step above everone else's... they are focusing on why but not how..." He started to walk away, "It is part of my programming to destroy and overtake Primus. I was the program that first gave the Transformers intellengence, before Primus installed his life force into every Transformer... 'Sparks'. I was programmed to expell any free will in the Transformers, but the sparks were too strong. That may not answer your question directly... but it's all you need to know, given that you have not accepted my offer yet." Javelin tranformed, "You have 2 days to make up your mind." With that he sped off.

2002-07-23, 11:19 PM
Megatron accessed his small comlink..

He hoped TimeSplitter would still be alive although he doubted it.

"TimeSplitter, report. TimeSplitter! Time..."

Megatron cut himself off. There was no use. TimeSplitter must have brung him to this cavern while resuming the fight. He was a warrior. He must have donoted spare parts to Megatron... or.. Megatron would not have been alive.

2002-07-24, 01:00 AM
For whatever reason Hatemonger heard Megatron's calls to Timesplitter.

"Timesplitter I remember him." Hatemonger said then got onto his com-link setting to the same frequency as the warrior who was seeking out Timesplitter.

"Decepticon Warrior this is Hatemonger, are you in need of assistance?" Hatemonger said and waited.

2002-07-24, 02:38 AM
Spaceshot: "'Holmes'? 'Front'? Who programmed you two? Some guy from Jersey?"

Gunrunner: "Alright. So is it just you two or do you have any other rejects we need to pick up?"

Quick Switch
2002-07-24, 03:25 AM
Astrotrain shook his head.

"I'm not authorized to make such a decision. Lord Gigatron will have to decide such a matter."


Quick Switch flicked his optics to Sixswitch for a moment, before turning them towards the portal.

"Your guess is as good as mine. But security detail sounds good enough to me."

2002-07-24, 03:28 AM
Blitzwing started to leave the office.

"Well its been fun brother. Take care, hopfully we will work together again soon." Blitzwing said starting to walk out the door.

2002-07-24, 07:50 AM
Scourge took a long look at the retreating form of Javelin.

With no one around, he could speak aloud to Fracas, an arrangement he much preferred over the mind-talk.

"Me? A God? Is he mad?"

"No, not mad. He truly believes it. The funny thing is, it could work. All throughout the histories of many civilisations there are tales of a God's avatar, or messenger walking among his subjects, in order to perform a certain task. It would seem that Javelin would like to take it a step further, and have the Gods themselves walk among the Transformers."

"Fine. Assuming that it's possible, what becomes of me, my personality, and my sense of self?"

"This answer I can not give you. However, it is likely that you would be swallowed up by the God Unicron once again."

"Unicron. My mortal enemy," Scourge spat.
"No, I do not want to be a part of Unicron, I want to be the end of him. Thrice cursed spawn of Primacron that he is."

"That might prove impossible. I doubt even the Decepticon Matrix could kill a God. The Autobot one wasn't."

"But both of them might be able to."

"That's what happened in the recent battle. It failed."

"Yes, but that time, the Matrices were not carried by the chosen ones. Hot Rod, and, if what Javelin said is true, myself."

"There is much to think about in this situation Scourge. Do not make it lightly."

"Don't worry Fracas, I wont."

2002-07-24, 01:25 PM
-Meanwhile, inside of one of the isolation wards in Metrotitan's repair bay....-

Minerva: --welds last seal in place, closes panel on Roadbuster's chest- "There." -looks at the mangled armor on Roadbuster- "Once we get you back to Iacon, we can fix your armor."

Roadbuster: -still unconscious-

Brainstorm: "He's still out cold."

Minerva: "That's okay. I used to talk to the cadavers I was working on in medical school. They never talked back, either." -chuckles- "I'd be worried if they did say something."

Brainstorm: "Eh, heh......" -gets thoughtful look on face, flips panel on his arm open, presses a button-

-nothing happens-

Brainstorm: "Well, that settles it, guys. Our timeline is officially gone. The remote activator isn't activating the portal engine."

Chromedome: "Gone?"

Brainstorm: "If it isn't, it might as well be. The portal key isn't opening a portal."

Hardhead: "Well, it is kind of nice here."

Siren: "But easier to enjoy with all limbs attached."

2002-07-24, 05:02 PM
Sixswitch nodded to Quick Switch.
"Yeah I suppose, standing around here sure beats getting your hide shot off by a Decepticon or Unicron."

He cast a sideways glance out towards where he knew that the Decepticon cities were stationed.

"Speaking of Decepticons, I wonder just how long this alliance will last..."

2002-07-24, 05:18 PM
Scourge is just a back up plan anyway. Not the main mission. Javelin figured that Scourge was lucky to have been forged from Unicron's will, or he would be just another Transformer that will fall with Primus. There was a reason javelin gave Scourge two days, he had work to be done... invovling the Minicons. He immediatly headed toward Autobot territory, to hopefullt find the ones called Talon and Jolt.

2002-07-24, 06:30 PM
Megatron transformed quickly. His head turned to look at Hatemunger.

"He is dead. Scans indicate this. But if i may ask what do you want. Kindness is not in your profile."

2002-07-24, 06:47 PM
Gigatron huffed and folded his arms over his chest. The pain struck him again, but he held his ground, remaining silent until it passed. He could not allow Optimus Prime to see him shriek and fall to the floor...

"Business indeed," he rasped. "Let's make it quick, Autobots, shall we? I have many things to do back at Metrotitan, and this little meeting you'd have us sit through is only going to push back my schedule. So. You wanted a council, if I recall? Fine. Show me the paperwork, I have no time for dawdling."


Dum dee dum dum...

Soundwave really never had much time for strolling, but today it was his mission. He was to hunt out any possible assassins or coups for Gigatron's "coronation", after he had called the meeting... Oh! (Soundwave is getting a bit forgetful, other things on his mind.) He stopped mid-stride, and opened the standard faction radio frequency.

"Attention Decepticons. This is communications officer Soundwave. When your repairs are complete, report to the auditorium in Metrotitan sector Beta-4 within the next ten breems. Repeat, report to auditorium, sector Beta-4. Soundwave out."

The channel now closed, Soundwave continued his wanderings. His opticband floated over to a door embedded in the wall, its plaque reading "BRIG". What better place to start the search for murderers and usurpers? The steel sheet readily moved from Soundwave's path, and he entered the prison quadrant.

What fun is this? Soundwave griped. None of the cells are even... Ah.

His gaze settled on the only cell holding a prisoner - Adeara's. After a quick glance around, Soundwave approached the energy bars and glared down on her.

"Well, what have we here?"

2002-07-24, 07:55 PM
Adeara looked up at Soundwave. While not short, she wasn't tall either. Smirking, she took a step forward. "Took you long enough. Gigatron said he'd send you to question me." Crossing her arms, she watched him momentarily, then spoke again. "So, what is it you want me to tell you? I can tell you all that I know, plus why I joined Jhiaxus and Leige Maximo. I cannot tell you where Maximo is, nor can I tell you anything he plans to do. I was under Jhixaus' command mostly.

"On our 'warp' from Earth, Someone attacked Galvatron. He vanished. We all assumed he was dead, and I found Jhiaxus a likely candidate to replace him as my 'Lord'. Jhiaxus was the only person who earned my devout loyalty, therefore, I followed him willingly. Not much to tell."

(if I'm missing anything, yell at me later. Mind's a little preoccupied....)

2002-07-24, 08:01 PM
"I will tell you what she is." A strong, determined voice called from behind Soundwave.

Behind the communications officer stood the towering figure of the double Godmaster Overlord, with his arms crossed over his chest.

"She is a perfect powermaster partner Soundwave. A being of raw power that would make its bearer nigh invincible..." Overlord said, his optics burning brightly of increasing lust for power.

"She is mine." The giant growled, reaching towards the cell...

2002-07-24, 08:53 PM
Seeing that hand reach for her arm(remember, she's in her Decepticon form, not her normal one), Adeara snapped, "Soundwave, back up!" With that, Adeara instantly shifted into her firebird form, and sent a wave of fire at Overlord.

*Try that again, fool, and I'll melt that arm off!* Adeara's voice came from the beak of the firey form. *I swear, most of you people simply want me for my abilities! By the Maker, you people are so greedy! I'd have been better off serving Unicron then any of you!* Her irritation had raised the temperature in the cell and hall before it to the point where the metal was begining to smoke. *Get out of here, you overgrown excuse for a junk drawer!* That comment was obviously pointed at Overlord.

(Six, no one said FIRE couldn't get through them. Besides, Adeara only has a laser sword. That wouldn't do much.)

2002-07-24, 08:58 PM
(OOC: Adaera is behind energy bars folks. They block weapons fire, and you can't get through them.)

Scourge stood for a moment longer, then turned towards Metrotitan. He would be able to better spot Shockwave from there, and if his suspicions were true, that would be where all the action was. Leaping into the air, he transformed into fighter mode, and shot off towards the huge city.

Having radio'd ahead, the docking bay door was open, ready for him, so he simply flew inside, and transformed. Without as much as a look around the room, he glided out, and made his way to the command centre.

2002-07-24, 09:21 PM
Hatemonger looked at Megatron.

"Simple to form an army. Right now I do not trust our new leader, Gigatron. He is partly responsible for the rebirth of Unicron and the destuction on Cybertron. Myself and some other Decepticons are not too happy about his rule, many of the others simply think that just because Galvatron picked him he should lead. I do not think he should lead, unless he can prove to me that he is not a total fool. So I am asking you if you are in or out it is your choice." Hatemonger said.

2002-07-24, 09:25 PM
"Ahh Hatemunger!"

Megatron laughed.

"But whats in it for me. !"

Quick Switch
2002-07-24, 10:22 PM
Quick Switch had his hands ready as Gigatron called out.

"We'll know as soon as Optimus talks to Gigatron," he called back hoarsely to Sixswitch. He waited to see what his leader would do.


Onslaught clapped Skyblade on the shoulder.

"We'll continue this discussion later. Combaticons, fellow combiners-to the meeting!"

The Decepticon combiner teams filed out and walked into the auditorium, taking most of the center seats. Hun-Grr, Motormaster, Onslaught, Razorclaw and Scrapper sat next to each other, and their respective subrodinates sat with friends from the other groups. (i. e., Bonecrusher sat next to Vortex; Blast Off sat next to Dead End, etc.)


Astrotrain rose from his chair and left, letting the office door close behind him. An Alpha Drone appeared, and walking cooly behind, A Decepticon.

"Master. Mindwipe was retrieved, as per your orders," it whirred.

"Excellent. Follow us to the meeting. Transcribe all that follows in your internal databanks. From this moment on, you are my personal scribe, designate Alpha Drone Major. Alpha Major for short."

"Thank you Master," the newly minted Alpha Major saluted, and fell into step behind the two much larger Decepticons.

Astrotrain put his hands behind his back, and began the long walk down the corridors to the auditorium. Mindwipe followed suit, then broke the silence, his Romanian-esque accent trilling through the corridors.

"Blah...you wished to see me, Astrotrain?" The Headmaster fixed the Triple Changer with his renowed optics, which seemed to always flicker between various levels of intensity.

"Yes, Mindwipe. I sent for you because your talents are noteworthy. You are, to my knowledge, the only hypnotist, and self-described 'mystic' in the Empire."

"Yes...this is true," Mindwipe replied.

"Oh...by the way, Greetings, Minister Vorath," Astrotrain looked at Mindwipe's head, knowing that the Nebulan partner was able to see visually through Mindwipe's optic interface.

"Ah...thank you, Commander. I am not often recognized..." Vorath replied. "The title, I'm afraid, no longer applies these days."

"From this point on, it does. In fact, once Lord Gigatron confirms it, you are re-instated as Nebulan Minister of Science. For too long, our Nebulan allies have been neglected by the Decepticon hierarchy. I will not let that happen."

"I thank you," Vorath answered, voice husky. Mindwipe smiled. Over the years, he had learned to co-exist well with his skeptical Nebulan ally, stopping the protestation that he didn't need Nebulan assistance with his well-known (as he put) "extra-sensory powers."

"Minister, as I'm sure you are aware...Lord Zarak is now dead," Astrotrain stated.

"Yes...the loss has impacted me greatly," Vorath answered quickly, though in truth, the Minister couldn't care less whether Zarak was dead or not. He'd never liked the self-styled 'lord' of Nebulos. It was under his inept leadership that had cost the Hive victory many years ago against the Autobot 'masters.

"In any case, you are now the highest ranking Nebulan in the Decepticon Empire, which makes you de-facto Head of State on Nebulos. The new Ruler of the Hive...what's left of it." Astrotrain smiled slightly.

"I will serve Lord Gigatron well, Commander. Nebulos will honor its commitment of the alliance signed between Lord Galvatron and...Lord Zarak." Vorath answered somberely.

"What has this to do with me, if I may?" Mindwipe interjected.

"I am making you one of my chief lieutenants, Mindwipe. Scourge was my other promient lieutenant, alongside Soundwave...but after a run-in with Unicron, he now wishes to pursue other interests. More along the lines of a roving agent." Astrotrain nodded.

"Blah...the honor is too much," Mindwipe raised his hands, almost apologetically, in a mock display of modesty. Both the Headmaster and Triple Changer knew this was just for show. Vorath also understood this.

"Your hypnotic powers are legendary...only Soundwave is as expert with his telepathic powers at rooting out treachery. Your skills are useful...also your mastery of mystic communication with our dead brethren." Astrotrain glanced sidelong at Mindwipe. The door to the conference room was only a few hundred feet away.

"Again, this is true. Just today I was engaged in a discussion with a Seeker named Thrust," Mindwipe's optics became clouded, as he remembered. "He seemed in a happier place...he told me that he did not mind dying for the Empire...Vorath has recorded all my discussions with all manner of equipment. He is going to publish a paper on it, aren't you Vorath?" Mindwipe's optics snapped back into focus.

"Yes. That is my intention. Commander, Mindwipe's excursions into the Astral Plane are fantastic...and in my unique position as a binary bonded Headmaster, I have even experienced them, in a much more limited way, of course," Vorath replied from his own set of audio speakers from within Mindwipe's head.

"Excellent..." Astrotrain, Mindwipe and the scribe, Alpha Major strode into the audotorium. Onslaught snapped a salute, which Astrotrain returned. The other cominbers expressed less interest.

Astrotrain and Mindwipe sat in the front row, Alpha Major stood off to the side, beginning to record snatches of conversation.

Mindwipe lost himself in his thoughts, and Astrotrain folded his arms and waited.

2002-07-24, 10:32 PM
Scourge strode through the corridors of Metrotitan, past his former office. From whence he helped to rule the Decepticons on Earth, helped to refit this edifice of a city, and bring him back online. He wondered if he regretted leaving it behind, and realised that he didn't. This new freedom to do as he wished was much more appealing. He walked on.

Arriving through a side door to the auditorium, he walked silently up to the front of the room, and slid in to a seat next to Astrotrain.
"Commander. Progress report. Hatemonger has a number of troops outside Metrotitan. He is obviously unhappy with the current administration, but I don't know what his next move, if any, will be. Overlord has also returned, as you may be aware. I saw no sign of Shockwave, but he is around somewhere."

Scourge looked past Astrotrain, and nodded to Mindwipe, a Transformer who once served under his command, before Zarak and the Nebulans changed all that.
"Greetings, Mindwipe," he said simply.

Quick Switch
2002-07-24, 10:42 PM
Astrotrain turned his head and listened as Scourge spoke sitting next to him.

"Thank you Scourge...excellent work, as usual. Lord Gigatron will be made known of these details when the time is right." Astrotrain nodded and turned back to the front.

Mindwipe leaned forward and nodded in return to Scourge.

"Blah, greetings, Scourge."

"Huntsman," Vorath asked haltingly from within Mindwipe's head, using Scourge's formal title, "If I may ask, is my corade Fracas still alive? Commander Astrotrain told me that...the subsequent battle with Unicron was fierce."

2002-07-25, 02:03 AM
Nightbeat: "Listen."

Siren: "To what?"

Nightbeat: -sits up as much as he can- "It's gotten a lot quieter out there."

Siren: "So? Means there aren't quite as many Decepticons trying to stare a hole hrough that door a there were."

Nightbeat: -sighs- "Chromedome, take a peek out there."

Chromedome: -opens the door and looks out-

2002-07-25, 02:59 AM
Hatemonger smiled.

"Simple. Power what else do we look for?" He said smiling.

"I need strong leaders if I do end up leading to run our forces to victory. You are strong hence, I need you." Hatemonger said.

"I already have recuited, the Aerialcons and Crashticons, Cryotek, Legion, Salvo, Blitzwing as well as Shockwave who is in Metrotitan along with myself. There are several that are not sure who to support yet, but with the push in the right direction I am sure we can change things to our favor." Hatemonger said.


Hit looked at Runaway.

"So what you think the Boss has in store for this Gigatron fellow huh huh!" Hit smiled.

"Idontknow but me thinks we gonna have a family spat in here soon enough." the 4X4 redneck Decepticon smiled as the rest of the two teams sat down.

Skyblade got onto his internal com-link to the Crashticons and Aerialcons. "Just in case guys be ready for a fight, if need be we have more than enough room to merge into our respective Gestalts or Dominator if we need too. I hope we won't need to fight our own brothers but just in case, be ready." .

God Jinrai
2002-07-25, 03:40 AM
"...paperwork, gigatron? You think I would bog things down as such with forms to fill out, documents to sign? No, I've a far m ore meaningful and sensible means to do this..."

As prime spoke his last words, a series of lights activated within the temple's cloister chambers... dozens of video equipment was set in place, as if it were placed there long ago for this very event...

"Gigatron... inform your second in command at metrotitan to set their video and audio recievers to frequency 000. The universal transmitter channel. I've done the same for my autobots... "

Quick Switch
2002-07-25, 03:46 AM
A cordon of Metrdrones stared back at Chromedome.

"What is your purpose in this function?" The same Alpha Drone and his squad stared back at the Headmaster.


Quick Switch looked up as Prime activated the lights. Impressed, he looked on for Gigatron's response.

2002-07-25, 03:58 AM
Gigatron sighed and shook his head slowly. His optics glared at Prime - who happened to be setting him back a good deal - as his radio transmitter popped before his mouth, his head wings fanned, and he muttered his commands back to Soundwave. Two audible clicks in return, and Gigatron returned to his normal state.

"Metrotitan is listening, Optimus. Now, can we get on with this charade? I have many things to do back at the city, and I will not be pleased if this conference of yours puts me in ill favor with my warriors..."


Soundwave spun around and glared up at Overlord. As much as the Godmaster likely could kill him, Soundwave did not care. The fire attack was absorbed harmlessly into the field enclosing the cell, of course. He batted away that giant, encroaching hand and spoke raspily.

"She is a Decepticon warrior, you twit! And moreover, she is our prisoner. Now, report to the auditorium. Commander Gigatron wishes for your presence there."

After turning back to Adeara, Soundwave straightened himself out, and began a cursory mindscan of the prisoner.

(OOC: Unfortunately, Adeara, I must side with Sixswitch here. Fire = heat + light, both of which are energy. As such, they would be absorbed or repeled by the forcefield, and certainly not allowed to pass through.)

Quick Switch
2002-07-25, 04:06 AM
Easily, Metrotitan's video equipment began a recording of the event. The large conference room in Metrotitan darkened, and a projector screen lowered.

On it, a picture displayed Gigatron, illuminated by the lights of the Temple of Primus.

Optimus Prime was visible a few feet away on the outskirts of the temple. Quick Switch and Sixswitch stood in front of their leader.

"Interesting," Onslaught remarked. Mindwipe nodded.

"Blah...this is Gigatron's first appearance...let's hope he puts on a good screen face, yes?" The Headmaster smiled slightly.

"Hah! Lookit Prime there, hidin' behind those Six Changers!" Motormaster pointed at the screen, and the Stunticons, Predacons and Terrorcons convulsed with laughter.

"Shut up, all of you!" Astrotrain barked. The combiner teams fell silent, except from occasional snickering from Swindle.

2002-07-25, 05:13 AM
Hit snickered seeing the TV come on.

"This be CNN!" he smiled waiting for whatever to be said.

2002-07-25, 06:18 AM
"It must be kept quiet, even from him Scourge."
But his hypnosis...
"Is useless against you. I'm more useful than you thought."
Indeed. Very well.

Scourge glanced over at Mindwipe. Or more specifically, his head.
"Unfortunately Minister, Fracas died in the fighting within Unicron. If it's any consolation, he died bravely in battle."

He then looked back at the screen. This should be interesting.


Sixswitch cast a glance at Prime and Gigatron as the lights brightened and the monitors flickered on. For some reason, he was nervous, and it wasn't stage fright. He quickly brought his missile launchers online, and stood ready.

2002-07-25, 10:08 AM
There are benefits to working for both sides, one of them having access to both Autobot and Decepticon com channels. A fact Bandit knows all too well, especially since he picked up a request to tune into channel 000. "Rally, do you see a monitor or something?" Bandit asked his female partner. "Yes, right over there. Why are you asking Bean?" she replied. "Just got a message requesting that every Autobot and Decepticon should tune into channel 000" Bandit explained as he moved towards a wallmounted monitor. "Now, let's find out what's on the tube tonight" he adds as he turns it on. "How about a lift so I can watch too?" Rally asked. "One lift coming up" Bandit replies as he places his hand next to Rally. After Rally stepped onto the hand she was lifted to Bandit's shoulder where she had a good view of the scene between Prime and Gigatron.

2002-07-25, 12:14 PM
Adeara cautiously returned to her Decepticon form, her irritation still warming the cell. Forcing herself calm, the heat vanished. "Look, I am not one to be used like a little puppet. Either I help willingly, or I die opposing you. But I can't die, unless by certain means, and I doubt you have those at your disposal. I'd rather be frozen solid before I help someone as power-hungry as you!" With that, she turned to Soundwave. "Is there anything else Gigatron wants to know?"

2002-07-25, 12:50 PM
Then as Kup was in the pod his optics flicker a bit but he is still unconcious.

2002-07-25, 02:13 PM
Overlord stared at Adeara with a smugly grin on his face. Being nothing more than amused because of Adeara's threats and fireworks.

"We will find that out someday..." Overlord said and turned away, heading towards the auditorium without seeming even notice Soundwave.

"... partner."


Somewhat later Overlord stepped into the auditorium and positioned himself to lean against the wall near the entrace after not noticing any big enough seats for himself.

The Godmaster crossed his arms over his chest and began waiting...

Quick Switch
2002-07-25, 02:24 PM
"Thank you, Hunstman," Vorath replied quietly.

Don't mourn Fracas' death, Vorath. He died bravely.

I know. But still...the loss is great. Vorath replied.

The time for grief is later. Watch the show.

God Jinrai
2002-07-25, 03:02 PM
"So be it, gigatron. a simple shake of the hand is all that's required. The council will consist of myself, you... your top 2 ranking officers, and two of mine, with input from three others from each of our factions. physical meetings will be kept to a minimal, but at least every hundred megacycles, we'll hold a vid conference to keep one another updated, and discuss any major matters of concern."

with that, Prime extended his hand to gigatron...

but not before turning to the sixchangers...

"Sixswitch. Quickswitch. outside. Matters are nearly over, and I need you ensuring no one enters to interrupt this."

2002-07-25, 03:08 PM
Spaceshot: "'Holmes'? 'Front'? Who programmed you two? Some guy from Jersey?"

For reasons that he could not possibly comprehend, these words echoed in Driveby's audio receptors...something in Spaceshot's words had meaning, but he could not put his finger on it...

Turning to Spaceshot, Driveby said, "Yo better check yo'self, fool, 'fore me and Blaze-boy lite your ass up."

Blazestarter: "Nah nah nah, not now, D-Man. There's three more, yeah yeah yeah, three more Renegades. We'll show you the way, yeah yeah yeah."

2002-07-25, 03:20 PM
Ultra Magnus crossed his arms, "So we're really going with this." Ultra Magnus said to whoever was next to him, "It should work if the Decepticons keep this peace up. But I'll be the first to welcome it."

Hot Rod exited the regeneration chamber and finding nobody around the area, he rubbed his head, finding his mind relativally blank. Then thoughts slowly came, he looked in the surrounding pods, Kup was in on, but no Lockpick, and she needed it, he better find her, and Talon, he better find him too.

2002-07-25, 03:51 PM
Skyblade got onto his com-link.

"Hatemonger this meeting is not what we all thought Gigatron is on TV. You should come see this even if you sit way back." Skyblade said.

Hatemonger heard the communication.

"I hear you we will be inside the somewhere." Hatemonger motioned to Salvo, Legion, Cryotek and Blitzwing and looked at Megatron.

"You may join us if you wish." and turned into Metrotitan heading towards the auditorium.

Hatemonger and crew arrived and stood in the back watching the screen.

"Hmm Gigatron is still working with the Autobots, maybe he wants this war to end more than I thought." Hatemonger said and waited.

Hatemonger had a thought that odds are nobody in the room would have thought Hatemonger would have had.

Peace finally! I would not mine helping Gigatron to usher in this peace, the Autobots had many fine sprits that helped in the battle with Unicron. he thought when Ultra Magnus, Fastland and Cloudraker helped the gestalts, Shockwave, Quake, Wierdwolf, Skullcruncher and himself to do a heavy strike on Unicron.

2002-07-25, 07:01 PM
Megatron had joined Hatemonger and the rest.

He looked at the screen.

Peace. A strange concept between two factions at war. Although i have been gone a long time i know certain things, peace will not last long. Decepticons are evil at certain times, we have faced the autobots for many years, could this be the last time we fight.

It was a hard concept to grasp, but with everythhing that had happened, Megatron could go along with it, if needs be. But somehow deep inside Megatron he knew this peace wouldn't last.

Megatron's head turned to Hatemunger.

He silently spoke to the transformer.

"With all thats happened between the transformers , peace would be something new. We all have fought for so many years... peace is something new to us, Decepticons would reject it, but they respect you. You are the one that has to make the first move, and since you found me and invited me to battle in the first place, i am at your side"

2002-07-25, 08:08 PM
Hatemonger looked at Megatron and nodded.

"I agree, if a lasting peace is to be held we need to work together." He said quietly and then spoke up to the whole room stepping out of the shadows.

If peace is to be made with the Autobots, I ask to be one of the ones to help all of us usher in this time! By the name of Primus, Unicron Primacon and all the other "Gods" as well as our own fallen that have died in this near neverending war. I wish to pledge my help! Gigatron please allow me to be one of the two generals you pick to help usher in this peace!" Hatemonger spoke and wondered if anyone would care.

2002-07-25, 08:17 PM
Megatron looked at Ravage speeking up.

Megatron thought to himself as Megatron he had his end to keep up.

Megatron decided to speak up also.

"I am Megatron. If Generals are what you need I am also one of them. Let this new era bring us peace and justice to all trandformers. Every Transformer is a life, We must live our lives as Transformers, not Autobots and Decepticons but Transformers!"

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-07-25, 09:42 PM
Skywarp's optics flickered on briefly...all he saw was shadows, he knew he wasn't dead, for that he was thankful, what he now feared more was the shadowy character that had helped him, and his purpose for doing so...


Sixshot flew down and transformed, he stood and watched several drones working diligently to repair Iacon, Crystal City, and several other buildings.

As he looked around he searched for answers. Many questions plagued his mind, each answer he found he only sought out more questions. Walking along kicking debris he saw nothing but the remnants of chaos, the fruit of the seeds he had planted.

Quick Switch
2002-07-25, 10:06 PM
Quick Switch nodded, and re-cocked his photon blasters.

"Right, Optimus. No one's going to get past us."

The Six Changer stepped outside the temple and stood up against one side of the massive doors, facing outwards, blasters ready, scanners on high alert.

2002-07-26, 02:44 AM
Chromedome: -staring back at the Alpha Drone- "Got kind of quiet out here. We were wondering what happened." -hears Prime's message- "And that explains why. Thanks." -ducks back into isolation bay, closes door-

-And, after the announcements....-

Nightbeat: "Well, there it is. Peace."

Roadbuster: -just staring at the screen in shock-

Siren: "Doesn't matter. I'm telling payroll to keep the hazard pay on our vouchers."

Hosehead: "We get paid?"

Chromedome: "You know what this means, Hardhead? We can retire back to Master Star."

Hardhead: "Too young to retire."

Minerva: "We don't even know if Master Star exists here."

Brainstorm: "That's true. Somebody asked me about somebody named Arcana. I still don't know who Arcana is."

Quick Switch
2002-07-26, 03:59 AM
The Alpha Drone stared back as Chromedome shut the door.

"Transformers are impossible," it whirred, then returned to its duties. Its fellow Drones shrugged.


Astrotrain made a note as Hatemunger and Megatron campaingned ever so...subtly...for the Generalship position. He kept his opions to himself. The combiner teams did not.

"Bah! Just like an Autobot primadonna!" Blast Off sniffed.

"I hear that, that, that!" Mixmaster chortled. Breakdown glanced nervously at the Constructicon chemist.

"Where is the honor in openly asking for the position of General?" Razorclaw asked. "A warrior simply...does what is requested of him."

Hun-Grr was more skeptical.

"It is enough to fight," he decided. "Live to fight another day!"

"When did Megatron show up? I thought he was dead?" Scavenger asked.

"What's it to you?" Dead End shot back.

"What's it you?" Brawl rejoined.

"Argument stupid," Divebomb squawked.

"Divebomb stupid," Rippersnapper snarled.

"Now look. It all comes down to a tear in the fabric of the universe," Blot stated blandly. Silence ensued.


"Say what?" Wildrider scratched his head.

"When did you earn a licence to think, Blot?" Swindle asked, serious.

"Dunno...simple question, really. All relative." Blot shrugged, and promptly shut up.

"Damn it!" Drag Strip handed over an Energon cube.

"Yeah, you lost that bet fair and square, roadster!" Long Haul pocketed the cube in subspace. "Nobody believed me when I said Blot was a closet genius. Heh. Who's lauging now?"

2002-07-26, 05:26 AM
Karandras armour had become almost invisible on the floor of metro-titan his optics on his armour detecting large amounts of heat for a few moments and that was all he needed. Excellent that has to be her Karandras thought prowling towards her holding cell.

It was almost to easy every defence mechanism was so feral he avoided it all so easily. He was like a roach now to these robots a little bug that you can never get rid of. Even if he was detected they would see him as a minor threat and dismiss him or try and kill him on the spot. Much fun for him anyways.

2002-07-26, 12:09 PM
The Aerialcons and Crashticons just sat there.

Some of the Crashticons just snickered.

"The boss helping to lead an era of peace." Hit laughed.

"Could be far worse, just think of the bots over that could be doing thing." Blindside laughed.

With that Skyblade got involed as the Aerialcons sat oddly quiet.

"Enough, just becuase two of us have the brass bearings to say they wish to help is comentable. Remember half do doing anything is to show you wish to do it, the other half doing it or taking it." Skybalde said to everyone in the room then sat down.

Lord Zarak
2002-07-26, 12:36 PM
After having sumarry repairs, Shockwave emerged from Metrotitan. It was found that his close proximity to the explosion which had killed Axer had damaged his logic circuits.

He could feel the difference of the repairs.

He also heard the transmission of Megatron.
So he lives. If he lives, then it is logical to assume he seeks leadership of the Decepticons once more. This claim for generaslhip is a ruse. If I can eliminate both Megatron and Gigatron, I would only have Hatemonger to deal with. I could offer him dual leadership with me. I must appease everyone, lull them into a false sense of security.

2002-07-26, 01:42 PM
"Hah..." Overlord sneered as he observed Hatemunger and clone Megatron trying to make themselves heard.

The mighty godmaster straightened himself to his full height, towering above everyone in the auditorium and fired few stun efficiency blasts towards the ceiling.

"Shut up! Let Gigatron speak for himself! This is his show!" Overlord roared and added mentally... You will all have your chances to humiliate yourselves later...

2002-07-26, 02:47 PM
Scourge pondered. He had not expected this turn of events. It would make his newly formed plans even harder. Peace between the factions meant that he couldn't rely on the help of one against the other. He was on his own - a challenge that he relished.


Sixswitch smiled.
"Yeah, like he said."

Saluting Prime, he turned and walked outside.

"Ya know, this job makes me feel kind of important," he said with just a hint of a smile, to his fellow Six Changer.

2002-07-26, 04:56 PM
Megatron looked at the crowds.

He was from another generation of Megatron but this era had seen so much.

If a peace would occur, some things would have to change. Attitudes for...

Megatron came out of thought.

He whispered to ones beside him.

"This seems more like a.. hold up.. than a show. Hatemonger, how did this Gigatron come about!"

2002-07-26, 06:14 PM
Adeara stood there, staring after Overlord. "By the Maker....if he wasn't such an overbearing jerk, and if he wasn't so power-hungry, I might consider helping him....Ah well. His own problem." Adeara turned back to Soundwave. "Now what?"

2002-07-26, 07:38 PM
Ultra Magnus, knew this wasn't going to be without question and hardships but he was just as determined to have this peace work out. His feeling centered around the war, he hopeed more then anything it would at last end. He looked over to Prime, "I don't care who new leader Gigatron is, as long as he's for peace..."

"Talon?" Javelin asked for him as he stepped inside the Keeper, looking almost deserted, most of the crew gone to fuel up, leaving the ship almost to itself. But this was Talon and Jolt's last known location waht better place to start, he needed the both. Something caught his ear, from outside. The Cybertron comm-speakers, relaying a meeting about Autobpot and Decepticon peace. Javelin snickered, "Bah! Soon Optimus and Gigatron will be dead and the Transformers will be nthing but my own life force. Fools they should focus on more important thing anyway. Like the reintroduced Minicons, don't they realize that they are the keys to turning the balance of power?" That's why javelin needed them his power needed to be increased before he battled Prime for the last time. Then then located a Minicon energy signature, "It could be either that doltistic Military team, Jolt, or Talon..."

2002-07-26, 08:12 PM
(OOC: Uni, sorry to make a bit of a jump here controlling your characters, but it's better if we just get things moving a bit. --Ghostal)

With his five teammates and the two evil Renegades in tow, Gunrunner gently descended to the surface of Cybertron at the location Blazestarter and Driveby had selected. The pair departed and ducked into the shadows, and a moment later they emerged with Blackout and Magnacrunch, and the fearsome foursome was carrying....Optitron.

Hopeful that this bit of precious cargo would not deter Gunrunner and his associates from a special run to Earth, Blackout looked up from his leader's lifeless hide and said, "Earth awaits. Shall we?"

2002-07-26, 10:00 PM
Hatemonger looked at Megatron.

"Gigatron came about from the future that much I know for sure. For a time he served with Jhixaus and Optitron before returning to the Decepticon ranks. I know he gave Liege Maximo what he needed to help rebuild Unicron which lead to the attack from Unicron. When Galvatron fell in battle he picked Unicron as his successor." Hatemonger paused "Now if you will excuse me for a moment."

He looked at Overlord.

"You overgrown oaf, maybe in case you have yet to realise something which given your overgrown mouth is possibly the case. We are attempting to reach peace with the Autobots. Just because your outdated systems are still in the "We Kill Autobots" mindset does not mean everyone else has to be. Farthermore if you think you can do a better job then jump aboard, otherwise shut the slag up." Hatemonger growled as the Aerialcons and Crashticons looked up.

"Think we should merge and smack some manners into this guy?" Scrapheap smiled.

"No not now, sides Godmasters have on fatal flaw, the Godmaster engines are wide open for attack, and I don't think he understands the power of Hatemongers minicons yet. Nor do I know what Cryotek just told him either." Skyblade smiled.

Suddenly Cryotek tapped Hatemonger on the shoulder and whispered.

"If the oaf does anything I know how to take him out. He is powerful but carries far more sparks than he should." The Decepticon criminal sydicate leader and genius smiled evilly as a gunatlet formed around his hand.

"What is that?" Hatemonger asked quietly.

"Nothing you need to worry about..... yet." He smiled.

Legion and Salvo stood up as well.

"If I may speak sir, bickering will not help us to assist the Autobots." Legion said.

Salvo on the other hand didn't care.

"This big mouth needs to learn some respect, I think it's time we all teach him some." Salvo said bringing his weapons online.

Bltizwing suddenly spoke up.

"Thats it guys lets have a miniwar right here in this room that will show the Autobots we want peace really well." Blitzwing laughed.

Hatemonger turned to Legion and Salvo.
"We will not teach Overlord anything. His programming is too outdated for that anyway. However if you wish to prove to all the Decpeticons in this room and all of the Autobots watching Overlord please do something stupid. Prove to everyone just how simple and petty you really are."

2002-07-26, 10:27 PM
Megatron looked at OverLord as Hatemonger verbally attacked him.

He was thinking about what Hatemonger said.

Then he turned to Hatemonger.

"This peace will not last unless our Decepticons learn to live with other Decepticons. If a revolt goes through, people like Overlord and Gigatron could face cetain catatrophe's! Some Autobots have that same firey spark that is within us. Time is the healer, possibly within time transformers like Overlord will learn to respect other transformers, maybe then this peace can finally be put into process."

Quick Switch
2002-07-26, 10:36 PM
Quick Switch nodded, then glanced sidelong at Sixswitch against the other door.

"I think we're Optimus' new bodyguards," he replied seriously. "I feel honored to follow in Ironhide's shoes...not that Optimus needs protection, you understand- only Megatron has ever killed him...but for formalities sake."

Quick Switch was truly unaware who devoted he sounded, voicing his deepest opinions to hit alt-verse twin. In turth, the Six Changer was one of the most dedicated (some more skeptical Autobots, such as Afterburner, termed him fanatical) in his loyalty toward Optimus Prime. And now he would do his level best to protect Prime from the perils of a forced peace against enemies foreign and domsetic.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-07-26, 10:39 PM
He didn't know who or where he was, the characters around him were faceless. He had never been in this position, helpless, totally incapable of emotion...

Springer lay on the cold, harsh metal surface of Cybertron, staring at the stars.

2002-07-26, 11:06 PM
Hatemonger nodded to Megatron.

"This I under stand but some Decepticons, much like humans need to be taken to the shed a few times to understand things." He smiled.

"But if Gigatron is sucessful then I believe most of the stagglers will follow." Hatemonger said.

2002-07-27, 07:05 AM
"You do not deserve any respect micromouse." Overlord growled to Hatemunger, his optics burning bloodred of boundless hatred towards the self-righterious Decepticon general.

"I do not want peace! And I have no qualms to tell my opinion!" The giant roared.

"You call yourself Decepticon!" Overlord smirked, pointing at Hatemunger with his right hand accusingly.

"I am more than willing to burst your precious little bubble Lovespreader! You are a spineless worm who has forgotten the original ways of our faction! It is our nature to fight and conquer! And unlike some of us... I live for that goal! We are superior race! It is a blasphemy to lower yourself to grovel at the feet of Autobots asking for peace with a hated enemy! You call me outdated! Perhaps but you are nothing more than a twerp who adores the Autobot way of thinking! A pathetic traitor to the cause!" The godmaster continued his outburst.

"I spit on on you worm! You are not even worth to lick an oil stamp off my foot!" Overlord sneered at Hatemunger, the expression on his face telling clearly how he despised him now.

2002-07-27, 10:21 AM
Megatron nodded.

"Some are a little less... " Megatron stopped.

An angry look came upon Megatron's face.

He turned to Hatemonger.

"What you do will influence this alliance."

2002-07-27, 01:43 PM
"Then Overlord, insects like you need to be delt with arrordingly." With that the Aerialcons and Crashticons stood up and walked over.

"Overlord you are either part of the problem or solution, I will allow you that choice. Either stay and be an ally or get out of Metrotitan now, banished hated by Decepticon and Autobot alike." Hatemonger looked over to Astrotrain, Scrouge, Soundwave, The Combaticons, Terrorcons, Constructicons and Stunticons.

"I am sorry if I am over stepping my bounds but a Decepticon like this is a liablity to the peace." Hatemonger knew he was playing a gambit but he didn't care.

"I may not fully trust Gigatron, in fact I do not even believe me is the one to lead, given how he helped awake Unicron to begin with! But I will follow him for now as Galvatron gave him the Decpeticon matrix, and he is the one that extended his hand to Prime in an effort for peace. So to say we are losing our heritage Overlord, is to say everyone in here is a coward as well just becuase we are willing to toss the power guantlet aside." Hatemonger said.

"You can stay as a Decepticon brother, perphaps an overzelous brother that I do not personally like but will work with to keep the peace, or you may leave now." Hatemonger said and stood his ground.

Quick Switch
2002-07-27, 02:50 PM
Astrotrain stood, Mindwipe also. The combiner teams turned to hear the war of words.

Astrotrain walked over in between the two combatants.

"This bickering is pointless," he snapped, pointing at both Overlord and Hatemunger.

"Hatemunger, you do not have the authority to order Overlord to leave," Astrotrain then turned to the Godmaster. "And you, Overlord, will stop with this incessant nitpicking at once! Your personal opinions of Hatemunger are irrelevant at this venture! This is not the time for petty rivalries!"

Astrotrain pointed to the screen.

"At this very moment, Optimus Prime and Gigatron are deciding the futures of our races in the Temple of Primus. So I don't want to hear about your trifiling personality issues!"

The Triple Changer crossed his arms.

"Furthermore, I will not tolerate any more of this in Metrotitan. I command him, therefore you are under my jurisdiction. The next one of you who gets into a shoving match, will be sent to the Brig! I will have order!" Astrotrain jerked his head back to the combiners.

"Onslaught, Razorclaw. The next Decepticon who starts this behavior will be escorted by your respective teams to the Brig. Understood?"

"As you command," Onslaught saluted.

"As you wish," Razorclaw withdrew his sword.

The Predacons and Combaticons rose and filed out, and surrounded the two Decepticons in a circle.

"Now, settle this disagreement peacably, or you will find yourself answering to Gigatron when he returns for your stupidity!" Astrotrain returned to his seat followed by Mindwipe.

2002-07-27, 03:35 PM
The expression on Overlord's face did not betray any emotion when Astrotrain began his outburst... when it ended the large Decepticon turned to glare at Hatemunger, a triumphant grin on his face.

2002-07-27, 11:50 PM
Hatemonger didn't care, Astrotrains failure to act proved how weak he really was to Hatemonger. Just to prove to Overlord how lowly he was he just trued away from him not caring about the Godmasters childish antics.

"I have settled my dispute with Overlord, Astrotrain, and frankly given how you sat around in Metrotitan during the battle with Unicron while I commanded your gestalt teams to victory with Galvatron, proves to me that you do not have the bearing to do anything other than to command others to send someone to the bring." Hatemonger smiled.

"And being a General I have far more authority than you do." Hatemonger smiled.

"He then looked at Razorclaw and Onslaught, I respect both of you, but I will not goto the brig unchallenged." He smiled as the Aerialcons and Crashticons stood up with Legion and Salvo standing up behind them.

"Enough Hatemonger." Cryotek smiled amused by the whole situation.

"As you have said fighting amongst one another is not going to help any of us. Odd that I am the one saying this however I too believe that Overlord should be banished if he is not willing to work inside the perimeters of the newly forming peace accord." The Genius said smiling thinking to himself how he should really be a lawyer.

With that Blitzwing stood up shocked.

"Brother? Is this true when did you become a coward? Now you just sit around in the confines of a massive city with no real knowledge of how to lead an army and you try to command our forces. The Astrotrain I remember should have fought along side his comrades letting those that know how to lead, lead not try to lead himself. " he asked a look of disbelief and mild disgust on his face.

2002-07-28, 12:22 AM
Scourge stepped forwards slowly.
"Inside of Metrotitan, Astrotrain is second only to Commander Gigatron," he said, quietly, menacingly.
"Hatemonger. You will obey Astrotrain's wishes. Within Metrotitan, you have no authority unless the City Commander says you do."

The Hunter then stepped up to Blitzwing, and said quietly, barely audible to everyone else.
"You, who abandoned the cause, and yet were let back into the fold by the City Commander - given a second chance as it were - would dare question his bravery?"

If Scourge had teeth, they would be clenched in disbelief. As it were, his voice was level, his face impassive.

He glanced towards Cryotek.
"And who might you be?"

He pointedly ignored the Gestalt teams, knowing that they would do what their leaders told them to. Same for the six-changer and demolitionist.

2002-07-28, 01:11 AM
Cryotek smiled.

"Scrouge, I am Cryotek." he said looking down at the newly reformatted Scrouge.

"Nice upgrade, far better than the blue and white, I like it." He smiled offering some degree of kindness in the whole arguement.


"Personally, who are you to tell all of us what to do?" Hatemonger smiled to Scrouge.

"Do you always just follow blindly whoever leads. Galvatron when he would beat you when he use to go into his beserk rages now you follow a lowly triple changer on a powertrip, who stole Soundwave's rightful position. I might have more respect for Astrotrain if he commanded Metrotitan into battle like all of the other Autobot and Decepticon cities alike." Hatemonger growled.


Legion and Salvo had a conversation on their own.

"You know I wish we could find Hellfire." Salvo said to Legion.

"I agree Blitzkreig would settle this really fast." the six-changer said smiling.

(OOC If someone wants to help me with something please PM me.)

Skyblade had enough.

"Everyone stop this slag now!" The Aerialcon commander growled.

"Astrotrain, I agree that you should have entered the battle with Metrotitan, with the extra firepower we may have been able to hurt Unicron even more but the point is we won, and luckly our only wounded was Predaking. Skylark and Stealth acted bravely yet foolishly on their own and that costed them their lives. But I also understand that we needed the base of operations in which Metrotitan gave us." He then turned to Hatemonger.

"Sir you know I care about you deeply as a leader, you have proved yourself to your men over and over again, by not only your willingness to lead, but also to fight along side your own men, but please allow me to say this just once. Shut the slag up!" He then turned to Scrouge.

"Scrouge I aplogize but you really should be leading this city, your level headed and more or less unemotional. That is the perfect quality of a commander. Hatemonger is a great general because he can lead and fight and also outthink he enemy. But sometimes the best commanders are the ones that can react, but without reacting." He then turned to Onslaught and Razorclaw.

"You you, wait you guys have not done anything." He smiled and turned too Blitzwing.

"Blitzwing, I know that you were banished by Galvatron so in all honesty I can't say that you are not within your right to say that Astrotrain is a coward, but I do agree with Scrouge in that you just got back here. Live and learn, all in all Astrotrain has not done a terrible job but he could do better." he then turned to Overlord.

"And you, as much as everyone here says that you cannot be kicked out of Metrotitan, if you do not wish to calm down, I have no qualm in going outside with my men and the Crashticons and kicking your waste disposal unit all around Cybertron until you learn how to respect the soilders you need to work with!" Skyblade yelled at the Godmaster uncaring of his size and knowing that Dominator could go toe to toe with the Godmaster given how they handled CryHavoc earlier as well as the other Cybertronians.

"You may be large, but you are not bright, so far the only large robot we have had the honor of fighting that was not a total wind bag was Cryhavoc, before Skystalker had to go nuke right in front of us. Either way he retreated after Liokaiser evened out the power field some." so he looked at Overlord one more time.

"Get along with all of us or I do feel you need to leave, maybe Trypticon will teach you how to get along with others!" he then looked at everyone as most of the Crashticons and Aerialcons looked at him in disbelief.

"Now if we all can get along agian, not withstanding if Gigatron helped Unicron, if someone is a terrible leader, if Overlord has the largest Vocal unit of all Decepticons, we are a team and as Hatemonger said we are all brothers, so can we all just get the slag along!" With that Skyblade stood back and waited as Screapheap stood up and smiled.

"YEAH! What he said!"

2002-07-28, 03:12 AM
((OOC - Look who's back!))


Lockpick lay on a medical table, to one side3 while the worsed wounded were taken care of first. In her sleep, she muttered worriedly to herself, one hand twisting the energon tube around her wrist tightly. Nearby, an NPC medic looks over worriedly, then shakes his head.


Sky Garry woke up slowly, his body repaired, but still sore in places. Shotbomber slept in his room, and sereneloy the triplechanging behemoth slumbered on again as repair crews moved around his battered form.


A dragon flew over Cybertron's torn surface, making steadily, but slowly for Iacon.

Quick Switch
2002-07-28, 05:52 AM
Astrotrain rose again from his seat and returned to the fray.

By the Pit.

Mindwipe once again followed, and quietly withdrew his vipor rifle from subspace.

Astrotrain stepped up slightly in front of Scourge, Mindwipe standing adjacent to the Huntsman.

"Thank you, Scourge, for establishing for the good General here the concept of something known as 'the chain of command.' I would have expected you to have learned that by now, Hatemunger."

He pointed at the General.

"Many of the Decepticons here now of my past accomplishments, and now of my formal history. I will not answer such a pedantic question to the likes of you."

He paused.

Astrotrain's optics flicked over Skyblade, and ignored him. His optics darted to Blitzwing.

So, brother. This is how you feel. You are no brother of mine.

Astrotrain swept his hands to encompass Hatemunger, his combiner squads and Blitzwing.

"As second in command of Decepticon forces, it is my right and responsibility to maintain order for the Empire. Here and now, with most of our faction present, I am lodging a formal measure."

He looked squarely at Hatemunger.

"I formally accuse you, Hatemunger, of treason. Your actions here constitute rabble-rousing and are the mindset of an upstart. You covet power and have made no secret of despising Lord Gigatron. You disdain my position City Commander, and would like to see Scourge, Soundwave and myself removed from responsibilities of command. I hold your words as insubordinate and contemptous."

He turned, and Alpha Major signaled that he had recorded everything that had transpired so far.

"I also formally deem Shockwave's actions suspect, even after his combat record. The war is over, and thus there are those who would like to upset the status quo. Therefore, the former Operations Commander is formally placed under charges of suspicion for possible charges of revolution."

Astrotrain looked up at Overlord, Croytek, et. al.

"Any Decepticons who feel Lord Gigatron is unworthy of command will henceforth be considered traitors in my opinion. As soon as Lord Gigatron returns from his meeting, Hatemunger, his combiner squads, Shockwave, Blitzwing, the shapeshifter Adeara Stormweaver and any other members of the Renegade forces will be questioned at a formal Board of Inquiry for charges I have spoken of earlier. I will bring this matter to Lord Gigatron's attention, so he may pass judgment, as Decepticon Leader."

He paused, then became silent. He remained standing.

Mindwipe said:

"So says Astrotrain, City Commander, second in command of our faction. Any who speak against him, speaks against Lord Gigatron. Consider your words carefully, Decepticons." He, too, remained standing.

(OOC: If anyone feels this inappropriate, remember that Hatemunger has basically called Astotrain out, and Astrotrain's reaction is demanded because of his high position. Scourge and Mindwipe have basically taken pains to state that, in effect, Astrotrain is second in command after Gigatron. Unless, of course, I have totally misinterpreted Decepticon dynamics and the hierarchy. I do not believe I have. I also feel the charges of treason are applicable in this manner. The Board of Inquiry and such will be dealt with whenever Reflector returns and how he feels Gigatron would react after Astrotrain presents his report. And he will. I hope you all do not deem my post as powerplaying. If anyone has problems, PM me.)

2002-07-28, 09:12 AM
Overlord was reaching the point when he would be out of control. The questioning of his behavior, his opinions, his whole being a Decepticon... particularly as he had not even been any louder than Hatemunger and his crew... not to mention that he had not accused Gigatron of anything yet. It was true he did not want peace but he had not heard Gigatron's opinions yet either and was not going to judge him before that.

"You have no right to judge me fool!" Overlord snarled and reached out, grabbing a hold of Hatemunger's throat with one hand and lifted the Decepticon he despised high to the air, his fingers digging into Hatemunger's steel skin.

"I am full of you and your meaningless banter!" Overlord growled, tightening his grip around Hatemunger's throat. Then he drew Hatemunger closer to his own face and hissed... "If you want me to leave you need to do it by force... for I am still going to stay to hear Gigatron's speech... Go. Prove yourself a traitor you are for I have to prove you nothing."

"Act! Do not hide behind your fanatic followers, insect!" The Godmaster roared and tossed Hatemunger across the auditorium effortlessly.

"Do you really follow that spineless whiner!" Overlord addressed the Predacons, Terrorcons, Stunticons, Combaticons etc. "This Autobot has obviously changed sides! He is openly thriving for peace with our enemy! An enemy that has humiliated us and killed hundreds... thousands of our brethen! He challenges decisions of his superiors and acts like he was the supreme commander himself! And he dares to accuse me for defending the Decepticon honor?! Are you Decepticons or Autobots?!" Overlord's voice echoed in the auditorium.

"Answer me!! If I have to be placed into containment unit for my actions, I'll go there willingly! But not by Hatemunger's commands!"

2002-07-28, 09:46 AM
Megatron who has remained silently began to speak.

"Not agreeing too much with your leader's decision are you Overlord!"

Megatron stood up to his full height and looked at the GodMaster.

"Who are you to question these Decepticons alleigance.You yourself being the real enemy! You don't like some of your own kind. You object the plan of peace. You dont want to leave till the shows over!"

Megatron's eyes glowed like a burning fire.

"Then hear what he has to say then get the hell out."

2002-07-28, 09:49 AM
Overlord merely bothered to glance at Megatron. "I stand my ground."

2002-07-28, 10:09 AM
"You are a weak minded fool that cannot even contemplate peace. If peace occurs in this new era, somehow, i do not believe you will be a part of it GodMaster

2002-07-28, 10:22 AM
Overlord's optics flashed in anger and he turned to look at Megatron clone. "I accept any challenge."

2002-07-28, 11:08 AM
Scourge nodded politely at Cryotek, then turned to Hatemonger, his red eyes boring into the Decepticon General's.
"Leadership is not my aim, never has been, and never will be. I serve Decepticon cause, and will serve the leader of that cause willingly. At the moment, that is Astrotrain. My goals and ambitions are more complex than you can possibly imagine."

His eyes flashed once.

"As for who I am to order you around... Well, I have this new form, and I've not really tested it yet. If it weren't so important to keep the peace here and now, I'd love to experiment on you. And as for Astrotrain stealing Soundwave's position, maybe you should go ask him if he'd like it back? You know nothing of our former leadership structure on Earth, so do not question it."

The Hunter turned, and made an expansive gesture toward Mindwipe and Astrotrain.

"Now, I believe you have a charge to answer."

2002-07-28, 11:59 AM
Megatron smiled.

"A day will come. When you least expect it. But not today. Today is the day of peace."

2002-07-28, 12:19 PM
"So be it pretender to the name." Overlord smirked at Megatron and turned away. "I will be waiting."

2002-07-28, 12:27 PM
The Generation 2 warrior looked at Overlord fircely.

"That day... will be soon!"

Megatron's eyes burned a fiery red as he looked around .